Jack’d - Gay chat & dating

Social Networking
3.6 (3.5K)
187.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Perry Street Software, Inc
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Jack’d - Gay chat & dating

3.58 out of 5
3.5K Ratings
4 years ago, 9PJ
Much Better
It’s much better than before but with way too many restrictions like you can only sent two picture before having to pay for extra and you can’t open or share your album at all now without having to pay first and you’re not allowed to delete a specific portion of your message or pictures without having to pay first and the app always falsely shows several number of messages unread when you clearly have read all messages and if there are unread messages it won’t allow you to view them. Also the app doesn’t allow you to filter by age, ethnicity, location, type etc.
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2 years ago, PhineBrotha
Suspending Profiles Without Warning
They suspend accounts without warning. Then tell you to submit a ticket. Afterwards, they correspond with you in emails and ask you a thousand questions about your account, including your phones IP address and your Phones information (which I think is fishy). After they are given said information. They pretend to not know why your account was suspended and claim you need more info about your account, which to me is an unwillingness to reinstate your account. To anyone who decides to go on Jackd, don’t. They are extremely bias. They suspend accounts, yet have a policy about harassment, and nude photos, posted publicly on your page. I’ve posted a shirtless picture on my page and had it taken down. How is that nudity. Yet, there are hundreds of accounts with nudity on their page and shirtless pics still up. I’ve reported many profiles for harassing me, yet they never did anything about it. They also have a major spamming issue with some guy who literally spams you asking for massages and wanting money. No matter if you block them, the person will contact you from hundreds of different accounts. Which leads me to believe that the site is in on it. Please don’t go on Jack’d or just delete your account. Not worth the hassle or headache. I will also be reaching out to other friends to leave a negative one star review as well. I didn’t deserve to have my account suspended.
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3 years ago, Jason$afe15
Not safe, Full of criminal activity and gangs
Why does Jack’d allow a person to have multiple profiles at one time?? I know of 12 men who each have at least 5-6 profiles, each one with altered faces, descriptions and when you talk to them they pretend to be other people. These men are dangerous and are targeting individuals and performing identity theft crimes with unknowing targets they meet on Jack’d. They work in teams, are vey good with technology and are able to hack into your home network within minutes. There is always a person outside usually in a car with a small portable computer. The person inside keeps the victim occupied, they even have sex. Once all of the information is gathered or the network has been hacked they send a signal, usually one car horn, as a text would be too obvious. The encounter ends and the victim has no idea. But it all starts and is organized on Jack’d. If something seems too good to be true, it ain’t true! Don’t let anyone use your Wi-Fi, hide your keys, don’t pay for anyones uber or Lyft, if they commit a crime somewhere else they can tie it back to you, as the Uber ride was scheduled from the crime scene back to your location. Jack’d knows about these issues but does nothing. Be smart, protect yourselves and share. Don’t be afraid to share if you see something wrong.
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1 year ago, Tavien
The app isn’t terrible 😅
I used to love using this app and I still somewhat do. The problem with the app is the removal of features that used to be free and the change of look. The profiles seem smaller and the simplicity of the app (UI) has gone downhill because of you trying to make it look new and fresh. I understand that a company has to make money but I believe if you’re gonna have us pay then we should be getting something new and not something that was originally free. I miss being able to see who I last viewed as well as being able to see who viewed my profile, I miss having my favorites displayed in a Simpler way, and I also miss the accuracy of the location sharing. I don’t want to completely criticize so I will say that making sure people can’t screenshot your photos is a helpful addition to the app and so is the ability to send timed photos. I hope that the company takes these things into consideration with the next update and gives us the option on how we want our user interface to look. If I had to pay for something I would pay for changing my UI, boosting a profile, or even staying ad free.
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4 years ago, Iamjlong
Pointless app
After using this app for maybe a month or two, I found that it’s quite useless. There’s no real way to filter out guys that you’re not interested in, and majority of the guys you may message are only trying to get sex from randoms or they just simply don’t reply. A lot of features within this app that should be quite basic they want to charge you for it... like yeah right... who in their RIGHT mind would pay to use any kind of feature of a dating/hookup service..? You can only hide/block so many people or customize certain settings within a limit before you would have to pay to do any further. I don’t necessarily recommend this app but I still don’t knock down those that are okay with it. Facebook, and other know social networks can be used for this type of stuff as well and they’re free completely! Additionally, there should be a requirement for all users to have profile photos of themselves! I really disliked it when blank profiles messaged me, and I have no clue who is messaging me because they’re fully hiding themselves. Being discreet/DL is perfectly fine, but hiding your identity and messaging people without letting them see who you are will not get you anywhere; that can be dangerous as well.
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2 years ago, im over the racist app
Profile Discrimination and continuous unexplained suspensions
I’ve had to make a couple different profiles within two days because they keep getting suspended for unexplained reasons, they have now blocked my device and I can’t create a profile at all and still no response from the tickets to clarify what exactly is getting me suspended. It seems to be a problem with profile discrimination, I’m not the only person who had had this issue. “The system” just seems to be really selective about who they bother with suspensions and what not. The app is no longer user friendly and you have to walk on constant eggshells with your profile and messages. you can’t even use abbreviations like FWB( friends with benefits) it’s crazy. I’m all for app security and keeping a safe environment but the app and app owner has become bias creating an app that makes people feel uncomfortable and unable to express themselves even when it’s not inappropriate.
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3 years ago, jakourymcqueen
The new Jack’d is Extremely restrictive
The new Jack’d is so restrictive there’s very limited things you get to have control over. You have to pay for Jack’d pro to have the most basic of controls... you have to be visible online to use the app or respond to messages. They have algorithms that filter your pictures that will say includes nudity even if there’s isn’t any... and you can’t do anything about it if the bots choose not to approve your picture. You aren’t even allowed to upload a shirtless pic if you have hair on your stomach because it’s considered pubic area... there’s more freedom in Instagram an app intended for all ages than there is on this one... you also can’t screenshot pictures at all, so if someone sends you a picture message if you screenshot it will show up blacked out. It’s just way too much policing going on to actually enjoy the app and that wasn’t the case 2-3 years ago. It was a much better app back then.
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3 years ago, MrPrinceAce
Pointless app
If they want to put someone who has their own business or masseur. Jackd doesn't care and. The jackd will put your account suspend with the device ID number AND YOU WILL NOT ABLE T NEW CREATE ACCOUNT!!!! FYI Someone who wants to put profile who have anyone own business or any in general personal and business on the profile. They make jealous and report. They did not read their profiles. Jackd have no judge's and go-ahead suspend without letting them an account. I know that jackd has to feel black hearts and don't care about other accounts. P.S. Someone try report abuse or whatever hearing people betray to deaf. they like put neagtive deaf or business. No one reason to threaeten or foul laugage to customer. I will not accept that. Jackd support does not care people and just ahead disabled thier mobile id supsend. Most the black hearing are very nasty and threaten to deaf. they did not respectful people. please watch out your back from hearing people.
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3 years ago, Looking HMU
Not sure what exactly is going on with Perry Street Applications and Development but apparently now depending on which application is used it is separated by Race and some other Filtering criteria. Service has not been great as not making connections as years prior which leads me to believe whatever was done or changed caused drastic changes in being able to obtain results to essentially get nothing but aggravation from the clunky disjointed functions to the constant confusion in instructions. To make matters worse the rhetoric, political anxt, and hateful comments being projected makes me want to give up as does not seem to be a safe space for like minded people to meet and develop friendships and relationships. Please either fix the issues or at least give an explanation on what has happened.
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3 years ago, rickkkkd
No security! Catfish do not get removed!
People can freely steal your images and continuously make multiple accounts impersonating you without being reprimanded. Takes multiple days to get resolved by jackd support and they do nothing about it but warn the person. Then creep freely goes right back to catfishing people using your images. Jackd Requires you take multiple images of yourself holding up a number to prolong the process and they don’t even have a system in place to prevent the impersonator from creating multiple accounts back to back nor respond to emails other than robotic redundant response without actually solving the case. Imagine some pervert smearing your identity through the mud for it to take an entire week for Jackd to TEMPORARILY remove your images off their profile and for catfish to easily create 5-6 accounts within a month. Horrible experience and extremely stressful.
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3 years ago, Steebie Jay
Safety concern
I am not understand why the block feature has restrictions...and safety comes at a cost that is called “an upgrade...?” People can easily make multiple profiles and harass you if they choose...even stalk you and put your life in serious danger...and I’m at risk because I refuse to pay for an upgrade to have an even more LIMITED block feature that will expire once I reach my limit. I understand the need to make a profit...and I’ve read your responses to respecting the safety and privacy of others in regards to screenshots and etc...but how is limiting how many people you can block even anywhere near safe? I need answers...and a valid explanation to this. I can care less for Grindr...but at least I know I can block as many people as I’d like...especially when safety is a concern.
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5 years ago, iMuscle Kyle
New interface new issues
Several issues/concerns to point for now: 1) It’s showing I have messages unread though all messages have clearly been read (notice has been saying 1 message unread since the new interface update) 2) Under the binoculars the 3 tabs Distance, Date and Last Online...Distance shows -> Last Online, Date shows -> Distance and Last Online shows -> Distance and What’s the point of Date if you have the option to see Last Online? 3) Why do users have to go “online” to read messages or even update your own profile? 4) Block feature doesn’t work...I’d clearly block users for various reasons (clear up people closest near me..etc) but once I log back on..within hours or next day, I’d see the same user that was previously blocked.
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3 years ago, Rayvone is broke
Not the best but definitely my favorite
There really isn’t much to dislike about the app. You get half of grindr’s premium features for free and the community is more accepting of blpoc than the other 🏳️‍🌈 apps. As an asexual man i appreciate that there’s a no sex option and have found plenty of friends and partners off that feature alone. My ONLY critique would be to make an Asexual button so we can navigate finding each other on the app easier. Orrrrr just make an asexual dating app all together since there’s clearly a demand for one and it’s non existent on the internet 😒
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2 years ago, Mallabyebye
Fire whoever made disappearing photos!
Okay, this app is bad, just know that. However, for ppl of color, what other options are there? And I’m not getting anywhere near Grindr *vomit*. The people on here are sassy, rude, annoying, and have no morals or decency. If you’re looking for a meaningless hookup with a black person, use this app. But what I hate about this app is that they made it impossible to screenshot anything and they gave ppl the power to send photos that disappear right after you open them. I mean, forming a connection is already difficult. People hide their faces, bodies, names, etc. Instead of making it easier to get to know someone, they’ve made it easier to play tricks and be even more shallow. Now, I can’t even remember which blank profile I’m talking to because the photo LITERALLY DISAPPEARS.
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4 years ago, Micky dog
Two steps fwd one step back
The app seems to have made significant changes, while mimicking the layout of certain competitors. However, though, you’ve made the app a complete 180 from the half decade old outdated catastrophe it’s been, you now have chosen to take measures for opening people up to uncomfortable and potentially stalker like situations by removing the block feature. We shouldn’t have to report a profile just to do something we can do ourselves with the click of a little button. If I’d known this I would’ve kept the old version and been quite pleased. This is a major safety and privacy concern. I’m sure by now you all have seen the Netflix show YOU... Lets make this right before you’re the cause of something terrible happening.
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5 months ago, Brandon.riggins
Best App Ever
Love the features as a paid member and the link to a community that look like me and so many men who I can find a missing experince from my history dating apps. BLM Connection and space to change the image of what so often is not part other apps it really is a great place to meet relatable men and I found each actual encounter to be more then just a hook up but reaffirming what is and has been true but left out of the conversation. Thank you for providing me with real authentic men of color that are geniune. Leading by example
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1 year ago, This is wrong wrong wrong
I don’t have a subscription
I was going to get a subscription but changed my mind never put my information in and took a break now returning Jack is insisting a payment for something I’ve never received nor want there is nothing in my Apple account stating I have a subscription nor gives me the option to clear this error maybe this might get their attention!!!!!!!! Sorry I need to apologize. It’s not Jack it’s Apple all of a sudden refusing me to open up apps until I put a card on file I suppose
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1 year ago, Jayydub
Why can some of my friends who have Jack’d , have the newest iPhone and the most current update use the ethnicity filter but I can’t ? I have the new iPhone and updated Jack’d app but can not filter my ethnicity in the search bar . This should be available for everyone not just some , if they fixed this and made it available for Everyone they would get a better rate. Wanting a specific specific weight doesn’t make you fat phobic or a specific height but so as you love a certain race youre called a “racist which is why they removed the ethnicity in the first place . Allow everyone to be able to have a type again and like what they like. ADD BACK THE ETHNICITY FILTER AND ILL CONTINUE PAYING SUBSCRIPTION !!!
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2 years ago, szn.kelviin
Options ??
Where are the chat filters ? The swipe filters ? At this point, Grindr outshines you guys by milestones. I’m tired of scrolling through the same accounts, filled with the same 40 through 60 year old creeps. You need to add filters; that includes race, age, positions, what they are looking for, etc. Also, the limitation on blocked accounts is ridiculous. I do not want these creeps constantly messaging me, but I cant block them because I’m “at my limit”. If you would fix these two things, your app would be soaring. The only reason people prefer it over Grindr is because it’s a predominantly black users.
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3 years ago, Tyi Rich
So, I Like SOME of the update but hate MOST of it; Especially the fact that you now have to pay to do simple stuff like blocking offensive, harassing users. Yeah, they say "report" them but that never does anything and it's much easier and user-friendly to just block and keep it moving. Y'all must be going broke or something?? Rona hit y'all hard too!? Sheesh! Then they have the audacity to limit the amount of photos one can view/reveal and for whatever reason, I can no longer send photos and videos, I have to upload them to my private album just to share them..why? To coerce one into subscribing. Crazy thing is, I would rather subscribe to the older versions. Happy jacking homos!
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1 year ago, W.A.R...
I’m the MOST hated one I’m the MOST lied on I’m the one whose light 💫could never be dimmed by the ones trying to project me to be something I’m NOT… I’m NEW, TRUE, unpredictable and here to GET EVERYTHING I DESERVE… why they don’t like me?? Ask them WHY DO THEY HATE THEIRSELVES… but it says a lot about you 🫵🏾 if you HATE ME… 🤲 then that means you hate who created☦️ ME… so there you go… and I LOVE IT… so immune to the toxicity that it rolls of my back like water… BECAUSE ILL NEVER BE WHO THEY WANT ME TO BE… you thought you knew magic UNTIL YOU MET THIS ONE ☝️💟☯️… now you can proceed with your HATE AND 🤧 I WILL STILL BE A-GREAT YOU CANT COMPETE WHERE YOU DONT COMPARE… W.A.R WINNERATRISK WITH A BULLETPROOFSOUL SO MANY OF THEM DONT HAVE ONE… they hate because I can see through and disrupt all ya demons… but that’s help… and they take it wrong… work on themselves instead of trying to work where the work is still to be unfold…. You still don’t even know me WHILE IM STILL GETTING TO KNOW ME….
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2 years ago, jack'd is over
This UI is a joke, the users are insane
Wanted to give this app one more shot so re-downloaded after experiencing similar frustrations as others and now I’m done for good. Just froze three times and crashed twice after downloading it. Instantly. I’m really shocked. I would never in a million years pay for a pro version of an app when your dev team can’t even get it to open without freezing. I wouldn’t have been able to sign up for a pro membership even if I wanted to because it literally crashed the moment I logged in after re-downloading. This is a sad joke. You just lost another potential customer. I’m done with this app and this company for good. Look at some of the unhinged reviews for this trash app
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4 years ago, ajw4life
Updated jack’d is finally a bit better
Just a update Jack’d is way better than before still a few small bugs here and there but one major feature I didn’t like that they’ve messed with is the blocking feature now you have to pay for pro to block people as many as enough pedophiles and people you may not like or even ex’s on there really jacks cmon gotta do better than that. I’ve been a jackd user for years now and no many times how much I restart my phone (iphone8 plus) or update the app it still tends to crash wish the developer can figure out the problem grindr works better for me 🤷‍♂️
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4 years ago, Wiggen
Scam-ware, spam-ware
Jack'd has a new look, although it’s a clone of the owner's other app, Scruff, only in red. Unlike Scruff, the spam is out of control. Lol, as I am writing this, I received another notification from Jack'd that a new message was sent to me.... this message, like perhaps 10 others in the last 10 days contains a link to a sex procurement site. The Jack'd spam reporting feature thanks me for my submission but the spammers don’t seem to be banned; today's message was from an account I had reported before. Yes, I know I can block them, but I have stopped doing that so I have proof that Jack'd doesn’t care about spammers and scammers. Jack'd doesn’t care that people are being sent links to sex procurement sites. Perhaps that’s the real purpose of this app?
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1 year ago, Douglas_Cole
Great app, poor users
This is actually a really great app - way more stable and feature rich than Grindr could ever be. I think from a functional perspective, people sleep on this very well built app. The reason it got four and not five stars are the users. Here in Chicago, it’s all closeted people in the community, drug addicts, and actual people looking to exchange themselves for money. I’ve never actually met anyone off Jack’d, whereas I have on it’s competition. I have faith this will get better over time.
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2 years ago, ichtxh
Suspended account not even 24 hours
I haven’t used Jack’d in a while because I wanted to take a break and I wasn’t finding anyone to match with so I ended up deleting my account. I tried creating an account on my phone almost a year later and it said my account was suspended but I swore I deleted my profile so I ended up creating a new profile on my iPad. Now from there I only talked to a few people because I just created my account and before you know It my account is suspended and I have no clue why. I don’t care about making another account because I never get matches or people who want what I want but its the fact I didn’t do anything wrong and I got suspended.
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4 years ago, Dionysus23
A feature that needs to be stopped
I usually never have any significant issue with this app until I recently realized there’s a limit on the amount of users we can block. To think a company who prides themselves on being an inclusive app would force their users to pick & choose which previously blocked users they have to unblock to block someone new is ludicrous. That is counterproductive of the feature which serves to restrict access to those we deem should not be in contact with us. That is not only a catalyst for future contact from these people but can also trigger feelings of feeling unsafe & being harassed. Please consider why this feature exists and why it’s not a wise decision to keep it active.
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5 months ago, I’m real 1
Jack’d app suspended for nothing
This app I use to love but from nowhere u get suspended and when filling out a ticket they don’t ever respond if they do it the same thing as before and then they close out the ticket. My account got suspended out of nowhere after having it for a years with no problems. I’ve paid being a Jack’d pro member and this is the thanks I get. I honestly miss the old support team these people now that on here in the support team seems to be very judgmental. I kinda feel it should be a law suit. But how can this be a gay friendly app when u get in trouble for being urself respectfully it’s a shame man I tell u unacceptable Jack’d team. I’ve be a long time customer
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3 years ago, RomperStud
Hate The Interface
I’ve been a User of Jackd for a couple of years now. I understand as years how by things have to be changed and updated but my God! Trying to FORCE users to buy Pro just to have basic features like Blocking multiple people or browsing incognito is wild. The filters aren’t really of much service and the stipulations on the type of pictures you could upload is over the top now. I upload a beach picture a BEACH picture and it keeps getting denied for showing nudity when I literally have on shorts and a tank top. The dudes on here are also a different type of weird but that’s not Jack’d fault. It used to be more Lax back in the day but tbh the app has gone downhill since 2014.
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5 years ago, Emory EJ
Old version/New Version
There is a serious issue going on with the new version of the app. Because, half of the users are not updating the new app, it’s causing an altercation in communicating, and viewing of profile pictures if you haven’t updated your app. The app should either force ALL users to update the app once you log on, so that we are all on the same page, or be able to communicate with this e that haven’t upgraded in terms of picture sharing and viewing up public or private photos. As most users are still using the old version, and not being able to communicate well with those that have upgraded it doesn’t make sense.
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5 months ago, DJDarkFox
Safety concern
This app is great functionality wise and has some decent features. However, the new Disappearing Picture feature is the worst decision in dating/ hookup app history. People already barely have a clear photo posted or even a decent face picture but now you’ve given people an easier way to fake an identity. The fact you can’t block without paying is just as bad. Now you can’t even avoid someone if needed. (An ex, stalker, bullying, etc). The certified photo feature is great tho but should be a requirement to have at least 1 certified selfie picture for your profile.
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5 years ago, derkcir
I’m m giving a new review to this app. I know that this app is now owned by the same company than owns Scruff. I expected that all the issues would get resolved because Scruff is such a good app. I didn’t expect it to look exactly like Scruff but hey, at least the bugs will get worked out. The only thing I would say is to remember that this is not necessarily the same audience as scruff and I would treat it as such. Anyway so far so good but I would like to see a slightly different interface and features than Scruff. Cheers!
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4 years ago, @jeanpaulevencooler
Stop capping blocked accounts
Even for the free version, there should be no limit on the amount of people one can block. There are too many creeps, fetishizers, & pestering ppl you might not be into that hit the average user up after a certain amount of time on the app...constantly. I shouldn’t have to pay extra just to feel safer on the app, and I shouldn’t have to anxiously go through and unblock past accounts (which should/could all possibly be blocked for valid reasons) for basic peace of mind on the app if/when someone that needs to be blocked comes around.
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5 years ago, ItsHim123
Love the new update. It is VERY similar to how Scruff is setup but I’m not complaining. I like it wayyyy more than before. The old version would’ve gotten a 2 maybe 3 star rating. But with this update it’s got 5 star potential in my opinion. It’s a 4 and not a 5 because even though it looks better it takes some getting used to. 1) I am still not entirely sure how to navigate the app with the update. 2) when using the Match feature (unless I just haven’t seen a button for it) you can’t view a persons profile to send a message. You can only swipe their profile left, down, or right. 3) The message read receipts are gone. Idk about other users but I liked that. Would like to have that one come back. Other than those things so far this new update has done A TON of cleaning up and fixing the app.
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3 years ago, mendez brown
Won’t allow me to set up a new profile page
I’ve recently deleted an old page and it’s content from the app. When I tried to go back in and to reestablish a new page I got an error message saying that my device has created profiles in the past and that I need to sign into one of those. When I try to use my only known email addresses to do so the system said that there was no accounts found match in the email addresses. I have sent numerous request tickets to Jack’d’s help team and they have gone unanswered. This app was awesome when it first started but over the years it is gotten to be a cesspool and horrible!
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3 years ago, Logic22795
Video quality still bad. No audio now.
I’ve already contacted “support.” Can you guys fixed the video quality when sending videos? These last two updates have made the video quality laggy and pixelated. It was really clear before.. Also, you can’t even use certain emojis such as “🌹” for your name for whatever reason.
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2 years ago, hokim87
Systematic racism on Jackd
You guys manage to suspend profiles after two days of making an account on top of that I did not violate any terms or guidelines yet you still manage to find a way to be systemically racist and suspend my account why did I post anything offensive? did I say anything offensive? which I know I didn’t! You guys will really find a way to racially profile someone this is jackd not a4a that’s where the other crowd is.. this crowd is for people with color. Jackd and Grindr need to stop being systemically racist! That’s all you guys are showing Facebook including it’s just sad how social media is going out because Trump isn’t a president lol
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2 years ago, devin612
Multiple accounts for massage guy
I don’t like the app anymore you have a guy that constantly makes different profiles asking you if want a massage. No matter how many times you block him he makes a new profile no matter what he back in your inbox about a massage with a happy ending. I can truly say I’ve blocked him reported him I’ve a good 50 to 60 times. You can even take your picture down he will still hit you up. Paying for the app is a waste the app mostly has guys that want to be a sugar baby or looking for money, or want you to get their services. I’m over this app I’ll stick with Grindr
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2 months ago, Tekk2126
Words cannot express how incredibly frustrating it is to use this sub par app. I created a profile, purchased the pro version, then tried to use it and realized none of my messages were being transmitted. I submitted numerous service requests and no one responds. So I had to reach out to Apple to get a refund. I get my money refunded and then my device is subsequently suspended from the app. I do not get it. Customer service is absolutely terrible. No one responds, but YOU get punished for requesting your money back. If this is how apps are created for gay people of color, then its better to just go to grindr instead.
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4 years ago, Ising2b
I was excited to rejoin the app after the upgrades but I couldn’t remember my email or password and created a new account. Then found my old info and signed in. Afterward I was unable to sign in to remove the new account. Submitted a request with a screen shot of the account I wanted removed. Then you removed both accounts. If you weren’t able to remove one without the other communication would’ve been great and I just would’ve kept it as is. I’ve deleted the app. Don’t want to go through setting up again and unhappy with customer supports inability to solve my issue satisfactorily.
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3 years ago, Beyonce Knowles-Carter
Rest In Peace Jack’d
App is charging for everything. The free version of the app is unusable. Even if you have a stalker, harasser or abuser, you can’t block unless you pay. Capitalism > Safety. The developers must be broke and are greedy. This app used to be great but it has sucked and went down hill since all the updates and changes within a year or so ago. Terrible. If you want people to pay for membership, make the price affordable. $5 > $10 a month. Decrease the prices. Now the developers are going to respond with some wack ineffective, counterproductive excuse defending their greedy and expensive prices.
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1 year ago, Official_Gold026
Technical problems with non available solution
Being disappointed after being told by a friend to get the app to meet with friends only for me to get no response which is impossible after I texted people I found interesting through their page but got no notifications from anyone neither did Jack’d representative attend to my issue although I deleted my account and in which I wanted a new one after a month of trying I have being unable to do so.. I’m so disappointed by Jack’d developers so therefore I see no reason giving this app a rank at all
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5 years ago, EveryNameIsTaken402046103
The WORST yet!
So, the developers decide to change the layout, add some features, but then restrict everything unless you pay $10 for a month, $22 for 3 months, or $58 for a year. You can’t unlock your private photos anymore, you can’t see all of other’s private photos, you can’t see the list of who’s viewed your profile, and you can’t block unlimited people unless you pay for this garbage. What an absolute rip off. I’ll never pay for this app and I barely use it anymore because of these ridiculous restrictions. Shame on whoever thought this was a good idea. It’s just money grubbing at its best right here. Pathetic.
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3 years ago, DopeStylez
Account Was Suspended w/o NOTICE
So this morning around 4am while chatting with guys my account was SUSPENDED. Keep in mind I was paying for “Jack’d Pro”. So me not grasping why I was unexpectedly suspended without reasoning the app seems to stop working ( loading ). So I instantly sent an email to support. So this mornings around 7:30am I check my email and received a late notification from Jack’d advising me my account was suspended for “Spam”. After looking at the guidelines for spam which is “ Sending messages or creating accounts for the purpose of driving members to a business or external site isn’t allowed.” I immediately came to the conclusion that I was suspended because a distasteful member reported me for no reason because I’ve never promoted any business which I don’t even own or partake in. So I’m very upset because again Jack’d failed to notify me or even me a warning before suspending my PAID account.
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1 year ago, Davaris85
Would love to see a U=U option instead of positive undetectable...we see "positive" and are immediately turned off...at least U=U will educate and attract more people...global profiles tend to recycle and show the same people all the time...maybe allow a distance limit to the global feature, or select by country? I like that you have to upgrade to block people but adding favorites should be free but maybe have a daily limit?
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5 years ago, Jai502
Much Better!!!
Bring back the read receipts and it’ll be on of the best out there. UPDATE I had given it five stars. However, after using it- I changed my mind. That first page with a bunch of random stuff needs to go. The match section is a mess. If you want to block people -after a certain amount, you have to pay. If you want to unlock your pictures for someone -after you’ve unlocked for a certain amount, you have to pay. Oh.. and I swear I saw an add.
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6 months ago, Honesty Jane
recording self videos by holding on to a circle on the screen that’s supposed to act as the record button is annoying asl. Often times you press and hold the “button” to find that you’re not even really recording. it’s frustrating and dumb. Snapchat is dumb also for doing the same. smartphones are big and slippery enough, holding onto a circle on the screen just to record is an inconvenience, just give an option instead of trying to be so overly innovative, u mess up one thing trying to be so “efficient” in another
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10 months ago, martez Atl
App Feedback
I’ve been suggesting to Jack gay dating app customer support to add a video feature where app users can multiple 45 second selfie videos to profile so other app users can view I’ve been making this request for several years. I’ve emailed customer service about this feature. It is 2023 and this app has not made any resent updated features. The last new feature that was added to this app was video chat and nobody even uses that feature from what I’ve experience no one has been using that feature.
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1 year ago, Blah.........,
Nothing is free anymore
So now you have to pay to look at conversations that are barely 24hrs old?!? 😂😂I’ve used this app on and off for years now and think it’s finally time to give it up. Apparently they aren’t getting much revenue with the pro services so I guess the thinking is if we get rid some of the basic functionality of the app they’ll eventually purchase the pro account. I can promise you no matter how basic you make the free account I will NEVER pay for a pro account on this app or any others like it!!
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2 years ago, jackd suspended me
My account was suspended for blocking weirdos
My account was suspended for blocking weirdos who send me unwanted sexual xxx content and offering me drugs and what do I get for being a paying customer my account gets suspended but the folks who offer me drugs and try to sexually exploit me and verbally attack me are just fine Jack'd is only fair for people who want sex, drug addicts and stalkers Jack'd only protects folks who make multiple profiles to stalk folks who previously rejected them it's not fair If I block someone they should not be able to still see me from that same profile no means no
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