Luxy Pro: Elite & Quality Date

Social Networking
4.8 (7.4K)
216.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Luxy Pro: Elite & Quality Date

4.78 out of 5
7.4K Ratings
5 years ago, Kamille135
Works great for me!!
I got into this app as a close friend of mine recommended it to me. I have tried a lot of different apps before that promised it all, so I was sceptical at first when trying Luxy. I tried a month of the free membership, but while I was matching with people, you could not do as much as I wanted to do, since I take dating seriously. I have Luxy Black a go, and I’m in my second month of using it! So far it is working so great for me. I go in really good dates with super handsome and successful men who are truly interesting and genuinely interested too. You do occasionally get those bad matches, but for an app this works the best for me! As I said, I have been on a few sites now, but never have I matched with SO many good guys who met my standards. The big benefit is that the app itself is easy to navigate and is just beautiful and enjoyable to use. You need to get to your profile? You just click on your photo in the circle in the More tab. You need to go incognito or you don’t want random people to message you? Great - I can just go to Settings and change everything there. I also really love sending roses (but I prefer receiving them 😉🌹). Speaking of usability of the app, like when you just want to do something silly (or save money on coins or boost) you can play the little game in the More page. That’s usually quite fun.
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5 years ago, Florialoceplezzzzzz
I LoVE IT!!!!!
I'm more than thrilled to know that Luxy is back, although it's the pro version. Not bad with a welcome gift. I appreciate that. Lol. God knows how much I missed this app. I really got sick of other crowded dating apps, sending me boring guys day by day. And the worst thing was, they didn't even talk. Just wished to get my Luxy contacts back. If you want to find some really good persons, try Luxy and get into the new world. I have had a great experience with Luxy. It's been even a part of my life. There I got to know many new friends from different countries. They're very intelligent and successful in their fields. And it's very fun to have parties with them. I have to say that Luxy has the most excellent profiles I've ever seen. Now it gives me another chance to find more possibilities. Oh..and I just wanted to let you know that your customer service is very nice. Always polite, especially when I asked when would Luxy be back on the App Store. Lol. Hopefully this time I can find someone to company with till the end of my life. Thanks, Luxy!
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1 year ago, TheWizard16
Terrible app, buggy, and broken.
Downloaded this app and paid the $100 to try out the service for a month. They require “verification” of your profile photo before you are able to do ANYTHING on the app. They have an automatic “AI” system for verification, and then a manual system where they ask you to do a specific pose while taking a selfie and then it’s “supposed” to be verified manually. Well, I tried about 40 times to use the AI verification and it constantly failed. It failed so many times, that the app would stop processing the photo I took and just immediate crash. After wasting a couple hours trying the AI verification, I submitted a manual verification. This has yet to be verified, and when I contacted Luxy support through the app they asked to take ANOTHER photo, this time with a piece of paper with “Luxy” written on it. Honestly…. Give me a break. You’re app doesn’t work as it should, and you’ve now taken payment for a service that you’re not delivering. If photo verification is REQUIRED to use your app, you should maybe require that the user go through the verification process BEFORE you take their money. Rather than instantly popping up messages in their face with some fake countdown timer saying there’s in 3 spots available to pay for Luxy Black, and all the other scammy notices and garbage that the user is barraged with upon logging in with a “free” account. What a joke!!! Stay AWAY from this app.
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5 years ago, MsAmberLeighXX33
Maybe someone will answer here?
So I was so excited about this APP! The idea seemed great, right? Well... now I am not so sure. I was “approved” and “vouched in” after 24 hours and was excited to try this APP! I received my first set of “matches” and actually started speaking to someone nice! And then all of a sudden I was locked out of my account? With an error message that I either had “fake photos” or I “violated terms” ... For one the photos are 100% mine and two, I only spoke to one person on the APP (and I did not violate any terms) the communication was simple between us i.e “how are you, what do you do for work, etc.” So I understandably was confused. In the APP it said to contact customer service via email if you felt that the lock out was by error. I emailed them right away and received an email back within a few hours telling me to reply with my log-in and email and they would explain why I was locked out of my account (which I did) and then no reply from them. I have sent several emails since then and have not received a response. I have however received emails telling me when someone has matched with me but I am still locked out from viewing it. I really hope that this is just an error and this issue can be resolved! I would love to actually use this APP and give it a proper review. I was really excited about using this APP but have been so disappointed with these results.
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5 years ago, %^*+%#{%^*+
I wanted to try the site short term. I accidentally chose the wrong subscription term and without realizing it, had chosen a year subscription instead of (1) month...for $499!!!!! What the hell?? Of course I don’t want to pay FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS to try a dating app!!! I realized my mistake and tried to cancel or even adjust the subscription in under 24 hours. When I reached out to their “support” email, I was told there was “nothing they could do”, and that the terms were stated clearly on the subscription page. Let’s be honest: they can do whatever they chose to do, as it is their company, so they are choosing to screw over their “members”. This is completely unethical, especially when I have expressed that I do not want this service, it was a complete mistake to hit the year subscription button, and that I do not want to pay this astronomical amount for a service that I don’t even want, especially for, yes, FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS. This is completely absurd and I will he exposing this company and reporting this to every possible agency, including Better Business Bureau. DO NOT EVEN DOWNLOAD THE APP. God forbid you make a mistake and hit the wrong button. You might be signing over your first born child, or whatever the hell else they wish to take. Completely unreasonable and UNETHICAL. I STILL WANT MY REFUND.
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5 years ago, cici201966
I paid for Luxy black and as soon as I paid for it, within a few hours my account is disabled. Mind you that I have had Luxy black before for MONTHS and I’ve been on Luxy for MONTHS and my account has never been disabled. As soon as they get my money they disabled my account. They gave me 3 reasons why my account could be disabled. 2 of the reasons couldn’t be anywhere near the truth because I had taken a break from Luxy and just got back on. So I can’t be scamming anybody or sending anything inappropriate because I wasn’t on!!!! The 3rd reason was that my profile was fake...but get this... nothing had changed on my profile from when I used to have Luxy black or even when I was just using The regular LUXY. Emailed Luxy support 3 times, asking why my account is disabled and wanting a refund and I have still not received a response. That’s fine that you want to disable my account but I’m not paying for it if I can’t use it. How convenient that my profile became disabled a few hours after they received my payment. Horrible customer service!!! I’m done with Luxy. please do not give me the same generic response you give everyone else. You didn’t look into any case because you don’t have identification to know what my case number is. Your lying and it’s SCAM. And I’m filing a dispute!!! SCAM!!!
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1 year ago, kayyyyyyP
This app is all a game played by the people behind Luxy.
I made the decision to upgrade to Luxy black or whatever it’s called. I paid $100 for one month. I received very few matches. Then as my time is running out w the upgrade, I started to get many matches. I think this is a ploy to upgrade again. Now, I cannot do anything on this app. I can’t swipe on anyone. I literally cannot do anything. The other downside is that they recommend matches that are in other countries. That is so unrealistic. This has been a total joke & a waste of money. Whoever runs this app knows exactly what they are doing to get more money out of people. I WILL NEVER GET ON THIS RIDICULOUS APP EVER AGAIN!! !!!!!!!!!!!! Total disappointment. Oh and on the last day of my upgrade, I get a message from someone from Luxy that they want to use me for some cover thing. Again, another ploy to get money. 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
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5 years ago, LadyApple402
So very sad to leave this review and would love to change it if the problem is resolved. I had the old version and really loved it. I reached out to ask what happened and was told they would be coming back soon. As soon as I saw the app was back up I downloaded and filled out my profile but was rejected because my profile wasn’t completed. I then deleted and refilled out my profile but the app kept deleting all the info in my profile and now I’m worried I’ll be rejected again. I’m aggravated as I’ve already had an approved profile in the past with the old version. I reached out about this the first time over email and no one responded to me.. I’m unsure if this is on purpose to get people to pay for immediate access or a glitch..would love some help with the situation as I said I really loved the old version.
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5 years ago, Anne 15
It works! Greatest app ever!
I love this app for communicating with people. Good vibes men and plenty of wonderful matches. Yeah this place is pretty chillin. Everything is just perfect for me. It couldn't be better - Such an amazing app for dating online! The atmosphere on Luxy gets me more relaxed after work. To be frank, I love all things in black and gold, which looks pretty luxury. Love all the abilities and features it gives to me to date and connect with new people. If there was a 6-star rating, they'd absolutely get it! I decided to subscribe with Luxy for one simple reason, high quality profiles. Being myself a woman of high social status I wanted to find someone at the same level. Firstly, because I wouldn't want anyone to take advantage of my benefits. Secondly, I am used to a certain standard of life and I want someone that is able to keep up with that. Also, on Luxy each profile is carefully reviewed during the subscription process. This made me feel very safe and I thought - I finally found an app where there's no risk to be scammed! I would recommend Luxy to those people that want a serious relationship with someone ambitious that has done something great with his/her life.
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2 months ago, MsVas88
Best Site Ever!!!
I have been blessed to make new connections with some of the most amazing men through the Luxy app…now they added on the Pro!!! What more can one say about how well they have created a place for likeminded high level people to connect and fall in love. 🥰 I highly recommend this app if you’re actually on the market, say what you mean and are ready to take action in your life! I wish they would host a major event!!! I would 💯 attend!!!
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1 year ago, Freesitintime
Luxy Pro vs Luxy - layers of high school all over
Apparently these are two different apps. Your Luxy Black subscription can’t be used for both. Luxy Pro as pitched is a “networking” app with the option to utilize Luxy Dating. It’s confusing and really unnecessary. What I will say is both of the apps are set up like the worst high school popularity contest most of us hated. Sending roses, charms, gifts - all that cost extra. Remember when we would buy roses to send people on Valentines Day at high school and it was always about who got the most? People would buy and send them to themselves - this is it. Seriously. Then if you like a “popular” user do you want to send a super like or some nonsense like that so you stand out? You guessed it, you have to pay extra for that as well. Look, if you’re into shallow and throwing your money around because it’s your main identity then enjoy this app to its fullest.
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2 years ago, ariaaaaaaan
Weird money hungry app
I waited to be reviewed for this app for 24 hours and was denied with no explanation, but they want you to pay HUNDREDS to access it? I don’t get it. 50 a month maybe but these prices are beyond ridiculous and I’m not about to pay before I even get to SEE what’s on the app and see if the matches interest me or if the site is worth my time. The developers claim it’s because of “approval taking a long time” but you DENIED me! Putting money before using the app is like buying a car without seeing the car for yourself and relying on the up selling of the company. I’d never do it at the prices they’re asking. I would not recommend this app. There are plenty of other free ones or ones that Atleast let you see what it has to offer before using it.
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2 years ago, Dati Barnabas
SCAM(ripping people’s money)
I sent a review yesterday and I’m still sending.. if this people don’t do what’s right, they literally rip you off your money!!! Once you pay for any feature , they disable your account. My case is worse cause all I did was open account & provided my correct info, I’ve not chatted or find anything.. my photo got verified, I’ve not done anything which they can see. No violation whatsoever as I just paid for Luxy black and immediately the disabled the account.. I’ve sent emails. Other people complaining about same thing and it’s disheartening tbvh.. y’all check my account Luxy!! You’re fighting against scammers but you’re scamming people. This makes me really sad cause I work hard for my money.
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5 years ago, Beattg2017
It’s Scam, $300+lesson I had
I believe, there are a lot of “good reviews” about this dating app ARE ALL SCAMS!!!! Before you subscribed (paid) it, all the “sample” profiles would definitely fool you, but After I paid $300, those fancy guys are just suddenly gone! The most unbelievable thing is, when I requested to end my membership and asked for refund, they simply said no way! All other dating app I have tried, or people I know who has ever used, they all do the refund, this app charges the most expensive fees but do not refund even for only one day subscribed! I spent $300 for a lesson! But want to share to everyone to help others! PS: no matter what response the staff works for this app would say in below, it’s all just some nice excuses, don’t buy it, be wiser than me please!
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5 years ago, Cyrlily
The best!
Since I joined Luxy, I feel very comfortable and satisfied, with the service offered by this site. The people who are members of Luxy, are serious and respectful people. I feel safe and trust Luxy, here I can assure that I will soon get a good partner, because all men are handsome, enterprising and gentlemen. Honestly, I recommend Luxy to all the women and men who dream of their better half.❤️😘🌷 Thank you very much Luxy for your support and for giving me the opportunity to access unlimited free messages.
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3 years ago, kkkrocks
$499 no refund! Crooks! Minimal members
Do not waste your money. I am in the New York metro area and searches were all states away. I even eliminated all age and height options!! I still had minimal results. When a few popped up it was all guys looking for sugar mommy’s! For $100 a month this was a straight rip off. I even reached out to their “advisor” and said to me buy coins to boost. Match and Bumble 1000xs better. Save your money. Update: after reading a few posts! I see many have been screwed with the $499 up front charge. No need to answer me that it’s on the site. It is NOT CLEAR on how the charges will be posted and evident with all the complains on here. Now I WILL report to the BBB and fight on my Amex. Everyone do the same. Bad company
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4 years ago, JRozae
Very awkward and somewhat painful to use the app
I paid for a year of LuxyBlack... yet there are many issues: I see different messages on my iPhone than I do on my iPad or when I log in online; I can not see who has visited my profile even though I get notices that I have new visits; the search function is much weaker than other dating apps... only age and location; and when I click on “nearby”, I get profiles hundreds of miles away, even though I live in one of the largest cities in the country... and on and on. Oh, and I’m really popular with women from Brazil and Eastern Europe evidently. But I’m stuck with a year’s subscription.
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2 years ago, iratunes
The men are the worst on this app!
No matter how this app advertises itself, men there are the worst. They are good looking but absolutely disrespectful and disappear on you after asking how your day was. They’re there just to browse. I don’t know about others, but I had no guy inviting me on a date from this app. They’re asking for instagram, WhatsApp, tell you that they are on a vacation, and make plans that never work out. There are a lot of scammers there as well. I thought the problem was me and tried another app, that isn’t that pretentious, but also popular, and I had been invited on dinner dates every day of the week. I don’t know what’s wrong with Luxy.
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4 years ago, Fedah Chini
More handsome men then most
Here on LUXY, there are a lot more attractive men, physically. I like the fact that this is not just for ANY DUDE but every profile is analyzed. However, you do not have to have the perfect face or body to be on here. What you have to have is “class”! You like Tinder or one-night-stand sites, forget it? This is not for you. This is more Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse and Tinder is McDonald’s.
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3 years ago, Tonyflo79
Gotten Bad
The last time I was single, I had an amazing experience on this app. I met some amazing people for dates, new friends, etc. But it’s really gone downhill. Performance is awful—takes 30-60 seconds to load on newest iPhone. Sometimes notifications don’t work (randomly). But worst of all, quality of users is WAY down and there are a lot more fake profiles. Plus the entire experience is designed to extract even more money via “gifts” and gimmicks like “super likes” (which do nothing). I used to love this app, but now I can no longer recommend it. I hope they do something to fix things…
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6 years ago, Amirah1989
Terrible don’t waste your money!!
I didn’t want to pay for the whole year upfront, but still they charged my credit card $449, which that isn’t what it said they were going to charge. Then I thought ok well whatever let me try it, there isn’t enough people around where I live and I’m in Orange County so you’d expect there would be. Then when I put to look for people nearby it shows me people in other states and countries. The app itself doesn’t work well and they steal your money. I’m trying to cancel and get a full refund but they don’t seem to allow it. Don’t waste your money!! I’m having better luck with Bumble and Hinge that is FREE!!
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1 year ago, Henry_37
Bad Customer Service Experience!
I had a terrible experience with Luxy. My account was blocked for no apparent reason, and when I reached out to customer support, they were completely unhelpful. Not only did they fail to provide any clear explanation for why my account was blocked, but they also failed to assist me in resolving the issue. I even had prepaid some money on this platform, which was a complete waste. The lack of proper support and communication was unacceptable. I would not recommend this app to anyone, as their customer service is clearly lacking and their policies are not transparent.
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6 months ago, BlkTee
Misleading advertising
I was back and forth if I wanted to invest given so many dating sites I just wish they would give a week or three day trial to see the quality and race variety. I hadn’t actually purchased just yet and I got a notification that said I had 7 messages…. That made me curious so I went ahead and paid but to see those 7 messages were all from the app advertisement was mad misleading and deserved this rating for sure. In addition to that I see nothing but California London Paris… I’m in Kansas City. Even the basic cheap apps go to current location
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4 years ago, Rebecca | Plant Happy
Expensive and Misleading
This app has a pop up asking me to rate it prior to gaining access or having the full user experience. To me that indicates the level of programming is poor. So, while I was waiting for “verification” and had only a 55% chance of approval 🤔 potential matches were reviewing my profile. Why??? I have no idea. I had access to “Visitors” and “Curious who’s nearby” areas of this app while waiting for verification. Since I didn’t originally submit my location I found “who’s nearby” to be misleading. I decided to allow the app access to my location to test both the percentage indicator and “Who’s nearby.” Neither the percentage indicator or profiles “nearby” changed after allow the app location access making these two more misleading components. Ultimately the matching ability of this app is poor. Few genuine profiles in my age range (50) and even fewer that I find remotely attractive.
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6 years ago, Meme545
Vouched In
I like the fact that not just anyone can get in. Really weeds out all the people you don’t want to encounter on here and everyone is pretty legit . You have to verify your profile with your personal info like ID and W2 or pay stubs which I kinda like. Again everything is out on the table. Honest app.
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12 months ago, Sweetgreeneyedbeauty
Poor quality app and service
I was giving it a chance and they deleted my account for no reason. I wrote to them and they were super rude. They should be lucky to have a classy attractive women on their site. Match and tinder are even better than this. Not a large dating pool and mostly young boys in other states that don’t have their stuff together. I would highly recommend getting a new customer service team and do an actual screening on IDs or finances rather than pictures. Site and developers are shallow
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2 years ago, Kahrren
I hope you like bugs
Because this app is full of them. Along with plenty of fake catfish profiles. Don’t waste your time even talking to any unverified profiles. Messaging just doesn’t even work most of the time. You pay for a black membership and you only get to see 60 profiles a day… super great app for the price. I’m kidding. It’s ridiculous how expensive it is for the quality of platform
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5 years ago, ContentNChrist
I’m very disappointed that I’ve tried to get voted in on 6 different occasions and failed every single time. Not to toot my own horn but I’m a very attractive person with amazing qualities and a lot to offer. I was referred to this app by a friend who is equally attractive and joined in Oct 2018. She found the love of her life on here & I was excited to join. She also let me look at the women on her app & I know that my profile looked ten times better. I’m not understanding what is expected out of me to get voted in & still would try again if only I had feedback.
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6 years ago, JustinBAyers365
My favorite app
Luxy Pro is my favorite app! Very user friendly and easy to navigate. I definitely recommend this app to my friends and family. Luciana is very helpful and nice too she’s there to help you with the app if you have questions on anything. Awesome app app all around! Keep the awesome updates coming!!! - Justin
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2 years ago, bigskyblueyesmt
Same old same old
In some of the reviews I read they stated: if you are not in a Metropolitan region finding matches it’s very difficult. This is a fact! Do not download this if you live outside a very populated region. I also felt there were a lot of scammers on this app. I was asked multiple times for my contact information immediately and when I would not give it out they would unmatch me. I found this odd.
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4 years ago, sahinler76
Good, quality application
Its good application, its real but i don’t know what you guys have done to this app, it is so slow, takes forever to open it and frozen. I use Iphone X, nothing was running at the background when i tested the app.
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2 years ago, James P Young
James Young✌️
Well honestly I’m very impressed with the app so far the team really did a great job 👏🏽 and I’m grateful for the opportunity given to me to be able to be on here to explore more by meeting new people and connection…thanks again 🙏😇
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2 years ago, lalalovelyyyy
It makes you look at your self in another way making you want to do more be more active work more to being the best you can be
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2 years ago, Katie1973
I’m going to try this app again but last time I paid $100 for one month, all the wonderful profiles I had seen prior to paying disappeared and I was stuck with potential matches that…. Let’s just say I didn’t have anything in common with. I deleted it after 3 weeks last time and just ate the money. Hopefully this time is better.
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2 years ago, 123fbv
Too many purchases
This app requires approval to be let in for free, you can only chat with ppl if you pay for the subscription, ads pop up to buy coins an d you have limited swipes, about 10 swipes per day, they really limit what you can do on there unless you buy the plan but it’s not worth doing when you first sign up because you can’t even see who’s on this platform unless you pay ??
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7 years ago, I'm5
I rate this five stars, but I want to speak to the developers of this App: Aced it.
This App's UI is astounding and fluid. Beautifully done. Your UX for how you set up and compare interests is also amazing! I actually love using this app more than any other dating apps I've touched! I rate this five stars, but I wanted to speak directly to the designers and developers of this app: Aced it. You guys should build another app for general dating! It'd be great to use this UI instead of the other garbage out there like eHarm, Match... all terrible. Mostly. Well done☺️
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5 years ago, jaaasssssss
This app makes you wish you lived in other places. I love the quality of men that are on the site. There are a few that slip through the cracks but it certainly doesn’t outweigh the good.
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2 years ago, a guy in clear
An app basing men and women from profit!!?? Why does it matter how much I earn to have a happy life as long as you work hard for honest pay being wealthy doesn’t mean anything for value of a human, I hate that we have came to a point of such apps that base people on income and wealth for finding love. The app itself tries to monopolize from these emotions, and people that fall for it are dangerous, both genders. Money doesn’t define people.
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2 years ago, tommy dubai 1973
Black status and connecting to potential matches
I renewed my black subscription but discovered now update to minor black message to three contacts without prior notice Not happy and will not renew and other friends too whom I recommended get really mad from update in policy especially we are not like others mis-using the service Not happy anymore and will find other apps instead
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5 years ago, theory003
This is a SCAM!!! Be very careful
This site will have you think you are joining a prestigious site where you can meet people with out feeling cautious. But wrong!!! I spent $100 on a membership and when logging back in to my account it erased all of my profile information and also ask to pay for another membership. Ive e-mail this site to see if they can help but not on ever respond back. Overall, be careful with this site.
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10 months ago, DisappointedDiva2424
Problems problems problems
If your platform is IOS then you are restricted to Apple Pay. ( I still refuse to use it.). Even though I was accepted without pay, it was a while before I went back on. Then it wanted $$$ because I took too long to go back. Sick of these applications making all these empty promises. Still don’t know the size of their subscribers.
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5 years ago, Emiliya26
This site if someone hacks then you cannot get out of it and your page will be still up there used for your photos. Stay alert!
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5 years ago, Erikaflem
New to Dating Apps
I’m just signing up now, but so far so good. This app cane highly recommended. I’ve never dipped my toe into this pool, but it was easy to do my profile and I’m excited for the experience.
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6 years ago, Jamal is upset
Reply please
So I got vouched in , I’m Luxy and after I verified my picture,I was told me turn off the app and turn on again , so I had to delete it and lunch again to my surprise the Luxy app Is no more on my App Store , I can only find the Luxy pro , which I got on my phone , so my question is , is it possible to use my email from Luxy to sign in Luxy pro ? Or they are different? And I actually tried it but still it didn’t work !
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2 years ago, 🕊✔️✔️
So much more than expected
Amazing app. So premium and worth investing into. I definitely recommend. Keep it up developers.
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5 years ago, I am doing this for the reward
The absolute worst dating app
I knew what it was when I signed up but give me a break. They have some really ugly men on there solely because they pay them an exorbitant amount each month. Yet when a very attractive woman tries to get “vouched in” she is denied but still can get on the site if she then pays this high fee. An absolute joke. Don’t waste your time and I sure hope you don’t waste your money.
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4 years ago, Cantstandmanegerswholie
Why did my account delete?
Was very happy and my account deleted for no reason!
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5 years ago, Planet bali
Error in purchasing
I did not wish to purchase this ap it was an error and when I tried to contact the support while the charge was still pending no one replied to me . I think it’s fine if people want to purchase but their page jumps from free to 499 usd!! And this is not right ... I hope they will adress my issue soon as possible but so far nothing at all
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2 years ago, Peyton's Funds
Better than other apps
Better than other apps
Show more
7 months ago, Qbee7528
Wouldn’t recommend
I signed up a month ago and they still haven’t verified my account. I emailed them but they said I need to complete my profile which I did when I first signed up. I don’t want to pay $499 to try out a new app but it seems like that’s one of the options they are leaving open
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