LMK: Make New Friends

Social Networking
4.4 (45.8K)
227.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
LightSpace Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for LMK: Make New Friends

4.43 out of 5
45.8K Ratings
4 years ago, izzy_183682
Solid App
I’ve had this app ever since it came out. I love it. There’s no adds, hardly any bots, the filtration is great and you meet some really great ppl among other things. But lately I’ve been having a problem. A very annoying one. By account has been logged out and I can’t register it again. I try to log in with snap chat but there’s always an error or a glitch. It lets me make a new account but I can’t get my old one. I haven’t changed any settings or done anything that would trigger this event. I’ve been trying for a week and still nothing has happened. I want to get back onto the app. It’s where I met my closest friend. One other problem is being reported for no reason. My account is clean. Nothing in my bio that is vulgar. No nasty photos. And I never curse in posts or anything like that. Its very annoying and ruins the app for me. If there’s anything I can do to troubleshoot my problem with logging in, let me know ASAP... thank you.
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1 year ago, Alpha_2018
I was on this app before it became Audio rooms. I’ve met so many amazing people on here. It’s an amazing app for social people like me. It’s a good way to make new friends, but this app ain’t like it use to back in 2020. There’s so much drama and the app needs to be updated where people can’t take rooms or freeze them with androids. I miss the good old days on the app it was a distraction for me, but I can’t even enjoy it anymore with all the drama on it. I think you need to be 17+ to be on this app. It needs to be updated to where no one can hack into the database and you should make it where you can update your number so you don’t lose your account. I’m leaving a review, because this app has made a huge impact in my life. I hope y’all can fix all this. Also codes will send and then will stop. I’d appreciate it if you could look into this. This app brings happiness to a lot of people, but I’m tired of people getting bullied and tired of them wanting to end there life due to the app not being ran right. Ik this app can go back to how it use to be I would never want this app to shutdown, but something needs to be done about these problems.
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3 years ago, naomicamm
Worst app now
If there was a 0 star rate I would put that on it I got banned multiple times because people kept on reporting me cuz they thought it would be fun to banned my account for no reason and I also spent my email to get help or something done with my account being banned or on a short sit out but no help from you guys also that people are hacking rooms and accounts that needs to be fixed, and I cannot get into my account without my phone number to connect on this app but due to my accounts been banned and putting my phone number on those accounts it doesn’t allow me to even use my phone number I suggest their should be a phone number or email to access your account and. Continue using the app, also that when I post a pic I get a message from you saying that i didn’t follow your guidelines when posting a pic which I never broke any guidelines such as any nude pics or anything but yet I see plenty of other users that have nude pics on their account but don’t get banned for it or something main thing is to fix the hacking of rooms and hacking or people getting banned for no reason also fix the error when you need a phone number or you should put email as a other option to continue to use the app
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2 years ago, Steaks,
Your app is dying because you won’t make simple improvements.
Your consumer base has dropped in numbers dramatically over the past year. This is largely due to the fact that you guys fail to adopt even the simplest innovative measures. There are ways that you could be drastically outperforming competitors. These include adopting features already available on similar platforms; the ability to screen-share in a room, turn on live cameras, play simple mini games on live, the ability to join clubs, etc. Couple these with your existing differentiations such as the content posting feature you already have, and add additional improvements such as the ability to send money, post stories, get rid of the ugly Bitmoji character things and replace it with photos and you would guarantee 3x your current consumer base and broaden the apps target audience. Fail to do these things and I guarantee your app will be completely dead by the end of next year.
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2 years ago, Garrett A Jenkins
Stupid app
I used this app last year, and for the a while I liked it, and even bought it’s premium. However, I kept getting this message from the “LMK Official” account saying “you have been reported for inappropriate content. Please remove any inappropriate content. You will be banned if you are reported again” and it also provided an email to send a message to if you think the report was an error. Long story short, the email they provide in that message doesn’t respond to anyone. I got this message SEVERAL TIMES and I was eventually convinced that the LMK Official account was fake. I went and posted a screenshot of the message to LMK, telling everyone it was fake. Shortly after that, I got banned. I tried to reach out to them again via a different email, and they responded once, apologizing and asking what my account details were. I told them, and then I never heard from them again. I sent several more emails and they just didn’t respond again for some reason. So I spent 25 dollars on your premium only to be banned for nothing and have the incompetent developers refuse to respond to my appeals? Don’t waste your time with this stupid app.
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2 years ago, reviewer 556
App is insanely buggy
The bugs on this app make it completely unusable. They have tons of glitches and exploits that make the app completely useless. They will ban you if you get reported enough which means people will mass report people they don’t like to get them banned, your audio rooms can get stolen through a glitch and the person who glitched your room can kick you and everyone out of the room. This happens over and over and over to where you give up and don’t make a room. They don’t allow you to block creeps, pedos, and stalkers from viewing your stuff. The bullying on this app is insanely prominent and they do absolutely nothing about it. And to top it all off, they have tons of glitches with logging in so you lose your account you spent money and time invested into creating and do not respond to support tickets for months because they’re lazy. Do not get this app, it is completely unusable and absolutely mentally draining. It is not worth any time, and there’s way better apps for making friends on the AppStore that don’t have these glitches and don’t have huge amounts of harassment and bullying!!
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3 years ago, ColinDepew
Issues with the app
It’s great you can talk to new people you can start your own audio groups or whatever but the issues with this app is people can grip your account and make it so where you can’t deliver messages then you gotta make a new one or we have the issue where lmk policies are ridiculous one time I put something about anxiety in one of my posts and they said I had to remove it because it was related to self harm / suicide Anxiety and those things are not related I should just receive a suicide line number because of it Apps great policy isn’t needs some work done to it and anyone who is under the age of 18 shouldn’t be using this app period too many creeps on it i get it some kids have it rough and need friends but too many creepy dudes out here trying I’ve seen it more times than I can count so parents be safe about this app And this is the first review I’ve ever made about an app I just think people need to have awareness to this behavior
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3 years ago, huuvhlvfjcticjg hdcruxt
Thoughts on why you shouldn’t buy premium
The app lmk is great right.. it’s fun you can meet a lot of people you can call you can text you can hit them up and what not. You only get like 3 times to match smith people and text then and 3 for calls..and that’s fine but it’s not enough SO…there’s premium..it says it lets you have infinite matches texting or calling and other stuff only for 10$ for a whole months..and that sounds great right?! You payed 10 dollars for infinite matches when ever you want..Not true..even by paying 10 dollars to get infinite matches you only get an amount of matches they don’t tell you that but that day you have infinite but that’s a lie…and the worse thing is you’ll have to wait for a whole day just to start matching again if you finish your “infinite” matches…I love this app Ive been using it for year now…please make it better…and fix the machine problem it takes like 3 minutes just to match with someone.
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5 years ago, Aaron1130
I love this app
I’ve been used this app for awhile now I love everything about it , I wish you guys would added an feature where you can see who vote on the polls or you send you something back because every time I do them nobody ever claim they did it so I would love for a feature to see who voted and posted something because half the time nobody will say they did it . I love the new feature that you guys have added they’re a lot of small bugs like messages are saying they’re not sending you the person you’re sending them too they’re a lot of people posting inappropriate things asking under ages girls for pictures that shouldn’t be allowed , also I would love for you guys to have a age range so you can find people your age to talk too through the app because a lot of people who aren’t even my age I would feel more comfortable having someone mine age to speak with .
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6 months ago, is every freakin name taken
Instant chat and super likes
The app is good I just have a small problem with the instant chats and super likes feature. Weather you want to instant chat or not it still pairs you up even if you aren’t on the app. I have had so many random people messaging me from instant chats that I didn’t want. Then it takes that instant chat out of your free ones. I also have a problem with the super like feature. It doesn’t ask if you’re sure you want to super like and it’s such an easy button to accidentally press. I have accidentally super liked so many people that I was trying to pass on.
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3 years ago, emma_feil748
The reporting part.
I really like this app but for some reason my account is being glitchy and is not working. Also someone reported me when you don’t do anything just to report people. So you guys could improve that a little bit more like when someone reports someone not straight away sending it to someone if they didn’t do anything. Could you guys please change that and take that out because I think I might’ve got banned for doing nothing and that’s really annoying. Also in the app there is the audio rooms and when you’ve been removed from them because you haven’t done anything or people just don’t want you in the room. It annoys me that I cant jion the rooms anymore when I just get kicked out for no reason so if you could change that also that would be great.
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3 years ago, will_brant2804
Paying to see who “liked you”
Ok so this app is sorta like Yubo, you can meet people. Text people, make new friends and get to know people. However you have to pay to see who likes you. Like Yubo you have pay but with Yubo sometimes you swipe yes on someone and you’ll match. The lives are the same too. I know it’s a free app but to pay to see who added you? How do you meet new people then if you don’t go through the lives. Of course if your not speeding through the swipe feature people will have their insta or snap in their bio but it’s the fact you have to pay to add these people then to chat with them then you may get their snap. Theirs also a “group chat” feature where anyone and everyone can text people/ send whatever. For people who are 18 and under some people send inappropriate things. So if you do choose to get this app please be aware of the in app purchases or simply get Yubo to make it cheaper and simpler
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4 years ago, Gwen ;P
So many bugs!
The app is great for meeting new people and keeping it pg13 for all the teens on there... but there are SO many bugs that never seem to get fixed. Contacting help doesn't seem to do absolutely anything as I've never received a fix or reply. The contact help feature itself is bugged; when you use the auto fill it leaves a space in the middle of the word and if you deleted it will autocapitalize. I also have false notifications that are not connected to anything but won't go away. Also my posts often disappear for no apparent reason. Notifications for messages can also be unreliable. I get new notifications when someone visits my profile but it then says no one visited for days. Also doesn't give me all the people who swiped right on me so they remain in my liked list for months. Also posted videos don't always work. That's all the bugs I can think of that I've seen so I hope they fix this
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4 years ago, Shy558
Great app!
I think it’s a really great app to meet new people and find friends with different experiences in different places. The algorithm’s a little messed up in my opinion, but it’s alright and the few nitpicks I have are bearable. I’d really like there to be an option for all our non-binary pals out there though, that way they can express their gender identity properly! Also, I don’t know if I’m missing something or not, but can it be easier to message a person on the app? That way if I or someone else comes across someone they’d like to talk to, it doesn’t depend on the other person liking you as well. The chances of you even popping up on their side and then taking notice seem low, so it’d be a helpful feature!
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4 years ago, Prettyfreakinawesomejen
Trash and completely unsafe
I was reported many times for inappropriate content when I only posted memes and the truth. Speaking of the truth, from my understanding this app is 17+. There are CHILDREN on this app. Actual 10 year olds or younger on this app and the place is crawling with pedophiles. The adults are trying to help out and keep those creeps away because LMK does nothing to help with the situation but send a message warning us of being banned only because the grown men themselves have reported us just so we could be kicked off and they could continue doing whatever they want. I and MANY others were wrongfully banned. I especially feel bad for your premium members because they paid for their membership and they were banned because a couple of petty people. This needs to be fixed. Better rules need to be made and enforced on this app because this can become very dangerous.
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4 years ago, ataylor23
Hateful children/possibly banned for no reason
I downloaded this app earlier tonight and I was having fun with it for about 2-3 hours when it just randomly stopped working. I had checked my Snapchat, then went back and the only tabs I have now are the Instant messages and the Q&A/poll. I can’t even click on my profile..or my settings to report the issue in the app. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it didn’t work. I also thought this app was for 17+ (I’m 18) but I seen lots of 12-14 year olds leaving hateful comments under people’s posts. I hope I wasn’t banned or anything cause I never said or posted anything hateful or inappropriate. I’ve never wrote a review before but this really upset me. Hopefully the developers are able to overcome this issue and I can get my account back to normal. Would be 5 stars if these issues wouldn’t have happened. Hopefully I can change that if the issues are fixed.
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3 years ago, SkiddySaturn
Great app
Overall it’s a wonderful app, it runs very smoothly, there are no ads, I’ve yet to see any bots on there, and it has a lot of accessories you can add to your profiles. The only problem I find from the app is the users, the app clearly states in its rating area as “17+” yet I’ve seen kids as young as 11 on here. No 16 year old on here, you can cut them some slack but 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15 year old kids flirting around on here and posting questionable and most of the time annoying photos and videos on here. It just gets annoying when you bump into someone, and try and have a conversation with them just to find out their not even in middle school yet🤦🏽‍♂️ please LMK, just fix the age situation.🙏🏽
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4 years ago, Wiii_em
The app broke!
I’ve been using this app for about a week or so and it has been fine. I’ve met a lot of friends and it has been cool. But last night as I was using it, it completely went white and then everything disappeared and the only two tabs I could click on were messages and the posting one. The thing is all my messages disappeared and I could not click on anything. This is really upsetting because I thought this was gonna be a good app. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling, that didn’t work. So I came here to the reviews to see if there was a way to fix it. Seems like there isn’t and there was a similar post I. January, so that mean this issue has been a thing for 6 months!!! That is just crazy to me, why has there been no fix to this and a comment to that post helping? Come on developers you have to realize that the app is completely messed up for some people. Just fix it
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4 years ago, dagott23
Shame what this app became...
I’m sorry but the fact that the developers have pretty much turned LMK into Tinder, is both ridiculous and unsafe. LMK is an app where the whole basis is doing and taking anonymous polls, but now you can swipe on people and message them and you literally ADVERTISE that you could find your soulmate on here??? That’s ridiculous!! Just by doing that, you have opened up a whole new channel for catfishes to play with people and lead them on only for them to get heartbroken and the catfish to have no consequences. I am appalled by this part of the app....who, at any teenage/young adult age, have you met that has EVER found their life partner on an ANOYMOUS app??? Nobody. I rest my case....this app is bad for doing that....shame on the developers. Making kids pay money to see who’s viewed their profile and what not as if it’s tinder....tsk tsk tsk.
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2 years ago, Painkiller72636
Hey I like the app But I got a suggestion
You know what makes no sence to me every time I pay for my subscription I always feel like I’m being ripped off because the majority of the people are in the audio rooms I want to go to one and one voice chat they like never online I wish you could pay for like platinum audiograms or with like special features like charge people for the membership to have access to those rooms I think it would make people pay for it more. it makes it more fun 😌
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8 months ago, Defendyourselfandbesafe
My Personal Experience
When I downloaded the app for the first time, it was fun and exciting to meet new people. Now this app doesn’t seem to get rid of the person you report. I have had to delete and report people for asking me for my snap so they can receive nudes from me. In other cases is where they would want a video and try to get me to involve my friends or family. This app isn’t safe for younger children since this is happening. I only wanted to make new friends but the people I meet are perverted and rude. Some bully me for my looks and I don’t mind it but asking for nudes is a different story! I reported them but it doesn’t stop. I had to make new accounts to get away from those who wanted something from me.
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4 years ago, cheuxhtjicufjdudsc
NOT SAFE for people under 18+
I’ve spent some time on this app and through that I’ve learned that if you want to see who liked your profile it costs money and when you do pay money those likes never existed it was just a plot for you to pay for premium and the second thing I noticed is that there are a lot of fake profiles who will tell you to add their Snapchat accounts so that you can then receive and pay for explicit pictures from women and to me that makes this app not safe for kids under 18 when I first received a message from a fake profile and had this happen I thought I was just a one time thing but after that I had multiple messages from similar accounts and I will not put this app on any of my devices nor will I recommend this app to any of my friends or family
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4 years ago, AngelNtheSky
I like this app
I just started couple days ago, I like the app, it’s fun to use and I’ve met some great people. But could you please fix “You’ve been posting frequently”. Also, I’ve been getting messages from older guys. I was hoping for you to change age requirements. Like let us talk to people our age instead of just letting people with different ages talk to each other. Because grown men talks to younger people and I honestly don’t feel comfortable about that. I also don’t feel comfortable when grown men ask for nudes or grown woman asking for nudes. But other than that, it’s a great app!
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4 years ago, satans_santa
What happened?
I downloaded this app yesterday or so and it was really fun actually. I got to talk to some really interesting and fun people and I got to make lots of friends. I went to snap chat for a little bit and got out of it today and noticed that the “LMK” app was cleaning and then reinstalling. Which to me was normal because that probably meant that there was an update. But when I went into the app (yes everything had changed) I noticed that all of my conversations had went missing. I was really upset because I hadn’t added the people who I was talking to on snap so I can’t reach them. How do I fix this? This is really annoying and I would like to have my friends back.
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3 years ago, Nathan Sirianni
I got banned for no reason
So, this was a great app before I got banned. I got banned for no apparent reason a few months back. I believe it was my ex girlfriend. She reported me multiple times and sent screen shots telling me I should get banned. So I went to sleep woke up every thing was ok on there. It wasn’t until that night that I could no longer chat with any one and the only message It had said was You were reported for inappropriate content. I reached out to your support and never got a reply. So if you can reach out to me and Unban me I would be greatly appreciative. Even if you don’t unban me I would still like a reply at least. Thank you for your time. Sincerely n_sirianni19.
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3 years ago, Kustler
Add a lock room
I feel when there toxic people,so they can’t come back and forth into the chat. I feel it would be a smart idea to add that so they have to ask if the host made the room a locked room for friends. I feel there needs to be a much safer way when things start to get scary and you kick them and some how they come back. They should banned if the constantly are being reported and seem to be kicked a lot. I still like the app because I’ve met some cool people.
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4 years ago, The qenn
I don’t like the fact that there is no way to stop people from trying to scam you kidnap or for people with nudes any one can go on there and do what ever they want and if you delete someone as your friend they still have you as their friend so they can still track you and talk to you also why do you have to pay to see the people that are looking at your profile that is another safety thing they should put the older and younger people in one group so that your safety is more safe than before but still don’t recommend for young kids you can find another app for the pols and the questions but not this one you always want to KNOW you are safe on an app but this app is not one of them and your safety is not guaranteed sorry delete
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4 years ago, steV3nom
Good concept - horrible execution in most areas
Good overall user interface and options for making your profile, but two major issues. 1. No distance filter (other than your country only or global) 2. WAAAAAY too many bots/prostitution. Over half of the profiles (mostly female) are minimally set up with one picture and a bio asking you to add them on Snapchat. I know exactly what that means so I decided to humor them by adding one of them, next thing I knew it I was being asked to give the user (on Snapchat) my credit card information. Absolutely no regulation or filtering out these profiles and any legitimate profiles you find are going to be people on the opposite side of your country. No thanks.
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6 months ago, RayLynn Sweet
Im banned?
First off, I actually like the app (if you weed out some of the creeps on there.) I’ve met some pretty chill people who I can actually call friends. But!!!! My issue is that I have been banned? I don’t understand why and I did not receive a warning from LMK that i could possible get ban. I have contacted and left messages in the little “if you think this was a mistake, write your response thing” I believe my responses have not been reviewed. It’s been around 2 weeks and I would love to have my account back. Or if I had too, start a new one. Please get back to me! Happy holidays! 🎄
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4 years ago, Edgughibvdg
Objective review
The app has a good premise, lets you match with people and post messages for everyone to see on the world chat. Many of the positive features of this app are overshadowed by the incredible amount of bots and scammers that plague this app. There is no way to verify your account to cut down on the scammers/bots and it’s so bad I have been sent about 3-5 message requests within a 10-15 minute timeframe from obvious bots. Many of the bots also reuse the same pictures and copy pasted messages which makes identifying them fairly easily. It also shows how extensive the problem is. App has a lot of potential and would be much more popular if it had more security for its users
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4 years ago, help me with my lmk
I have a little problem
I have a little problem with lmk idk if mine is “old” or something but I texted lmk on snap and she hasn’t answered me but okay the thing is when I first got lmk it had that you could post pictures of your swipe let or right and ofc start convos and anonymous things and I erased the app and downloaded it again and it came out with just ppl messing you and just for you to put on your snap anonymous things so I’m confused what’s wrong with my lmk
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4 years ago, Chrïß
The app is ok
It’s a good app but I think it’s a little dangerous to not even have a age limit restrictions to decide who u see. There are 13 yr olds that can end up matching up w a 24yr old. Not that the app can control who downloads the app but at least if ppl put their age in the blanks it should be limits to who u see age wise. Also I don’t u der why I have to pay to talk to ppl. The ppl who like my profile who even may want to talk to me can’t becuz I can’t see who they are n if u like the person profile u cant even send the person a message. I just don’t understand how to talk to the ppl who like my profile w/o paying jus to see who it is.
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4 years ago, allthenicknamesaretakenwtf1231
No longer confused
So I like posting questions on my story but there’s other apps for that so it doesn’t really stand out. The one thing I liked was the tinder like friend thing where you can swipe left and right. However, I can’t see or message people who like me because I don’t have pro. I’m confused about this. If I like someone and they like me, will we be able to message? If not, what’s the point? Edit: you can talk with people when you get a match. So I am less confused. I still don’t like how expensive premium or whatever is
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2 years ago, girtiana
Nice app but
Is really nice but I don’t understand if you can’t pay as a teenager I don’t have money so if I can’t pay that means I can’t view those who liked me You can message anyone which is good I made few friends here ,.. nice one’s really nice ones but is so hard and sad if you don’t have premium cause the premium allows you to do everything in advance way .. but all the same you don’t need to pay before text it has helped me make new nice friends but I just wish the premium wasn’t premium and no payment at all is involve to enjoy full features
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4 years ago, Dispized13
catfish and scammers
this app is nice if your looking for people to talk to. chances are though youll be talking to a scammer or catfish a majority of the time. if your curious to how i know this its by talking to people. heres a few red flags ive noticed. 1. they always want to talk on another chat site other than the one on the app. 2. they try to get you to share private information like your address or login info. 3. they use fake pictures of other women with either no bio or a watered down bio. you can find out if youve been catfished just by reverse image searching their profile pics or pics they send you. you might even not have to do that because sometimes youll recognize they pics from somewhere. protect yourselves people. these are weird people that will try to take advantage of you to get money out of you. the worse part is that the developers dont even seem to fo anything about these people. theyre are SO MANY catfish it makes this app not worth it..
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7 days ago, BRuiz7man
Hacker scammers dangerous app soo danger this app
Do not download this app if you do not want to put your life in danger and your social life, do not download it, download it and a person iso match and posted photos of me and looked for an intimate photo and told me that he would accuse me of kidnapping a 7-year-old girl and that If I didn't send him money, I would send him all the people on my social networks are full of scams, please don't download this app, stay away from all the dating apps, don't do stupid things like you did without wanting to meet people, go out on the street to meet this life. Full of scam, he said he would sue me to the police and the FBI, do not approach this app, it is a total danger of scammers.
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3 years ago, Haven Hernandez
I like it but it needs a few changes
Every time I get in there nothing loads and it gets really boring when I’m scrolling threw content and then it just stops loading photos and posts or anything it just gets really annoying and I’m here to make new friends and that’s not helping me at all so plz get this issue fixed that’s y I can’t deleting my old accounts and making new ones to see if it helps but no that issue is still there!!
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2 years ago, Orlens Prevot 🖤
Getting wrongfully Semi-Banned and constant sever crashes
This App really is a good way to make new friends and meet people from around the world but the number one problem I have with it is the fact that if some random person doesn’t like you they will report your account for “inappropriate behavior or etc. This has happened to me the past few days were I can’t use anything in the app, its basically useless and trying to contact customer support to help you. Then when you do get unblocked you CANT SEND ANY MESSAGES TO PEOPLE LIKE WTH?? It keeps saying “unable to send messages “ like I’m my internet is good.
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3 years ago, snowballcraft
report part
my lmk changed and i’m not able to add people join voice chats or post things all i have now is the Q&A and my chats with previous people and i’m cheesed off about it and i’ve been bullied multiple times by multiple times and i don’t appreciate it and it personally really hurts. I’d really appreciate it if y’all could change the bug with my account and every time i wanna sign out i’m not able to i can’t look at my profile or who’s added me or who’s seen my profile and last time it happened i had to make a new account and now i have to make another due to this bug
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2 years ago, (615) Tyler
I just wanna make this one short and easy, I love the app it’s just there is a lot of glitches going on where people can take your room and people can glitch your account and hack it. Also the report button doesn’t really work cause when you report nothing happens to that person, the app is solid though just wish you guys could fix it and make even better, thanks!
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3 years ago, bobble tea pop
This is a really cool app and it makes talking to people more enjoyable,especially with the chat rooms. But that’s where my problem begins. I got kicked out of two Rooms for no reason and now I can’t join any rooms because I’ve been kicked out to many times. It said to try again later but it said that yesterday and I still can’t join any rooms. Is there a way you guys can fix this problem??
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3 years ago, tv show .com
Its a ok app
The app is good so far I found many people there I met a lot of different people even tho there is some hackers out in the app they are called grippers and many clans which is cool but when they ask you to join they clan or if you leave they say there are going to grip you which mean get your account deleted and I found a sos many people there and I found some of my soulmates and friends there and there are many underage girls and boy there and perverts so yeah that’s it
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3 years ago, Breck <3
I normally love this app it’s on of my favorites but the other day it started glitching out and the only options it shows on the app screen is the messages and the places to post questions on your story I can’t enter any audio rooms or anything I’ve deleted the app multiple times and redownloaded it but it still does that I even restarted my phone and it’s the same thing I can’t even enter the setting part of the app to delete my account and make a new one I tried contacting the creator of this app from the email it said for help but that was two days ago and there is still no response can someone please help me
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1 year ago, Mama Mia pizzeria!09
Worst app
THIS GOTTA BE THE WORST APP I EVER DOWNLOADED they wanna give me a warning cause I didn’t post my face in my album MEANWHILE IF U GO LOOK ON THE FEED RN PEOPLE POSTING INAPPROPRIATE VIDEOS AND MESSAGES and wanna know what funny THOES people DONT get banned but YALL wanna give me a warning what if I’m not comfortable showing my face or not confident enough yall just pressuring me to show my face like I’m good with people adding my snap and asking what I look like but for u guys to force me too is a huge no Also yall should might as well make this app a higher age group cause a lot of people asking to trade and stuff when there kids 13-15 On that app I’m telling everyone from now do not download this app it’s really not worth it no more
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3 years ago, LooLooLlama
Reporting Issue
This is such a fun app to be on but my accounts literally don't even last a day without getting banned. I've gone through legit 3 accounts in a week because of this. It glitches to where the bottom row, your profile, settings, everything is gone. You cant join rooms or message people. It's just stuck on the messages are. It's so annoying. This needs to be fixed asap bc the app overall is worth 5 stars but y'all don't reply to emails, appeals, or bug issues at all.
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We expect better
This app is not safe there are loads of people who can hack your account andSomeone reported my account because of sexual or inappropriate content I did nothing wrong I have no sexual or inappropriate photos somehow I’m still getting punished for it by this app because someone made a report saying I’m being sexual I wasNot sexual in no way shape or form desktop should do better when looking at peoples accounts and honestly this app isn’t worth it and there are a lot of bad people on this app who do and say very bad things and who post nude photos please do better LMK
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3 years ago, gungi bear
Cant meet anyone
You can’t really meet anyone because you have to pay you can meet a nice boy or girl and you can’t really talk to them cause you have a certain time limit to talk and you need to pay to see who is interested in you plus there isn’t much to do but besides all that you can meet people and make friends or find a good relationship but they should make it that you can see who is interested in you without having to pay because not everyone can pay for that
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4 years ago, YouAreBadBoy
Reporting system
The reporting system needs some issues to be fixed, for example some people will report other people for inappropriate content for no reason at all, that is also the main reason why I got banned was because of false reporting. One way you could fix this is if they send proof like a screen shot of the inappropriate content to make sure there is no miss use of the system. I was also thinking that a picture of proof is required to report someone and if the system is miss used they can be left off with a warning saying “miss use of the reporting system can result in a ban” that could really help the app, and hopefully I can get un banned.
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4 years ago, Jessica7737
It won’t let me back in
I love this app it’s fun to meet new people. But one day the thing crashed on me and exited me out of the app so I went to click on the app to go back and just keep doing what I was doing but I was logged out and I tried logging in but it said sorry please try again or whatever and I kept trying but it won’t let me in, I have emailed them that their was a problem but I never got anything back😐 And it still won’t let me in can you please fix it because I really love this app and I wanna talk to my friends that I had on this app.
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3 years ago, hentaibih
Several issues but overall good app
Could y’all please fix the mass reporting issue? Because when my account gets mass reported by bullies it limits what I can do on the app. I also can no longer use it at times so I end up deleting and making anew account, causing me to lose track of my friends. Could y’all also fix the blocking option? I block people but they still show up as mutuals. I can’t even unfollow people. There are too many people that I’d rather not have around me because it makes the app overwhelming to use. One thing that would definitely help with bullying is blocking.
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