Local Dating - Meet New People

Social Networking
3.2 (406)
73.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Signatic LTD
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Local Dating - Meet New People

3.16 out of 5
406 Ratings
4 years ago, Cwill2020
Y’all should do a face identity or something. A lot of these female accounts seem mad fishy. Also, there are some technical issues with the distance they are from you when you click on the profile after matching, which doesn’t help when you feel like you’re dealing with fake accounts. My instincts really tell me not to trust anyone hardly on this app, and I know that’s not completely the creators fault if the user creates fake accounts but I might just refrain from using it for now because I’m not finna be getting set up for something that seemed fishy from the start.
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4 years ago, Kijuan Cousen
I got this while looking for a way to make my self feel better throughout the day. I never exercised often before but I wanted to get myself into it. I had read others reviews and noticed how most seemed happy with it so I went for it. I’m very happy I did! I like how there are different levels of exercise routines available since I never exercised before! I’m doing the beginner stage now but hopefully I’ll move into intermediate soon. The workouts aren’t impossible but definitely make you feel it the next day! All in all, especially if you’re new to exercise or don’t have much time I highly recommend this app to get some workouts in
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4 years ago, lemsjxufidkenen
It looks like there is a lot of fake accounts of sexy women that i’m positive that they are not who they say they are! They also just text me and the first thing they all ask is what my address is and where do I live !? I’m not sure why app stores allow this untrustworthy app Shake my head that’s all I do when I looked at the app 🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ this is my first ever review and I’m deleting this app !
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4 years ago, Mandro$1
Some additions
I like the app but I would like it and I think the other users would like it too if you guys could allow us to put more pictures of ourselves on our profiles and secondly I don’t know if it’s just an issue for me but whenever I get a like the app won’t show me how far they are for all I know the person that gives me a like is either 10 or 200 miles away from me but other then that it’s a great app
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2 years ago, Lycanokami
You can refer to me as your guru because I’ve tried all these “free” web sites and apps. You sign up and notice that all the “locals” are MILES away. Not just 3-5-20! Nope 100+ yea totally local! Not only that you get two messages to send. Anything more or to message the one who “likes you “ is extra pay up! Nothing but a bunch of fake accounts. How do I know, I got snaps of some of the woman who put bull in the profile. Someone put 214 cm. So she’s 84 inches roughly 7 feet tall! Really? Another is 19 and put “drinker” in their profile. The level of zero imagination and realism is staggering!
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9 months ago, Aidan Staffad
Not bad
The people I'm swipping through seem to be attractive & different although I'm a little discouraged to send messages without having a match due to the accessibility of sending a messaging vs figuring out that the user doesn't accept them (I also don't remember if I could review people I liked either)
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1 year ago, Yolander Dwightreevhgch
Not bad
It's a pretty good dating app for finding ppl nearby and there are a lot of ppl on here. Only reason I give it 4 stars and not 5 is mainly cuz my messages in the app keep hiding behind others and the only way I can see them is to delete the ones in front of them. other than that, been using for years and its been pretty chilled
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4 years ago, hoter that you
I now know this app is fake
I know this app is fake trash. A friend of mine picture pops up as someone interested in me even before I get much filled in, which is really hard to do cause it keeps asking to upgrade. I asked her about her profile here and she told me she didn’t even get as far as I did. And she deleted everything line by line and pic too. But there she was hitting on me. So I know this app is a load. I’m afraid what little bit of information I put in is goi g to be used wrongfully too. BEWARE hopefully our information doesn’t get sold or shared to others too.
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1 year ago, Darcy Armitsjpbowau
The app works great for me, swapping between tabs works really smoothly, but it would be better if the first match you got, you could chat for free with. I do not feel like talking to someone should be a pay-to-chat
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4 years ago, Exekiel Radel
In correct area location
After several attempts to explain to support why the system takes your your matches distance and turns it to 0 after matching is ridiculous. Then finding outsourced match is really outside your search specs. Preventing any type of contact. I would’ve suggest this app for any type of serious contact unless you are looking for a cheap company run game to play and wast you time and effort.
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3 years ago, Joland 25
Pros and cons
It’s a good social network but I do have some concerns about it. I started to it to chat with people and might be risky. Some of these ladies look nice but I’m thinking they’re here for more than just honest hookups. One is jumping in way to fast and another like a call girl. Can’t I have some that I can build up on my own pace?
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4 years ago, kadyn719
Barely any real users
Most of the profiles are bots that ask the same questions over and over would like to see some sorta security in place and spelling in the app is an issue. app just seems unfinished
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3 years ago, ye_4575
Most of the women that reply or all the women that hit you up are fake. This apply’s to any other dating app that has women approach you for a good time. Using fake account and women from onlyfans to attract you in. Don’t trust any of them if they don’t give you their social media. As well look out for red flags. Most of them ask for money or gift cards which is also another reason not to fall for or delete the app. Waste of time.
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1 year ago, Manuell Abelsonbebffetm
Local dating
Perfect app but the is little things the have to fix because sometimes it is to slow
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3 years ago, Brandalyn Pooleycb
Local dating
I can’t believe I met my wife on this app. Met a few friends too. All I can say is “wowzers” thanks. But account was blocked supposedly for being rude? I just wanted to get down contact info for some of our mutual friends we met :-
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2 years ago, jxjcdjdudhfh
Worst dating site ever
Worst dating site ever!! All the women are not even real.. 3 different women try to get money out of me for gas.. Women are so fake you can tell by their pictures.. This site is for women to get money out of men.. None of these women are real. I exchange numbers with 3 different women and they where not real.. it’s a waste of money and I only been here less then Week and I have a 3 month’s membership!! I guess more will be revealed
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9 months ago, shipmentwizardupdn
It's Ok
A very sweet site ,but why cant i signup again, ever since you blocked my account ,i am trying to create new account ,its getting difficult to signup ,please assistance needed
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5 years ago, Angelina Hackett
Thank you
I got my 2 dating partners and i do fun both of them guys really you can make your appreciating profiles for finding strange nearby you and start dating with them luckily you also find new one
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4 years ago, car45188
This app is filled with so many fake profiles twice so far I have been messaged by someone who had pics of people I know claiming to be someone else and when you confront them they delete there account and open a new one the creators of this app should clean house and delete all the fake profiles on here which I’m sure is about 95% but they won’t because they keep all the dumb guys coming to this app
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7 months ago, Paige Castillo
Very disturbing seeing someone pretending to be me.
O stars I downloaded this app a week ago and i see a fake acc with photos of me that I have posted on instagram. I reported the fake acc please delete all fake accounts that could be people that don’t even know their photos are being used. Do not believe what they say they are no matter if they send multiple photos. PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE AND BANNED ALL FAKE ACCS!!
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1 year ago, Arorana123
Nice app
The only thing I don't like about this app is that my credits are reduced even if I don't use it and the adds on the screen that appear when I use it are irritating.
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3 years ago, Mayu Abbatinido
like it
Just be a normal guy and the rest comes It has a better feeling than other dating apps Just keep it up and keep removing fake profiles 😃
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3 years ago, Scottloarie80
I wanted to state this app is fake and a waste of your time! Thought it would be similar to tinder or bumble but I had a lot of fake people trying to get my address and using the exact same word for word phrases. Definitely needs to be removed from the app store! These hackers and horrible app developers should be ashamed for trying to charge people for vip in when in reality these are all fake people ! DO NOT DOWNLOAD
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2 years ago, jomd david hang
Good app
Nice app, I really like this app, I have a lot of fun from this app, The interface is simple and friendly and the people are interesting. Thanks developer this app.
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3 years ago, Shahad Feirncb
Good for true love
This app is just the best to make friends or even meet your life time partner.. Not until u go to church or mosque before u see a good partner.. take you time to know the verified ones . Thanks
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3 years ago, OnDaRoks2010
App. Doesn’t work well at all.
Everyone that hits like shows to be 0 miles away, Their age is wrong and they live with parents. Doesn’t take long and they want your phone number and have had one want money for nude pics and even offer of sex for money. This app seems to be for scams only like most date apps.
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5 years ago, Amanda Barrows
An amazing app!
Do videocalls by this app because it also have low amount feature and they give dicounted premium for doing video calls i live this app
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3 years ago, Joleth MacKintoshxt
new connections
Local dating is a great way to meet new people of all types. If you’re looking for variety, check out Local dating.
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4 years ago, Mike tomaino
All there is on the site is prostitution and people under 18 as the age is 18+ but theres 13,14,15,16,17 and 18+ people on that site not sure why people are not catching things or even allowing it becuz its all a police field day to collect alot of them its sad for it but if they really wanna pick things they can shut the whole app down with executive orders for it to be taken down completely
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4 years ago, 1Coolhand Luke1
Waste of time
I specifically downloaded a dating app to talk, get to know, and hopefully date a girl. Little did I know that this app has either hookups, prostitutes, scammers (literally asking for pictures or my ssn and ID card), and fake accounts. I gave this app only a one star because I guess it is good if you only want one-night-stands or your identity stolen by a fake person 😂👎
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5 years ago, gabriella.feest
Really happy with the app
My friend recommend me to use this application do date with who will be your crush i found here i love this application
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4 years ago, Zaizotsu
Systematic Scamming
They ask where you’re from if you say Ohio they say Nevada, if you say Washington they say Florida. Next the messaging is limited to something around the lines of 15-30 total so hello counts as 1, more 5 hellos to 5 different “people” and now you only have 9-24 messages left add that in with telling 2 people where you live probably being paid to scam you by the company and you now are left with 7-22 messages By the time you sent out enough hellos and realized it’s a bunch of bots or paid users you now have the option to pay for their services once you ran out of messages Enjoy
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3 years ago, Solstice Aiskriggro
Good times
The site is exceptional however the low quality of some of the ladies can be discouraging
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1 year ago, paumbikl322
Better than the rest
This very great app..i also found my jodoh from here..thnx omi..alot of friends in omi waitting for true love..try this app in nice way sure you will get what you want..
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5 years ago, Niamh Harvey_gfh
Low cost premium full enjoyment is there you can get so much fun by this app you can full your desires by finding new one near by you
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4 years ago, Opti-MAN
Distance problem
The distance apart from Other users is false
Show more
5 years ago, Rashad Wolff_96
If you single you need partner for dating you can try this app its very nicely working app and its creations all holdings to find with strange people simply
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5 years ago, Gideon Morissette95
Free video calling service to new user you can do video call near by you and get your dating partner near by you
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2 years ago, lucas 220
This is a very nonsense Local Dating App 😡and I hate it😱. No one is even liking or even messaging back to me what kind of a stupid site is this🥵 have never been on such app in my whole life you guys better do something or I keep condemning your app in any way or any where I go 😡😡
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3 years ago, BeMoreAccepting
There should be more Gender/Sexuality options
since this app if for teens it should also include these kinds of things so they can actually find people their looking for without feeling forced to be something/something their not
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4 years ago, kingjohhnson0_0
Like the app but it won’t let me delete messages
Messages won’t stay deleted
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4 years ago, Kev20099
Really really bad
First off, look at these reviews. They are all fake. Mostly every one on this app is fake. The people who aren’t are mostly prostitutes who want to take your money. Don’t trust this app and more importantly, don’t ever waste your money on it thinking that it is worth
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5 years ago, Halle Gerlach
Almost perfect
Hello freinds this really amazing app you can find nearby you , you can date with them
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9 months ago, CcYYooeeR23
I have verified so many times but I'm not allowed to text anyone on the app and I really love the app
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5 years ago, Hettie Monahan
With me, The app is the best
Are you looking for someone in your life , you can try this application and find your life partner
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5 years ago, Freeda Bradtke90
Love this app
Thanks for developer for making this app i live it because i got marriage with my crush
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5 years ago, Ellis Myers93
Meet with strangers and new people by this application , you can find all nearby dating people by this app must try
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4 years ago, Tomaya Logesdale
Awesome app
Interesting, fun, I like that you can send pics in the app unlike others.
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5 years ago, YukaC19
Great dating app
Very good dating app, I know there are many like this in the store but this is worth checking it out. Try it
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2 years ago, OG_Bunny02
Nice app
Well I love this app so much they have improved in security and all it really nice 😍
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