Jdate - Jewish Dating App!

Social Networking
3.5 (7.8K)
118 MB
Age rating
Current version
Spark Networks USA, LLC
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Jdate - Jewish Dating App!

3.45 out of 5
7.8K Ratings
4 weeks ago, Sarah MH-MN
Clunky app, but a good place to meet people
I live in the Midwest where Jews are a definite minority. There are lots of interesting people on the app, so in that way it succeeds. But it's so clunky! It's really difficult to navigate. I also don't think that the profile information allows you to show meaningful information. How about political leanings, which is a deal breaker for me. The Interests section is also really limited. Jdate has fewer than 100, and the other app I like had over 200.
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2 years ago, ReviewForApple
JDate’s refusal to delete my account!
I did not even finish creating an account. It said the photo was under review. I deleted my photo and logged out. Shortly after I received an email saying I have matches with photos of matches! I contacted the company and asked them to check and please delete my profile and account. Instead of simply doing so or at least confirming if my photo is up circulating on their platform or not - I received a somewhat aggressive email from Karol K. saying they have a right to use my personal information! She was going out of her way to sound like an attorney - which only shows how they treat their users. This is unethical to say the least. All she needed to do was to simply make sure my account is deleted. Instead, she unnecessarily made it complicated and is trying to play hard ball with their own user for no reason but to stroke her own ego. Stay far away from this app and these unethical people. She clearly thinks Copyright Infringement doesn’t apply to JDate. No app can use copyrighted photos without consent. If she had bothered to simply delete my account, as she should have, she would have saved JDate this 1* review due to her so called customer service.
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2 years ago, kbrph2004
Better than what the negative reviews indicate
I think the app works fairly well, but there are a few things that need some attention: 1. If I’m typing on my iPhone 13, using the on screen keyboard or my bluetooth keyboard, everything works fine, including punctuation marks. However, if I’m typing on my iPad 6th generation, using either the on screen keyboard or the bluetooth keyboard and I use punctuation, the iPad can’t handle it. If I type “don’t” without the quotes, I wind up seeing posted “don” and “t” separated by multiple miscellaneous punctuation marks, making the word virtually unreadable. If I am typing on the iPad,and I am messaging a Star Trek fan, she might think that I am a friend of Lt. Commander Data who cannot use contractions. 2. While I appreciate the notifications that I have a message, like or flirt, the only way I can get the little notification number to disappear on both the iPad and iPhone after retrieving the item is to force quit the app, open it back up and then close it again. 3. If I’m working in the kitchen, I’ll keep the other person’s profile displayed on the iPad, and type messages using the bluetooth keyboard on the iPhone. Sometimes the new match displayed on the iPad will take a very long time before it shows on the iPhone, even after I have clicked “like” or “flirt,” and look for it in my message list. Hopefully you’ll be able to fix these little bugs before I find the love of my life and close my account. ;-) Thank you.
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7 years ago, FrustratedOnJDate
Not User Friendly
This site needs work. It should not strive to be like the swiping apps- people who pay for JDate want something more substantial. I suggest reverting back closer to the older interface and visuals. I think singles are craving something much more than what the apps provide and Jdate is not satisfying that need. The first page that appears is confusing and has too many options. My very smart friends (with PhDs, JDs, etc) all complain that they barely know how to use the site. THIS NEEDS TO BE RESOLVED- the Jewish dating world needs JDate to function optimally! Ultimately- I think JDate needs to stop trying to look like Happn or the other swiping apps and go back to substantive profiles. It should differentiate itself because the apps barely work and a stronger JDate could propose a viable alternative- I also think this change will motivate people to pay for this site since the apps are not satisfying people’s needs for relationships. People would be willing to pay for this, since the apps yield flimsy results. I highly recommend considering reverting back closer to the old model.
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2 years ago, Big Harry Richard
Worst dating app out there
They let you make a profile (WHICH TAKES LIKE A WEEK+ FOR THEM TO VERIFY LOL) then once you’re verified you make a profile on an app that looks and feels like it was made in 2009. Once that’s done you quickly realize you can’t do anything on the app unless you pay $60 A MONTH?!?!?! Wow what a scam! Not to mention there’s about 10 people it shows in my area and half of them are fake profiles (I live in a big city other apps have thousands of real people) after months of not using this app and forgetting about it I finally got a message and match from someone but you have to pay $60 to view their pictures, message, etc… all basic things you’d be able to do from any other free dating app. I laughed at this and quickly deleted my profile. Don’t waste your time with this app and go download something that’s not a scam! All of these positive reviews on the App Store have to be bought there’s no way thousands of people gave this 5 stars after paying $60 to message someone LOL
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6 years ago, Saxoguy53
What about Israel, and maybe other Jewish Comminities ?
A year ago, I called in to ask, “What about Israel?” There is a disconnect between declaring the mile radius, and city of the user’s origin, and that we are all Jewish, and through identity alone, migrate to and from Israel. I was told that there is a whole ‘nother JDate app, for looking for a partner in Israel. While my spoken Hebrew, is communicative, I wasn’t sure, that my Hebrew reading skills, would give me a real take on the members’ profiles, on the Israel version. The first day of opening the app, with the initial 200 mile radius, even so, there appeared several members from Israel. While there, on a vacation, I actually went out two evenings with one. Over the entire month in Israel, it was not possible to adjust the parameters correctly, to meet any mmembers there at all, probably due to lack of translation services. On returning home, no other Israeli members have ever appeared. The Authors, should allow for at least two, geographic regions, if not more, because we, as a people, are disbursed over this globe, not always by choice. Hebrew profiles, should be translated, noting that they were. This stage needs a good quality translation, to help establish interest. The back and forth communication, can be handled by the translator apps out there. AR
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8 months ago, Flora_1.618
Fraud withdrawals
Beware of giving them your credit card information. They charged me $500, almost 2 years after using JDate, and because I missed one of the charges, as I have autism and don’t manage my bank account well, they fought to keep some of the money because it was over 2 months ago. Beware. This app is 100% a scam. There are other dating apps for Jews that are free unless you want to use a travel pass for a new area. This app is fraudulent and has harassed my bank account for years and years. Not just that, but I haven’t been able to log in for over a year and don’t have an account to be charged for… yet at the SAME TIME, I saw my photos on another account from 6 years ago… I tried to contact them about my old photos from 6 years ago and they said it’s their right to keep any information that was uploaded to their system. Now when you try to log in, you get bombarded with security questions, that are unreasonable.
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4 years ago, AppUser3001
Unusable - Dating site also outdated
This review is both for the app and the site in general. The App has a very outdated, unfriendly design and I will not be renewing my paid subscription. You cannot filter out people who no longer check the site, so you’ll get search results and recommendations of people who were last online a year ago. The app won’t notify you when a new message has come in, so you have to check periodically, manually. Every day or so you’ll get flirts from fake accounts. Bots I assume. The site itself is poorly designed and many profiles contain no intros/descriptions. I would’ve given the app 2-3 stars, but a day back it stopped loading. I reinstalled the app multiple times but it still froze at splash screen. It’s nice that the company has a community manager to address bad reviews. Unfortunately it’s unclear if there is still a development team working on this app. Sparks Network needs to get a move on it before the Jewish dating market moves to other sites/apps for good.
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3 years ago, Seesawarsaw
I suppose I can understand a paid subscription if you are serious about looking for marriage but, as this app is also advertised as a way to find friends, it boggles my mind that anyone would think such an exorbitant subscription model is reasonable. Why on earth would I pay MINIMUM thirty dollars a month to find a friend or a casual date? This is 2021, who has that kind of free money laying around to spend on a dating app? In addition, there’s a silly feature that doesn’t allow you to search for matches anywhere other than your original location. What’s so nefarious about potentially finding The One when I’m visiting friends and family in my hometown?? And what if I move to a new location? Instead of giving a real answer the app just glibly says “sorry jetsetter.” Considering you can’t even send a message without coughing up some dough, the free version of this app is completely useless.
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2 years ago, Vegasgreg
A waste of money
This is terrible. There are SO many non paying members on the site (as well as fake “members”). As a paying member, if I email somebody, like somebody, etc. I have no way of knowing if the person on the receiving end even received my email-whether they choose to respond or not. It is a complete waste of time to be a paying member because if you send 10 emails, 9 of the people won’t even be members and they have no way of receiving an email. And if I’m paying I should at least know if my emails are going into a black hole or are actually being seen. Customer service is worthless in this regard. When you email them you get robotic canned responses that tell you absolutely nothing. One would be better of taking the subscription fee, dressing up nice and going out and meeting somebody in person. At least they know you are speaking to them.
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5 years ago, wuknpnub
Totally disappointed with this app.
First of all jdate isn’t nearly as good as it was years ago after format changes. Messaging features and recent photos posted are gone from previous versions. Profiles shown as on line, actually were on line. Now the new member page pics are the same as the on line pics and there are few, if any changes. In the last few months, the app for iOS is worthless as it doesn’t work properly on my iPad or iphone. The browse feature only displays a handful of pics, both new and online pages, regardless of the distance. The messages previously sent have no profile pic or profile info available to view. The profile pages show up blank. If a profile did display, by touching my screen all goes black and I must restart the app with the same results again. My request for help was totally unsatisfactory. This needs major improvement.
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8 months ago, Ginsburl
Hasn’t Been Ready for Prime Time for Some Time
I’ve used JDate off and on for a number of years; but, seeing how it’s competitors run their apps, there doesn’t seem to be a desire to improve the experience to match what others are doing. For almost a month, I’ve been trying to change my password; I’ve been logging in thru Facebook which I normally don’t use and is very cumbersome. Haven’t received my first reset link from JDate. I just terminated JDate; in the process, I wanted to hide my profile since I won’t be checking messages. JDate’s response: technical can’t do. Yikes!!! I might be more apt to use JDate if it performed anywhere like Match or MillionaireMatch. Unfortunately, JDate has a way to go, and has had a way to go for a number of years. I’m sorry.
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1 year ago, Killerkid0
Rip off! Worst Jewish dating app out there
JDate is by far the worst Jewish dating app out there. They charge you $60 per month, it takes them nearly a week to approve your pictures and profile bio. My bio was rejected without any explanation after an entire week. This is really limiting because people cannot read about you or know what you are about. In the meantime, while you sit on your hands and wait endlessly for them to “approve” your profile, one week out of the four weeks has already elapsed without proper exposure i.e. bio and pics. The customer service is atrocious. They tell you in the email “if you want to know while your bio was rejected, click on this link“ after you click on the link it simply takes you to your bio to edit, of course, without any explanation after the rejection.
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3 years ago, Lukuri
Used to be a good dating site, now just rip off
I had a good experience with JDate 4 years ago. This time is totally different. I put certain age as a cut off for my search and get all matches from the any age but not the one I defined. When open section “online” that should show who is online now, it shows people who were online last time 3-6 months ago. The search brings you people that where last online 2-3 years ago. Many fake accounts (bot?) send you a flirt. I tried to open ticket via their system but it shows every time that the message failed to go through. I tried to communicate via chat but there was only bot that says that nobody is online. I wish I would reading reviews and knew all this before I paid my subscription and would not waste money on it.
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2 years ago, JDR1966
Worst app *ever*
This app is a smoking pile of hot garbage. The Look Book feature show profiles that I’ve decline a least a dozen times each and doesn’t update with new ones. There is no way to swipe left and get rid of people you have no desire to see again, let alone people whose last time on the site was seven months ago. There is no way to exclude people who want kids (I’m 56 and have no desire to start over) or people who are modern- or full-blown orthodox, which is a nonstarter for me. No way to weed out Trumpers. It will often add people without notifying you new people have been added. There is literally *nothing* redeeming about this app whatsoever. They need to take some major lessons from Bumble and OKCupid. I seriously have never hated any app more than JDate’s.
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1 month ago, Sjekidnrjdj
Stay away- very bad app
Constant crashes and freezes that require me to fully close the app and reopen it for it to crash/ freeze shortly after. As a free user you have next to no way to “like” people as you get locked out and requiring you to pay to like more people. And that is with me being super picky with whom I am liking and keeping the likes I give out to a bare minimum. And even if you are willing to spend you hard earned money- it is one of the most expensive dating apps and you get little in return compared to other apps. The real icing on the cake was that I got “matched” with someone and it turns out that “person” was a jdate admin bot telling me that I should upgrade my account because I am missing out on so many matches.
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11 months ago, Wikikinetic
Completely broken app
After registering, I was locked out of my account. Customer support asked for my IP address to fix the issue and never got back to me after weeks. Simply impossible to use. I'm not sure I'd even want to use the app, though. From my brief usage of the app, and from what I hear from other user, it seems that the app doesn't even have a promising selection of users, at least no more promising than Jswipe—the freemium version of Jdate run by the same company—and with a paywall to use the app at all. So even if the app is usable, it's low-quality. Higher-quality Jews can be found on higher-quality platforms. Spark Networks does not have a monopoly on single Jews. Jdate and Jswipe should rise to the challenge and get better.
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2 years ago, DSilby
Jdate is simply garbage
What used to be a great site has turned trash. Their interface is outdated and junk. They will match you with people who haven’t logged on in 2 years. When you search for “last to log in”, they’ll have members that are 3 years old mixed with current members all in one search. Then you need to click on every single profile and scroll to the bottom just to see if they’re actually active. Who has that time. Not to mention the actual number of active people are incredibly low. Then to make it worse, you have to pay to even see more than one picture. This is the worst app/website I’ve ever used. Save your money. Go another route.
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2 years ago, Yenny_on_da_block
Don't Waste Your Time Or Money On This App
This app is very glitchy and does not function properly. It crashes often and messaging is terrible. You cannot use punctation on it. It has a hard time loading. I would recommend J Swipe and Hinge (the filters work really well on Hinge. I filtered for Jews and it only showed me Jews, making it a very well-designed, functional Jewish dating app a million times better than JDate and superior to all the other dating apps.). Do not waste your time or money on JDate. Hinge is a way better app to date Jewish people than all the rest, honestly. Just use the filters. J Swipe is okay. Just do not make the mistake I made when I paid for JDate and threw money down the drain.
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4 years ago, Gabe2090
The block feature doesn't work. Also, because they have so few current members search results return people that haven't logged in for years. Finally, 80% of the women aren't paying members and therefore cannot read your messages to them. I know this because the app tells you when your email was read and at most 10% to 20% of messages are read. In order to be able to get what you pay for and be able to actually contact Jewish singles you have to purchase "All Access" which costs a lot and only allows for 10 messages in total for the month, including responses from them. This is probably the worst and least effective way to meet Jewish singles in the US.
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3 months ago, beepbee123
Do not download
I am not sure why this app has so many positive stars. It does not allow you to only see people within your preferences. Anyone can like you account and start a conversation. People of all ages that you might not even be interested in. It’s like a stalking app more than a dating app. They can see your read receipts, who saw your profile, it’s odd. Also, after trying to delete the app I kept receiving an error notification. Costumer service number on the app is no longer in service, chat support is a robot that doesn’t respond once you give them your phone number. Why is this app still allowed to exist by Apple? It is so buggy too!!
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6 years ago, HDate
Impossible to navigate
This is my second time on JDate with many years in between usage. It is still ridiculous to try and navigate with any sense of intelligence. Not only can I not ( still) figure out how to search for an age related date that lives within the state and distance I specified, there have been several instances when I have tried to open a message and it brings me to their menu to sign up, pay for a higher premium account and never brings me to any messages. It is frustrating and a waste of my paid subscription. I wrote to the help desk and they never answered my specific questions. What is their purpose in offering a dating site? Extremely disappointing.....
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4 years ago, Melsebelles
Gone down the toilet
This app used to be great many years ago. After a long while, I signed up again. About 90% of the profiles have no pics and very few details. I get constant “flirts” from generic “JDater123” or “Jdater456” which seem auto-generated. The messages I do get are from really old guys in other states, which makes me think there is really no customer base in my area (southeast Michigan). Is it just me? No, because my friend’s 20 year old daughter in Colorado tried Jdate a few months ago and had the same bizarre experience, but I couldn’t imagine that would be universally true. Apparently this app is dying a slow death. It’s really too bad, and a complete waste of money.
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7 years ago, Flymm
Not usable any longer
I used the previous version for years but deactivated after the update in the last 6 months. The app (and site that was also updated) is simply no longer functional. I simply ask to know who was most recently online under online (as it was in the past). Yet after listing maybe 5 to 10 profiles, it loads profiles for people from months or weeks ago rather than hours. Now keep in mind this is New York so it isn't because there aren't any available people. For online dating this is not usable if I'm searching people who haven't been on for weeks. I will not be signing up again until this is resolved.
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8 months ago, mrsummers44
Biggest scam I’ve ever seen in my life. I paid for a six month subscription, and I’ve seen the same 20 people for the past two weeks. No one different no matter what I do. I’ve tried contacting support, but you can’t because they won’t let me create a ticket chat with the bot or when I call it says that all the systems are down. This is now two weeks and I’ve already spent the money. no matter what I do on this app I see the same 20 people and I can’t speak to anyone about it to fix it. I’ve never been want to ask for a refund, but this app is an absolute joke and scam do not subscribe I warn you.
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5 years ago, Nicky🍣
Not great or convenient
Used this app for over a year and signed on it around the end of year(last year). It constantly freezes, you got notifications of new people (half the time it’s already people you saw before). The sluggish and freezing up is so constant and annoying that you end not wanting to deal with it and just go to events. Perhaps that was the incentive it’s just insidious rumors regarding this co. Made several Jews want to try it especially those traveling internationally constantly. But maybe they’ll do better. Bottom line for now this needs some substantial work.
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4 years ago, Doolman351
Really Needs an Updated Look and Feel - Stale Users - Bait and Switch
I recently decided to try JDate again after a number of years. There are so many issues that I will definitely not renew. The profiles are stale. What is the point of sending me daily matches that have not been on for months? Just a waste of my time. The app and web site are old and dated. Seems like they figure they have a captive audience, though JSwipe is far superior, so never do a refresh. Search capabilities are limited. How do I find someone who likes the outdoors, for example. This is a user issue, but the quality of pictures is far lower than other apps. My guess is that users see no value in posting high quality photos, or that the app is downgrading quality. This is a stale app with stale users. If you pay, you’ll regret wasting your money within 15 minutes once you see that the teasers they have been sending have not been on for months. Save your money and your time.
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2 years ago, H.T. Glover
Incredibly bad - waste of time
From the outset this app seemed incredibly unuseful, possibly much less than it used to be years ago. I discovered within several days that unless one pays the subscription they can’t so much as even respond to a message initiated by a (presumably) paying customer. In other words this app has NO value and is a TOTAL waste of time unless one is willing to pay the high monthly subscription fee. Paying a dime for this poorly designed and anachronistic app would be a waste of money. My recommendation to all is to save yourself the trouble and use ANY other app instead of JDate.
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4 years ago, sonystar9
What Happened To Jdate?
I've been told by so many people they found their spouses on jdate so I gave it a try. First off it is so buggy that it will crash, or not load images, and when the images load-two profiles share the same photo!! This app recycles the same 20 profiles and I swear it doesn't matter what I put for preferences-I even see women's profiles when I have it set to men. I never get any responses and men who like me are 10-20 years older! Also you can't message anyone without subscribing! I live outside of NYC how hard could finding a jewish guy be?
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1 year ago, RichM8
App is terrible. Customer service is worse
The app is too hard to work with. The LookBook has the same people day after day even though I have rejected all of those shown numerous times. I have been trying to cancel auto renewal all day to no avail. When I try to use the chat feature, it doesn’t work. When I tried to call the number on the site, I received an error message. When I attempt to cancel on iTunes, I get a blank page. I wish I could cancel immediately. I definitely don’t want to renew but it couldn’t be more difficult. Avoid this app!!
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3 years ago, Shmuel503
Poor service for the price
I’ve had this app and paid account for about one week now. Two major complaints, one being that it’s seems very slow to load and reload it’s not my phone since all other apps work quickly and efficiently. Two is that for 60$ a month they could afford to load changes and new photos to the account then the four days that I have been waiting for my photos to get approved. One paid month of Bot and fake accounts will be enough for me.
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5 years ago, Mother of Pie
Do not pay for a subscription!!
Terrible experiences all around with this app. The experience with members was terrible and filled with pathetic activity that would not be permitted in most respectable dating apps or services. Even worse...my subscription was made through the website yet they refused to stop the recurring charges when I requested that the cancel my subscription claiming that the were unable to do so. I had to call Apple support and jump through hoops for an hour to finally cancel and get off of this garbage platform. Perhaps at one time, over a decade ago, there was some quality. No longer.
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5 years ago, roman-moon
Buggy, not many people on this app, expensive for no return
Do not waste your time/money/energy. It’s so buggy! This application is dated. It’s not user friendly. There are like maybe 20 people in the LA area on this app, all of which the profiles are recycled constantly. example, I swiped left (not matching or interested) on those 20 profiles that I wasn’t interested in... the app refreshed the same 20 people in a loop. I paid $60 thinking I’d get a higher quality app, but obviously wrong. It takes days for them to approve your profile which eats into your subscription time. When you report bugs the call center seems to be aware but doesn’t have any plans to address. I think backend is designed to loop candidates rather have the app confirm they don’t have many people on the site. When discussing cost and return on value the default statement is you have to talk to Apple. Which is a great way to avoid giving you a refund.
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4 years ago, tired of the excuses
Biggest rip off if you have a Mac or an iPhone.
Years ago, this was a good site with lots of real people on it. Now it gives you matches that have not logged on in months or years and in the last 6 months it even matched me with a friend that died in March 2013 and took her profile down in 2010. Since Memorial Day 2020, I have not been able to log into the app because once again the IOS version keeps opening with an error message no matter how many times you delete it and reinstall it. You get a log in screen that says “splash_registration_title_short” at the top of the screen
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6 years ago, BGoldring
Dump App, Unfortunately. Don’t waste your time.
So I paid for a six month subscription, since I can’t message users without a paid subscription in the first place. The whole experience was extremely buggy, as menus melt into each other making it hard to navigate. As I matched with people, they wouldn’t show up in my match list. Winks do not register. Messages rarely send. Adding pictures to your profile is a hassle since the app will crash over and over if you add more than three photos. I wasted 120+ bucks. Save yourself the hassle and choose a different Jewish dating app.
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7 years ago, JN10022
Wasn’t Just The App That Was Updated
The site was, too. And, not for the better. You can no longer see if there was email traffic between u & another user in the past. All of your lists disappeared—Faves, Blocked, etc. And someone thought it’d be a good idea to take the Search option away. Instead, JDate gets to decide for you who should be in your dating pool. This alone is infantilizing and, for many, renders the site mostly pointless. I’ve been trying to figure out who thought “less” options for users to have, on a (fairly expensive) paid site, was a good idea.
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3 years ago, justwannachat
No messaging is a dealbreaker
Is Jdate the only free app version that doesn’t allow messaging, or am I missing something? In the day I had it, I received 20 emails every time someone liked or reacted or anything happened on my account, was asked over and over again to update to premium, and can’t even see or respond to the messages people send me? All over the app it says that basic plan includes messaging when it doesn’t. I had such high expectations for this app, but all it turned out to be was one giant ad for itself.
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5 years ago, Brett NYC
Broken App - very few people on this app
So i paid for this app for a month after using the website a long time ago (15 yrs ago). The app is terrible! There is no other way to describe how buggy it is. Half the time it locks up and sometimes the pictures don't load. I can’t understand how people could pay $60 for this terrible app. Also, very few people are on the site. I’m in manhattan and i see the same couple of hundred people and most have not logged in for over a month, many have not logged in for MONTHS. I guess people have moved on to other sites. The matches also make no sense... they have nothing to do with the parameters you set. Again, there are so few members on the site that they need to match you with the few people on the app, even if they are clearly not what you selected.
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5 years ago, Sdnroadrunner
Images don’t load fully and consistently. The online feature under the browse heading does not actually show people online or recently online. What’s the point? When asked about it I was advised the web designers are trying to fix. Many of the people that show up on your Feed haven’t been on this site in months. Ridiculous. Save your money and go to another site and check those that are Jewish if interested in I was members. Beware you have been warned. Trust me on this one.
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6 years ago, dp_NYC_photo
Crashes every time
This version is unusable, any time I click on a profile the app crashes. I’ve tried deleting the app and reinstalling it, as well as closing all other apps and rebooting the phone; nothing has resolved the issue. I’m a subscribing user, so this is extra frustrating considering I’m paying for access.
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2 years ago, YaelleG
Same matches every day for 2 weeks
I’ve continually gotten emails - daily or every other day - that there are 3, 5 or 7 new matches. They’re the same exact people every day. I think at one point they added one guy, then maybe one more days later and that’s it. What is even going on here? This is ridiculous. I have next to no parameters set. In addition to that, there is no visible way of clicking X to stop showing someone we would count as a definite no.
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7 years ago, Laffyjaffe31
Too many glitches
Every time I open the app, various features fail to load. Profile pics, streams of content. the UI is also confusing. And why do I randomly get a notification when a user views my profile when dozens of others have also done so? I like that Jdate gives you everyone’s profiles at once, but the endless scroll screws things up and it gets glitchy. I’ve been using this app nearly 2 weeks and only had one mutual like...I’d bet money it’s a function of the app failing to communicate how people can use it best. I spent $40 for a month of use...so far it’s a total waste. I’ve only had a couple conversations that haven’t gone anywhere, and I believe it’s because the app’s design doesn’t lend itself to cultivating real connections.
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3 years ago, DelCloserclosestclosed
Never heard back from the”Help” section
Twice or more I’ve messaged the help line and haven’t been helped. I seem to always have issues with the app, reloading and loading it again. Among other difficulties. Most annoying of all is realizing that there are very few active users of the app. Even compared to Jswipe. To me JDate having a longer history as a brand meant more active users —but alas this is not the case. I see the same 20 people all the time. There’s no way to “swipe right” and declare your uninterested in anyone. I live in NYC so I can’t imagine a more populated area to use the app. I suggest a redesign of the app and to simplify it. The ridiculous price of a subscription (which you need in order to properly use the app) suggests a level of attention and care from the app developer that isn’t being shown here.
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2 years ago, Dyb^
Old and dated
This app is is pretty garbage. Speaking on the guy’s side: You only get to see one picture. That’s a very archaic thing to limit. About 80% of the women profiles are fake or super old. There are so many people who haven’t been online in years! Why aren’t these profiles routinely wiped? The obvious answer is because then it’d be more obvious how little of a user base this app has. I ran out of of people in less than two weeks and I’m talking women in their 20’s within 50 miles of Chicago, Illinois! That’s insanely low! The options for likes, activities, and preferences are very limiting and don’t cover the full gamut. I don’t see a difference between the many tabs of this app. Like, why is there a distance and online tab when those should be filtered and wiped? I mean, I thought JDate used to mean something… what a joke!
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1 year ago, AgingMillennial
Nothing works
Sooo buggy with many fake bot looking profiles with auto generated “Jdater___” —young men all interested in women 50-75+ um, yeah, right… When I try to sign on from a link in an email it won’t let me sign on. The site itself will not send me a password reset. The app is extremely buggy. Unusable. I get an email saying I got a reply to my message but there is no such massage on the messages tab. I am going to try to get my 60 bucks back. PS When I first joined the app had simply crashed for a whole day. Wish me luck!
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2 years ago, Jsjfm2000
This app is SO horrible. Pictures don’t load, takes forever to get content “verified”, they match you with people who have not been online for months and months, they similarly have an “online” section where almost all people have not been online for a very long time…and they have the nerve to charge $60/month??? Even sending a message to support through the app errors out, so if you see a developer response saying to contact support it’s bogus. Just absolute total garbage!
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2 years ago, PlanoStu
I’m simply amazed how I keep getting sucked back in to this app. Where to begin? Not sure what bothers me more, the fake accounts they keep allowing? The women that pretend to be Jewish named Mary? The daily suggestions on who I match with that haven’t been online in over a year? The fact that every time I try to contact support, my messages don’t get sent? It’s like someone just put this app on auto and walked away. Will definitely not renew when this is up. There’s only so many times I can feel stupid!
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2 years ago, justamusicality
This is a scam
This app is a scam in my opinion. If someone likes you, you have to pay $60 to match with them. Unlike tinder and bumble, even though you’d have to pay to see those likes, you can still match with someone who likes you. I am not paying $60 JUST TO MATCH. Sure, have a paid subscription for premium features. But matching with someone is the core purpose of a dating app. Also, I wouldn’t consider wanting to see more than one picture of someone a premium feature. This app is a shonda.
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6 years ago, HGSale
This is probably one of the most glitchy, infuriating apps I’ve tried(repeatedly!) to use. I signed in, then was sent a brusque email saying I had been “rejected,” had to email asking why, then was told it happened not to be offered in my area. Ok, fine. So I move to a new area, try to sign in again, it forces me to “sign up”, then tells me this user already exists. Yeah, I know. That’s why I’m trying to sign IN. Multiple tries later and forget it. I guess you just get to keep my data and do whatever you’re doing with it 🤷🏻‍♀️
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5 years ago, MarkLMT
Wow This is Bad!
I honestly cannot believe how bad this app is and how drastically this website has plunged in the past few years. It’s been three days since I created my profile and everything is still “pending”. The matches showing up in my profile are nothing close to matching my preferences and Women who have not been active for weeks or months are at the top of the screen. A complete waste of my time and money. What a joke. The app itself is confusing.
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