Litstick - Best Stickers App

Social Networking
4.6 (155.1K)
142.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Sociaaal LLC
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Litstick - Best Stickers App

4.64 out of 5
155.1K Ratings
3 years ago, dyegch
For a friend
Hi there I just wanted I have to get a hold of your friend on Facebook if I don’t get a response up on Facebook so you don’t have to be in a position of the house for a long period of time so you know how much I appreciate you doing it for you to see me in person I know I need you and your help for me to help me out and you have no respect to me you are always a great friend to you so I don’t want you in the relationship you are and you have a good friend and you are you and your friend you deserve it so you deserve it deserve to know that I am always happy with your friendship and I hope you have such great things you are so blessed to have a good friend to me I hope you have fun with you all you deserve and deserve a good friend ❤️👌
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12 months ago, beetlejuice108976
not enough options
there is little to no options to use, i thought i was going to have more options to use as stickers in my imessage, frankly all of these are corny and looks like a little kid would use them, your add looks way more appealing and fun to use, when i downloaded the app it was honestly stupid and i found myself looking for more options when i was in ALL OPTIONS, and news flash, no one is going to pay money for an app that lets you put stickers in an imessage, the last thing anyone wants is to pay for a app, especially one that should literally be free, that’s like asking money for a child’s game, doesn’t make sense and it’s inconvenient, so in order to get the stupid stickers i want, i have to pay actual money? i think this app should realize what there making people pay for (which is not a lot) and they should realize that people who download this app thinking they are going to get the features that come in the add that they should get more options than a corny wensday sticker that looks like it was designed by a 6 year old with a craft bucket, and cat stickers. none the less this app dissapointed me in multiple ways and i was just trying to make a friend laugh but no, i have to PAY for an experience i thought i was going to get by simply downloading the app due to your deceptive add.
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3 years ago, PleaseReadThis-HasGoodInfo
Great App! But there are some things you should know before getting it
I think this is a great app! It is really fun to prank me mom and annoy her all day with the funny cat stickers! If you are considering getting this app you should! Just here are some things you should know that took me a while to figure out. When you are about to do a sticker make sure you hold down the sticker so you drag and drop because if you don’t it just looks like a text. And if you are planning to prank your mom and dad figure out how it works first and how the stickers would look on their screen because I did not do this and I wasted my chance at pranking them. Also unless you pay for a trial you won’t get all of the stickers. There are only about 7 packs you can use without buying anything and each pack has about 15 stickers. But overall it’s a great app!!!
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5 months ago, JaidenMan
Predatory and pathetic
This is the worst app I’ve ever tried using. I’d give it less than one star if I could. Here are my reasons for saying so. First, the cost. This makes it predatory. This app costs $7 per week to use. PER WEEK. That’s $28 every month to use this small collection of MAYBE 50 stickers in total. Second, the content of the app. It’s almost completely empty. The stickers offered by this app are generic, uninspired, and downright depressing. For example, one collection is literally just 7 stickers of the same picture of Wednesday Adams. I’m not kidding. This is nearly $30 a month. In the list of sticker collections (there are about 10 collections, each more bleak than the last), they make it look like you have more options for stickers, but they’re really just making you watch ads to get a “mystery sticker” pack. In reality, the ad doesn’t even load (the app is really that broken) and then you’re given yet another uninspired, irrelevant sticker pack that you’ll simply never have a use for. If, despite those reasons, you decide to pay for and attempt to use this app, you won’t be able to. Period. Stickers from this app aren’t being added to the stickers to choose from in iMessage, meaning you’re paying $28 a month for literally nothing. It doesn’t even work. All of these problems, and I can’t even truthfully say it does what it’s supposed to.
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9 months ago, dnp49
The first time you were able and I didn’t have a chance I just had the chance to get to know you better than I do now I don’t have to go through the whole time and I don’t have to be with anybody else and you know that you are my best friend I just don’t know what I would be doing without that I would never have to go with somebody that would do anything to you I would not have a relationship without that and you would be with me I wouldn’t be in my!!! And you would never that you would not ybe ururur wi You are a great man and I hope you have a great day at work tomorrow love dad love mom I will be praying that you’re able for the rest of the week and you will have the same energy
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9 months ago, madilyn32156
IReally love this game and I hope you make more add a lot more details all your games you make a really fun and I enjoyed him them really love this game and I hope you make more add a lot more details all your games you make a really fun and I am doing them and I hope you keep doing them a lot more they’re very fun and I love pizza people I love I loveAll of the games make it make sense I’m talking on my speaker so it might not make sense I love principal cranking cranking prank Ing people a lot so this might not make sense but I’m using the speaker so yeah cause my keyboard is not working and I just want to spell all of this so yeah
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3 years ago, Jury12334
The pricing could be better!
I think this is the best app you can use to prank people through messages it’s super fun and funny when you read their reactions there’s a lot of stickers to use for free and all except the one that you can customize and a few other packs but the 5 dollars a week which is 15 dollars every month? I pay 10 dollars to listen to any music any time without using service connection or anything. I just think that spending 15 dollars every month for some stickers is a waist of money and the pricing could be way better. Just stating my opinion though! I feel like if the price was $4-6 every month, way more people would definitely subscribe to it, including myself. Amazing app though!!
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2 years ago, MsMarkedSoba
Good idea, just one problem
Ok so look, I love this app and I was gonna pay for the full version. Because the idea is ingenious. However, you’ve got the interface wrong. For the prank to be effective, the blue bubbles need to be facing the person you’re texting side. And the grey ones facing towards you the sender. Although this is the opposite of what we see on our side. That is exactly how it would look on theirs. If you could update and fix that, I would have no problem paying for this app. Or… Even better. You could add the opposite way in too. Because some people might use the way it is in there now to fake a conversation, that could also be useful. But in order to prank a real person you are texting we would need the way I suggested.
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1 year ago, Kaycee#realname1234
Awesome 1 problem though
There’s one problem with this the problem is well first of all there’s a pre-trial second of all those are the only things you can add to iMessages unless you get the free trial, which isn’t fair because what if you don’t have any money, then this game is free but if you start the free trial, then you can get more stuff to unlock to download iMessages but what if you don’t want to pay money every like week or month for this game? It’s like no no no I’m eight years old so I know. Kaycee Prescott signing out. BTW don’t look my name up on Google their other Kaycee Prescott’s
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2 years ago, Akina_Puppy
Brilliant but meh
This app idea is fantastic! I gave 3 stars because of 2 main issues. 1) my app is buggy so I can’t get more sticker packs than the 4 free ones even though I signed up. 2) it’s insanely expensive. $5 PER WEEK for a joke app. Hard no. Maybe if they made each sticker pack you wanted cost $1-$2, and then you purchased the ones you wanted and then they are yours. But there is a 0% chance I will keep this app for that much money. That is $260 per year, which is WILD. My Canva subscription which I can make money off of creating things costs me $120 per year. My MLB streaming app costs $130 per year. The audacity of charging that much for this kind of product is shocking. I hope they do something about the outrageous cost, because the app idea is pretty cool. As it stands…meh
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4 years ago, ☀︎︎ random.reviewer ☀︎︎
funny app, but too expensive
Ok, I’m kinda in love with this app. I’ve pranked so many of my friends and family with it, and it’s really funny. It’s also super easy to use, but it’s way too expensive. There’s only about 20 different text stickers that you can use. You can customize text stickers, but you have to get the membership. There’s also more than just text stickers on here, like funny cat stickers, except I haven’t used them yet so I don’t know much about them. I think you have to get the membership to use some of the other types of stickers, though. Overall, I recommend this app, but ask that you can do more things with it without buying the membership.
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3 years ago, ~ • ~
Please Change This A Little Bit.
Everything about this app is awesome! The only reason I gave it a 4 star was because I think everything should be free. In other words, think about the littler kids who download this app but have various things they have to pay for or buy. I would like this to be changed, this would make younger children happy to see that everything is unlocked and they can prank or show family/friends cool tricks and prank they can do! As I said, this is an amazing app, just please change that you have to pay for it so younger kids can play this app without paying or buying the Premium.
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2 years ago, 12345678 Krillin
It saved my marriage
Me and my husband would always have these arguments I remember back when we were at the table we would argue over you cut the bread I would always say I took care of the whole house can you cut it and he would always say I worked 12 hour shift to come back to this until one day I messed up his text and he accidentally sent me a compliment through this app then he did the same and now we pretend we complement each other our marriage has never been better thanks to this app
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1 year ago, this icknameisnottake
Read Before You Download!!
Trust me this is short so just read it unless you want you plan to be COMPLETELY DONE!!!!! You know how if you are in the iMessage app and it tells you what the person that texted you said, in the iMessage app the person that you texted, in that little column where your name/phone number is it says 1 sticker applied. So if you don’t want your plan COMPLETELY DONE I recé I love this app and you might to the only flaw that makes this not that good is that when you text somebody it says «1 sticker Applied». So if you don’t want your plan COMPLETELY DONE I recommend that you do not download this app. No hate.
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9 months ago, Top Reviewer 1st
L game
I’m giving y’all one star because it’s an trash app that you have to pay for and it doesn’t even have that many options. A couple days ago I got in trouble by using this app on my mom it doesn’t work at all it’s just a an annoying app with nothing on it that you have to pay for like your using kids money for this app and it doesn’t even have good stuff it has trash stuff and it is not even like the ad at all that’s why I gave y’all one star.
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1 year ago, moonmark3
It won’t let me put in on my friends messages
It won’t let me put it on my friends messages and I don’t know why but it seems other peoples are working I don’t know how to work this app. And I’m trying to look on a tutorial on how to, and it seems I’m doing everything right. But overall what’s the point because I can’t work it it might work for other people but not me so I’m gonna rate this a 4/5 sorry maybe when I work it right I’ll give it a 5/5 and make another reply but for now it won’t work thank u for making this game bye, it just won’t work, and god bless your heart
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2 years ago, Ar Boo
Free stickers
I mean If you want me to right it a five you have to send free stickers to me and I will cash app you 30 dollars only if you let me get free stickers because I just added this game so I don’t know what to do so let me get free stickers instead of 30 books I will give you 50 just for free stickers so let me make it clear to you I will give you a five star rating I will give you 50 bucks from cash app just for free stickers do that please please please pretty please God says you’re a good person if you do it if you don’t do it you’re a bad person and God is angel if you do this you may be an angel just like him so do it and you’ll become A angel just like him so please and if you do it you will see God because your angel I can and you’ll see all the other angels
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2 years ago, hateonjb
Ok so it works … but there isn’t a lot of stickers and you have to pay for some of them. I feel like it’s a processing game and there is gonna be more updates but over all I it’s a good game. Want a dog? Ok there is a sticker for it! Want to have a free day and spend all of there money? There is a sticker for it! And it also has cute stickers so like you hold it then drag it to the text it’s fun and 4/5 stars (a reasonable rating)download it if you want to get a lot of stuff ! My one thing that makes it 4/5 instead of 5/5 is there should be more sticker hope this helped ur decision!
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10 months ago, STOOPY DOGGGGOGOO
mid honestly
i mean its alright and stuff i really like the stickers the app gives you but heres one thing when i saw the ad of Litstick it showed me that you can customize your own text sticker to prank your contacts so i was like oh this sounds cool i should try it then when i got the app i was going to press the customize button literally out of no where it said get premium which costs money but i know that not everything in life is free for some reason on the ad i saw that they didnt have to buy it it just showed the footage of them pranking their contacts with it this obviously got me confused and concerned its all good but i dont think this app is really for me in my opinion.
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2 years ago, heartbeat wolf😛
Cute prank text app
Dear developers This is a funny text sticker pack you can use to prank your friends or family members. Though I do get confused with the opposite colors like grey and blue thing. Also, I think the subscription is a little over priced. Maybe make people pay every month instead of week. I’m also a little disappointed that the custom text bubble stickers are only when you have the subscription. But the other options that come with the app are good for now. Overall, I love pranking my friend and it’s a very cute funny idea. Good work, keep it up -Chloe🖤
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3 years ago, Paisley Paint 10
Love this app! Please read before buying though
So I LOVE THIS APP at first I thought it would be like all the other ones where it advertised being able to change text.... but it wasn’t! It was totally free for the first 15 stickers... AND it goes through on the other persons screen (tested it with my brothers) I over all LOVE this app so much and the text changing feature is so cool. Don’t skip this app like you might for others, it’s different. That’s all I have to say.... GET THIS APPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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3 years ago, Dylan Spooner
Great app just one thing ☝️
Hey this app is great, highly recommended, but there is a slight thing I would like to be fixed. When you want to make the message blue to put over their message to make it look like they sent it, the little arrow in the bottom of the text points towards the right side of the screen, so it makes it look like your message just on the other side of the screen, but besides that, this app is hands down amazing 🙌
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3 years ago, jerusareema
Almost perfect!
Hey! This app is very fun and entertaining to use and almost always gets a laugh out of my friends. All the stickers are cool, but my personal favorite is the text message ones. The only problem with them is the color are blue and gray and most of my friends have their phone on dark mode so the color of the messages are blue and blackish gray. This makes it very obvious that something isn’t right so if you could possibly give an option to switch the color from gray to the other blackish gray color then this app would definitely be worth five stars!😊
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1 year ago, Jsbeuvdg
It is a good app at first, but then…
At first I would prank people with the stickers. I would replace the text that they said and put a sticker on it. After me doing it to a couple of friends, I did it to one of my friends to prank them. I said,”Hi” and he said,”Hi.” Then I ask him,”Can I get 5 dollars at school tomorrow?” He replied with ,”No.” At first, it was going to plan, then I placed the sticker that said Yes! After that I took a picture for proof. Then he sent me a picture of the sticker. It looked like just if I sent him a photo of the sticker. So you see, if you do want to download this app, but I do not recommend.
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3 years ago, ysurgh
You can I mean you can write this is something you can keep something and just put it on there and you can have them what you want to say to you like how do I say this OK so if you think they’re gonna say maybe you should like you can do that so there’s like a ton of things and then something they say something that you don’t want them to say go ahead and put it on their text message and they say why you are going to say.
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5 months ago, tsp star to rate
Help I guess I don’t really know
I go to a person who I message a friend from school and when I click on it, I type what I wanna change the message to and then I click on where it says like post on your thing or whatever and it says on your friends phone your messages will hear the opposite color choose the opposite color for a cheese gray and then when I hit it, it tells me the same thing and then when I go back to blue I’m back to square one here to save what I typed what time it says I have to pay I don’t wanna have to pay I just want to be able to post it and change what they said.
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2 years ago, jdndhtur
Great game
I love this app it’s amazing you can prank people and change what they say you can even lie to your friend about it just by doing that but I swear I don’t do that LOL I love this app because it’s amazing you can prank your parents😹 I just love it I never got to use it yet but my friend told me about this and I feel like it’s true I just downloaded this app as you can tell because I’m writing this review right now but I love this app thank you whoever just created it
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2 years ago, yasqueenlol
Pretty cool
When I first downloaded this app I was really excited to prank some ppl by “changing” what they’ve sent to me with the stickers. The sticker selections given to you for free are fun as well. However, after using it on people I realized they weren’t fooled or baffled at all by the stickers. I wondered why and it’s because they actually received a notification that I added a sticker onto their message. Therefore, it defeats the whole purpose of pulling a joke/prank on the other person. Other than that, I guess people could still have fun with the cool sticker collection.
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3 years ago, doggie gaming
Awesome but must read
You need to download this if you want to prank somebody by changing there text but you need to know this..when you use the app you need to drag the words to there message also when you look at the tip it has two colors blue and grey nomorally you put the grey text over their text because it looks perfect but put the blue so it doesn’t look weird on their screen trust me -thanks for responding
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2 years ago, FH5 PLAYER
I think it could be better🤔
It’s a good app but I think it could be better because there are only so many choices of words to replace with. Although it’s a good app I would recommend the premium version Witch you have to pay for. It annoyed my friends so much they blocked me Lol. They know it’s a joke but I kept saying or putting they said that I was there crush and my friend Mkenzie said she was lesbian! LOL. It’s a good app
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12 months ago, Asdfghkjlmnbvxczqwertyuiop
Okay persevere
So at the beginning I could not figure out how to activate the app and I was so confused and I kept trying never eat the reviews and nothing happened and then when you look at the first like like study guide kind of it like shows a picture of when you go like when you’re about to text you see where like the camera is click the app next to it and then scroll where like you would like text if you had the wrong word and then you’ll find it and then click the Litstick App and you will find it hope you have fun figuring it out by🙂
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1 year ago, hockeysisteru_u
I give it a 7/10 (one request)
I don’t wanna be rude honestly but it’s so annoying how you have to pay to customize your own words and i only give it a good-ish rating bc i KINDA like it bc it has some words to choose from and i get it the app is trying to make money for the customize but it gets people angry when they have to pay to laugh a little but still it’s an ok app i incourage you to get it but please don’t make people pay that my only request
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3 years ago, FLASH4201589
Misleading commercial, fake lying app, fake reveiws
1 the ads which aggressively invade whatever your trying to do and don’t go away until you download it are misleading and extremely annoying! 2 the app has minimal things you can actually do and none of what the ads tell you you can do not only that but it forces you to pay 3.99 to get the full version when there’s literally 4 things that you can do and none of it is what is advertised. 3 most definitely what happened was the developers have a legion of people writing fake good reveiws (which isn’t uncommon in anything btw bad or good fake reveiws happen) only ever look at the worst review before you trust any product!!!!
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4 months ago, ✨LayLay!✨
They made this game to scam people
All right, so I wish you know downloading this to prank my friend and you know casual. I’m thinking I’m an OP person because you know I play Minecraft you know I’m OP but when I tried this on my mom, I asked her to text me to make sure it was still her number. I fixed it to say we’re going to get a dog to keep Pinta company and then when I looked to see what it looked like on her phone it just labeled it you could still see what she texted. It’s a total scam and it cost 7 to 8 dollars a week, so it’s a total scam you can’t even use it correctly I do not recommend this zero point -5 out of five stars.
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2 years ago, ava danae smith
For pranks
If you ever want to prank you mom or something but at the same time you want to go somewhere and she says no you can replace it with yes and then she will be so confused like huh and she will say no again it you will doing it again and she will be like what happing to my phone and then you gonna be laughing and she gonna put a mad emoji and you gonna change it to happy so I really like this app is so amazing and it funny
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3 years ago, James_challin
Not a good app if I you are looking for a free sticker app.
The app and 7 packs are free, but if you are looking for customizable stickers or make-your-own stickers, then this isn’t the best app. Other then not having full access to the app, it is a decent app! Edit: I have a suggestion for the app as well. If you would make it so you can add custom texts for free, that would be great! If not, then that is fine, but I would gladly redownload if you added custom texts and I am sure many other people will too! Thank you!
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2 years ago, 36:9
I LOVE this app!
Even though I have a recommendation for the developer of this app: The replacement stickers should also have an option for it to be green since some messages sent in iMessage turn out green once you send them, so if you were using a custom or normal sticker, it would look like a standard text message. Other than that, I will recommend this app to others!!! 😃😃😃😃
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2 years ago, LuluTheWolf34
Great way to get your way when texting
You’ll always be able to change yes to No and ask for thing that people would normally say no to Now I don’t wanna start the trial so I have the basic stickers but The only issue I have is the insects when you insert them to crawl on your Friends Texts when I place them they disappear beside that great app I totally Recommend!!
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2 years ago, nananananannanana!:)
I Like some of the stickers they're really cute and fun but I really downloaded this app for the thing where u can replace someones text message. But sadly u can only do that with premium and premium is absolutely OVERPRICED! It's 4.99$ A WEEK! NOT EVEN A MONTH! A lot more people would subscribe if the price was lowered and if it was moved to month not week. I most certainly would. And what disappoints me is that they said u could do the text message replacing thing for free and there is only a couple stickers so to get the good stuff you have to buy premium. I most certainly WON'T do that. SO DISAPPOINTING!
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3 years ago, lilacpretty60
Fantastic for pranks, but read this before getting.
Hi! This app is really funny and really cool in pranking friends / family! The problem about this app is that when you go to cover a text to prank someone, and you put the grey text, you are able to tell that you are prancing them because it also shows a grey sticker text on the other persons screen. So just make sure you put a blue text when your pranking someone. Overall, great app! 4/5!
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2 months ago, rockstar may❤️
*Rated 5 starts to be top review.* I would recommended you to not download this game. Here are a few reasons why, you have to pay for a trial to customize your own texts, there is an option of only one sticker which says “no”, and the caption under the title lied and said something like “Best sticker app”. Nowadays apps cannot be trusted. I was really looking forward to prank someone.
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2 years ago, vxgshdhrj
The app is so awesome
The price could be better for the stickers and stuff and it’s really good for planking Friends and family but I think there could be more words to use and make it so the people who write the text make it actually look like they did it and that’s all I think everybody should download this besides all The pricing so you should definitely buy it
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2 years ago, yourlocalshortmiddleschooler
Great app but…
So this might not be a problem for everyone but I have Litstick on my iPad and iPhone but for some reason on both of those devices it has deleted the feature to change text messages and just has the cool emoji’s on it. If the developers could see if this is a glitch or if it can be fixed, I would be very grateful. Happy Thanksgiving!! 🦃🍁
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3 years ago, Ftooley77
Flawed and overly expensive!!
Starters, who in their right mind would pay $5/wk or ($260 yr) for this app? Then to see that the prank messages are so flawed, even a kindergartener could’ve developed a better sticker, I mean really? No one realized that iMessages are opposite colors on each device, so to make a realistic prank, you would have to swap the colors, so the sender gets pranked. Instead the colors are backwards. So on their device you’re putting a white sticker over their blue bubble, wow that isn’t 100% obvious. You failed on the basic fundamental, would hate to see any future apps your imbeciles create!! Glad I canceled the free trial, before I wasted money on this trash!
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5 stars
This game actually works I kept seeing games like this on TikTok and they didn’t work in till I came across this at first I thought it would be a scam but I got it anyways and it worked thanks to this game I literally got a puppy heheheeee😈 and it is a really good prank and for once it works this game is 5 stars highly recommend and you might get a puppy 🐶 so get the game
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3 years ago, Ariel_The_Cat
Read before getting it
At first I thought this app was gonna be funny. Boy was I wrong. I got the app and added the text message one because I wanted to prank my sister. I got it and texted my sister. I texted her, “Talk to me” because she never talks to me, since I’m her little sister. She responded with, “ Why do you play such bad games?” Because earlier I made told her my favorite game. I clicked on the text message button and put, “Of course”. I did it in gray because I wanted it to look like something she said. It was like a picture. It was on MY SIDE and looked fake. The blue ones looked real though. I wouldn’t get this app.
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1 year ago, Lauramoultry
The best
This app is the best app you can prank people and you’re kids or your friends and the free trial is only for 6 or 7 dollars it’s so cheap and I like how you can just prank people it’s so funny and in my opinion I recommend you downloading this app it’s amazing but you don’t have to all I’m saying that its the best and it’s funny pranking friends,family,and anyone’s else!
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3 years ago, Ijcyfovh279
Doesn’t work
I thought this would be funny to use on my friend, he has the same phone I do but I sent him the color blue to make him think he sent it but instead it was put into a box as a sticker on his side so it’s basically just an image with a box around it to open the picture. This needs to be addressed, make it more like the massages, also on his side it said I sent it instead of putting it on his messages to make it seem like he sent it. I put it on top of his message so it should’ve worked but didn’t.
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2 years ago, Amigo1
It’s nice
A few months ago, I got this app. I was not aloud to have the app after my parents found out that it taught my bad words. I got it again, and for some reason, it never said any bad words. So if you don’t want your child to learn bad words, I probably wouldn’t get this app. The rest of the features of this app, are really good. Again, don’t force yourself to get this, I would say it is 13 plus. Enjoy.
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2 years ago, kai-chan:D
Not a good app👁👄👁
This is not a good app cuz I think some of the reviews are fake because how does an app handle a marriage🤨sounds fake to me you know I’m not a Karen but like-why is it so expensiveE but anyways second of all actually third-you don’t even get that many options if you don’t pay and one of the options is a bit inappropriate if you look at the cat hula hoop one😳uh yeah.. so like zero stars there’s a better app than this not advertising because I forgot the name also because I’m not advertising because I don’t get paid as I’m not advertising because I’m not advertising the end.
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