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User Reviews for IM+ Instant Messenger

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2 years ago, apparentlyevernicknameistakeb
Absolute scam
I got this app because another app (SMiles) was advertising them. They looked similar so I assumed they were just another project of the same team. I linked every place that it would let me, & the only thing you earn is by logging in for the rewards wheel. Despite the fact that both apps will rig the wheel to pay out 0 (Literally there is only one option that doesn’t pay, when you hit it every single day for a month you can for sure say it is rigged) I kept using it. Eventually they sorted it out. They advertise that you have to get 500 sats, which can’t even be worth that much, in order to cash out. One day I log in and poof. It is all gone. I write them. No reply. I keep waiting and nothing has changed. There isn’t a referral. There is literally nothing to cheat. Instead I have just compromised my credentials for every single one of the social media platforms I’ve Linked, I’ve handed them personal data for a few months, & they can move onto the next scam. If you’ve had the same happen then comment on here. I’m about to sue these false advertising scambags into the dirt.
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16 years ago, Rayfire
It works!!!
This is actually good, no need to sign up on some websites. I'm using Y! and MSN and they're doing good. This app doesn't offer much of the features unlike the rest but it's simplicity made it somewhat flawless with bugs (I hope) I haven't encountered any problems at all. It shows offline contacts, edit your status and also once you log out, then someone sends you an offline message, if you log back in you'll receive that offline message (since push is still not released by Apple). It has a simple user interface but so far it's working properly - and that's what I need. Hopefully they will update this app to add more features, but hey it's free and working so go get it! UPDATE: 8/28 I found a bug, somehow it doesn't accept emoticons, if you try to send one to your contact, you'll get signed off (and an error message shows up). You have to go back to your status and click Online again to sign back online. When your contact sends you an emoticon, it just displays plain text. So hopefully they'll fix this...
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14 years ago, AbbieLynn<3
I would give it100millon*
This is my favorite app for my iPhone! I notice when I'm at work(hairdresser) that this app is open all day! It's great I don't have to be logged into myspace on a laptop to chat! The facebook was great after I figured it out there was a probelem my friends told me it did the same thing to them but it told me to log in on my desktop so I did nd it had this weird thing hard to explain somthing about restoring my account, it gives u a location and what they r doing. Turns out I was about to get hacked for giving this app my info I'm from the USA and someone was trying to log in from Germany, I immediatly got on my iphone and reset my app, logged in on the desktop and thank god! It sent it right in time! Now my app works great and I can chat all day! Overall this is a great app ad I would reccomend it! If you are one of those ppl with 90millon network accounts like me this is a great app to manage them all on! And it's free! It also has a web browser on it!!!
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16 years ago, sulciphur
A bit buggy, but we've all come to expect that of the app store, what with the challenges developers face trying to beta test apps as well as they can on more traditional platforms. However, it's free (which is a huge plus), doesn't require a new account sign up (like certain other IM apps on the store), and did I mention it's free (unlike certain other IM apps on the store). The interface is nicely minimalistic, uses all the standard idioms that we've come to expect: sideways-swipe to delete, edit button in the toolbar to add. The app does a great job of managing contacts across the multiple accounts you may have. Frankly, I don't care which account a particular contact is from, I just want to see them all aggregated in the same place, which is exactly how the developers of this app decided to go about things. All in all, a very impressive first effort, and if (when!) the app gets a bit more polish and a few important bug fixes (the crashing is just no bueno), I'll be back to give it five stars, no doubt.
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15 years ago, iquans
lol--absolutely *everyone* hates spamming their friends. everyone.
so i decided to try this out, tho i'm perfectly happy with textplus (real texting, for free, no spam) and ebuddy (ditto, works great). i'm very visual, and i use twitter a lot and this app adds a twitter client and has lovely wallpaper plus you can add your own plus you can get email notifies, which i like because i'm often in my email. so overall, i like it. mine said it sends out *one* spam a day, the first msg you send. i sent one, yep, spam. i sent a second, yep, no spam. so i'm gonna stick with im+ for what it does and how it looks (assuming it keeps working smoothly, sometimes a problem with apps i've gotten). but i notice that THE IM SPAM IS WILDLY UNPOPULAR and NOW PPL GIVE THIS APP 1 STAR. i cap that in case the shap ppl skim the reviews quickly, to catch their eye. wonder if they'll drop the spam on the next update? but i gave 4 stars (-1 for the spam) because it was just one spam and everything works, inclu (for me at least) the browser.
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15 years ago, flourescentvest
Unless you want to be a billboard, don't bother with this app
Sending me ads is fine. Sending ads to my friends and colleagues is a big no-no. I know SHAPE is using this app to entice people to move to the paid one, but if this is how they treat their customers, why would anyone want to give them money? Also, as a STRONG warning, their free app description hints that Skype with push notification is available on their paid app. It is NOT. It logs you out within fifteen minutes of closing the app. They have not fixed that problem, so be wary. And, finally, allowing push notifications for just an hour is a very crappy time limit. Ads to us, ads to our friends and we have to keep logging back into the app every hour. It's ridiculous. Find alternatives. IM+ Lite and IM+ paid are both apps that do not work the way that you want them to. Until they get rid of the ads to our friends and extend the push notifications to two or three hours, don't bother with the free on. And, if you're a Skype person who wants skype push notifications, don't bother with the paid IM+. SHAPE, please fix this nonsense.
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12 years ago, Elguason
There is a reason why I use IM
I use it because it could send files or pics by using msn, aim and yahoo. It's a shame they don't have Skype, in which it's on the paid version but that's ok, I got an app for that. What they don't have is a video chat. THAT's why I kept the Skype app. But all in all, it's a must for anyone that, not only you can chat but to send files and pics. It even has a built in wifi if your friends send you the link but you can't google anything, which stinks though. One thing that I'm giving three stars is that it few times it alert me on whoever chats. But when I'm waiting for another chat of the same person while I'm online, nothing happen. The reason I said that because when I went back to IM, it shows the rest of the chat about three to seven minutes ago. And my friend from the other side was saying, " Hey, are you there? Hello? " and I was disappointed that I apologize my friend on this app. Please update it. It still isn't fixed yet on that problem.
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15 years ago, mitjak
Quite good but can't turn off sound
This application is quite well down. The support for protocols is great, the interface is intuitive, and you even get to have it stay online for you for a specified period of time so you can then read the messages people left afterwards. Apart from the fairly noticeable ad at the top which especially becomes a bother in "portrait" mode, the application doesn't feel slimmed down in any way otherwise. The only real drawback, and perhaps only on my phone, is the fact that I can't seem to turn the sound off! I set the switch to off in the settings, go back, then into the settings again, and the switch sets itself back to on right before my eyes. I've adapted to it a bit now but turning the ringer sound up and down can be quite a bother when trying to juggle calling, typing SMS, and riding on an overfilled subway car.
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16 years ago, bndoarn
get a different app
I've tried this app and aim for im and while there are some advantages to this one, there are more disadvantages. really the one thing I like better about this one is the landscape keyboard and that's about it. you can't determine is contacts are online or mobile and it's important for me cause I don't want to go texting someone if I don't need to. also it doesn't so pictures or buddy icons. this is really annoying if you're using this app for myspace I'm because my friends change their name a lot and w/o pictures I can't tell who is who. and finally the most annoying thing in my opinion is that on the keyboard, the done needs to be changes to send. it's so annoying when everytime I go to send a message all that happens is that the keyboard just goes away. and then they go and change it from a full version to a lite version. so if I were you I'd go with a different im app. I'm sticking with aim until beehive lowers their price or another cheap apps comes out with myspace im and aim.
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16 years ago, Bevoholic
Pretty cool APP. It needs some work though.
I've been waiting for a really good Adium type APP for awhile. This one seemed to fit the bill pretty well. It's got a nice interface, but there is a bug that makes it almost not worth kepping. If I'm signed on to AIM on my laptop and then sign on to this I get the system message saying I'm signed on in two places, which is normal. The bug happens when I go to delete this message out of the inbox and go back to my contacts list. Whenever I do this, the APP crashes and deletes all my info. I constantly am having to re-enter my info. I would really like so see buddy icon support as well. I have some friends that I have on both contacts lists. I would at least like to see something that separates the different IM clients. Like, the little yellow man for AIM users and the guy that MSN uses. Other then those few things I have seen, it seems to be a fairly awesome APP. Once those things get added and fixed it would easily be a 5-star APP for me.
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13 years ago, Benmattson
Very nice
For the most part, I'm lovin' this app. Everything works very smoothly, and it provides a condensed app to connect with my yahoo, gtalk and facebook chat environments. The only qualm I have with this app (and the reason it got four stars) is - when I'm in another app browsing the web or checking email, and I receive a message, I switch over to the app with my handy little multitasking bar...and I have to wait a good 10-20 seconds for the message to show up. It says some message down at the bottom about "connecting" for a considerable amount of time, while i sit and wait for my message to pop up. While not a problem for mild chatting, it becomes more of an issue when holding a drawn out conversation and browsing the web at the same time. So if they improve the multitasking a bit - this is easily a five-star app.
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14 years ago, Kat0711
better than beejive so far
When I got my iPhone last year I did research n tried all the lite versions n chose beejive. What made me choose it was the ability to archive chats by emailing them to urself or others. It crashes quite often but i like the features so I was ok with that. Since Jan 8 10 it won't even open so I need a replacement untill it is fixed. I tried ebuddy lite, it's good, has push but u can't send pics. When purchasing it was between beejive n IM+ but this didnt mention archiving. So I'm logged on yahoo on IM+ now n I get a push that I have new email from so n so. Beejive didn't do that n now I'm considering buying this full version bc of that. Once beejive is fixed both have strong points so I reccomend looking at both but this seems to be better for me. Does this allow archiving n can I text to a cell phone like beejive?
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8 years ago, rAllcorn
Don't bother to get this app ...
This app keeps dying! Just when I think I'm getting an IM from someone I look and it says it's timed out!!' It even uses the same message alert you chose for messages, to tell you, "Sorry, your app has timed out. You will need to restart it." Seriously? There's no option to have it stay alive continuously, which is what just about everybody who's using this app will want! And it's useless if anyone tries to reach you when it's "timed out" because now you're "offline"!! Who steps away from their smartphone? It's "always" on, and it's always ready ... except for the IM+ app This app keeps dying! Just when I think I'm getting an IM from someone I look and it says it's timed out!!' Seriously? There's no option to ha e it stay alive continuously, which is what just about everybody who's using this app will want. And it's useless if anyone tries to reach you when it's "timed out" because now you're "offline"!! Who steps away from their smartphone? It's "always" on and ready ... except for the IM+ app, which dies after a few hours and goes useless mode (offline). If you're wanting something to be able to stay online and chat, THIS IS NOT THE APP YOU WANT! It dies, after only a few hours and you are then unreachable. If you're wanting something to be able to stay online and chat, I suggest you look for an app designed by someone who actually uses these apps and knows what you're looking for in a communications IM app.
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13 years ago, Chorkie2
Do not use with a Bluetooth keyboard
A lot of apps don't play nice with external Bluetooth keyboards on the iPad, but this one is the worst I've seen. If your Bluetooth connection happens to drop (which happens depressingly often in iOS), IM+ will confiscate your text entry box entirely. The only fix I've found is to completely close and relaunch the app by double-pressing the "home" button to bring up the system tray, hold down on the IM+ icon until the icons for it and your other open apps sprout close-boxes and start to shake, and close IM+ that way. Then reopen IM+. I want to like this app, and originally gave it three stars in spite of this issue, but it's been months now. It doesn't matter that this is still the best free chat app I've seen when the others are completely unusable. This would be an excellent app if you would just clean up the entry box behavior. And for GOD's sake, make the box bigger or, better yet, adjustable. Not everybody who uses chat apps communicates in monosyllabic grunts. Some of us actually conduct business over these things.
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12 years ago, dat nana
So far this is the best IM app I've come across on the app store. Customizable as well, you can change the background which I was really thrilled about. I've been using IM+ for over a year and just recently it started having issues sending pictures. They will just "send" forever. I can't cancel them either, even though I tap the X button. I hope this gets fixed, as what I really like about IM+ is when you send pictures to people, it provides a clickable link for them which makes it easy for me to get pictures onto my computer (instead of emailing them to myself, downloading the picture, etc.) I've uninstalled this app and intend to reinstall it when I am done with this review, I hope this will fix the picture transfer issue. Otherwise, great app, and I would highly recommend to others!
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14 years ago, JennyDel
Check plus
Honestly, all I want was a form of AIM on my iPad, and this does exactly that. I don't really care about specific statuses and such because this isn't a main computer, it is a mobile/travel device. It allows you to talk with your friends on/through AIM, and, if you want to, you can even connect your Twitter, Facebook, yahoo, etc. etc. accounts. Despite what other people have said, you actually CAN log out of it if you want to - you simply select the profile icon in the top right corner, and turn off the account when you don't want it used. Whenever you get a new message, there is a convenient orange notification bubble at the top of the screen. For a version of AIM meant for a mobile device, this is a really efficient and great app, and I definitely suggest downloading it!
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2 years ago, jbl1975
I purchased the IM + pro a little while back, and when I tried to re-download recently discovered it was no longer possible, the little cloud icon next to it was greyed out, so I assumed it was no longer being offered, though strange, since they were still offering this one free-to-download version. Come to find out, they’ve come up with a new $5 version, where nowhere I could find, there’s any mention or note as to what the previous clients of their app could go, be assisted in any way, etc. Well this is to warn you that if you purchase their services, they can, at any time, do the same to you, and possibly come out with another pay-to-download, premium version of their services. It’s really not the few bucks, but the fact that there’s no way, without incurring into a time consuming process that doesn’t guarantee any satisfaction, to protest behavior like this. Something should be brought to apple’s attention for sure.
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12 years ago, svafadar
Glitchy at times but the best multi IM client nonetheless
For some reason it's really difficult to develop a multi IM client that integrates Facebook chat seamlessly. Despite all of the high tech apps which exist, there still remain glitches galore, like buddies not showing up when they are really online, or messages being delivered to Facebook rather than the IM+ window, or when twitter randomly spams your phone even though you have the notifications turned off Also, even when I mute the phone it still plays the sound notification. Not cool. Especially when you're in meetings. Having said that, IM+ is probably the better multi IM client which exists for iOS. Meebo is another cool app but is not nearly as integrative or customizable. I would like to see better Facebook integration (finally and for once), more attractive notification sounds, more stable twitter integration, and fixing the mute/sound problem.
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15 years ago, JohnathonSullinger
Almost there... Just need a few more things
Currently I'm using BeeJiveIM and I think I'll keep using it until the Push notification updates arrive to IM+ and then maybe I'll re-visit it. I don't like that I can't set a custom Avatar for my Msn/Live messenger. I also have several buddies that are blocked on my desktop msn and IM+ does not show which buddies are blocked or not. linking buddies to my iPhone contacts list is also missing. All of which I can do in BeJive. IM+ Would be a solid application once the iPhoneOS 3.0 Push Notification is added and if I could see which buddies of mine where blocked. It would be an additional bonus if I could block/unblock buddies within IM+ as well besides just seeing blocked ones. If those features where added I'd pay for the software without hesitation and rate it a solid 5, however for now I'll have to just give it a 3. Great for free, but lacking several features that other IM's have.
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16 years ago, AlexMunich
The only Instant Messaging that actually works...
Mobile Chat is a complete bust (waisted my money, lesson learned)! AIM, stopped being able to connect (its free, so no big loss there). I use Instant Messaging to check in with coworkers, and "IM+" is the only one that connects instantly without any issues, so far it has not let me down. It actually is a good IM, the only problem I see is the handling of multiple accounts on the buddylist (that can get frustrating if you have a lot of people and account online, because they will all be on one list. That aside, I give 5 stars for functioning, being dependable, and fast (I tested it with friends, and the messages go instantly no delays whatsoever, I was amazed). No I only wish it could somehow keep you logged in when you leave the app.
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14 years ago, Pchan424
A few complaints
First off the App is good.. It could be great though. It works way better than the AIM app. One major complaint I have is the time it stays connected. In the description it says stays connected 72 hours. I have to agree with some people and say that's bull. It may stay connected for maybe a few hours before it sends me a push notification that my session is going to expire in 10 minutes and I need to reopen the app to renew. That gets annoying really quick. Especially if your not someone who cosntantly checks IMs or people logged in. With the major complaint out of the way, secondly sometimes when I first open it and go to an IM the Add takes up the whole screen so I can't see what I'm typing. I have to go back to the list then reclick the person. Other than that I love this app. If these problems were fixed I'd happily give it 5 stars.
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12 years ago, hyfreg
Keeps crashing
I say almost because I would like to see an option for viewing a webcam over wifi if it is possible.... (Previous message) I don't know what happened I was using this program with no issues but lately I sign in and it crashes. If I sign out and turn off my accounts I still get messages. This app was a life saver and I had previously asked for webcam support but that still has not been added. I downloaded another app for that, I really wanted a one stop shop for all my social networking needs. I am running the new iPad all other apps have been shut down and yet this seems to be the only app I run that crashed on my new iPad. I am not saying do not get this app because it is good and worked well for me but be cautious because it seems a bit unstable. I am deleting it and re-downloading it again this week because that seems to help it work for a few days before it starts to go crazy.
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15 years ago, abigoose
ok so as soon as i got this app i loved it. i loved the way you could have all your instant messaging things on one... aol, msn, yahoo, etc. well about the first hour or so it worked very well and then came the problems. it started freezing my ipod like crazy. i would try to listen to music while i was IMing people and it made my music skip and freeze. every time i would open the app it would shut back down and freeze my ipod for a few minutes. i did this for about a hour and then i was tired of it. i figured if i re-loaded the app on my itouch it would work again. well it did for the first hour and then froze my ipod once again. my friend has the same app and it froze her ipod perminantly. i do not recommend this app to anyone... if you want to IM, go to social networking and look for other instant messaging apps there. i hope apple finds this deffect to this app and fixes it!
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16 years ago, rob_from_ca
Good starting point, but needs more polish.
This application is a good solid foundation. It connects directly to the servers, so you don't need to sign up with an account with the application's developers servers. I prefer that model. The downside is that you're at the mercy of the particular IM's systems to deliver offline messages. Because as soon as you hit the home button, you are signed off. The current version has autocorrect disabled in the typing field. This I find to be highly annoying and will hopefully be fixed in the next release. There are a few crashes here and there, and the occasional connection failure, but overall it seems pretty stable. The app has gotten better since the first release, which is appreciated. The visual polish isn't really there, but the interface is servicable. It's a solid foundation, but for me not yet the perfect IM client.
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11 years ago, Kit Adams
Please bring back old visual settings
One of the things I liked about this chat-client is that I could customise the backgrounds, the text, and the brightness. Functionally the program is the same, with a bit more streamlining of the controls. For me though, it has gotten a lot less usable. With the new update, the entire program is black-on-white, like a text document. It's not just a matter of enjoying customising the look; having a bright white screen with thin text is far more likely to tire out my eyes and trigger migraines. I haven't been using my chat program because of this. I used to enjoy looking at my chat program, I had specifically set up an orange theme to make me smile when I opened it. Opening the program now just makes my eyes hurt. I am hoping that this update is a matter of making the program work better with the new OS, and in a few months our visual controls will be restored, but if not I will likely be moving to a new multi-chat client. For usability, IM+ is great. It handles my usual chat programs (minus Skype IM, oddly), it doesn't drop chats unless the problem is on the other end, and it doesn't glitch. I don't really want to change apps. Unfortunately, the visuals are a deal-breaker for me.
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14 years ago, Solinator
One thing...
Okay, now although I'm only using the lite version, I have used the full version, and the comm t I would like to make applies to both. IM+ is a great multi-social networking app. I use it for everything, and since I don't have skype, the lite version is just fine for me. Theres only one thing I would change. I think this app would be so much better if you could swipe inbetween accounts, more like TweetDeck, but then not as broken down. For instence, a page for all inbox, a page for Twitter, a page for facebook online friends, and a page for AIM online friends, and so on and so forth. I run five accounts from this app, so having to scroll through a jumble list of contacts to find the right one gets annoying. Otherwise, great app.
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14 years ago, Kkkkkmmmkkk
i actually enjoy this app better than i do with beejive. but i hate when i click on it and then near by twitters get push to me. i also hate that it keeps you logged in for only two hours it should at least be 2 or 3 days. if they have a sale on the regular one i would buy it but not for 10 bucks. also sometimes when im searching people on twitter i cant click it to get to there account. and when i get a im or something it takes for every to connect for me to read or write back but it keeps going off with the alerts of ppl writing on twitter. but i must say i really enjoy this app i still have my other twitter since i paid for it but i disabled the push since i use this app. i like it even better on iphone then i did on blackberry. but please update and extend the time we can stay on.
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15 years ago, RobertBody
Super Application
Great application works always, but *$8 is too high for full version - lower the price to $5 or $3 for a few days and see what happens - you will get more good reviews and then more customers and reach 4 star rating. 4 star ratings stand out and get customers *Need setting to change background colors in chat - best would be A)default and B)username assignable *Even in Portrait mode, if I hold iPhone upside down, it rotates screen in IM+ to upside down so then I have to view the IM window upside down for a minute to get it to flip to normal. There should be a setting for "Never Flip" for people who are walking and putting into pocket while waiting for reply. *Gmail identified me as "me" in the chat, your app uses "you" text. You should be consistent 
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14 years ago, Foreverwifyou94
Appears offline to others while I'm actually logged on
I've been using this app for 1 year, it crashes in the middle of convo, says IM+ received an unexpected crashed and I'll report the problem, but it still continues. Sometimes, it freezes up, but I still loved the app. But now whenever I logged on and put my status as "Away" or "Online", my contact friends all says I'm actually appearing offline..... this is actually getting annoying cause they can't send photos! Please fix the status.... why I am APPEARING OFFLINE to others when I actually did changed my status to ONLINE?! I've ingored those crashes and frozen times, and continued this app cause it's really good....but this status thingy is getting annoying. PLEASE PLEASE FIX IT!!!
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13 years ago, Igor Leandro
Great App! Please add tabs or reordering for active conversation buddies.
I think IM+ is one of the best apps for instant messaging today. However, when you receive a tweet, and then you want to go back to talk to your friend on google talk, then back to Facebook for another update that someone sent, that is a nightmare. It seems that despite the easy swipe to switch those text accounts like MSN, ICQ, GTalk, etc have just a window for each buddy conversation, but Facebook and Twiter have different "sets" of windows, and that makes it complicated. The Inbox does that well for IMs, but tweets really messes it up. So, here is the suggestion: - an option to move contacts to the top when you have an active conversation - add tabs so you could quickly switch between twitter, Facebook, chats with your friends. Come on now, the icon plus the first 5 or 6 letters on tabs would definitely do it, and these tabs could be right where the black line on top is, where the notifications show up, and those buttons could be moved down left so no room would be lost in the chat window. Anyway, thanks for the great app, I hope you guys get it even better! =)
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16 years ago, -J-a-x-
A simple IM application
I think this is a reasonable first try for a simple multi protocol IM client. I like the interface better than Palringo, and I like the fact that it connects directly with the IM servers rather than going through it's own server first. There are no accounts to sign up for, just enter your IM accounts and you are ready to go. I did notice that it crashed once since I started using it, but I have only used it for one day so it is hard to comment on the overall stability. Also, it logs you off if the iPhone goes to sleep while using the app which is less than ideal behavior. Hopefully the author will update this app and fix its shortcomings, but it is at least usable and seems to work well.
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14 years ago, KoolSmylz
Good multitasking free App.
This is probably the best application made for iPad that can use multitasking. Ebuddy can be used for iPad but it is not made for it, therefore the "bad graphics". This is a free app with only a SMALL app space on the bottom. It includes multitasking for most IM's and facebook. This is definitely a useful especially because of it's free price. The only problem I have with this application is that if crashed from time to time, it will start to lag like crap and then it will crash, then it will ask you do you wish to inform SHAPE services of the crash. But it just does it repeatedly. That is pretty much my only complaint on this application. I believe th update should have fixed the bug. But I am unsure. Good job SHAPE.
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11 years ago, Albysaurus
Exactly what I wanted
7.7 update: I've had no crashing problems. Ads are still large for the free version, but are not in the way as much (Not enough to drop my review below 5, for sure). Original review: After a (very) little bit of research, it seemed that the only way to gchat was through a 3rd party program. I was bummed at first, but IM+ works beautifully. It alerts me like text messages, it's easy to change my availability, navigate through contacts and conversions... Everything I need. I basically only use google's messaging (had Facebook, too many incoming messages) yet I'm considering buying the pro version just because I like this app so much.
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11 years ago, Ryhanon
Why did you remove the browser?
This is a decent IM app, but there are plenty of those on the App Store already. The one feature this app had that others didn't has recently been removed. This app used to include a web browser so you could browse around the web from within the app itself. For some inexplicable reason, this feature was removed from the app a couple of updates ago and has yet to make a return. You can still open URLs from an IM conversation directly within the app, but you cannot otherwise access the browser and the navigation bar has been removed from the browser making it impossible to use aside from viewing links during an active conversation. Removing this feature has made this app no better than its competitors.
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10 years ago, wouldnt u like to know...
Good, but needs improvements.
This is a decent app. There's just a few bugs that will hopefully be fixed up really soon. For one, sometimes it doesn't connect. It just keeps loading and loading even if I have a perfect signal strength and wifi. Also, it doesn't like to send notifications a lot. Finally, there is nothing to separate messages between you and the other person, or between the several messages you've sent. I wish there was something to distinguish. Also the chat history doesn't go as far back as the AIM app or IMO would, which would be something nice to have back. However this is a less glitchy app than others. I just wish these bugs were fixed already, I've had them for years now.
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13 years ago, Entheogenic Om
Very functional and easy to use
This program is great for combining all of your messaging services ( AIM, Facebook, MSN, Yahoo) into one and allowing you to connect with all those users at once. It is very easy to setup and use with no extra clutter and hassle. The only negative thing I will say is that even after I turned off push messages, I would still receive them which wouldn't be necessarily bad except I would get two for each, one for this and one for Facebook, etc.. So besides that little glitch this is an excellent all in one IM service that is free and I would highly recommend it for anyone wanting to combine all there services into one easy to use very functional and productive program.
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14 years ago, Liberalwriter
Fantastic, BUT MUST FIX BUGS!!
Ive had this app for a while now and love everything about its concept. A lot of amazing updates have been done to increase functionality and style but unfortunately the last two have also veen riddled with bugs. Major crashes are happening at least once every 5 minutes with the most recent update. This is extremely inconvenient for someone who spends as much time communicating with people as i do...not to mention the app is very slow loading and sometimes only loads partially so after a crash it can often times take me 5-10 minutes just to get it working properly again. This is my favorite and most used app, please fix these bugs fast!!
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15 years ago, psssssssh~~~
pretty good 
ehhhhhh, this thing's pretty's WAAAAAAAAAAAY faster and more stable than AIM app, yet this one crashes sometimes also, especially when using the built-in browser...I love how there's no lag on here, unlike the AIM app, whose constant freezes and crashes made it practically I can finally be able to talk with buddies who IM a lot without much fear of the app crashing on me...this thing disconnects me constantly, but as long as I'm able to have a fairly stable and fast conversation with someone, then this app is worth it...I don't even use the regular AIM app anymore now that I have this installed...I might as well just delete that sorry excuse of an app...I give IM+  
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16 years ago, thebones
Its good
Overall its good. pros: quick connect on start up , the ability to engage in multiple conversations and to be able to go back and forth between them easily. Cons: Still no Push. No way to rename your clients on a mobile phone (ie they are represented buy their phone #, not the nickname you put in for them) The new version has a "lite" tag. This concerns me, since I feel that when PUSH does make its debut is going to included only on the paid version. Update: my fears have been proven to be justified. The developers have pulled the " bait and switch" with only including the push with the paid version. I will look for another client since I really have grown distrustful of this company. I doubt if the developer actually reads these reviews, but if they do- rest assured that I will steer my freinds away from your program.
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16 years ago, nuclearspike
Risky and buggy, mostly risky
Remember people, hotmail logins are Windows Passport logins. Those can be used for expedia, eBay and many others. Gmail logins can be linked to your Google Checkout accounts. You are giving your information to a third party and just hoping it won't be abused. Aside from that, I tried it with an old acct as a test. When it logged me in it showed a dialog with 4 buttons. The first was blank then "allow" "deny" "allo..." what is that supposed to mean?Why is one blank and what is the second allow button for?? I recommend against using any 3rd party IM client due to the risks. Programs could easily be written to log in to your acct and put all your contacts on spam lists... The passwords may not be encrypted when sent so hackers could monitor the traffic and gain access even if the author himself is trustworthy. Protect yourself.
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14 years ago, Trogdorable
It's possessed!
Like others, I am having trouble with facebook connecting properly. It will show me contacts that aren't online or it won't show me anyone at all. Also sometimes when I turn push off or even supposedly disconnect it continues to send me messages from people which is annoying and spammy. I logged onto fb on my computer so I tried to log out on my phone (don't need to be getting the same messages in 2 diff places) but it kept sending for hours!!! It was distressing. I even DELETED the facebook profile from the program and it still kept going! What!
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16 years ago, AYMachineSales
Has a few bugs.
This seriously needs an update 1) I've been having problems to connect lately. 2) seems to crash when I start talking to two people at one time. 3) sometimes has connection errors when I try to send a message. And then it won't let me send so then I have to reload the app. 4) easy to use would be nice to have more features. 5)crashes more then any other app ive ever used IThe crashing gets really bad sometimes. But most of the time the app works fine. I also have problems sending long messages. If they are too long it says that a connection error happened and then I have to start the app again. But for a free IM it is very nice. I like it a lot and use it all the time. Seems to not take up much battery life either. Just go out and get palringo. It's free I've only had it crash one time and I've used it for a week for about 3 hours everyday. You can send pics with palringo. It look nicer. Works a heck of a lot better. And you get the beeps when you get an I M. And plus you get offline IM with palringo to. It's fee and is high quality.
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16 years ago, StillLooking
More bad problem connecting
This software have the following serious problem 1. If I set "Connect @ startup" to off then when I start the software I will have manually hit the "Online" button to connect. well doing connection this way only worked 1 time out of maybe 30 times. It will pop a message that say 'Connecting" and get stuck there until the iPhone time out and lockup 2. Now if you set the "Connect @ startup" to on then the problem goes away. It will connect almost instantaneously when you start up. Took me 3 days to figure this out. 3. I just figure out something. It will NOT connect on 3G network. It seems to be able to connect slowly on WiFi but absolutely give me connection errors on 3G. Very disappointed. The AIM app connect almost instantaneously. THIS IS A BAD BUG ... Very confusing
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11 years ago, Hakiri
Good app : )
I updated it and I have checked it out to see why everyone's complaining but I'm not seeing a ad bar or any glitches or anything so unless I'm completely blind it works just fine. Anyways I really like this app and I always have : ) the only thing that I can recommend is making it so that there is a public room kind of thing that is available we're users would be able to join a room or create there own including the ability to password lock a room. It would be kinda neat, but other than that good job guys I am seriously thinking about buying the pro version : )
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16 years ago, pdw98
Version 1.2 problems
I just got notification that IM+ wanted to upgrade to ver 1.2, so I went through with the steps to upgrade. After the install of the upgrade I restarted IM+ (with the new icon) and it immediately locked up on me. After a few more tries to get IM+ to run, I decided to uninstall it and then redownload it from the App Store and reinstall it. After the reinstall I was able to run the program and get my Yahoo and AIM IDs put in, and it even logged into each service successfully. Good. Next I exited out of IM+ and then went back in to make sure it would load. Nope, it was locked up tighter than a vise, and after about 15 seconds, it booted me out and put me back to the desktop. So SHAPE devs, whats going on with ver 1.2? FWIW I am using an iPod Touch 2G. Thanks for listening.
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9 years ago, 04438
Decent for gchat
I use it for Gchat at work and it works well enough, but doesn't sync messages well if I start switching between my pc and phone For example if I start a conversation on pc, and try and continue it while on the app I'll lose several messages in the chain. The other annoyance is the status. It works well to push a status to gchat (getting a green dot while away from my computer for example), but once I'm back at my desk and change my status from the pc it has an issue with syncing up and will bug out until I change it from the app. Not a huge issue, it's just annoying that I have to open the app to change my status when it should sync both ways.
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13 years ago, Nathan Evenson
Slow to login, but stable
Good spattering of features (multiple IM services, single sign in, etc.), the session timeouts of the free version are a little annoying, but that's the point of having a paid version, I suppose. It's a little slow to log in, and that's my biggest complaint. It's not terrible, but could use some improvement, particularly on resuming a session after sleeping and the initial login. It's a quality program, but could use some polishing. It's very stable and have been using it for over 6 months on my iPad. Have yet to see it crash or error out, even when carrying on multiple conversation threads.
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16 years ago, mveras1972
Very good IM app.
It's the only IM app that I've tried that has landscape mode which makes typing easier. One thing that is badly missing is sound alerts when messages come in. Another thing is that when you're using more than one service at a time it is hard to tell which service those buddies are on because they all use the same icon next to their name. Other IM apps will show either a Yahoo, AIM or MSN icon next to each buddy to let you know which service they're on. To go around this limitation I use only one service at a time. Other than that, this is my preferred IM app due to it having landscape mode.
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11 years ago, Hlivingston
Best of them all!
I tried quite a few of the IM apps to use with GTalk that we use exclusively at my employment. This one was the only one to work flawless. Very rarely there is a slight lag, but one of the other apps showed me I was online but took my offline all day on both the laptop and phone! This never does that. Also, the other app I paid for, but it wouldn't send the banners are alerts at all. This one does it perfectly! Unlike that other app it does not set off the Google Alert of Suspicious log in attempt! Good job on this app! Back to loving my freedom away from the laptop again!!!
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15 years ago, Amitasam
This is a very useful and FAST app. I have no problems with it at all besides a few accelerometer bugs. The best part is that you can share pictures and even send voice recordings while using it. Don't believe those who say that you can't post your own status messages-You just have to click edit at the top of the status screen (for AIM anyway). The only problems I have are the inability to change your icon and the interface is tough to deal with. The browser makes up for it. A BROWSER! Very good app and free too.
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