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3.1 (14.6K)
224 MB
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Current version
Verizon Wireless
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Message+

3.07 out of 5
14.6K Ratings
4 years ago, Josh259
Decent App, but needs work
I have to update my review and reduce the rating from 5 stars to 3 stars. The texting functionality is perfect. The voice calls, however, are inconsistent. There are many times when someone calls my work phone and that phone rings, but I get no notifications at all on my iPhone resulting in many important calls being missed. Often these missed calls don’t even show in my call log in the app. When the calls do come through, about 1/3 of the time the caller can hear me, but I can’t hear them. With a little bit of work, this app can truly be incredible. ————————————— PREVIOUS REVIEW: I haven’t been this impressed by an app in a long time. I have two cell phones- an iPhone which is my person phone and a Samsung Galaxy which is a company issued work phone. I hate carrying two phones around and now I don’t have to thanks to this app. I’m able to add my work number to the Verizon Messages app and get all of my work texts through that and I can even make and receive phone calls from my work number directly through the app. I’ve downloaded the MS Outlook app for my work email and now I’m all set. I no longer carry my work phone with me and I love it! I highly recommend this app!
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5 years ago, ermahgerdsomeone
i love this app, but there is 1 problem
i absolutely love this app, i downloaded on my iphone because i wanted to accessorize my messaging app, yes it looks pretty good now, but i noticed something. When i message iphone users who use imessage, i can’t see their messages on the app, so then i have to go out of the app, and go to imessage to see their messages, another thing i noticed is that when you message someone on this app and they message you back, you get a notification from your original messaging app as well, please fix that, it gets annoying when i get 2 notifications per message when it isn’t an iphone user. One final thing is that when i receive a notification that someone texted me, it only shows their phone number and i don’t know who texted me until i’m in the app, which we all know that sometimes you want to ignore people, but you can’t do that here because you don’t know who it is. that’s all, thanks.
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3 years ago, Salted Carmel JJG
Text messaging auto reply feature!!!
I was truly excited to finally see an app that allows to have auto reply functionality in text messaging. Truly a blessing for folks that have clients who reach out to you via text over other means. In the beginning, it worked wonderfully. However, for some reason, it has become extremely finicky when trying to turn it on and off. Often times you have to flip the lever a few times to get it to stick. And even when you do, there’s times where I would back out come back and the lever would be still in the original position. They really truly need to focus on this on the next update. I have used this functionality for the last couple of years. Jump ahead to a couple of months ago, the auto reply functionality is stuck in the on position. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app numerous times, and it is still stuck there. Right now there’s a trouble ticket into Verizon, but there has been no resolution as of yet. And at some point, they also need to increase the maximum auto reply character count I would say at least an extra 30 to 40 characters Minimum. I really would love to see this work properly, but it needs a lot of work clearly.
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6 years ago, Bumpercakes
Ups and downs
I have iPhone 6S. It’s getting to the point where it isn’t notifying my when I gets texts randomly. I was excited to find this app. My phone alerts me now thru this app when I get texts, except for iMessages, which is fine. I chose not to turn off the iMessage feature on my phone. This app is great for texting those without iMessage. It says sent, delivered, read, and shows when someone is typing u back, just like iMessaging. I like how customizable this app is. Backgrounds, fonts and text bubble colors. And it is syncing between my phone, iPad and Apple Watch, which wasn’t working as it should thru the regular message app that comes on all these devices. It’s nice to be able to text people without Apple devices from my iPad too. However, this app is glitchy. It will shutdown randomly, and then you lose whatever u were going to send in a text, even pics, and have to type it all again. That is frustrating. And sometimes when I receive texts it will say who the text is from by name, and other times just show the phone number, even if you have been continually texting the same person who is a saved contact. So over all it’s an ok app. If the glitches were addressed, I would have given 5 stars.
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5 days ago, SlingGuru
I used to be a big fan of this App, but…
Recently, we returned to Verizon cellular services, and not only were we looking forward to getting a premiere cellular connections we were also looking forward to being able to continue to us the proprietary text messaging Application +Messenger. +Messenger had so many unique features that other text applications that couldn’t compete. And even better than having these great features, they were easy to use and simple to implement! However, it’s been close to a week since we switched over, and although I was able to upgrade from a Google Pixel 2 to a Google 8, I’ve had nothing but headaches trying to get the App to work properly; and my better-half’s iPhone seems to be easier for her than the +Messenger App I’ve been raving to her about for months, since we first considered switching back to Verizon. In conclusion, +Messenger has been a disappointment and I am now seriously considering reverting back to the iPhone’s and Google text Apps, rather than Verizon’s formerly great +Messenger. I can’t honestly, in good faith recommend this App to anyone other than to someone as an April fool’s joke.
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5 years ago, LukeBreaux
Necessary Evil
Like most people, I don’t tend to write reviews for things I like. I also don’t tend to write reviews about things I don’t care for, but this application deserves a review. Unfortunately, I don’t have a whole lot of great things to say about this app. I have lots of issues with it. I certainly consider it a necessary evil. I don’t like how it doesn’t play nice with the native messages app (which I still feel like is far superior to any other messages app out there). I have the desktop version of this application and it does not talk with the mobile version, which is a very big oversight and needs to be dealt with. It frequently displays the incorrect number of unread messages in the bubble on the app icon. The entire app feels like it was thrown together in a very short period of time by a development team that was not given appropriate resources to build a great app. Yes, I have the latest versions of each app. At this time, the only reason I haven’t deleted the app altogether is because I’ve recently started to have issues with receiving large media files from folks who do not have iPhones so cannot use iMessages. Use this app if you need to, but don’t download it just for fun.
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5 years ago, Pat Rai
Glitchy, and there is no block feature
Okay first the positives: i love having a messaging app that allows for customizable fonts, backgrounds, etc. It says when messages are sent, delivered, and read. That’s where the positives end. It is glitchy and will sometimes shut off when I’m in the middle of typing. It doesn’t always notify me with the person’s name. For some reason their number will show up as if they were not saved in my phone. I left iMessages on bc I still wanted to use it to text my friends that did have an iPhone, but I found my messages would show up twice, once in each app. I figured this was just a compromise I would have to make for leaving iMessages on. HOWEVER my biggest issue is that there are no settings to block a number, and this app does not cooperate with the native phone app and messages app. I had someone blocked on my phone and this app allowed the messages to go through. BIGGEST MISTAKE. I only got this app because VZW is requiring it to view bigger media files sent from non-iPhone users. VZW, I am deleting this app until you get your act together. Sheesh.
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7 years ago, DJ WOZ!
Pretty Cool
This is a pretty neat app initially and has some awesome features. So far I have run into a couple problems with it already and I haven't had it more than 24 hours yet.. it won't let me load my info into the 911 response for some just tells me to try later (and I don't think I have to go into details at why that is important that the feature needs to work). I've also tried the auto reply feature, however it for some reason won't let me turn it on after I followed all the directions. Also, I don't know if I'm missing something but I wish there was an option to be able to turn the alerts off because I don't want it on at all times and don't like getting 2 alerts every time I get a new text message. Overall..after some updates have been made I think this will be a very handy app!
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6 years ago, ahung1212121212
False advertising by VZW: BEWARE
Setup correctly on compatible devices, the Message+ app can only receive calls on devices that originally were designed to make calls in the first place. What does this mean? Basically, unless you’re using Message+ on a calling-enabled smart watch or just another smart phone, you cannot expect to receive incoming calls on your device in a reliable manner. In fact, the only times you will receive calls in the Message+ app on a non-calling enabled device (such as iPads, Galaxy Tabs, or anything that isn’t a phone or latest-gen smart watch by Apple or Samsung) is if you literally have the Message+ app open and running as the primary app all the time. No closing the app, or letting it run in the background, and definitely no locking your device or closing the Smart Cover. So for anyone that wishes to use the Message+ app on a non-calling enabled device to be able to receive calls at any time, don’t do it. It does not work. Do not expect VZW to change this at any point in the near future.
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2 years ago, Aaaaaargh 2
Droid and iOS Verizon Messages
I have about 30 devices I am responsible for in our business and I pretty well hate Verizon messages. If you change a droid device to an iOS (via SIM card change) it will kill all group messages on both devices so you can’t even put the sim back in the old phone to return to what it was. It will also spam everyone in all your groups at least each 3 times for each group. Exploding all your coworkers phones with dozens to hundreds of texts. When you call Verizon to try and fix it they will scratch their sac for a while and blame it on apple. Meanwhile your phone number/SIM card won’t work with !any! Group messages for the foreseeable future. And if you decide to stay with the iOS device…you can send messages in Verizon messages but you won’t receive any! At all…except through the apple message app which won’t do group messages. So the long and short of it is…try it…I dare you!!!!!!
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2 years ago, brothstein99
App isn’t working properly
Recently I won’t get my messages until i open the app and there’s a 10 min delay for the messages to come. I originally thought it was my phone or service but my service was working perfectly on all other apps, amazing service ty verizon! I then put my sim in another device which has msg plus and still has the same problem:( so I switched to a diff messaging app and my messages were working normally. I definitely love the app that it saves all your messages and are able to use on multiple devices. I also love the public profile pic feature, most messaging apps don’t have that. Another amazing feature is the customization where it gives you a lot of cool features to customize your app look. But overall it only deserves a 2 star due to the fact that the main purpose of the app is to get your messages;)
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2 years ago, Facts are Friendly
This App works better than iMessage - Failure to Send
With the latest iOS release I have never had so many sms or fail to deliver to so many End Points on any OS or mobile device. In addition to other Apple and nonApple end users message failing to arrive, there were no setting to correct to get it going. No other apps or setting to adjust, with or without a vpn - on wifi or on carrier services, iMessage failed to perform. I like this device and OS agnostic app and hope you at least try it as I have used it for almost eight years on different PC, Tablet and Cell Phone OS’s and it has been the best I have ever used. I am a carrier employee, however am speaking from an end user consumer experience and perspective. Thx!
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1 year ago, Cant get any nickname I choose
Was great on Samsung, but not on iPhone
I liked Message+ for my Samsung galaxies. It worked like a dream and I like knowing that my messages had been delivered or if they were in limbo. Message+ did not help me on iPhone: when I migrated my contacts, the two people I text most often couldn't be found anywhere in Message+ even though I have long conversations in iMessage. I have my group texts, other individuals that I rarely text, but not my two favorites who are also my ICE contacts. I do Google search to solve the problem and I can't find anything that matches what I'm looking for in the results. Even Verizon chat room doesn't quite understand what the problem is and doesn't give me results that help me restore access to those two people, who I call and text the most of everybody. I wanted an alternative to iPhone messaging because I don't like that very much and there's no information about individual texts.
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1 year ago, Jacob Witmer
Decent Overall but some Minor Annoyances
I’m using this app on my iPhone 11 Pro Max. Pros: Customizing the UI in terms of the colors and shapes of the chat bubbles and and backgrounds make the app fun to use by letting you use your creativity to enhance your experience with the app. Cons: Weather someone I message uses Message+ or not, messages go through both the standard iOS messages app and the Verizon Message+ app. That means when someone messages me, I get notifications from 2 apps for the same message. I wish there was an option in the app’s settings to keep chats in Message+ separate from my standard Messages chats. Message+ is trying to be an alternative to the standard Messages app, but fails because for other people I chat with I use iMessage.
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2 years ago, Annoyed at Equo
If only it worked consistently
I put this on my work phone so I could get texts from my personal phone. Some days it works great, then days like today creep up. I got a few texts this morning from my wife and son, then nothing later. It this afternoon I got texts on my personal phone that didn't show up. Keep getting the spinning wheel saying it's trying to connect with the servers. When I had T-Mobile, their app was light years ahead. I consistently got texts and calls. I could even access my voicemails from the app on my work phone. I'm a sales rep, so most days it's inconvenient to carry 2 phones. The idea behind the app is great. The execution, not so much.
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5 years ago, lbbratcher
Unfortunate Necessity
There are far more things I don’t like about this app than things I like. I will admit that I don’t rate apps very often, but I use this app so much and it bothers me so much that I need to say something in hopes that the developers are notified and given resources to make the app better. The app takes a long time to load. It inaccurately displays the number of unread messages. I have the Mac app as well and they don’t seem to talk with each other (it might be related to the inaccurate “unread messages” issue). The app has crashed a few times. It doesn’t push all messages to the native “Messages” app. I’ve had other issues, but they have been less noticeable and less cumbersome. What I enjoy about the app is it handles large file transfers better than the native Messages app ONLY when sending and receiving files from non-Apple devices (which is why I gave it a two-star rating instead of a one-star rating). The native Messages app still outperforms this app in about 40% of those situations, though. At the end of the day - if you can live without this app, I’d recommend not even bothering with it. If you have to have it, be prepared to deal with lots of little annoyances until the developers are given the opportunity and resources necessary to fix the plethora of bugs.
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7 years ago, Pink gavel
Really Verizon?
Tell me again how long you've been around? 🤔 Those of us who didn't have Verizon as our service provider had to download your app to receive a short video from a vacation with friends - per directions from the Verizon user's phone❗️ At first a small inconvenience 🙄considering all of the other phone providers were compatible, since the non Verizon phones 📱 were sending media back and forth all week. Okay- App downloaded and video was sent, received..... 😏next you would save it to your gallery or share it in your social media or with family... nope😩. Trying to save it, it says "report spam" or "delete" are your choices. Verizon fix this!😠This does not make me want you as my service provider 😑quite the opposite. 1. You cannot save the media from your app, 2. now every time you open the app it downloads the video again and again. What a miserable experience and disappointment with the Verizon message app. 👎👎👎👎👎
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2 months ago, Useless, don’t bother.
Six hours of my life wasted with Verizon support agents.
We purchased two identical iPad Pro 10.5’s in Dec 2017. Neither has cellular service and both have the Message+ app. We’ve been with Verizon as our cell carrier since it’s inception. Since we’d gotten our iPads, we’ve used Messenger+ without any problems whatsoever. Starting in mid=December, for some unknown reason, my iPad can no longer receive incoming text messages on Message+. I can SEND texts just fine, but cannot receive them. My wife’s iPad functions perfectly with Message+. The last conversation that I had with Verizon support ended with the agent telling me that the app had been discontinued and therefore will no longer work at all. After ending the call, I promptly sent then received Message+ texts on my wife’s iPad. Not the end of the world, but certainly frustrating and hardly an endorsement for Verizon Message+ and their off-shore support. Pathetic.
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3 years ago, Truth_Teller_FB
SLOWWWW and glitchy
Beware of having Verizon as your cell / iPad service provider as they FORCE you to use this terribly slow app on newer iPads. It’s dismal performance is sub-par in every way to the apple text app we are familiar with using. Each and every time I need to enter a name or phone number there is substantial lag time. The window for composing a message is small and does not expand with a larger message, so one must scroll through limited visibility. It is difficult and slow to erase a message if desired. The program often freezes and has to be shut down or re-installed. AND if you send a link for article or video in typical text app you will see a clickable icon that makes it clear what article or video is. With this app you are only able to send the url and must therefore explain in words what is being sent. If I could have given 0 Stars I would have..
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2 years ago, trees55
An Embarrassment
I seldom provide reviews and recognize things happen between releases. I applaud the intent for this app which essentially is a vendor agnostic chat solution that works over SMS. It kind of does that (sometimes), but with lots of limitations and caveats. However, it’s hard for me to believe that the team who developed this actually uses it themselves. I am pretty tech savvy and I struggle with this app. Documentation does not match the features actually there and when they do they often don’t work. Great idea, poor execution, and even poorer quality assurance. For a major company like Verizon I would be embarrassed to release such an app. Actually any company/person should for something this poorly executed. Many other apps are much better, but are not as simple as SMS, but at least they work as advertised.
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3 weeks ago, Iamjustmemyself&I
Does Not Work Correctly
The apps features for the most part work fine however its constantly acting like it does not know location when it has access to location services and it ÅLWAYS disables calling once the app is closed, one of the main reasons i got the Ipad Pro was so I wouldnt have to use my phone very much but this app rarely ever works the way it is suppose to its also delayed on message delivery. To me it seems more like an information collecting app then a useful communication tool. If you are looking for an app that will link with your phone you can use to make calls with I”d just avoid this app and not bother with it as its a complete failure in that aspect. The bug reporting feature on it is useless as well as they never fix any bugs. If i could i would give this app zero stars but since 1 is the min thats what it gets.
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3 years ago, Barbatus Unum
Needs to support multiple phone numbers/accounts concurrently!
It’s an okay messaging app with a good amount of features, except one absolutely CRITICAL feature for those of us who have two cell phones (like one for business and one for personal). This app can only handle one phone number’s messaging. So for those of us that have only one tablet and two phones (all on Verizon’s network, no less), we can’t even use it as a text messaging center on our tablet, which partially defeats the purpose of having the tablet app version in the first place. Come on Verizon, with your billions and billions of dollars, you can’t even come up with an app that can handle two phone numbers’ text messaging concurrently? Ideally, you could have the two (or more) phone numbers listed at the top left to easily tap on and go back and forth between their different sets of messages. You could also have an optional integrated view that combines them — so you can see and reply to all messages from a single view. At least offer the first option to us with full syncing with those phones’ messages. Basically, think of treating it like many email clients do with handling multiple accounts. Then you’d truly have a really useful messaging app, and could give Apple Messages a run for their money.
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5 years ago, iListen10
Decent for Texts, Poor for Calling
My job requires an on-call rotation, however I have an AT&T personal phone. I thought this app would be perfect to forward calls and texts from my work device to my personal so that I don’t have to carry 2 phones. The text Message forwarding works fairly reliably, however I call forwarding does not. It works - as long as I have the app open and in the foreground. As soon as it isn’t, call forwards shut off. I can’t imagine this is by design because the chances of someone just leaving the app open at all times, even on a secondary device like an iPad, are so slim it can’t be considered useful. Another gripe I have is that, if you send messages from the app, they only appear in the App on the original device. So if you use Apple’s built-in messages app, you won’t have a full log of your conversations.
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6 years ago, Maestro Vnasdale
Un-installing after 2+ years of utilization.
The last two updates have really brought this app back in time. It no longer synchronizes correctly between products that have the same version of this app with the same user account installed. There is no reason in today's day and age that I would have to sort through three different devices in order to review a complete previous conversation. I thought the whole idea was, 'One app with one service for all your devices.'??? One minute it's telling me that it requires the Verizon cloud while at the same moment in time I am receiving emails from Verizon telling me that the Verizon cloud is ceasing to exist. After installing the newest version on a brand new device straight out of the box I am mediately started getting error messages telling me that the VIP future would not be functional or available to me. Enough typing, time to uninstall!
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3 years ago, ddalix
Getting Better with the Newest Update
I like the changes. Here are four things that I suggest: 1) When we go to fill in the name of the person to send a scheduled text to, there needs to be a search option. 2) We should be able to send to named groups. For instance, I have a group called Mom & Dad but they don’t show up for a scheduled message in the new update. 3) When sending a scheduled message, the tiny box needs to be much bigger. It should take up most of the screen. 4) For the auto-reply, allow us to make/save templates. If you want to take #4 even further, allow us to preset different auto-replies during different times of day & week. (ie: one for work hours, one for while I’m asleep, etc.
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6 years ago, Dreu-X
Only works intermittently on iPhone 6S
I have an iPhone 6S and it’s hit or miss as to weather or not I get a notification that I’ve received a msg. Sometimes the msgs don’t even come through at all. To improve functionality, the developers suggest shutting off iMessage because the formatting isn’t compatible with this app. Shutting off iMessage causes issues communicating with other iDevices. This becomes a real problem if you have children who can only msg via WiFi. Besides that, the design is simple. A bit lacking in the navigation department, however. It has miner customization capabilities that are nicer to look at than the standard iMessage. Could be a decent app if the bugs were worked out. Seeing as there haven’t been any updates in the past 7 months, though, I’m not holding out for fixes any time soon.
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4 years ago, eemunniee
Annoying on iPhone
Before I downloaded the app, my family started a Verizon+ group chat. It came through as a group text. Except, despite having all of their contacts saved in my phone, the messages just showed up with their phone numbers. I know their numbers but it was still annoying to decipher. Pictures and other media would not come through. So I discovered and downloaded the app, which was a relief. It’s okay. Nothing particularly special but it works. The most annoying thing is that on my iPhone, I now receive the messages on the Verizon+ app AND in my texts. I get a double notification every time someone texts a group chat. It’s incredibly irritating. Please make this more compatible with iPhones for people who aren’t Verizon customers... there are a lot of us. Thanks.
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2 years ago, ashbugged
This app is perfectly suited for my business needs for texting. My assistant & I use this app for our main business line on each of our phones so we can both respond to customers. I love the away auto-response feature & use it for 4 different away messages that we can set date & time to turn off. There are some delays at times but overall does what we need! Another cool thing is it saves images in a gallery & so when one of the text sticker apps I used all the time disappeared from existence, I still had all the stickers I used in the gallery! Made me so happy.
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6 years ago, TKP25
Loved it until IOS 12 update
Worked great until the IOS 12 update several days ago. Now when starting it up it just sits at “waiting for network” and never connects. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app several times and have been looking for an update to the app but nothing yet. I am assuming the issue is with the app since every other app works great on my iPad except this app. Please update the app to fix this issue. I see others on the Verizon message board reporting the same exact thing. Edit: an app update came out today and has fixed my issues after IOS 12. App is working well again for me on my iPad pulling in. Y text messages from my galaxy phone.
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3 years ago, LancasterBruce
Verizon lies
Verizon sends me this email “ This is a necessary step to understanding what could be the issue that you're describing. Currently, there are no open alerts for this issue, so this seems to be an isolated issue regarding the software of your device. We would recommend backing up your text messages to a cloud based storage in general to avoid any loss in your personal information. Afterwards, we would suggest removing the application and downloading it again. Please let us know of any updates, so we may continue to look into this for you. TaylorH_VZW”. SO THIS IS AN ISOLATED ISSUE ON MY IPAD DEVICE BECAUSE OF APPLE’S SOFTWARE? I CAN FIND NO WAY TO BACKUP MY OLD TEXT MESSAGES TO A CLOUD STORAGE. MY WIFE’S MESSAGE + WAS NOT UPDATED TO 5.0 ON HER IPAD. IT’S WORKING FINE. MY IPAD UPDATED TO 5.0. IT WON’T OPEN. WE BOTH HAVE THE SAME IOS UPDATED VERSION. DON’T TELL ME IT’S AN IOS PROBLEM AND THERE ARE NO OPEN ALERTS.
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4 years ago, RCF-JR
No blocking option
Message+ is a handy app to use when all you have is internet. I have it downloaded to my laptop, iPhone/iPad, and a bookmark on my Chromebook. I believe Verizon stopped providing the option to download the app to a computer because I haven’t been able to do it on my new desktop. I can still use the bookmark though. For iPhone users, you have to turn off iMessage if you want to see texts from iPhone users in Message+. My biggest issue is that I cannot block unwanted senders in the app. Verizon wants you to pay extra to do that plus you have to go online to do it plus the block is only good for 90 days. If Verizon was serious about reducing spam/phishing messages, it would give us this option for free. That would show that the customer comes first.
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2 years ago, daredevil0551
Not accessible
Apparently Verizon Wireless does not care about their customers they have disabilities. Because this review that I have done for over a few years now. Nothings been done about the app. It goes to say about Verizon‘s character! Maybe the people that who are disabled on a run up and down the street. And scream discrimination, and racist. Then maybe something will get done. That seems all it takes for a company to recognize people with all disabilities. From A-to-Z. I like the app because of auto message reply. But like all developers they don’t give a crap. This app is not accessible for voiceover on the Apple platforms or other platforms. I do not recommend this app for this company to anyone. Because of the disability discrimination. That they don’t care to recognize. I shall be leaving soon as possible.
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6 years ago, NC2577
Don’t believe any Verizon tech who tells you this is the solution to enable texting across Apple/non-Apple devices. Got this app to be able to text from both my Google phone and Apple devices. Messaging on the Apple devices is erratic—sometimes they come through, sometimes they don’t. Likewise for group messaging, sometimes secondary recipients receive the message, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes messages are delivered instantly, sometimes they are sent days later. The Verizon tech assured me it worked “perfectly”across his devices, so I brought in mine, displayed the non-matching conversation chains, and he checked all settings with no success before referring the problem to Verizon. Three days later, I received the official response from Verizon...a stock instructional video on how to improve call reception and clarity. Total fail.
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6 years ago, Reno DM
Good for texting on Non-phone devices
Texting seems to work fairly well on my iPad, but the integrated calling telephone service suddenly stopped working about a month ago. Verizon keeps writing technical service tickets to work on resolving this, but has not fixed it yet. The worst part of the calling feature not working is the repeated error messages that pop up several times a day saying calling can't be activated now. I am not event trying to activate calling and the error messages appear. Was much better app 2 months ago. Text messages don't alway synchronize with phone. This has been true with all versions in past 6 months that I have been using the app.
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3 years ago, O.G. Capt. Crunch
No Text/Photo Backup
I have Message+ on my iPad and, as far as sending/receiving texts and photos it’s fine. The gigantic Elephant in the room is I just discovered that said texts/photos are NOT automatically backed up. One has to PURCHASE (for $6.99 per month) the ability to back up my info! Something that was NEVER EXPLAINED to me until AFTER I LOST all my text messages and photos!! Contacts/texts/photos should be automatically backed up - and it should be INCLUDED WITH THE APP....and to add insult to injury, even if I were to be stupid enough to pay that monthly fee - it still does NOT back up messages and photos!?!? Whoever designed this app should be slapped upside the head, twice!!
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1 year ago, Bookman007
Can’t get it to work - try this
If Message+ just won’t work on your phone, try this: Go to a device like an iPad that is connected through Verizon to your phone. Open Message+ on that device, not your phone, click on Menu > Setting > Manage Connected Devices. A list will show how many devices Verizon thinks your phone is connected to. DISCONNECT all the devices you know were in the past and should be removed - get the number down to at most four. When that’s done try to activate Message+ again one the Phone ! Verizon doesn’t know this, don’t ask them.
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5 years ago, tcor0618
Puttn' the "mess" back in Message+
Dear friends: if you are using Mess+ and want to have a super sweet convo with those of us not using Mess+ (i.e. iMessage etc...), you should know that it's super non-sweet to try and convo with you via this "app". It's about as undope as you can get. We receive multiple iterations of your dank SMS or MMS, 'bout mebbe every 7 seconds until, sweet Jesus, it decides to stop. Then when we reply to said dank SMS/MMS we have to deal with the our own poppn' fresh SMS failing to send. Undopeness abounds. The only way 'round this hot Mess+ is to a) switch network services (cellular-to-wifi or vis-versa) there by shedding some shadowy caching issue; b) use TWO messaging apps, one for normal messaging, and Mess+ for "the crapshoot"; or c) ugly cry. I installed it and looks hella featureful and stuff, but if it can't consistently send-and-receive... smh #uninstall #notblessed #reviewsneedhashtags
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6 years ago, Maureenl1
This used to be a great app
I’ve been using it for quite some time now, and I really liked it. However for the past several weeks, it just won’t pull my messages through on either my iPhone 6 Plus or my iPad 9.7; it does seem to be working on my PC. Both devices are up to date as far as the operating system is concerned, but this app just will not work anymore. Every once in a while I’ll get a message, usually from one financial institution, but I cannot receive text messages from family and friends, and I am not seeing any other texts using this app. I’ve had to go back to using the built-in messaging app from Apple, which I don’t like as much as I used to like the Message + app. Verizon, please fix this! If you do, I’ll update my review because this really WAS a great app.
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3 years ago, slbela59
App did a bug fix now app won’t open!
So APP says it did bug fix 5 days ago and now I cannot even open the app. And cannot get anyone to help. Finally got ahold of Verizon and they said they can’t fix their own app. Oh so time to switch carriers! If I could give Verizon a -10 I would. So I finally received a response AFTER I deleted the app, losing all my photos and messages I was keeping! Great response time. If only I could give the developer and those who respond a 0! I have had Verizon forever and they have become the worst in the business. and not just this App, which used to work well. Even after reinstalling it still works poorly. Oh and do not even start me on the excuses the Verizon catechism person gave me. He did not even know his own app!
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7 years ago, Insomniac257
A Sufficient App. 5/5
TL;DR: All around, Message+ does what its supposed to do: send and receive messages, sync texts, maybe place a phone call. 5/5 I was hesitant to download b/c of the numerous reviews that noted issues concerning syncing across different devices/platforms. As of 8/3 -- for me, at least -- such a problem appears to not be an issue. I use Message+ on my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and now this iPad Pro 10.5 (which I am using, atm, to write this review), and both devices are syncing wonderfully. One can even make phone calls using this app., but I have yet to test this out. I have no complaints.
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5 years ago, ➜this guy
Great app!
I think its great, because for people who have different service plans and especially for different phones I like to see that I can message them through their messaging app, from when I had samsung and texted somebody from an iphone I always had to turn my data on to send pictures or so on, but with this app I can message my sister with a samsung! Its great 😄 Not a big fan how it gives me messages through both of my messaging apps, which is probably from something else I have to check out but other than that this app is great!
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5 years ago, CityKatH13
Love the auto-reply
My favorite part about this app is the auto-reply feature. I’m a freelancer and an actress, and you never know when I could be with a client or on set. And the app lets new texters know I’m busy. My least favorite part is that there is a delay in message delivery. For example, yesterday afternoon, I received a new message around 5pm, and a message from 2:30pm came along at the same time. What if it was something important? I wish the app didn’t rely on data connection either. I just had a power outage for a couple of hours, and the messages didn’t roll in until after my WiFi was back (I keep data turned off when home).
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5 years ago, Birdiejr
Has Potential But I Expected More from Verizon
I was introduced to this app when my family needed to started massive text communication following bad health news. We needed to text 50-70 ppl at the time. At first my texts came through in my regular messages but wouldn’t identify the users even if they were in my contacts. My husband was added to group as admin and he never once received a text in his messages. I showed him a message that referenced Message+ app. He added it and all is hunky dorey for him. Not so much for me. I get some of my messages and others stay in Message+ only. Most come to both boxes (iMessage or not). It leaves me frustrated wading thru duplicate messages to find those I want. I just wish it was consistent and helpful.
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5 years ago, JKPartain89
Bad Graphics, Poor Coding, Pointless Implementation
This app looks like it was designed in the late 90’s, early 2000’s era of graphic design. Like, after the company was already bankrupt and was trying to get money again.... and ultimately failed. Using your cell phone number that is tied to the same device this app is installed in? Have fun getting double notifications from every message sent to you! Your messages app will be filled with weird convo strings that look oddly one sided, since your messages being sent don’t get sent to you via sms..... aka Verizon? Tie our accounts to USERNAMES instead of phone numbers, so you can divert messages to that ID instead of doubling our notifications. Plus, there are random crashes, odd quirks and stupid mistakes everywhere in this piss-poorly built app.
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9 months ago, kandidagati
E gift cards being charged but not sending
We have used this app for the main purpose to send gift cards to friends and family or kiddos to get a pizza. It has worked fine for years and all of a sudden Verizon is telling me it’s going to be billed to my account before the process of sending it is complete and then the message plus said purchase error we are having trouble doing what you want to do try again later. But they had no problem charging our account this happens to us 3 times the in last month thankfully Verizon did remove the charge for the first two times hopefully they will this last time. This error needs fixed it’s so nice to be able to send the card
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2 years ago, Scr1bdSux
It’s okay but more and more messages only show up on phone, not on this app
For example, when I text my daughter, I can see messages I send her on the iPad via Message+, but her responses to me are only on the Samsung Galaxy. They don’t show up here. It seems that the more I use it, the more this happens. It happens with people on different comm networks using different devices, so it can’t be narrowed down to a technical issue. I’ve even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, which made no difference. If this app was able to display ALL messages to/from a number consistently, I’d give it 5 stars.
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4 years ago, Mo Hakakian
It’s a great app while your MNO is Verizon, it helps you too keep your phone line even while you are traveling outside of the country to make calls and send and receive messages. for those who complains about iMessage issue, they are right but they should know the iMessage is not using Verizon Messaging servers, when you are using iMessage, you are using apple servers, it’s like WhatsApp or Telegram apps. I have enabled this app on another iPhone with a European SIM so I have my US no. When traveling and I can call, s/r text messages through this app while using EU SIM LTE.
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5 years ago, Munchybaby1
Does not play well with others
I have been using this now for a few months. My main concern is that it does not carryover my messages from my iPhone to my iPad. Very problematic because you can’t pick up conversations when half the information is only on me device. Fix this communication problem and this Verizon software wouldn’t be too bad. I don’t know why Verizon changed the ability to get non iPhone texts on the iPad in the first place. It used to work great on my old iPad but all of a sudden it didn’t work anymore and I was forced to use one for iPhones and one for non iPhones messages. Very inconvenient and the the non communication between my iPhone and iPad just complicates it further.
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11 months ago, Bumblebee015
Schedule Messages
I love this app. Because I can schedule text messages. This is. great option for many reasons. The only thing I noticed on a downside is that I have not been able to do is upload my pictures to send to out. Also I tried to upload them and it is extremely slow and frustrating. Or the feature does not work. Therefore I always have to copy and paste then choose allow paste. Love the app otherwise Happy human 🥰
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1 year ago, JasonC-001
Missing Critical Feature
Unable to change the notification tone. Please remember that everyone can’t hear the same frequencies. The current notification tone rarely grabs my attention, and definitely doesn’t wake me up when sleeping. (Which is bad because I have to use it for work when I’m on-call) Also, the notification tone doesn’t play long enough. The iPhone native “Alarm” tone would be perfect, and an option to have it alert multiple times until a message is read would be excellent! Additionally, the “Phone” function has to activate every time you reopen the app; after closing the app or restarting the phone, and doesn’t work properly most of the time.
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