Just a Baby: Become a parent

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Justa Baby
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User Reviews for Just a Baby: Become a parent

4.39 out of 5
1.9K Ratings
4 years ago, Got_lamborghini
Great App! Seems effective.
So far I haven't met anyone yet but I've made a lot of connections and I'm going to meet several people soon. The app definitely seems to do it's job well, but functionally it could use some help. In the past it seems like the app was really slow (according to other users) and while I haven't had too many issues dealing with slowness... Sometimes the keyboard does lag pretty bad when i'm trying to message someone. As far as everything else goes, things seem to be fine! My number one annoyance with this app is that it seems like a lot of people just use the app to fulfill their needs, then just delete it. While there is nothing wrong with that, there is quite a few accounts that I swipe through that haven't been touched in a year. It'd be nice if you guys made like a default setting where if the account is touched in X amount of time, it gets deactivated. I think having too many ghost accounts is just a waste of time honestly and it'd be nice to see this change. Keep up the great work though! I really like this app and it's helping a lot of people out. Keep it up. :)
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6 months ago, scottyb411
No Real Support, Paid Version Very Glitchy
I’ve been a JAB+ user for quite some time now, and despite multiple requests to fix ongoing issues, it’s and app updates, I’ve not had any actual resolution to any of these problems. “I’ll forward your message to the team.” Is all I get. Makes me wonder if their digital assistant ever actually forwards anything. When the issues become too much, they will very simply delete your question and never provide a resolution. I’ve began to document all of it to recover as many months of service from my bank, for a service that I haven’t actually received. Most recently since upgrading/paying, I receive a message - then when I go to open it, there’s nothing new in my inbox and I cannot respond. This continues to happen, and now, when i write in to let them know and ask for a refund. They delete my question within the contact us area. They also have weird rules if you closely read their policy. Simply mentioning the T-gram app will get you “banned.” Using a VPN will also get you banned - yet there are spam bots galore on here, and other weirdly structured rules. The apps getting worse by the update - not better. It is a good app when it’s working but unfortunately / they have not seemed to be able to be consistent with this, and i only deal with a working app a very small portion of the time. Highly disappointed.
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2 months ago, Laincloud
The app is good for meeting people who want to reproduce. You can chat with people you like. But the app doesn’t let you see any pictures they send without charging you money. And sometimes it will take a very long time to type a message to anyone. The app is very laggy. None of the other apps on my device have the slow typing problem. I sometimes literally have to wait an hour for a sentence I typed to show up in the text box. Then sending the message takes another several minutes.
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3 years ago, davidtay20
Poor performance and dishonest people
This is a very sluggish app, it takes a while to load, randomly freezes, the interface is not intuitive and is full of people who are probably not real. So far I’ve connected and built entirely virtual relationships with at least a dozen women who are not who they say they are. I’m not even sure their pictures are real. They will tell you to connect with them on WhatsApp where they will hustle you endlessly for money but when the time comes to meet, they never follow through, probably because they are not real people to begin with. Most of these people on here are hustlers who prey on older couples desperate to have a child. If you want to be be conned out of your money and time, continue wasting your time on this app which in no way screens these people. At this point, I would just go with a legitimate surrogacy agency costing $60k overseas or $150k in the USA. Get a second mortgage or something, it’s not worth it wasting any more time on this app.
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5 years ago, KingdomCaller
Mainly helpful...
-GLITCHY When we first paid for the app, we couldn't "match" with anyone for about 5 days because of some glitch. Thankfully the tech support was finally able to fix it. -CANT BLOCK PPL We found some cool people but there were others who we "disliked" but couldn't block. We had to "dislike" some guy named Sam literally everyday...but there's No block feature. -NO REFUND After we found a few cool people to chat with, we no longer needed the app and deactivated the account. Over a week later, the subscription renewed on its own and I was charged for another month. 💵 Now the $14 itself wasn't a big deal, but the fact that I was being charged for an app I deactivated was bothering me. I didn't want it to keep happening. Reached out to tech once again and "Paul the CEO" basically said deactivation doesn't actually deactivate you...and that the language needed to be updated on the account page. In the end, he said he had no control over the refund...it was on Apple. Apple told me I WASN'T eligible for a refund. Though the app did update its "language"...it still doesn't say, go cancel your subscription in the app store also or we'll keep charging you.... But that's possibly the goal because they'll never have to pay you back. So my experience was bitter sweet.
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6 months ago, VegasSMBC
Helped me create my own little family
I met both of my donors on this app and I’m very happy with both my beautiful children. Thank you for helping me create my dream family. Some areas to improve would be even after matching, I cannot see private photos. Also the app would randomly delete matches or those I have been chatting with when I never unmatched them and they have not unmatched me because sometimes they would reappear in the chats section and then be deleted again. I also invested through wefunder maybe 2 years ago and have heard nothing. But overall very happy and wish them all the success.
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5 years ago, WilS829
Positive improvements
I messaged the app creators about the lag as well as taking away the reset dislikes button because my spouse and I were going to move to another state and then changed our minds due to family reasons. They got back to me with questions and the next day the app was much faster and the reset dislikes button was back. They’ve also been helpful (quickly) in other matters. I know there have been negative reviews but all apps have issues and it’s the customer service and willingness to fix it that means more to me. I will continue using this app to try to build my family with my spouse. I’ve met some decent guys who truly just want to help.
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2 years ago, platanos1234
This app uses a terrible model for finding people
Swiping is a horrible way to find a date. It’s an even worse way to find a donor or coparent. If the app developers really wanted to help people in their fertility journeys, they would use a search model and allow you to search for certain characteristics, etc. instead you must swipe through hundreds of profiles of people who are bot serious or clearly won’t meet your needs. The developers are clearly interested in making money as the app now even includes ads. It’s cynical when dating apps use these models that clearly don’t help, but this strikes me as much, much worse because a fertility journey is frustrating and sad enough without having the few tools out there be almost impossible to use
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3 months ago, subtilior.ars
Looks excellent so far!
We’ll I haven’t been using the app for all that long, but so far the experience has actually been pretty smooth! Seems like a really well organized way to try and find people who would like assistance having kids, or to find someone who want to be a donor. Given that reproductive health is very poorly represented in the US healthcare system I think that this sort of approach has the potential to help an whole lot of people in life. Here’s hoping that the app lives up to it’s potential!
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3 years ago, /\/\/\ ALP /\/\/\
Wrong crowd
I tried this app for over a year and paid for several months until I decided that it is absolutely shady and useless. This app mostly contains abandoned accounts inactive for months or years, fake accounts (aka “test” accounts), empty accounts that have one word descriptions (eg. “whatever”, “checking“, “no”), and flakes. The goal is probably to convince normal users to believe there are many users and keep you paying and looking. It has also attracted the wrong crowd. On this app, I have met convicted insurance fraudsters, unemployed people asking for monthly cash payments before there is even conception, people looking for sex, and people asking for excessive personal information as they themselves remain anonymous and won’t even give their real names. Very weird and creepy. I eventually deleted this app and just went to a clinic to start my family. (Developers seem desperate in their responses to criticism so they will write they have thousands of active accounts chatting etc. I really wonder if they pay people abroad to create accounts and “test” the app to make it look like an active app with a community.)
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3 years ago, Shannon L ONeill
Update- No longer works
I was able to get in contact with support. It took about a week, but I do have access to my account again. I increased my review to reflect their assistance and the overall use of the app. It still has a lot of bugs and you have to sift through a lot of weirdos, but there are some gems! I’ve been using this app just over a year, had talked to a few great people and was getting ready to make my choice, but when the update was released this week, I lost my account entirely. I can’t log in, lost al the matches I had, and when I tried to create a new account, I couldn’t get passed the bio screen.
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11 months ago, KrustyKrab pza
Overall it is a good app for what it suppose to be used for but I have encountered two accounts who were rude and just seeking inappropriate things and also saying hurtful things out of nowhere as well. But I guess that comes with the territory. Mind you this was only two accounts I’ve came across and have spoken with maybe 20 others so it is very slim in that adsorption other than that it’s a great app wish you didn’t have to pay to instantly message someone. You have to wait to match.
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6 months ago, Insane fear
Amazing application
Generally speaking this app should be way more popular, with the amount of people being tired of modern dating and the struggle to find a good healthy partner who’s you’d actually want to have children with is becoming more and more rare. Specially with many women now spending their younger years working and building a career all to find out their window for having a family they worked so hard for is shrinking. This gives many people a good,safe and easy way to find what fits them.
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11 months ago, Gert890
The app is okay
The app is okay but I feel like they could have added a map and just made us circle our desired radius for search as a new tool. There should be more filter when search such as height, eye color etc. there are scammers in the app so be careful and never pay for anything even if they promise to come if you pay them. I met a couple here on the app but it never gotten anything other than flakes. The monthly service fee to see who likes you should not be included that should be free in my opinion.
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5 years ago, Glorii20
It cool and helpful BUT...
I really like this app I had my first encounter with a man from the app and he was kind but we were able to conceive unfortunately. I think though that people should be required to have a picture. There are too many people that don’t have photos on there. They want to get your person number or social media to send a pic. I choose who I am going to talk to by there pic if they look like donor material. So that should be mandatory in my opinion.
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1 year ago, NaomiLuvv
disturbing men
I have been using this app for two years now and I had no luck finding a donor . Each time I have talk to a different guy on the app they all seem to either lie and ghost on me . I deal with some of them being creepy and disturbing and some are even disgusting talking about stuff I do not like hearing or talking about I had to block some guy on the app because they keep on bothering me everyday talking about stuff that were inappropriate to me . I also have deal with bots on the app as well they sent me the same message over and over again but with different names . I hope the app fixes it's issues and deal with the bots and disturbing men on the app …!
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2 years ago, Babydust ✨
This app has helped us have a bigger option when it comes down to donors! It lets you get in contact directly with the donors to speak about arrangements, methods or any questions both might have. It tells you an approximate distance, likes, when you match with someone and when someone messages you. I think it’s great. We haven’t found the right donor yet but we’ll definitely keep using this app :)
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4 years ago, ALT0121
Amazing App!!
I searched for a donor for weeks and after talking to a lot of creeps and scammers I was about to give up but then I met the perfect person! We spoke on the app then decided to exchange numbers. We have now been speaking for a few months and planning to conceive within the next few weeks. You really just have to be very cautious and picky. The app did glitch a few times but I believe the developers have been working on that. I definitely recommend it!
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2 years ago, haroldegoji
It’s prolly a waste of time
Honestly since I joined this app, I haven’t been able to match someone close to me . I paid for the chatty likes but those people I messaged seemed to have been on the app on average 150days ago. So what’s the point? Why does the app not even filter to put the most active ones up ? There is no feature that even says active . At the end of the day seems like the app is building unrealistic expectations which causes stress . Tinder does a great job but for a different purpose. If you could be half of tinder or other dating apps it will be much better .
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3 years ago, Dal_Dals
Too many ghost accounts
The app’s functionality works fine, however there’s too many abandoned accounts. It seems many people pop on here to look around, but don’t continue in their process — OR — they find what they need and don’t deactivate their account. You *can* find what you’re looking for on this app, but you’ll have to waste a lot of time swiping through ghost accounts. The developer could improve this app immediately by removing accounts from the Swipey Screen when users haven’t logged on for 60 days.
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4 months ago, VincienteV
iOS version issues
Overall the app seems pretty good. I personally have encountered issues in the app on iPhone SE. The first issue is not being able to verify because the button is just low enough to be outside the clickable area of the screen. The second is not being able to use the referral option, due to not being able to see the entire page that opens when choosing the referral option in settings.
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2 years ago, bjensen54
This app has definitely helped my partner and I gain some more hope for finding our perfect donor. Cryobanks are so expensive so hve new alternatives and people who just want to help out of the good will of their heart is nice. Of course some people are on here for the wrong reasons but we’ve definitely come across a handful of genuine potential donors. Thanks for opening up our options!
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5 years ago, aviin1
Big Improvements
The app has undergone updates to the user interface, streamlining the entire thing quite a lot. Combine that with a HUGE increase in the app’s speed and performance, and it now feels like the A+ quality app it always wanted to be. If you’re looking to have a baby yourself or help someone else to do so, there’s really nothing else like this. I highly highly highly recommend it.
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3 years ago, bigdubzy2018
Pretty good
This app is effective, and definitely works. sefbut again, as other reviewers have stated, the majority of these accounts havent been logged into 1 year + . Is just a baby not deleting their accounts when the user attempts to, or are all these people just deleting the App without deleting their profile? The message refresh needs a little work but overall, decent
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3 years ago, kat_509
It’s okay…..
There is a lot of weirdos on here that are just looking to hook up with someone. Personally I get potential donors who do not fit what I am looking for in a donor. Specifically I get a lot of Caucasian or Hispanic guys who apparently can’t read a bio or think I will change my race preference because they think they look good. The more updates this app comes out with the worse the matching gets. I’m not going to pay $5 for the same service a “free” account gives you. It’s a good app though when you find someone who fits your needs.
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2 years ago, lanise0813
Men with kinks and old profiles
There are so many people who only use this app to have sex with women who are trying to conceive. There are so many men treating this as a dating app and a place they can get out “breeding kinks” trying to manipulate women and people trying to have children. This app needs to delete profiles that haven’t been used in 6 month to a year and more. There’s no reason people who haven’t used the app since 2018 are showing up in the swipe feed it gets your hopes up to never get a response or a match.
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3 years ago, Aimxdatxsalvi
Functionality is subpar but you do meet people
I think there should be a more versatile way to categorize how you match with people such as what method of insemination you prefer and also a review function for donors that the recipients can use to rate their donors and their could be a credit system based off that to weed out bad donors. This would weed out alot of the flunkies. And just improve the functionality of the app overall. Way too many glitches.
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4 years ago, Ice23345
Successful thank you
I met a donor within a few weeks that i wanted to ladies please remember even tho these people are here to help make sure you get to know your donor as a person build a connection cause it’s some real crazies out there and you could just be having their little crazy baby FYI overall my experience was great loved it will recommend this to my LGBT community thanks again
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2 years ago, Tateevee
Can’t get passed intake
Downloading this app was a vulnerable move for me. When I finally decided to do it, I can’t seem to get passed the “about you” page. I type in some things I want to share about myself, but I can’t move on to the next page because the keyboard won’t hide and allow me to select Next. I’ve tried hitting Return on the keyboard. I’ve tried scrolling up and down on keyboard and screen above it. I’ve tried tapping screen above keyboard. Nothing works. So I can’t move forward and try out this app I finally worked up to downloading.
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4 years ago, Kate_2000K
The Messaging Problem
So I really like this app. I was enjoying the app but you only have so many likes per day and you can’t message anyone without getting a premium version of the app. I can understand that premium can make the app for efficient but communication is the main key when looking for a donor. You shouldn’t even be able to send a like without being able to message them. So you are left to either put social media in your bio or your phone number.
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2 years ago, Kileyfornia
My wife and I used this app. No one is vetted and not virtual contract stating a waiver of disinterest is required. Now a donor we found using the app is trying to get custody of 2 of the 14 children from lgbtq families. Instead of being selfless this man had a weird seed spreading fetish. If you use a clinic it will initially cost more. But in the end it is worth it. They don’t allow a donor to have successful donation over a certain amount usually 3-8 successful donations in a lifetime. They vet these folks and that’s what you’re paying for. This app shouldn’t exisit if they aren’t able to make sure the donors sign a waiver of disinterest and background check of the donors. It is unsafe. Right now our creepy donor is taking advantage of desperately seeking parents. I will be on national news in the next few days along with some members of the other families who used this donor. Save yourself a lawsuit and go to a clinic!
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1 year ago, crys-10
Our last hope
We have been scammed on several pages, so we decided to try this app. A lot of men on here are genuine, but most of them are self centered, and looking to add to their list of women they’ve slept with. Which is not our case (AI ONLY)!! But If donors would actually take the time out to read, to understand, then I wouldn’t find this app to be similar to back-page. But I like that we are able to 👍🏾 or 👎🏾to people. This give us a way to control creeps coming through your DM.
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6 months ago, 3lias Storme
This app is super user friendly and definitely one of the easier ones out there. Me and my partner are still in the process of planning out when to try for a baby using this site, but so far I’m loving it. Highly recommend getting the premium package as well
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3 years ago, SupernovaKay
App is more than easy to use
Very convenient get connected with anyone around the world donors can remain anonymous if they please, rules are set forth so you know what you’re getting yourself into I would recommend this app to anyone needing a donor/ surrogacy & anyone looking to co parent or anyone just looking to make a baby!!
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7 months ago, the lucas's
Absolutely wonderful
This app unlike a few others is a safe and wonderful way to help out families that are having trouble conceiving or people that are looking to start a family of their own and want to keep things private ! People are verified so no worries about catfishing or scams!
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1 year ago, Reviewingthescams
Good App BUT…
Overall the app is pretty solid but could use improvement: 1) notifications: they sometimes work sometimes don’t. Sometimes open the app and there’s messages waiting with no notification on my device 2) the ads…I understand the need but they are too intrusive 3) as a donor there should be no need to swipe right. It should be up to the potential mothers to pick the donors they want and initiate conversations. This isn’t Tinder!! 4) Users are mostly awesome(at least my interactions with them) they are responsive and genuine good people. There are a lot of blank accounts Overall excellent app helping excellent people
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6 months ago, returntosender12345
Holy scammers!
Just matched with two women. After telling me all sorts of pleasantries, one told me she was asked to invest in an African oil company and the other told me she was asked to invest in an Indian oil company, 5 minutes apart. Then they tried to get my number. I brought that up to them and the immediately unmatched me. How is a single guy looking to co-parent a family expected to meet someone when it’s all fake profiles, scammers or Lgbq couples looking for donors only?? Feels like I’m just wasting my time smh
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10 months ago, NubzL
This app is completely disgusting, it’s pretty much tinder. It is a bunch of nasty, disgusting, perverted men looking for sex. Time after time we just got nasty messages looking for sex. We deleted our profile and deleted the app. No one on here is looking to help, it’s just men looking for sex. Even after you politely decline and explain what you are looking for they respond with disgusting awful messages. ***as previously stated, I deleted the app, I will not redownload it to “reach out”. Fix your app, stop allowing perverts easy access.
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7 days ago, Emmanuel J. Williams
First Time Experience
This is my first experience using this app and connecting with individuals and couples in this way. I like the app a lot so far, I do wish a picture requirement was enabled. There’s so many “fake” accounts that just take up space on my shuffle. Other than that, it’s great so far.
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1 year ago, StacyLanet
Love this app!
This app was a lifesaver! Me and my fiancé are a LGBT couple and we were tired of getting negatives with a shipping donor. A friend told me about this app and my donor (local) contacted me and here were are now Dec 2022 , we have A 5 month old princess. I’m forever grateful for this app and soooooooooo happy and blessed we was able to experience parenthood.
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2 years ago, Anthea Wilson-Carl
Love this app
It’s amazing that such a thing exists however as with most things it’s a hit and miss you find people who are there for the right and wrong reasons but if you filter them out you can truly find what your looking for through this app
Show more
3 years ago, Brady Bisel
Responsible for 44% battery use when app closed
I think the tech team needs to figure out what’s sucking the battery up so bad. The platform is great, I’ll rate that 5 stars but rating it 3 now in hopes to get someone’s attention to figure out why such battery drain is occurring. I mean it’s really really bad for some reason. Usually there’s a patch for that sorta thing that I hope gets rolled out in next update.
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3 years ago, EricoMac
Great way to get the baby ball rolling…
Convenient and on your own terms. Find others, locally, that are looking to give or receive what you have to give or receive. Convenient chat option when you like each other’s profile.
Show more
6 years ago, Army Drummer
Buggy and unstable but good results
The app has some issues, and sometimes it makes it really difficult to use. As for whether or not you can find someone/a couple, it depends largely on your area. The app initially searches the entire planet for people, which is not great. It should definitely only search the general area unless otherwise specified. That may lead to some empty search results but it’s more honest.
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7 months ago, SillyPudding
Decided to look and
Decided to see if this app was yet another one filled with bots and scammers. Surprise! It was. Half the people I swiped weren’t verified and the profiles were so fake it’s almost laughable. This company is doing what many apps do and using fake bots to boost their negative reviews. At least try to make the fake positive reviews look real it’s hilariously bad how fake the reviews look. Uninstalled and removed immediately. I feel like if I ever met up with one of these dudes I’d wake up with my kidneys missing.
Show more
5 years ago, liciaa.xo
Being a young gay women nd wanting to have a baby in my near future, this has given me the confidence ive been longing for. Not wanting to go to a bank nd buy with out fulling know who the donnor is, nd the expenses, this saves alot of compilation nd confusion nd gives everyone a chance nd better look at alternative options. More than excited !!
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1 year ago, encrypto
Don’t waste your time with this app
Complete garbage and a complete waste of time. I’ve been on this app since 2019 (it’s now 2023). I haven’t found anyone but a couple people that was actually willing to respond even after they liked me. Then I come to find out pretty much every account on here is a ghost account or banned account. Stay a million feet away from this app if you value your time. I’ve sadly wasted 3 or 4 years of my life holding out hope for this app.
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2 years ago, atlanticopal
I have this app because I’m 32 and don’t want to miss my window to become a mom
When I first got this app there wasn’t much of what I was looking for but the community has grown now after not looking at it for a while and I would say this is a good idea.
Show more
3 years ago, carterj5590
Logged out of account
I love this app but due to the update i was logged out of my account and can’t get back in. I was making a lot of connections and would hate to lose it all. Would love to figure out how to get back into the account
Show more
5 months ago, John Doexxii
Mostly scams. Do not use this app I recommend using something else. They will charge you the monthly service even if you don’t select one. I didn’t choose a plan I wanted to continue with, deactivated my account and deleted the app and they still charged me and refused to issue a refund. I was told by apple they had an “error” in the system which makes it even more ridiculous. I emailed and called but no response. Very disappointed
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