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Last update
9 months ago
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10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Messages

4.06 out of 5
17.9K Ratings
4 months ago, ldsstaten
A solid choice
Personally, iMessage has always been a solid choice compared to other messaging apps like Messenger. Although they both have their pros and cons, one of the biggest pros of iMessage is that it has access to apps from the app store, making it more expansive and more customizable. I love how it also feels well polished and well designed. But it's not perfect, it's far from it. There are three features that come to my mind that iMessage has always lacked that would make it significantly better. 1, timed texts. Having the ability to send text messages natively by easily selecting the upcoming time desired would be so useful to me. 2, themes. I know this is all preference, but I like each conversation to feel a little different for each person, and through themes (even if it's just changing basic colors of message bubbles) would make a big difference. And 3, mass text options. The current options available are okay, but to add a switch to easily toggle between group (which sends an MMS reply to all recipients) and mass text (which sends an SMS reply to all recipients separately with individual replies) would be incredibly useful. Overall, the app is a very safe app, it works very well at what it does. With a few added features it could give the app a little more love and would significantly improve users' experiences.
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3 years ago, rohan_bpatel
Amazing and Intuitive
This is probably my favorite messaging app on the iPhone. It’s really cool animations and speed make this, in my opinion, much better than WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. The UI in iMessages is very modern and clean giving you access to your favorite contacts with ease. After iOS 14 and 15, Apple has really turned around the experience and created a whole new world. The new photo carousel view is very satisfying to flick through and the mini apps built into iMessage give you quick access to sharing content with friends and family. The tight integration with iOS, your iPhone and Siri make this app even better. Using ‘Hey Siri’ to send messages with my AirPods make it super seamless just to send messages on the go without even pulling out your iPhone. Surprisingly, Siri is very accurate in transcribing what I say so I have no doubts about using this amazing feature. Furthermore, I love the way I can access my messages through Spotlight Search on my iPhone, iPads and Macs. Also, with iOS 15 the ‘Shared With You’ across Apple apps like Music and Safari make iMessage even more necessary for iPhone users. All in all, iMessage is definitely the best messaging app on the market, from its clean interface to its safe and secure messaging and integration throughout Apple products making it an essential and the only messaging app you’ll ever need.
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1 year ago, ✊🏼✊🏾✊🏿
Overall Pretty Good! 3 Star’s.
Messages is supposedly the best app for all ages. All though one BIG problem for the All aged thing is that it allows any swears no matter what? Like shouldn’t a parent or guardian be able to add that limit and get notified if they say something bad? Two star decrease. Although there is so many fun and creative ways to text your friends! I love how you can name them anything and put any photo. Again should be a restriction option for that, but otherwise this part is great! You can even add them there own emojis of THERE FACES! Just make one yourself, and you can even get creative! That’s a two star bonus! The final thing is definitely the amount of things you can do with messages! You can mute people and put them on silent, you can remind yourself that there is a message you’d like to reread by swiping left, and you can even pin them if they’re your number one priority, or just a best friend! That’s a one star ADDED! Overall this app gets a three stars! Excellent service, but a few bad details. They could of done more to get a five star, but three is better than none. EDIT!: I add +1 star because they added restrictions for parents! This is definitely VERY useful and important. Four stars!
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2 years ago, jannahgirl🐶
Suggestions for Memoji, but good👍🏻
So I think this app is great, I’m a young teen and my dad won’t let me get other messaging apps (WhatsApp, Signal). So I use only iMessage for everything! 🥰 Some suggestions for Memoji tho. So the idea is great. I love having stickers right here for free in the app… but u need to add an accessories folder with necklaces, bracelets , backpacks, purses. 😊 Add headbands, Maybe eyebrow piercings, and more clothing, earrings, and hairstyles. Maybe a watch? Apple Watch, Fitbit, fancy Watch. Stuff like this would be even better! ☺️ Still, iMessage is a great app. And Memoji makes it even better! I love ❤️ this app 😊 Thnx for reading 😁 Edit: So I’m really disappointed 🥺. I have an iPhone 13 mini and Messages keeps crashing! It did this with my old phone, iPhone 6s Plus, and I though it was just bc it was so old. But now with my new iPhone it’s still crashing various times. It’s not SUPER frequent, just like once or twice a week it might crash. And then I’d get texts on my Apple Watch and not my iPhone. I would have to turn it off and sometimes restart it. I am disappointed in Messages but I will still like it better if y’all add stuff to Memoji! Sadly I’m eliminating a star 😢
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1 year ago, wolfhowler36
Messaging is OK but I wish they had a lion emoji like the full thing like the dog
I love messaging just only thing that I’m really not OK with is that they don’t have a lien full body they just have the head the heads honestly sort of scare me I wish they were more realistic but that’s fine I love messaging my friends and my family it’s easier to like get a hold of them and everything it also helps bring relationships together by talking to people who live far away that you know and your family lives in like Hawaiian Ulysses warehouse far away from there then you can message that it’s really a good app and everything just whoever makes the emojis please try and make it either more realistic heads or make a full lion like the body with the head because it would be creepy if it was just the head to me it’s creepy so this might be wrong but I would give it like a four star no five because it’s a nice app it helps me contact my family find where they are and they can find where I am and then you can also text your friends you can ask them if I can hang out or anything so yeah that’s my review
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4 months ago, Galinda, with a ga
Messages is a very good app, but I have some suggestions on Memojis. First of all, good job adding different body shapes! Not having all the Memojis skinny and flat chested is a huge improvement. But there could be more. #1: necklaces, bracelets, watches and rings. Jewelry is a big way to express yourself. #2: more hair options. Now, there are already a lot of hairstyles, but more braid/dreadlock styles, and more wavy/curly hair. There is straight hair and very curly hair, but no slightly curly hair, and one wavy option that comes with bangs! Also more hair color options, such as turquoise and rainbow. #3: being able to take away all or parts of of the arms, instead of all of them being fully armed. Also adding prosthetics. Not all people are born with two whole arms. People lose arms for various reasons. #4: adding scars. And finally, #5: more clothing options, as well as being able to add words/pictures onto the clothing. More dresses, more casual shirts, more shirt styles, and tank tops would be great. I really enjoy making Memojis, but with the additions of what I’ve said above, I feel like it could be much better. I hope you’ll take my suggestions into consideration. 🩷
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7 months ago, A.L.P. 4th grade
Over all pretty good 👍🏻 but some issues
It’s a very good app if you wanna get in touch with people but 3 things that bothers me the most Is that first of all when your texting it’s hard to under stand what people are saying or how there saying it like for example if someone said “ok” do mean ok 🙄😒 or ok! 😊and don’t get me wrong emojis are a good way to express but sometimes people can use the crying emoji as a joke which is not funny second of all it’s the worst way to get in a fight like once a friend said “I know you ____ so bye” I thought she said we’re not friends anymore but she meant I need space dont text me back please so we got in a big fight. Last thing is I was trying to talk to a friend but it kept not sending or “ message failed to send” so reached out to a couple of people to see if they new if she accidentally deleted me, she didn’t and I’m still having this problem I went to the app and tried to see if there were updates I saw the reviews and thought it be a good idea to warn people about it! If you ever think a friend is mad ask to call it’s a way better way to communicate!
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3 months ago, -ScarletWolfUnkown-
Hi 🍎. I just have one small complaint. Not trying to say anything but I have A-LOT of friends and I just can’t pin them all and it makes me feel like I’m excluding all my friends. As in for all the people in the world who is dealing with this situation I know that it may sound small but it can also start fights which might sound weird but it has happened many times. I don’t want to sound rude and I rated this app with perfect explanation. I feel like there is a lot of people with a bunch of relatives they want to pin such as mom dad and siblings but also their friends and as a girl with 2 parents 1 brother that’s already 3 and I can only fit 6 friends, I hate to make people feel left out or excluded or even worse not my friend. In the nicest way possible this really could break friendships whether it seems like it or not. Apple this could become a problem so please please fix this. I feel like it should allow people to pin as much as they want. If there has to be a limit you should at least make it 20 or 15 at least. anyway thank you for reading this message and I hope you have a great day. God Bless Jesus loves you.💕💕💕
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2 years ago, The Reviewer 10211
Location sharing
Messages app, as part of the phone, serves its purpose. I’ve never had a problem with it until this one feature: location sharing. In one instance, I accidentally clicked on share my current location in a chat with acquaintances, which didn’t go anywhere as they understood that it was an accident. On multiple occasions, however, I’ve had run ins with scammers who got my number and had to go into the info tab to block their number. When I do this, I always get very close to the location sharing tab, which would send my location to scammers phishing for my personal data, which they would certainly share around to their scammer network. What I’m suggesting isn’t a removal of the system as a whole, just a confirmation prompt that pops up when you click on location sharing, as, in my opinion, it is an incredibly important piece of your private info that should stay private. Thanks! (I know nobody at Apple will probably read this but when I sent a review to classroom they changed it so here’s hoping!🤞)
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2 years ago, bunnyloveranddoglover
Great app for messaging friends and family.
I like this app a lot. Idk why the rating is so low, well ofc they had a bad experience but you cant really complain if you have an iPhone 7! Most of the negative reviews are people that are too lazy to replace there phone or just don't know how to use app. The one negative thing is that apple ipads cant text with all devices which is annoying. For future: Im not knocking any stars because the app is perfectly fine but for future updates to keep the app interesting i have some suggestions . I like peoples ideas to add more mejoi clothes/accessories. I think it would be cool to add themes to your main page or whatever you want to call it and be able to change the chat bubble color. One last thing maybe you could have an option to pin more conversations? Overall this is a great app and i hope you take my suggestions into consideration for future updates! Edit: Even with iOS 16 you cant edit/erase green messages. Not a big deal just thought i would say this.
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12 months ago, Hollyfoot
one major thing
i love messages and its my main source of texting other than discord and snapchat. however, theres one thing that i think would make messages a WHOLE lot better and continue to be up there. so like whatsapp and snapchat both have things where u can post ur status. so what if messages did that too? it would create an even bigger attraction to messages and im pretty sure teens and young adults would especially enjoy this feature. you could like status post pics and all your contacts could see it, though in your settings it could be changed. i also know that snap and insta have sendit, so what if there was a sendit-message collab? newer generations would enjoy that. also, could you please make edit and unsend timings longer? sometimes u send something and dont realize theres a huge typo or smth and when u want to change it u run out of “time”. maybe make that longer? other than that, i think messages is a great app for communication, and the stuff with memoji and game pigeon are very enjoyable!
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3 years ago, ❤️wolf_lover❤️
Love the app, just a few suggestions
👌🏻 love it! Can’t get better. One suggestion I have is that you should remove the clicking when you punch the buttons on the pad. Also, make the group chats easier to make please!! It is so hard to make them for my family and alone, Christmas and birthday group chats. I would appreciate it a lot, and so would my family and the Christmas, and birthday group chats. And every time I use an emoji, it glitches out but it only does that on the app. I don’t know if it’s just my phone or a bug going on with the app. It’s super weird. I’ve never seen an app do that before, especially not an app like this. And sometimes it even glitches out and types in double letters and just sends some crazy stuff automatically that I can’t control, so yeah. I don’t know if I’m being hacked or if it’s just me. 😐 I would add a star if you would try to fix these bugs if it’s just not my phone or me being hacked. Thank you for reading. A fan of this app, wolf 🐺 lover❤️‍🔥
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1 month ago, Jorge52?
Personally, iMessage has always been a solid choice compared to other messaging apps like Messenger. Although they both have their pros and cons, one of the biggest pros of iMessage is that it has access to apps from the app store, making it more expansive and more customizable. I love how it also feels well polished and well designed. But it's not perfect, it's far from it. There are three features that come to my mind that iMessage has always lacked that would make it significantly better. 1, timed texts. Having the ability to send text messages natively by easily selecting the upcoming time desired would be so useful to me. 2, themes. I know this is all preference, but I like each conversation to feel a little different for each person, and through themes (even if it's just changing basic colors of message bubbles) would make a big difference. And 3, mass text options. The current options available are okay, but to add a switch to easily toggle
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1 year ago, sup do go
Add more pins
I was thinking that you should change how many pins people can have, i think you should have more than 9 pins available because once i had 9 pins up and i had made a new friend and i was pinned on her phone, she had gotten mad at me because she wasn’t pinned on my phone and now we are fighting. i would have removed people but they were my family and some of my real close friends. i think adding more pins will be good because people that don’t want pins don’t have to have them but people who do can have them if they want. another good reason you should add pins is it shows the pictures of the people you put up/pinned and if you have bad eye sight this helps people be able to see who they are looking for or trying to text. adding more pins would be a great addition to messages because it helps people who have bad eye sight and it helps people just in general. thank you for changing this and i hope y’all have a good day.
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2 years ago, Thought for iOS20
Thoughts for ios20…. Time given for the extra unneeded updates.
I guess the goal for apple is for everyone to suffer with carpal tunnel. Nothing is simple. Touch screen use has evolved to multiple touches for one task. The curser and magnifier could be more annoying. Tabs were much better then adding an extra page for junk or unknown numbers.. Pins… ok. But let’s customize placement and size. ( phone are only so big/small) Updating info within messages… omg… info,info, select, scroll, etc…. Why not have the hold feature and select task from list?? Brilliant right?? Guess not. That Option is available and more valuable for every app downloaded to modify home screen. Wait this one’s better, when texting someone, there is the iPhone FaceTime icon to use when you want to simply FaceTime them. But no,Let’s make it difficult to use this icon and ask if we want to do a audio FaceTime! Why don’t we just add both audio and FaceTime icons and will only appear for iPhone users. Another idea why does everything have to be horizontal, vertical can be an option, with the option for right hand or left hand users! Rethink the layout along WITH SIMPLE FUNCTIONS. NOT REPEATED ONES!! Yes all though
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2 weeks ago, jons and wafls
Great app but MORE EMOJIS
I love this app and have used it for many years but I do have one complaint: There needs to be more inclusive emojis! There are so many random emojis that I have never used but you are lacking a lot of very important emojis! There are 29 different clock emojis, 13 mail emojis, 13 moon emojis, and so many others that you are basically wasting time creating but there is barely any pride flags. The best excuse that I’ve heard so far is that people don’t use the flags category enough, which is true but I do use the 💙💜💖 version a lot amd I think that the reason why people don’t use it enough is because there is a lot of flags that not a lot of people use and I understand that each flag is for a culture / place but a lot more people are queer than people who use the other flags in that category. Thank you for listening! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈 Ps. It would be great if you could add a red panda emoji too, their my favorite animal and i would really appreciate it
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8 months ago, iPhone_User😄📱🤳🍎
This app is great, but…
I love this app because it’s quick, clean, and fast! I also love the features where it tells you when your message was delivered, and read. These features make a huge different when I communicate with people! If you’re looking for a quick, fast, good-looking accessible app, I highly recommend it! However, as I read in other reviews, it DOES lack features such as customization of the default font, bubble color, and background. It seems everyone wants them these days, so I’m a little surprised Apple didn’t add them by now. (Sorry, Apple!) If you’re looking for a customizable app, this isn’t really for you until Apple includes these features. I also would love to see more ways to access iMessages without a Mac. What if we use a Windows PC? An iCloud Web feature would help greatly for people who need to communicate without a Mac, as well as an official desktop app for the PC. I’d also like more reactions than the six we have now, as well as more iMessages reactions! Lastly, (this may be more of a “Contacts” app rating), I think we should be able to set icons as people’s profile pictures. Sometimes, flat and monochrome is much easier to read than using a sometimes over-the-top emoji. Besides this, this app is great, looks beautiful in both light and dark mode, and is quick, easy to access, and it works well with Siri! Great work, Apple! 👏😃
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2 years ago, Gryfindork
So I used to have this all on my old iPad and it worked great, I get it on my iPhone 13 mini and it’s still great! Although, I see no updates nor change. I recommend adding an update where you add more options to Memoji. Some suggestions that might be useful: bracelets, watches, a color wheel, an option where you can go in and adjust where you have certain things, and I feel like every body asks for this, more hairstyles, more options where you put highlights. For example, I personally think that it would be awesome if you had an option where you can make the hair half and half, like where you can have half of the hair green and the other half blue or something. Also, it would be nice if you could make the background of a chat a color or image. Other than that, your app is great! But like I said earlier, I haven’t seen much change. I hope you consider adding an update!
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7 months ago, Cat_Lover😻😻🐱🐱
Amazing!! HIGHLY recommend!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
I absolutely love Messages!! The six stars in the title is not a typo!! I would seriously give Messages six stars for a rating if possible. Messages is a must-have for everybody who has it available to them!! I especially like the new features and updates from iOS 17. I love everything about Messages. The only suggestion I would make is to add a name option for Memojis. By that I mean there should be a option where it says “New Memoji,” “Edit,” “Duplicate,” and “Delete,” that says “Name.” I think this because it would be easier to remember which Memoji is for which of your friends and family. I would definitely love it if my suggestion was taken into play. Anyone who agrees with this suggestion, like this review so Apple knows how many people want this feature. And download the Messages app ASAP if you haven’t already and it is available on your device!! 🩷🩷🩷
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1 year ago, november 11 2022
Amazing but a little problem
I use this app everyday and it was really awesome! You have stickers and more for the message and you easily chat. But every time I have a new message that her name is “ Krystal” and when I chat her, it can’t do it so I tell my mom that she can fix it so she will be home soon. I have a new contact her name was “Mita Elena” but I do a new phone number so I decide to send a text so we can have a fun time together. And I create me that my name is “Amy”. And I send my mom some bitmoji stickers and some Memoji stickers. I use to love this app and I don’t have many contacts so I will make new contact so I have many friends. Now I enjoy this app I use in my iPad 10 generation and the color of my iPad was pink. So I hope you have a great time that I use this app, thanks. Note: I only rate 4 stars because I have a little problem to fix so I rate 4 stars instead of 5, fix this app so I can rate into 5 stars!
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2 months ago, holly200000
Mass text -optional dropout needed
We all love to be in the group for a chat but when the texting goes on & on& on, if my phone is pinging way too much & I can’t silence my phone for the rest of the day it would be nice to leave the group without having to delete the conversation. I realize it takes configuration but I’m sure it’s not only me who finds this frustrating . You lose all information within the string of the text and sure there is screenshotting but there should be an option with this. And one that doesn’t have to block people to bow out of the mass text for the rest of the day . I had to delete a whole string of important info because other two wanted to chat it up and I am just “standing there watching” in pain because my phone is pinging , vibrating , & personally I feel like ok guys I’m still here I wish I could leave lol . Hope someone reads this and otherwise thanks for listening.
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9 months ago, joalfey
App works out but needs attention to detail
The app works ok but it has some very noticeable issues for someone new to iPhone who is still getting things setup. When I delete a message I notice what appears to be a memory/state issue when I delete any text message, close the app, come back after some time the message is back. But if I tap the message it will disappear and the state seems to finally change again but if I close the app again and come back the message will reappear. Another issue is I have a contact showing up as a phone number when they have a name in the contact app. When I go to update the contact the message name gets updated but again there seems to be a saving/state issue and the name reverts back to a phone number after closing the app and opening back up. Already tried restarting the phone. I’ll have to look into app cache settings or something to see if that works but a similar saving issue is happening in the contacts app too.
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9 months ago, Phil2222222
just a suggestion 😥
This app is amazing but there is something id like to suggest. my friends and i have a group message that we talk in all the time so sometimes things get a big crowded when we're all talking abt different things at the same time. for example we all have jobs (its a little roleplay thing we're doing lol) and we all are mostly talking abt different things like announcements or food or school sometimes too. i think it would be pretty cool if somewhere in group messages there could be like different channels. like you could press a button and from the sides you could see different channels and click on one to see a specific topic. again, like the announcements i was talking about earlier, we could create different channels and name them, so one could be for a regular chat, and then anybody can create any other channel about something different.
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2 years ago, JD the Remedy
New Update Ruined Quality
I’ve always been a fan of the Messages app because I think it’s one of the fun & useful ways to interact with my friends & family. The features make texting come to life and give the conversations more depth. However, the new update that has come out with iOS 16 has disappointed me. The changes to some of the features that I’ve enjoyed in the past have been annoying to deal with. In particular, the new way to send voice messages is unnecessarily more complex than it was before, and it has been extremely buggy. Furthermore, the mentions feature now only works if I turn on the “Predictive” setting on my keyboard, but I don’t normally use this setting. In the past, I was able to use the mentions feature normally without having to change my keyboard layout; the fact that I must do so now is inconvenient. Messages before iOS 16 was my favorite way to text people. The unnecessary changes have taken away from the app instead of help it.
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2 years ago, Melodies501
Great app but some disappointments😥
I love this app! I use it all the time and it’s very useful! But I would like to see some changes. First off, Why are there only a limited amount of types of people emojis? I usually use the dirty blonde one (I’m a strawberry blonde), but there should be a way to customize it! Some people have blue eyes (Just an example), but there isn’t an emoji person that suits that! It’s not very inclusive. Second thing is that there should be a way to update the app so that every iPhone has the same sort of features. I have an iPhone SE, and I was scrolling through the tips. I saw a really cool feature where you can edit a message even after it was sent. Sadly, my phone can’t do that. It makes me feel like people with IOS 16s get more than I do. That seems a little unfair to all the other people out there. If you made these changes I would definitely give this app five stars! But until then it stays four.
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8 months ago, your girl Gracieeeeeeee
I love This 😊
This app is sooooo awesome! it’s great for if you like to message and call your friends. I definitely recommend it for you to get. What i really like about is that you can access call and facetime from the app. it’s definitely kid appropriate because you can send a lot of fun emojis i would know i’m 10 and i looooooooooove this app sooooooooooooooo much 🙃🙂🙃 i hope you get this app, it will really help you in an emergency we’re you need to tell someone something but your not with them. Your parents can also have access to see what you can text. Here is some things i would change about it first of all i like how you can access facetime from the app. and how you can use the memojis on text and facetime but i’m upset about how you can only make memojis move with your mouth on an iphone.😕 but i still hope you read this and i hope you get this app! 😜
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3 months ago, coco elain estrsda colgan
Hey! 🙋🏽‍♀️
So you know the Digital Touch? You should have a option to make the sketch pad bigger !!! Like I know you can but like when you turn over the phone onto its side it should be like bigger! Yk? Also can you take screen time off of iPhones? It makes my life h-e-l-l !!! I can’t do anything on my OWN phone! Like omg 😭 but anyways please make my first and second request into the next update!!! Or at least try!! Because I hate screen time!!! Edit: So like I’ve seen this happen with others by reading other comments and stuff but like I get texts on my watch and like I can’t see them on my phone and I’m like ver disappointed ☹️ btw i have the iPhone 11 and I have the newer watch but so yeah 🥲🥲 have a good day to anyone that’s reading this!!! EDIT EDIT: Btw yk how I’m making a lien comment like this so like everyone can see it? You should add like that people could like it and stuff and like comment on it!!! Anyways bye bffs 🥰🥰😘
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2 years ago, A1WorldRecord
Message app
At 2.8k subscribers tells you all you need to know about this app it isn’t as good as many is it free because it is subpar some have over 1 million subscribers but they aren’t free . I would expect more from Apple Steve would expect more also . It has lock up problems when I text friend’s it wants to continue sending a text even after I have gotten out even after all the updates this message app is wacko only way around this is deleting the last text I sent and send a new one . Yeah I can see where it feels like I’m being hacked it does crazy things I never commanded it to do seems like the nsa is at it again . Only reason I give it a 3 star at this time is because I have always liked Apple iPhones so I figured this app was just as good I know it’s free but come on problem with big corporations is effort in creating something superior for its customers let’s try to do a better job being proud of your brand name this app crashes quite a bit also .
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3 months ago, Dhdyskwjiss
Good! But..
Listen. I love texting my friends and I use this app everyday. I love all the features but there are a few things I’d like to change… 1.) Descriptions in group chats Like how you can add notes to contacts I think it would be fun to be able to add a bio or description for the group chats I have. It would make it 10 X better for me. 2.) Mass texting I think there should be an option to send a text to multiple people at once without making a group chat so that they all receive it separately. 3.) LEAVING GROUP CHATS OF 3!! When there are 3 people in a group chat it makes it impossible to leave them. I hate that so much because I have hundreds of 3 people group chats that I don’t want and want to leave. 4.) when I have a long group chat name and it goes to … instead of saying the whole thing. I think it would be better if you could somehow fix that Thanks for listening
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11 months ago, Armania Lou
Obviously amazing 💖
I can chat with all my friends here!! And also some family members :) I love talking and calling with my friends and family and the iMessage games and stickers make it more fun. Messages is my favorite social networking app. You can send videos, photos, stickers, and play games such as truth or dare, rock paper scissors, GamePigeon and more!!! Just saying the iMessage games are separate apps on the App Store you should download them, it makes texting more fun. And I love the effects when you send messages like “happy birthday” and when u say “pew pew” there are rainbow lasers which are super cool! I also love when you hold down the send button there are options as “slam” and “invisible ink” it makes messages more expressive to me. I can’t imagine anyone giving messages a 1 star or 2 stars…everybody has this app to communicate with their friends and family. Amazing app🤗
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4 months ago, AvinashR12345
Amazing, but 2 problems. So please fix it.
The app, Messages, well, I got shocked when I found problems. Of course, which made me rate the app go down by two stars. That is right, two going down. Now my rating would be three stars because of the two problems. But I kinda like typing, especially long messages. So I wouldn’t go 1 star off down the chart. And I love that there are emojis. Also, I love that you can voice chat. Personally, like I already said. I have a problem, well two problems. First problem: You can’t add people. You really can’t! It is so annoying like that. I’m mad with that first problem along with the second problem. But unfortunately, the second problem is almost the same with the first problem. Well, maybe it is. Okay, it is not, But, Second problem: Can you edit people’s name on the left side. No, you really can’t. So please fix those problems so Messages can get back to normal. Pretty please😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎.
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4 months ago, Bellaplays6
Overall pretty good! Reasons why 4 stars only.
Hi apple! I think this app is overall pretty good! Overall, I do recommend using a feature where you could check if your friends or family is offline or online, it’s just so annoying being left on wait until you realize maybe 10-30 minutes later they aren’t free on answering. Another one is that it always glitches! Every time I get on there most of the time. It glitches and freezes and it really annoys me a lot! I do want you to try and fix If possible at any point. But over all the last problem is that. I wish you could be able to call people even if they didn’t have ( I mean FaceTime on this one.). An apple iPhone. I wish all phones all types could, but I understand either way if not it so. But overalll, pretty good
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2 years ago, Dramaqueen168
Voice recording has tons of flaws
1. The recording should be able to just continuously play till the end and shouldn’t stop every time the screen turns off. Or at least pause where you left off instead of always having to start from the beginning 2. The new file format that allows you to stop and play, and search for a starting point, is an improvement. But it still requires you to have to search for where you left off and play again How hard is it to just have it play in the background like your music audio and just pause and start from where it left off?? 3. It should just be by default that a call or text or notification doesn’t Interrupt your recording and make you start all over again. Turning your phone on do not disturb is just a workaround. The notifications should just come in the background and not completely interrupt and wipe out your recording
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1 year ago, Shanaynayyyy
Shows 44 mystery messages
I have been an iPhone user since the beginning of time and ridden each one til the wheels fell off. This phone has been no exception. It’s an 11 pro and I refuse to upgrade and be held prisoner to ✨capitalism ✨HOWEVER, this is the most buggy piece of equipment. It’s like the better the technology gets, the more susceptible to bugs it becomes. There is this small, yet incessantly annoying issue I have with this app and others. It tells me I have 44 unread messages. In actuality I have zero. My software is up to date, the app is up to date. I filtered my messages so I could weed out those pesky, random 44 messages and they don’t exist. I’m unable to see when a truly pressing text comes in, due to the count being completely off. I am also experiencing this with my payment update feature in Settings. My card expired so I was being notified to update. I updated it MONTHSSSSS ago and I’m still being notified to update. So now I have a little 1 notifying me of absolutely nothing. Get it together Apple.
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7 months ago, Addison0320
Great but BIG ISSUE
My friend sent me some screen recorded tiktoks (because I dont have tiktoks) and some funny pictures of my (ex) friend and it said “if you feel uncomfortable contact an adult” or something like that and now it permanently on there. Is there a way to remove this feature? Do i open a new message? Or what do i do? I will try different things to try but other than all that great app. Since its on there permanently people are going to ask about it if im showing something funny they sent or for example : PARENTS CHECKING THEIR PHONES. That is the main issue because my parents might check through it. Then I will have to explain to them and they will be like “you sure?” So then they will not trust me enough to let me have my own phone. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!
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2 months ago, ideletedyoutube
A few ideas
Hello! I like Imessage just fine, I just have a few ideas and suggestions that could make it better, if anyone is here to read them. First of all, whenever a message I’m typing gets to be larger than the screen, it USED to let me swipe down and make it condense itself so that I could read the other person’s message and then swipe back up to bring my message back so I could keep typing. Now it won’t let me do that, and it is increasingly frustrating. Secondly, italics. (Google Chat seems to get this but no other messages app so far does.) Italics, bold, underline, and cross-out. Would be VERY NICE to have in imessage, in order to properly communicate tone and feeling. Or you could just not give us formatting options, and keep contributing to Gen Z depression, anxiety, and bad communication skills. The choice is yours. Thirdly, some bug fixes wouldn’t hurt. I mean every now and then it’ll crash and delete the entire message I’ve written, but I’m not sure if this is a bug with Immessage, or my phone having storage issues. Anyway you can always be improving the overall effectiveness of the app. I hope these suggestions will be considered as they are very useful and helpful things to have! God bless! Bye.
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2 years ago, Eg4747
You called this a texting app
You called this a texting app😂😂😂😂😂😂 Samsung is so far ahead of Apple. It’s not even a close ball game. There’s so many missing key features that this app does not provide it is a joke the texting app on Samsung It’s so much better more fluent and just better overall user experience actually sends text messages correctly. You can back up your data correctly. I tried moving from my Samsung phone to iOS. this is a complete joke. It literally took my Samsung phone 20 seconds to back up 4000 text messages I have on my Samsung phone from the Samsung’s cloud service servers and I’m trying to transfer my text messages onto iMessages. It doesn’t even properly transfer done. I left my phone in charge for six Hours letting it download and upload the transfer and it’s still not doing it correctly and not only that this is such a downgrade from Samsung hey Apple, you need to get your priorities straight and really look into this joke of a company you are apple
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2 years ago, Ankivector96
Love the integration, needs improvement
1:Instead of using Send Location, just add Apple Maps as an iMessage app. 2:I like the FaceTime logo at the top, but why not add that for SMS users too. And, if you are going to have FaceTime there, add the phone logo too, and make it appear when communicating via sms. 3: If there is going to be a green logo, why have blue interfaces? This is the same for Phone! Phone color schemes should not have blue! 4: The apps drawer. I want to have word suggestions on my keyboard and show the apps bar at the same time, instead of constantly pressing the apps button. 5: add FaceTime as an iMesage app. That way, we can send FaceTime Links in the messages app rather than having to go all the way to FaceTime. And speaking of which, FaceTime has a complicated system when it comes to sms users.
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4 months ago, sarahlertzman
Messages in app are not downloading or uploading
Intermittently the app ceases to function. I see the messages in my notifications but they don’t load in the app. When I send messages, they do not upload or send and there is no error message. I can only tell this is happening if I look for a thin blue line at the top of the app that has not reached the right side, or if I get a call from a loved one that they are not receiving contact from me via the app. A few of these times, it has just been a delay, and the messages do eventually send after about an hour. In the last few months, this has happened 10-15 times. The fix, I learned is to reboot the app. Unfortunately, relationships can get heated for long periods if I don’t realize it’s happening until too late. Also, when I reboot the app, my messages that I write and were on my screen during that period are gone forever. -greatly unsatisfied
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4 months ago, rain2cry
Cursor not working
Hi, the cursor in Messages doesn’t work as well as it used to and it’s pretty annoying. If I write a long message to the point the text box lengthens the screen- I cannot click at the top of the message, or the very beginning of the message. The cursor will not appear. If I try to use the keyboard to Press, hold, and scroll- the cursor will appear, BUT I cannot see it because the screen doesn’t respond and scroll with the cursor and where it’s going. This is really frustrating and hasn’t happened before. Please fix asap 😕. (Jan 2024) Additionally, once the message takes up the entire screen, as in blocking out the text message that is being responded to- there is no way to collapse it. I saw a post about this in the Community Forum from 4 months ago. That would have been October 2023. This is clearly an issue. Please fix it. (Feb 2024)
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1 year ago, centerfieldkindagal
Awesome! Just one suggestion.
Hello! 🤗I love this app because I’m still a kid and don’t have a phone, and I love that this app works for an iPad too! 😃While I just started out with my parents’ numbers, it has grown to almost all my friends! 👍🏻I have multiple text groups, and I like to have my group chats pinned and my regular texts unpinned. I have about 11 group chats, but the app will only let you pin 9. 🫤If there was something in settings where you could change this, that would be great! If this doesn’t work, if you could manually change the size of your pins on the screen so you could fit more chats that would be great too! 😊Anyways I totally recommend for people of all ages, because it is so easy to navigate! Thanks! 🙏
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2 months ago, ParisFrance12345
Hello! First I would like to start off by saying that I’m a 12 year old girl and I only use this for friends & family. Pro: -I love how there is such a fantastic range of emojis! 😃 -I enjoy how you can do it so that you don’t get notified when certain people text you 😺 -I like how you can edit, undo send and all that fun stuff 🎃 -I like how you can ‘pin’ people 👌🏼 -I like the group chat ✌🏼 Con: -The Memojis could be better 🤷‍♀️ -I wish that there was a button that I could change all the skin tones at once 🫶🏼 -I wish you could add more pins 😌 -I wish you could name the group chat (e.x.- ‘My fam’) 😜 - I wish the Digital Touch didn’t send right away I wish there was an option like ‘want to edit this?’ 🫤 -please move the ‘share location’ button because I don’t want to accidentally send a scammer my location 😰 Conclusion: In conclusion I feel like the Apple Messaging system could be better, it is good for the basic use but with some upgrades it could do amazing things! Thanks for reading this! 😌 💥Madelyn Grace 💥 PS: for the apple people: please send an actual reply and not a pre-written one. thank you. Pps: Please press and hold this till the ‘helpful’ message appears!
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2 months ago, Nibbles724
Apple Gate Keeping 🛑⛔️
Apple this is getting ridiculous with your gate keeping. You have now not only targeted Apple vs Google apps but now in your own native app it refuses to send to any other phone my images and media other than base line 1990s era texting only!!! Apple needs to be brought down to its knees and abandoned by everyone they are literally punishing us for not making the friends or family that cannot receive the simplest of messaging emotes media or imagery, join their cult of Apple fu€£ wits. Please everyone who experiences this or experiences anything in a base line Apple app or secondary app that they are hindering and speak up. Use the forum we are given and if Apple doesn’t allow this review or others to be seen we have legal action to take and have a winning case they have no right winning. Bring down the corporate greed and bring back a healthy economical system that benefits everyone not just Apple and Apple-like companies. Help your fellow man and speak ⬆️
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5 months ago, ryleesiphonehasideas4u
Hi guys pls read!!!
Hi i wanna tell u that this app is great! Some of my friends dont have the other texting apps so we all use messages. I recently got a phone and i didnt wanna download every single texting app my friends had so i asked them if they have messages and they said yes. Its so helpful that everyone has it! Things like pictures or videos can send rly soon. But can u not make it where u can only pick 20 photos cuz when i had my ipad my friends asked for photos from me all the time, but i could only pick 20 at a time, i havent tested this on my iphone but at the very least can u like have no rules w pics on the iphone cuz its very annoying when i go to a bday party i always take photos and videos but it takes me weeks!!!! No hate, just truth, thats all thx guys
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12 months ago, ScarlettFroggy1084
I love this app! I’ve been using it since I was practically born. It is such a great app and I don’t understand why so many people are hating on it. This is literally the messaging app that Apple permanently puts on your iPhone. So, I would think that less people would hate it. It never glitches and you can have so many people in one groupchat and there are so many things that you can do. There aren’t any restrictions which isn’t the best because if a little kid is using this app maybe the parents want to be able to set restrictions, bad words, inappropriate pictures, etc. So, I think that there should be an option for parental controls and stuff like that. Overall, I love this app so much and I will always use it!
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2 years ago, Jasmine....!!!
audio suggestion
This is a fantastic app, i love everything about it. But i just have one slight complaint. I have a suggestion that i feel could be very beneficial for all users. For the audio recording in this app, i’ve noticed a great amount of times that it does not let you listen to certain parts of the recording. It gets very frustrating when someone sends a long audio message because there’s always occurrences that happen when u accidentally click out of the recording. Which leaves you to be forced to have to listen to the whole thing again. I think it’d b very convenient if this was updated so where you are able to drag the voice message at a certain part instead of having to listen to the whole thing.
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2 years ago, k0nabear
can you pls fix these problems
i love imessage. it lets me communicate with relatives who i get to see very little, it comes in handy for last minute planning, and it has a bunch of useful additions like gifs and memoji. buuuut its been kinda weird lately. like i go to put a memoji sticker with my message and the eyes are like all white. its kinda creepy 😬 and then other times my message take like four minutes to send and i have perfect connection. and THEN with the new ios 16 update whenever you do a voice recording it doesn’t even let you listen to it before sending😤 i’ll also go to translate a message and i’d done it just fine in the past five minutes and its all like “translation is unavailable”. so yeah, i love imessage but could you pls try and fix it 🙏🥺
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2 years ago, unicorn emme
Love it, just a few suggestions
Messages has been around for EVER. I couldn’t imagine a life without it. I don’t know a single person in the U.S. that doesn’t know what Messages is. A few suggestions though. Me and my friends like to make Messages more than it is. We like to make things like digital businesses in one group chat between all of us. I suggest that Apple adds groups that we can sort our message groups. Kinda like Albums in Photos, but there are groups of group chats; categories. And one more thing to add, you should also be able to pin a category so that you can have access to more group chats at once! If others read and agree, follow along! Hope this comes into consideration.
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3 years ago, mookwoo
All we need is the ability is to have custom background images in chat, the ability to trash threads and individual messages like in photos and files for up to 30 days in case we change our minds, the ability to archive messages we’re not currently active in and the ability to schedule messages. Adding these features would make something that’s already great even greater. And maybe, just maybe add RCS. Also, the ability to pin anything in chat. A text message, a phone number, a picture. Right now you can only pin websites and links from Apple Music and so forth. More message reactions would be good too. I hope apple starts updating its core apps in the App Store.
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3 years ago, nycguy33
Needs a major overhaul for voice messages
I love iMessage and truly think it’s a great messaging app ! But it honestly needs a major overhaul for voice messaging. Voice messages need a scrubber so that if I’m trying to replay a message I can press and hold and skip to the part I want to listen to. Take WhatsApp and other apps voice messaging design implementations for instance. And for long voice messages I’d love a solution for not having to press and hold because if my finger slips I’d have to redo the entire voice message all over again and it becomes cumbersome. Voice messages also need to be clearer. For some reason sending voice messages on Snapchat and WhatsApp are always so much clearer vs iMessage having a lot of noise especially when speaking through AirPods. It would also be great if we could have new reactions like a wow reaction or a choose our own reactions setting. Another issue is whenever I want to go into a conversation and look for pictures I get the “ this will be available when iMessage is finished indexing” this isn’t a big issue but no other messaging app has this inconvenience. iMessage is amazing and fixing this could help so much.
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