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User Reviews for LiveMe – Live Stream & Go Live

4 out of 5
25.1K Ratings
5 years ago, happyguy4u
Live me problems
I would give it a five star rating but seriously what’s the point of updating live me to make it better when there r people doing inappropriate things on live me and still no point of emailing live me support I figure that everything about live me is messed up and discriminating to some people especially when my friend that is 16 year old she never done anything wrong through her live stream at all u should just banned 12 and under what’s the use of 16 being banned for and for your info there should be a replay by the company incased people r being inappropriate on there live stream at least they can be banned for life but my friend being banned for no reason cause of her age that’s not ok I’m proud to say that she is my friend cause I enjoy being on her live and sending gifts and listen to what she has to say if u don’t fix this ASAP then I’ll post everything about live me on all my social media’s and report it to the news cause it’s not ok people around the world will hear about this !!!
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2 weeks ago, Jacob Hilliker
This app is full of scammers who are disguising as pretending to be a female, but instead it’s a guy who is from Nigeria, who is extortion exposing innocent American people, such as myself on the Internet of my body parts and asking for money and demand I’m sick and tired of this app, allowing Nigerians to be allowed on this app they’re constantly being deceitful betrayed and a serious national security threat to this app Americans like me whether they are special-needs or regular Americans, such as white Latino black Asian or anyone else besides in Nigerian is at risk and this needs to take control of the situation which means track down whoever is using an email address when they asked for people through messages on the app to send nude pictures of their bodies without their consent to be posted online is unacceptable, and I cannot stand this app to be betray full of individuals from Nigeria. They need to be held accountable for their action which means to be restricted access to this app band and denied allowable into the platform because if they continue demanding money and exploring my my picture on the platform without my consent, then I’m taking this up with DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE the FBI, CIA NSA artificial intelligence agency please take control this app and protect our innocent people on this app so that they are comfortable and safe and that nobody poses the danger harm in the future please thank you
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5 years ago, Itsleyababy
I’ve been on this app for 2 years and I’m even a royal user. I had a guy threaten my life on live and in his broadcast he called someone and told them where I lived and that they were going to kill me that night. I contacted LiveMe and even sent them evidence to have the person banned. They did absolutely nothing but send me generic email responses and lied about having their audit department look into the issue. The replay is even still up of the incident happening. They pick and choose who they want to ban and it’s quite unfair. I was banned for sexual suggestiveness when I was cooking and fully clothed. I asked them to provide evidence of this and they couldn’t and once again sent me generic emails and literally didn’t lift my ban before 24hrs. I even sent them other profiles that were on the feature board that were absolutely sexually suggestive. It’s unreal the unfairness of the app. I’ve even gotten a lawyer involved about the threats I received on the app and them not correcting the issue but it’s supposed to be a “safe place”. They need better people that view emails and they need to be fair and just when it comes to banning people. It’s insane the amount of emails and complaints I’ve sent just for nothing to happen. Then the new conversion system is horrible. I don’t even want to recharge or gift because of it.
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5 years ago, OhioSweetBitMotherToMiniOhio
DOWNLOADERS BEWARE I HAVE BEEN WITH THIS APP SINCE 2016 HAVE HAD NOTHING BUT A GREAT TIME UNTIL THEY TOOK MY ACCOUNT AWAY FOR WHAT WHO KNOWS I WAS A Safety advocate beta team and even on the experience team that they had at one time I have sent in so many things to help make the app better and safe and now my account is gone they say they can’t show proof of what I did for privacy issues well that’s a joke because they have shown me several different accounts and why they are banned good job LiveMe today I contacted a lawyer they have a Law firms around the world and said they even have on in great Hong Kong so we are going to be filling a lawsuit also my bank is getting all my transactions together for a complete refund from the app this would have been completely fixed if they would have shown me the proof of why I’m banned besides being on other platforms be smart don’t use LiveMe unless you have deep pockets and/or money to just toss at a app that’s going no where get a registered sex offender off the app then they pay to get their account back also contracting the new here because they said there doing a update on this platform so can’t wait to see this happen hopefully someone will get back to me before I get my money back if not I’ll invest it in to uplive tango meetme tagged or any other platform besides this one
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2 years ago, kaj k
Waist of money and time
After over 10k in USD (I stopped counting) and four years of broadcasting, my account was banned because a false report of “slight sexual content “ , when I have personally reported sex offenders and perverts that go around flashing men and women with their penis with screenshots to document my claims; and was told nothing was found wrong and no action would be taken. This app doesn’t care how much money or time you commit to them- your just another idiot making them rich- I have appealed via every avenue available and not once have I felt heard or protected by the platform in anyway as a female broadcaster that has been active every single day for the last four years with NO rule violation issues. Again- this is a waist of your time and energy… I already waisted mine for you. Try ANY other streaming app- this ain’t it. Update- it’s a week later and I still have received proof of why I was banned from the application. Profiles with no user ID are allowed to roam the application as they please and you don’t even have a option to block. I wish I could attach the screenshots, because LiveMe employees never actually work, they just want you to show them screenshots then they still don’t do anything.
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5 years ago, Jdmtoby
Do they even care?
Look at all these reviews and look at their responses. That is he epitome of live me. They don’t appreciate the people who work hard and provide real content, the praise the people who spend thousands of dollars and give them special perks while people like me who broadcasts every single day, am left back with no proper recognition or verification. If you have a problem and ask for help you get generic responses and a BIG Runaround! I’ve been loyal to this app for over 3 years and put in HUNDREDS of hours and they advertise “chat with celebrities!” What a joke. This app is for people that ARENT celebrities who actually are good at what we do and go unappreciated. The “celebrities “ were just hype. They don’t broadcast or care about anyone on the app. It’s all marketing. Also things are changed SO OFTEN it makes your head spin! This app was the greatest app in my life for 2 years and has since gone in a scary direction. And what am I left with after 3 years of hard work? Slow casts, minimal support, and no assistance from the app.... you tell me if it’s a good app... now pay really close attention to the response they post if this review even sees the light of day...
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4 years ago, Mucho Taco ❣
I’m not sure
Honestly this app has its up an downs( I use it daily ). I don’t understand why it says 17 and up when the age limit on the app is 18. I’m a vip lvl 10 and I don’t understand why the report barley works anymore. The other day I did a video beam and the guy hops up showing his private so I reported it to live me like I have done in the past but his account is still there? I downloaded the app in 2017 and some of the things I liked better back then, right now I just feel like there needs to be something new. I’ve seen a lot of “big” people on the app bully or just up straight be rude and act like they run the app. It’s scary to think I spend money on the app and the next day I could be banned for no good reason or just because somebody reported me. I mean besides that you can meet really cool people on the app, gift and have fun which I enjoy.
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10 months ago, ReviewGuy17.
Not worth time and money.
For one if you’re a broadcaster, know liveme takes about 80% of your earnings unless you’re like NVIP LEVEL 2 and it takes spending $2000 to get that. They don’t payout from all of the comps, they choose who they respond to. They always responded to me quit fast (I was a level 62 and always spent at least $1k a month) but when I decided to leave the app they refused to remove my account or even temporarily ban it. So I had to do drastic things in order to get my profile removed. The comps the have are set up so the high levels will ALWAYS win the best rewards, the app if full of pedophiles such as “Home Alone” and LiveMe allows them to be on there even though it’s clearly against the laws for people as such to be on the app. Long story short, just use TikTok. Liveme is a joke and it took me 7 years and around $15k to realize it.
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7 years ago, MattyMatt360
Replay Glitch?? Other glitches. Fix your app
I love this app, but there is a critical glitch that I ran into on replays. Some replays will play perfectly fine straight through, and others will get stuck in a 3 second loop. I have no idea why and tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, tried clearing cache, tried force closing the app and opening it again, but to no solution. It’s weird because most of the replays I try to watch get caught in these 3 second loops. It doesn’t allow me to watch the rest of the video. Also I think you should fix up replays, because first of all, you can’t get rid of the chat and it’s annoying if you’re trying to watch but the chat is in the way. You should also make it easier and more efficient in scrolling (brushing) through the video. Please fix it along with the much needed fix for the looping glitch in watching replays. THERE IS ALSO another glitch regarding stars and collecting them. A lot of the time, when you have done the time to collect a star, it won’t leave a notification in the app, you have to go to the stars panel. There should be a fix for the star awards.
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5 years ago, shuangyuqinzi
I downloaded this app and made 2 live-streams on it. I made an account using my social media account on instagram. I got barely anything and it was the most boring app I ever used. After using the app for 2 days, I deleted it. After 3 days, MY TABLET KEPT GETTING NOTIFICATIONS OF USING INSTAGRAM WHEN I NEVER USED INSTAGRAM!!! Someone IS USING my instagram account I USED TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT ON LIVEME AND IT’S HORRIBLE. I FEEL LIKE MY INSTAGRAM IS HACKED! I got a notification of using LIVEME AT 11 PM AND I NEVER OPENED INSTAGRAM AT ALL!!! The notification comes from screen time. And then I deleted instagram. AT 1 AM, I GOT ANOTHER NOTIFICATION THAT I WAS ON INSTAGRAM AND AT THAT TIME I WAS ASLEEP!! I didn’t even HAVE THE INSTAGRAM APP INSTALLED AND IT SAYS I HAVE USED INSTAGRAM FOR MORE THAN 5 MINUTES WHEN I DELETED INSTAGRAM ALREADY. I swear this app is TOXIC AND HORRIBLE. Downloading this app allowed someone TO HACK IN MY INSTAGRAM. They got in my PERSONAL INFORMATION AND I AM NOT OKAY! I will SUE THIS APP IF THEY GET INTO MY PERSONAL INFORMATION AGAIN AND MAKE THEM PAY! NEVER DOWNLOAD THIS STUPID APP!! I have screenshots to PROVE IT TO YOU THAT THEY STOLE MY INFORMATION and they are thief! I AM SO MAD!!! Never download this I’m warning you!! My story is NOT FAKE I CAN SHOW YOU THE SCREENSHOTS!!!!
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6 years ago, grandmaster 001
I’m little bit upset
Specially with the game head to head there is instructions please show your face be respectful and people must some people just use the F word more than once showing their knockers instead of showing their face sucking in the Delta instead of and I can go worse and worse and worse as the low they winning so what’s the deal with that again please for the first time I’ve seen an application a girl sucking on a dildo life and she said one and another one is of showing her face showing hurt knockersPlease rolls supposed to be the rules otherwise this game is like going to Kim for a long time and the business because everybody's going to use his own rules thank you very much and I hope you did this feedback seriously that's not the first feedback about death was the first negative you feedback please take care of yourself and each other
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5 years ago, nickname583858
Bans for no reason
I would not recommend this app for many reasons. Now I have had this app 2 years ago and there way no problem. But now that I have come back to it, I hate it. First of all, I was live but in the dark. About 3 people joined as soon as I started the live. A few seconds later, my account literally gets banned for no reason. Is it cause I’m too young? If it is that’s stupid. I have tiktok and I would say it is way better then this “app”. Even if you are under age on tiktok, they don’t care. But for this dumb app, it restricts you and bans you because you are under age. I find that the developers should change this problem. And before the developers respond with a dumb bot comment say “oh please contact us for more info “ or something like that, people have given you all the info. And yet , from all the bad reviews about getting banned for no reason, the developers have still yet the do anything about it. If you would fix it then I’d recommend this app. But since the developers have done absolutely nothing about this problem, I would not recommend this app
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5 years ago, Msgozi
A Broadcasters dream come true
I’m a Top streamer from multiple different apps, and this app by far helps me the most to achieve my streaming goals. Uplive allows you to have your own show twice a month and will pays you $50 dollars per show. Uplive also offers contracts that compensate you for your streaming and diamonds accumulated each month. By far Uplive has the best customer service I’ve ever seen on a streaming app. The Uplive officials are always available and willing to help. Overall what attracted me the most were the amazing features. Uplive allows you to do an audio broadcast if you do not want to show your face. You can also allow up to 7 people in your beam so they can all talk and get gifts too. Lastly there gifts are by far the best I’ve ever seen. Joining this app was my best streaming decision by far. This app is just amazing 🥰🥰🥰
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4 years ago, ZeNex_Playz
What a surprise
I used to have this app in its early stages and it was quite fun, met some friends and overall made a great amount of diamonds in the app. As years went by I eventually left the app due to the changes and I didn’t really get as much activity as I used to. I just came back today September 8, 2020 and once I log into my account it says I have violated terms and conditions and I have been banned. Is this how you really treat people using your app? This is why Yubo and other steaming apps have WAY more popularity than you will ever have. You’re a dead app, and banning people for no apparent recent especially since they just came back about a year later isn’t gonna help you. I rate this app ONE star, for being one of the worst apps I’ve used to go live. Reply to this comment if you care. Or don’t, I mean that’s way better than giving no reasoning to my ban. For all you people, I recommend any other app you can find, atleast those other apps will actually help you instead of banning you.
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3 years ago, Nicolevvxo
They are not fair to there streamers!!!!!
DONT DOWNLOAD PLEASE !!! So I recently started to become a streamer broadcaster on this app and basically they tell me I can’t post certain photos of myself with a bit of skin showing but yet there’s other top broadcasters who have hundreds and thousands of followers and GIFs who can show even more skin and body this app is such a bad app and unfair. To all the broadcasters not only to me but my friends that I’ve met on this app they can’t show any type of body or skin but yet certain girls that are their favorites that they feature can do whatever they want move their body shake their private parts and do whatever they want this app is so unfair to all of their broadcasters and probably even discriminating against others do not download it is such a unfair app evenly with her in to delete your account or even delete your pictures if you do but yet when they have other broadcasters who they probably favor they don’t do anything about it such a unfair app
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3 years ago, CuteWolfy12321
Too Strict & Judgemental
Sometimes apps can be a little to babyish because it’s like they’ve never seen Earth. Guess what people do at a beach with millions of people of all ages. Guys are shirtless and females wear bikinis. Get rid of all the toddler rules. We are going to be human. There’s nothing sexual about being shirtless or girls wearing bikinis. If people think being shirtless and wearing bikinis isn’t human, they can leave Earth anytime. If they think it’s eww then they can leave Earth carrying buckets and their suitcases or bags. If people can’t accept people for people then obviously they’ve become too modernized around filters. Now, let me teach you something that even toddlers understand. We are created in Gods image, not mans image. And though our eyes adjust to mans man made lies, that doesn’t change the fact we are who we are and we are what we are. So just put away the diapers and burn those worthless toddler rules. We’re all adults now. At least I hope so. Adults are running the businesses right?
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3 years ago, thezeppooooor
This is probably one of the worst live streaming apps I’ve ever used. There’s always video chats flashing in your face even after you select the option to not receive video calls from other users.. which is distracting for people trying to use the app to do live performances.. there are lots of bots and fake accounts that aren’t even real people.. the most popular ranked people are people that are half naked but my old account was banned for my 8 month old daughter having no shirt on.. the administrators of this app all seem like perverts trying to take advantage of young people buy giving them the illusion of diamonds when you have to sell your soul just to get them.. this app has no age restrictions which could also be dangerous to young people.. the people on here just want you to be on 24x7 and have no other life which is disturbing anytime you don’t use the app they start harassing you with notifications. An app should never make someone feel unsafe or this upset 1 star. I’d give you zero if I could.
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4 years ago, prestoncw
Honestly fun, but a number of things need changed
Overall the app is really fun, I’ve personally made some friends from across the world. However I do think that there’s things that need to be changed. The biggest one being the diamond conversion rate. Right now it’s absolute trash, sitting under 30% (for converting to coins) and under 3% (for cashing out) which for regular broadcasters like me makes it difficult to make anything. I honestly think that at least for converting to coins the conversion rate should definitely be higher (could stand to go to at least 50% as opposed to 30%) Updated review: With every new update comes A LOT of bugs and glitches, personally I think the updates should be more periodically released so the can focus on every aspect before the update
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6 years ago, spanglish girl
Worse app worldwide
After I have been working for more than a year in this app, entertaining, interacting, making amazing friends who treat me like as family and also spend their time and money like me in this app. I played and si g music. I was one of the famous spanglish girl on this app. I accumulated 350k fans I got verified sooner than expected. Until this November this app ruins my life and my fans lives by taking us apart. They banned my account without a literally clear reason. They never care about answering email the only contact in this app. Also many others getting banned for violating rules policies that is just a computer system dm you or emailing you. Very sad story after I have also pay all contract rules like PayPal to. Although, I did what few did I started over with another low level account that 2 days later has banned for same dm violating stupid computer systems reason. Am very disappointed I missed my friends so much this app makes me feel like they use me for wherever time they need me in here😔.
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4 years ago, Deziyer
Scammers Haven!!
This app allows fake celebrity impersonators on the platform who are “fake Verified” to scam people out of their money!! I ran into the fake “DC YOUNG FLY” account and his account had pictures of the real celebrity. He also would get into a Muliti-beam with just his voice and impersonated DC for 2 days!!! He then promoted that he was doing promotion post for IG and offered $150 per 24 hour post and $1,000 for a permanent IG post and then charged people via cashapp to get into his live. I own 3 businesses so Influencer Marketing isn’t something that’s new to me and the reason I believed it was a real promotion. I sent him $150 and he blocked me. He scammed 3 other women as well and we all reported his account and “live me “ said he didn’t do anything wrong and continued to allow him on the platform!! I had a profile pic where I was sticking my tongue out innocently as a profile pic and they banned my picture !! So why not band the fake celebrities on here too?? Beware of profiles “ DC YOUNG FLY , POPSMOKE ,Dr Phil and 50 cent!!!!! This app is trash!! And I’m deleting it ASAP!!!!!
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4 years ago, difnrktnfk
Live me Review
I think this app should be able to except all ages, obviously if their doing something they’re not supposed to be doing sure, bam them but if they’re people like me underage but mature they should be able to go live to. Every time I go to go live after only 5ish minutes of being live they ban me. But for what? What did I do they face u the need to ban me. But that’s the only thing I have a problem with on this live app. So maybe you should change that underage rule. In the past of downloaded this app when I still had a iPad, and they banned me for a total of 5 weeks. That’s another thing I have a problem with. The amount of time you banning someone. Ya I get if they’ve don’t it like 5 times they should get a real punishment. But really,your first time being banned should be at least a day or 2,not five weeks,that’s more than a month. So ya those are my main problems with this app. I’ll try downloading again and try to go live.
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4 years ago, fukie123
You banned me for no reason
Look all I did was show my dog in a band me permanently why how did I just show my dog and then I just put up the whole violation when I didn’t even do anything and I didn’t know I was doing I don’t know what the app I don’t know I just don’t know about the app so I just looked up people chatting and didn’t bands me how dare you app it’s so terrible very terrible why does a band me why does your band me I don’t understand I don’t not understand I just do not understand how does how does a band me over some Dong like it’s not it’s not my pets fault but this is absolutely ridiculous what is it doing why does it being me for no reason please explain this people who made this please explain this to me I was permanently banned from showing my dog how ridiculous is that how ridiculous is that what in the world is wrong with this app and I just completely deleted the app because why does it burn me just from showing a stupid dog why it’s just so dumb what is it doing to just banned me for no reason
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4 years ago, SameeJuJu
My account was put on hold for stupid reasons.
I live stream mostly art videos, painting, sculpting etc. During my last couple streams, my streams were ended for foolish reasons such as 1.” I wasn’t on screen for a prolonged period of time.” When I never got up in the first place. This also happened again when I got up to grab another art utensil. 2. It happened again when I “wasn’t showing what I was doing clearly enough” when I was in the sketching phase of a project, despite perfect lighting and camera angles. Lastly, the one that bothered me the most. My account was temporarily banned because “I look like a minor” I am full and well an adult. When I went to apeal this, they want a photo ID as proof(though it says to block out important details, I am still uncomfortable doing so) That’s a little too far for an app that has so many problems with hackers, bots and lets it’s users send inappropriate photos and videos to other users. Will be deleting my account and switching to BIGO Live instead.
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5 years ago, Hdhhakdbdufdooqahb
Honestly Disappointed
I started using the app around 2016 and boy I tell you it was the BEST live app out there and many of the people I made friends with then I still talk to today on a regular basis. Sadly the app provides no where near the level of excitement and fun that it used to. I would hop on this app everyday religiously for hours participating in coin drops and chatting with regulars as well as randoms alike. It all went downhill when the developers got greedy along with random bans for no reason at all. The app went from being focused on improving the interaction and participation between users to more of a grimy cash grab. That became very apparent when the usual top users and the ones I followed began to stop streaming back to back. Needless to say I’ve enjoyed my time on this app but I believe it’s far too late to fix the issues now prevalent within it. It was a pleasure to be a part of, but as of now it’s no longer worth the time.
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4 years ago, nscamp
Decent but some suggestions
Pretty decent app, but I feel like it prioritizes certain people over everyone else, almost like there are favorites based on how successful the person is (mainly Russian and Ukrainian girls who do half naked dancing shows). There’s probably nothing that can be done about that, but here are some other random suggestions: 1. Increase the max number of star points we can have at once from 450 (increase to 1000 or 2000 at least) 2. I know the end goal of this app is to make money, but it’s too hard to earn coins (besides paying for coins and being a successful broadcaster) 3. A way to see who unfollows you, or a way to see if you and someone else follow each other 4. More specific gift options (gifts that cost 2 coins, 3, 8, 11, etc).
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5 years ago, a_booz0
Real gaming streamer/real review
This review is more towards the gaming section. They basically let anyone walk all over them and their report system is a big fat JOKE. There are MANY people who exploit Liveme’s gaming events such as the treasure chest event where you stream for 2 hours per day and you’ll eventually be able to open treasure chests for diamonds. And there are chances to win BIG to make real money. Now how does this event relate to livemes TERRIBLE joke of a report system and how other people just exploit them? Easy, look at the gaming list. People streaming other people’s gaming videos/twitch streams, movies, music videos etc. And it’s SO easy to know when they do that especially when they don’t talk, thus easy stream/hrs thus easy chests, you report these OBVIOUS exploiters, but what do you get in return for reporting them? Lol,a BOT telling you “no action will be taken, blah-blah” liveme invests more in bots than actual employees who actually care. That’s why I quit, they just let these people spit in their faces and THEY TAKE IT. You can even stream yourself at WORK doing your WORK on the gaming section and they still, STILL, won’t do squat. Gaming used to be good here (like 2 years ago). All I’ll get in return for this review is someone saying “sorry for experience, send our feedback team an email.” As if that’ll do anything. They’re as much of a JOKE as what they think of Gamers on that app.
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3 years ago, amazing do
It’s ok but…
The app is amazing don’t give me wrong but when I was going live the app has said five times that I have been violating the community rules and when all I was doing was telling a interesting story about my life it was very disrespectful of how you were interrupt me when I’m just trying to stay a story about how this and that happened to me and how people are actually listening to me when all you wanna do is tell me that I’m doing this and that wrong I was not doing anything inappropriate I was not doing anything disrespectful or bashing anyone but the app just decided to do this to me and now I would not be downloading the app again I do not recommend this Apple less you want to hear that you are violating the community rules more than five times every single time you try to speak I do not recommend this app if you don’t wanna do it but it is your decision and we all have a different opinions
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6 years ago, Hope Duncan 2
This app to me:
I used to Enjoy using this app and everything to do with it. I love talking to people off of it I love showing people what I do. But now anyways I don’t know if I enjoy this app. They banned my old account for nothing I emailed them about it an all I got back was rate the app over an over an over again. They never once told me why. So does anyone has any idea on a new app that I can go live on? Just keep in mind that I never once did anything bad on it. I just let my little sister hold the phone for me so I can use the bathroom. In for that I got blocked. My friend that was with me also got banned for no reason also she was on the other side of the room. I think it’s stupid how they don’t care anymore. 2 years ago they cared about everything so they will reply faster. But now they don’t. I’m just saying if your getting this app to go live DONT GET IT at all because they don’t care about u they just don’t want the name to be trash.
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6 months ago, balieywest
They need to pay attention to the lives for folks with mental disorders
Y’all don’t pay attention to folks that deal with PTSD or bipolar and so on. So with that being sad as many times as I made complaints and nothing he done about the stalking and mentally abuse I have had from certain broadcaster and the app not handling it. I will have to start a class action lawsuit against Liveme for people that ended up in the hospital for mental shut downs for the attacks they get from folks in Liveme. Y’all didn’t think someone would take this to another level well y’all done met your match! Soon y’all will be hearing from my lawyer about this class action I am starting on this app. I have medical records will lead back to the fact I have been stalked and harassed by certain broadcasters on this app. Y’all need to take better control of your app because clearly it will be to late but the time my lawyer is done with y’all!!
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7 years ago, Courtneylsinger
Good app but watch yourself
I use this app everyday it is the best social media network I've ever had! I am big on there so as you can imagine I love it! But I have just a few complaints. There are WAY TOO MANY perverts and pedophiles on there!!!! That's why I say watch yourself especially if you're a kid. Also there is a problem with female broadcasters. They dance too much all they do is show off what the Lord gave them with their little thongs and what not! They're too skimpy! It's not a recommended app for kids under 12 but if you protect yourself and block any perverts or pedophiles you should be fine. Other than that it's a great app for anyone that's into vlogging or something similar it's also a great way to make money!
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7 months ago, ositokiller21
They won’t delete my account
This app plays with you on how to delete your account. They make seem easy, but they purposely made it difficult and annoying to delete your account. They present it as a one push and that’s it. But as soon you press it, it says this doesn’t work and reach out to customer support. I sent two separate messages, and both their status says complete. But they didn’t do what I asked. I sent them another message to delete my account and they said that they put it on the deletion list and it would take 7 business days. Well 7 days had passed and nothing has happened. Whoever wants to make an account, don’t. It is annoying and tiresome. So, if you think you can just delete your account, well you are just walking into a trap. Also their diamond and agency system seems very sketchy after talking to some people. Watch out y’all!
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4 years ago, LiveMeHasMajorIssues
Live Me Problems
Honestly the developers of this live streaming app only care for people who are high leveled & people who spend tons of money on the app there is so much negativity on this app females doing inappropriate things & just extremely a lot of issues with the app it seems like they truly only care for people who are on top you can go live & get only like up to 20 views no gifts no shares no follows nothing but if you are a high leveled broadcaster your the most important on the app which is ridiculous but that’s how it usually is on every single app if you aren’t somebody big or putting money into the app then your not worth anything its typical for apps like this so for anything looking to use this app just be aware that only high levels matter they get to do what ever they want without consequences trust me I’ve had many bad experiences with people reported it & not once have they been banned so I wish you new people good luck
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3 years ago, Dj Howl
App is horrible!
This app is all about materialism and favoritism. If you’re a person that strives success through talent don’t use this app unless which of course you’re their favorite. Then you might have a chance but I’ve had this app for over three years. I’ve met some cool people through here but feel nobody wants to talk to you unless your sending virtual gifts. When did the world become to appoint we have to send gifts to talk to each other instead of having a real relationship? I’d say Covid has made things worse. I had to create a second account cause it logged me out long term... once I had the second account took me forever to gain followers again and viewers. One reason I will say this is based off of favoritism is because I’ve seen new people have an account and gain followers such as 1000 in a few days when I’m still stuck at 300. It’s wild because their talent is make up when my talent is DJing..?
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3 years ago, Big Mike34556643
Someone having something wrong with them
I think it’s bull crap that people judge others based upon the fact they have something wrong with their face during head heads judges upon their face when the other one hasn’t even got a chance to even talk to them yet it doesn’t give them a right to judge them just being myself because I have a birthmark and people automatically don’t even give me a chance to talk to them because of it it’s bull crap you should make the other person stay online with the other person at least 30 secondsAnd they should not be allowed to listen to music and ignore the other person for that 30 seconds
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4 years ago, Zodiac_22
Updated Review | Demoted to 3 Stars
Original Review: It's a little difficult to do my own broadcast. I'm not sure if people can hear me or not. Other than that, it's fun getting to chat with people from different places around the world. Updated Review: I got the app back in 2017 and I had little to no complaints for the first couple of years. Now in 2020, those complaints are piling up. First off, you can no longer use Facebook to create an account. It doesn’t sound that bad, except that’s what I used to create an account. Before I could do something about this, I was randomly logged out of my account and had trouble logging back in. Which leads to my next point. Second, the app’s customer service is useless. They take forever to respond to any problems you might be having, and they communicate poorly. It took me weeks to get back into my account. Lastly, the adminstrators are pretty backwards. Some users might get banned for no reason. And they let those who harass other users off the hook easily. Takeaway: I still enjoy the app and connect with a lot of nice, talented people from all over, but I think new users should be aware of what they might be getting themselves into.
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2 years ago, Phukckuuu
Typical video chat app. Naked gross people. Hateful ignorant people. Drugs, explicit behavior (even from minors), overwhelmed with a trash community of people. 99% of the interactions are negative or someone trying to scam you. Constantly seeing disgusting behavior from people and this app just allows it to reach all corners of the earth. A bunch of nasty girls, a bunch of creepy old men, a bunch of guns and drugs on many peoples broadcast. I highly do not recommend downloading this app especially if your child wants to use this for something fun. Expect pedophiles and tons of weird situations taking place. I feel like no one needs to download this app for the sake of literally saving themselves stress and their own mind set. I’ve seen things on this app so disgusting I can’t even type it on here. Just don’t download any app like this in general it’s all the same disgusting junk and the people that love to wallow in it.
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4 years ago, xoAir
This is CRAZY
My name is Deairra and I’ve used this app in the 7th grade and abandoned it since then. I tried to get back on today after so many years and it banned my old account and my new one that I just made. The app says 17+ but wouldn’t even let me log in when I said that I was born in 2002 (which I’m not I was born in 03). This app might as well be for adults because there’s nothing but 40 year olds and hooker 20 year olds looking for a sugar daddy. I literally turn 17 in October this year meaning that I still should be allowed to be on here. Now if I say that I’m born in October of 2002 last year I would’ve turned 17 meaning this year I turn 18. So if you do the math I should be able to get into the app. I recommend that people who are 19 and under to use the monkey app or holla or Yubo because you’ll be surrounded by people your age and you’ll get to meet people who understands you for what you’ve been through unlike this app.
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4 years ago, Hero Vibes
Amazing App!
I just want to thank all of the staff of liveme on behalf of granting me this amazing opportunity to share my opinions on this app. First and foremost, I want to thank the entire community of liveme for being so supportive of me and motivating me to be more consistent with the app. This app brings in lots of fun, where everlasting memories can be made through the touch of a button. Every time that I go live I hope to meet new people, and get to learn about them just as they get to learn about me. Overall, I think this is an exciting interactive app that allows for various discoveries to be made, whether it is through sharing thoughts and ideas or seeing new people in general. ❤️ Love you liveme! ❤️
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3 months ago, Penispens
Child Exploitation
Good evening, I have some information along with some account IDs of children that were found in another platform who are being exploited. There are users who screen recording the Lives of children, having them create private lives, or hosting a private live for them, and then having these children expose themselves sexually. Once they are done, the screen recording is then taken and uploaded to another platform called Telebox by a user posting those links in Telegram. This is already under investigation. How can I report with evidence this and who do we report this too as this is a serious issue. A formal report has also been submitted to NCMEC (National Center for Missing and Exploited Children). These ID numbers are being shared to other pedophiles and making these kids targets to continue their exploiting. And it needs to stop. Thank you.
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5 years ago, Tokiieeoo
I was also banned for PROVOCATIVE CLOTHING
So i was sitting in my chair playing fortnite with a few of my viewers && out of nowhere it said i was banned for wearing provocative clothing. The only thing provocative about my clothing was that my shirt showed my belly button. I got NO WARNING, NO NOTHING! i was banned, just like that. Out of nowhere. I see a lot of people are having problems like this and looking through these reviews, Liveme hasnt done ANYTHING to improve themselves. DO NOT reply to this message apologizing to me. DO NOT tell me to contact your email. Because i dont want to, and i wont want to hear it. If you are so paranoid of people being sexual on here to where you’d ban someone with no evidence then i’d suggest you make the app 18+ instead of doing all of this irrelevant, extra crap. Its annoying because this is NOT the first time this has happened to me. Ive made many accounts due to your poor judgment. Im about done with Liveme.
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4 years ago, Account ban
Downloaded again after a year and my account was banned
So I just redownloaded this app after not having it for over a year, tried to go live only to find out that my live is suspended due to broadcasting minors. I literally haven’t been on this app and my profile clearly states that I’m 19, I’ll be 20 next month. This app has access to my birthdate which should’ve automatically flagged the system that I’m not a minor. Y’all need to do better, the same thing happened on TikTok and that’s why I wanted to use this app again but I was disappointed. I was told my ban couldn’t be lifted cause I was 17 when I downloaded it, and I look too young even though I submitted pics of my ID and me holding it. That’s stupid I can’t help that I look young and it shouldn’t matter if I submitted proof that I’m not underage, I’m in the military so I’m def not a minor. Use to love this app but these updates are horrible.
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7 years ago, AnnaLeigha25
😂 It’s high school all over again!
It’s a fun app! You meet a lot of cool people from around the world. Tons of people are on here are amazing and genuine! However, there are people (mostly women) who get rewarded with achievements for dancing practically NUDE. While others get banned for saying things that MIGHT have been offensive to others. You have a lot of PERVERTS in here so I’d be weary with younger children. Because u can cash out USD there are SCAMMERS on the app. They will try and convince you to send them gifts. And in return you’ll receive a bigger gift from them, which you’ll never get. All in all this app is like a grown up high school! They have cliques (fams), drama, romance ... the whole works! 😂
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4 years ago, Naruto2468
The app is great but I’m confused about the last review I saw
So what is the problem with what people do on their streams it’s technically their business the app is for 17+ technically 17+ is old enough to know about that kind of stuff but if that’s a problem change the age to 18+ or something why do people complain about what others decided to do on their streams it’s their choice kids shouldn’t even be using the app if they aren’t of age besides the developers warned everyone it’s there if you look before getting the app so no one really has any right to complain the app is basically for young adults and adults kids shouldn’t be using it and any kids using the app should stop or get over it they chose to use the app even when it warns them of what they might see .
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5 years ago, DejavuCold2
I have been harassed and insulted MORE THAN A FEW TIMES on this app and EVERY TIME I have reported those people , I get a automatic message to my inbox saying “We received your report for user ********, our moderation team will review the request and send you the result when it's available, thanks for contributing to the community regulation, we'll continue to devote to maintaining a positive and safe environment” . THEN , WITHIN FIVE MINUTES i ALWAYS get a message saying “We need further investigate on your report of ********. We'll keep the record and monitor the user, but won't make any punishment for now. Thanks for contributing to community safety.” AND NOTHINGGGGG EVERRRRR GETS DONE !!!!! So CLEARLY they don’t care if you’re bullied and we ALL KNOW how many suicides occur FROM CYBER BULLYING !! THERE ARE A LOTTTTT OF CHILDREN ON THIS APP ! I will NOT stop until somebody does something about this disgusting behavior that has CONTINUED to be allowed !!!!! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
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2 years ago, Gray !? <3
Okay, i’m putting five stars so more people are likely to see this in some way. I’m not saying this app is bad.. but I haven’t used it in quite a bit due to something that happened when I was around the age of 10 years old. Some man joined my live and had me add him on Snapchat, soon later on begging me to send pictures of inappropriate parts. It had definitely stuck to me ever since, just thought I’d mention it and warn some kids that are thinking of getting this app. I’m hoping parents see this as well to know that kids aren’t necessarily safe on here. Thank you for your time.
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5 years ago, NovaLeighReed
Security need ALOT of work.
The concept of the app is really good despite majority of people on here taking it as a get rich quick solution. My issue with the app is the fact that there is no real age verification. I ran into to many underage children on the app who knows that they are not supposed to have an account. I’m. It talking about teenagers I’m talking about elementary school age children. It’s terrifying that they can out smart an app where there are also adults smoking,cussing and being sexual. I was in a head to head with a young girl who was 8. While telling her that she should be on here at least with her parents she was answering questions from grown men. When I quit my live to report everything the only Thai g that ever gets done is “needs more investigation. No punishment”
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5 years ago, DarnThoseOranges
Terrible customer service
In short: They wrongfully banned/deleted my account when I didn’t violate any rules. Also, the diamond structure for payouts is ridiculous, the layout of the app is too cluttered and it lags too much. Longer story: They banned me out of the blue because I “looked young.” I sent them ID verification, showing clearly that I’m an adult, and their email response was literally “Thanks for your love and support for LiveMe all the time and we're truly sorry for any uncomfortable experience that occurred on your journey of LiveMe. After the confirmation of your application is ascertained by you, it'll take 3 days(or less) to process the deletion. Mind you: after the deletion process you could still apply for the restoration of your account in 30 days, but after that there will be no possibility to restore your account. Thanks again for all the time that we shared and all the moments that we had. LiveMe will always welcome you to come back. And we'll present a better service and platform for you.” SO- they took my ID information just to still wrongfully ban and delete my account! Customer service clearly does not care about retaining its app users. Oh, well! I hope they figure out how to be less.. mediocre when it comes to customer service.
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5 years ago, labonita♥️
This application is the worst!!!!
I give it a 1 star because !!!!!! I wanted to know who reporter my profile picture ! They couldn’t even tell me who reporter me !!! That’s not kool !!! My profile picture wasn’t even a bad picture ! This application is all about other people’s bullying others ,disrespectful people’s on there’s too & rude people’s on there’s !!harassments tooo be careful about this application if y’all decided on downloading it ! I been on liveme for 4 years now it’s not worth having this application it’s a waste of time!!!! How’s exposed to be a making new friends application it’s not !!!!!! Liveme needs to look until other profiles pictures and broadcasting cause I seen very very bad profile pictures on there’s !!! they don’t even banned them or take down there’s profiles pictures down or there’s accounts down either!!! They be exposing there’s bodies & dancing and twerking and smoking and drinking on there streams but yet nothing is done about there accounts!!! Them selling there private Snapchat pictures & videos too !!!! And also Minors using are using the application some for like 10 years old and 15 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ How’s that possible!!
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7 years ago, EHS warriors
Great app but watch out for yourself
If you are going to put over 100 dollars in the app don’t just gift to anyone and think u will get it back trust me. It’s more with the girl broadcasters then the guys but still watch out for both. If u see lvls like 4,5,6 under teen then 10/10 likely will not send you’re coins back they will say they will but won’t and will just cash it out. And you can also go to there leaderboards and tap the grifters that gave a lot of diamonds to see if they sent them back on the other persons leaderboard. Gift to people like 🔥LS🔥Jordan, 💕Missladyship💕,KingOfDiamonds, TheRealKatherinRojas, TheRealFireGod! And there’s more. And parents and younger kids “Lady’s” if you are under like 16 get a admin in you’re broadcast or parents download the app and be there admin to block all the pedos. Also parents watch you’re kids on the app because some be doing things they should be doing.
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7 years ago, M͙u͙r͙p͙h͙
This is a great app in my opinion! I do go live here and there. There are a few thing I would like to say about it though. Whenever I ask a question on my live, none answers🤷🏼‍♀️ I’m not sure if nobody is answering me or if I am not able to read their responses. If this is an error, please try to work on it, but if it is just that they aren’t responding to me, I guess there is not much of a problem there😂, but overall, I really love and like using the app. I do recommend getting but if you have trust issues😂, I’m not sure of you want to go live so everyone can hear your voice and see your face. Thx for reading my review!
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