IMVU: 3D Avatar Creator & Chat

Social Networking
4.6 (355K)
190.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for IMVU: 3D Avatar Creator & Chat

4.61 out of 5
355K Ratings
1 year ago, Tamaira0112
General rating
I feel like it’s a good app. you can enjoy new experiences with a lot of new people around the world, but there isn’t a lot of realistic graphics. I feel like it would be better if it was more like second life in a way with graphics. everything look more realistic and you can do more things, I also think that if you buy ap you should be able to post it on your profile and they should make a ap filtertake it off do you want to home no so whoever doesn’t have it isn’t allowed to see so we’re not banned for posting it on our account even though AP is something you can buy, which doesn’t make sense if you can get banned for it. I also feel like you shouldn’t have to buy host if that’s a part of the game because what if you cannot afford it at that moment or at all, it ruins the experience for a lot of people. I feel like also for people above age or in general you should be allowed to cuss or speak how you want to as long as you’re not bullying someone. I feel like there should also be maybe game modes on there where you can earn credits not just the surveys because sometimes they don’t work. And you don’t always get your credit for it nor are they a lot. Creating items should not be for VIP only in there should be something that teaches you have it in case someone wants to have a chance to experience that opportunity . Awesome iPhone 14s are having issues with mic and voice chat inside of Rooms.
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2 years ago, Wolfherzen
Love and Hate this app
I love imvu Classic on the PC hard to beet it. I hate imvu Betta on the PC. I love and hate imvu mobile. Now if they can turn imvu classic into a app would be a dream come true. I hate that I have such a limit on how to express my self. For example you the mobile it won’t let you add future to your room. You have to buy already future rooms you can’t add anything to them. You can’t be a creator on the mobile anymore. There a lot you can’t do on the mobile app that you have to have a computer for. I like that it’s easier to use I love the daily wheel with you don’t have on the classic but that’s about it. The mobile app isn’t the worst app you have but it no where near the best app either. Imvu classic is a 5 stars rating for a reason and 1 star for the imvu Betta. Imvu mobile should really only be a 2-3 stars that’s not just my opinion either this over 80% of imvu players. I love imvu most of my friends I meet on imvu. There from all over the world Egypt, Germany, Japan and so on. That what this game is to talk to people from all over the world and to express are self. It’s kinda hard not adding are own touches to the rooms are own future and showing them off to are friends. At least we should be able to add future. Create would be nice not going to lie but everyone that I talked to would be happy with adding future to the rooms.
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2 years ago, CarpeDiem1026
There’s always pros & cons
Imvu is the most convenient virtual game when it comes to being user friendly and accessible to play. Unfortunately, i feel lack of some features could really bring it up to date with competitors such as SL. It would be really great if users can use voice in private chat of 2 and if 1 assigned moderator can host in a hosts room when the primary host must leave. Being that imvu is built around the vision of virtual life and roleplay, these features would be amazing for “business owners and family “. Also I agree with another reviewer, being able to view texts while in chat would be helpful as well as being able to delete items from inventory or search for items in inventory by name. I also feel that it’s unfortunate users pay for AP and the AP world is very limited, such as we can’t post on our feed. Maybe a filter where only AP users can see our post Would be helpful . Too many ppl are banned for posting AP, that would be a positive way for user turnaround and less reports received. Last I feel there should be an option to make your profile private such as similar social apps where if you aren’t friends with another user , they can not view your page until accepted ! Sometimes you don’t want to block someone you just don’t want them on your acct . Other than that, I’ve been on Vu over a year now and have spent maybe more than I should ... So for me considering everything I’ve mentioned would be greatly appreciated
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4 years ago, 💘🥳
it’s great but...
IMVU is a great app! It lets your express your creativity with clothes, allows you to meet amazing people, and so much more! The downside is when you’re in the shop and in the ‘dressing room’ it’s too easy to accidentally click another tab and lose everything you’ve added to your dressing room. As a clumsy person myself, I’ve accidentally clicked out of the shop several times and lost an hour worth of finding clothes,hair,accessories, etc. it gets really annoying after a while especially when you’ve scrolled down the catalog very long for certain things that will take you a long time to find again just to lose it all once more. Another thing is I suggest making the cart not have such a low limit. As a persistent user I’m constantly making avatars for men and women and I add a bunch of stuff to my cart but once I get to 90 items the cart is full and I’m unable to add everything I need to achieve the outfit I’d like to create. One last thing I suggest is to make organizing stuff in your wishlist more complex on mobile. On pc you can categorize which items you would like to view such as separating male or female items, but on mobile you can only categorize it by price, creator, and badges (such as vip, ga, ap, & all) but like I said earlier I make male and female avatars and I would appreciate it immensely if I could categorize it better when I’m going into my wishlist for specific things. Overall, IMVU is a great app just needs a few tweaks here and there :)!
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3 years ago, Mai Ogawa
Not a bad start, but needs improvement.
I love IMVU (as long as you stay away from the creeps). However, a lot of room for improvement. 1) Need to have a search bar in the closet that works the same way the client does. I don’t want to scroll through all my items just to find something. And no, a simple filter like they have in the shop isn’t good enough because it really is only efficient if you remember the creator’s name, and people generally don’t remember every creator’s name and sometimes the creator may even change their name. Not to mention, if you have a lot of things from a single creator, that won’t help anyways. 2) Need to have a toggle switch to change from viewing the closet “items” themselves or the actual image the creator used. There are some items that you can’t really see because it’s not an actual “clothing” such as actions or poses but I can be able to recognize it if it were the original image the creator used. 3) Be able to view/write messages without having to leave a room or the shop. It’s very annoying to have to exit every time I get a message just to view or answer it. 4) Make the experience just less buggy. I don’t like how I have to exit the room every time there is a change just to see the changes, such as when the room creator moves a piece of furniture. I’ve even had it happen where a person “left” the room but was still showing like they were there, or a person popped in to the room but there was no notification.
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3 years ago, ayana santos
Great game but
OK so I love this game so much like it’s the best game in the world to me and so I’ve had this game for like a long time and I have a lot of friends and stuff and then this girl hacked me she wouldn’t leave me alone she wouldn’t stop inviting me and she said she’d give me 40,000 credits if I gave her my password and I said no and so then she said she would hack so then I blocked her and then next thing you know five minutes later he logged me out the game and I’ll keep on trying to log back in and it would not let me so then I deleted the game and I cried because I had so much stuff on there and then before I deleted the gameI keep on getting text messages from the game when I was logged out of her telling people to give their password to her so she could give them credits so then I got really mad and people keep on saying that they were going to report me on the game so then I cried more and I tried everything that I could to get back on the game and everything but nothing worked so then I went to the IMVU page and tried to report her but they didn’t have anything like that so I could report her so then I was just screwed and so yeah I lost everything on IMVU. The end. Plzz help me I want my stuff back hope y’all can help me thxxx so 😩😭💖
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5 years ago, lakdhdndjddj
It’s great but....
Hello imvu staff, Imvu is an AMAZING, game. It has everything you want in it, Chat rooms, people, clothes, etc. But when it comes to money and your very own’s a little disappointing. Making money is extremely difficult in this game, either you have to buy or spin the wheel (I can’t do surveys or anything because of where I live.) and usually when you spin the wheel all you get is 15 to 25 coins. Which is really really little. Outfits in imvu costs from 399 to almost 800 dollars, getting 15 to 25 coins a day to reach an exact amount to buy an outfit you like then having to start from 0 again? That’s a little heart breaking. I suggest that we get 1,000 monthly. (I’ve been stuck with the same clothes on imvu for over a month now. I can’t get to the outfits I want because I have no money and I can’t waste actual money on the game.) As well as the penthouse issue, it’s extremely boring. You invite your loved one over and you can’t go to bed in private, you can’t kiss, you can’t even hold hands. (Most of the time thats why people use the penthouse, to do things in private that you can’t do in the rooms because people interrupt.) I suggest you add more couple poses and more things to the penthouse. Things like, kitchens, bedrooms, showers and stuff like that make it so much more fun and realistic. I hope you take this into consideration! Att: A formal user from imvu.
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6 months ago, Re-Ignited
Needs Improvement
The app is decent overall, there’s a bit of performance issues, granted, but the worst problem with the application is two things. Right now, all accessories in shop all sorted together. There’s zero separating when it comes to accessories, (this was never a problem on launch, why is this an issue 7 years later?) so finding what you want for the right gender is incredibly difficult. Then the next problem is the ads that will not close. It may or may not be the app, but the amount of times ads refuse to close or just simply won’t have the option to close them, is unreal. If you’re going to force ads on us, make sure they work so we don’t have to see them more than we need to. It’s such a problem that you actually have to start the app over several times because, even after restarting, they still don’t work. This one is just personal but, the new UI is also horrible. Whereas the old layout had tabs on the bottom, this one has EVERYTHING on the home page. Now rather than pressing a button on the bottom of your screen, you have to look through sections to find what you want. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. Get it together. The app was better on launch and it was super unfinished. I want more for this app as someone who grew up in the early days. It’s sad seeing how poorly it’s handled and i wish more effort was made to make it at least semi-playable.
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3 years ago, Miyuki77
I like it but it needs improvement…
When I saw the ads I thought it was gonna be like The Sims or a more realistic Zepeto but it’s really just for chatting, you can’t even walk normally, you have to click on the spots you want to go to (and there’s only a few spots you can click on like chairs, sofás and beds) I think there should be an option to actually walk wherever you want and to be able to preform other actions like sitting, laying down, waving, smiling, laughing, dancing, etc. That would make it way more fun to chat with people and role playing and stuff. I love how many options there is for customizing your avatar but there should be an option to adjust the placement and size of each accessory because some of them are too big or too small or in the wrong place/floating above you. And speaking about adjusting, you should be able to actually adjust your avatar’s body. There is an option to buy body parts but they’re always to big or too small. I’m stuck with the default look and it’s hands are way to big and the arms are too skinny but any scaler I try on just makes it look worse. Another thing I found annoying is how in the dressing room when you’re trying on accessories/scalers the avatar keeps moving and it’s hard to tell the difference from some similar looking items. Just make it stand still in a T-pose or something
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1 year ago,
General View
I’ve played IMVU for 3 years now and it’s honestly a fun way to connect with people and express creativity through making outfits or even being a creator and creating the clothing items and furniture the rest of us use. Desktop classic client is my preferred way to play as it allows me to do more, such as being in multiple rooms at once, playing music within chat rooms, going into shop together so that you can shop for items with your friends, etc. however mobile IMVU isn’t all that terrible. It has the basic functions you’d need to play and have fun and if desktop client wasn’t an option, I’d probably still be willing to use mobile IMVU. I will say though, this game is rated 17+ and honestly, to parents out there, do NOT let kids any younger than that join. It’s a fun game but it’s geared more towards young adults and adults, so 18 and above. There are a lot of areas designated for adult players and they are not appropriate for minors, however I have personally come across accounts of minors using fake ages to get into the adult areas. Parents please monitor what your kids are doing so they can’t do that and expose themselves to areas that aren’t meant for them. Other than that though, 10/10 game.
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3 years ago, naranciaghirgas
It was amazing..until..
I have played imvu for a long period of my life but only on computer so far, the app is pretty complicated but not too bad to where it’s unusable… Only real issue is that after a while, the fitting room doesn’t load anything from the shops in the big preview. I would click an item that I can see in the mini image it displays, and it will work, but the next time I click on another clothing item it will make my avatar disappear.. I’m pretty sure it’s not my phone, because even after I updated my phone it still did the same thing..I’m quite an impatient individual and would like to have this problem solved soon, this is one of the only games i like to play during quarantine,, and gee. I do love me some avatar customizing. Also realistically, there is almost no way to gain credits after awhile of playing. The funnest part is customizing and dressing your avatar up, and this game kind of likes to overuse that feature in the advertisements, when in reality, you probably have to wear the same clothes for at least a year before getting enough real money to pay..
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5 years ago, @2992
Could improve
When you start of you get an avatar but here's the problem. The female version has the figure of a male the hands are dramatically huge, wouldn’t hurt to make them average. Shoulders are to wide giving the male look and the feet are to big. There human avatar characters not werewolf’s. As for the clothes there are amazing like how there’s many choices but it would be more better if there were more modest clothes. The Chatting rooms are always quite unique never the same love how we can be host but, the sever is to slow it glitches messing with the 3D effect and is freezes when it can’t load meaning the sever can’t handle it as for the credits I’ve noticed your guys clever technique to earn money. You see the purpose of this game is chat and to choose a look we can define with meaning we have to shop for clothes and types of modes but how can we when we start if with little money an peculiar avatar leading to have to obtain more by either watch videos for a ridiculous low amount or credits “money” im sorry I feel like you should either raise the prose to 15 or 10 credits or lower down the prices. Because pay for an apple card in this game isn’t worth it but yet thats the clever part were teens we still think like well teens so we don’t care so we buy it. So in short the avatar need more work the video credits need to rise its price and the chat rooms need to be fixed from all that glitching since its overloading in our phones
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3 years ago, bbygirlkay04
It’s good but gots its issues
So tbh I love this app I’m on it every day but it does have its issues. First you should be given more credits when u start, credits should be cheaper and easier to earn because I get screwed over so much so now I have to buy my credits because they won’t let me earn them. Also once you buy credits for the first time I feel like the game knows that and so after you buy credits for the first time your credits will start to get harder and harder to earn for free. Ok now this doesn’t go for everyone but I get discover a lot and i mostly only play to take pictures and get discover and make outfits I think there should be a verified users thing for people who have got a lot of discovers like a little check mark like on other social media’s. I think you should have to fill out a form and they look over your profile of course to get verified. I’d also just like to point out that a lot of people are super mean on the app and there is groups on imvu I feel like it’s divided so theres the emo long leg people the gang ppl who make fun of everyone and everything and the noobs and discover people and the gang people make of majority of imvu and I think everyone just conforms to acting like jerks to be cool but like y’all ain’t cool so like stop bullying people and try to be nice to others ty.
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4 years ago, żømbæ
I love IMVU clothing variety but the game itself isn’t very interactive. Sure you talk to other players but you don’t really do anything. Also what is up with the credits we can barely buy anything, we have to but credits to get whatever we want in game which is kind of stupid in my opinion. Maybe you should develop interactive ways to earn credits like avakin. Avakin gives you a lot of coins and you can earn credits by doing bartending jobs or fashion shows. So I think adding more interaction to earn credits will be cool instead of you giving us 5 credits everyday which does not let us purchase anything. Also I think you should let people gift off their owned items in their inventory with out paying credits because we didn’t buy the person we are gifting the article of clothing that was in their wishlist, we are gifting them an already used item that we don’t want anymore that we think they might like. And I also think we should have the ability to sell unwanted stuff in our inventory for credits and we get the same amount of credits based off of the items worth, like let’s say I have a pair of trousers that I don’t want anymore and they were 300 credits than I can sell it for the same amount I bought it. Well I hope this review can help improve you IMVU and I look forward to those improvements -xXShadowSoulXx
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8 months ago, 0x0anon0x0
Your accounts are NOT secure. I had a very long password and while I was inactive, someone used a program to get into my account. When I came back, all 21,000 credits I’d bought were GONE. I contacted IMVU support with proof that someone had logged in in September and spent my credits using their online purchase log. They told me it was MY fault that my account got hacked and that it’s against their policy to restore any credits lost, even though it wasn’t my fault as I didn’t purchase the items. Their 15 different support agents gaslit me and took me around in circles. They also refused to look into the user I suspected of hacking me. (I suspected the creator whom clothes were purchased since whoever hacked my account bought all these random items from the same shop.) If IMVU is going to act like this to their loyal customers for over 6 YEARS, I do not want a part of this community anymore. DO NOT DOWNLOAD, and DO NOT MAKE ANY PURCHASES. They don’t care about your money being lost and they will NOT reimburse you. UPDATE since the developer decided to reply: If this is not the experience you had in mind for me than GIVE ME MY CREDITS BACK. I spent money I earned from working hard on this game because I was happy to support you guys and this is how you repay my loyalty as a customer. Absolutely not and never again. I will be telling everyone I know who plays this game what happened so they don’t spend money on credits again.
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3 years ago, spacekoala29
Well made app but..
I like this app a LOT. It’s an easy way to be social during the pandemic, there are quite some friendly people, and you can make an outfit wild beyond your dreams. But I have a few concerns, first off I want to say that none of these are huge deals, and that it’s just a few complaints. So here we go, first I want to say I’m quite intrigued and confused on about how you get “Money” in game. You either have to watch long ads, spin the wheel, or do surveys/ buy something. I don’t think that’s as much fair do to the fact nobody wants to buy or get something in return other han money in game when doing a survey that your trying to get in the first place. For example there is a TikTok quiz, it says ‘EASY’. my mind goes: “oh okay, just a few questions and I get some “Coins” well little do I know, after answering the questions on the quiz, you have to either buy, or sign up for something to win money or whatever. It aggravates me a little bit. I wish there were a few other ways to get coins other than making clothes and stuff if yk what I mean. Please just understand I’m just giving a review about a complaint of mine and some others may have the same complaint. No heard feels, I still love the game! XOXO🥰( ˘ ³˘)♥︎
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4 years ago, poopbdndjdndndnfnd
great app however...
i lost my phone for a while and lost interest in the app because of that. I haven’t played sense like last year or maybe the year before that and have just decided to play it and i go to log on and it says my account is disabled ??!!!! so i try to make another account already mad because i spent probably over $100 on it (keep in mind i don’t have a job and spent all the money i had on that account) and then when i put my email in it says my emails associated with a banned account?!!!! I want my account back now! i spent way to much money on it for it to get banned when i wasn’t even able to use the account!!!!!!!!! And i know for a fact that it wasn’t banned the last time i had it!!! i never broke and rules or community guidelines!! i made sure that i didn’t so nothing like this would ever happen!!!😡😡😡😡😡 i am so angry and annoyed!!! i want my account back! This isn’t the first time either!!! before that i had another account that i spent about $50 on and it wouldn’t let me log back on! i would not get this app and spend money on it because this stuff has also happened to my friends!! This is a very creative game and helps you express yourself but i am not going to play if it’s going to take my money and then just ban my account!! this is unacceptable!!! you should not have and game and do this!!!!!!!! please fix this and i want my account back!
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Problems that I have with this app.
I’m not gonna give this game 5 stars because the credit is not enough and we should start off with 6,000 because 4,000 isn’t getting us any where we are still considered as noobs to the trills we are being bullied in the game. And the clothes are to high, clothes in real life is 5-100 dollars. The owner who be making the clothes are taking the money we have been given by making there clothes 300+ and when I make accounts and I get back on the game I’m logged out but I will not consider that as an problem. But my main problem is the credit and amount we have been given and you guys have us to pay and buy or on credit and when we do the survey they are fake and doesn’t work and when we buy most clothes the owner takes them and give us back our money but instead of the smiley face on the daily spin how about you make that into an 1,000 because it’s nothing. And people are so rude why can’t we post videos on imvu we can only put pictures I think this game is asking for a lil toooooooo much and I think this game should be use with Wi-Fi and without. This game is the best game ever but the prices needs to go to the real life prices because we barely get promo to get what we want. Sincerely, Puff Bunny
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1 year ago, .-_-_-_-_-.
It’s cool
I haven’t played IMVU in yearsss. With that being said, I see they’re still as money hungry as ever. Even more now I’d say. Every time I log into the app I get an offer on buying credits. Buy 20,000 and get 8,000 free. Buy 5000 and get 2000 free. Why would I want to spend my money on this game? What am I gaining from that? I know lots do, and once the game gets boring to them they’ll realize how much money they wasted on it. If you guys really cared about your players you wouldn’t make it so hard to get credits. Yes it’s been slightly easier nowadays with the quests and daily spin, all the offers and the surveys where you can keep sending your personal info to random sites. why is there even a difference between regular credits and promo credits? I can have 1500 promo credits but can’t gift my friend something to complete a quest because i have 0 actual credits.. You guys know exactly what you’re doing, trying to get people to buy credits. Or you could make it to where we could earn credits on walk off or earn from posting. The feed is dry nowadays I remember when they first came out with that feature everybody was using it like it was facebook. Pretty sure that’s why IMVU has got so dead over the years. Not enough ways to earn credits and you can tell the makers just want money.
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5 years ago, ExclusivelyEnigma
I lovd it but....
I love the mechanics. I love the game in general. But the only problem i have with it are credits. Like it makes the game more annoying. I know y’all added things in the game to make it easier but i feel like weekly we should get a reward of credits...Maybe like “400” credits every week that you sign in. This would make the game more fun. Because there is a problem on the game that most are probably unaware of. Noobs.v.Trill and i feel like this Side .v. Side makes noobs feel bad bc not all of us have to to do 20 minute surveys or spend 20$ on credits. Getting credits weekly would make things alot easier...And would make the player want to log in every single week. Plus it makes sense bc we should be given some type of reward thanks to us playing yalls game. Either that or put a job system into the game which would be harder. But just giving us credits would be simpler. And you wouldn’t loose money going into the game because people that would want more credits and would still but credits...I just feel like that would be something that would make alot of people enjoy playing the game...Because let’s be real you need credits in order to be up to par🤷🏽‍♀️That’s just how it is and not all of us have time for all of that....Just consider it thanks😌
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4 years ago, shybrowns456
Dear imvu
I think the game is really fun to play with I thing the credits should be higher like 0.99 for 5,000 credits 5.99 for 10,000 credits so on and so forth I think more ppl would pay for this amount of credits then 0.99 for 1,000 credits also I think pc users should be able to join live room not just mobile users and the chat rooms and live rooms should have more than 10 ppl at a time also mobile user game crashes and people think someone booted them even though no one did and also some items like sparkles cause the game to lag out and crash out a lot. I also think vip and Ap should be cheeper because if it was I would total have vip but it’s to pricey 😔 also there should be more ways to earn credits BUT!!! Over all I think Imvu is a good game I love playing this game I’m not tryna bash y’all game I’m just giving advice to make y’all game better because if you do this more people would play this game if they see 0.99 for 5,000 credits I would totally go crazy if I seen that. I would be like OMG look at how cheep these credits are *texts friend girl look at how cheap these credits are*. I also love how you can give other ppl I love gifting people. Also I love you can see if it’s a person birthday my bday is coming up MAY 28th 🥰 even though you didn’t ask 💀. but keep up the great work IMVU 🥳 I hope you take my advice
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4 years ago, nickadoavacadopubes
Needs improvement
This is an amazing interactive game but sometimes when in a room my screen would just go black and exit me out of the app, another problem i hate is credits, like 1,000 credits monthly would absolutely be great because i dont want to waste so much money on a game plus surveys take too long and many times i complete a survey and i get no credits,so if there was a way that the surveys would be short and faster that would be great because with low credits i cant buy things and i spend majority of my time trying to make avatars but i cant with insufficient amount of credits ,so if u can find a way that we can at least 10,000 credits monthly that would be fine because i would usually have to spend money on everything which is a waste ,plus not even 10,000 credits can make a good avatar because all of my avatars cost over 11k and a really cool feature is so that we can gift people because the promotion credits it’s annoying when it comes to gifting so i think credits should be credits no need for the whole promotions thing the last and final thing is like i said i like making avatars so i spend a lot of time shopping and my cart doesn’t hold much so if the limit can be stretched to like 250 at least or 300 that would be great
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4 years ago, Axelkai
Making credits is too hard!
Hey! I’m a user of IMVU and have noticed a recurring problem; gaining credits is unnecessarily hard. Sure, imvu gives you 4,000 credits when you start, but after that, it is really hard to earn them and you’re stuck with the same character for days. To even gain credits without buying something you could either watch long laggy ads, spin the daily wheel ( which at its highest only gives you 100 credits) or surveys and terrible offers that don’t work half of the time. Of course, IMVU comes up with the idea that you can make credits by collecting them from live rooms, but of course, you need to BUY a membership to even make a live room. And you can’t gift, or do anything without BUYING credits. It doesn’t help that everything in the game and store are REALLY expensive considering the amount of credits you make daily without using real money. What about the people that don’t have credit cards, or can’t buy from the game? In my opinion, the game is greedy and hungry for money, basically giving nothing back to the players except the game play, which is laggy and crashes half of the time. I really hope the dev sees this because I’m not the only player who has this problem, it’s half of the players in the game. Please change this, thank you for reading.
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1 year ago, housearrest1
Imvu do better.
This game is very boring ain’t gonna lie. I think this game is adding glitches to my phone because my phone literally just glitched off this review and that’s kind of sus ain’t gonna lie. I don’t really know why there are adults on this game just because I feel like when you’re in adult, you should be doing adult things and not childish things. A lot of people be bullying people on here. There are a lot of sexual words being used. I just feel like I should be able to join the chat room and be able to talk about something normal and not talk about what I do in my free time lol. The whole voice chat feature, for some reason is also not working on my phone. I don’t know why it’s not working but it’s just not working. I just kind of feel like the developers need to make some changes. Changes that you can do is make two different servers, teenagers and adults. I can say I do like to customize my avatar. I find pleasure in doing that but with the chat it’s always the same and boring. Also I can say you shouldn’t have to pay for voice chat. Any other game especially on Console or PC. You don’t have to pay for voice chat so why should I pay on Imvu? Ain’t gonna lie Imvu was slick more fun back then. I know this is a big paragraph but I swear to God I just seen an ad for some app with a photo insinuating shawty playing with some. Come on do better for real that is not OK.
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5 years ago, Jordy_152
Great game!
This is honestly the best game I have ever played. There is so much to do on imvu. It’s super easy to make friends and have fun! But there are a few things I would change. One thing I would change is the daily spin, the daily spin doesn’t really give you much credits and it’s like you always get 15 credits. I think you guys should make the 15 credits on the daily spin be 100 and bring up the rest of the credits on the daily spin by 100. I think you guys should also add way more ways to get more credits, I mean why do you have to spend money to get credits. There should be other ways and make them easier because some people don’t want to waist their money on a game just for clothes and stupid things to order in real life. I also would like if the watch a video for credits would give you more credits. It only gives you like 10 or less credits. You can’t but anything with 10 or less credits. I would also like the prices on things to go down, instead of being like 300+ I think clothes and things should be real prices like a shirt be like 20 credits that would be awesome. But thanks for ready my long review. But this is a super great game but the whole credits and buying things need an improvement.
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7 months ago, VioletRose2
Weird antics
So. They took my access pass that I had for years (I’ve had this account since 2017) I called and she was constantly getting information wrong and got the date AND reason of which they took my AP wrong and was persistent about her being right when I have proof that the information she gave me was incorrect (given that they only send access pass emails to access pass members. She told me the AP was taken in 2019 and made up a fake refund that was supposedly 20,000 credit, that I never received. BUT I have emails from 2022 from imvu about “access pass members only deals” makes no sense) she proceeded to double down a create a whole new reason as to why I don’t have my access pass after I told her the reason and explained that it was a misunderstanding💀(again, I’ve had this account since 2017 and have had multiple accounts before then). I spent hundreds on credits buying things that i got on the AP shop that I no longer have access too and she told me they were not going to give me my access pass or reimburse me for the money that I spent. Fair warning not to spend your money w this app because they clearly don’t care about customers and if something goes wrong they will not fix it nor will they give you your money back no matter how much you’ve spent or how long you’ve had an account with them🤷🏾‍♀️
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2 years ago, bee3610
Ads Ads Ads
I’ve been on this app for about two years and recently they added ads that show up when you go into rooms, even though there are ads already in feeds and on the screen. Ik the excuse is probably “we need ads to keep the game running” but imvu makes so much money. Instead of adding the video watch feature/adding unnecessary things, take away the ads! The video watch was definitely a flop, I rarely see rooms with it and usually hosts don’t even use it. So maybe take it away and spare us the ads, because adding ads makes people not want to play because u have to wait just to go into a room to talk. Also sometimes the lag is bad, maybe add a max limit to how many accessories people can put on or take away the flashing lights accessory? Idk these are just ideas. I love the chat rooms and the avatars/outfit options are amazing. I also wish there were more ways to earn credits, they had the 7 day bonus thing which I think is a good idea but it’s rarely on. They probably used it 3 times and then forgot it existed so we can’t earn with it anymore. The chat rooms are really cute and there are so many great items in the store. It’s easy to make friends and meet people who like the same things as u.
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2 years ago, andrethegianthahs
We’re being left out
I’m sorry if this is long winded but as both an imvu mobile user and a former pc user we are being left out. I cannot decorate my room on mobile at all so as I go to the website and try they say I need the desktop version and I can’t log into the desktop version with my iCloud. It makes no sense to me and probably a lot of other people why we can’t use our iCloud to log in for the desktop version. I don’t know if it works for iMac and MacBooks but as an iPhone and pc user I don’t get to use imvu to its full potential and if I wanted to I couldn’t even get AP without buying the verification token first and I was invited to a shop together thing and I couldn’t go because to no surprise I needed to be on the desktop version. So imvu developers if you do nothing else please let us mobile decorate our rooms or let us log into our pc’s with our iCloud information. But I won’t just act like you haven’t done anything for us because you’ve created one of the best places to meet people around the world and your prices are actually reasonable. So to end this review I would like to say thank you for the experience and I hope to see change in the near future
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4 years ago, Fhfhfhfhrhrh
At the beginning when you first join imvu you get 4,000 credits, which might seem like a lot right? WRONG! 4,000 credits barely got me two outfits, a pet, and one hairstyle. And i get that you have many methods of earning credits but most of the time i only get 10 credits out of the surveys. I do a survey and every time they redirect me because the survey was “not for me” i can’t earn anything because i’m not qualified to take any of the surveyed listed. Plus, when watching ads you only get up to 8 credits. What can i do with 8 credits? Nothing! Most of the outfits, even the cheapest ones cost up to 300 credits! And the daily spin wheel doesn’t help either. The highest i can get out of it is 150 credits. And even then, i still can’t purchase any items with that low of money, and that’s the highest credits you can get on a daily spin! I can’t afford to buy credits with my own money because i don’t have money. It’s sad that i can barely afford anything, and i’m sure others suffer with this issue as well. Overall imvu is a good game, but this one problem limits people from customizing their characters to how they want. I hope you can fix this issue with either lowering the prices or giving people more credits.
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3 years ago, k_ty655
I really like the game but...
The game it’s amazing, it have a lot of clothes, rooms, ways of interact with ppl, etc. But it’s really hard to earn money, and the ways to earn it are really annoying. The spin roulette hardly gives 100 coins, and most of the ppl are unable to answer surveys. Also the penthouse that it’s given to you at the beginning of the game is really boring and you can’t really edit anything. It’s very disappointing to read the reviews from more than a year ago and see that almost everyone says the same. It would be great if we could have easier ways to earn money bc it’s not just for the clothes but it’s also to modify your character, you can’t even change the eye shape if you don’t have money :(( so it’s really annoying to always look the same. Everything it’s expensive and when you finally have the chance to buy the things you want after months, you have to start over again :(.. also, it’s annoying that you can’t give things if you don’t but money! I want to give things to my friends and I can’t because all the money I earn is from the spin roulette. The game would be 100 times better if we could earn money easily.
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1 year ago, moni23436
Parents be advised! Everyone else, run far away.
I’ve using this platform since about 2008, before a phone application was a conceivable thought for this company. I will start off by saying that this app is not for, and should not be promoted to children. The issues in the site for children range from incredibly inappropriate clothing that they can put on a 3-D model, rooms were under aged people and adults can chat unmonitored, promotion of NFT’s, and excessive promotion of micro transactions. The atmosphere in this chat rooms are highly adult and sexual even if something is rated for the general audience. If you’re an adult, I can promise you that the number of people visiting this site is falling, lower and lower every year. The problems for adults range from them completely abandoning the computer application that many people love and opting for a more app like approach, getting rid of the resellers program, bringing back old features that used to be free and placing them behind to pay wall, the promotion of NFT’s, removing accounts and rooms at random, and putting features like talking to customer service behind a Paywall. It’s more obvious than ever that this app is more then operating a safe, fun environment for their community. Hopefully a new CEO will take over who actually cares about the quality of the platform or this platform may only have a a few years left.
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1 year ago, damarionnn
Hi IMVU, overall I definitely find this game enjoyable and fun for everyone, but theres like so much to unpack. The shop glitch is like the main thing, the mixture of male and female clothing being bunched together are fun and all but with the outdated clothes, it’s hard to search for a certain selection of clothes because of the outdated clothing glitch that continuously happens. You do a good job of fixing it, but after a while it happens again. Then the followers and following. Theres like something that happens which ( for example ) your followers would be 10,740.. then you’d lose a bunch of followers, so now you’re at 6,200. I feel like it drains the life out of a majority of players because they’ve spent time working on their follower count. The following, it’s a small glitch that people honestly grew to not even care about because it happens frequently, you’d have like 7 people followed, but the following still says “2,411”.. then another following glitch is like, you’d look in your following and there’d be someone your NOT following in your following.. I definitely feel like all those should be completely fixed! Like i said tho, i love the game in general!
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4 years ago, Spraint©️
Currently The Best
People don’t understand that when it comes to making your avatar, you basically have 4,000 credits when you join mobile but if you have the pc version, you get an extra 5k and something, that’s more than enough for what you need. When you start off you choose between male or female, clicking whatever you want to identify, it starts off with choosing your hair, eye color, head size/choice, and your skin tone. Then it goes to the clothing, starting off with shirts, pants, shoes and then accessories. And there is a shoulder sizer in the accessory tab, it’s between the hand size you already have selected and the belly piercing (on the second to last row on the fourth horizontal row) Then after selecting what you like, choose save your look. Once you do that, it’ll ask your for your display name, try to think of something creative. Mine is Xlentasja, you want a name that maybe someone doesn’t already have, don’t choose a name like YungThug or Ella. After choosing your display name, enter your email (you can only use your email once for every account you make) a password, and add your birthdate.
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2 years ago, IMVU LISTEN UP!
Hey imvu i feel like i’m speaking for everyone when i say this game needs a variety of features to get it back to the way it used to be. With that being said i feel as if y’all should add imvu stories which would be similar to instagram stories and you can add videos to them! this would make the game wayyyyy more interesting and give it that realistic social media gameplay. You could post stories with polls and tag people, i feel like that would be a great feature to the game. I also believe that you should add slides, which is where you can post multiple photos at once. This would not only be cool but more efficient when people want to post more than one picture at once so that they don’t have to spam post. Lastly, we all know getting credits is a hard task and sometimes buying credits doesn’t work for everyone. People don’t gift as much as they used to and i feel like creating a system where you can sell unwanted things in your inventory for credits would be a game changer in imvu. It would make the game engagement higher and satisfy more people. These are just some ideas of mine that would benefit this game in the long run and put it back at the top where it belongs. You guys should definitely think about it! :)
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4 years ago, Lily Jinkens
This is something you all should read before playing...
Imvu is a good app. But there’s some things that I can’t stand. Earning credits is impossible and so Annoying. I know the app has to make money, but the fact that I have to buy a lot of credits just to get where I want to be is ridiculous. I feel like imvu is kind of a scam just so you give in to buy a lot for a look that most don’t care about. Anways, earning and saving up is basically impossible without purchasing just to let you know. Imvu is an app that is for the age of 15-18 years old. (Or 13. It’s debatable)There are grown individuals that do grown individual things. Some will ask about your every move and some can be a little intimidating. Although people tell you not to give these people the time of day, some are relentless and will stop at nothing until you do as they want. Just be careful. I feel as if the game is so pointless. You earn, spend, barely talk, and do it all over again. I think that’s how I feel about the game. Users kind of come and go for me. Doesn’t really matter. It’s an ok game. It would be better if the whole “earning and saving” problem was better.
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4 years ago, origami56789
IMVU is the worst at security and privacy concerns
I had quit this game a while back and cancelled all subscriptions and removed all my cards. Recently I started to be charged for things I had not authorized. I checked my subscriptions and payment methods online to ensure they had been removed and according to my profile they weren’t there so I was confused how I was still being charged. I filed a ticket asking for a refund for the $10 charge I had not been authorized as well as asking them to make sure my subscription was cancelled on their end and payment methods were removed on their end. It went back and forth about 5-6 times of them sending me help articles. Clearly either someone had hacked into my account or something had gone wrong on their end since I hadn’t been charged for MONTHS when all of a sudden these charges started happening. I was fed up with the help articles and stated that my account had been compromised or something had gone wrong on their end. Their response blamed me and said account security was up to the user and it is their policy to never reimburse any payments made while an account is compromised. Hello? It’s not like anyone asks to get their account hacked? I now have to contest these charges with my bank as well as order a new card because of this company. I wouldn’t advise anyone to ever purchase anything in this game.
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4 years ago, kenziemerle
Fell in love
Ive been playing this game since I was a teenager. Fell in love with the idea of creating an avatar however I like and socializing in a virtual world full of other people who enjoy the same thing. I love that most of the users on the game remain anonymous, it adds to the experience of "being" your avatar. The ever changing possibilities in creating outfits for both male and female avatars is something that has always kept me interested in this game. I like to see each persons style. This game has really helped me. I do wish credits were easier to come by as I find making outfits to be an art form and I cant always afford to buy the credits I need to make an outfit. You should see some of the outfits users put together. They're phenomenal. I think other users would appreciate some credits in their accounts as well. After all, creating your avatar is half -if not most- of ones fun in the game. It allows you to be more unique, and allows you to express yourself however you please. Overall this game is simply amazing. I cannot wait to see what the game will be like in the years to come. Perhaps an open world concept would be on the mind of the creators? Thatd be awesome.
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6 years ago, WaterConeS4
It's pretty cool, buttt maybe a few changes
Okay so I've been playing IMVU since last November, and I like it. I love the fact that you also bumped the credits up to 4k. But what I think should change is the wheel. I feel like you guys are kinda skimpy on the wheel and should change some of the things. Like when you get clothes on the wheel, it gives you this useless u7u thing. It's a waste. Change it to maybe like clothes or like this one reviewer said things from our wishlist. Another thing is the offers and surveys I think you fix the errors and because it's also a waste of time and aggravating. And I'm tired of having to email peanut labs labs because the offers under the surveys won't give me my 600 credits. I also think that the clothes, hair (especially),shoes, e.t.c, should have a choice to be lowered down to a minimum of 300 credits (unless the creators have that option). Because I looked on the men's catalog (just out of curiosity) and saw that they had things like 200 credits. That blew my mind. And I was thinking how the new people have a lot more clothes than I do (and some girls). Thank you for reading my review. I know it was very long but I would love to see more changes.
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4 years ago, MzKrys08
Money Pit w/lack of care for users even if VIP
I play this game daily, and to really enjoy it you have to put real money into the game or become dependent upon other users who gift you for liking and commenting on their posts. I personally put so much money into this game, paying for VIP subscription, expensive credits more than 3 times a week, AP status only to get banned for long time periods and they do not care if something purchased didn’t work. All sales are final without giving courtesy to those who pump money into this game. I recently purchased a name change +credits package but was never given my name change token so I had to buy a serrated one and asked if they could either refund me or out the overpay into credits and the response I got was all sales are final and non refundable. How pathetic is that. I’m seriously contemplating leaving this game that doesn’t appreciate its VIP members. You also buy AP status but can’t post it to your feed. It’s pretty pointless to have it. I have 2 stars because in the beginning I really did like this game. It’s been about a year and a half since I joined and now after being banned twice and constantly reported by users who are jealous of your avatar (yea that’s a real thing) and imvu staff being so careless with your money it’s become boring and lame.
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3 years ago, dearly21345
Alright but needs improvements
Imvu is a really great app for meeting new people, socializing, and role playing. The avatar editor is really fun to play with and allows you to express yourself in your own personal style. Lots of people find themselves having personal real connections on there. However without people there isn’t much to do and it makes the app Unenjoyable for people who don’t have a friend group, and the Imvu community isn’t the best. I personally believe that there should be a bit more improvement. One of these would be moveable avatars. Like on other online role play games they provide you with a jump button and a joystick to allow your character to move around. This may allow for more exploration and funny weird moments for players to enjoy. Secondly the message system needs to be fixed. Some peoples messages don’t work at all at times. I used to believe it was a problem with my wifi but then I realized my messages were just like that and it makes a lot of the messages I send loose context. Thirdly it would be good if you can add things for people without a friend group to do, like mini games or polls etc. I’ve been on Imvu for a few years now and I really hope to see improvements in the future
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2 years ago, Really1mtheplug
Best avatar based game in the world!!!
I’ve been playing imvu for years litterally since I was about 12 I’m 23 now I remember way back in the day on the laptop there used to be voice chat but they removed it but also just recently added it again!!! Also back in the day you could buy songs and play them and everyone in the chat room could hear it but this game just keeps getting better better with the updates the community is hilarious you can meet really good friends I’m more of a goofy funny guy but I’ve a veteran when it comes to this game so u already know my avi is on fleek lol but another thing that rocks is that you can customize multiple avitar a and create completely different Avis on the same account also the stuff I store has litterally millions of options and has real life items even designer things so I’m just here to say if your looking for a game where you can meet real new friends there is NO other game better then this one but this game also has so much more to offer I’d rate this game 10 stars if I could!!! Thanks imvu ❤️
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6 years ago, CRITIQUEKING
Credits & Daily Spin!
I wish that we didn’t have to pay for credits & that we would get more credits from watching video offers because they only give you 6 credits... I think it should be 20 credits. I also think that the offers should be more reasonable because for most of them you have to sign up for something, but something, and give your credit card information which is irritating because you always have to cancel the samples or the thing that you bought... I think they should create a new way to get free credits... But I think the app is pretty good! It has good graphics, great rotation for the camera in the rooms, & and a variety of things to buy in the shop! However, I think they should create easy and simple games in the app, Imvu, like the Daily Spin! It would be a great feature to Imvu and enjoyable when you don’t necessarily feel like being in a chat room! Speaking of Daily Spin, I think the Daily Spin is terrible because most of the time it give you 15 credits and 100 credits at the most! You can’t buy ANYTHING with 100 credits!! I think they should replace the 100 credits with a wishlist option or up the amount of credits to 200! It should also be given twice a day and not once!
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5 years ago, calyia
It’s awesome, but listen
This game is SOOOO good, but when it comes to money, it’s a big disappointment. I’m not saying It in a rude way, but there is no other way to earn credits or anything. All you do is spin the wheel, do surveys, complete offers, and watch videos. OH, and let me tell you, you might think it’s a lot but it’s very hard to earn money, unless you want to buy some credits, and you have money to spend like that. I have had imvu a few years bck when I was younger, and I barely understood some stuff, but it was the SAME way. It was still hard to earn credits, and is now, sometimes when I complete and offer, and they send an email. They tell me that it takes about 24 hrs for my credits to come bck, and I understand it might not end being the whole offer, but they don’t give me ANYTHING. I have tried, and tried to write them about how I felt, or what was going on, but they honestly don’t care (like I said not in a rude way, but it’s how I feel.) I hope IMVU, fix their problem, on this game from people reviews, and other ways too get money. Mind their clothes are super FREAKING high, but I’m done being a crybaby. thanks for your time in reading my review!!!
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2 years ago, MadCapJR94
What good apps should aspire to be
Not just on the phone, but everywhere that you can find this application? Download it. I have spent so much of my life escaping to this beautiful place that we have created for ourselves and I could not ask for something so beautiful without feeling like I don’t deserve it. It has opened my mind to new things, it has created friendships that I will never forget, and it has made me who I am today and I cannot thank it more. To get so passionate about an application seems a little crazy but if you haven’t tried this app on your PC or mobile I promise you it will change your life like it has mine tenfold. There is not much I can say negative about this app, other than the fact that you can’t read messages without leaving the chat room. However that is only true for the phone app, otherwise there is absolutely no criticism and that’s why it deserves five stars. Personally, I hope the developers keep this up for decades to come because this is a miracle in my life.
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12 months ago, babyboothang05
No the game is a good game but be careful cause the game can show your real location we’re u live and and it can chase u around any location or your companies and god for bits u get kidnapped or killed so he careful I am warning u.. ⚠️ so I am telling u the truth snd if u don’t believe me then don’t when u get killed or kidnapped that’s on u….. and something else that people does stupid stuff snd they say bad words and they like do inappropriate things so I have the game and changed my location for they can not track me… and it worked they didn’t track me and when I was new to imvu it says do u want imvu to track and chase u around companies………… and I put don’t allow and i delete like 50 or 90 times so get more credits to get my dream items….. and me and my little sister said……. That a girl did something inappropriate.. to her and she showed mom and dad then it showed where she lived and then she said I want to delete the game and it is s cool game but it is scary so read this and let your friends know and I am warning and trying to keep u safe and then my dad said to delete the app from mines and I deleted and i said to my mom I wish I fill like downloading imvu and she gave me permission if I go to sleep for her and I don’t listen to my mother or my sister or my dad so be safe bye!
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4 years ago, lalastivofl
Imvu is okay
It’s an irritating game that doesn’t give you an officiant way to earn credits, instead never ending loops (on earning credit ways) and won’t allow you to return clothes that you don’t need or never intended on buying (bought by accident). I don’t even think they listen to our feed back they just keep adding random things that nobody asked for and when you watch a video you only get 10 credits. As if 10 credits is gonna get me something from the shop when 99% of the things in shop are 600+ credits and the daily spin is also terrible. 15 credits constantly and then when you get the larger amount it’s like 100 credits AND THERE PROMO CREDITS. 100 credits for things that coast 600+ it doesn't make sense. Then when you get clothes or something it should be something from your wishlist not some hair from 2009 and on that note in the shop when you search up clothes why does it always give you extremely ugly pixelated 2009 things ugh. And Iv gone through most of the feed backs and suggestions and there all repetitive so clearly we are trying to get a point across but imvu dosnt listen all in all it’s fun to play or whatever but it’s awful and 9x10 imvu never responds to there reviews on here and on the feed backs and suggestions page they just want us to think they are listening smh
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2 years ago, Zoey Lynn Mikaels
I still can’t decorate my rooms on the app. Or switch between the rooms that I have. I can’t use my big rooms for longer than a minute or 2 before I get lag and my chat acts up (even if I don’t move at all). I still have some rooms that won’t let people see me moving around. When I’m seeing myself moving on my phone screen, they don’t see it happening at all (I'm just standing at the load point I can in on). No matter what I do, this remains an issue. I can’t post AP photos, even though some of my favorite outfits are AP. Please make it possible to post them. What’s the real point of it if I can’t share my new AP outfits without meeting people in public rooms? I have friends that are in various rooms and I can’t be in more than one chat at a time. I get multiple invites and can only be in one place at a time. I can’t open messages. Please add something for both of those issues. And MAKE SURE ALL MY ROOMS WORK PROPERLY!!! I can’t stand that I'm unable to show a few of my favorite rooms because my friends can’t see me moving around!!! I want to show my fiancé my family home, but I can’t because he won’t see me moving!!! Fix this!!!
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4 years ago, bon appeti
So hard to earn coins!! And more : From 2020
I love imvu! I love the fashion the places friends and more! I just started playing and I have problems to discuss , it’s sooo hard to get coins! U only get 4000 which is great but then u end up so poor an du don’t know a way to get coins!! All I can do is spin and I get 25 or 30 coins like at least get a spin that is a coin spin where u have to wait 24 hours for a spin, because ur daily spin is very little and doesn’t have enough. I have another problem that no one ever is gonna be generous and give u a gift! I know I’m dramatic about it but like I feel sad that no one is ever going to give u s gift and just be nice to u, they say that if u r famous u get gifts , what about starters?? They need to be involved! Please put an update when a started has its first items in a wishlist each 2 weeks, u can give them something from their wishlist! I know this is a lot but it will be so helpful to starters to not just stick with the noob clothes, but I love that u give us lots of clothes when we start, IMVU staffs if u read this thank for reading this and spending ur time to see stuff that people need in IMVU, BYE! ❤️
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4 years ago, BlushingSkye
Better way to get credits
I love this game, it’s so much fun! I love being able to hang out with friends and customizing myself. The only down part is the credits. The spin wheel is just based on luck and it’s kind of rigged. I also don’t want to spend so much money on credits because most of the clothing is expensive. 300+ credits! I’ll be broke when I buy so much credits. The only way you can get credits is watching ads and taking surveys. The surveys aren’t very fun and they’ve never failed to disappoint me. Did a few surveys and never got the reward it said I would get. Wasted a lot of my time on it. Watching ads only get you to 10 or 8 credits. Do you know how ridiculously expensive clothes are? It would take me months to be enough credits to buy the things I want. I’m still going to continue to play the game, but I really hope you do something about this. A suggestion is that you could make the surveys more fun. Not boring like most of them are. I really love IMVU though and it’s really fun. I think it would be a better game if there were better ways to get credits. I think most people feel the same way too!
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6 years ago, Ramen Gamer
A few concerns
Okay, so I play this game a lot! I have realized a bunch of things both good and bad. For the bad things, is the fact that there so many sex games that need to be taken down ASAP! I mean there are 10 year olds playing these games and we are allowing them to enter such unwanted games! Another thing is the dating part, there are people very young on this game dating people that may be a lot older then them, and it’s not safe! Don’t get me wrong but I think that getting credits is very hard! Spinning a wheel and getting 100 credits or less isn’t gonna help us get more items that we want or need. I believe per year that we have joined we should get 10,000 credits. For example for the first year our account was made we get 10,000 credits. The second year another 10,000 credits, and so on and so on :) Also, when a account is first made instead of 4,000 credits it should be like 10,000 so we can get items from all over the catalog! Some good things I noticed is that people can have the chance to meet great people on this game!! We have the chance of making friends and being social! Is fun to dress my character and make sure it fits the room I’m in!
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