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Match Group, LLC
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7 months ago
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User Reviews for Match: Dating & Relationships

3.84 out of 5
128.8K Ratings
2 years ago, Palm harbor Florida
Very bad App
Got blocked for no reason at all! I had Match a long time ago and thought about giving it another try. I just signed up again but not as a paid Subscription. And people were sending me messages I can’t see because I am not a paid Member, so I can’t see their messages, and can’t reply to there messages unless you pay. I was trying to figure the app out, and I was Blocked for absolutely no reason at all! I called there customer service number and the lady said that I was going to get a email to unblock my account, I have not gotten any emails from match at all. So I called them back again and got another lady on the phone and she absolutely did not care at all. This time the customer service person said I have to wait 24 to 48 hours for someone to email me and fix this. I was just about to purchase a Subscription! Lucky I didn’t purchase anything from Match. Also why is it cheaper to purchase a subscription on the internet for $38? and on the app for $47? That’s just wrong for them to do that. Still waiting for Match to send me a email to unblock my account! Look at all the bad reviews on here about Match! Unfortunately what a terrible site it has turned out to be! Customer service is not good at all! A total wast of time.
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7 months ago, Smileqte
Found my Husband/Father of my Kids Here!
I have every thanks to Match for helping me find my other half! I’m going on to write a review years later!!! We met 2016 and are now married and have one sweet girl and a boy on the way!!! I’m actually sitting nauseous in bed pregnant as my husband is out with our daughter doing some grocery shopping for us on a Sunday … no joke just so thankful for this app! I do have to say it really helped being very honest on the app and putting down exactly what I wanted … like … “I like to have fun but I’d like to settle down and have a family soon”. Mind you I was in my 30s already… and I got some back lash from guys who said I wouldn’t meet anyone saying that … low and behold I found a bunch of great dates (some were rotten apples)… and found my knight in shining armor!!! I always though it strange how people what to just movie status meet someone when their out and about… and fall in love instantly. Maybe that’s a thing… but I’ve never bought the first shoes I’ve ever liked…. And spend months looking for a prom dress… not sure why I’d have more patience to find things like that but not for a person I’d like to spend the rest of my life with…. I was patient and I’m so excited to be with this man 💕💕💕 hope everyone gets their dream person out there ^_^ I know it happened to me!
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9 months ago, Painfully Honest Homie
Misleading and Borderline Fraudulent
Beware, like seriously beware. Match has you to sign up, create a profile, answer some questions, and upload your photos. Match does all of this without disclosing they charge you if you respond to a message you sent to someone they supposedly match with you. There’s more to this review, read it fully. I want you all to seriously research this app and please be cautious at every step. Once your profile is set up you will be sent a few random likes/matches who you can’t see and magically you will be able to respond to those likes/matches, however they are not real individuals. Your responses will go unanswered. You will soon realize the profiles are not active users and the ones that are number into the teens. They advertise millions of users, they really mean millions of users signed up and realized it was a scam and ditched the site. You are left with liking profiles that haven’t been active for years. Then you wake up one morning like I did and see your account is charged over a hundred dollars. Apple fixed this for me and when I went to delete the account guess what happened; magically there were two new matches or likes which were not there before and the matches photos were hidden. The photos were not there minutes before Apple refunded to my account those fraudulent chargers. I literally watched this scam in real time. This is a scam and I can see a class action lawsuit in the near future for this website. Stay away!
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4 years ago, JCodyB77
Mac in customer service is awesome!!
I just recently became a paying member about a month ago. I wasn’t finding very many matches, mostly due to the area I live in being smaller. I wasn’t getting very many responses despite me being very intentional about reaching out to what little potential matches I would find or receive. As a paying member I was offered free dating coaching. I decided to try it out. It was a Friday night and I had no other plans. LOL! Anyway, Mac answers the phone with a very friendly and encouraging tone, and we start chatting. We looked at my profile together, discussed what was great and what could be better, and discussed how I was reaching out to potential matches, and if I was saying the right things (I was 😉). We discussed demographics and other ways to increase traffic and responses. We also talked about the fact that there are a lot of people on the site that are not paying members. They can still read your messages, but they cannot respond. There is a service that they offer, for a monthly fee, where your matches can respond to your messages! We discussed this in detail as well. The phone session was very pleasant and I learned a lot. I was starting to get a bit discouraged, but Mac was great at encouraging and helping me out. Thanks again Mac!
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3 years ago, Valle Fresco
Materialistic app
I’ve used many apps and most of them are full of bots , match is good in the sense that there are real people . My issue is that I am not rich or “successful” and just a person tired of being contacted by bots or scammers and match seems to control that . My issue is that they are not inviting to regular people who are looking for love and not just materialistic things. I am in between finances and it seems that only well off people use this app . I paid for 6 months and I see a buncha models looking for their lawyer or doctor person cuz they want financial freedom . It’s frustrating because everyone’s story is different but as a person who’s trying to look for a connection and not just appearances , you get overlooked . It saddens me that this is what we’ve come to. It’s a measuring contest of who has more to show than the next person . Ima let my 6 months run out and I’m done because it’s not about the inside , it’s about the outside and how much money you have in the bank. I’m disappointed. I wear my heart on my sleeve and use honesty but it’s not enough. But if you have money and are money bags you will find plenty of people willing to take your money . I would like for once to find a dating app that just deals with connection rather than “what can you provide for me financially” . It’s best for those who already have money and established , not so much for the underdogs with big hearts who just want a chance at love
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1 year ago, NitrusRX31
I've been meaning to write this for months now but haven't made the time till recently. This dating app is without a doubt THE WORST dating app I have ever used. Even BADOO is better than this one. It's overpriced, the matches are terrible, and what's actually kind of insidious about the app is the developers mock you after awhile just because you don't bite on their matches. They've sent me notifications such as"we know you're a ten, but..." (when I'm clearly not a ten). So via this review I am reporting the developers for both harassment and the deliberate deprecation of both my appearance and character. And just so you know guys, just because I'm not interested in dating some 3 that is neither interesting nor attractive doesn't make me picky, it means I have standards and that I don't settle for the first thing desperate enough to be pawned off to any sap that will have her. Believe it or not, even non-ten guys have standards. It's not our fault you're bad at delivering quality matches that don't come anywhere close to suiting our needs and meeting our expectations. Pretty sure that is a YOU problem. You shouldn't be passive aggressive towards your customer base just because you're bad at doing your job or because I don't want to marry some second hand, freeloading pig with three kids who's hit the wall, and desperate to lock down a second source of income before she gets any worse. Again, excuse me for having basic standards 🤷🏻.
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3 years ago, Wan Yun Lee
Hungry money thieves
If you think by buying the monthly subscription will get you a chance to meet someone and start a conversation out of nowhere, here’s the catch; Too many profiles with stolen photos, their moderator is set for you to believe that your profile is VIEWED also when you send a simple GREETING nobody answers. Did couple of experiments. Posted my photos “I am a good looking person, I do modeling” For one day my account after a certain amount of time sending messages the system stopped functioning properly, then all I was getting on my feed bunch of heavy set looking people xxxxL. There’s no point in buying a subscription; CALIFORNIA people you have 3 days to CANCEL if you want your money reimbursement other than that you gave away your money to the money hungry thieves. I have couple of friends who have tried this dating site and the same experiences; there are no real people and even if they’re out there in the system nobody is paying for messaging someone. If you still have doubts about it; this is a money making app too many profiles with moderators making it seem that it’s real people out there wanting to chat or make it seem that you’re not alone in their money making system. DONT GIVEN YOUR MONEY FOR FREE. For the people that pay subscriptions it’s a minority in 48 states and nobody in the real world in your neighborhood are subscribed....if you live in the big cities, don’t expect to find too many people, expect the fake accounts in a vast majority.
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5 months ago, mtb-forever
Match is owned my the Match Group. Look them up. You'll see they own most dating platforms out there such as Tinder, Plenty of Fish, OkCupid, OurTime, etc. They are in business to make money for their shareholders. They want to keep you a paying subscriber as long as they can. Without a subscription and they add-on to allow non-subscribers communicate to you. The majority of women are non-subscribers. They may talk to you, but you will definitely communicate with scammers. The majority of the profiles are fake. It's just disguising. Match may take one away, but there are a hundred more following ... day in, day out. Match does next to nothing to stop the fake profiles from initially getting on the platform. If you're silly enough to believe the fake reviews here or on other review platforms - just treat EVERY profile as fake. Start looking for the things a genuine profile has such as multiple photos of the same person matching the characteristics in the profile, a blue tick, a green clover, a favorite song, a voice sample, and a completed profile giving a good response to all the sections. The more of the latter, the greater your chance this is a genuine profile. Unfortunately, these profiles are few and far between. Before subscribing, you could look at the profiles and see what I mean. If you're silly enough to have subscribed, go turn off auto-renew. If I could give them zero or negative stars, I would. Good luck
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4 years ago, jjjjaaaayyy
Algorithm problem?
I’m updating my review to tell you all how bad the “free” version is.... you can’t see anything, do anything, send messages or receive message or read anything or talk to anyone or ANYTHING!! And they charge a freaking fortune!! $40 stupid dollars to send a sentence to someone? This is bull****. All the other apps at least let you send a sentence. Or if they want you to pay it’s not $40 freaking dollars. I’m a “woman seeking woman” and tons of men show up in my filters. So I talked to them and they said “oh you need to report those profiles...” so I did... over and over and over again. Probably 40-50 reports so far? Waste of my time. I edited my profile once and added some info about my likes and it got denied. After the staff reviewed my edit and denied it, they said I was “revealing too much personal information”....ummmm I added that I liked hiking. So if you can review and deny edits such as mine you can review and deny profiles of men posing as women.... Also I get the same people cycled through my “discover now” tab. So people I have X’d out multiple times keep showing up in my search. And also people I have “liked” or messaged also keep showing up so in order to get past it I have to either like or X them once again. And I’m paying for this? When I reported these issues they weren’t much help. Fix your algorithm. And the men showing up are the most annoying. Review demographics.... as much as you reviewed my “I like hiking” and denied my edit.
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1 year ago, AnaheimDucksGirl4Lige
Overpriced hookup site
I’m appalled by this experience. I took the time to thoughtfully fill out my profile with the expectation I’d find more matches in line with my responses to their match making questions than not. I appreciate and recognize that these services also offer up other profiles to help showcase matches that could be good matches outside of what we profile. I embrace and encourage an open and growth mindset in all aspects of my life. That said, the matches they matched me with could not be polar opposite 99% of the time. Even matching me on 2% wasn’t feasible. And their “coaches” are either AI bots (poorly programmed) or they don’t take match making serious. Every two weeks, I would get a recommendation that led with “we know you aren’t ideal matches, but you two both have a dog or you both drink in moderation. Why don’t you reach out and start a conversation.” Then they’d send me offers to sign up for this service. Are you serious?!? This is acceptable match making services you feel people should pay for on top of your subscription access? And by the way, they’d send me these recommendations on profiles I passed on (because Match forces you to like or pass on a profile before seeing the next one). I’ve never done services like Tinder because I’m not looking to take advantage of their value proposition. I invested in Match to ultimately find a partner. What I experienced is a paid version of Tinder.
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2 years ago, COman20
Had this for about 8 months between the premium and standard subscription, and I’ll say I only had success with meeting one person that had Genuine interest. My issue was the inconsistencies. It seemed like a had a few matches but when reaching out with a message I would get few reply’s, to some at which I was curious if these were just bot accounts. After some time I just stopped using it on weeks end. Recently, I did a renewal (by accident) because I didn’t intend on auto renewal to be active so here I am with another month. The past week though I was actually getting quite a few matches, and ones that seemed like Actual matches with similar interest. Long story short I had a match that finally seemed worthwhile and we had a lot of common as she said the same to. Finally, I was thinking to myself that this match thing was all worth it and it just takes time to get good matches. Buttttt moments later i check my messages to come to find I was unmatched…The thing is I find that I meet more people at the gym, work, or general public rather than what my experience was on here. Sure, everyone is likely to get unmatched quite a few times, but for me it was more about having inconsistent non responsive matches and then having one match just go down the drain after spending a lengths time talking. Surly not worth it for the price you pay . This overall was not my cup of tee.
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2 years ago, Iphonereviews2021
Don’t use these crooks. Poorest service of all
Beware they will suddenly shut your account down without warning or explanation. Even though you broke no policies. They claim you did but when you call for customer service you get nothing but a run around. When you leave a review they contact you as if they are concerned and want you to email them. You email them and they do nothing but continue the termination of your account. They stole my money that I paid for subscriptions. They are nothing but legalized crooks in my book. The lowest customer service around. They won’t contact you to ask about any concerns first. That’s a poor way to do business. Espionage a paying subscriber. I sent my number after a lengthy conversation and apparently they thought they knew more than me about when and who to send my number to. Sorry but that’s the customers business, not for Match to decide. So I called and went through the verification process and they still couldn’t unlock it. They contacted me saying I violated the policy. What did I do Fife? Answer me! I’ll get up in your face down in Texas. I was a legal person. You had my legal information. I never sent anything in a message that was sexual or any such thing. All I did was give someone my phone number and you instantly shut me down. I was a paid subscriber. You bunch of low down crooks!!! Fine! I’m on multiple other sites. Do something!!!
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4 years ago, Who would choose this nickname
Will not let users delete their profiles
I am very disappointed that, unlike most other apps (e.g. Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid), Match does not allow you to delete your profile. You can cancel your subscription, or make your profile invisible, but you cannot delete it. This means that, (a) they’re keeping your data forever, and (b) they are creating incentives for you to return to the app. Dating apps make money by keeping people on the apps as long as possible - in this case, by luring people back to the app, because if you find love through their platform and delete your account, that’s the point where they stop profiting from you. Although the practice of not allowing users to delete their profile is not illegal as far as I can tell, it is essentially kidnapping of your data and your online identity. Even the much more casual apps like Tinder do not do what Match does. This hijacking mentality of Match disgusts me. UPDATE: Bumping from 1 to 3 stars as after contacting customer service, someone was able to delete my profile by hand. However, the process is still manual and in my case took approximately a week. It would be nice if this could be automated and users given the ability to do so themselves.
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3 months ago, 173683959588
Poorly designed and ineffective due to low user population
I thought I would give Match a try because I can afford paid subscriptions, and I thought I might find potential partners who were also serious about dating (by filtering out people who are just trying apps for fun, since they wouldn't pay). But there's no way to tell if someone is a subscriber. Worse yet, I found that where I live, in one of the 5 largest cities in America, there are only about 800 accounts of women ages 28-35 within a reasonable distance, and the vast majority (80-90%) are inactive. I paid for the "anyone can reply" feature and sent dozens of messages to "recently active" members, and only a handful even ended up viewing my profile. It could be fake profiles, or maybe women get spammed so much they have to ignore most messages - either way, there's no way it can work. I've had at least some success meeting women IRL on other apps, so I'm not writing a bad review because I'm bitter about dating, this app was just literally useless for me. I think most of the success stories are from years ago when Match was different (pre-smartphone), and people hadn't moved on to newer options. I spent almost $200 on this and I'm fortunate enough that it's not a significant amount of money for me, but I feel really bad for anyone who isn't so lucky and wasted their money.
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4 years ago, Sparkr~
Zero stars
Thought it was going well and was actually finding women I wanted to chat with. Had a paid subscription. Then out of nowhere, my account was blocked for no reason. I called customer support (the number to call is hidden. Must do some research to find it) ,received no explanation over the phone and said they would be back with me in 24 to 48 hrs and would reply via email. It took more like 5 days to get back with me. The only explanation by the email I received was it was in the best interest of the Match community due to the terms of use. That’s bs, a pre-generated email, and a cop-out to elude the question. They never gave me any good reason. I never did anything that I know of to cause this. I had deleted my account once before I had a paid subscription and tried to use the same email when I signed up for paid but it wouldn’t let me in even though their email said I could just pick up where I left off. Not true! So I used another email. I don’t know if that was why they blocked me but if it was they are relying too much on the computer system to make decisions because it may have seen it as a duplicate. Another thing is that a lot of the profiles seem to be fake and are only there to spark your interest in paying for a subscription. I will never use Match again and do not recommend anyone to use it.
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3 years ago, Steve..4785
Match Recycles Old Likes...Why!!
Match does this really stupid thing where the “likes” you give to people will reset after only a few weeks. Your feed of people will just start to be a lot of the same people you’ve already seen. Perhaps it’s some ploy by the Match developers to keep a user engaged by never running out of people to show you in the area, but the problem is that you just end up liking the same people over and over again and expecting different results...It’s a form of insanity by definition! I’ve never seen any other dating app out there do this and it’s really annoying. As a user, it means that I cannot expand my options because the app will just reset instead of showing you new people...I can’t trust the app or this service to help me progress through my dating options if everything just resets after a few weeks. I also felt like the quality of people on this app were not a great as other apps. This service is so expensive! You might think it would lead to a better selection of higher quality people, but the reality is more people are going to be willing to pay a more reasonable price for other dating apps than this one. So don’t waste your money only to have your “likes” reset and for the quality of people to be less than more reasonably priced dating apps. Never again will I pay for this - Just not worth it!!
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2 years ago, Nadia099
Match has Excellent Customer Service
I had a customer service/dating coach phone call with Bailey. I wanted help with updating my profile and how to approach/receive more messages online. She was VERY helpful and so encouraging!! She was so friendly!! She went over my pictures with me, and my entire profile. I just needed one more full-body picture and headshots taken by someone else instead of selfies. We went over my topics I answered. And the summary as well. She read the whole thing and gave specific suggestions like shortening it and adding details here and there. She was also very helpful/encouraging with some insecurities I had about online dating and just dating in general. We talked about various things and then she also told me to be confident, and while it’s a numbers game and it can be hard with ghosting/silence, to remember the end goal of being with the right person for me. She was great! I was feeling discouraged but she gave specific, helpful, candid feedback while being so encouraging and friendly! And I feel ready to keep going lol. I’m so glad I got Bailey as my dating coach on the phone!
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1 year ago, Sir Self
Feels money Grabby
Decided to finally break down and try this app/site since it’s so well-known, but am so far disappointed. First of all, it’s more expensive compared to many other apps/sites which I was ok with if it provided more opportunities and a better experience, but on the contrary the premium membership gives you less than other sites’ basic memberships and then asks for more money for add-ons that are scattered throughout the site which other apps give you built-in. Feels like buying an expensive airline ticket and them saying “Oh you want a seat too? That’s extra. Oh, you’d like to bring a bag? That’s extra too.” Another annoying experience was scrolling though profiles and accidentally sending a Super Like to a random person as I was trying to swipe. These are paid for entities and they should at least ask for confirmation to make sure mistakes like these don’t happen. How often does this happen? Now I question the Super Likes sent to me. So frustrating, and feels exactly like other money-pit apps that try to have accidents like this happen so you’ll have to buy more and therefore spend more in their app. There’s just some basic things that would make using this site more bearable. I don’t think I would recommend Match, there are so many other options out there.
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2 years ago, couldumakethismoredifficult
It doesn’t actually MATCH like it COULD
I would happily pay for an upgraded membership if I thought I was getting what I am looking for. There are so many apps, it’s overwhelming and would be nice to have a trusted “go to” site. A 24 hour free trial would attract more users as we could quickly determine if the features are worth it. Here’s why I think MATCH doesn’t match at all and EASILY could do so. When I block members, they don’t even stay blocked, so why would I pay? With the virtue signaling vaccination badges, I should be able to search for people that are vaccinated or are NOT because that’s important to me. Political views are another pretty important filter for compatibility. Hello… Maybe I want to look up astrology signs… the moon controls the ocean, right? I’m sick of their matches for who they think I should be compatible with because they are extremely wrong every time. I am actually embarrassed for their brand! The bottom line- They don’t even bother letting you actually customize your preferences and they EASILY could add more filters. Other sites do it. So don’t they want to be the BEST? Why can’t subscribed members message others and they get to reply for free creating a win win and less frustration all around? So WHY would I want to upgrade and PAY for such mediocre service?
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4 years ago, D (4/23, 10:45am)
“Mac is Where it’s at!” (LOL I KNOW IT’S CORNY)
So I came here to give my Match Coach a glowing review, just to be pleasantly surprised that he has this same impact on others as well! I called to receive consultation for general dating advice, such as moving too fast, not ignoring red flags (or intuition), and giving others the benefit of the doubt by being willing to engage in difficult conversations; all tips that Mac was able to provide! Mac was superb in his guidance and was able to offer the advice in a nonjudgmental and unbiased manner. He was also able to set a personal tone for the conversation while still maintaining a high level of professionalism. Truly, there is no wonder as to why his experiences with other customers has already been highlighted as a “top rating”, and I couldn’t agree more! I hope he is recognized internally for his expertise in this field, especially since a lot of people are looking to connect online these days (#Quarantine 😩). Thank you very much for your service, Mac! Keep up the good work, the world needs you! Lol P.S. 5 Stars are not enough!!
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2 years ago, Rach-Cav
Blocked for no reason
I was blocked because someone was unhappy with one of my responses. I was not aggressive in my response to him whatsoever. I simply defended myself and did not attack him. He was just extremely emotional and acted irrationally by reporting one of my messages out of anger. I attempted to appeal the report but the process was extremely painful and the company refused to give me an actual reason for why my message was deemed inappropriate (I’m still currently trying to get a response from someone). This aggressive and emotional person gets to continue reporting messages when he decides to get angry. I would suggest not bothering with this app. If you accidentally make the wrong person angry you could end up in the same position that I’m in. The app is too expensive for this type of stress. As an update, I did e-mail the address that the moderator has been suggesting to people a couple of days ago. I have not received a response so I still have no idea why my message was worthy of termination. To my knowledge, the person that acted irrationally gets to remain on the app and report people that he doesn’t agree with. I still highly suggest not bothering with this app. Apple did refund me so I’m very thankful for that, but the app was not worth this stress. It puts people in very unfair situations.
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2 years ago, A little spice
Unable to get any help with blocked account
I joined Match successfully last year and even wrote a review for their dating coach Bailey. I recently decided to try again and my account was blocked. I wrote an email to customer service and called in customer service line and spoke with Jay and Laura. They said that they couldn’t change the blocked status since email was already sent to block my account and I would have to reply to email, which I did. No response. FYI I am a child free woman over 40 who lives in tx and verified my phone number. My pictures are young looking said Laura. I do look young -was a model in my 20s so health and fitness are important to me. I went through interview, no swimsuit pictures or weird stuff on my profile. I am looking for a regular loving relationship. There is no reason that my profile was blocked other than someone is targeting specific groups of us. If you are somewhat attractive and you get the wrong person hating on your profile- beware, your account will be suddenly blocked. Spooky thing is, Laura and Jay in customer service were still looking and commenting on my profile while on the phone with me. So they’re obviously keeping the profiles they ‘block’ for something. I am so disappointed with this service. Complete waste of my time.
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4 years ago, Max8778778544432
Scam billing. Read this review.
This app Banks off the fact that you’ll subscribe thinking it’s a one month purchase. Here’s how their scam works. You join the site make a profile and all that. Then their dating app coach(a chat bot) messages you. You try to view messages, a pop up comes up. In order to message buy a subscription. You think the lowest tier subscription is a monthly thing, think you'll give it a shot, someone is messaging you why not. Press purchase and you get billed for six month straight. After charges and everything it’s around 140 bucks. They bank off the fact that people make that mistake and it’s definitely set up for people to make that mistake. Read small fine print on your phone. Anyways, in order for you to get a refund it can be tricky. It took me a week and several times on both ends of match and apple. In the end it’s apple costumer service that gives you the refund. It took three different agent until I got one that refunded me my money. You need to make sure and explain to them everything and that it’s not an in-app purchase, that it’s a subscription purchases. They have to refund your money. Either way, it’s a shady app for doing that and the developers know what they are doing. Don’t waste your time with shady business. I’m not the only one this has happened too.
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2 years ago, sue-blue
“Celeste is the Best” Customer service
I’ve been on match and haven’t been able to connect with anyone even just to chat online. Don’t get me wrong I have likes and sometimes a message or two but nothing with substance. It was making me feel undesired or unapproachable 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ I spoke with Celeste for a good 45 mins and got her honest opinion on my profile, pics and approach. I only had to edit a bit of my words and she helped me so that I could still show off my humor! I added captions to my pics and will now practice the 3 sentence rule! I appreciate the patience she had with me, was able to answer all my questions and concerns, and helped me revamp my dating profile! I’m grateful for her expert advice and encourage you to reach out for help if you too are having trouble meeting people. Thank you Celeste, and I know, I now have that confident profile that will attract the woman I am looking to date.
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1 month ago, asheahan12
Scam/money grab
You have to pay to actually match. I paid for a week just to try it out and found that the people who liked me were the first ones I saw in my “discover” and once my subscription had run out, I never saw another person who had liked me and there is no way to see them unless I pay again. I had also bought some super likes to match with my highlights but once I no longer had the paid subscription, I was unable to use the super likes on my highlights. They do not want you to actually match with people unless you are paying. Women beware, men are also allowed to send an initial message to let you know they are interested (which is fine) but then they can continue to message again and again and again until you are forced to block them. Match used to be awesome. You were prompted to answer a bunch of questions about yourself and your ideal date and then would get 7 matches based on the compatibility of your questionnaire. If those weren't of interest, you could search singles in your area based on your dating criteria. Now it’s just a joke. I’m deleting my profile and the app immediately. I was so hopeful because I used match 11 years ago and met my son’s dad on it but it’s definitely not what it used to be.
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3 years ago, Honest1Nic
Match has lost its value
Here’s what I found out as a guy. You want to pay just to message? Do this app. You want to get ghosted by females, message a tone with nice open ended questions, and even open your range to over 100 miles and still not get over 10 matches? Do this app. Want to look up how this app is losing value - then research “match no longer offers match guarantee.” Match is losing value due to their shady “pay to message” or “pay to see who liked you”. And once you do pay - you know what happens? You don’t get your money back and all those likes were just false because more than half of them will disappear. Your likes? Recycled. People view your profile (if lucky) of those you may have liked or have a open ended message - or match with(if you are even luckier) someone who will likely ghost you within 3 days or less. Oh I forgot to mention, half of the profiles are fake. Don’t believe me? You ever notice how a lot of photos can be blurred or out of position (cropped poorly) and no more than 2 photos. Yeah - match has lost its value and at this point men are given the run around. Don’t put your money in this. I can tell you - you will get more matches on tinder, bumble, even “ok Cupid”. And most of those are free messaging. Your welcome.
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2 years ago, TECHGuyInFLA
Encourages Shallowness, Horrible
Historically Match was a great platform. Unfortunately Match has adopted the same shallow approach that other dating sites use, the horrible “Swipe Left or Right” concept. Frankly it encourages shallow behavior by enticing users to swipe left (No) or right (yes). There is no in between. For example, what if someone is new to the site and has not had time to go into detail on their profile, there is no option to come back to them later. By the way, profiles with very few details are often fake and I personally don’t want to risk it. It would be nice to earmark certain profiles to visit later. The old Match. com allowed this but now you must swipe right or left to wven see the next profile. This is just plane sad. No telling how many possible relationships are being missed because of this terrible user interface. Come on Match! Your app from just five years ago was infinely better than this garbage! You should be encouraging people to dig deeper into each profile, not making it easier for people to swipe them away forever! Shame on you! Leave the swiping nonsense to Bumble and Plenty if Fish. Go back to the days when your site fealt like a premium experience and not just another run of the mill cheap dating site!
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3 years ago, Ohheysaramae
Not worth it
I am sick of wasting my time on free sites like Bumble and Tinder so I thought I could give match a try and hopefully find love. Well that’s not the case. Match assumes everyone who is on there is out to find love, but majority of the men that I see on match, I see on Tinder and 9/10 times they are just looking for a hookup. I’ve used Bumble plus before and the nice thing is they have an advanced filter option that allows you to filter what you are looking for and how it matches up with what the other person is looking for. Example you can put a filter on people who strictly have looking for a relationship and wants kids and you will only match with people that have those two filters. I wish match had that. Also I think it’s stupid that you cannot filter through premium and free members. Most of them are using it for free and there’s honestly no point of swiping through because majority cannot even message or send anything in return. I am fairly young and pretty attractive, as I’ve been told, but finding love on match is impossible. I thought paying an extra $40 was worth it, but so disappointed. This is seriously like tinder, but the only difference is you get charged $40 each month for it. I have already canceled and do not plan on returning.
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6 months ago, Ninjasteve1980
Overall dissatisfaction
I pay for a premium subscription. I’ve used Match before but not sure why I came back. My profile either isn’t shown to people I have a lot in common with or there are not many real profiles to choose from that have much in common. The ones that are “especially chosen for me,” the Highlights, you can only ‘like’ if you pay extra money for permission to like them with a special star, and almost always include dealbreakers, so what’s the point? I’ve asked Match why they’d suggest these people whose profile include dealbreakers and the answer is pretty much that this category doesn’t care about your dealbreakers. So why highlight them to me? Smh. “Meet” feature will include profiles you’ve repeatedly passed on. The only profiles with detailed bios that seem like great ppl I have things in common with end up being inactive or staged - either shows them to be perpetually online but never check messages or look at other profiles who view them, or haven’t been online in over 30 days but the profile is still up. I’ve read news about Match doing this. They have no customer service phone number. Very expensive for what you get.
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2 years ago, 7yearsivebeenplaying
Not getting any better…
This is my second review on match. I’m sad to say that nothing is gotten any better, in fact it’s just gotten worse. Originally I was disappointed that I had spent so much time building a profile on the site and actually purchasing the premium membership to find little to no matches at all. But add insult to injury after I posted my previous review, now I can’t even utilize any of the premium services that I had originally purchased… The most basic of which being the ability to send messages. Now that I finally do have a couple of matches, when I go to send messages to them, they simply don’t send. And because Match does not have a live customer service pool that you can reach out to, there’s no one to address the problem. It’s just one thing after another with this app. If you think about it, it makes more sense, the business model is only sustainable if people don’t match up. That way they keep you paying, and they keep you on the site, and they keep you as a customer! This whole app is just a gigantic rip off, quite frankly I think all these dating apps are probably just a giant rip off. Whatever happened to meeting someone in the supermarket for chrissake!
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1 year ago, Black dynamite fist
I got really excited when I saw that there was a dealbreaker option for some of the criteria. It states that match will never try to connect you with someone who meets your dealbreaker criteria. However just like all of these other dating apps. It’s a lie.I have about 50 examples of this. I wish I could post the screenshots without violating anyone else’s privacy. Not only do they want you to pay to see the one or two people that may have swiped on you (that you won’t even like) but they won’t allow you to respond if someone sent you a message in the free feature. That tells me that this application wants nothing to do with matching people together, but instead exploiting people for money for services that don’t properly work in the first place. Why should I pay you extra for services and features that clearly aren’t working properly on the free version? There are plenty of people on here who don’t require a dating coach like Mac, because they’re not serial killers. Why don’t you try putting up some more honest reviews about how poor the service is so that people don’t waste of time downloading this to their devices? Thank you. For your attention. A very dissatisfied user. Ernest S.
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2 years ago, ikotekpo
Lacking transparency - don’t waste your money
This app is a nightmare and not straightforward at all. I downloaded it sometime in 2020 and used for about a month then stopped, guess I wasn’t too keen at the time. Decided to give it another try and resubscribed last month and that was a huge mistake.!!!!!! First off, the rate was increased and the same package I had last time was greatly downgraded in terms of offering (no real difference from the free version) I called to cancel immediately and request a refund but the service personnel informed me that they had moved the ability to do basic stuff like see your likes and chat to the premium version however I would be given that access as a courtesy for the month since I had no knowledge of the changes and I would be charged the premium rate for renewal. I agreed but that was not the case a few days later I was locked out again and called it in and was told that only 3 days was given not the month as I was told and they could provide access for another 3 days. I feel so cheated because I believe I was being delayed so as to pass the threshold for the subscription reversal I called in to do within 3 mins of paying. Total scam!!!
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2 years ago, afnjdeis
Subscription policy NOT clear
You can join for free. Likes and messages will be blurred. But this is where the Subscription is not clear. As with other dating apps, paying for a month, 3 months, 6 months, etc; you get the same features for that time period. Match has NEGLECTED to make this sign up clear. The standard $44 a month does NOT allow you to see likes or messages. To understand that fully, if you pay $44 and another person pays $44, you will not connect and cannot communicate. In order for that to happen you must pay $105+. The fact that this is not perfectly clear upon sign up goes against Apple/iTunes policy and is a clear indication that Match has lost all credibility in the dating app arena. This is an obvious attempt by Match to create an elite pool of people who want to only see and choose from people like themselves. Match has chosen to be an extension of a very real world problem. $44 to have no voice and $105+ just to get your foot in the door. 1) Match needs to establish clear sign up language .. what you cannnot do with a $44 subscription 2) Apple needs to remind its app developers that misinformation about subscriptions must be corrected or the app will be suspended.
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2 years ago, RetailUnited
Company isn’t listening to reviews
Match makes you pay to see/message people that you match with, when there are many quality dating apps out there that don’t. And the subscription itself is incredibly overpriced when compared to other dating services. Everyone is leaving reviews with feedback similar to this. And the developer response is always the same. “We are a high intent dating app and thus charge for a service…blah blah blah.” I doubt they’ll listen to or integrate this feedback, but you have to have free basic services to even entice anyone to consider signing up for a paid service. Seeing matches and being able to message them is free on the most popular dating apps (who are also “high intent” dating services), the only restriction being you only get a certain amount of “swipes” per day unless you pay for premium services. Then the swipes become unlimited and there are other benefits included. I have paid for other app services because of this. Match will continue to get low App Store ratings and struggle as a company/service until they figure this out and get with the times. Until then, low ratings are unfortunately much deserved.
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2 years ago, unhappy with security
Insecure application
I understand that this is a developer app for whatever reason I am signed in as a developer although I do not develop apps my wife who I am trying to stay away from it’s constantly breaking into my account blocking people and I don’t find that very fair that she’s able to do that and I have no other way to complain besides put it publicly there’s no customer service number I would like for you to reach out to me please by telephoneI’m going to also leave a support message but when I tried to use Support message website I get rerouted to some other weird website in French I got back into my account and still having issues with people blocked or profile unavailable because I blocked them on the app itself which I never did , I can chick the box to unblock them but can’t submit it .. to finalize unblock who ever is doing this is same person messing with every app in my phone and off the App Store please match look into this situation deeper .. like I said my wife has control of all my emails and icloud accounts .. I’ve made many complaints still not a thing done to stop her
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4 years ago, She.Rah
Account was hacked!!!
Someone hacked my account and liked as many men over 60 as they could. I was inundated with e-mails and saw that someone was asking for phone numbers from these men. I caught in in the process of it happening and changed my password. I had to quickly try to run damage control and message the men to not text anyone claiming to be me because my account was hacked. A couple said thank you, but wouldn’t stop messaging me. It took Match a whole day to help after I messaged them. I then started trying to unmatch some, and they found me and started messaging me on LinkedIn. Every day after, new matches kept popping up that the hacker had liked. I told Match about it, and stated that it was a defamation of character by this hacking, as I had to alert people to it, as it was someone trying to scam them. I also told Match that I wanted a refund as I hadn’t used fully a month of a 3 month membership yet. I did not want be on the site any longer as it was a growing disaster. They refused and deleted my account. There was not even any quality people on this site! Save your money and try any other site. This is the worst quality dating site that I’ve seen to date. Even awful Tinder would be better.
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2 years ago, hdgvbbj
Terrible Customer Service
DO NOT subscribe! I subscribed for a package because I got a big discount. I ended not really using the service…didn’t really respond to messages or likes. Just wasn’t for me (this is on me, not match). What IS on match is how messed up their customer service and policy is. I forgot to cancel my subscription and got an email notification it had renewed. I immediately cancelled, put my profile on not visible and emailed customer service to request a refund explaining the situation. They flat out refused after a couple exchanges and THEN had the nerve to ask my feedback about the service. Seriously!? I get if I had requested a refund well after being charged that they couldn’t help but the second after it went though and you can’t do anything? No understanding for people who have a million other things going on that they let this thing slip? Nothing? That’s how these people get your money…they play off and hope that everyone just forgets the thing renews automatically and then screw you over after. Don’t trust them. You’re better off with a free dating app…there are plenty out there that are ways better than match.
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3 years ago, Anonymousss135
Worst Dating App experience yet
This community of users on Match is horrible. There is zero indication of human existence outside of random people “viewing” your profile. From the male perspective, I believe strongly that women need to work on contribute more substantially to conversations than more than 3 word responses... if you even GET to a mutual match. There is also a feature to “like” someone, which in my opinion has the same effect as a friendly “wave” to someone; women in this community will not even like your profile. I am hesitant to believe EVERY profile of a woman who views you will not like and/or message back because there is the paid subscription barrier. Either way, this service has been worthless as 90 percent of profiles are inactive, and the “discover” feature shows nothing close to set manual preferences, let alone the age and location preferences. Never give this company money for subscriptions. Nobody gets anywhere with it, possibly from the necessary paid subscription service, but also possibly due to a lack of commitment and enthusiasm in this community of users. You are better off using Hinge or Tinder. Would give Match zero stars if I could.
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3 years ago, medfordpd13
Never ever again!!!
Mind you absolutely no one is screened. When I contacted Match they told me every account is approved also to make sure they were not fake accounts. My response no you do not!!!! I met a gentleman on Match (first experience with any dating app) We talked text everyday at least 2-3 times a day. He said all the right things kind and compassionate. We have been chatting for at least a month and we’re getting together last Sunday. Though I fell for him something was not feeling 100% so I contacted a private investigator he contacted me shortly after giving all the information through text said CALL ME DO NOT GET IN THE CAR WITH HIM. Needless to say they were not his photos the private investigator showed me where and name of who’s account he took the photos from. He had a record and was considered dangerous! Thank god I went with my gut. I gave Match all this information and said to them so what you wait until someone is murdered. I was hurt, disappointed but learned a painful lesson. DO NOT GO ON MATCH IT IS DANGEROUS! Also if anyone is looking for a Private Investigator to check out who you are meeting reach out. He could of possibly saved my life.
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2 years ago, Carl092765
Buyer beware!
Very poor experience with this vendor. I will be honest and admit that I put little to no effort into my “search” on here and maybe my few responses was somewhat my own responsibility. My concern is that I had decided to abandon the app and set it to NOT auto renew. Today, they tried to run my card for a renewal despite my settings and I have had to get in touch with my card provider to fix it! Also, when I try to get into their website to close the account I was unable to login despite knowing that my login credentials were correct. An entirely suspicious train of events that leads me to question the integrity of this vendor. I have heard of similar experiences from other users. So, like I said, buyer beware! Update. As soon as I closed my account and revert to the “free” version, I receive four “likes” within three days. This after nothing on the paid version for months. Highly suspicious indeed. This really is nothing more than a total scam and it is such a shame as they could actually make MORE revenue by NOT being a scam. Whoever runs this company is a complete idiot!
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3 years ago, Keyblade93
Guess I was unlucky???
I bought the 6 month membership at a discount, I get a monthly boost every month. This app honestly could be alright for some but so far not me. It felt like a mix of things were happening, either 1. I wasn’t being shown to other ppl on the app even with noisy mode 2. The ppl on the app either weren’t interested (which is normal) or they forget how the app works cause they are just waiting for a like rather than looking themselves. 3. The matches I’ve been getting have been sadly a lot of basic ppl or Ppl who are immature. 4. In 6 months I did not get a single like at all (most saying cause on bumble id get likes from ppl I wouldn’t be interested in) but seriously not a single like while I had a paid service. I got more likes on bumble in 6 months and I had a few account. In the end so far this app is a failure to me. But I’m not giving up hope on finding someone out there wether in person or through the app. Can’t say you shouldn’t try it just cause it didn’t work for me, who knows it might work for you. To anyone reading this best of luck finding that special someone in your life. Don’t give up.
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1 year ago, Corjor
Not to the standard of other apps
I've at least tried most of the dating apps while in college and living life. I've seen successes and failures so I have a pretty good idea of the quality and opportunity for engagement with who you like. The first issue with Match is that they keep sending me repeated profiles that I've already liked. I have no idea if this is a glitch or what but I'm seeing duplicate past profiles every 6-10 swipes. In terms of "free" features they don't really offer much. I have no incentive to consider buying your subscription if you don't even give me the opportunity to see what it could do for me. Giving the periodic "superlike" that most apps use is such a simple way to boost engagement for users. The last issue is the fact I'm always running out of people to swipe on and I've probably only had it for a week? I use the same parameters with all dating apps so does this mean no one is using the app or you're limiting who I can view? TLDR: glitching, no enough profiles, not enough incentive and engagement when looking at other dating apps
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6 months ago, Dzhared761
Too many inactive accounts
This app is just a money-maker for the developers. They couldn’t care less if matches are made and give you the illusion there are most people out there by maintaining old, inactive accounts. Furthermore, even though I have “dealbreaker” items checked, I keep getting shown people who perform those activities. There’s even a consultant-like person who would suggest potential matches. The initial communication from this person stated I’d have one within 48-72 hours (I can’t remember which), but nothing showed up for a week or more. A single suggestion…. In a week. Now we’re past 2 weeks and nothing more has happened. Finally, I get a weekly email about my use; how many messages I sent and received. Todays email states that I “received 3 less messages.” I haven’t received ANY messages in the last week. In fact, the only messages I’ve ever received (several weeks ago) is from one individual I wasn’t interested in. I’ll use this app until the subscription expires, but no longer, and I suggest you avoid it too.
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10 months ago, RoyalLamar
Old likes and messages kept being recycled
I have used this apps for a while now. Each time I was thinking I’d give it more time, or another chance. I am not going to repeat most of what other reviewers have posted. Here is my quick version: PROS: 1. Let’s you see if the other person is a subscriber, which was very useful to me. Other apps don’t do that and many times you would send a message and wonder why you never get a message or at least a click on your profile from that person. 2. The format is more structured than other apps 3. Good customer support. CONS: 1. Way too many scammers. On average, I would get at least 10 a day. I kept reporting, yet I kept seeing same profile photos and messages. 2. The site recycles ‘likes’ and ‘messages’ from profiles who I either delete or ignore as I don’t find them compatible. This is not right and I don’t appreciate it. 3. When you open the apps, it keeps open to certain profiles that I have ignored, making the other person thinks that I keep viewing his profile…and it gets awkward, so I was forced to delete or block these profiles. 4. Most profiles on here, if real people, are just looking for a quick date, sex. Very rarely I would see one decent profile. I am now done with this app. I wish something could be done about the bots, scammers, and get better profiles on here. I was also using Zoosk..if it’s any consolation, Match is a lot better than Zoosk (this site is like a swamp), but I wouldn’t subscribe again.
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3 years ago, NICKNAMEJJ1111
I thought I’d give this website a chance but since the beginning it has been problem after problem. I severely regret getting a subscription for such a fraudulent website. They make it impossible for you to cancel your account and don’t get back to you quickly, not to mention that all the messages you send to them to complain are all automatic messages that don’t help at all. The people on match are also a disgrace—I have been harassed by perverts and match allows anyone to message you so you can’t control who is allowed to message you. Not to mention the filters on match to determine who you want to match with are worthless—they show everyone, not applying the filters at all. I have had log in issues time after time and can’t even access my account because their software is out of date. I have found MUCH better matches on Bumble and even Tinder. Match has VERY low quality matches and is extremely over priced for its mediocre service. I thought this site was great from all the commercials I saw, ITS A SCAM, be aware and don’t get a subscription!
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3 years ago, WizKent
Not even for a moment I believe them not allowing you to permanently delete your profile yourself is something they don’t know or fail to do. They simply are tricking people into leaving their profiles running to keep traffic and user count. You could even be swiping on profiles whose users stopped using the app a long time ago. While it’s not illegal it’s extremely unprofessional and looks very bad on a widely known app like Match. Every other dating app has the feature except this. And we always go back and forth on them but I have since deleted my photos on match and changed my name, AND deleted their app to never download again. Others can do the same thing it does but with respect to privacy. Privacy is everything and seems it’s last thing they respect. Don’t trick people into leaving you with their data. What if someone found a partner and their profile remains there coz they can’t delete it? And I don’t want you to help delete my profile, I want to delete my profile myself and see it go away, not log in again to find it waiting as if it never left. I regret putting my information in there
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7 months ago, Swoopy
I signed up, finally time to “get out there”. I am a woman seeking same. When you set up a profile saying that- you would think you would only get matched with people seeking your gender preference. No. Lots of men messaged me. Lots of profiles with cutesy names, concern for my safety as a lot of the profiles were very scammy. Seemingly a lot of straight women, which is a red flag. I stated I had no kids, and I don’t want kids (deal breaker) kept getting shown profiles of people with kids. People from other states were suggested to me though my radius was 50 miles. I had paid for the minimum- which was still a stupid amount of money and it improved nothing. Just constant up selling. Made me absolutely decide I’m going to embrace spinster life. Because the process is broken. I requested a refund because I only had my profile live for 48 hours and it was such an upsetting process- no reply from customer service. I disputed charges with my bank for lack of service. I doubt I’ll get that back. Stay far away from this - unless you’re a cis, white guy, or looking to scam unsuspecting lonely people.
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1 year ago, SweeetShadow
Do not pay, it’s a complete scam
I just finished my 6 month subscription, and I will most definitely not be renewing. I started with the free version, but decided to pay in order to see all of the amazing men in my area that were viewing and liking my profile. I was instantly disappointed. Then over the course of 6 months, I would get maybe 2 or 3 view a month. I matched a few people, but they seemed to be bots who would never respond or would make plans just to cancel and refuse to connect via text or anything other than the site. I’ve made not a single real connection throughout my time on the site. They have max 10 available people on their discover feature, often times showing people that don’t fit the set filters. Even when I removed pretty much all filters, I was shown no people. Save your money and check out one of the other “free” sites. They’ll have more people, and you’ll make better connections. Match is simply a scam. I wish I could get my money back and will continue to let everyone I know aware of the poor quality of this app.
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7 months ago, don'tdoit1234
Paying is not worth it.
Match uses an algorithm to sort out your best picks separately from the generic catalog in a section called “Highlights” where you have to pay extra for “Super Likes” in order to correspond or contact them even when you’re already a paying member. I thought I was paying to see ALL the potential matches that have signed up, but that is not the case. You will not see these people in the regular “Discover” section. Hence, I would venture to guess that they use the information you provide against you to sort out your most desirable picks to force you to spend more to connect with them. They also really botched things in attempting to create a new user interface that is exceptionally complicated and definitely not user friendly. It is near impossible to scroll and read what someone wrote. Whoever engineered that design should be fired. The structure is awkward to use. A dating app makes more money the longer you stay single, so factor that into the situation and you will start to see how Match operates in their best interest, not as a service to yours. 😉
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2 years ago, rebeccajennie
Felt very uncomfortable
My experience was so bad I wanted to delete my account in six days. I spent a great deal of time writing my profile and putting together pictures that represented who am I to be contacted by men who repeatedly reached out to me when I wasn’t interested and made me uncomfortable. I don’t have provocative photos or say anything suggestive in my profile. I have never had to block multiple people on a dating app like this. Maybe it is better in other areas or for older people. As a 25 year old woman in the NYC metropolitan area this was a no go. One thing to mention is that as a paying member you get notified every time someone views your profile. So I get the pleasure of knowing that the guy who messaged me four - five times in a row with no response viewed my profile ten times. I also have to note that I did reach out to customer service, because I think that is important to do first and customer service for a company is incredibly important. I voiced my concerned and asked for a prorated refund (keep in mind I used 6/31 days). The customer service rep hung up on me.
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