LDS Singles - Dating App

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3.7 (1.3K)
120.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Spark Networks, Inc.
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for LDS Singles - Dating App

3.72 out of 5
1.3K Ratings
4 years ago, krysmohmo
Price to much
The app is okay but I don’t understand why it’s so expensive. It just gives you a reason to go into tinder or other apps .
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2 years ago, cesarpazusa
First review Sep 25, 2022 never published
SECOND TRY OCTOBER 12, 2022. WARNING! Read “Critical” reviews first. First review was never published probably because I gave it 1 star If a subscriber’s profile has only 1 pic or no pic at all, if they tell you they don’t use social media like FB or IG, if they ask right away for your cell phone number or to move the chat to Google Chat or Google Hang Out (supposedly, users cannot be tracked there), if a female says she is in her early 40s looking for a man 50-75, if they are on line but take too long responding to your messages (probably chatting with other potential victims), if they change their profile location unexpectedly and then, they ghost you… chances are… you’ve been talking to a scammer. Perhaps, LDS Singles needs to implement facial recognition software to match profile photos. App’s plans are pricey. Many users have not been on line for months. The user base is small. App NOT RECOMMENDED. Aside from that, all is well in… LDS Singles.
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3 years ago, ginaleaz
Wonderful tool!!!
I first got this app about a year ago, I wasn’t dating yet (newly single after a 30+ year marriage), but I wanted to see who was out there. A few months ago I started talking to a gentleman who was on the site, the site had suggested him a year ago and again. Initially, I thought no way, too many miles between us, and from his profile I wasn’t sure if he was a good match, but we could talk, at least make a friend. It turns out that we are such a perfect match, we have visited and are now planning on a future together. I am so grateful to this app, without it we never would have met. I actually have 2 other friends who now have beautiful marriages, and we will be following suit. Thank you for matching me with this wonderful man! 💞💞💞💞💞
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4 years ago, ChapterSevenSeeds
Overly limitatious
So this app is quite interesting. Definitely not the best. It does allow you to view and ‘like’ other people. Here are the issues: 1) The app restricts your ability to do basically anything without paying the developer a monthly subscription. This is especially apparent when someone sends you a like. You have the ability to send a like, a smile, and that’s it. There is no basic messaging service offered. This rendered me completely helpless in any situation. I have no way of taking anything anywhere without pulling out my wallet. Absolutely not. 2) The app is very buggy. The homepage defaults to a certain tab whenever you leave any other tab. Profile pictures frequently appear on incorrect profiles, scrolling issues, etc. The app has potential but so far, it isn’t doing much.
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5 years ago, AKisAwesome
Over priced subscription
I can see there has been a lot of effort put into making the site and app. I’ve noticed that there is something wrong with the common interest algorithm. On several profiles it has said that we have common interest on items that I don’t have selected in my profile and missing ones that we do have in common. The miss matched interests alone wouldn’t prevent me from using this app. But having a lot of the features locked down with a high subscription costs, now that has me leaning towards deleting my account. I would suggest either significantly lowering the cost or offering a free trial period to spark more interest.
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4 months ago, Oh beautiful for spacious sky
Will destroy your account, cannot cancel charges
I notified customer service of a broken account that I could not get into SO long ago. They claimed it would be worked on. I submitted several tickets over a long period of time. I can’t even log in to cancel my membership. Customer service won’t cancel it for me. I can’t call because they stopped doing phone customer service. And my account is completely unusable. I recommend that you DO NOT JOIN if you are not willing to accept any of the things aforementioned. And I was messaging people and cannot get their contact information now because I didn’t ask soon enough!
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12 months ago, Kjm_81
Nickel and dime for everything
This app and platform used to actually be really cool because felt like people took it more serious than the other dating apps. However, just like everyone else they nickel and dime ya for every little feature and make it almost impossible to even chat with someone without paying or looking at all of their photos without paying. Definitely a scam to ask $50 for a month or $150 for 6. Just know if you don’t pay you won’t be able to do anything more than click on a profile, see one picture, and press like.
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3 years ago, Random.awkward.moments
Worst app
I made the mistake of not looking at the reviews. First off I downloaded the app paid for the subscription and immediately got a lot of messages. The thing is I set my age range to 21-28, yet I was getting people 40-46. Practically my parents age. Creepy messages and non stop messages from the same people. So I decided to cancel my subscription the next day and delete my account. No my money wasn’t refunded and it’s been 6 days and they still won’t let me delete my account. Mutual is such a great app and I highly recommend it over this one. Please let me delete my account I’m begging.
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3 years ago, Justin boots
Avoid this platform
I assure you, this will be a regrettable purchase. I have been trying to delete this profile for weeks to no avail. The app says you can delete but you cannot. Even with customer care email you won’t be able to. The overwhelming majority of people haven’t used this app in months according to its own app. The likely like me, cannot delete their profile. There are far better apps such as Mutual which is free for most but a helluva lot cheaper with premium features than this mess. Avoid this app at all costs
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5 years ago, Jasoneightball
Had High Hopes but...
I really wanted this to be a great app. I’ve contacted support several times about a number of bugs and always receive a canned response that’s obviously from a bank of answers. There’ve been a couple of times that they seemed to try to fix bugs but made the whole system worse. It’s so bug-riddled now that it’s almost unusable. Refreshing images with every move of the screen that sometimes results in image from other people getting attached to the wrong profile. It’s a mess and they don’t seem to have the resources to fix it.
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3 years ago, BYU_11
Price Gouging
I’ve never written a bad review for an app. However, this is a horrible and overpriced app. You can’t even message other “matches” unless you or your match has paid for the premium subscription. The app itself is horrible. The layout is counterintuitive and sloppy. The developers are clearly preying upon single members of the Church and hoping their desire for marriage will pressure them into paying for an overpriced subscription. I am not against paying for dating apps. But this app is simple price gouging. It’s disgusting these developers use “LDS” in their name.
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1 year ago, momma of 3 !!!
Married for six years
I definitely have a love for LDS singles. I met my husband on it and now we have three beautiful children. We were 98% compatible and I would definitely say that’s true. The only 2% that makes us different is I don’t like to cook and he loves to. 😅 We have a really great life together.
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1 year ago, no no no no 99
No just no.
Can’t fix profile. Can’t delete profile. Help requests turn red and say they didn’t send customer service line goes with another dating site, was on hold for over an hour no one answered with 4 ahead of me at the out set. For as much money they could at least answer a chat request for help. Uh oh sorting went wrong should be the site name. Lots of no pic scammers on here too. Matches haven’t been on line forever. Doesn’t seem to work very well at all. Better off at the grocery store. Sad.
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2 years ago, Kettlebells123
I downloaded the app to take a much needed break from Mutual. There aren’t near as many people using this app and I was mainly disappointed with my overall experience in general. I got messages from a handful of girls on the app, but because I had the free version, I wasn’t able to respond back to them even once, or even view their profile. It’s also misleading when you get notifications for “matches” that aren’t really matches, but recommended people that you only have 40% in common with.
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3 years ago, IHateFraud
Awful pricing.
Their main competitor mutual has over 10 times the amount of members and charges 15 or less a month. 50 a month for this site is just ridiculous and quite frankly dishonest. That’s similar to what match charges and their customer base of profiles to choose from is nearly 100 times in size. With the poor quality of this app and limited number of profiles, they shouldn’t be able to charge more than 10 a month. Awful app, awful pricing, definition of greed.
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2 years ago, sarahbo00713
Not recommend to anyone under 45
I would not recommend this app to anyone under 45. I’m 32 and put my age range as 27-42. I got more than my fair share of creepy guys that we about 20 years older. (Why put down an age range if you are not going to honor the user’s preferences?) The people in my age range were mostly repeats from other dating apps like mutual or hinge. I also had some people hit on me in messages that would say gross stuff like “Dang! Let’s make babies!” as an into message. I would not recommend.
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1 year ago, hi-5-your face
This website is NOT RUN BU LDS PEOPLE
Nothing is vetted. BEWARE OF SEXUAL PREDATORS. They know what they are looking for and will do anything to get what they want at the expense of others. This is a terrible place to try to find likeminded saints. This site has paid members that are predators. Be careful just go to church approved functions be patient . This website like many others just preys on the lonely . No thanks!!! Beware of anyone wanting to make you go to what’s app that is a trafficker tool. When I reached out to the website no response ever.
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1 year ago, yhhfhkmnff
Not a good app
I signed up on this site thinking I might meet a women near me. I specified that my distance range was 100 miles or less. All I get are “smiles” from women that are over 500 miles away. And most of them are scammers. I tried contacting the app support but can’t get any response using the chat bot. I called the phone number and I got “j date “ a Jewish dating site. I’m glad I only subscribed for a month. Worst dating app/site I’ve ever used. And it’s also the most expensive.
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4 years ago, mn13570
Little variety and high price
This site is more expensive than other, higher quality sites that offer more features and better interfaces. It also surprisingly has much less selection of quality LDS men that meet my preferences. I’ve only been on for a week and I have seen the same profiles since day one. The “lookbook” feature is empty every time I check it. There are better apps to meet high quality men.
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4 years ago, Clide8987
Worst site ever
Hands down the worst site out there. They pick and choose what they will and will not show and say it’s part of their policy but in reality it’s not. Way over priced especially for the low number of people using the site. The matches are inaccurate and any problem you bring to the site will just be turned away as “part of the policy”. Don’t post anything military related either because they will reject it. Definitely not a site officiated with the church.
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4 years ago, DannisterK
Apply is buggy and poor UI
This app is very buggy. On the IOS (iPad) I find the navigation often broken. I can navigate back and forth. The app often takes you to the login screen where it seems to forget your session... when I swipe through pictures the images are not scaled appropriately so I have to pan the images around... On the plus side the mix of people is better than some other Apps
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3 years ago, Kjo2
I’d give it a 0 if I could. So many bugs. Ridiculously overpriced and not worth it. Can’t even try and delete my profile without an error message. Can’t talk to someone unless you subscribe. Anyone I liked hasn’t been on in months, it shows you when their last log in was. Probably couldn’t figure out how to remove their profile either, it’s so bad.
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3 years ago, Zackary Perkins 987654321
Dead app
I have never gotten a single person to respond to me after 18 months and when I reached out to contact them about my concern when I was at 8 months they never took the consideration of responding back!(no message, no email, no text message, no nothing) I also didn’t like the fact that the few I received like or winks from when I respond it was like they got cold feet
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3 years ago, m cooi
This is a joke
You charge 3x a normal dating site for 1 for percent on women on earth. Get a day job and do this until you can afford it. Your price is a joke compared to the distance between matches. Your eternal perspective is unrealistic
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5 years ago, DeadI2
Unresponsive to access issues
I have not been able to access my account after logging off. Try to reset my password but never get an email to reset. Paid for 6 months subscription and no help on how resolve. Sent email to ask to rate service respond with negative response multiple times and still no response from to my issue. Fastest $150 I have lost in decades.
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2 years ago, Conejaroja82
Can’t sign in with app
The app won’t let me log in. It tries to have me verify who I am by having me pick on certain pictures of things like “click every picture that is a motorcycle” - I’ve done this about 5 or 6 times and every time it says “oops, something went wrong” 😡
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3 years ago, Rockylinshen
Terrible App
Most of the matches I have shows they have y logged in for over 3+ months. You need to delete them so the ones who are active get better overall match. The price for the monthly membership is also crap! Not worth 50$ a month for crappy non active matches. Deleting this app.
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3 years ago, Dhanshew25
You get nothing unless you pay
There’s literally no point in having this app if you just want to try it out and see how it works and if it’s worth your time. You either pay or you don’t even get to reply to people that send you messages or “smiles” to let you know they’re interested.
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6 years ago, FLLEZE
It’s great but expensive
I like the way LDS singles is now versus how it was back a few years ago but why so expensive for your premium features. You guys charged me $100 for 3 months. But I will keep using it and see how it goes. Good so far but price is why you guys lost 2 stars
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5 years ago, PapaRev222
Works better than their website, which isn't saying much.
Login issues, inability to draft messages, clunky interface in the activity section and just general app functionality. Ugh. Still, it's better than their website, so that's something.
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5 years ago, Tex-Man 526
Very expensive
The prices need to be reduced by 67%! This is way too incredibly expensive! What do the developers think everyone is, a millionaire/billionaire?!?! I’m only 25 years old, and I’m at my beginning in trying to set my life up for the next step in life! The prices really need to be reduced! This is unacceptable!! Even with special offers and discounts it’s way too expensive!!!
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5 years ago, Kaseychey
Not impressed so far
I really wanted this to be a great way to network with other members of the church. Unfortunately I have had more fake profiles and people who ask for inappropriate information than I ever expected. There are really very few men east of Utah in my age group. I keep holding on for something to change my review but so far it’s pretty disappointing.
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5 years ago, lindaisfrustrated
This app is glitchy and stops working all the time. However, if you want to date among LDS people you are sort of stuck. Please fix this app. It often does not work and needs to be reinstalled. 😐
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6 years ago, Brandon Bias
Money not well spent
The app itself functions just fine. I'm not huge on portions on the interface but it gets the job done. My qualms was the serious lack of users in my area (AZ). I thought paying for the subscription might help somehow but I was wrong. Still the same two dozen results :/
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4 years ago, Koolway
I was chatting with a member and after reading her message and before I had replied back was interrupted. Later, when I went back to find her, to respond to her message, I could not find her, so I could respond?☹️
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5 years ago, Eating better with the Pal
Bad to Worse
Well, my biggest complaint with this app used to be that it was useless in terms I’d actually getting any responses, but at least then it opened. Now, I haven’t been able to get the app open for like three days. Comes up on white screen that says “ldssingles” and goes nowhere else. No worries, though. I’ll just delete.
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2 years ago, Leon43456789876654
Well most of my matches have not been on the app for months. Not a very good matching system. Also 1 like in the few weeks I have had the app. Starting to think traditional ways of looking for a partner are needed. Been single for over a year and it is getting old.
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1 year ago, Thefatkid!!!!!!
Don’t waste your time. Or your money
This app is all about taking your money. Do not waste your time on this app. I like someone and they liked me back but I can not message that person unless I pay $50 so what is the point of this app. I thought I was to help people not rob them.
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1 year ago, rickardsc1
Not a fan
If you plan to subscribe to all LDS dating apps and can afford it, sure give it a try. Probably the least effective to connect that I used.
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5 years ago, ivand4danger
Poor app
Picture glitches customer support inaccurate account cancellation statements by different reps. Paid more than I should because what one rep told me then the next one gave me the scoop but no credit because of previous reps error. Had to keep and pay for a service that I no longer wanted
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4 years ago, Kjfam
Pretty sad
This app has the potential to be great, but to do anything other than like a person, they want $50 per month. Pretty absurd. You can’t even view more than one picture of someone without paying extra. You’ll probably have better luck on Tinder, this app is horrible
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6 years ago, utahby11
Your. Picks ? Are not my matches
Not many responses of women I’m interested in and your picks for me aren’t even close to my interest ?
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5 years ago, jodi537
I signed up for a six month plan. Apparently they automatically renew. When I saw the new charge I immediately contacted them. They will not refund the charge. I had not even used the sight for 4 months. I am currently having trouble canceling my account and am receiving no assistance in getting it canceled. This is a nightmare.
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3 years ago, briankangaroo
Never got it to open
The robot choose image test was stuck on a loop and never got it work and never was able to use the app. iPhone X with updated software.
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6 years ago, Bohaha
Features are iffy
Hadn’t been showing me all the available features. I can only see one profile photo, and the messaging service is slow and unreliable.
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3 years ago, coriroxanne
They take your money for the annual amount all upfront — no monthly payments — and then don’t answer your questions or provide any support — aaaand to make it worse, there are only a handful, truly only a very small amount of people using this app so pickins are slimmer than slim! Don’t do it!!! You’ve been warned!!
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3 years ago, Joeyjojoshabadoo500
Terrible LDS dating app
Insanely expensive. Super buggy. Extremely limited and hard to use just to browse. Can only view one picture without paying so can’t tell if there is anyone worth paying to contact. This is a big thumbs down.
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5 years ago, atchjs
Worst site I've ever visited
Frequently can't login. Pictures don't load most of the time. Almost always has a banner at the top saying "We are experiencing network issues." At least half of my contacts have been scams.
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6 years ago, jballamis
Auto subscribe
I never authorized a paid subscription but they billed me through iTunes anyway. I tried to cancel within 1 minute if receiving their “confirmation” email and they wouldn’t allow it. Bunch of crooks.
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5 years ago, CHICHIKUNEE
Unacceptable Price/Very few users
$25-$50 a month to talk with maybe 3 or 4 active users at a time? Come on. You guys are a joke. Even if you reduced prices down to $5 a month I wouldn’t pay for it. There isn’t anyone to talk to!
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