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3.3 (5.8K)
449.5 MB
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Current version
Kakao Corp.
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for KakaoTalk

3.33 out of 5
5.8K Ratings
3 years ago, Kinjustlikefun
If you’re a Korean, get it.
If you’re not, I don’t know why you would? I love the app. It’s super cute. However, when it comes to content sharing, it optimizes too much and completely destroys the integrity of the original content. (This may be highly subjective and the end users would probably never notice it. I’m in a tech industry and I think it’s very disruptive to the user experience esp the senders.) I know you were able to customize it in the setting, but it is so hidden I’ve basically given up trying to find it or it’s no longer an option. Also, I just tried sharing video contents with captions, and... there’s a major glitch. If you try to finagle with the cursor it completely wipes out everything you’ve typed. This is a simple glitch. Please fix it. I used iphone 12, iOS 14.4.1, KakaoTalk Version 9.2.3
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2 years ago, 3DM3K
Horrible app that hogs up local storage space
I hardly ever leave reviews, but KakaoTalk is a special kind of bad. It is by far, the worst app I’ve ever used. Any media that is shared in chats will be stored locally on your phone, doesn’t matter if it’s been sent or received. For even moderate users of KakaoTalk, it’s not uncommon to see that KakaoTalk takes up gigs and gigs of space on your phone. For heavy users, KakaoTalk can take up all of the remaining storage space on your phone (we are talking 100+gb), and then give you messages saying the app can’t be used because it is out of storage in addition to your os getting cranky because other apps no longer have storage space to work with. KakaoTalk can use up more local storage space than you photo library containing tens of thousands of images, how crazy is that? There is an option to buy cloud storage from KakaoTalk to alleviate this problem, but unless you’re in Korea and have a Korean phone number, good luck trying to purchase it. Today, it was reported that the entire KakaoTalk network is down because of an incident at one data center. This is mind boggling. A service with such a large user base and one that powers other essential services like payments, has no redundancy and no resiliency to an issue in one (maybe their only?) data center. This is inexcusable and should be embarrassing for any “tech” company. Very difficult to trust KakaoTalk based on these very troubling issues with their app and service.
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3 years ago, khoifeesh
It’s Good But Can Seriously Use Some Upgrades
I hopped back on to KakaoTalk after hearing how WhatsApp was bought out from FB and how our data is no longer safe (meaning they’re tracking us and listening in on us). And since none of my American friends are using it, I needed to convince them to move from WhatsApp to this app. However, adding friends was a huuuuuge problem! Even if we were both in each other’s contact list (in our phone), KakaoTalk would give us an error message saying that we can’t add people who we’ve never talked to before, yet some stranger was able to message/ask my friend to “add” them. Eventually it worked bc I went through the “search” and typed in her number manually again. So that needs a fixing! People you have numbers for and they appear on your “friends” list but you can’t talk to them. Another thing is the GIF, why is it not in the menu option?! You have to have it as part of your keyboard, it would basically take you out of the messaging part and then it doesn’t have a space for you to write a message with the GIF like WhatsApp does! However, with all of that being said, the app is really cute! With lots of cute stickers (and a lot more if you feel like paying for them!)
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4 years ago, riinda
Love it! But . . .
I love everything about this app, it’s so customizable, cute, creative, and just, amazing! There is a very bothering issue that I really don’t like though. When you are in a very active group chat, you may have up to over 600 notifications a day, and having that much notifications on my phone REALLY drains its battery. I personally am not on group chats very often, so notifications for them aren’t important. I decided to mute them, but the badges on the app still appear, and my battery STILL drains quickly because of it. You may say to just turn off notifications completely, but I still want notifications for individual chats, as I don’t want to have to keep hopping back onto the app over and over again to check if I have new messages. Adding a feature which allows you to completely disable or mute group chat notifications without having badges too would be AMAZING, and the app would then be perfect for me. Please consider this suggestion! Overall, amazing app!
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3 years ago, Penguin on an iceberg
This is a wonderful app
KakaoTalk is a great app, especially if your Korean. This app is for all ages and even gives you contact suggestions from your phone list. They have QR code’s and regular codes to add friends. I for one have had this app in all my devices and use it often. The emoticons are absolutely adorable and the profiles have a long variation of choices to customize and make your profile you, you can even write your status. If you don’t like the regular theme, you can change it to many other cute themes (I personally like the beach theme!) you can even personalize your chat backgrounds so that each of your chats fit the people your texting with! I totally recommend getting this app. It is safe and a great way for kids to communicate with their friends without spam texts or chats random people add you to, which is what many people encounter with other apps.
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2 years ago, Myraj4life
No help
Hello, Since the first day I opened this account I was automatically suspended and couldn’t join any chats. I had no chats and couldn’t do anything on the app . Therefore , I didn’t use the app for weeks. Then I was un-suspended to be re-suspended. They sent a list which none of the activities I committed. I sent proof that I didn’t break any rules and asked them to send me proof that I did. They claim they have no way of knowing which rule I supposedly broke. Customer service just brushed it off and sends the same message again no one looks into my account. I even gave content to check every corner of my account to prove I didn’t break any rules , I received no help. I want to love the app but I can’t if their system is falsely suspending accounts.(안녕 내가 이 계정을 처음 만든 날 이후로 나는 자동으로 정지당했고 채팅에 참여할 수 없었다. 나는 채팅도 없었고 앱에서 아무것도 할 수 없었다. 그래서 몇 주 동안 앱을 사용하지 않았습니다. 그리고 나서 나는 다시 정학당하는 것을 주저하지 않았다. 그들은 내가 한 활동이 없는 리스트를 보냈어요. 나는 규칙을 어기지 않았다는 증거를 보냈고, 내가 어겼다는 증거를 보내달라고 요청했습니다. 그들은 내가 어떤 규칙을 어겼는지 알 방법이 없다고 주장한다. 고객 서비스에서 그냥 무시하더니 아무도 내 계정을 들여다보지 않는 똑같은 메시지를 다시 보냅니다. 심지어 내가 어떤 규칙도 어기지 않았다는 것을 증명하기 위해 계정 구석구석을 확인하라는 내용까지 줬지만 아무런 도움도 받지 못했다. 나는 앱이 마음에 들지만 그들의 시스템이 계정을 거짓으로 정지시키고 있다면 그럴 수 없어.)
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2 years ago, 王无限
Great App - Worked Amazingly for call/text/video chat
I used this to communicate with family back in the USA as I lived in South Korea for a bit. It was very useful and didn’t use up cellular data from my USA plan since it can run on just Wi-Fi. It also worked great with using a Korean SIM card too. It works great for Korea and isn’t exactly known for being a US app so why would you leave bad reviews of it was made and heavily used in South Korea, but not in other countries. It’s like the WeChat of South Korea. It’s only really useful if you are in Korea or have friends/family who live in Korea. And when it’s like that, it’s super useful and works really well. You may not feel that it’s fair, but not all apps are going to be open to use all the functions in the USA. So all in all, I really love this app and hope to go back in Korea someday.
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2 years ago, Mawendell
If you are not Korean, they will not bother to listen to you
I have had this account for almost 8 or 9 years; I spent a lot of money on it because I love stickers, and when you could buy backgrounds, I got many of them too. Still, how you can't even get them anymore ( means I don't want to lose whatever I have in that account), my email got hacked, and I’ve been trying to contact kakao for over months; they keep asking me to prove my information and the email that got hacked, I did all of what they asked me and they still keep sending me the same annoying auto message and never answer my emails, I already lost the count of how many times I tried to communicate with them, and last time they sent an email that is not even update to the app. You can't even follow the instruction because what the app says and the email shows don't match at all. In other words, if you are not Korean, they will not care about you; this is so sad because I love this app, but if you don't live in Korea or are Korean, they will dismiss you.
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9 months ago, Annoyed Samoyed
Notification Messages Not There
While I have nothing against the app, it takes too long for the chat to pop up in the actual app/chat room after I get the notification. For example, I would click on my notification and when it sends me to the chatroom it won't be there. I would have to leave and refresh the app entirely. So in a way, the app is a little buggy, despite it being the biggest app from the biggest company in Korea. Maybe it's because of a theme I downloaded online, but I feel like the customization of a very customizable app shouldn't be creating such clear issues. I would say it would be because of the Apple phone, but everyone in Korea uses Apple as well so what is exactly the problem? My friends and I have had miscommunications due to this bug(?) already, and we've only just moved the group chat to kakao. I hope it'll be fixed, else I would have to go back to using kakao just for my parents again.
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5 months ago, 😎I am a subject unto myself
Why am I banned?
I downloaded the app to connect with some friends. Upon registering I was looking through the menus and group chat features, I joined one, looked around, and left. After exiting I kept getting a “temporary restrictions have been placed on your account, to relax please consent to personal information collection” If I consented, it would tell me this option is only available to domestic phone numbers and that I could not get a Talk safety pass. I did not send a single message, so I can’t understand what I could’ve done to be banned. All the app could specify is that I was a “suspicious “ user. I thought this to be a bug, so I re-downloaded the app /!; was unable to log in due to my account being banned. How do I even figure why I was banned as well to how to avoid it in the future. There were no FAQ articles on the subject or the talk safety pass and whether i qualified for it. I found all the dialogue pop ups to have opaque and unhelpful information. This is all extremely frustrating.
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2 years ago, PEARLITHIA
Don’t get this if you’re not Korean
I got this so I could read Korean comics on kakaopage as I assumed if I made a kakoatalk account I would be able to do so. (Since it said that’s all I needed to do to access comics on kakaopage) But NOPE! It won’t let Americans read anything. Only a few chapters at the beginning of the series but not the whole thing. Couldn’t find one series I could read as an American. As everything was “not available in your (my) country or region.” Not to mention it forces you to add your phone number which I was extremely uncomfortable with. I don’t even know why this app is offered on the App Store in countries other than Korea being you basically can’t access many of the features of the app unless you’re Korean. What’s the point in even having this on the App Store in the US??? Idk maybe if you had a VPN it would work. But the fact that you need a VPN to properly use this app just shows how useless it is. (That is if a VPN would even work)
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4 years ago, AngryAngryBirdsFan
Lately it’s been bad
The app has been slow and glitchy these past few months. Notifications don’t go away unless I click back from the chat room. Old messages I’ve sent keep showing up as the latest message until I again, “refresh” the chat room by going back to the main page and back to the chat room page. Functionality and ease of use has gone downhill no matter how many updates and bug fixes they claim to have done. Edit: 9/3/20 keyboard has drifted and now covers the chat room when I need to type. A weird annoying glitch
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7 years ago, What. What
The worst
I have number of problems but the one that made me frustrated the most was that fact that you need your old phone number to get your old account back. I have had the same phone but I realized my phone number was different. So I tried to change it and it told me that I had to delete the app and download it again. Ok fine. As I have important chats for my business I have backed up my chats and deleted the app without thinking. I download it and tried to find my old account only to have this app say that I need my old number. I haven't used that number for over a year. I asked all my friends and family and none of them know it! After hours of searching I find my number only to have my account say that I don't have any backups. So now I lost all my important chat histories. I can't even get back my old theme I bought. I would never use this app if it wasn't for my boss..
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2 years ago, gwnhng
Keeps on crashing and closing the apl
KakaoTalk developers, there is a reason why there is a developer beta program so that you can work on the app and test if it works flawlessly in the latest iOS versions. I assume you guys were all on vacation during that period. The app keeps on crashing and closes whenever I want to go into a chat. Have to restart and a few moments later the same thing happens over and over again. Very annoying. And how about making ads less dominant? Take a look at WhatsApp and other reputable chat apps which are more focused on serving the main purpose of the app - to allow people chat. Don’t let your greediness to maximize revenue impact the quality of user experience. Kakao already has more than sufficient revenue streams so I don’t think having a constant banner in the chat list is necessary.
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4 years ago, Angelieblack
Temporally Banned
I used to use Kakao a long time ago and i was trying to get into my old account. Since that was not possible i created a new but in this one i am banned of doing almost anything except for messaging those who i have directly contacted. I try making the open profile thing but it keeps saying i am banned even though i clearly haven’t done anything mentioned in the list. The app seems really good, compared to before it have so many new options but sadly i haven’t being able to use them because of this banned that makes no sense. I will change my review in the future and notify how long it took to unbanned me. I hope not long.
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7 years ago, CrizzMin
Opinion and my suggestion
Hello!! I really love this app because I can search group chats and I can use it more frequently instead of it just sitting in my phone. I also love how there are themes. But somehow I want a GOT7 theme, if you can, can you please add a GOT7 theme? Like their faces are in it and they have different expressiond and etc like the one with Ryan >< I just want that theme and nothing else. Oh yeah, I also have a problem when logging into my iPad, I entered my email and the password but it says it can’t ㅠㅠ please fix it or maybe its not capable for iPad?? I just want to also chat in my iPad. Thank you a lot. Hope you see this ><
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3 months ago, reviewerr738834638
I don’t know what to do
So at first the app was working fine, until I tried joining a chat room. Every time I clicked a chat it would show a pop up saying that I was not allowed to use open chat according to their user protection measurements. And when I click ok, it shows another screen explains further why I can’t use it. It says their system detected abnormal environments and patterns. But at the end of the page there is an agreement that I need to agree to. But when I click agree it says I can’t use the Talk Safety Pass because I’m not a domestic user and that I’m not eligible to sign up for the Kakao certificate. Although it shows no way to fix my problem afterwards. So that’s where I’m stuck. How do I fix this??
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7 years ago, AKiarie👍🏿
Maybe a new update/collaboration with Apple?
I LOVE the different kinds of emojis/stickers I can use in the KakaoTalk app! However, I’m feeling like to really get the bank for my buck, I would LOVE even more to be able to use the stickers in the text messaging app on the Apple phones! Let me know if that’s already a thing haha 😅😅 but as an expressive person who uses KakaoTalk talk often but have a decent amount of friends and family who don’t, I'd love to be able to share and promote the app through your fun creative stickers! Just a thought! Thank you! The app is pretty great otherwise
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1 year ago, Harry potter goblet of fire
Why I love this app so much
So if you guys are reading this this is not a bad review. So this app can let you chat world wide and you don’t have to pay hidden costs you can change ringtones and calling tones so when you text somebody and you don’t know weather if they seen ur text or not and if you see a 1 and it disappears that means that they saw it and that is very useful and there are open chats and you can also create and open chat too you see so if you read this I advise you to download this app
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6 years ago, cclairedo
iPad support would be great..
카톡 자체는 5star드리고 싶지만 아이패드용 버젼이 없어서 매우 아쉽네요. 아이패드 서포트가 안되면 아예 다운로드가 안되는게 맞는 것 같구요 ('Compatibility'에서 iPad를 빼는게 좋겠죠..). 그리고 서포트 추가한다면 라인 처럼 전화번호 필요 없이 email login이 있으면 좋겠네요.. 카카오 pc에서 로그인하는 것 처럼 말이죠. I'd like to give it a 5 star but will not because it says it's 'compatible with ipad' yet it's not. As a Korean, Kakao Talk is like a must have messaging app and so I'd like to have it on all my devices and not just my iphone and mac. Considering the fact that we've long lived in this age where tablet devices are widely and frequently used, I don't understand why Kakao has not created support for them (I'm talking about iPads specifically because I don't know what the support is for tablets with other OSs). I never used LINE but now I'm using it because it has iPad support - a really good one.
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4 months ago, 확률조작한 새끼들
I know some Americans just hate this app but..
This app was first released in South Korea and was loved for a loooooong time which means that there are some features that are old and clumsy. However, this is the number 1 famous chat app in Korea so this is very good way to get in touch with your friend/relatives in Korea, so if you ask a random stranger in Korea if they use Kakaotalk then they will look at you with a looking of “is this guy serious” and simply say yes. In conclusion, kakaotalk is very old app made in Korea and just breaks my heart when people absolutly hate the app
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2 years ago, starlight midnight
KaKaoTalk Email
Hello! I’ve had a KakaoTalk account before, it’s so cute! And great, I loved it, and I could always talk to my friends! I am Korean, so it’s great for me I guess? But heres a problem. How do you make an account with email? It’s just not working for me! And I can’t use phone number because my phone kinda broke and has an error and yeah. So it’s not really working for me! And if I have any questions where should we ask you? People who can solve the questions, please answer! I need KakaoTalk for a school thing so yeah.
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4 years ago, nunuv yurbidniz
Terrible Service
I signed up with google voice. I signed up and I was immediately suspended. Signing up with google voice is a reason to be suspended.... why would this developer let you sign up for google voice if it means you will be suspended? I was briefly unsuspended .... I have been suspended again for the past month. Contacting customer service is completely useless. All they do, literally, is copy and paste their policies for you (which I found in the FAQ/support info before contacting them). If the FAQ/support site answered my question, I wouldn’t need to contact support 8 times...... In all 8 times I contacted support I got the EXACT SAME COPIED AND PASTED RESPONSE, no matter what my question was. And you can’t even delete your account while you are suspended. That part makes the least amount of sense to me. Why prevent people from deleting their accounts? Seriously? Like, clearly this app doesn’t want me as a user, why would they make it impossible for me to delete my account???? I will never use this app when I move to Korea. At this point, based on their stupid policies and terrible customer service, I just refuse.
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7 months ago, shskfnfneksnd
Very BUGGY! Please fix!!!!
Photos will randomly fail to load completely and just hangs with no way to delete or remove when it’s frozen. There’s also a delay in text messages when I click on the notifications to go to the chat room, the new texts are not there. I have to force quite, reload the KakaoTalk for it to refresh for the new texts to finally become visible. Lastly, there’s got to be a better way to search for emoticons/emojis. I have been using KakaoTalk for 13+ years and have an extensively LARGE collection of emojis that it’s becoming harder and harder to search through. Please include a SEARCH feature for emojis (example search keywords to populate specific emojis: Sad, Happy, Sleepy, Hungry, etc)
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6 years ago, JanersRem
Please make a better way to organize emoticons!
I love this app so much, mostly because of the tons of awesome emoticons you can send to friends & family. My only issue with the app is that organizing your emoticons is so difficult. You can only favorite a few and then organizing them within the favorites is a headache. Please, please change this because so many emoticons are inaccessible and hard to find. Would be great if you could store multiple folders of emoticons for even better access!!
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4 years ago, dvvdnnf
Account Recovery Methods Must Change
Overall, this app is decent. However, changes must be made such as allowing more methods to recover account outside of calling your phone number. If your old number is gone, gotta make a new account. I’ve lost my means of contacting people in Korea and this has upsetted me beyond belief. My old account is locked and I’m not sure if I can get it again. You can’t even search for a person’s name like you can via Facebook or Instagram and hopefully you can find them in the list your search gives. You either know their ID or you’ll never find them. Serious changes need to be made as I see similar complaints were made 2-3 years ago. Yet, they’re still here as nobody has tried to fix it.
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7 months ago, Just in time @US
It was working fine until recent update.
I’m big fan of Kakao talk and it was workng flawlessly until recent update 10.4.3 (I had to update the app to register Kakao PC device) After update, I realized that I can’t send or see images in the chat room. It keep saying downloading or uploaded but it all ended up failed with Retry or Delete option. If I use iPhone Photo app to send image to Kakao user, it went through. But when I receive an image from other Kakao user or send an image within the Kakao chat room, then image turns into white box and I can’t do anything… I really regret that I updated the Kakao app… Now I learned that new software comes with new feature and glitches together.
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5 years ago, Tiannuur
Group Calls
There are many issues I wanna y’all about but right now I’ll just keep this short. Why does the app have to create an entirely new group chat when you choose the friends you want to call with? Even if there is already an existing group chat with everyone in it, it still creates a new one once you choose who to add to the call. It’s very annoying and unnecessary. Also, I would love if profile videos could be playable within Open Chats. The interface is also not very smooth like when I’m swiping out of chats and so on.
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2 years ago, Kkuluuk
You might be unable to use this…
… if you recently got a new number. The service itself is fine. It does the job as an IM device. It lacks GIF support, but provides cute stickers instead. The problem is that they are blocking users based on their… phone number. It’s 2022. Getting a new number is not a hassle. If I’m to abuse this service, I can just get a new number and keep on abusing because only thing they do is just blocking my old number. The problem occurs when you get that old number. The CS won’t help you. I’m keep getting the same message over a month that they are unable to allow my new number because they are banning the users based on an automated system which they can’t intervene. If they really are using a system that they can’t intervene, that’s a problem of another level. They must have developed a strong AI that can ban users… considering the open AI models they have made as a company, however, that is unlikely. They are just unwilling to let you in because you are unlucky to get that number.
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4 years ago, Sugasho🤫
Why was I banned (from open chat) once I got the app
So basically I got this app just now and I just got banned from using open chat... this also happened to my sister who got it yesterday and I wanna know why I got banned if I didn’t violate any rules because I just got the app...I’m giving three stars because I still don’t know about the app and besides that I can’t have any friends since I can’t open chat. Also I don’t know anyone’s ID number to add them and talk, I didn’t get a chance to say hello to people and introduce myself 😓😅 I hope this problem is fixed for me and other people too.
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12 months ago, pat.jhc
Not very user friendly for those living outside of Korea
This is not an app that can be simply deleted anymore. It’s not very straightforward to figure out how to unregister from it once you have it and no longer want to use it. Even when you do unregister, your kakao account (separate to kakaotalk, but yet linked automatically) will still exist. So it’s like needing to delete two accounts even though you just have this one. Very confusing. Other than that, it’s a good app with cute stickers and all. But beware if you decide to no longer use it.
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4 years ago, TmUw
Make sure you don’t use daum mail for your verification
Really didn’t see this coming. I currently cannot log into my account because the app asked me to verify thru either phone(my # changed and that’s why i reinstalled this)or the email registered, but the daum email says i need to log in thru kakaotalk and it just doesn’t make sense????? Since when did my daum account got merged with kakaotalk and how insecure is that? Wouldn’t bunch of koreans with daum account obviously use their email for katalk? I also tried looking for a online customer service chat but guess what? It leads you to chat on katalk app haha. I have no clue how am i supposed to retrieve my account at this point.
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3 years ago, sylvia parra
Difficulty getting through support staff.
I signed a year ago, recently I got an iPhone. It has been very difficult to sign back in, their support or customer service is not well put. I put in my concern that it my phone number is the same just the device is different. I don’t remember the security questions. So I haven’t been able to communicate with my friends in Seoul. They should have a better process. Otherwise, I really liked using this app.
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4 years ago, grantem
Terrible user support
Changed my iPhone, and suddenly banned. I confirmed my account ownership and requested lift ban, however, all i repetitively heard is that’s not their responsibility, and they can’t. More shocking fact is, this such a big Korean company has got rid of telephone support completely. There’s absolutely no way to clarify our request. Doesn’t allow to talk to technical support directly. No way to escalate the issue. Once our communication trouble, it’s like getting into an infinite loop. Looks like they are only interested in legally protecting themselves instead of supporting users. Terrible. Don’t even start using this app and lose your memories with your loved ones in the future.
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6 years ago, storage time limit?
Storage time limit
This apps is good in everything but there was one little tiny problem. I changed my phone so I’ll have to restore my kakao chat. But the problem is that it only restore text and not images. There’s a msg of “time limit of storage has expired” when I try to load my old pics. It was supposed to be an account right? means even tho we don’t save our pics, the server won’t delete our pictures and it didn’t mentioned that there’s a time limit for storage. I meant like it’s not everyone save the pictures into their gallery. Pls clarify.
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11 months ago, duosucks double
Frustrating Security System to say the least
1. If you don’t have the old phone number that you created the account with, then it is almost impossible to retrieve the account once the app asks you for an identification other than the login id and the password. 2. Today, I downloaded the app on iPad. I already have the app on the phone. I don’t know it that was the reason, but it doesn’t recognize the password to the account on the iPad although I changed the password couple of times to see if it was a mistake on my part, but no. It simply does not recognize the password. This app is absolutely frustrating and how they run it.
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6 years ago, Hulapandaa
Some changes need to be made!
I love using this app because it has a lot of cool features but there are some annoying issues that I wish the team could’ve fix. First of all, I wish this app could’ve add a feature where you can change your account email for those people who can’t access their old email anymore. This is frustrating for people like me who trying to recover the stuff was bought with the old account. Second of all, it has been a few years now but they haven’t add emoticon gifting option for iPhone user yet. Please consider making these changes for the convenience of your users.
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5 years ago, Revuttal
Rebut the review below
Actually it’s your bad not to know the rules and functions before you deleted the app. Most of us searched in advance, and are aware of the protocols: change the phone umber in your profile, back up the data at the settings, then delete, redownload, log on with the same id and you’ll get the data back. Why you so furiously blame the app itself when all the problems came from you not knowing the rules? (The functions are there, its simply you didn’t know how to use it) so don’t be furious dude
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4 years ago, 12363803973(,cages
Please add a fire for a talking streak
I love everything about this app from the customizable themes to the music but the one thing that I truly wish was there was a streak for how long you talk (like snapchat but for talking instead of sending pics). I've seen this feature on Tencent's QQ app and I was hoping that you could add it too because it can make more people feel incentivized to talk on the app in order not to lose the streak. thank you again for this wonderful app!!
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5 years ago, berry farms system
i love this app tbh
this is the only app i use to communicate with my best friend, we love the free customizations and the interface is decent! however recently the amt of crashes we’ve both been experiencing on the windows app, the iPhone app, and the mac os app have risen drastically and it’s not a thing that’s very beneficial bc we cant rly communicate without this app in a comfortable interface. please check up on how the apps are functioning bc it’s only recently that it’s been crashing and erasing messages or double sending them totally unintentionally!
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2 years ago, llamaomama
Many bugs with the new iPhone 14 pro max
There is a serious lag issue and odd bugs with the new iPhone. It takes at least a min to switch from emoticon to keyboard during messaging and the messages takes at least ten seconds to load when I enter a chat room. The main screen no longer shows me message notification counts no matter how many times I have reset the app and changed its settings. Pictures also take forever to load in messaging.
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6 years ago, itskevinyabish
Lol what problem do you have?
A dumb problem like no back up or unable to use old account is because you only linked the number without linking your email. Ive been using this app since it came out, and never disliked it, despite some bugs time to time. The only downside is that the US version is not up to date with the Korean version, and only very little Americans use this. This could replace all communication apps, when it adds gif searches lol
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4 years ago, Lucid_Dreams999
Ive always loved this app,, When I first saw this, It looked very astounding!! Very creative ideas, and it wasnt as dull as the imessages. But one thing I want to ask... I used to put music on my profile. But since a week ago, when I clicked the music button to put another music to my profile, it kicked me out of the app to my phone’s homescreen. So I am wondering if there is something wrong with my phone or is it the apps fault?? Thank you and have a great day😊
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4 years ago, sunimua
Deleted all my past chat history
I haven’t been on this app for a bit but I’ve never logged out. I went in the app recently and noticed that the app logged me out and when I logged back in, all of my chat history is deleted! I’ve been a user since 2015 so there’s messages that I wanted to keep. I want to somehow to restore my chats but I don’t know how or what I should do. I’ve never had any problems at all with this app until now and it’s quite upsetting having all of my history completely erased. Please Help if you can.
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4 years ago, 𓆉☽♡︎シ✞☀︎︎
Got banned for no reason
So I was looking all bout networking apps and found this. It was pretty cool at first but when I was trying to leave a chat and join another one, ( I had my VPN on South Korea fyi) and it said that my account wasn't working for some reason. So I was going to At least log out then login again, but I couldn't find that button. So I deleted the app then reinstalled it again and tried to login again and it said my account was temporary disabled for some reason. So now I'm waiting. I'm probably gonna give it a week or so. But I don't want to give any negative energy because it really is a great app.
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2 years ago, Bobatea1212
Couldn’t join or create
After I joined I was restricted and was told I somehow went against the policy somehow, I read through the policy and nothing came up that rung a bell that I could have went against. After that I didn’t use the app for at least 3 weeks (after the policy told me that they will resolve it, see what’s going on) when I went back and checked I completely got blown off again because I was restricted of joining any open chats. I wondered if it was just the chat so I created my own but the app wouldn’t allow me :/ I’m kinda upset and wondering if I should give it any other shot or just delete it
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4 years ago, 바다를 향한 일라
Best messaging app
I’ve had KakaoTalk since 2015 and I’ve never had any problems with it. I’ve used so many different messaging apps depending on the times and places I lived but KakaoTalk is by far the best. When living abroad my American friends also downloaded it to keep in touch with me and now though I’m back they still use it and recommend it to their friends to use as well! 카톡 최고 ❤️
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4 years ago, Whale_Whale
Banned for no reason
I opened my account after years of use with a notice that I was banned. I tried contacting Kakao customer service 4 times in the past 2 weeks and have been getting the same automated response claiming I sent pornography. I’ve used this account to contact friends and family... why would I ever send pornography to them. Their email says to provide further information which they claim they will go through, but they haven’t in the past 2 weeks. It’s becoming frustrating as it seems like they are ignoring my emails and having some bot answer them. Please hire humans to do this job. Thank you.
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2 years ago, jacob0930
백업 서버 없이 돌리는 게 딱 중소기업 수준 horrible infrastructure of their server
한국에 자체 서버 몇개로 돌리면서 화재나 예상 못하는 사고에 대한 대비하나 없는 서버 구축시스템은 역시나 중소기업에서 시작한 회사의 배경이 극명히 드러난다. 능력이 안되면 해외서버를 쓰던지, 보안도, 사고도, 대처가 너무 허술함. 서버 한곳에서 불이 났다고 카톡이 마비가 된다니 얼마나 이게 IT업계에서 있을 수 있는 일인가? 서비스 늘려서 수입에만 집작하지말고 퀄리티에 신경 쓰길… 한국인으로써 창피해죽겠네. What a shame that the entire system got affected when there was an accident. As a startup based company, they still don’t consider much about their server infrastructure. Expanded their businesses but not their quality of the system and UX. They should’ve used other web services which has better infrastructure such as various regions, availability zones. Can’t believe this happens in the IT industry.
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1 year ago, Vee 비
My experience with this app
This app is excellent! I never had any trouble with it, and dose not contain any glitches or bugs. I am in love with the animated stickers! Though, I have one suggestion. I keep on accidentally deleting stuff and I can’t find it again, so can you please a undo button? This app is amazing and hopefully everyone thinks so too.
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