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LINE Corporation
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16.0 or later
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User Reviews for LINE

3.38 out of 5
14.7K Ratings
6 months ago, Leningrab
Line apps are confusing and notifications can’t be shut off
Line is a very cute messaging app and I love many parts of it. But they need to do a much better job of integrating it’s third party apps like Line Go and Line Pay. I had to Google several different sites to figure out how to add Line Go, the taxi app, into my account. It involved finding an obscure page and following it. The page does not show up if you search within the app. I couldn’t even figure out Line Pay but I heard you can only use it with a Taiwan bank account anyway. Lastly the notifications can’t be muted. My god, this is such a simple feature. If you mute a channel’s notifications (for example a group that is very chatty but you need to stay in it for important updates), the notifications still appear on the badge icon in your iPhone. It makes it seem you’re missing direct messages so you are forced to check Line and discover the notifications are all from the group you muted. It’s incredibly aggravating and a waste of time and attention, please fix this Line.
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6 years ago, doglover9754
Pretty good.
So I’d say Line is like the best thing that has ever happened to me since I’m not allowed to have a social media account. It’s easy to use, I can stay in touch with all my friends and family who have the app themselves, and hey, who doesn’t like personalization?! Line allows you to personalize your app so it’s looks are to your liking and you can even add in some stickers. On that note, let me just say. LINE POINTS ARE IMPOSSIBLE TO GET. You NEED Line points to get those personalized themes and stickers. You NEED Line points for your Line to not be boring. But there’s like NO WAY for you to get Line points. Of course there is the option of “follow the Line Points account for free Line points”. I tried and then realized that there is an EXPIRATION date to how long your point activation lasts. And this can only be done ONCE. What’s worse? They only give you 5. It says 20! What can you do with 5 points? It’s pretty much like “I’ll give you 20 points but I didn’t feel like it so I’ll give you 5”. There is no system where you can accumulate more points over time which I think is needed. The only way to get points is from gift cards or hacking. And we all know you don’t want any of your personal info to be leaked right?
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2 years ago, Mrs Jenni Quan
Great features but 1 huge problem not fixed
There are many great reasons why I’ve moved a lot of my group messaging over from other apps to line app years ago. we use this for family & business. HOWEVER, after using it for years and having emails/messages back-and-forth with people of Line app, A huge glaring problem is the fact that you cannot delete notes someone else posted. Even if that account is no longer active or even accessible by the person who created the account. It creates a huge headache when you have 100+ people on one line chat and you have to create a brand new one because members have left and you can’t delete old Notes with information that’s no longer relevant. We have even suggested that perhaps they could create an owner, admin, or moderator position for each chat that could at least have the ability to clean up notes. Our primary messaging app was GroupMe and we still use it here and there. Considering moving back.. Group me‘s developers were amazing in how easy it was to contact them and their dialogue for troubleshooting and also brainstorming suggestions that they implemented. That is NOT the case when we have tried to give feedback directly to line app.
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5 years ago, AruZhu
Been a Line User since 2012 I love it but...
I’ve been using Line since 2012 and it’s my #1 SNS app to chat with my friends I prefer it vastly over Whatsapp (which I only use with my family). Also since I moved back home last April I was relieved to transfer my account to my new number and see everything was left as if I’ve never changed my number, my chat history was there and all even my photos! However it might’ve been changed recently or I haven’t noticed but do you guys remember we could follow Official Accounts from other parts of the world? That’s how I came across Gackt, Flumpool and Uverworld etc (I’ve already been a fan of them I was just happy to find their Line accounts and announcements!) and right now as I was checking to see if I could add more J-Rock bands’ accounts I saw that the ‘change region’ button on the Official Accounts interface disappeared? What’s up with that? I can’t see new accounts from Japan anymore! And honestly the ones from my home country Ecuador are...nothing exciting...therefore could Line bring that back?? Please? Otherwise you would’ve gotten fully 5✨’s from me...
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2 years ago, android16android17
Very upset
I’ve had line app since 2016, I haven’t been message banned in YEARS. Lately with all these new updates etc I’ve been getting message banned for absolutely no reason. I’ve never posted or sent anything that goes against their terms or services yet I’m message banned. I made a new account lost ALL my stickers and ALOT of money went into stickers. The app was great to use over the years because the stickers and other things are great. But when your constantly getting message banned for no reason it gets annoying. It’s like the app purposely allows people to get u banned so u make a new account and get new stickers which means more money wasted. I’ve sent email after email asking them to remove my ban, and honestly I feel they r just a bunch of greedy selfish people. Some people make great memories on this app and we end up losing everything from chat rooms, to stickers, to contacts of your friends. This is ridiculous and unfair. They could easily remove my message ban but they won’t because they want us to make new accounts and waste more money on this app. This app use to be amazing. Now it’s straight up garbage. I hope they end up removing my suspension. I would love to write a good review but this is crazy.
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3 years ago, Nyohira
Account suspended immediately after registering
Context: I will be relocating to Japan soon, and as part of Japan’s quarantine measures, immigration officials will require me to download and update them on my health status via Line. Upon downloading Line and registering for the first time, my account was IMMEDIATELY suspended. The majority of features showed errors, such as adding a profile picture or viewing the sticker store. I attempted to uninstall and redownload, but upon attempting to log in I was greeted by a message saying Line verification is temporarily unavailable. Several weeks later, I emailed support, only for them to respond that my account was in fact suspended for violating their terms of service. How could this be, when the only thing I have managed to accomplish on the app is add a profile picture, the same picture that I use for services such as LinkedIn? I am at a complete loss, as customer service told me that there is nothing they can do. So now, I am unsure of how the Japan immigration process will unfold seeing as how I have been banned from the app they use to monitor COVID-19, despite me having done absolutely nothing! I have spent mere minutes in the app, added no one, messaged no one, and called no one. I am beyond bewildered and am incredibly disappointed in this app.
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1 year ago, StarryNightin
Deletes everything without warning
God forbid you have a second phone, when you finish setting up that phone, open line, and confirm its you with an sms, it deletes the app from your original phone without warning. You will lose all of your conversation history and the people you were speaking with who weren't in your friends list. All of this with no option to keep everything on your original phone unless you somehow knew this was going to happen beforehand and went into options and attempted to figure out how to configure login on multiple devices at once (which I did after and it still doesn't work - wipes my original device when signing into another). The worst function I’ve ever seen in any app/service, ever. I’ve not only lost important conversations with my land lord, property management, real estate agents, and visa agents, but also the ability to even contact them over this garbage, ad filled, data-mining app. It’s utterly mind-boggling how the team responsible for this nonsense decided a force wipe of your data with no option to stop it is a good idea. I’m moving to a different platform and will be telling everyone “No!” If ever asked to communicate again on this god awful service.
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3 years ago, Kyndllethequeen
I got introduced to line 5 years ago. I met and called friends on there that I had been talking to. We didn’t use the app for years after that but I still kept the app because I could re-read our chat logs and here’s where the problem comes from. First of all, you have 5 free calls now?? Why not do what discord does and just…make the calls free?? I understand that you have to make money but come on. Secondly, the stupid chat back up thing. It doesn’t make it clear from what I’ve seen that you have to manually BACK YOUR CHAT LOGS UO YOURSELF. Instead of just being like every other chat app that just saves it all for you. I recently got an iPad and while I was adding all the apps on there I got onto the app I had on my phone just to make sure everything was in order and it just locked me out. That is something that honestly should not happen. Me being on the app on two different devices shouldn’t just lock you out of everything, it serves no purpose. Absolutely none. So now, all of my chats are gone and for absolutely no reason. I’m now currently battling with customer service demanding that my chats be put back in place. I’m a “valued customer” but having this type of system in place really does not make me feel like one. I had important things on that app that I want/need to have back. Having this system in place is pointless and honestly just stupid considering how good the app was before and the overall potential that it has.
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4 years ago, adcgscvjhb
Ok so, first of all Line is my favourite texting app and I’ve been using it for YEARS. I’ve had no problems with it up until like 5 minutes ago. It was working fine since I was able to chat and video call with my friends about an hour ago. I hung up and left the app and I was going back and I went to the chats place and it’s just showing me a loading circle and nothing happening. When I press anything nothing works and the app just closes itself and takes me to my Home Screen. My friend sent me a message that she is having the same problem with line. I was thinking of deleting it and reinstalling it but that would mean I lose all my texts and data on it. My friend said she restarted her phone but the problem was still there. Please fix this cuz I don’t want to lose anything. PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME AND PLEASE FIX THIS 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭. I can’t even back up the messages since it won’t let me do anything on the app. The page is just frozen and just keeps loading. That’s all and I’m so stressed from this.
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1 year ago, dayway96
Backup doesn’t work and has never worked
I’d give this a slightly better review (maybe three stars?) were it not for the fact that the backup doesn’t work. I moved from the US to Asia, and I’d like to change the region on my Line app so that I can use some of the features that are only available in my new place of residence. However, if I don’t back up my chats first, I will lose all of my chat history. So, enter me, trying a couple of times per week for the last *three months* to try and back up my chats. Guess what? Every time I’ve tried, backup has failed. I’ve tried all of the fixes proposed online, and none of them have worked. So basically, my choices are don’t take advantage of the features Line has in my current region, or lose my entire chat history, complete with photos and links that I enjoy and want to keep. Also, enough people complain about this widely online that it’s really disappointing that Line just refuses to fix this. This pretty much sums up the company’s disregard for users. I’d really recommend any messaging app over Line, unless you live in a region where it’s semi-mandatory, as I do.
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2 years ago, katanomii
I love line but I’m giving it three stars because the translation bots are really really bad! It never translates properly and the translation is always wrong. It makes it very difficult to talk to your friends whose first language isn’t English without confusing the both of us. I literally have to copy what they say into another app in order to have it translated properly. They always change your entire Sentence to something you never even said and confuses everyone in your chat. It’s just very wrong. How has this not been fixed yet? Please check into this because I’d hate to have to find another app to use because of it. It doesn’t help us learn one another’s language properly because it’s always changing the sentences to something that wants said. One of my sentences it literally added 25 commas! Why would it do that?! It’s confusing to everyone to be this inaccurate! Please look into this issue.
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5 years ago, ramanpreetpooni
I cannot believe how careless the creators can be! They have updated the app, yes! But not the help articles! I just changed my country and wasn’t able to log in! First thing, they don’t have customer support service. It is very non-professional. If their customer are trying to get help there is no body they can email/call. Now you can only login via number and fb. I didn’t have my Facebook linked and since I changed the country, I wasn’t able to get any text. They should have provided the option with the email. Also, a new account was made when i tried to sign in using my current number and i put my old email. The instructions from app told me to reinstall and select the option “existing user” and guess what? There was no option! How can you update the app but your manual for customers is for old versions!! Is this a way you are trying to make money? Because all those expensive stickers can just be gone? This is seriously unbelievable! Now i am not able to change my phone number because it is stuck to the same country I had before. They really need to work on their app and make it easily usable for everyone!
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6 years ago, Dragon Lover 18
Great app, however...
It’s a really good app and has quite a few good features, but the LINE points promotions aren’t working for me? I have yet to see any promotions on the page, and it’s frustrating me because there seems to be no other way to get points. The help menus continually tell me to register a phone number to get points whenever I search for a possible solution, but I already have. I don’t know what kind of issue this is or if it can be fixed but I’d like it to be resolved. On a different note, when you type in a chat, related stickers pop up with certain words (like the word can has stickers of tin cans), and while that’s sometimes helpful, it also somewhat frustrates me. When you chose a sticker, it replaces the related word (it highlights the word so you know which one it’s referencing, thankfully). Another thing is that the thing that pops up with the stickers blocks you from seeing the chat if you want to read what someone else sent as you’re typing.
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2 years ago, GwennyRose
Needs more identity verification options
I was enjoying using LINE until I got a new phone. All of my apps and information was transferred from my old phone to my new phone. I couldn't find my password, thought it was saved to the phone. And learned from customer service I'd needed to verify an email address before transferring to the new phone, which is the only way to verify identity. I didn't know this. So I couldn't log into LINE and verify my identity and they said there was nothing they could do. I would have to create a new account as you can't have two accounts under the same phone number. But that would erase my old account and the entire chat history. Which I didn't want to do as there's important information in there. Most other apps and websites have multiple ways to verify identity. I would really appreciate if LINE would create more ways to verify in cases like this so legitimate account owners can access their accounts. And would appreciate if LINE would change their security requirements in general and add more ways to verify identity to help avoid this problem.
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6 years ago, LordAzdrin
Mobile to mobile issues
Over the 2 years I’ve been using LINE now I have liked it better than other chat apps, however, whenever I switch phones and try to log In it tells me that either my email or password is unrecognizable. So I tap the forgot password link and enter my email to reset it. BUT! LINE has no record of my email ever existing?!? 🤬 twice now it has done this. I’ve had the same and ONLY email for 15 years. Used it both times to open new accounts so I could chat with my buddies halfway across the world but I swear. One of my games has switched to discord over these issues and if the other one does I’m dropping line completely. Listen to me, you are losing customers over stupid issues. This is neither a new problem nor a complicated problem. I already refuse to spend money on your app anymore where I used to buy stickers left right now I am considering dropping you completely as have many that I know over these very simple and yet continually ignored problems. Fix your house LINE Or soon you’ll find you have no customers at all
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5 years ago, Red Lawliet
New Update
I’ve been using this app on and off for almost 5 years, one of my favorite features has always been the ability to swipe to see chat albums and chat notes, it made everything so simple and comprehensive, as notes have always been very important in the chats I am in. Unfortunately, the newest update removes that feature to favor a “swipe to reply” system, which I have found to be completely unnecessary and rather frustrating to use. Nearly nobody that I know ever even uses the reply feature, all important inquiries are usually found in notes, which were once easily accessible with just a swipe. Additionally, any “replies” to inquiries made in chat would just be responses to the conversation, you know, like how normal people talk. The unique feature of even having notes is what drew me to Line in the first place, and making it more difficult to reach those notes really discourages me from using the app. This update got rid of the most important aspect of Line, and will prevent me from using their services in the future.
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7 years ago, aquablastxyxy
Tons of bugs iPad review
***changing my review to 1 star because I’m tired of logging in over and over on my iPad. FIX YOUR APP!!!! I have spent over $40 on stickers and have used this app for over 3 years. Here are my complaints: As others have noted, stickers that used to show up as suggestions DISAPPEAR until you delete and re-download the sticker set. Lousy way to sort sticker sets. I have 90+ sticker sets and sorting them manually one by one using the cumbersome tool literally take 20 minutes. No way to assign your own stickers a text shortcut so they will pop up as suggestion. Seriously, it’s been years already and this is an incredibly basic feature. iPad app doesn’t log you in automatically like the iPhone version. Seriously? It doesn’t even have option to remember th email address\username either? No way to synchronize chat history across iOS devices? Really? Even aol instant messenger has this basic feature. Sticker packs completely disappear sometimes. I know for a FACT I have purchased and used the stickers from the sticker set, have chat history to prove it. But it disappeared from my list of purchased stickers with an option to purchase again? Lame. This is overall a great app, so I will give 2 stars instead of 1 but you seriously need to fix the bugs and provide the basic features. Especially the stickers disappearing until you redownload them. Not everyone wants to go through your insanely clumsy sticker sorting process over and over.
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11 months ago, da12yeold
Let me get this straight, the line app is perfect and I have had conversations in it, but just months some random person just named “Z” added me by phone number and I didnt think of anything about it because usually you cant add someone with phone number without verification that you know them or something, so I thought it was a family member, I was wrong. They just chatted to me today, in a scam/bot like sentence asking if we know eachother, i respond with, “No, Or atleast im not sure” and about 5 minutes later they ask how they added me and I responded saying, “When I first saw your name, It said by phone number, I believe” another 5 minutes and they respond with saying their name. The first name matched my great aunt, but last name didnt, and they asked me for my name (P.S I am literally 12) and I just really dont like the app for that, I think they should add a feature to where people cant just add another person because they type in a random phone number. SORRY IF THIS IS A RANT THATS USELESS AND JUST OVERALL STUPID
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2 years ago, angelooloo
This app keeps my mom and I connected
I’ve been wanting to THANK the line developers for years because this app has kept an open line of communication for FREE with my mother and I. Let me preface by saying I live in the USA and my mom has been stuck in Japan for years now. This app has been such a God-send because of the streamline of streamless communication between her and I. In the past, before smart phones existed, my mom and I would have to use long distance calls to talk to each other, which was very expensive and provided an unreliable connection. This app has eliminated the anxiet ways of long-distanced communication. Plus the social features with stickers and walls are a fun way to communicate. The video function works great also. Anyways, to the developers of LINE, thank you from the bottom of my heart, truly.
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4 years ago, mn2014
A few annoying things
I've been using line for about a year. There's really a few things I really can't stand. There's so many stickers and there's no way I am scrolling for 60 hours to see them all - they need to categorize them better and make it easier to find the ones you want. I was looking for a set of stickers and finally just gave up even though I know it was there. Second thing is your stickers and everything else you bought needs to transfer to all your devices with just your phone number because I don't want to make an account, I'm sick of making accounts for everything, a phone number with a pin should be enough. Cause I just lost $30 worth of stuff. Also come on, 600 MILLION users and no way to meet new people. There are no chatrooms or groups you can join to meet new people. It’s all by invite/you have to know them already. I want the ability to meet NEW people by joining groups or chatrooms.
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7 years ago, saranghate
Love the stickers, but...
My boyfriend and I love to use LINE for its stickers! It’s the only app we use to message each other, and there’s so many stickers to choose from. I admit I’ve spent more on stickers than I should have, but I can’t help it!! They’re too cute! I do wish that there weren’t region locked stickers... I recently bought an Apple Watch and am very disappointed in the watch app... Not being able to view read messages has really gotten annoying, because I tend to send stickers and respond. Also, not being able to use scribble has made it difficult for me to reply to any messages at work. Another issue is the fact that I cannot use the stickers I paid for. Understandably it may take some time to be able to configure it to share the stickers, but I would love to at least be able to choose a set that I can use... the default ones aren’t exactly my favorite.. I hope one day they will be able to update it but as of now I’m stuck using KakaoTalk if I want to message friends via my Watch.
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6 years ago, Prime32
Chat data
So earlier today I was on my iPod but had to run an errand so to stay in touch I got the app on my phone. What the heck is the point of me having to log in and etc if you just DELETE all my chat info anyway. I don't know any other kind of social app that doesn't keep msg data if logging in with the same acc. The chat back up is cool but that shouldn't be necessary to not lose chat info, or make it so it does that automatically. Apple products have automatic back up, you guys should do the same. I mean frankly I'm vexed right now but that doesn't change the fact this is an issue you guys should work on. Also stop getting rid of free stickers you guys have had forever (years). When you take away from what you have, you just make yourself less valuable. I joke fight my friends because they prefer Discord over this and honestly I can’t blame them. Stop taking away from the little you have to compete with. Oh and I’ve bought stickers through the years, so I’m a customer, not just a free-loading opinion.
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3 years ago, Loved by Daddy
Voice messages cut off
I really like this app but a big problem is that whenever I’m creating a voice message and a phone call comes in or my alarm goes off it cuts off the message and I lose it completely and have to start all over which is frustrating. Same thing happens when I’m listening to a voice message: if a call comes in or my alarm goes off it cuts it off and I have to start over from the beginning to listen to the whole thing again which is repetitive. I would like to request that if, when creating a voice message, it gets cut off, that the app would retain the part that has been recorded up until the interruption instead of losing it. And I would like to request that you create a slider for listening to voice messages so you can start in the middle instead of starting all over again. Thank you for an otherwise great app!
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5 years ago, Mospiritu
Started off great but now some weirdness.
I’ve been using Line with my family and some friends for a while and it’s worked nicely, especially when we’re connecting from abroad. The emojis and filters are fun for messaging. The messaging features have worked really well consistently. Unfortunately, the app stopped working with my phone’s notification features so it doesn’t ring or display a banner for Line calls the way it did before. I’ve checked my settings in both the app itself and on my phone, and have tried deleting then reloading the app as well. None of that resolved the issue. Now today, I received a Line notification banner and ring from the last Line user who called me via the app but the call was actually a regular iPhone call from someone who isn’t a Line user at all. (I never received a notification from the Line caller.) Looks like my app version is up to date. What gives, Line developers?
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6 years ago, A2009
Best chat app
Update: I’ve been using Line for years, but I don’t like it as much as I used to. First, the spam problem is out of control, I constantly get added and messaged by fake accounts and Line seems to have no way to address it. And second, when friends add you they show up in a tiny screen all mixed together with the spam adds and recommended friends. It’s so easy to miss the initial request, and then later have no idea who is a real friend or not, so I allow non-friends to send me messages. Which of course contributes to the spam problem. Line needs a clean way of dealing with friend requests, like Facebook. Original: I just started using Line and now prefer it to Whatsapp, Viber, etc. I have had several int'l phone calls- even without wifi its super clear and of course free! The stickers are also cute and fun to use. I don't get nagged to log in like other people, lucky me I guess. Great app!
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5 years ago, pokeopeth
Not sure how this subpar app with absolutely no helpful customer service took over all of Japan, but it’s been a frustrating run with this thing. I’m currently completely unable to log in on my phone, so I tried the desktop app, which is impossible to log in to....without your phone? Isn’t that pretty illogical? I would imagine that using the desktop version would be a telltale sign that the phone app isn’t working. So now I have zero contact with all my Japanese friends I met during study abroad. Not only that, but before I got logged out, it inexplicably just stopped delivering my messages for three months. What’s that all about? Everyone thought I was reading their messages but just being a schlub and not responding. This app is subpar at best when it’s working, and just a nightmare when you need help. Send an email to the support line and you’ll get a completely automated response, with no option to talk to a human. At a loss for what to do about this. Meet new friends I guess?
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4 months ago, slaaaaaaaaaaaapppppppp
Help please…
Ever since I installed this app I’ve had nothing but difficulties with it. I installed it and made a profile while in the US to stay in touch with my Japanese friends who were returning home. However, every time I tried to add friends/ verify my account via text or email, I encountered an error message saying “access denied: please confirm your authority and try again”. I’m in Japan now and I really need to use Line as it’s the most common communication app, and it’s extremely practical for everyday life, but I still can’t do anything. I just uninstalled and reinstalled the app today and now I can’t even log in. I got an error message saying “verification is temporarily blocked. Please wait 99 days and try again”. Honestly, not only is this frustrating, but it’s also making it difficult for me to get access to information. My school has important announcements and information that are sent via Line that I can’t access. If anyone has any advice please let me know.
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6 years ago, iloverewards123456
Love the App
I don’t know why lots of people are giving bad reviews on this app. I haven’t had any issues. I love the animated stickers a lot as well as the animated stickers with sound. I would really like to see lots more Disney animated stickers with sound in the future, due to those being my favorite stickers to buy. And there is very good deals on token prices and really love that. I’m not much of a big spender but when I see something I really like and can get it for cheap I always go for it but still careful not to go to crazy at the same time lol. Thanks so much for this awesome app! I was very hesitant at first but had lots of people persuade me to get this app. So I downloaded it and haven’t stopped loving it since I downloaded it. Keep up the good work!!!! And I look forward to any new and exciting updates.
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5 years ago, whyineedanicknametf
Unimpressed with an unnecessary glitch
After one of the recent big updates, the quality of the app deteriorated in my opinion. While I can still receive videos and pictures, I can’t send any of my own. It takes over 30 minutes over resending before they finally go through, if they ever go through at all. I’ve used this app for over two years now and this is the first time I’ve had this issue, and it only came after an update. I’m without wifi in my current situation, but my other apps send and receive pictures and videos just find on my data so the problem isn’t caused by the lack of wifi. When I finally had a wifi connection a few days ago, the problem persisted. This is an in app issue that shouldn’t have been a problem to begin with. Whatever was changed that may have caused that shouldn’t have been changed at all.
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6 years ago, carlogbaltazar
Forward Thinking
Out of all the messaging company apps and having been able to use all of them quite extensively, the verdict for me would be that Line is the most forward thinking and practical out of all of them. The things that Line offers really targets the global market unlike the others. WeChat only focuses on China, KakaoTalk is very much popular only in Korea, WhatsApp and Messenger are well, on targeted to US and European consumers because it’s hardly ever used in Asia. Line on the other hand has a very even consumer base and this is what stands out with them. They are a Japanese base company but targets the entire market which is always good. Their camera is also quite feature rich and very fun to use. It can practically replace the default camera app of the iPhone. Japan always gets it right, man.
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5 years ago, Peekichuu
Great and all but some minor problems and horrible customer support
I’ve been using the app for years now, it’s my #1 messaging app instead of iMessage because of the cute themes and stickers it has. Just recently, I’ve had problems when I reply on my lock screen on my phone, sometimes my messages don’t send at all. So I would have to log into my phone and then go into the app and reply again just for it to send. It’s quite the hassle and sometimes it does not notify me when I receive a message... I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app a few times and same issue occurs.. contacted customer support and it literally took them a week before answering back to me and made me take a survey and answer questions. I waited yet another week just to get a reply saying that it is a problem with my OS on my phone and told me to update to the latest IOS update. Which I already am on. I even went to apple and got a replacement phone and it’s still happening. Please look into it and fix this issue.
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7 years ago, ElementalWolf18
Overall a fantastic app, I much prefer it over discord. However, with the new update I've found it's much clunkier to type, and autocorrect doesn't seem to work nearly as well as before. I find that it takes much longer to type because of that which is annoying. I also don't like that it seems like I can't see as much on a line when I'm typing as before. One of the things I hate about the messaging for iPhones is how they set up the text bar with the photos and the like available right away, and I loved LINE since they didn't do that, but now that they've implemented a similar feature, I've found it very inconvenient. I did like that they changed where the microphone option was so if I want to send messages really fast I'm not missing the send button to accidentally press the mic button.
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5 years ago, NFB72
Don’t use app on multiple devices
Been using this app for years never had a problem until today. I downloaded line on my chrome book and when i signed in it booted me out of the app on my iPhone. When i logged back into my iPhone all of my chat history was gone. Years of messages that i didn't want to lose. I understand not being able to use it on two different devices at the same time but if it kicks you off it shouldn't delete everything. I googled the problem to see if there was a solution, but no there is not. Seems like a common problem and i wasn't the first it has happened to. You can backup your chat in the settings but it is too late for me now (also i shouldnt have to backup my history in the first place) This has never happened to me with any app before it needs to change. Hope the developers see this and do something about it. Fb messenger and discord do not have this problem. If changes are made ill change/edit my review.
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3 months ago, PissedOffCustomer!.
I got a new phone. Naturally, I reset my old phone. Now I am trying to log in using my Apple ID information and it is telling me that for some god forsaken reason I need access to my old phone to recover the account even though I am signed into my Apple ID. Now, that is the only way I am able to create an account, and it won’t allow me to use my phone number or email to create an account until I can recover my account which I’m unable to do because I don’t have access to my old phone. In other words, I can never create another LINE account again because I don’t have access to my OLD phone that has nothing to do with anything considering my new phone has all my cloud information on it now. Clearly the developers of this app are extremely unintelligent and clueless, because no one in their right mind would make it this difficult to get an account back. I hope this app somehow gets banned from every country.
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7 months ago, MusiqMysfit
My favorite chat app
I really wish more people used this app for messaging. It’s so much more fun than Discord with the various themes, stickers, and avatars. The fact that creators can make their OWN themes and stickers. All of the collaborations with our favorite brands and people. No need to pay a monthly fee for premium features. The attachment size limit is already much larger. And there’s an album option. I could go on and on. Everything I’ve said still stands, but I wanted to update the review a tad with a request! I would love to have more “reaction” emojis! The ones available seem to be a “thumbs up,” “heart eyes,” “squinting laughing,” a “hopeful” or “please,” a “crying,” and a “shock.” I would love to have an angry reaction and a question reaction!
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5 years ago, Sumeil
Okay to start off, I LOVE this app. It’s adorable and efficient and my friends and I have used it for years. I don’t usually leave reviews but I’m leaving one today because I have a suggestion and I can’t find a suggestion box or email or anything to leave it anywhere else. It’s a super simple suggestion, I just want to be able to see my own profile picture when sending messages. I can see everyone’s that I’m receiving in my group chat, I want to be able to see mine when I’m replying too. Maybe make it a feature you can turn on an off? I have wanted this for years and I’m finally trying to suggest it. I want to see my own chat icon in chat settings. PLEASE. I will give you my money! I just really want this.
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3 years ago, Kahlula
Great app but shop is frustrating.
One of the best things about Line is the variety of stickers made both officially and by creators. I love looking in the store often to see what new ones are available. My review is going to be nit picky about little things that most people probably aren’t bothered by. A long time ago when you browsed in the shop, if you were to pick a sticker to look at in more detail but then hit the back button, it would remember your position. Now resets back to the beginning each time you look at a sticker then go back to the list. Not only that but for whatever reason, they have ranking sorts that is defaulted to women, 20 to 29 for me - I keep manually picking everyone, all ages - I wish there was a way for us to pick our own defaults. Another thing is because I have a stupid amount of stickers, maybe we can have folders to organize our stickers. Last suggestion, there are some artists I buy stickers from when they release. But because of the first issue above, it’s a pain to check. It would be a nice feature to have a tab maybe of creators you want to follow or a feed that shows latest stickers uploaded by creators you previously purchased from. Besides this, Line is a great app to use. I’ve been using it for several years now and wished more of my friends would use it.
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3 years ago, Cottoncandy123 60
Love it but there are things that need it be improved
I have only used LINE for a short while and have loved my experience with the app so far, however there are a couple of things that would really enhance my experience. One of them is adding the typing notif in chat. Like how Snapchat/Insta lets u know when someone is typing, it would be amazing if were to add that feature bc convo would be able to flow more naturally and wouldn’t have to worry about cutting others off. I would also love if there was an easier way to get coins because other than buying them of receiving stickers as a card, I haven't been able to get any. I love the app but those are the two things that I would love to see fixed in the next update.
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5 years ago, BAMFMMA
Great app but a few bugs and glitches
I don’t understand why I am not able to use the app on my tablet and phone is the first programming error keeps wanting to delete my information and When I am on the go I use my phone but when I am home I use my tablet this issue needs to be fixed ASAP. The other issue I am having is that the photos I receive it won’t allow me to save them to my photo album on either device it just says loading and the spinning wheel of death just stays on the screen. I am also having issues with the program staying open and sending me updates of a new message being received have to periodically check to see if I have a new message. I am using all apple products and have most recent operating system iPhone XR and iPad Pro are the devices that I am using.
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3 months ago, violet 🟣
looovvveee it!!!!!(*^▽^*)
this app is a very good app. The reason I gave this app a three star out of five is because there are very very very many good sides about this app and it's like so good, but there were a few problems I would like to fix. So first of all the good side this app shows if the person I'm talking to read my message. Also, this app is very good because you can decorate your profile and there is a profile studio which you can make an avatar (so good) and you can also buy stickers and buy a theme for the app. The messages also gets sent very fast!! on the other hand, the bad side is that you have to buy the stickers and be with coins which you have to buy coins with real money, so that's just saying you have to buy things and stickers with your own money. Also, there are very strange people to join me because I want to be friends with you so I like have to block them and people keep adding me by my phone number so I wish that line wasn't able to friend someone with phone numbers. That's all for now! Besides, this is a very, very very very good app I highly recommend it -Violet
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4 years ago, Awesome Anna 100
New Photo Filters Please 🥺
I love this app so much and it’s pretty much my only social media and I love all the features and little bunnies and bears. All I would like to add is to make the app more like SnapChat for the photos and time lines. Like maybe adding that dark line of text like in SnapChat because I think it’s superrrrr cute and retro and I think it’d be so cool if you could add like an add on to make your eye lashes longer. Because being a girl and using those filers don’t always look so good and I want my eye lashes to be more pronounced. And more filters like SnapChat. And I know I could just use Snapchat but I think I like this app better but I would just like better photo options. Otherwise great app thanks!
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1 year ago, wkcarroll
Don’t Waste Your Time
I downloaded the app b/c it’s the main communication app used in a work group I’ve been asked to join. I was allowed to create an account. But I couldn’t add group members without communication problems. They weren’t receiving my messages and I wasn’t receiving theirs. I kept getting an error that said, “Access Denied! Please confirm your authority.” Couldn’t find anything in the support area that even told me what that message meant, let alone could I figure out how to fix the problem. So I tried signing out and signing back in. But there is no sign out button. So I deleted the app and reinstalled thinking I’d be asked to sign in again. Well that was a big mistake because now I am locked out for 60 days. Big waste of time and an embarrassment b/c I won’t be able to join this work group. Read the most recent reviews. A lot of newcomers are having this same problem!
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2 years ago, jrod0521
Pin Messages For Easy Access, Organize with Notes, Albums and Calendar
I recommend this app to everyone I communicate with regularly with. I learned about it in the gaming community when I downloaded it to learn tricks in a game with my guild but now we use it with my family, friends and at work. Those who would criticize the app because of sticker regions? That’s outrageous, stickers have no impact on functionality and are bonus only that adds a little fun. I’ve changed phones and had no trouble backing up my chat and reloading in my new iOS device. You can personalize your chats with themes or background pics. It’s an everyday part of my life and I love it!
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6 years ago, Mr.heath44
1 thought to make line even better!
This is an amazing app! I use LINE every single day for incredibly fast and instant communication between friends, teammates, or other players on a “real-time” or “live” multiplayer game that i play. I am constantly engaged in and/or involved with multiple different group messages and single conversations and never had a problem. Cant think of a single complaint i have ever had. The only thing there is, the one and only thing that could possibly ever make this app any better then it already is, is this: (within group messages) From the very second you send a message in a group chat, your able to see how many people have read your message via the “read by” icon, followed by a number. That number is the actual number of people that have seen your message. That one thing to make this app better is to make the icon that shows the number of people your message has been “read by” a clickable button/link that brings up and shows who the actual people are that have read your message.
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3 years ago, Anninka
I’ve been using this app for almost 2 yrs to send and receive extremely private data, emails, contracts etc. One day I logged in and out too many times, which is odd in itself given I should be able to do that, resulting in me being locked out of my account for an unforeseen amount of time. After emailing customer service I was told it was now a security issue and no further details can be shared with me. It’s been a week and not only am I unable to access my account and all of the saved info I need I’m also being told that details of when I will be able to access my account can not be shared with me. So maybe another week. Maybe another month. Maybe never. 2 years of Contacts, messages, and essential information gone just like that. An app so secure not even the account holder can access it and a support team unwilling to help past a generic email. What a total fail
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7 years ago, Karta 安岳
The "forgot password" system is awful
I used LINE a while ago and uninstalled. Just recently, I wanted to log in LINE Webtoon using my LINE account on my laptop since I had previously used my LINE account to log in and save comics. However, I forgot my password, and strangely, there wasn't any "forgot password" button on the laptop. The page only mentioned to use the app to ensure that logging in was enabled. I decided to redownload the app and see if it could be of any help, but when I tapped "forgot password," it told me to check my app settings to reset my password. I don't understand how I'm supposed to go to my app settings if I can't even log in. I googled for help, but I was unable to find anything of help. I'm not sure if I missed something, but if I didn't and this is truly how the forgot password system works, then I am appalled and flabbergasted. Please fix and improve this system if this is really how it works.
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7 years ago, Siloquinn
I’ve been using LINE app for iphone for years now and i never had a single problem with it, well not until i switched my phone to iPhoneX. Calls were working normally for a while until it suddenly gave the “microphone is not working” issue. First i thought it was the phone’s problem but i tried the phone on a normal call and it worked just fine. I thought maybe i should just restart? So i did restart, but still got the same error which is prohibiting me to start a call. I thought maybe i should just reinstall. So thats what i did, but still got the same error. I really dont know what to do and this app has been almost unusable for me. If there is an update requirement for the new iPhone hopefully it fixes this issue. If there is a fix i hope someone can help me with this. Until then i will rate it as i ser fit.
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6 years ago, Pengwin Demon
HD voice
The quality of the phone calls used to be stellar on this app its what got me to switch from skype to LINE however this recent update now offers an “HD Voice” that I cannot get on board with. Why the quotations? You may ask and the reasoning is simple there’s nothing HD about it. It’s more like some cheap equalizing trick that makes all phone calls sound like you’re communicating with two tin cans and a string. As far as I can tell the audio quality is a massive drop as to what it used to be, to the point that you can forget about having an understandable conversation while on speaker or at all if you’re using anything but earbuds DIRECTLY in your ear. Plainly put this new update might need to have this feature omitted or at the very least come with clear instructions as to how to turn it off. Not impressed and I stand by my 2/5 stars.
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6 years ago, Junji~
Worst customer service ever
The app for iPad is always left on the side. All the bugs are still going on and, the worst of all, if I exit the app by pressing the home screen and/or force quit, it automatically log out of my account. It’s extremely annoying to always do the login, especially if I change to safari to check a webpage (btw, don’t come with an update just fixing one of those mentioned problems, solve BOTH). I sent an email to the company and what i get in return is “If you enter in contact again we will take more time to solve your problem, dear costumer”. In other words “don’t bother us sending more emails cause we don’t care who you are and we don’t mind solving it”. I’ve been a loyal costumers for years on the iPhone app, music app and the physical store, but the company’s costumer service S*CKS and don’t care about the ones who support it. If I could rate this app minus ten stars, I’d gladly do so.
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7 years ago, Angrier Bird 75
Latest Update Ruined the App
Loved the app for years until the latest update. You used to be able to send voice messages via holding down a large button in the bottom middle of the screen. On the latest update, some genius decided the button should be much smaller and off to the right side. If you're right handed like most of the planet, forget trying to use the app for voice messaging. You will either: A) Have your thumb slip off the button from having to hold it in an awkward position. B) Drop your phone from having to hold it in an awkward position. C) Give up and use two hands which defeats the purpose of voice messaging to begin with. Fix your app and fire the genius who obviously didn't think this through. Why screw up a perfectly fine working app? Obviously some people are trying to justify having a job by "fixing" things that didn't need to be fixed.
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