JusTalk Kids - Safe Messenger

Social Networking
4.2 (3.8K)
195 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for JusTalk Kids - Safe Messenger

4.16 out of 5
3.8K Ratings
10 months ago, - ملاحظه -
Good, but one issue for me and my friend.
This app is AMAZING! Its safe for kids like me and really fun and you get to decorate The theme, 2 slight problems tho,the first one is, whenever i friend someone like my friends or family, It always takes so long to text because It always says Cant send text cause **** has not added you as a friend, WHEN THEY DID? 2nd problem involves Calling, Whenever i call someone and were playing something online or anything, EVEN if i have good wifi they always suddenly leave the call, and theyre not even pressing a button?! the call just ends by itself. Whats going on?! And 3rd which i didnt mention, is the parents thing, When for example 4x5? Why bother asking this if kids can look it up on google or maybe theyre in 3rd grade and know their timetables?! Its no use, Overall nice app, safe for kids, creative, just some slight bugs, But amazing app Peace out dhuha~
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1 year ago, Charlotte Cinko
This app makes you buy too much and also any kid could set this up by their self because the “parents only” thing is like “oh let’s just do what’s 8x4 kids wont know this bc kids are dumb” but we 👏ARE 👏NOT also even if you don’t know just ask Siri or if you have one an Alexa or google home it so easy! I could set up my account without my dad and I DID!!!!! SO EASY!!!! Okay back to the buying too much I never buy anything but for all the stuff this app is like oh get premium but NO I AM NOT WAISTING OH I DON’T EVEN KNOW LIKE $30 PER MONTH!!!!!!!!!!! Also this app is bad quality. It is not as good as it looks. Usually I don’t write bad reviews instead I look at them and think “yup. That is aaaaaalllll true” but when a app is THIS BAD??????? I WRITE A REVIEW NASTIER THEN YOUR LADY OR MAN PARTS, DEVELOPER!!!!!!!!!! 😡😡😡 I don’t think I have to explain any more. Ty for your time everyone♥️I know this review got kinda long so thanks for sticking with me -angry almost four year old on father’s account P.S. Please don’t take me to court I have anger issues and I really just could not hold it in anymore. P.P.S. Just know that this is a joke between me and my friends and I do not think that your app is this bad these are just a few reccomendations put into a funny joke do not take this seriously please
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5 months ago, jesus_savessss
Why so good!!??
So, I downloaded this app because my friend told me to because we don’t have phones and I love it!!! It’s safe, I can talk to my friends, I cant talk to strangers, and most of all when you call people, you can play games, you can put pictures on the screen, you can draw. And why do I think that’s fun? Because...IT IS FUN I’m not messing around people this app is amazing and like some apps I have, it doesn’t just randomly glitch me out of it!!! How exiting, and go ahead once you read this DOWNLOAD IT!!! but there is one thing you have to pay to record your, what do you call it? Oh yeah you have to pay to record your face time you have to pay to get two extra games you have to pay to change icon of the app, you have to pay to send videos more then 5min long. But over all it’s pretty good!!! Hope you have an amazing day!!!💗😊💗 Xoxo, (your not aloud to know my name)
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2 years ago, nikki1152
Some fixes need to be fixed. But still good!
When I first download this game my cousins always got to communicate with me. But suddenly I kind of feel like something is going on when I started calling my cousin sent me someone was drawing really inappropriate things on our call like bad words. We both put our hands up to show proof that it was not me or my cousin. We kept trying to delete it but someone was really trying to do something. I don’t know how they going to our call because this says that strangers are blocked and while that happened we were all alone nobody was around us just my sister and I had a eye on my sister because she was right behind me so it was not her. Please fix this issue. Am gonna download JusTalk. I can’t use it anymore. Use better security please.
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11 months ago, ghxjcgvmxhxnc
Is ok
OK it’s OK it’s just like I know they have like the thing where you can post your moments but like do you have like something that you could follow that person so if you’re friends with them follow and make everyone on the app you have the app can I see the pictures and if they’re like bad pictures you can just make something that you can just put the pictures and then they won’t be seen ever again and I’ll be blocked and the person will also be blocked if you have that then it would make the app great but right now it’s just OK cause my friend couldn’t get Messenger Kids by the way is way better what you should take some of their advice but so I don’t really like it hope you guys read it please leave a reply please add some of the stuff for most of it mostly the part that everyone can see them and you can like follow a person even though you’re not friends with them so that you don’t talk with strangers thanks bye
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6 months ago, Tuzolaine E
This was amazing app!
When I was in 3rd grade now I an in 4 grade my friends told me to download this app so we can play and call but I remember bin 3rd grade we always had fights and I couldn't take it anymore so my mom heard about it and she made me remove this app sadly I did then 2 weeks later my mom made me get it app again and I can talk to my friends again but then years past we don't use this app anyone we now use imagges because my friend removed us and put my family members in it she still me friend this day and my other friend removed this app and idk about my other friend I think she removed it to someone I removed this app this day I still don't have the app but I remember this app and all of these fights so much in 3rd grade it was fun to play this app
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5 years ago, EmmaJaneNagy
Ok, let me get something straight... THIS APP IS AMAZING!! It is totally appropriate for kids, trust me cause I am a kid. You cannot block numbers like TEXTNOW but in order for someone to call/message/FaceTime you need to add them and they add you. To add them you make up an ID I just did my name than the year I was born. (EX: Michael2005) that is not mine, mine is Emma2008. Anyway, I had a problem adding a friend, Lake, but luckily that had 3X choices to add someone. You have QR, u can rye in their phone number(if your kid doesn’t have a number they allow you adding your parents number), or you can type in their ID. So I was able to find Lake. And if your kids cannot multiple than you got lucky, if you don’t want your kid adding someone than the app ALWAYS ask them a question (EX: 8x8=?) and if they don’t know it than you have luck and the kids don’t. You can group message/call/FaceTime. If you FaceTime just ONE person than you can compete against each other in games and doodle. So, yeah, SUPER kid friendly. So, get this app, whoever designed this deserves it, cause this is the first kid friendly FaceTime/message/call app I have ever seen... TextNow is the best kid friendly calling app you could ever see. Oh yea I forgot PS, PS: there is no Putts just Cherries!!
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2 years ago, stop theADS
Amazing but-
Do you like this it’s amazing I’m really safe but the thing is you should be able to get premium for a while more things like they should add more games for the people who don’t have premium and the people who have premium also have a lot of games too it kind of makes no sense that you have to have premium and I feel like it would be a lot more better if it could be an every year payment of premium so I can have it for as long as I want and for me to delete it when I want to but also sometimes the calls are so messed up and I do not know what to do so but this app is amazing I recommend you getting it if you don’t know any safe apps I really recommend this for any four year olds and over sorry if there’s any misspells bye!
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3 years ago, ghfb CV n
Amazing OMG!!
Me and my friend were looking for some apps today and we tried setting them up but none of them work then we came across this one and it really worked but we just want it to be longer because my friend said she was going to go do something and she kept me on the calland it disconnected so I kept calling her and calling her I knew she wouldn’t answer because she was doing her stuff so I just waited and waited and that’s why I just wrote the severe right now but I really like it so the developers did a good job and it’s really good for kids because I am a kid and my mom looked at it and she said yes so it was kind of hard looking for my friends account but I found it and we are friends thanks for reading this review
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3 years ago, Pizza is meh soul
Oh my goodness! Why!! 😭
Oh my goodness! Why!! 😭 today I decided to go chat with my bestie. Everything was normal until late evening. I went to go send my friend a picture but then it told me: allow photos in settings. So I thought: hm why does it say that I already allowed it but I just thought I was a glitch. But no. My settings didn’t have the photo access or the voice settings. So I just deleted then re deleted. But then when I went to my settings…….. there where less setting accesses. So now I just don’t know what to do!!!!!!! I know this is my 2nd time complaining but I just don’t know what to do! I’m so sorry if I’m taking ur time away from u! I just don’t know what! 9/11: oh now I can’t do it again!
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2 years ago, pilahstar
well i just wanted too say i love just talk kids its worth buying even tho i barely use it cause im too busy too i love it ive never seen such a cool app for kids like this i have seen messanger kids but sense i cant use it cause non of my family has facebook i looked at some cool facetime apps and i saw justtalkkids and i asked if i could download it my parents where like what is it? Im like its some sort of calling app for kids and there like sure and so i got it i <3 love just talk kids sooooooo not overdum gotta download it for ur kids its awesome and u can even make ur own profile and name witch is awesome ! Its tots worth it :D if only i could rate more stars out of 5 id rate it 11/5 byeeee -aspen-
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6 months ago, Addiso Rose Ward-Killian
Good and safe
I think this app is a really good and safe app you have parent mode to so your child can’t talk to strangers they can only talk to the people that your parents say your aloud to talk to and I don’t think that little kids are going to get into the parent mode because you have to do multiple cation and I don’t think little kids will know multiple cations unless they have already learned multiple cations so I think it is safe. It also is fun you can send funny things to your friends and family and whoever you added on there. I think it is a good way to communicate without giving your child social media at a young age.
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3 years ago, Brybry_2021
Good but I think it needs a little more details
Justalk kids is a great app for me to comunnicate with friends and Family but I think instead of video chatting they use each other's profiles and then put 4 dots in the middle of each other and then connect to one and other and sorry but I am using a iPad mini 9.3.6 and can you guys make Justalk kids new theme available for iPad mini 1 ,2,3,4,5 please thank you and I also think you guys should keep the cute theme and when it's calling a person it's connecting with 4 dots in the middle that will be cooler then ever and when jus people are done they will give us a update for Justalk and Justalk kids
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4 years ago, Zuzanna Kapleanski
Gets better
So I once wrote a review saying the app is not so good but 1 month later it started getting better. The call was getting better every time I used the app. And now, I can talk to my friend for however long I want without getting paused or anything related to that. A suggestion I have is to add more of the games that you can play while you call. Also another thing which I do not know if you can do it but I have an iPad with the cover, so I would really appreciate it if you could somehow make a noise so I know when my friend calls me because it’s not like I am going to keep my iPad on looking on the screen until she calls. That’s all. Also great job on the app it’s really nice!✌🏻
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3 years ago, jwndhdhja
See you know a lot of people aren’t reading this a five star app but I do when you write something a five star up a five star app as a five star app that means I have to be included awesomeness and just funniness and having more cool things in the app now I just sent a meeting at 3 PM today for me with my best friend julianna and she is so nice and funny and I love that we get to talk on here so everyone is reading this a four-star app or a three star please stop but I Do you know that it’s your opinion but I’m just saying sometimes we all need to read at five so other people will like that it’s a good app and that is my opinion your opinion is good to
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2 years ago, mjellze
I would say overall the apps pretty good I mean I did and four-star because boxing in my opinion I’m trying to show my friend and I can’t so I said it’s pretty good but they could add a bit more so don’t get excited about what about cool things there is a fun game called flappy Santa I am a pro at it but they can add a bit more games in just for and stuff that you have to pay forThe game is pretty good I suggest it to children who don’t have like a lot of things I wanna do on it just won’t talk and play a few games with their friends yeah I suggest that but in other ways it could put some more work into it on the app but other than that it’s perfect
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4 years ago, brbpat
Disappointed at the moment!
VERY unhappy at the moment! I've thoroughly enjoyed this app giving me access to talk to my favorite girl in this world, I used the app to my best capabilities, gathering once in a lifetime memories, absolutely priceless videos in their value of my granddaughter, suddenly are no longer accessible! They were there, looking for a specific one, I playeda few seconds of 1, the next & suddenly they ALL lost their play capability! Then a choice came up for premium plan access I've never seen before, I bought/paid for the 3-day trial/6months plan for now, reopened memories to find only 2 out of all the movies I had now remain, the rest have just the date & blank space - PLEASE fix this issue so I can enjoy watching these treasurea!!!
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10 months ago, rosabelle luvs dogs :3
I’ve had no problems with this app except for how confusing SOME of the games are. Me and my best friend and my other friends love this. I’m safe to say I’m a pro at flappy santa💯💪It’s super cute and I love the themes and i LOVEEEE the comments on moments. I wish you could like or reply to other peoples comments though. I also wish that you could post stuff on kidstube and it wouldnt be limited. Me and my friends have been using this for a year and we love it!!! 7.5/10!!!! It is super amazing and fun. Thank you for making this app because before this we were looking everywhere to find a perfect kid messaging app and I think this one is it👍👍
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11 months ago, Gryffindor-minion
Amazing app but one little issue
This app is amazing but there are a few glitches in video call. When I click on doodle and turn on the other end and turn it off it starts going crazy. My video turns upside down or it doesn’t let me get out of the call. I have a recommendation too. When people are on video calls or meetings we should be able to share our screen. When I’m on a call and I wanna show something on my device to someone else we have to transfer the call to a zoom meeting so I want to be able to screen share. Please take my recommendation into consideration.
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1 year ago, Woeifjnqhukbyrg
I love IT!!!!!!!
I love this app. This app gets my brain going for the day because of the math questions. I love texting my friends because I don’t have a phone.. So when I get to text my Friends, I feel like this is a safe app. This app is the best. I highly recommend it five out of five stars. If I were to think of something To change, that would honestly be really hard because this app is amazing. It brings such positive energy to me. If somebody’s being mean I can block or I can delete them. That’s no problem for me. Love this app! Actually, there is a problem, they need better security. That’s all they say bye now
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2 years ago, notlilli12
Great app!! But..
If you are looking for an app similar to Messenger Kids, this is the one! This app includes a Parent Only passcode to be able to add friends and access different features in the app! From simple texting and video chats with friends to kid friendly DIY videos, this app has it all! However, I have one issue with this app, and that is that many things cost money. I would love to be able to watch certain videos and send stickers to my friends, but the only way I could do so is if I pay this app monthly. Other than that, this app is amazing!
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5 years ago, hayastan 123567
The best
I love app because I have to make new friends and I really like it because I meet other people and I’m seven and I mean older kids younger kids and I look mostly new I have never tried it but I know that it’s a wonderful game and it made my life when I see the apps cover it’s like I was dead I used i I love app because I have to make new friends and I really like it because I meet other people and I’m seven and I mean older kids younger kids and I look mostly new I have never tried it but I know that it’s a wonderful game and it made my life when I see the apps cover it like I was dead I used it before.
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4 years ago, Liaaaa ss
This app is awesome and totally good for kids who just wanna communicate with their friends/family without any un-safe data needed to be shared. I also love how you guys keep it safe and you need to add the person so the person can talk to you and the other person needs to add you too actually not just add a complete stranger. I love the features very much! But I have a suggestion you should let us add any ringtones in the app bc I wanna add "BTS-Blue and Grey" as my ringtone but ofc I cant bc it doesn’t have that feature . So you should let us add ringtones from our photo library/ from Anghami/ or any other music app. And maybe you should also please add if we can call multiple ppl but it would be zoomed into their prof until someone starts a game. Other wise, it’s an amazing app please consider my suggests ( especially the first one <<33 ) and pretty please get me a developer response I never had one and I rlly want one from this app especially :) Your sincere user— ʝιмιиgσєѕ♥GS
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3 days ago, ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Y’all this app is good but also low-key kinda trash :)
Ok so let me get this straight y’all really be asking us “oh before you do this we need you to enter the answer to 3 X 4” …. Bro I think I would know the answer I’m not dumb buddy and for younger kids THEY CAN ASK SIRI BY HOLD A BUTTON ON THEIR DEVISE AND SAY “yo Siri what’s 3 X 4 😩😩😩” just saying think smarter not harder but ALSO PREMIUM COSTS LIKE 45 DOLLARS A MONTH bro I can be buying what I ACTUALLY need what do y’all need all that money for hmm? 🤨 Like please if someone is reading this before downloading than please don’t get this app bro 👁️👄👁️ because ITS NOT WORTh IT 💀💀💀 like just talk kids you can shut yo goofy mouths up about how I have to pay like 45 dollars every month for premium and the lags are sooo bad bro like if I stop talking to my friend for 2 SECONDS then it automatically hangs up :D
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5 years ago, apple_app_reviewer
Good but with a Major FLAW
This app is good but does have a major flaw. My kid has this installed on her ipad. I have the adult version of the app on my iphone. When I call my kid, and if the ipad is locked, then only a banner (silent) notification appears. No vibration or ring - that is if the ipad has a cover or if its not right next my kid, then there is no indication of an incoming call. You cannot expect to have your kid constantly looking at the ipad screen for the banner. By the way, I have enabled all alerts/notifications on the ipad. By the way, the reverse scenario works just fine. If my kid calls me, i do get a ring/vibration on my iphone even when its locked. So the problem is only for the ipad. Unless this is fixed, i don't think the app will be very useful to me.
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1 year ago, jhgffdjgggglj
Made my kid sad
My kid has a chat with her friend on here. One day, she sent a message that was maybe 5 lines long, and it didn’t send and now she can’t get into the chat. It took a while to find her friend’s profile, so we are not deleting the app OR the chat to fix it. The other problem is, she can do one tap on anything, even nothing and the app will freeze. We’ve tried closing the app and opening it up again and we’ve tried restarting our iPad. The only thing my kid can do is video chat. No texting, nothing else. Her friend doesn’t live far, but she does sometimes visit her dad, and we don’t know where her dad lives! And sometimes her friend isn’t even available!
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5 months ago, jdjdusksndj
I really liked this app but I didn’t like that sometimes when I tried to text it would make me do a math problem but I do recommend if u don’t have messages and if you don’t have the same type of phone as your friend it really helped when me and my friend wanted to call and find an app that wouldn’t make us pay and was kid friendly and if your a parent and don’t want your kid to have messages because you don’t know if they delete stuff after they text it this is a very good app highly recommended.
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5 months ago, _^_Yxriko_^_
It’s nice and all but some issues
1. Okay so sometime me or my friends send me something, and then it says I have NO INTERNET CONNECTION even though I’m texting them and I check my wifi and there’s nothing wrong with it. 2. Sometimes I send my friends a vid/photo and it sends “tHis meSsaGE WAs REcALlEd” like. I DIDNT 👏 RE👏CALL👏THE👏MESSAGE?! 3. Sometimes when I’m face timing my friend on this app, I go on another app, then go back on this app, then for some reason it makes my friends video camera gets bigger?! That’s all the issues btw so bye, and JusTalk please fix these problems!🤞🏻
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2 years ago, Notyoubus
Highly recommend
I think this app is awesome!its safe and has lots of features it’s perfect for a kid like me so I can talk to My friends a Little laggy when I call but that’s probably just cuz I use an apple,one suggestion though,on JusTalk you Know how there’s kids tube?well it’s cool and I like it but please make MORE videos and maybe a bit more interesting?Pleasess?🥺I really think this could be the best social app for kids if it just had a couple new things and updates. Also can other people see your moments or are they private?
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2 years ago, eevee cool
We used to use messenger
We used to use messenger but we thought this would be better because the messenger would throw off my friends and log me out of my account I think this is a lot better than messenger two stars because my little kid wasn’t doing well on itI gave it four stars because I had an old friend named Claire and can’t afford the cost for the premium you should make it less expensive because some parents can’t pay for it but otherwise it’s good
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2 years ago, MinyMocha
By nasteexa22
Ok so my first reason is I can call my little sister that doesn’t have a phone so she can’t call me but when I got this app it was fun but you need a phone number so the day after I got it I went back on the app and it work don’t get me wrong I did tell my parents they said I could use this app and then i told my little sister and now I can call my little sister and friends and she can call her friends it the best app for tablet user i recommend you get it nowwwww .
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1 year ago, gresind
Good place to talk
This is A good app because it’s has safe conversations for kids and if they want to take some nights, they can be completely safe with no hackers and the parents gonna have no worries and that’s why that’s a good game so download it now for your child so they can stay safe while they’re having fun with their friends and at the same time being safe of dangerous people out there of the world that can cause damages so download this game now because I give it a five star
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6 months ago, najatbenameur
Very good but some issues
So me and my friend do some edits and we exit the app and we are still on call but like every 20-30 minutes it hangs up randomly and when we try to exit to like play roblox or smth it hangs up and neither of us presses the hang up button. It’s really getting on my nerves cuz we try to have some fun but the button ruins it and we have to call again and again and again and it’s really annoying so please JusTalk skids fix this issue.
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8 months ago, Berneray Bear
The Best 😍
This app is the best thing ever! It helps me talk to my BFF because I moved to California and she’s still in Virginia. 😢 But I talk to her everyday because you can FaceTime on this and message and also post things and label them. You can also choose profile pictures anytime you want! Unlike some other apps you can’t change it immediately or even change it at all! Trust me though, there’s a billion more great things about this app! 🧁
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2 years ago, btwq
Erm idk really
It’s good to talk to your friends who don’t have FaceTime! It’s like FaceTime but I am sometimes confused with this app. Have a request before I can join a group chat! Because I don’t want to have to keep deleting chats when annoying people spam me! So please consider this suggestions!! And it sometimes says that I didn’t give permission to have my camera and microphone on (keep in mind that I already gave permission for the app to do so) so I have to shut down my device just so that glitch can be fixed. So idk what to do with this app anymore! I just wanna call my friends tbh!😃😭
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6 years ago, ReReeeeeeeeeeeXOXO
My family loves it!!!
So, it's actually kinda same as messenger kids but I think it's easier to than messenger kids. I just help my son set a justalk ID since he uses a tablet and we can start a video call right away. Facebook will sell my info to the third party so I hardly use it now. It's hard to find a kids-friendly chatting app on the App Store for my kid, that's why I feel justalk kids is the best choice for my family! I've already asked my kid's grandparents to download the app as well who live in other state.
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1 year ago, Night Siri T
I am furious!
I can’t call my best friend and I don’t know just talk kids account I just don’t I can’t call her with any other thing. I just don’t know what to do. I am serious and you need to shut down this app immediately. I hate it I’m freaking out I can’t believe you would do that to people who have the time to figure this stuff out ,but I do enjoy the little characters like that you can make your own account but it’s really easy and I am furious that it is so easy for kids to just log on to different account like come on you could you Siri can you do that could you Siri to do that math is complete it’s getting really long so I’m just gonna get to the point I hate this app!
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4 years ago, Churriros
Not a good app. Very disappointing. 😩
The app is fine it’s the games that are HORRIBLE! The Santa game is rigged! 😠 That’s the ONLY game that works on the app! 😡the other one doesn’t even work most of the time! 😭 Hangs up on calls after 30 minutes. 🤢 It doesn’t let you show videos only photos. And a lot of the things you have to pay for. 😾 When you open the app the app it ALWAYS asks you to pay for premium! I JUST WANT TO TEXT MY FREIND. 😤 An sometimes it pauses the call, it doesn’t work so we have to hang up and call again! Ugh 😑 It’s hard to log in the beginning. Asks for too much information 😳 Only texting works well. 🙄
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1 year ago, hey jdjehhrueuryrr
The of the stuff water in your hair so that it will not be
The first one was really good and then I got the first ones but I don’t think it’s a great idea because it is a really nice color but it was a little more than I wanted it for to match my face but I really liked the color so I just didn’t like the second color because I don’t like that it was too much of the color I wanted but it is really really nice to see and the second is really cool.
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7 months ago, Make up time review
Best face time app ever!!!! And safest app to ever
Literally I have no reason not to like this app when you FaceTime someone you can play games wile you FaceTime with your family and friends so if your trying to find a app that is safe for your children or really anyone so if you read this I would get just talk kids plus you can texted. So come on this is probably the most safest app you will find and also the most entertaining.
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4 years ago, ikindalikethisgam is my users
🥴 please explain
This is the best kids app ever!! Me and my bestie from school found this and LOVE IT! But... my app storage and my picture storage was full. And today I went to just text my friend and it said log in or creat an account!! And I was freaking out but luckily I had another app called Roblox that you can only text on and I told her but every time I power off my phone it says sign in or create an account so I had to make another account but also I cannot see my friend’s ID unless I search it up what is going on today?!
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4 years ago, Takeahikemike
The best app Ever
Hello 👋🏻 This is the best app My child can chat with friends and call them when there lonely. This app should be 5 stars there is so much more you can do! Like Ringtone, 📱 Stickers, 😍and Theme color. This app should not be banned. My child use this not all the time but that’s fine. I set this up for my Daughter Just today and she started using it. This app is cool but I don’t know the ID when you add friends.😰👋🏻 I don’t know their ID but that’s fine but also you can go on Justalk to.
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2 years ago, Caseybrian12
Love it
I had to make a last minute trip out of state and have never been away from my daughters they were ones who told me about this app so I had them load it and we were able to message and video call and send fun stupid drawings to each other. Very simple to use and safe for kids because only parents are able to invite others and you use a passcode each time
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3 years ago, DolphinScarlett67
This is so fun!!!
I love this app so much! Me and my my friend have been dying to be able to FaceTime,text, and call. It is a tiny tiny bit complicating but me and my friend figured it out. It is great for if you want to play games and go against the person you are FaceTiming and you can go against them and it is very fun. You can also take pictures and then edit and draw on them me and my friend took a picture of us and we tried to draw makeup on us. And that is my review!! P.S. GET THIS APP
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1 year ago, gianna0289
Overall, I think this game is great. Me and my friend can play this game and the games. My friend is not allowed to have a phone number to. This is the perfect for us because we’re allowed to do it but I think they need more games because the games are very hard but overall this game is pretty nice but just a little bit more games and maybe have your camera off and then it would be perfect
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2 years ago, Manu😕😕😕
JusTalk Kids
Jus talk kids, it is a good app for kids and they do their math multiplication tables like 8 times 2, and for kids, that don’t have messages or messenger kids, Instagram stuff like that you can use this app JusTalk kids like if you have a friend at school and it's your best you can install this app you can talk to him/her at home do homework math problems and when summer comes YOU WILL NEED TO BE IN CONTACTED WITH YOUR FRIENDS so you can have fun at summer too !!!
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2 years ago, GayGirlShawty
The themes are absolutely adorable and I’m so obsessed with this app. It’s useful for a lot of things and gives me the chance to express Myself safely with no issues. I love the little videos you can watch, I think they’re fascinating and it’s totally kid friendly! I have no complaints. They also give you a chance to post memories where your friends can see them and I think that’s cool too.
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2 months ago, Supercoolman555
Its the actual best 😏🤩
So lately, I’ve been texting with my friends, and I’m so glad I got this, because without it, I wouldn’t have been able to chat with my friends. So, so far, there has been no problems with this app, except that there’s not many things in this app that come without a cost. I recommend this to anyone’s parents who say they can’t chat on Call or Text!!!🤩
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4 years ago, queen of kindness2011
Very disappointed at the moment
I thought this app would be great for me to chat with my family and friends since I’m 9 and I don’t have my own phone. So I asked my dad if l could download and he said yes so I did everything you need to do then I figured out it cost money. Does everything have to cost money!!?? I know you need to make your money and all but this is not okay. can’t you people ever make things free!???!!! I was searching for an app Iike this and I was happy until I figured out it cost money. You disappointed a lot of people by doing this. Including me. Your game should not even be out in the play store or App Store. So please fix this!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you do I will give you 5 stars
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2 years ago, iorfida
It is good
Ok first it is really good it’s really really good but it’s hard to add people it’s just hard so I think they should just go buy like their name or people can get them because it’s there that their friend really wants to get them but you can’t because some other person doesn’t know their thing so I think it should be just the name by the other things I think it’s good
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