Meetup: Social Events & Groups

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Meetup LLC
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4 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Meetup: Social Events & Groups

4.75 out of 5
240.2K Ratings
1 year ago, BoDacous01
Meetups THE best app hands down…
Meet ups has turned out to be a life-changing game changer there is nothing out there like meet ups it’s a platform where anybody can advertise any kind of class any kind of modality any kind of healing tarot breathing breath work and just about everything else you can think of under the sun if you haven’t tried it do it just do a search for today or coming up in your town online and see what comes up there’s so many interesting things out there and meet ups is the place where you can find them honestly it is my daily go to to find out what I’m doing today what new subject I’m gonna study some new master class of all kinds it’s really really so much fun to try all these new things you really got to try it if you haven’t already! Most of the classes are free initially so you can at least try it and see if you like it and there’s so many things that don’t cost anything if you’re tight on a budget you don’t gotta worry about it because most of the places are by donation only so you can try the different thingsAnd not be obligated to pay for some thing that you haven’t even tried it or pay for something that you can’t afford, if i could give Meetups a 10 star i would try it youll see its amazing theUnlimited variety of subjects and classesRight now since the coronavirus almost everything is on zoom so you can do it from the comfort of your own home you don’t even have to leave your house it is really really cool!!!
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4 years ago, Swmnupsrtm
How else ?
It's tough for me to socialize. Even when I want to , it's not easy to find what will work. Meetup has given me a chance to connect with people based on mutual interests without feeling forced to socialize more than I want to. I started out with a movie meetup, something I often do alone.i had the option of socializing after too. Next I tried a local place where we could play video games and have snacks or drinks . I then found a group that meets up at a coffee shop to get paperwork done! I had been dreaming of finding something this, I even tried to place an ad for a buddy prior to meetup . I haven't tried started a meetup but it's also a possibility here. I found fellow sci fi lovers too, who knew ?! There are lots of groups for outdoor exercise like hiking and biking and during this time of distancing it may prove to be healthy endeavor. The fact that I can pick and choose is ideal. If you haven't tried meetup I say go for it! I am normally leery of people too and meetup provides a nice balance of meeting ,safety, interests and exploration. The groups are generally closed I found that to join I can say a bit about my interests and check out other profiles. I love that I have been about to hang with a 70 yr old and a 20 year old finding common ground. I can leave if I want or stay for the duration. I can talk sci fi or knit ,color or draw , exercise or chill. It's all there in meetup !
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3 years ago, Thank GxD 4 Bad Taste
Add a video call feature
2021 is about connecting more than ever. Every app now has video or conference call built in. And if you add it please add screen sharing capabilities for subscription and group leaders. Thanks! Secondly I mentioning how when viewing meetup groups in the app “past events” shows before “upcoming events”. If someone isn’t eager to go through the group events they may not see any upcoming events and think the group isn’t as active. Please fix to make it show the upcoming events before past events via meetup app.///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Update: using the app it doesn’t show or accept certain links when posting new events. It will say “oops we don’t recognize this link please use a different service/link” but via web browser you can publish using link of choice. If someone is using the app and want to join video conference they will not see the link nor be able to join since it shows “TBD” instead of link. Please fix app. *****Also update so we can add video into photos albums * I want to add, anyone having issues with not liking the app via iPad just go on the website (not in private mode) sign in click remember me then add meetup to home screen as an app. Now you will view it full screen with all capabilities as the web version. Problem solved.
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4 years ago, oxygen dependent
I am a three year Yogi. I have serious heath issues.
They gave me 3 months to live so I had to fight back. I started doing yoga 7 days a week three years ago. I have an auto immune disease call sarcoidosis. My heart was so enlarged I could barely get out of bed. My lung captivity was less than 50% of normal. My heart went back to normal and my lung capacity had been greatly increased. But the prescribed drugs I take for quality of like are deadly. A drug called prednisone destroyed my hip and cause bone death to the hip bone and hip joint. I was out for about 6 months before they would or could do the replacement. I flew through the surgery and recovery in the mist of another miracle. The Drs gave the credit to my faith in God and Yoga. These online classes are a life saver. I had the surgery on Feb 12 and have recovered 99%. I leave the 1% to allow for carefulness in learning new hip poses. I met Black to Yoga at their outdoor classes in Emeryville about a 18 months ago. The instructors are amazing and well practiced. I am a Yogi for life. This online Yoga durning the Corona Virus is a part of my full armor. Namaste
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2 years ago, me78me78
Mostly great but…
I’ve used this app for years. I mostly like it. It’s a good way to connect with people and it’s a good way to see the different kinds of activities in my area (so even if I can’t attend the event, I’ll have an idea in my pocket for later). However, 2 things drive me kind of nuts. 1-At some point there was an update to the format of profiles of people who are attending an event. Before the update, I could click in to the event of any group I’m in, see the list of attendees, and click on a specific attendee to see their brief bio. Now all I see are the groups they are in and/or their interests. If I want to see their bio, I have to click into the group itself and search through the list of members to find the one profile I want to see. I don’t understand the logic behind this change. It makes no sense. Why have us fill out a bio nobody sees unless they happen to think of following this new, clunky pathway? Get rid of the new way and go back to the old way that made sense. 2-It would be nice to be able to decline events instead of constantly receiving notifications for events I know I won’t be attending. One of the groups I’m in has several thousand members so it’s pretty active…and I’m constantly receiving notifications for events I know I won’t attend. It would be great if I could just say no and never see a reminder again.
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3 years ago, Medianm98
New app is unusable
For what it's worth I find the newly launched app very challenging to navigate and pretty much unusable. The old app worked great and things were where you expected them to be. This new app has me adding myself to groups without knowing it because I mistakenly touch the wrong place on the screen. I can't find things when I'm looking for them. I can barely find how to message. I click into my group looking for a list of upcoming events but only see details of the next event. Additionally, I find myself clicking things multiple times to get links to respond. Also, we still can't upload multiple photos at once which was my number one peeve with your old app. Definitely not a fan of this new app. The old one worked really well. Why not just make that one better? This new app is a huge step backwards. 2018 update - the app is still unusable! I'm a programmer by day who can now barely find the list of upcoming events for my Meetup groups. Before there was a very obvious button which showed all upcoming events. Why is that gone? Isn't that the main reason to have this app? Also, the photo uploading process is still just terrible. This new app is a huge step backwards. I wish you guys had fixed the issues with the old app instead of rebuilding it into something we can barely navigate or use. 2021 update - Uploading photos is still so buggy! Constant errors while trying to upload multiple photos. The error is generic and offers no direction to fix the problem.
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2 years ago, MrOBrian
Ummm, wow…
I downloaded the app because the website is so broken. It froze when trying to log in. I had to close the tab and start over. Then it wouldn’t load my profile picture correctly, it kept putting it sideways, no matter how many times I told it to rotate it. Then, when browsing for a group, the page wouldn’t display correctly and stopped responding to clicks. So, after fighting the broken website I came to the App Store to grab the app, only to find that they don’t have one for iPad, so I get a tiny iPhone app on my iPad, making it that much more difficult to work with, but at least it let me properly upload a profile picture… the second time I tried. The first time it glitched on me and removed the picture I already had without replacing it with my new one. I first started using Meetup about 10 years ago, so it’s very disappointing that both the app and website have so many problems. These issues are something I might expect from a small startup, but not from Meetup. The only reason I’m giving 3 stars is because, if you can get past the numerous bugs, Meetup is a great way to connect with people who have similar interests. I actually just adjusted my review to 2 stars because I’m so sick of the barrage of emails. Dozens per day. It’s ridiculous. I’ve now completely turned off email notifications and will likely not use this app much. I’ve found Facebook groups to be a lot easier to use.
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1 year ago, 2020Oliner
Great concept, but app has some weird behavior
I love how easy it is to find and create events. The app just has a few areas for improvement. First off, the app will send you notifications to sign up for events that have already closed their RSVP, that are full and have a long wait list, or that you've already signed up for (just got one as I was writing this). Additionally, the notification system for messages and event chats is unreliable, and one must manually refresh the event page to be sure you're seeing the latest messages. Just tapping on a notification for a message does not necessarily mean that that message will be shown in the chat when it opens. Sometimes you need to do a manual refresh. Also, it would be really nice if time-sensitive notifications for events that already happened would get cleared automatically. I can easily end up with 30+ suggested event notifications in the app for events that have already occurred. It's a lot of noise that drowns out what I might actually care about. Lastly, it would be great to be able to set a distance radius for suggested events. I live in a major metro area and sometimes events in my groups are close to me and other times they're 1.5+ hours away. Overall, a great app and service, but soon room for refinement.
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6 months ago, Doby26
Good Does Come Out of It
I love meetup so I can go hiking with other people. It’s very hard to make friends for me so I suggest choosing an activity you enjoy. Fortunately, the first meetup hike I went to was great. The second was just ok. The third was awful. If I had chosen the third one first, I wouldn’t have used this app ever again. But I learned which ones to go to that fit my needs. I took off one star because there are some great groups I would be interested in but they haven’t held an event for years. Meetup should remove those. I strongly suggest choosing events that more than 10 people have replied to, because some don’t show up without canceling their RSVP and you can end up with only 2 or 3 people which can be very awkward. Most people that choose meetup as a way to meet others are very plain regular folks and very nice in all shape and colors. But you still have to be careful because once in a while you will see someone who may not be trustworthy. That’s why larger groups are better. At the walking/hiking events, the attendees are there for fresh air, get in shape and because they haven’t spoken to anyone for a whole week. I am very grateful for this app because there are so many people who have no one.
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1 year ago, Alexis Robertson
Not sure my first review showed on here what I originally wrote so I’m re writing it again. So how interesting I made a new account on this app I’ve used this app for years when I was living in California I deleted this app and my first account years ago when I didn’t use it anymore and I just downloaded it again from my new email I now have so I’m a model who works in the industry referring to the entertainment industry and how ironic when I made a new account from a new email and redownloaded the app years later which is currently and now and the minute I made that new account which I never used I was immediately blocked from ever using the app when I literally didn’t do anything wrong or violate their policy rules that’s a form of discrimination. Doing that to people. I don’t know what their deal is but that’s absolutely unprofessional and disrespectful. I am not happy. I moved to Las Vegas recently wanting to use this app for fun again meeting people and I was immediately blocked the minute I made an account. Why?! That is beyond crazy and stupid. I am not happy and they ignored my emails intentionally after blocking me. why would you make an app for people to use that when you literally block them without telling them why when they did nothing wrong, how is that a professional or respectable business?
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5 years ago, Jhawary
Not Safe!!!
I have an impersonator on this app! There is someone with my same name, in my same groups and same community with my same likes. Please note that my name is uncommon. You won’t anyone with my first and last name combined. I caught a screenshot of of this other profile with a photo. It is definitely not me, but right after I took the screenshot, the profile photo was removed. I reported this a number of times. At first, I thought I may have had established an account at an earlier time and had just forgotten about it. I checked my other emails but found nothing to confirm that. Now, I have proof that this is an imposter! I want this account deleted and I want a response to my complaint! Otherwise, I have to say that the people managing this app are doing nothing to keep the people who want to enjoy this app safe! I have a valid complaint and I have been ignored! The app is a great idea but I need to feel safe. Is this imposter staking me? Do I need to feel afraid to “meet up” with any of the social groups I’m interested in? I need this imposter removed and investigated! What is going on here? How can this be allowed and after I’ve made complaints? Developers (or whomever) pease, contact me further so that I may send the screenshot. I think I might have to report this to the authorities for my safety concerns... I’m only asking that the developers do their part.
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6 months ago, Kelsinatrix
Social fear?
For me and my interests, I find very few people actually attend events. I see many members who join yet never attend. I don’t understand why they bother. It’s like online dating. They don’t want to actually socialize in person. Many international group organizers don’t reply to direct messages when I’m looking to meet people when I travel. Many groups seem to have disbanded yet the group is still on this platform. Many do not show active group meetings in years. There needs to be follow up on groups that are not active. I hear people use FB groups, however, I find most of those are just overloaded with advertising and it’s less social. Life in real- life just isn’t what it used to be and all these social platforms are just disappointing. The only place I find good groups are in large cities where the numbers are so high that the 1-5% that actually attend events make a decent turn out of people. I don’t attend many events I have an interest in because they start at ungodly hours like 6-9 AM. I don’t want to go anywhere at that hour of the day! I’m still in bed enjoying my morning coffee. I like to play during normal day time hours, during the week and not on weekends full of yah-whos. So I end up dropping out of many groups.
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5 years ago, Plybrook
What a god-send for people in situations where they are lonely or want to meet new people!
The app lets you search for groups or activities or events by key word....or just scroll through all the events that meet-up groups have planned for the week and just click to join and get the info! Some are totally open to everyone cuz and some have a short screener for safety. Never found any to be scams and all are just legitimate good people who want to do activities with like-minded people. The only problem I’ve ever had is that sometimes ill sign up to join a meet-up recently at a local festival ...and I get there and can’t find the group because the leader was too vague about the meet-up spot and didn’t have a sign or anything for new people to recognize the group. That’s happened a few times and is a bummer. But mostly it works out! Also, if there’s not a group already out there doing something you like, it’s super easy to start a new group with your interest....I’ve been surprised at the response that new groups get.
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5 years ago, n_a_t_2
Terrible App
Several issues. The app crashes a lot, especially when I try to look at photos. I always see error messages—right now I am trying to see some events for groups I am a member of, but I am getting a message that the content is not available. Events are listed multiple times on the upcoming events section. The app doesn’t allow you to customize the push notifications you receive enough; for example I kept getting alerts every time there was a discussion in a group I’m a member of, which got annoying, so I had to turn off all push notifications from the group. When you look through events coming up, get out of the app, and come back, you have to start scrolling all the way from the beginning. I would like to be able to hide events from groups I don’t want to see. The app allows group organizers to put a so-called number of guests that are coming, which is often inflated by organizers to make it seem like more people are coming then there really are. A lot of the groups were created by club promoters in order to bring people to clubs and aren’t actually real groups. Meetup needs to crack down on groups that are using Meetup to promote clubs/people’s paid events. Like 30 grounds will all list the same event, and you have to scroll through all of that.
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5 years ago, Bll711
Needed to find a place and some friends!
Are used to Meetup as a recommendation from my sister who lives in Tulsa. She moved there and knew no one, so she got the Meetup app and found some things to do and people to meet, so she recommended it to me. I live in a different State and city and my circumstances are different. I stopped going out or doing anything and got depressed, so I use the app to get myself undepressed. I started out by just going to one yoga class and I just kept going and meeting new people and finding more more things to do and now I’m happy. I have also use the app to look up things for people in different cities and states that I care about and want them to find interesting things to do and people to hang out with. This app gives me the opportunity to check their area and make suggestions and tell them to use the Meetup app. What I like the very most is that it is not about finding a significant other. It is about meeting people and doing interesting things in your area.
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2 weeks ago, Hangout4all
Allowing customers access to phone communication would greatly accelerates the customers efficiency. I realize it might make your company feel like it is having to be slowed down, but you would really actually speed up your customers productivity because a lot is lost in typed words I tried to communicate through email but the employee who responded completely misunderstood. I was trying to describe a glitch in the system because the announcement came out skewed. His answer was that each announcement has a different color, depending on if you have read it or not. That has absolutely nothing to do with what I was referring to. I am going to try to expand the words of interest under my meet up group because I’m hoping those are tags and my group will be more easily seen but I have no idea because I can’t connect with anybody directly. it’s also more expensive now to use this app about two times more expensive, so if I don’t see my numbers jump in attendance, the lack of responsiveness, and the jump in price will make me move on and cancel my subscription.
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1 year ago, AppleTV Cable
Best thing ever.
Because I Recently moved to a new area with no friends or any idea were anything is, I cried many tears believing I had made a major mistake. Thank goodness for Meetup. It takes time to learn each groups rules and I have incurred a couple nasty people for breaking a rule I was not aware of. You can’t make a reservation and be late from work, or you are there but u don’t know them and they don’t know you so you are armed as a no show even though you pay for your membership in advance. I always try to be courteous and am willing to pay for a meal when I can’t find the location. I also got kicked out of a group for cancelling a happy hour when a close family member died unexpectedly. But those are only growing pains. These people go to a lot of work and time to make these opportunities available for us. I don’t fault them, I just wish they would treat new members as a new customer to their business. I have met some of the nicest people. The app is great but it crashes on my phone every time. The software seems to be excellent and I have been making some nice friends. It’s a 10 in my book and am so thankful it is available. Much better way to meet other singles than a dating site.
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4 years ago, Salinas0214
Great App... better people!!
This app is easy to navigate. I like that you can go in and take yourself off an even you have RSVPd for if you have something come up. The reminders are also great to your email because we are all so busy already it’s hard to keep up with so many added events. I was a little cautious at first. I’m not the best in most social settings and definitely not good at just going out and meeting random folks. My husband thought I was nuts but he’d do anything for me... so here we are. Had our first meet up and it was great!!! Everyone was really nice and the organizer was very good at laying the ground No bullying, no phones during movies, always be respectful, and have fun!! The people we met up were all from different backgrounds, had different careers, interests, personalities, etc., but it meshed well. I did not at any point feel like we were being rejected or ignored. Just an overall great experience with wonderful people MY age!!
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4 years ago, Can't sit still.
New to the area
I have found Meetups to be very helpful in finding activities (so far only sports for me) when you are new to an area. I recently moved to the Sacramento area and I found myself becoming a homebody and lethargic. I previously was active on different rec teams, my kids were younger and kept me busy coaching or training them, and without Covid19 my circle of friends were always doing something. But since I have moved all that ended. I haven’t made close friends through Meetups but everyone I have met has been very friendly and welcome new people who enjoy whatever the activity is the group was formed. And there are many, many groups, social, online learning, all sports, age defined and more. I would highly recommend at least seeing what groups are near you, if you find yourself with free time and wanting to do something more productive than tv. Chances are there is a group set up for people with similar interests as you. And there is no obligation. Try it once, see if it’s for you. If not, look for another group.
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9 months ago, If you don’t know…
The Meetup app does for mobile what the Titanic did for cross-Atlantic travel
To say this app is poorly designed and act like that was the main problem would be doing a huge disservice to their exceptionally incompetent dev team. This app seems to stop working every time Apple updates their software and emailing their tech support general results in you getting a reply a week later asking if you can try again using Chrome. You explain for the fourth time that you using the app isn’t the issue, the issue is your group members not being able to sign up for your events. I run two groups with a combined total of over 4000 members. I can exactly go to all of their houses and tell them to try a different browser and maybe they will be able to sign up for the event I am hosting. Though it’s always fun to wait a week to hear back from Meetuo’s tech support only to have them ask if I am signed in to the app or I I know the basics of how to use an app that requires users to log-in. It’s really a bummer as it couod have been a great app but unfortunately their tech support team is a giant iceberg and it’s sinking fast with all of the event hosts scrambling for the life-boats.
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4 years ago, RugPilot
Pretty user friendly
I’m new to Meetup and have only attended two events and have enjoyed both outings. The people are amazingly friendly, organized and very helpful. Especially to newcomers! I like the app and would give them a 5 star, except that it could use a couple more tweaks to further optimize it. For example, it doesn’t give us an option to provide feedback (such as volunteering to drive or asking for carpooling), during the RSVP stage. Only after having RSVP’d, we must go into the general comments. Another feature would be to allow folks to see the event description without having to RSVP first. Also, being new to the area, most people don’t know the acronyms which the event hosts use in describing or the names of areas. It would be helpful to have a little more descriptions (such as the level of difficulty, etc.) for the event. The State of Washington’s Mountaineering Organization has a very good system which could be used as a model. Overall, I’m very pleased and thankful for this organization. Thank you!
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1 year ago, DaveFromTX
Fun community, terrible app
I love going to Meetups and even started organizing them. The app however is really bad. It feels like their Product Managers must just look at engagement metrics and never actually use the app themselves. If you change your RSVP to an event, you will still be notified and cannot remove yourself from the event chats. If I’m no longer going, why would I want to stay in the chat!?! I also want to limit the ridiculous number of notifications I receive after joining a lot of groups and instead of having a simple way to turn off all notifications of one type, I need to go to each individual group and select which notifications to toggle on/off. Why in the world do they not have a universal option to toggle those settings on all groups? While these are just a couple of the Quality of Life issues I’ve run into, I also run into bugs on a regular basis where my events/groups/profile do not load correctly for a period of time. I’d recommend just using the website for now.
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6 years ago, Frustrated mom-to-be
Great for travel
3 years after becoming a first time mom, MEETUP has jump started my social life again!!! I relocated from NYC to south Florida when I was 8 months pregnant with my little one... needless to say, between being a new mom and moving to city with a MUCH slower pace, my social life pretty much took a deep dive then careened to the floor... when I was ready to start going out again, I had less than a handful of friends in my area who wanted to do the same things and were available at the same time. This led to constant cancellations and a few awkward solo outings. With meetup, I was able to connect with Like-minded women who were doing the kinds of things I liked to do so I could go out without the stress of having to do almost EVERYTHING alone. I also really like that I can send messages to the event hostess in advance if I have questions! Nowadays, I’ve been traveling to different states and I like to use MEETUP to find cool things happening in other places before I go!
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6 years ago, Littleirishtroll
Fun times, great friends, new horizons
When I unexpectedly moved to the city to take care of my mother-in-law I did not know a soul. I started going hiking with a really good friend in Griffith Park through something called “Meetup” This was an incredible experience with very nice people and a picnic afterwards, so I start going more often and she said to look into where there were meet ups down where I lived in the Inland Empire. So I did Since then I have learned to scuba dive, gone skydiving, have taken cruises to Mexico and the Caribbean, attended wonderful parties with amazing people, and have a close network of friends that is beyond my wildest dreams. I’ve heard comments on our cruise like oh yeah there’s that singles club or the swingers club! And I quickly correct them and say we are a social club with like-minded people getting together, you should try us out. I recommend meet up to everyone that I know, and I belong to many groups, and this made the transition from moving from one side of California to the other so much easier. I have people in my life today that I couldn’t imagine not having. The reality is that there is a meet up for just about anything you’re interested in ..... you just have to look for it. Our group does music, dancing, food and wine, and getting together for each other to support each other through life in general. It’s a fabulous way to make some friends. You won’t be disappointed.
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5 years ago, A-Dubb_DC
What an awesome way to connect
It’s hard to find other Blacks in tech and this app has given me the ability to do that as well as connect with all the other great engineers around the world that represent their respective ethnicities. All of my hobbies can be exercised on this app. Photography, software engineering/web development, Nature, sports, science, happy hour, socializing, you name it! You get a little bit of everything on meetup. And no one is here to tell you that something is or is not a good idea. Whatever you are passionate about can be pursued unabated and free or regulation and micromanagement. That’s the beauty of it all. Your imagination can take you and others that share it to the same corners of the Earth. So find out what you desire and what you’re into and are passionate about then go for it! Skies the limit people let’s all love and support each other to the best of our abilities. World peace, solidarity, equality, and freedom...meetup (no pressure by the way)!
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5 years ago, ToxicKandie
So far so good.
I am a new user of meetup. But I have been impressed so far.. This app is great for business owners to be on to inform people in your area about your services and or classes; extra. It’s also great for any and everyone of all ages to use. We all at some point look for something to do while we are out of the office or home; this app is a great tool to help you find something to do. Also for people bored wanting something to do it’s a great tool to help you find places, classes, and possibly new groups of friends. It’s a good networking tool. It’s also a better way to meet people who have similar interests as me. Especially where I have tried online dating apps but I’m not really into playing “games” and found I don’t have the time for b.s. so I deleted them. But I still have meet up and I have enjoyed making real connections with people who have similar interests as me. I highly recommend this app! 🙂
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6 years ago, Ben Jiles
Good but navigation is confusing and redundant
I honestly don’t understand the quick-to-hate for this version of the app. However, they are right when they say this new version is not intuitive and doesn’t make sense. For example, let me go over the bottom 5 tabs are for navigation of critical aspects of meet ups: 1) find new meet ups (like an advanced search feature), 2) card view of current meetup groups and you’re able to browse new ones (honestly 1 and 2 should be combined. It’s redundant and is confusing), 3) the “check mark” icon tab is for your upcoming or past meet ups. This is where you go to see them. However the check mark symbol is a little unintuitive and confusing. It would make more sense to make it some sort of calendar icon., 4) group and meet up notifications, and 5) profile. The app is good, but confusing and redundant. Navigation is not intuitive. Looking forward for newer versions but I understand this takes time and resources. Keep it up.
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2 years ago, Big lady34!€
A lonely Widow
At First getting to know anybody else was the least of my thoughts. Losing your "right arm", what I considered my husband to be, of nearly 64 years of marriage. We were High school and College sweethearts also. So, more togetherness than 64 years. Actually most of our lives. I depended and loved this man forever. But-- Life goes on, so I finally took a step forward. Finding out about Meet Up was totally a fluke online. A new organization called "meetup" appeared. Further investigation , led me to my area in Florida. I decided, after much thought, to join two over 50 organizations. After going to visit them, I realized there were many in the same boat as I. I have to think twice about the events I go to. Sometimes.I gravitate back. And just sit in the old chair-- but then, do get up and go out to visit my new friends and realize-- I am thankful to have new friends.
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3 years ago, Shane77777777777777
This app has provided the opportunity to meet people and enjoy a wide range of fun activities. The groups that are successful have planners and hosts that are engaged. It also helps to have multiple planners with larger MeetUp groups. I have found that many groups start out but fizzle out because nothing interesting is planned. The organizers are sometimes reluctant to accept help from others and want full control of the group. I joined one group that had over a 1,000 members. Unfortunately the planners organized no activities. The group became defunct. However, other groups are very successful and plan thought out activities of various activities. I will continue to focus on the groups that are organized. I am single living alone and this app has given me the opportunity to meet people of similar interest.
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3 years ago, SuperShoeDiva
App in dire need of useful features
I am not certain of what improvements were made with the recent app update but I've finally become fed up with the app and deleted it. It's only set up for iPhone because why would you want to manage your meetup(s) on an iPad? It's clear that meetup has no interest in what their paying customers want or need. If you use meetup to manage your interests then be prepared to be hammered by constant emails and notifications. There is no easy way to port events to your device calendar which would be the best improvement they could implement. The app doesn't allow meetup owners to manage members, everything has to be done on the website. The real estate on the app makes it difficult to use in general. It is truly a shame the app is so bad because it is likely to drive users away from a great service. On the web I can search out related groups in other locations as I travel and there are lots of local activities I never would have known about without meetup. Ignore the app use the service.
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4 years ago, hoping fod better
Wrong instructions in App Support
App Support instructions are wrong in many ways. Someone in support should try all the instructions on each supported platform and open work a work ticket for each error. One defect example is changing profile photo on IPhone where the instructions claim there is a workaround for the defect where changing the profile photo does not show the new photo on existing group memberships. It states each group can be changed individually but there is no way to do that. It states the profile photo is used on all groups that do not have an overriding photo but that is false because it just leaves all groups with the photo that existed before the profile photo was changed and there is not way on an iPhone to override a photo for a single group. Would write a new review but this one keeps coming up. Every release forgets my login then tells me my password is wrong and forces a reset of my account. Poor human factors design or maybe no human factors design and the implementation is just whatever accidentally get put in by random developers on the team. Needs done adult supervision in the development process.
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1 year ago, Slick 1
Good, but needs some work.
The Meetup app is good, but needs some work. Sometime with the recent updates, a glitch was created. If you click a link for an event or reply “Going” or “Not Going”, the links open the app for a few seconds then are redirected to the Meetup web page through the web browser rather than sticking with the app. One change that would be great is if the Meetup app allowed replies of “Not Going” on the event pages rather than the extra steps of hitting “Going” to then hit “Not Going”. Another thing that would be helpful is if when we say that we are “Not Going” that we don’t continue to get notifications of the event and discussions. I’m a member of several groups and I get anywhere between 20-50 e-mail notifications per day of various group events. Many of them I cannot attend due to scheduling conflicts. If these changes could be made, then I’d change my rating of the app.
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9 months ago, GTBNYC
Needs a groups and Calendar view
The app has a few critical flaws, it desperately Needs a groups and Calendar view! I miss out on events all the time because they are full, and when I get email well in advanced I have to use the web because the app can't isolate to a group view or a calendar view!! Also it sometimes does not show a price when there is a fee, there needs to be a Free vs Fee flag, with payment notes and links!! I really think Meetup is a great company, and I know that the new parent company is trying to make investments – the most critical should be software development for the platform, and just bringing it up-to-date – and figuring out a way to make stronger integrations with other platforms. it would be awesome to be able to use media and have video intros for a group video messages from the organizer, etc. etc. – they really just need to think of the mobile experience as a way to revitalize the company and the platform simultaneously.
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2 years ago, askong me
Needs Curating
I am very sick and tired of people using this site for free advertising, cult-like techniques, and the kind of pressure you’d find at a pyramid scheme interview or conference. Some are more subtle but just as subversive. I make an exception for those who are doing the thing that they have mastery over, even if it costs a little money (membership fees) but those groups have NEVER pressured me with upselling. In fact one reiki master even gave me a wonderful gift of a herkimer diamond geode. Unfortunately it was stolen, and that broke my heart. It was such a thoughtful and meaningful gift. If you’re interested. She operates out of Rocklin. I’ve had a few glasses of wine so my memory has left the building but I’m almost positive it starts with a K like Katherine. Girl if you see this and I’m wrong, call me! I recently discovered I have a brain tumor so I haven’t had time to come around. And I had to move to Tahoe just so I can get some peace.😜
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4 years ago, Amber Clare
Lockdown Life Line!!
Super happy to have joined Meet Up during lockdown as felt quite isolated particularly as new to the area. Although at the time there wasn’t much happening as physical meet ups the online sessions such as Norwich & Cambridge Piano group with zoom recitals was the first session I joined and was wonderful. A total inspiration listening to people sharing their musical gifts from their homes across the country, Europe and the following month the USA. From there I joined some yoga and meditation classes on line and then as things got going some walking groups initiated with Karen and a walk around the city to regularly trotting around Norfolk with whoever has availability.. I have been really impressed with all of the meet up organisers and admire their time and commitment to others for the joy of sharing their hobbies, talents and knowledge. I would like to add I was a bit dubious as to how genuine Meet up be but now feel totally relaxed about joining a group. Everyone has been super welcoming and accommodating. I have also met some interesting people which has enhanced the activity to give a really nice social experience. I do find lots of activities are on a Sunday morning which is understandable. Would enjoy a bit more on Saturdays and late afternoons in the week, oooh might have to try and organise something myself and give back to the group....
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5 years ago, Slightly Bummed!
Portrait only view...very impractical...not for tablet audience.
I HATE this app for one very significant reason. It’s portrait only. Desktops, laptops, even TVs are landscape. I have a new 2019 iPad Pro 12.9” screen, with split screen capabilities, which I use a bluetooth keyboard with. Turning my device on it’s side, which isn’t even supported by most cases or stands, just to view the few apps that are only available in portrait mode is a huge inconvenience and disruption to my workflow. I hope this is not the case, but please understand, to iPad users it seems like the developer is cutting corners, or just taking the lazy way out by creating a one size fits all app, that they are designing the app for cell phone users only, forcing tablet users to use it on iPads/tablets with no regard for those user’s needs, instead of designing two separate versions for two different devices, and essentially, two different audiences. I’d love to use this app, because websites don’t always function predictably on mobile devices, but it’s too impractical. Without a portrait viewing option, you are potentially alienating an entire audience.
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6 years ago, Ekael77$
Great but $$$$$ to start a group
I like this app. I’ve been able to meet people and while some didn’t work out as I hoped, I feel confident that I have a good group of people for what I want. The downside to this app, paying money to start a group. $15 per month is pretty high for something you might not use in a month or so. By that I mean, you could move on to another thing to look for or another type of group. I think that fee per month should be lower (currently is 50% off) or just have a flat rate to have the group permanently open. Close groups that are not showing any activity. I think sending a notice to the members that this is going to close works fine. But in the age of Facebook and other sites, charging people money for things like this will kill this app and allow another that doesn’t charge a fee to come to life. Aside from this, you do have a good chance of finding what you want on this app.
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5 years ago, Adriana S. S.
Love Meetup!
I love the Meetup app! It’s pretty easy to use, it allows us to keep in touch with each other. Activities’ information is clearly posted, we can comment and even download pictures! I first joined 2 photography groups in Texas about 10 years ago, I loved meeting with people with same interests as mine. We would go to different places to take pictures, it was incredibly awesome! Sadly I had to leave my groups due a horrible accident, I was totally incapacitated for 4 years but after surgeries and extensive therapy I can finally walk again. We recently moved to Oregon and I already joined 2 groups, I was left with some physical limitations but even though I can’t do as much as I used to do before I’m able to meet with the guys . . . If it wouldn’t be for this app I would never be able to stay informed of my group’s events and activities.
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4 years ago, 2scribes
Ok for members, coordinators, not yet.
Easy for exploration and joining. Still needs some work for coordinators. Starting a group guidance could be clearer. I didn’t realize my preliminary group description and tags were to be published immediately upon approval. It would be nice to give a coordinator the option of deciding when to publish after approval. Could also make the iPad interface more easily maneuverable and manageable for coordinators. After a couple of weeks going in circles, finally deleted the app and went back to Safari. Better, but have some suggestions. Menu bars/options could be better organized. Members could be on one side bar with applicable menu items; and events could be on the other side. It would be nice to have option of msg board fixed to home page to see/reference along side discussions board. Unless new members know where this is hidden, the messages go unnoticed. Thanks for developing this app and continuing improvements.
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5 years ago, BelljarFairy
Great for the Spiritual Community
I have found incredible Meetups in different cities across the country for spiritual events that I may not have found otherwise. In particular, I love how many people who host Reiki circles utilize Meetup. I have enjoyed the many yoga instructors who post on Meetup and host their sessions outside of yoga studios in parks, beaches and chapels. I have enjoyed the hikes and philosophical Meetups and the vast array of groups that I can Meetup with and connect on shared passions no matter where I am. I love the app, very easy to use. As someone who runs a Meetup page, I also find the options as an organizer to be easy to use as well. Thank you for this incredible platform!! I also love that this is a great resource for those who do not wish to be on social media but still want to stay in the loop about what’s going on around town. All-around great service to the world! Thanks!!
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5 years ago, Idea Jake
Review and feature idea - request
Hey y’all, I’ve never done an app review before but this has been on my mind every time I use this app for months now. Whenever I browse for events it feels like the list is bloated and searching becomes disincentivized by repetition. I’d like to see a feature which enabled blocking of groups to eliminate things you don’t like and free up the bloat within searching. Seeing the same things over and over whenever I pick it up has me not wanting to pick it up. It feels like fresh things are buried and I just am not appealed to read titles and scroll events I’ve seen every time I open this that id never care about. This app has given me good memories, albeit few, but all felt like lucky breaks and it’s felt very dry for very long for me for these reasons here. I’m here to put this review because I do care about seeing new life within this app and I’m curious about the receptiveness of its caretakers. Cheers friends and adventurers, strive to be great
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5 years ago, SAS0629
Still Learning
My husband and I are fairly new to the area. We hoped to utilize this app to find more activities and people with similar likes and activity level. We like to golf, bowl, bike ride, walk, we’re dog owners, we aren’t musicians, artists, or historians, but we like enjoy concerts, theater, art, and history. My husband is prior military, which helped bring us together over 35 years ago. In the military communities we always had at least one person there who could recommend things and we did as well. We want to find a good community/group and enjoy participating in activities and getting to know others through this App. We’re interested in “meetup” groups who aren’t trying to network to sell something or hook-up. Just build real ‘old-fashion’ friendships and have fun. I do recommend this app. It is up to the individual and his/her time and trust level to be willing too venture out and meet and do new things.
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5 years ago, Scott8007
Amazing app in many ways
I love this app this is so much better than a dating site, after all life is about meeting people that have similar interest allowing us to build relationships and trust as we get to know people. I know the few groups I have been part of has provided such a comfortable envirment to talk with everyone and see what you have in common. People you might have never talked with if you were focused on just dating allows you to really get to know people and can take that time to see who they are by asking questions and seeing how they act around others. I can say it feels like extended family. The other nice thing is that Admins can pick and choose who they want to be part of the groups so if you just dont fit your not getting in. This helps keep groups safe and comfortable unlike dating sites that have no filter can hurt or damage someone wanting to get out and meet people. It almost feels like speed dating where you get to talk with so many different people with not hidden agenda. After all is that not what we are to be doing anyways, building relationships that start as friendships and see what comes from that. What we will find is that along the way we have developed many great friendships and relationships along this journey.
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7 months ago, Ferramae
Room for Improvement
I appreciate the concept of Meetup, but my experience has been less than ideal for a few reasons. Firstly, the issue of too many RSVPs for an event makes it challenging to gauge who will actually attend. Implementing a way for hosts to limit attendance could enhance both cost-effectiveness and social dynamics. Additionally, the lack of time flexibility for event hosts has been inconvenient. Most events are scheduled late in the day, leading to long waits and disappointment after commuting. A broader range of event times would be beneficial for attendees. Furthermore, it seems that some hosts may struggle with making new connections or already have established friend groups, creating a selection bias. I wish Meetup would address this by providing more options and perhaps collaborating with other platforms like Eventbrite to offer a diverse range of events with attendance limits. Overall, there's potential for improvement to make Meetup more effective in fostering meaningful connections.
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1 year ago, ReviewerNickname1
Needs work.
Interface and navigation is still confusing, needs some simplification. For one, make “Discovering New Groups” it’s own section or something. At one point I had two different searches going in that between the “Home” and “Explore” tabs. Very confusing trying to figure out where I was and trying to get back. Also maybe consider unifying the Notifications tab at the bottom into the Chat & Messages button/section. That’ll give you space for a new button or section in the future. — COMPLAINTS: the app tends to just lock up randomly, won’t respond to any touch inputs, very frustrating. And the search function itself tends to be a joke. I search for “muscle cars” to try and find an automobile group nearby, and the results I get are for a Writers Group, and Environmental Action Group, a HAM Radio Group, and a Weekly Movie Discussion Group. What the heck does any of that have to do with cars??
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2 years ago, JudyMKing
Nice for community, bad for photos
Pros: I appreciate that Meetup brings people with similar interests together through events and email blasts. I am grateful for the ability to have safe online events. Cons: As a member of a large, active photography group, I mourn the loss of the ability to COMMENT on PHOTOS via the desktop app and the loss of the simple black background behind photos. Comments allowed us to support each other through praise and suggestion, to question and thank commenters, and to share techniques and locations. It is cumbersome to comment on photos via the phone app. The phone app makes it hard to get to photo albums that are independent from events. Although I also miss the convenience of having a library of educational documents as part of our Meetup group, I can live with that thanks to other online storage options.
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6 years ago, Jfdexghffsgvhfdd
Clunky + Alert bugs
First, this update has caused an insanely annoying bug where notifications won’t clear. Again! I hate having that red dot and so I’ve had to turn off notifications until it’s resolved again. There already was an issue where if you get one notification that you subscribe to, the number changes to include all alerts total and that includes the “suggested groups” that you can’t get rid of. Second, as many others have said, the U/I is not very user friendly. There is no way to make defaults to be for your groups instead of all groups in the area and search isn’t very easy to use either. As a site, and the reason for the 3 stars as opposed to 1, I do enjoy it. I like that I’m able to meet people with similar interests and likes. For the most part I use the site instead of the app because navigation is much easier and intuitive plus it feels more features are available that way.
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5 years ago, すばらしい app! Wonderful!
Hidden Fees and Bad Customer Service
I only started to make a Meetup event on their website on my phone, and though I didn’t finalize it, Meetup still made me an organizer for a group which gave me an unexpected and unasked for $20/month subscription. I re-downloaded Meetup to make an event (unknowingly the app was $10), only after seeing that the event that I never even finalized, had gained members over 80 members in a few days. Didn’t know I’d be charged for anything out of this whole deal, and have lost $30 from thinking that this app could better my life. Though they collect money without explicitly saying it, they do not have a phone number to call when you find their unexpected charges in your bank statements. Much better to make meetups via a phone or email list instead of relying on these this fake and unethical service. I genuinely believe that they add members to peoples’ groups to rope them in and keep them subscribed and distracted long enough for their hidden charges to clear in you bank account.
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7 months ago, Racergirl69
Won’t load!
I have an iPhone 12 and Verizon but this app continually won’t fully load unless you have all bars and are standing under a cell tower with your phone held up. What that does is make it impossible to get a read on the event- if it doesn’t fully load, it sends you to a “you have no events” or “this page has been deleted or no longer exists” and you think the event is canceled, or it loads partially and does not give you a current attendance. If you try to rsvp it says it has a network error. This has happened for my first two events and so I deleted the app and now go straight to online. I almost missed the event this week because it partially loaded and showed only two attendees and really 9 were going. The ratings on this app Should be for the app, not the events. This app is the absolute worst. I will Probably quit meetup strictly because this is the most inconvenient and glitchy app. Please remove the reviews for events and just post the reviews for the app, so we know not to download it.
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1 year ago, Moon_shadow2973830
Unable to verify account
I had been using this as a guest and decided to make an account. That was easy, however when I went to verify my account I was unable to. It wanted me to do a captcha and said I’d only have to do it once. It proceeded to make me do three of them and then at the end it blocked my account because my gmail is apparently a spam email address because their website didn’t work. I will change my review if support is able to fix this. Other than this the app has been fine. I was told it was my IP address but after they deleted my account I tried again and I was still blocked because my email address is on their list of spam email addresses now. I gave up and just used another one of my emails to sign up. I wish I had been warned that a VPN and/or custom filters can screw up account verification; I would have turned both off when I was verifying.
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