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User Reviews for KakaoTalk

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6 years ago, Tinalee770
neeeds updatee
it’s nice to have a pc version of kakaotalk but it gets super inconvenient especially with the new update on mobile where you can physically reply to a specific message in a gc. i can’t see it on the pc, only showing a “Unable to show message. Please see on mobile”. super inconvenient :/ also lots of glitches in chat :(:( also, it would be nice if there’s a search function for friends…. can’t add anyone…… hopefully it updates soon!!!
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7 years ago, moiisgunoo
Good, but still not on par with PC version
As of the 2.3.9 version, It’s a great app, as you can type with ten fingers and on a 11/13-inch screen, instead of two fingers and ~4/5-inch screens. It has made for improved efficiency in allowing you to collaborate with others, so you can get your work done in a shorter time. With that said, these next few improvements would make this a 5-star app. (The PC version of the app allows most, if not all, of these.) - Plus Friends/YellowID_ It is inconvenient having to check messages that have come from Plus Friends/YellowID only on the phone. - Posts/Links_ You can only check posts, links, polls, etc., and you canNOT create. (Again, you have to do it on your phone.) - Search_ As of Kakao for iOS (~6.5.1), you can search for people even in the Chats window. It removed the hassle of searching in Chats for someone (with whom you find you had no recent chat history) and searching for him/her again in Contacts. I can’t think of more at the moment, but all in all I hope the Mac version will soon be on par with the PC version.
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5 years ago, artlee123
Bare Minimum
This app does the job. It can send and receive messages and attach files and pictures. However there are a lot of things that could be improved in the Mac version of this app. The UI on the mac version makes no sense. It should be like the PC version of the app (and most other chat apps) where all the chat windows are put into one window and have a list on the left to choose between the different chats, instead of opening a new window for each chatroom. Second, why isn't spell check enabled for each window by default? Also loading images from each chat takes a really long time compared to other chat apps.
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7 years ago, yoonshik
(FIXED) Unable to log in with 2.3.9
Update: Works perfectly fine now. Thank you for all of your hard work. I'm unable to log into the Mac client with version 2.3.9. When I enter my correct credentials, I receive a system message saying that I've logged into my account on my laptop. However, on the Mac client I'm still in the login screen after I log in. This has been difficult and frustrating to use, and I'm not sure what the fix is.
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6 years ago, ImSlaterr
Pretty Good, but could be better!
This is does pretty well stability wise though it could benefit from bringing more features from the PC and mobile versions. It would be a much appreciated to be able to carry over themes that you have on mobile to the desktop version. Currently you can just change the background of each chatroom (or all if you wish, but the text bubbles stay the same color giving an odd contrast between the two.
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2 years ago, Owhfkwndj
I've been using kakao for around 8 years now, and throughout that time I've had a lot of issues regarding glitching. I'll send messages and my friend would not see them until minutes later, despite it saying that it delivered on my end. Additionally, photo and video quality hasn't always been the best with this app. The phone version doesn't really have this problem as much, but they really need to work on the glitches for the mac version.
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4 years ago, font1232
INCREASE FONT in setting!! like window vers.
seriously, with macOS version if you are using 4k like me there is NO way to increase the font through katalk's setting. which is available only in WINDOW vers. PLEASE!!! implement this already !! can't read chats while in 4k mode on macOS!! give us same option as you guys have made it on window vers. let us change chat font size through setting.
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4 years ago, 닌자거북이
Voice/Video Talk not working in MacOS anymore
Voice/Video Talk not working in MacOS anymore. I'm using the most updated Mac OS and KakaoTalk versions and Macbook Air 2020. It used to work fine with my previous Macbook Pro but suddenly stopped working with my new Macbook. I asked the customer support and they said I might have problem in my firewall etc but my fire wall is turned off and not using and other access control tools. Not to mention so many minor bugs, the app needs some serious update.
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5 years ago, StevenWard
If you change numbers and phones, forget about your account.
I used KaKaoTalk for years in Korea and, privacy scandals aside, it was always fine. It was when I moved to the US that I started to have problems. When I was using the same iphone that I had in Korea, I was able to use my account with my new phone number, but as soon I got a new iPhone I was locked out of my account. It would only accept verification of the account from the phone number that I originally created the account with.
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3 years ago, Kiehm
Great App Support Experience
Kakao for Macbook was breaking words (English) at odd places to start a new line. This was very frustrating for any messages longer than a few words. I emailed the App Support and they responded promptly with a sincere apology and a promise to fix it. They kept their promise and it is now fixed! Thank you Kakao!
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2 years ago, bluppbop
Crashing since over a month
This was a great app and I loved it until recently, but since over a month now I am never able to use the desktop version. Even after updates, the app just never responds; I launch it and can't even click on any of the chatrooms, there's always only the spinning wheel indicating loading. It never comes to work, and I always end up force quitting and just using it on my phone. Fix please!
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6 years ago, Dj joonshk
Chatroom issues
I’m having issues with the latest messages not showing on my desktop version of the app. Even after sending a message (or starting a conversation), the chatroom looks blank. However, when I log onto my mobile app, all the messages are there. Looks like it’s time to push another update!
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5 years ago, Kakaottttalk
What’s up with this “Connection to KakaoTalk server failed” error?
What’s up with this “Connection to KakaoTalk server failed” error? It’s been working fine and all of sudden maybe a few days ago, it stopped working and all I see is that error message. Can you fix that or how do i fix it? Not sure if it’s related to the upgrade i did.
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6 years ago, Engraver X
Version 2.4.4 — can’t turn my video call camera to landscape
I have been using kakaotalk on my Mac and up until the recent update, I have been able to rotate my camera into landscape mode. I’m just wondering why this feature is suddenly gone when the toggle for rotating my camera is still an option? I clicked on it about a million times and it’s unresponsive. If you’re going to have an unresponsive toggle, might as well not put it there.
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2 years ago, English learner from UFO
The calling echo is too loud
I could hear my voice very big. My ear can't tolerate it anymore. Once I use earbugs, the opposite person can't hear my voice anymore but my earbugs could be used for other social apps without any problems.
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3 years ago, J.C :3
No Voice Issue on PC Facetalk
I use MacBook Pro and have been using this app for a while. I suddenly ran into this problem with FaceTalk. There is no sound receiving and going out at all. I won’t hear the sound nor the other line of people do. I checked my MacBook’s sound setting and it is using built-in mic. I cannot believe that this is happening…. please FIX ASAP
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2 years ago, KakaoFixPls123
not working
not sure what's going on but since an update or lack of I haven't been able to get onto Kakao on my mac. Getting a Connection to KakaoTalk server failed. This may be a temporary error or due to an unstable network connection. Please try again later. Nothing to do with my connection, have no idea what's going on, updated multiple times, uninstalled. On my PC it works fine.
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5 years ago, ty-cobb
Frustrating UX
In addition to the issues mentioned by other reviewers, it is maddening to me that, after clicking on another app's window, Kakao's chat windows don't move to the background. They continue to present over every other app, including the one you're trying to use. The only remedy is to, tediously, close and reopen chat windows every time.
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1 year ago, Rpwhittle
Needs Improvement
Overall, great to be able to connect this mobile social app on PCand MAC now. I would appreciate a darkmode display, and option where chats do not pop-out into separate windows.
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5 years ago, ppanggoda
wonderful and essential app for me
The problem is after I upgraded with MacOS Catalina, the trouble comes up and doesn't work. May be I can't use until the new update compatible to OS Catalina. Please hurry for the new update.
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5 years ago, Miss boo 5
Won’t let me log in
I recently made my accout online. This account has been verified and modified, etc. Which makes me confused. When I try to log into KakaoTalk, it gives me a message saying that I didn’t register with the email, when the the email and filled in information is correct. I hope this gets fixed soon.
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5 years ago, Moojiii
Loading time takes ages.
Unread group chat messages take lots of time and only load couple of messages after each load. I am using 2019 MBP 13 I bought a month ago. What's going on??
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5 years ago, Laddiebee
great but needs a possible fix?
the app works really well both on mobile and on mac but suddenly after a recent update, every time i open kkt on my mac, it's automatically unresponsive and i have to force quit it. it still works well on my phone and the mac will update my conversations when i open it, but other than that, the mac program always freezes. this is even after kkt updates, uninstalling, and reinstalling the app
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5 years ago, driedpersimmon
please make it persistent
I can’t even open the app. It just quit unexpectedly. I had been using pretty well until a week ago, though. I am not sure if it is just me or not, but my ram and hard drive are pretty spacious and other apps are running fine, so I’m sure it’s a problem of this particular application.
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4 years ago, neom0nk
If the app is crashing/slow all the time, disable your vpn, kakaotalk and nordvpn do not play well together.
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6 years ago, XoundStudio
The rolling thing at the bottom is very annoyed
The rolling thing and search box at the bottom are very annoyed. I have a previous version(2.5.2) on other computer and I won’t update it to the 2.5.3 version because of it. Very distractive feature that makes me close it all the time. I hope you realize that it’s a seriously bad decision.
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3 years ago, JC.Rules
Discrimination again who live outside of Korea
So I just found out that there are services that I cannot subscribe simply because I live outside of Korea. There is no way that I can pay for the service. I wonder why they even made an app and put it on the app store if they will not support many functions that they offer. Very disappointing
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4 years ago, eaxix
The app used to be fine, but now it keeps disconnecting all the time even though my internet connection is fine. It shows "no connection" when I try to enter a conversation. When that happens not even restarting the app works. Restarting my Mac works, but then it stops working after a few minutes.
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1 year ago, Bridgetteovertriubledwaters
WONDERFUL way to connect with Korea
Sure, it's not perfect but nothing is. I love how this app has opened up my communications with Korean friends. It's easy to use. I am so grateful to Kakaotalk! Keep up the good work!
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8 months ago, JVD3322
I Could Not Sighn In
It would not let me sighn in this is in my opinion the worst texting app it keeps asking me for my number over and over its saying that my password is incorrect so i decided to change it but it wouldn't let me i don't like anything about this app. It isnt a good app. (sorry about my grammar)
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5 years ago, josh8028
Works in iMAC but not in Macbook Pro
It is a great app. I just realized that this app works good in iMAC but crashes in Macbook Pro. I am wondering if others experience the same thing in Macbook Pro. So frustrating!
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4 years ago, bugspk
Love the PC version of the Kakaotalk!!
I prefer to use this PC version over the same app on my smartphone. Thank you for the great product!
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6 years ago, spotone55
Generally good
Works mostly smoothly. There is sometimes bugs where it's unable to type Korean and only English. Also support for a dark mode woudl be great.
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2 years ago, gni em
I've been using Kakaotalk fine on my macbook for a while but in recent weeks, it has been logging me out immediately when I try to log in, saying that the connection to the server failed. I am extremely frustrated by this.
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2 years ago, Jink0h
Hard to use cross platform
My conversastions on Macbook are stuck in 2020 and i cant get my new conversastions from my phone to update on to the macbook. I tried refreshing and resetting things but nothing works
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2 years ago, awayfromkeys2
PC version is practically unusable recently, it slows everything down significantly whenever I click on anything on the Kakaotalk app - to a point where everything inside and outside the app stalls. Quits itself multiple times a day.
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5 years ago, kclippin
Cannot view blocked or hidden friends
When will KakaoTalk add the ability to see Hidden or Blocked Friends on the MAC version of the app. Very annoying that you can't see these items and limits the use of the app!
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6 months ago, oMaMori.TTV
It is Apple fault.
Apple is company behind this app can not update to have all feature like windows pc does. apple -> privacy and freedom? apple is dirty and tracking out personal information. Apple is so good with design explosive battery device.
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3 years ago, powerahn
업데이트가 필요합니다. needed update
글 중간에 이모티콘이 삽입되지 않습니다. 글을 적어놓고 중간에 이모티콘을 넣으면 이모티콘이 제일 마지막으로 이동합니다. 엡데이트 부탁드립니다. Emoticons are not inserted in the middle of a post. If you write an article and insert an emoticon in the middle, the emoticon moves to the end. Please update.
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6 years ago, jihyunle
Daum search bar is random and unnecessary
Could you provide an option to disable the Daum search bar that popped up on the Mac version with the latest update? It’s distracting and disruptive.
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6 years ago, OWS0MBRA
Getting more and more useless
Why the hell are you keep adding those useless features? To consume more battery power? Stop the tied selling of those features that nobody use and focus on the demands that matter, like multi-device support.
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6 years ago, vicbizmoon
kakaotalk server failed
After update new version, it keep saying "connection to kakaotalk server failed”…. What’s wrong with this???
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4 years ago, jhk115
One request
Please add an option to remove the icon from the menubar.
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3 months ago, davidyoon
Kakao has the WORST User Interface and User Experience!
Kakao has the WORST User Interface and User Experience! The clunky design hasn't changed for years! I try to AVOID USING KAKAO whenever possible! WhatsApp and Apple iMessage are so much better! Kakao Talk is so SPAMMY!
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7 years ago, TrappedBruhl
Good but need to improve
It’s good app. I think better than Windows version in some cases. No banner, no need to input password everytime. (It’s so annoying for Windows version.) But need to paring chat room list correctly. It’s not working correctly with iOS version. If you making this point better, it can be one of the best messanger app.
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4 years ago, galfromthemars
It is not working
Not sure what is going on. It has been working fine but since a or two weeks ago, I cannot open the app. Sad.
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4 years ago, dapjang
Too many limitations
No dark mode, still limited to mobile view on a lot of messages.
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4 years ago, CJNeuro
Still not working on Catalina
It was working fine on my iMac until I've upgrade it to Catalina. Now I cannot log in but getting this annoying message "Connection to KakaoTalk server failed". Any solution?
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2 years ago, debag33
it is not working
suddeny you say update is needed and this PC version is not working at all - I cannot use kakaotalk!!! you keep saying update is necessary Why is all update is compulsory?
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3 years ago, Poop1102
Works well with amazing emojis
the emojis are adorable. best of all messenger apps
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