Social Networking
3.7 (335)
79.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Kakao Corp.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for KakaoStory

3.71 out of 5
335 Ratings
5 years ago, ttottolove
Wish More video can upload
Only 5 Video can upload. Very little. 😰 Wish i can upload more each time.
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3 years ago, mushmushcoco
Horrible customer service for English speaking user
It’s literally impossible to contact a customer support. My dad’s account was suspended for the violation of your policy and it looks like his account was hacked. All my dad does is just commenting and liking my mom’s posts. And suddenly his account was suspended. He didn’t receive any emails about log in changes or anything and when he tried to fix this issue, he couldn’t do it because there’s no customer service available. He doesn’t speak English so obviously he is using the Eng version but even then korean language pops up and the customer service link doesn’t work. 영어버젼 앱은 관리가 안 되는건가요? 영어버젼으로 쓰라고 만들었으면 제대로 관리를 해 줘야 하는거 아닌가요. customer support 가 필요한데 영어버젼 앱에서 한국어가 나오면 어떻게 하라는건지 모르겠네요. 그리고 도대체 customer support는 어떻게 해야 받을 수 있는건지도 모르겠고... 링크도 눌러보면 페이지가 없어졌다고 뜨고 여기 적혀있는 핼프 이메일도 사실상 안 쓰는 이메일이고요? 계정관리도 제대로 안되고 리뷰보니까 다른분들도 갑자기 스팸에 도배라는 이유로 계정이 서스팬드 됐다고 하는데 확인도 안 해 보고 바로 정지 시켜버리시고요??? 그렇다고 아이픽 다른데서 로그인 됐다는 메일도 안 보내주고 하.. 개선이 좀 필요할것 같은데요.
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3 years ago, Giyomee
Love Kakao 👍
First of all Kakao has so cool & high quality emoji characters that I can express myself, and they hardly ever bother me ( which I do not take it advantage of or break the rules) We love Kakao. We usually do not trust or like social media but I can recommend Kakao to the whole world :)
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1 year ago, kellylovesanime
People need to take into consideration that this is a Korean app made by Korean developers. Not everything can adapt to your preferences; There are various alternatives to Kakao if you can not speak Korean.
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6 years ago, Qinghmimmi
Language confusing
I don’t understand any of Korean and I have set it into English. But still a lot of Korean appears in my notification center...
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6 years ago, fitthismess
Not a good app
You can’t upload what music your listening to or post what your watching and we would like this platform to have other languages as well
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5 years ago, iFloridawi
It aint Path
I don’t know why did you eliminated path for seak of Kako The design is bad. Most and important functions are in korean! If you want to keep Kako for korean market at least return path for world wide market. Especially in Middle East Path was very popular and used by most of heavy users! Think about it even by subscription fees path will be worthing to return
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6 years ago, sunnythegalaxy
Can not upload videos this version
Can not upload videos this version5.1.5
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2 years ago, Sushiloverdbndks
Switching from instagram to kakao
Instagram users are toxic af… I rather vibe with my Korean people, they are more respectful…
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9 years ago, Kimmiya
Great for sharing stories internationally
Most of Korean people I know use Kakaotalk as chat app and this is the extention of that to make my blogs to share stories with friends I made on Kakao talk. It's also great place to stay in contact with families in South Korea. I would have given it 5 stars but I rather gave 4 stars only because american kakaostory app (at least for apple since that's what i own) does not allow use of Kakaomusic to share my music as well. Hopefull, one day, that would be corrected so that the full function of all related stuff for this app will be available for nonresident of South Korea like me. Other than that, i love this app better than facebook. Nuff said.
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3 years ago, ㅗ어우우
Korean App? HELLOO stop complaining
its a korean app for korean people! stop complaining. it was not meant for u in the first place 😐
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4 years ago, Alexisoliviachoi12345
what’s the reason for this app...
Can’t upload video(s)~ If you guys update your app like instagram I will def. download it, otherwise waste of memories space on my phone.
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5 years ago, Cliffrex
Banned for no reason.
Hey Kakao, It’s so sad to be banned after installing an application that was recommended by a dude...I was only trying to study the application as a novice. Please,I’m pleading for my account to be reactivated. I await your response asap. Thanks. Cliff.
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10 months ago, Hewon Jeong
Should I download this app to delete my Kakao story page on my KakaoTalk profile?🤦🏻‍♂️
Worst UX ever I used
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3 years ago, Reviewing_Rater
It’s korean
Not in English. No privacy settings.
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4 years ago, wiseman._.
Absolutely terrible
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6 years ago, #محمدی
아주 좋아
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10 years ago, pandora bread
Breath of fresh air
Being a kakaotalk user, I found the social network version Kakaotalk Story really neat as you can post stickers on your photos for interesting effects. (Other social networks, stop fiddling with the filters and give option to put stickers on photos. Like in them Asian photo booths.) Two things: -While it does save the draft, there is no option to edit the published posts to correct any typos and such. -kakaotalk has their cool iconic characters as stickers. Expand to other stuff found in the item store in kakaotalk.
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12 years ago, Anonymous Rank & File Consumer
Much improved over beta version
They have improved everything I previously criticized: poor picture handling and the font size is now adjustable. Hopefully the improvements will keep coming. A Web interface would be great. Can posts be edited? Not yet. You can only delete them.
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12 years ago, Danmuzicman
Yeah now in English!
Thank you all for getting this up in English. You all at Kakao are always keeping us happy! Thank you for your hard work and even when there is a problem, finding a quick solution to it! So far in this update no bugs and no English errors that I can see! Keep up the great work, you guys are one of the few Korean start up companies that are doing well globally and able to understand and produce a great product. THANK YOU!
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11 years ago, Mrspark16
Picture Save Option/Friend Request
I really like this app, but it really needs to add the option for the users to be able to save the pictures on the phone. I lost some of the pictures on my phone but even though I have the pictures on my story, I can't save them. Also, I wish I could send a friend request to my Kakao talk friends but it's not easy to do if my friends don't have a Kakao ID. Please make it easier to find friends and request to be friends.
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12 years ago, mace107
Best thing since slice bread!
In the midst of the many balloon sized social networks, the kakaostory idea is brilliant. I love the simplicity of it, and how it is restricted to your kakao contacts. It connects you with people that you would most frequently chat with unlike Facebook which is too large and full of shallow relationships. The Kakaostory medium is perfect, simple, and smart. I love it.
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12 years ago, Eolnshurdlu
The idea for this app is good but the implementation is poor, for example, once posted, you can not edit captions by clicking on them. The user is severely limited in editing the visual layout as well, which is terrible. The photo quality has problems, a better privacy setting is needed badly, feeds should be done on a one by one basis - having all the feeds for everyone you know flow by endlessly is awful. This app also duplicates much of the same functions as Kakao Talk, which is strange. Finally, do we really need a dictionary inside of this app too?!
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11 years ago, Dreamerx314
It doesn't load for iphone
Before all the updates, either talk or story would load really fast. Half the time now, it keeps on saying no Internet connection which is not true because i am using my home wifi. Half the pics won't load, messages have a delayed notification not like before!!! Love this app but its making me deleting n reinstalling too many times!! Love hate relationship here.
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12 years ago, danieldurkee
Fantastic app, some issues with photo pixelation
I really love using KakaoStory and enjoy connecting with friends. My only issue with this app and it feels ongoing, is that photos that are uploaded are very pixelated now for the cover photo on the iOS platform which is pretty bad. Please fix this.
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12 years ago, Daniel Kang
Worst Reporting system ever for a SNS
I got cyber bullied through Kakao Story and first I tried to Report it but even though 2 days have passed the same person again posted a picture of me online without even telling me or asking my permission ad it isn't just that he edited it by mirroring in the middle to make it funny for others to see and laugh this is the most worst social network app that has been ever created without reporting and privacy protection this creator has to be sued
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10 years ago, Domo♥Lover
Nothing really changed... you should fix the music option on the profile page because the link won't lead to kakaomusic. Nothing changed.
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10 years ago, Apache monk
Add music feature isn't working
It only says "Trouble connecting to ITunes". So I haven't been able to play and create playlist enough to rate the apps new update and bugs. Before I saw the music you can place in your profile, I gave it 4 out of 5 stars because Line is still on top of its game.
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10 years ago, Imnotspecial
not true
You're supposed to receive a birthday card every year and that's the reason you enter your b-day but I didn't get one but my friends did. I read "I hope your birthday was as special as you are" well since I didn't get one, I guess I'm not special. Thanks so much kakaostory.
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11 years ago, tf245yay
Fun and Easy Way
I have to admit that Facebook is getting a bit boring already... However KaKaoStory is way better. It's a very good way to share social media and keep in touch with friends.
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11 years ago, Mpota30
Edit button
Wish I could have an option to edit my photos and comments after posting them
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12 years ago, E-깜띡이
almost like a facebook immitation
it gives higher connectivity amongst listed friends and or friends' friends. KakaoTalk certainly expanded its scale up to a truer SNS network environment. Quite an astonishing upgrade~!
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11 years ago, rosa kwak
Simple yet Entertainig
I originally thought that this application was useless; however I was proven wrong when actually tried out this application.
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12 years ago, JKcandy-lova
I love it!!짱이야!
But i wish their was more emotions because some of them dont fit with some posted notes or pictures. I still like it though^^
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11 years ago, Elise park
It is good
It was good. But one thing, I can't use music box. Because it cannot connect to iTunes music. My phone is iPhone. It can't use on iPhone?? Please solve the problem..
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11 years ago, JoNPiNoY
Love it
This app is kind of like a Korean instagram. I use it all the time to update my friends in Korea and the interface is extremely intuitive and easy to use. Love it!
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11 years ago, Threepointer
Very good app, only one thing why when u delete chat text in the app but won't remove fr friend chat. Once you delete txt in app why it not remove fr friend.. But very cool app!!!
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12 years ago, Misaninini
I love it make it more user friendly and being able to communicate and it should be marvelous maybe merging kakaotalk and kakaostory????
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9 years ago, 212jamie
Please increase video upload length
I love this app. The only issue I have is that only short videos are allowed to be uploaded 😕.
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11 years ago, Give me back my money!!
How can I update when it's the latest version?
Man, I wrote nearly a whole essay in Kakao story today just because I felt like it,and boom!! Upload error due to required update. And like, as if I have a version to update or what. Seriously, this is a stupid bug. Why not save a draft first before blowing out the whole thing? Do some debugging! I'm not a tester, I'm a user.
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12 years ago, fluffpluff
Fix this plz
can u plz make an adjustment to delete some parts of feeds? also to delete the history of recent notifications
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11 years ago, KING_J_L
Profile Message Extension
20 words are too short for alphabetical letters whereas Korean letters you can type more. I would prefer an extension for the limitation of the profile messge.
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12 years ago, 153015
Connect Friends
It is great that I can import friends from KakaoTalk to KakaoStory. However, it would also be nice to do it the opposite way. Now, I have some people in my KakaoStory friends list that I would like to be able to easily add to my KakaoTalk friends list.
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11 years ago, The mosaic
Photo uploading
Can't upload photos. As soon as I touched the upload button at right upper corner, the screen shut down. It started ever since I updated the newest version. please fix this!!
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9 years ago, Sucream123
Why is it keep crashing when i'm trying to upload photos? Im reading other reviews and i guess its happening after the new update? U have to fix this soon!!
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12 years ago, Ysapysap
I luv it
I luv this app but only problem is that i want upload a video to share with my friends
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10 years ago, Hansolfl
Great way to share moments!
I love this app, it's great and I use it to share my moments with my family and close friends~! 😊
Show more
12 years ago, syoungmin
Awesome app
English please!!! And why does it have to show everyone how many friends we have? Can we make that private?
Show more
9 years ago, Princess1190
So when will you enable profile music download for USA users? Is that section just for decoration? Because we can't even use it. I'd be happy if you can update. Thanks.
Show more
10 years ago, Kimmywonton
You won't like it if you don't have many friends that use kakao talk... But if you do then it is good.
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