iSharing: GPS Location Tracker

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4.8 (23.5K)
238.9 MB
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Current version
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
13.4 or later
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User Reviews for iSharing: GPS Location Tracker

4.8 out of 5
23.5K Ratings
3 days ago, summa.cummalaude
Keeping up with the promise I made
I wanted thorough information about my ex-partner who I did not trust so I purchased iSharing and believe me, i wasn’t surprised at its capabilities, it’s like I envisaged that it would not get me the utmost satisfaction I desired. It was a day to my ex birthday, I was on Facebook and saw that the woman I loved receive a text from a man saying, I can’t wait to see you tomorrow Liz.' I immediately called her phone and all she could say was, “I am sorry, I had previous plans with him, but realized that I loved you, and I could not just break plans with him.” Dear reader, what does this even mean? I tried talking to her about it but it didn’t seem like she wanted to let me in on what was going on. Surfing through the net, I stumbled across a top rated review about a private investigator at SpyTechGuru @ gmailcom. All Dustin needed was her full name and cell phone number to extract the information I needed from my ex partner’s phone. I saw everything. From her phone conversations to her exact gps location down to her texts on messenger, iMessage and Snapchat. I was broken beyond repair. But I have no regrets at the moment. I would have ended up with a cheat but I dodged a bullet. Since I got court admissible information provided by Dustin, I went ahead to file for a divorce. Anyway, if you can relate to my experience and you need a drastic solution, hurry and write to Dustin. I assure you that his services are a-one!
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1 year ago, DuckDuckYou
Highly recommend
I love that I can feel comfortable when my son is away, it also gives him a sense of security to check our maps and see and watch the distance until i pick him up or get to destination. Also love that this works with wifi only phones for littles that’s doesn’t have a working phone connection/number, although I believe they must be connected to wifi to track*
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6 years ago, GhostriderGaleJ
Not accurate at all
Even though I turned alerts off, since it kept sending me alerts that my wife had left the house and then arrived back at the house only seconds apart over and over! I thought turning off alerts would least stop the annoying alerts that weren’t accurate being my wife and I was in the same room of the house at the same time. But even with the alerts turned off the alerts still keep showing up anyway! Since we’re both together and iSharing saying my wife has left the house or arriving back at the house. I certainly can’t take it as a accurate app at all! It’s a shame being the other features of this app are a plus that it can be used like a messenger or a walkie talkie. If it was accurate I’d be more interested in buying the app if it had a one time fee. There’s not a app anywhere that I need so bad that I’d pay a monthly or yearly fee for! Lived without it for 60 years, certainly not paying reoccurring fees now!
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4 years ago, hthifscn
It’s ok
When it works it’s great. But having issues lately. If I open the app it will then start GPS from when I open it not from the first movement of my people. It will say my husband is still at work when he is home. And will sometimes refresh after a bit or if I open and close it will then refresh. So I never truly know location unless I open and close the app at least once. It also has been not showing history. It will only show the first place they were. I’ve check the app when we are together so I know exactly where we both are and it won’t show our stops. It’s frustrating to pay for an app but it’s not reliable all the time.
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1 year ago, tnuz1114
This app is great. Even the free version
I don’t know what these complaints are about. I have the feeling version it’s accurate like 99% of the time. The only time it’s not is when someone is out of service or has bad service. This app has always worked amazing for me and I’ve ne we paid a dime for it. And don’t have to watch ads for it either. Def recommend.
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3 years ago, amygg
Not worth it
In order to see much of anything you have to pay for a subscription. And it's very expensive for what you get. So not with it. I got this because my daughters were traveling for the first time by theirs selves and I wanted to be able to know where they were in case there was an issue. Trying to determine what road they were in was so bad. All I would get is a white line. I couldn't tell what road they were on. Under their name would say the nearby side road, but wouldn't show the interstate. As soon as their trip was over I removed the app. I personally will not recommend this app.
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6 years ago, Kasanova711
Love it about 4.5
The only problem I have with this app is it will randomly tell me that I am in a different location or my boyfriend is in a different state. To fix the misunderstanding I usually have to log off the app and log back in a couple times then it will show me his accurate location plus the destinations I set for an alarm goes off late I hope this gets fixed because I paid for the whole year other than that I love this app.
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2 months ago, Booner45
Just got this app
I just got this app to use for my family. I'm paying by the year, but my husband tried to look at our daughters history and it says he has to pay $7.99 a month to see the history. Are you kidding me??? I'm already paying for for it!!! If the problem isn't fixed, I'll be deleting it.
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4 years ago, #pinkgirl13
Some things to consider🤔
It is very expensive because my family can’t afford it. But it is great and accurate when I was on one side of the house and my kids where on the other it showed that. And when my kids where writing there bikes to school it showed them moving. I recommend this app I will work to get that extra money This is one of the best apps I have ever had. And I have tried many you should consider this app It is safe.
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2 years ago, Fargo Mark
Worked great but went off for 10 days then back on?
For some reason the unit stopped working for 10 days not reporting anything. Then tonight the unit came back at the town 100 miles away and is working again. Is this my phone problem or did Ishare have a problem? Who can I call and ask?
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3 months ago, terr😂
I really appreciate this app. It really locates the areas that my family works and it comes back with an accurate reading where I can put it in the GPS and get there and it tracks to Movment. I wish that it would track the cameras where you can look at the roads and the streets but altogether is a great app
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2 years ago, hjpersyn
Worst tracking app ever
This app never works and when I complained to the company they refused to refund my subscription. I was dumb to buy the entire year. This is what I get for basing my decision off of reading other’s reviews. The location accuracy is terrible and it will show a family member was home for 2 days when I was actually with that person running errands the day before! We even checked that all location and privacy setting were correct. And what is this walkie-talkie feature I was reading about? There is no such feature.
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2 years ago, Steampnk Dezinr
Only works when it wants to.
My husband needed to find me and it had no location. He thought I shut it off and of course we got into an unnecessary fight. I had not shut it off. One time it showed me in Anaheim while I was sleeping right next to him! Today I wanted to know where he was and his location was not transmitting. Why bother with a location app that doesn’t have the location of the person you’re looking for?!
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2 years ago, Jadie54
Alerts you to unusual activity
This app sends you a notification if your child leaves “the zone”. It sent me a notification and sure enough, I found out my daughter had left school! Bet she thought I would never know! This app is great! I’m happy I found it!
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5 years ago, Floyd Pinkleman
Pretty good.
Relatively accurate. I have tried all of the apps that supposedly do the same thing. This is undoubtedly the best in its class. If I could change anything, it would be the random “see where your friends are” popup. However, it’s a free app, and it usually does what it’s suppose to do. I would gladly pay for it if it were a flat rate. I refuse to pay for subscriptions that I don’t absolutely need.
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7 years ago, coast2coastchat
Awesome App
This is a great app for not jut tracking your child. This can also be used as a phone finder as it not only tells you where the phone is at the exact moment, but it also allows to track where it s been so you know if it s been stolen or it was just lost.
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7 years ago, Mrs Dr Wolusky
Love it!
as a mom it brings me such peace of mind to be able to check in see how my kids are doing and they can check on me as well but more importantly to know if someone is on their way to a scheduled meeting and how much further they have to get there
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5 months ago, D’Aaron Prince
Tracking purposes
ISharing is a good app especially if your just trying to track your family or to see where there going for free the only thing is that it doesn’t tell you what place you are like life 360 does I’m pretty sure and I feel like you don’t need to pay for it bc if your a premium user it’s not that much different from the free version
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1 year ago, Acthcdhc
Absolutely no support
I’ve had this app for a couple of months. The live accuracy is correct about 70% of the time but the history feature is extremely inaccurate and so is the geo fencing. The worst part is there is NO SUPPORT!!! The app keeps saying it’s inaccurate due to low power mode, but the tracked phone is NOT in low power mode. Perhaps they keep that on there as an excuse for the inaccuracy of their product. Disappointing. Melissa from CA
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2 years ago, Andivirjcjwjcicurjejcur
2 stars due to inaccuracies
I was considering subscribing but wanted to wait a couple months to see how well it worked. After 12 emails about inaccurate locations and receiving generic responses I can only give 2 star rating. The reason not 1 is because it does work half the time. Also noticed the subscription price went from $50 to $100 during those two months, yea I’ll pass ty.
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2 years ago, Mjj3333
Messed up
I wrote you guys a couple of emails and never got an answer. I am paying the $99 to see unlimited friends. My granddaughter is using the free version. When she selected her mother as her one friend I could not see her even though I had paid the $99. So she switched me back to her one friend but now on my side I cannot see her mother. What is wrong with this app???? Is this a trap so everybody has to spend $99? I’m very disappointed with your app and I think it’s a rip off!
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2 years ago, Fershur
Love the app but problem with updates
The app is great but I’ve had problems with it updating. The Sept 18 update will not complete - it just spins and spins for days. This has happened with other updates for this app in the past. Would give 5/5 if not for this update issue.
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6 years ago, over parenting
Great app just needs a few tweaks
It’s a really good app. I get to see if my lil one got to school safe. The only thing I don’t like about it the refreshing of someone location takes over 20 secs sometimes. My kid can be home n maybe a half hour passes n it will say “Kathy just arrived home”. She’s been home. Where were you at app? Lol.
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10 months ago, Joe 852
Overly Priced
Took a minute to review the apps free portion of capabilities and very happy with what it offers. I do like how it even shows the battery level of everyone. So cool! Let a loved one know to charge their phone in case they forgot to plug in at bed time!
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5 years ago, count your pennies lol
Best app for what you get. People are complaining for just under spending four dollars! Heck our gps maps on our phone is off at times. Knowing locations for more than a month,,,,must be a stalker or have insecurity issues! Lol. This app is basically free! Lol
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2 years ago, Ava gem
Way better than ”Find My”!!!
So much better than Find My! I love how accurate it is and how you can see what percent of battery their phone is at!! Definitely recommend!
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3 years ago, stonedbretty420
Sudie can
Yeah it’s pretty cool being able to see where family an friends are I’m sure there’s flaws but I’m just now starting to use the app so I don’t know other then everything’s been great so far
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6 years ago, A-N/K:K
This app almost got my son killed! I actually forgot that I downloaded the app. Maybe 2 weeks later I’m at my desk and I remember. It’s about 1130 on a school day. I open the app that shows my son is a mile and half away at a household. I broke for the house, MAD! I go to the school instead. I got to the front office and requested my 16yo. He comes walking up . I check the app and it still showed him at the house. And he’s standing next to me. I apologize and leave.
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2 years ago, kira1532
Does my family have to pay the subscription or is it just one? I saw on other apps you can pay a subscription (main user) and the rest of my family can use it but is it the same for this one.
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3 years ago, ReeVince44
My husband the Truck Driver
Very good to have my husband is an OTR truck driver and sometimes he’s in a dead zone, so he calls me and asks me to look on the GPS to see whats around him , i can go on, but overall this is very good to have
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1 year ago, Ky.21
Rarely works
I added this app because the Find My app rarely works, now this app works for a few days then it doesn’t work at all. I’ve contacted support several times no help no answers. These apps are useless if they don’t work and if they’re not being fixed, I have change the settings, uninstalled, installed, still only works when it wants to.
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4 years ago, milkchocolatemoe
Stops tracking
I think the app should still track regardless of if the phone is on low battery saver. Also it doesn’t stay up to date with the locations at all times. The location be way off at times too.. needs fixing
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4 years ago, karmapimp
Most intrusive app ever
I downloaded this app to connect with my wofe and within the first 5 min of using it I had no less than 10 popup ads and was redirected to the app store 4 times to download things I didn’t want. It was obscene and should be illegal. Do not even consider using this “app” (virus would be a better word) unless you’re going to pay for the premium version. The free version is not the least bit usable.
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6 years ago, blvrkjhvr 07
This app works great You can do wake talkies through this app and you can text and if you allow notifications you can see when people arrive and leave
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5 months ago, A CCW person
Power drain
I like this app very much but it seems to drain my battery very quickly. Is there anything that can slow down this process.
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6 years ago, 916nene
Great app
This map is accurate I haven’t had any issues with it I recommend this app to keep track of your family
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3 years ago, KayJay49
Not worth it
This app is a joke! It shows my daughter at the house all day, when she actually left at 11:00am! What good is this to keep her safe and her location available to us if it doesn’t know where she is! Don’t bother to download! If you’re looking for something to be able to ensure your loved ones location and safety, this isn’t it!
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4 weeks ago, I❤️Ethan’s mom
The app
It is so accurate on exact location me and my friends used it for an intense game of tag over the summer it was awesome
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3 years ago, Abichulo
Best app ever!!!!!
Left my phone in the storage area of my motorcycle. My motorcycle was stolen and was able to track motorcycle with this app and recover my motorcycle with no damage! I was lucky
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12 months ago, realtor1984
No Notifications
I’ve used this app for years . But for the last few months it no longer sends me notifications when ppl leave or are near by. And if they DO come in , it tells me HOURS later that the person is in the area 🙄. I’ve uninstalled it and got it back , and nothing works .
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4 years ago, BuggStar101
Not accurate
Not accurate. The app told me my spouse was in a location for hours. I went to the exact location and when I looked on the app to see if it said that I was didn’t even place me at the location at all. Be careful with this app- download another app to compare accuracy
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4 years ago, alexa natasha
Much better that life 360 since it doesn’t sell your information.
Love it me and my family use it all the time.
Show more
4 years ago, 20 Adam one
Like having an eye on your love ones as they travel from one place to another!
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3 years ago, C41R15H
Very slow to update locations.
There are times when the location will not update for a long time, even when you are on WiFi. It is not reliable for real-time data.
Show more
6 months ago, Gloria blue garden
This is bad
It works fine for a little bit then randomly stops working” and I can’t make it start working again the only thing that works is if I delete the app and then reinstall it and invite people back… which me or them don’t wanna do that!!! I do not recommend”
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2 years ago, nickname1335849493
Love it
So far so good it’s show right where you are inside a house and everything
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4 months ago, Amandastaffxoxo
The best
This is a wonderful app and it’s ALWAYS accurate!!!! I would give it 10 stars if I could!!!
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3 years ago, Sarah81210
Stopped tracking
App was great at first and decided to try the free trial. After it ended the app stopped tracking completely? My husband is at work right now with his phone but it is showing that he is at home?
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1 year ago, Jenz0117
I should also add that it will show that my daughters tablet is at home when she is actually at school. When I look at the app on her tablet, I will click on my phone so I can see what it says and it says I’m not a subscriber and I have to pay to see info. Just bad all around.
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3 years ago, swaggzalex
You guys made me think my gf was cheating on me. It showed her in some random house when she was at a soccer field. It caused a lot of unnecessary time and arguments. I believed the app was right until I read all of these other reviews ab how bad this app actually is. Just get Life360. This off brand garbage doesn’t work.
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