JusTalk - Video Chat & Calls

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4.4 (52.3K)
153.7 MB
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Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for JusTalk - Video Chat & Calls

4.41 out of 5
52.3K Ratings
3 years ago, PeeTastesLikeEpic
Good app, but I have a few recommendations...
All in all, I enjoy this app. It's very convenient for texting and calling when I don't want to use minutes or texts. But the video chat feature lags quite a bit, and sometimes the camera has glitches. I don't use very many emojis (in fact I deleted my emoji keyboard so that I don't get into that annoying habit) but people who do use them in most of their texts may be disappointed when they realize it costs premium to use most emojis. But if you're okay with limiting your emojis, having slight lag in your video calls, and a few pop up ads here and there, this is the app for you! It still allows you to connect with people across different platforms, the texting feature sends texts faster than iMessage, and the video chat isn't THAT terrible, there's just some freezing, but you can still hear each other. Emojis shouldn't be a problem, since I'm pretty sure most of us can express emotion just as much through words as we can through cute little smiley faces. I would definitely recommend this app!
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2 years ago, kelsey morales 09
Its amazing should get today
By Kelsey1222 just talk has been an amazing add to me it is a really nice app to talk to your friends it is so good that most of my friends got it as well you can make so much friends on this app and you can have fun on this app as well make sure you get this app today right now because you will experience a really nice time on this app because it is so good you can call text video chat you can do anything on this game I love it and my friends love it as well it is super fun to be able to talk to your friends on this app it is a really fun app that you can text like I said and call at the same time and you can add a lot of friends to be friends with you so it is a really cool game to spend time with and to video chat and to call thank you have a great day make sure to download just talk right now today I love this App so much make sure to have a good time spending time on this wonderful wonderful app it is wonderful to spend time on this app goodbye have a good day everyone hope you get this app very very soon it is a very good experience goodbye see you later By kelsey1222 soon goodbye
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4 years ago, Cheyanne reviews
Very Convenient, I recommend
This app is super convenient for people that don’t have service it’s pretty similar but with perks for example The app allows you to play games while face timing which is pretty cool, it also lets you know if a message has been read by the circle with a check mark in it, a circle with 1 check mark means it was being sent to whoever a circle with 2 checks marks means it has been delivered to the person and a circle that is filled in with 2 checks marks means it has been read. It also tells y I on the top that if a person is typing. Other beet things is that your profile is totally customizable for you and it has unique ring tones for you when a person call or texts, the only “ issue “ is that there is a small add before you can officially open the app it doesn’t take long and it’s free to skip which I don’t mind. Overall this would be your best bet if you don’t have a phone number and want to text or just can use regular messaging anyhow it’s a really put together app that I highly recommend
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4 years ago, SaraJ Tbetti
Great for Talking and FaceTiming but has problems
Justalk is amazing for all ages and can be very great and good at times, although I got some bugs 1st the screen glitches and flickered from black and white and freaked me out,it freezes a lot but not all the time, needs to update and not make most emojis limited and stuff, Justalk seems to disconnect a lot even with the closest friend to your house it will still disconnect which is a problem, Justalk is actually not that bad, all it needs is a few bugs fixed and some more updating which would be great but I don’t think some things should cost or a free trial stuff, kids might use the app and be mad that can’t do a emoji they like. Again but Justalk isn’t that bad and overall it’s not horrible, but this need to change for more things to work, but this is great because of coronavirus keeps us inside and this is a way to talk to friends and blah blah blah but it still has a bad side to it
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3 years ago, TheseerHunter0957
It’s really good bruh
Ok so it’s actually really good the audio and video calls r clear and u can hear the people fine every once in a while it hiccups but that’s every app even FaceTime does that but I love this app the only thing I would want more is wen u send 3 emojis they go big but they don’t do idc I ain’t gonna complain but like u can send long videos like over a minute and there really clear and sound good and gifs and stuff pictures go thru fast and clear the videos take a bit depending on how long and I’ve only had it a day so idk for sure yet but so far it looks to be free like I don’t have to pay for minutes to call or FaceTime and I love it also u can change ur profile pic the persons name and the background of the one your texting like bruh this app really is the bomb like 2 towers type bomb I love it I hope this helps you out I recommend it highly and hope you have a good time with it just like me and my friends. Love you and God bless🌹🌹
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7 years ago, Disori3nt3d
Amazingly Easy, Fast & Free Video Chat
I have an iPhone 6s Plus and my family has Samsung Galaxy S7. I manage rental properties in addition to my construction company and having a convenient simple app to video message with people across all platforms is extremely helpful. The only thing I dislike about the App is that the pro version(ad free version ... video calls still work on free version) is setup as a recurring payment option [albeit 0.50¢ / Month] yes I'm complaining about 50 cents per month on principle only cuz I hate paying monthly for things. Just charge me a price and be done with it. Other than my personal views of that small drawback everything is desirable and intuitive. And in all fairness of objectivity it's incredibly cheap monthly costs are a positive for some people because then they are only charged for however long they want to use the app and not some larger up front fee when they only plan to utilize the app for short duration of time.
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5 years ago, HolihsRuby
Amazing app!!!🙃😊
Hey guys! So if you have not downloaded this app, WELL DO IT!!!!!!! My Review: Justalk is an amazing way to contact your closest friends and family members. It doesn't take long to set up and you can just call, FaceTime, and text people right away! I have been testing out different apps to see which one is the best one for me to FaceTime, call, and text people. The other apps either had me pay money, doesn't work, or it only let me call iPhones. And it is defenately not an annoying app. What I mean is the other apps that I tried downloading, it kept texting me random numbers. So if you are looking through the comments to see if Justalk is a good app to text, FaceTime, and call people, hopefully this answers your question. If I were you I would get this app because it is so awesome!!!!!!!!!! Thank you guys so much for reading this paragraph of my review!!! I really hope you get this app!!!!!!!!!! :) 😋🙃😊🤗
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3 years ago, NadineMichelle
Pretty good little app! But….
Waaaaaay over the top expensive for features that are free in every other chat app. What’s the point in paying so much money just to get some free hats and T-shirts? People aren’t using this app for that reason. The marketing and aim this app uses to get people to spend more by convincing they’re getting more isn’t really a decent thing that’s the one problem I do have with this app. Make it easier to add small add ons. $1.99 to remove ads. Maybe another $1.99 to add other features too so they have carte Blanche rather than having to buy it all in one jab! Asking people to pay $10+ dollars a month for a kids chat app is a bit over the top (not including the initial one time large charge just to sign up for it!). I can see paying for little add ons one at a time but MOST people can’t afford this huge fee just to become VIP. Let’s get more realistic here…. A lot more money can be made here if it were done more strategically! Something to think about!!
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5 years ago, Awesome😋😋😋
It’s amazing
It’s amazing I love it I have a friend and she lives an hour away and I have a iPad and she has a phone and it’s Samsung so I can’t talk to her but with this app we have been talking for months! And we have face timed called texted it’s awesome 😎 we have plans over five sleepovers on face time!!! Yes I’m young and I wouldn’t normally RATE/REVIEW so I’m glad I did there’s a others app called text plus but I hate it it have to pay to call once I payed so much so it would give me more time to CALL/FACETIME it gave me ZERO ZERO minutes but on this app you don’t need to pay watch adds (there is actually no adds!!!!!!😃😃😃😂😂😂😂😜😜😜😍😍😍). And because of this amazing app I have a sleepover with my friend this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'!!!!!!!!!'!!!!!!!!!! Please if you read my review know that you will use it for a long time 🥰😙🙂☺️☺️☺️🙂☺️☺️😝😝😝😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃❤️❤️❤️❤️😃😃😃😃😃😃❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💏💏💏💏👯‍♂️👯‍♂️😃😃😃😃😃 📱 📲 ☎️
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2 years ago, Meilagirlandgodsangel
This app is great!
This app has helped me and my friend talk on a face call! On iMessage they only let us audio call but now I can call he on face call, this is a five star review because everyone should download it because it’s fun to. I can make my on name and account photo for everyone to see. Download this app now because you will have loads of fun! You can draw on the phone call, and you can show your friends pictures that you want to show. The adds are only five seconds and sometimes you don’t even have to wait you can literally just skip and BAM! Thank you so much because when I found this cool app exactly, I showed my best friend and we can both call! You can face call, audio call, or you could just text if you want. It’s your choice to have this app. Make a good one! Thank you for reading this good luck!
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6 years ago, True Essence
Almost Perfect
I downloaded this app to my iPhone because Google DUO just wasn’t cutting it for me. For the most part, I like the “JustTalk” app a lot better than Google DUO. I love the fact that I get more options within my video call and the connection/video reception is practically perfect. What I don’t like is the “Notification” setting. If I don’t have certain notification options enabled, I can’t receive notification of an incoming video call. I have to have almost all of the notification options enabled in order to receive incoming call requests. That’s a bummer because I don’t care too much for the “Banner” option in my “Notification” settings. I prefer to receive my video calls the same way I do any calls, full screen without the banner. Is there any way this notification option can be altered?
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5 months ago, Supateam4
U need more free stuff
I like the app and all but there’s two things about it that you need to fix. you need to make it to where you can have more free stuff. there are like two things on the app that are completely free. and nobody’s paying for some thing every month when they could just get any other app. it doesn’t make any sense make people pay for the app first instead of making them pay every month I am might have given it a better review but it’s glitchy. that leads me to my next statement nobody wants a super glitchy at people when I say they’re what they want to say once and be done it doesn’t make any sense. and also if you would just make it to where only you could see what you doodle on the screen I know you’re giving somebody something to do but somebody might want to see somebody else’s face. yeah but y’all have a Lotta bucks to fix like I said the F is going on you just have a couple other problems on that I’m not doing right.
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4 years ago, Rusballerina
I personally don’t like the idea of games. But a good app. There needs to be a way to report onesides and comments on the activities and games. I have seen some extremely inappropriate posts, and there are children, including me, on this app!!! Also, because of those, the app is now 17+ which I am not allowed to use. My friends are moving and there is absolutely no other way to talk to them. Being able to post onesides was a terrible idea. It brought the age up and like I said, is inappropriately used. Pls update! I would like to see this read and replied to by someone who can change something. (Btw how do you tell if the message was read or not? It sometimes shows one check, sometimes two, and sometimes the two checks are in a solid circle, and sometimes not!!!) I’m confused. Someone wrote a review after I did by a couple hours, and they got a reply. I also emailed. Why haven’t I gotten any replies!!
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2 years ago, AuntMelissa2JaxNLyssa
Perfect little app
This app is especially great for kids!!! There’s so much they can do on it! I downloaded this so I can video chat with my nephew on his tablet from my phone and it has been exceptional! We call text or video chat everyday! We can also play games with each other while in video call and he can change his animal character and doodle and do all kinds of stuff on the kids version he loves it!!!!! Anyway it’s been the best app I could have asked for to use to connect with him! I’m sure there are more things you can do with it but after having it for a couple months we still haven’t gotten through everything this app has to offer yet!!! So would I recommend it? Absolutely! Great for both kids and adults!
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4 years ago, MiasAWSOME_1234
Great app! Just needs something.
Hello! I’ve been using this app for a while, and it’s amazing. It’s basically like apple, where you can text, FaceTime, Call, voicemail, send videos, send emojis, pictures, etc. But I do have one concern. It’s the VIP/Premium. The Premium has where you can send moving emojis, cool sounds, ringtones, and more. The thing is, I think there is too much Premium stuff. There is only 3 options you can choose from for ringtones, and the Premium costs a lot of money. I also don’t think it’s fair that SAMSUNG’s get a free pass, and apple and other devices don’t. So, my advice for this app is maybe lower the price, give more options for ringtones and stickers/ moving emojis, and no free passes for premium. Thank you so much! (Whoever is reading my post, I hope you have a wonderful day/night! 🥳)
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4 years ago, mommsterof3
Can’t connect my kids account to my family premium subscription
Seems like an amazing app so far just got it because my son was asking me for google duo but that one wasn’t or at least should I say he didn’t seem very safe for kids so I looked up a few other ones in this one came up and it’s everything that I would want for a social networking for my children but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to connect his account on JusTalk kids to my family premium account that I just made I don’t even really need a Account I’m not gonna use it I have other social networks some adult but I paid 100 bucks a year for a family premium plan and I can’t add him onto it it’s kind of making me angry.. otherwise it seems perfect at everything I would want for my kids on the Internet so you can’t talk to anybody that I don’t approve and FUN, seems great
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5 years ago, Oakley4Grace
JusTalk is a great app to talk to people if you can’t over message or even don’t have a phone it nice and free the only complaint is is that it doesn’t tell me when my friend or family member is typing with I wish it did because it makes me mad but keep up the good work the rest of it is amazing thanks for creating this app! My only problem with it is, that it doesn’t tell me somebody has read it. If it’s the check marks next to the right of your text message then I suppose it does. But it doesn’t do it for every person I talk to. I also think that I don’t like it also on the other hand because I get bullied on it and when I block them they put me in group chats and stuff and I still go her messages. Also I love the drawing on the face time call. It’s so great! ~Ab
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2 years ago, azaleabob8364
what is happening????
so i’ve had justalk for probably a year now, and i love it! it’s a great app, where you can call, facetime, and text your friends for free (unless you pay subscription). i haven’t had any large problems with the app except that this week, justalk hasn’t been working at ALL. i haven’t even able to text my best friend and i don’t know if he’s even getting my texts. i deleted the app and tried to log back in and couldn’t for a day or two, then finally i got back in and immediately texted my best friend. but that was probably two days ago and he hasn’t responded, so i don’t know if he even got the texts—my friend always responds instantly. so, PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEEEEASE fix this bug!! lots of love ❤️❤️❤️🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼😁😁😁
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2 years ago, dfghikjgg
So useful read this if you are having second thoughts
I am not old enough to have a phone which means I don't have a phone number to give to friends so all summer I'm crying bc I have to wait 2 months to even talk to them but this?don't have to pay, don't need a phone number, and unlike others easy to sign into. All it does it checks your age needs you to make a password and ID and both can be random my friend showed it to me and I love it And I was checking the app out to figure out the controls, and I figured out that you can show a little scan thing to the person that you want the get to call you on there. It is awesome and I love it.
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5 years ago, PERSONO665
Great app. But a few bugs
So, I’ve had JusTalk for a while so I can talk with my girlfriend whose phone is trash, it works amazing well and easy to figure out. The only problem with it is that with the new update, it’s not sending my messages. I have tried calling then hanging up, sending a picture, deleting and re downloading, clicking out then coming back in, spamming, practically everything I can think of. But my messages just won’t send. It’s been happening on my friends too. It’s not because the phone is off because I started texting them on regular messages and we got it to work just fine. Whatever it is I hope you can fix the problem. Other than that, I really love the app!
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4 years ago, Maddiedickerman
It’s amazing!
Over all I give this app 5 starts, first off it was free and second it’s super self explanatory, I opened the app after downloading it and saw the sign up or log in option. I originally downloaded it for my kindle because I was having trouble figuring out how to text/ FaceTime on a kindle fire. I signed up which was super easy and began to add contacts. What I love about FaceTime is you can tap on your box and have it be in the corner or you can choose if you want your opponent to be in the corner. I love this app and totally recommend it and the only thing I would see that is annoying is the ringtone option. There is only one sound for a ringtone and I have searched high and low for one! ~Maddie
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3 years ago, Lil Bit 1988
You can talk to your friends or family like if you have Tiya and people are talking about just talk and you download it you have to like login or sign in and then all you have to do is do that and then ask them what you the password or I mean ID is and then you have them as a friend or you can ask your family members if they can download it and login and then you bring your wine text them like yeah that’s all you have to do so bye and my favorite part about this is that you can actually talk text see what peoples faces are and all of that if you can even get your work members to do it if you need to go into a meeting that’s all bye
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6 years ago, GermanShepard131
I think that if you are looking for a app to FaceTime on this is the one! There are many features such as you can text, just normal call, and..... FACETIME!!!!!! When I get asked to FaceTime with my friends my phone sometimes does not let me FaceTime so I ask my friends if they can get it and they say yes.. So... I highly recommend getting this app if you need a FaceTime app for if it sometimes does not let you FaceTime.... If your reading this then you should probably believe what I am saying or look at other reviews because once you read these comments and actually get the app you will understand why I am taking the time to write this big paragraph.... So, Have a nice day everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!
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1 year ago, Peppapigparty
It’s really good, but there needs to be more games on call
It’s a really good calling app. It just needs more games. 1 idea I have is maybe u could add screen sharing, but it’s not premium. For the screen sharing I think it should be pretty similar to the regular FaceTime app but a little different so it’s not copying. Now onto games. Another idea is maybe add tic tac toe Ik u can play it on doodle, but I just think there should be a game for that. Third game I think u should add is uno. Idk how ur going to add it but I just thought of a game that I think people (like me) would like to play it on a call. That’s all I have let me know if I missed a game!
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3 years ago, hotcrossbuns hotcrossbuns
My Opinion on JusTalk
I really like the app JusTalk, however I think there should be some things that could be changed a little. 1- They really shouldn’t tell you to use a social media account or phone number so you can creat an account. I don’t really like this because not all people may have a social media account or they don’t want to add a phone number. 2-They shouldn’t really add JusTalk Premium. I don’t think it’s a great idea to have JusTalk Premium. I mean I don’t really think it’s fair to have to pay some money just to get chat themes and cooler filters. Although it is a couple bucks so it’s not really THAT big a deal. Byeeeeeeee :)
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5 years ago, dis was the best game ever!
I got this app because I have an iPad and a bunch of my friends have phones that are Androids, and I couldn’t get in touch with them. Also my phone was broken during this time so I couldn’t use it. And when my phone got fixed, I downloaded JusTalk on it, and I used it instead of FaceTime, because of how much better it is. It has games you can play, and the group video chat is very nice compared to the apple Group FaceTime. My friends also told me to get it because I couldn’t call them. I love this app so extremely much, and I hope you will take this review seriously, and at least consider this app for calling.
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4 years ago, jGueo
Wow! This app is a step into the future.
The video calling quality alone makes this a truly awesome app. I can honestly tell this app was built from the ground up to run great on ALL devices not just the latest devices. Runs great on my iPhone X all the way down to my iPod 5. The video calling quality is the best out there period. Far superior to Facetime. I normally don’t even write reviews but i would give this app 6 stars if I could! Keep up the awesome work devs you built a truly amazing app. I’m going to tell all my friends about this app. Thanks for making my long distance relationship way better you guys are great!
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7 years ago, Aneka B
Good quality
I think this is a good app and great quality. I have tried oovoo and other apps and this is definitely the best one. There are barely any glitches and the sound quality is great or at least better than oovoo’s. I feel that it does glitch and some points like when you go out of the app and then back in, but other than that it is pretty good quality. I love the sharing photos and drawing options I think that every video chat app should have that! I love all of the options and choices you have on the screen, I have never seen anything like that in any other app. Overall, I think this is a great quality app.
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4 years ago, Mera H
Love it!
Me and my friend have been doing Zoom! Then one day it stopped working! It’s been weeks since we’ve been able to call! Today while I was at school she found this app! Now we can call! I love this app so much! It’s like this app knew we needed something to call with! It came right before I died because we couldn’t call! 😂 If you are reading the reviews and you see me if you don’t have the app, I suggest you get it! It’s a great app for calling people! All you need is to make a ID and password then you can press skip or put your Facebook or Phone number! It’s awesome! You should get it! Bye!
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4 years ago, Raysnnn
I JusTalk
I love the app it’s really good and it’s for kids so it’s a good I love it it’s the best except for things or money and that’s like really annoying so like yeah I really like it but the only exception that I hear about is the money the money is just annoying because like I’m not allowed to have a bank account so yeah if you wanna go on this app I’m just telling you that everything is my name like except for texting and calling that’s all last week and there is some stickers that are free and you could also get free things sometimes so yeah I hope you guys like it if you guys decide to be done with it
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6 months ago, UN8K8
The best app
Title: Just Talk: A Powerful Platform for Meaningful Conversations Introduction: Just Talk is an exceptional platform that provides a space for individuals to engage in meaningful conversations. With its user-friendly interface and innovative features, Just Talk has become a go-to platform for people seeking to connect, learn, and grow through conversations. This review will explore the various aspects of Just Talk that make it a remarkable platform. Seamless User Experience: One of the standout features of Just Talk is its seamless user experience. The platform's intuitive interface makes it incredibly easy for users to navigate and find conversations of interest. The streamlined design allows you to effortlessly connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds and engage in stimulating discussions. Diverse Range of Topics: Just Talk offers a vast array of topics for individuals to discuss, making it an ideal platform for anyone looking to broaden their horizons.
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3 years ago, totallygameforanything
The quality of the call
I currently had messenger but I wanted something that I could do more on, so I got JusTalk. There are fun mini games and more things to do which is exactly what I was looking for, so me and my friend (while on call on messenger) were setting up accounts on JusTalk. Then after we set up the accounts we friended each other. We got on a call. We were so caught up in playing mini games and drawing on each other’s screen, that we didn’t notice a problem with the audio until later. I could barely hear my friend and she barely heard me too. I was pretty upset, because EVERYTHING ELSE WAS AWESOME. So besides that it was an amazing app with amazing features. It was a great app overall!
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2 years ago, David-Ali
Great but there could be some changes…
This is a great app for many to use and is pretty convenient and cute. Though it would be nice if there was more access to emojis since there’s such a limited amount. Instead there should be more emojis that could be used. There should also be more gifs. There are a very limited amount of gifs and it would be nice to be able to have a large selection of them. Or I try pasting a gif from a different keyboard and it won’t work (which is another thing that should be fixed). Otherwise, great app! :)
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5 years ago, super_mom314
Best video chat app ever
I’ve used dozens of video chat apps In my life and I am very most Impressed with this one. My 5yr old uses it to call our family. I’ve never had any problems with it (ex. Force closing). I would recommend this app 100% to anyone who wants to do video call and chat as well. It is user friendly, and has a fun paint/drawing activity you can do with the other person you are talking to while you are video chatting, (multi-colored drawing with each other on the video chat screen while you’re talking. It is a very fun activity to do with each other.
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6 years ago, Mini halo
Works very well
This app works with my elderly mother in laws kindle fire. She initially did need direction to use it, as she wasn’t familiar with the icons (sharing pictures, text chat vs video call) but now she can do it all by herself and we are able to see her and stay in touch across the miles. This is also very helpful to “check in” with her. As I said, she’s elderly, so we’re able to see clearly (very good picture quality) how she’s doing, and how the rest of the house looks, if there are any issues, etc. I would recommend this app to anyone with the latest kindle fire.
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6 months ago, Robert313
Not safe
Someone contacted my daughter and asked her to send inappropriate photos of herself or they would share regular photos of her on social media that they had somehow retrieved from her photo gallery without her having sent them to this person. There was no obvious option to block this person harassing my daughter nor was there any way obvious to report this person in the app. Upon doing research online for this app I found other reports of people trying to exploit under age kids. I removed the app and completely reset my daughters phone and she isn’t allowed to have this app again, I didn’t realize she had it in the first place. Parents: do your research before you let your child use this app and then don’t let them get it.
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2 years ago, MDMSuperstar1
No instruction, not intuitive, expensive
I was tasked with making a way our elementary kids can message us on their iPads through WiFi. After getting an online recommendation, I started with this service. $40 annual subscription on my phone is not enough to connect, so I added another subscription to the 1st iPad. It works but I have 2 kids, 2 iPads… Paid a monthly $20 for “Premium family” and still cannot get the second kid linked. iTunes won’t set up another subscription under my name so I can’t get the 2nd kid linked in. My wife cannot get her “free,” heavy with ads app to connect. There is no service person available or any tutorial that describes setting up a family. Waste of time, energy and $$$!!! Save yourself the frustration.
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5 years ago, Jack_OC
Good but Santa followed me at 3AM (NOT CLICKBAIT)
Now I personally like this app. Since my friend has a kindle and now I got to see him more. BUT... after having fun with the flappy bird Santa rip-off (We called it Mega Santa) but after I tried to close it It kept coming back up and after leaving the call and deleting the tab it kept coming back up. It was very annoying and if it was good this would be a four star review. The reason it would be a five star review is because it has some other flaws i mean all apps do none are perfect but this app has some pretty annoying ones. I would recommend this app to people who can’t text or call but it can be annoying at times. 7/10
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1 year ago, gardenosound
It’s ok
Ok so first of all, I don’t know if it’s just me or what, but, whenever I try sending or taking a picture it don’t work. So what I have to do is go to settings, disable photos, then enable them, and it only works one time. Basically I have to do that EVERY TIME I want to send a photo or video. Other than that, I like how you can sort of “post a story” but I wish you could put more than one video in a post, or maybe make it where I can scroll through the little posts like a TikTok vid or YT short. Maybe make it where you can make a story like in Snapchat, bcz I’m not allowed to have it, but I have seen where my friends showed me their snap, and I wanna be able to have one like that on JustTalk. I don’t really love the ringtones, and there’s only 3 games to play on calls, which is kinda boring. And it’s SO annoying when every time I try to open the app I have to watch an ad before responding to the message.
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3 years ago, CorgiSploot123
Very nice, just 2 glitches
I use this all the time with me friends, and it’s great, but there are some glitches. One glitch is when changing the color theme, it is hard to get red, because on the left side you only get a light orange, when on the other side you teleport all the way to the orange area. Another glitch is that when I’m group calling people, it will glitch out and the keyboard is still on the screen, even if I’m in the call, this one is an easy fix though and you can just zoom out and go back to the call. Anyway, nice app, have a good day!
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1 year ago, Angie😝😉😜
Just talk review
Honestly I you ever have any friends or family members that DONT have a line and CANNOT text through messages having Just Talk is the app for you. You don’t have to pay and you can text from literally anywhere. It’s like having messages but with different settings and with more options to text! Having Just talk opens doors and is probably the best app for people who still want to text and call and even video call without having to pay for a line.
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7 months ago, why i gave TikTok 5 stars
To many glitches!
At first I thought it was MY phone… I turned it off, closed out of apps,but nothing changed so I just thought it was something I couldn’t fix on my phone but when I used other devices it still did the same thing . For example, when I call on this app me and my friends screen be black, we recalled & turned r cameras on & off.. but it was the same thing and even sometimes when we call r cameras are sideways!! And I have to log in and out of my acc because all my messages just go away .! I see that I have text but i can’t see them unless I go on the others profile and text them that way!! Justalk pls fix your glitches!
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4 years ago, tap tap bap
This is an amazing game and super fun. There’s a lot of games and very fun to doodle with. I love that you can draw on the screen and make pictures or you can get emojis and have fun with it!!! It’s not something where you have to pay to yes the app!! Almost everything is free and ready to use!! The only thing you have to pay for are extras but the app is still very very fun without them. Me and my friends love that you can do so much and we’re never ever bored playing it!!! There nothing I don’t LOVE about this FaceTiming app!! love the game and I recommend it 100%!!!!
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6 years ago, BOSSMANTREY
Update Broke The App
I love this app and I use this app to call my girlfriend. There is a problem though, and that problem is the update. Ever since the newest update rolled out, she hasn’t been able to receive all of my calls, only some of them. Instead of saying “ringing” like it normally does, it stays on “calling”. She receives the call, but when she tries to answer, it keeps saying “answering”. It’s the same way around vise-versa. We are still able to send text messages, but the calling is not working. Please fix. Thanks!
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4 years ago, Hello kitty 2345789
Highly recommended to
Ok, so, me and my boyfriend used this and it wad the most amazing FaceTime app I’ve ever used. However, minor minor minor bugs. Not a lot just to me. I would highly recommend this app. I have only had it for about 30 minutes and love it. I love how their is games. Its fun, Not glitchy, and there is a lot if activity. I love how you can video chat and message. I will say, I do think that making some of it cost money was a little off hand but, that is just my opinon.
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6 years ago, IndiMarie5
Pretty good
I’ve used this app for about 2 years. Its really convenient when trying to video chat with people that don’t own an iPhone. I like the app overall my only issue is with the privacy settings. When I created my account I set the settings in a way that only friends could contact me but the app allows you to add anyone as your friend and basically without your permission they can call text or video chat you. Since I’ve downloaded the app I’ve had atleast 10 creepy pervs trying to video chat me which makes me really uncomfortable and further more concerned for other users who aren’t aware of this.
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2 years ago, Jahedur Rahman
Great app with small issues
I use the app to chat with my daughter. I subscribed to the paid version to be able to save the calls. It works great. But when i save the memoy on my iPhone, it only saves my daughter’s activity and not mine. Why is that? The video/memory that i save on my phone doesn’t show my image or play my voice. Another problem is I cannot fast forward the video when I play the memories in the app! Can you fux the issues?
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7 months ago, codylebow
Different mobile phones with friends
I like this app because when you have a different mobile phone with your friends you can’t really FaceTime them like in a zoom or something else but this app change my relationship with people that I always to FaceTime like in person you can do a lot of thing on there like video calls, call, and chats you can do a lot of stuff their that’s why I rate this a 5 stars rating 👏👏👏👏👏
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1 year ago, jrudbv
I gave this a five because I have a friend that I have like actually I have lots of friends who have phones like androids but they can’t FaceTime and I like searched up on the app thingy to see like if we have games to call people FaceTime and text stuff like that and if I’m just tired and I’m like oh this is so perfect and then I said everything is there I brought it down on the paper and they turned out really good and I loved it so I gave it a five
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2 years ago, Teriyakigrl224
Good review: This is a great app for kids to safely connect with kids. I pretty sure that a lot of people use this app. Bad review: This app has a lot of adds and that’s really annoying if you ask me. It also feels fishy when see them. Also I don’t like when you get pick your theme for you text background, your limited to little things. Why? Well everything is like premium. End result : I would get the app but letting you know there are flaw’s. Though it’s a good app for little children who have a phone and they have parents that worry about their kids safety. 🙂
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