Messenger Kids

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4.3 (87.2K)
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Meta Platforms, Inc.
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4 weeks ago
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13.4 or later
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User Reviews for Messenger Kids

4.31 out of 5
87.2K Ratings
3 years ago, #humanthatexists
Good but some recommendations
Hi, I love using kids messenger to talk to all my friends and over all it’s an AMAZING APP. If you are a parent reading this just let your kids get it. It’s amazing I am a kid but I know about all the parent controls and they are really good. You get to choose who your kid gets to talk to and everything but back to my point, I don’t really like the newest update. When I got onto it it the appearance wasn’t as fun as usual. Like, your contacts were not in little bubbles any more and it looked like plain old boring messages. I think you should put in the settings to be able to choose the appearance. Also in the updated version (like I have) you don’t get to choose your emoji. When I first saw that I was so excited to see what it did and I liked it. But, when I got the updated version it didn’t have that option. Maybe like my other idea you can put an option in the settings if you want to be able to choose your emoji or not. Another thing is it gave me an option to see my friends contacts. That is kind of creepy like you are spying on who your friends talk to. I mean they do have to option to share it with you but still it’s kind of creepy. My last suggestion, say your friend has another friend that they want you to meet it only lets you make group calls or group chats if they are your contact too. There has been ATON of times that happened to me can you add that please? Thank you so much for reading this.✨✨✨
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3 years ago, Crazy catz29
Messenger kids is AMAZING but please a few recommendations
Hello I have been using Messenger Kids for about a year now and I absolutely love it! It has so many fun games and stickers I also really love the filters. But I do have a few recommendations and a glitch as well. There is one glitch that happens to me quite a bit is sometimes if I send a thumbs up another one appears under it and wont go away. Other than that most glitches have been fixed. I wish there was a shop like one where you could use the points you earn in games to buy stickers filters or like special emojis for your picture. I also wish that there was a multiplayer mode where you could get on and play a game with your friend at the same time is them like for instance send them a link to this game in messenger and play at the same time with them like race them or see who can hit the most orbs or jump higher on frog leap something like that but at the same time. I also wish that in the video maker where you can add songs and fiters i wish you could hear audio too so if i talked you could hear it. I also wish there was more than fifteen seconds for the videos. One last thing is if you could like have a weekly vote for everyone using messenger for a new filter or game and then the one with the most votes would be added. If you added those on i would ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!! Anyways your app is great keep up the good work.
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2 years ago, Kittyroblox❤️
It’s nice but
Well me and my cousin Karina have been having fights lately and I just want to say that could you like change like if she saying mean things and stuff just like it take it away I would prefer that maybe that will change a little and have more games that are fun like a race or something but it’s pretty nice and I enjoy it the developers please changes if you see this message like pretty please I really like this Messenger Kids it’s really fun I just just want this new update real fast it’s OK if it’s not that fast I don’t really care but I’m just saying can you just change it a little that’s all I’m asking I’m not trying to be mean to you guys but I’m just trying to just say that for the new update and stuff I kind of want to see you like pretty soon or later or next year two more years and if the update comes I would really love that and I would always use Messenger Kids the one thing I don’t like when connecting sometimes I call Jeremy well all the time it just says connecting and it makes it worse I like it when it’s calling so make sure you change that to always calling so to make me happy so I know that they’re not here or not because I am kind of confused of connecting I think it means like they don’t want to pick up me or something yeah this is that’s all him if you heard this message thank you so much developers yeah that’s all thank you make sure you put those updates just checking Bye
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2 years ago, goddness of goth
Very important recommendation 🥰
Can we have a nickname feature? I know this sounds weird to be important but….. more people in their are noticing that they are trans at earlier stages of their lives. And hence this app is for 11 to 12 year olds and younger, that discovery is in those lines. Most people want to change their names, and their deadnames (legal names) are now heartbreaking and very hurtful when hearing them. And the notifications often sometimes say the name linked with our profiles, which is often our deadnames. As a trans person myself I find it very sad when I get a notification and my deadname pops up within it. It feels like a chip of my soul has chipped of and some of my happiness goes with it. And there is actually a pretty simple solution for it, ✨nicknames✨. With this feature the child will be able to change the name for the specific profile, homophobia isn’t much of a problem ether. If a child changes their name, they can create a nickname. Say Sally changes their name to Sam for example, they can have a nickname for their friends profiles. Say they change it to SillyStarfish, Sam doesn’t get deadnamed in notifications (nicknames appear in notifications) and unaccepting mom doesn’t know. I hope this is someday a reality, it will change the lives of your trans users 🥰🏳️‍⚧️🎉
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1 year ago, Under_The_Sea21
Hi there! I have been using Messenger Kids for about 2-3 years now and I have recommended it to all my friends who can’t have social media and I have a few suggestions and ideas I have gotten from other apps that have the same idea as Messenger Kids. First I think you can have a age divisions like younger kids from2-5 and then younger kids like 6-9 and then 10-13 for 2-5 they can have more games and kids from 6-9 can watch the videos that the 10-13 year olds post and I bet your wondering and thinking WELL THIS APP SAFE BUT NOT WITH random people posting what ever you want and have a filter for apps or just have creators make fun videos or dancing, singing, tv shows and more!! Also one more thing I think you should have is like buttons when you post you should have like buttons NOT HATE BUTTONS only like butters and can spread hearts and the more people like the more the creators/10-13 year olds should post (Whatever one you decide) but those are some of the ideas you can count on from a child. I don’t have and social media and strict parents but they do look for apps that are safe like messenger kids and I would really help me and a lot of others who have rules like mine. Please take these ideas to life. Thanks for reading and have a great day Messenger Kids team!😊
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3 years ago, the mei mei
love it
I really really love this app I always use it to message and call my friend but I do wish you could just audio call and I like that there's games because there's something to keep me busy And there's a ton of filters and there's a lot of parent control so your parents will probably agree too am a kid and I could never message my friends because my mom is a little protective and she want to find an app where I can talk to and call my friends but it had parent controls lots of them so that way she could keep track of what I did and make sure I didn't get any trouble so if you're a kid you will love this I recommend the ages 7 to 10 years old and parents you will also love this because you can see what your child does you can contact your child and your children can call or text there friends with you knowing that you're safe and your children can't add any contacts without your permission and kids there's so many games and so many filters and you can add as much friends and family as you want and keep in contact with them as long as you have Internet it is so fun and I highly highly HIGHLY recommend this please download u will love it have a good day and You are awesome and you deserve this app thank you for reading and have a good day😁😊
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3 years ago, Kitty- T
Love it but a few suggestions
Hi, I’m a female kid who is 9 years old. I’ve had this app for around a year and a half and I LOVE IT!!!! If you’re a parent and you’re thinking about getting your kid this app, DO IT!!!!! It has parent controls and parents can delete messages from other people that they think is inappropriate for your kid, and tons more. Anyways, I have a few suggestions. #1 ; I’ve been reading other reviews just ‘cause and I saw that people have been saying/wanting “you get points when you play games and you can spent the points in a shop to customize your profile and app” and I really agree with them but I think that you could get more points the higher your score is in a game so please add that, almost everyone wants that. #2 ; The different look of the app is really cool (in my opinion) but I’m starting to feel that it’s kind of boring. Maybe you could have the option to change it from the new look to the old look and back? That’d be really cool. #3 ; I miss setting my emoji, and if you’d bring them back but instead of only kid contacts but to all contacts, I think that’ll bring a lot of cheer to the app. Well, I’m done with my suggestions. Bye bye!! P.S. If you’re a kid and you don’t have the app, show it to your parents and GET IT NOW!!!!
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4 years ago, Flyingminimuffin274
Great app but a few suggestions
So I’m a kid and I use this app and I like to talk to my friends and play the bunny bridge game a lot but there’s an issue with it that makes me frustrated. The issue is this: in the tutorial it shows you the exact pieces you need and the bunny doesn’t start moving until all the pieces have been placed. When you start the real game, it doesn’t give you all the right pieces and the bunny doesn’t wait until you’ve completed a path. It starts moving after 2 pieces have been placed. I get that it’s a puzzle thing, but the bunny moves really fast and on the first level I played today, I tried placing a piece but it didn’t work, so that’s really frustrating. If you could maybe wait until the path is about halfway completed and if you could set out some more actually useful pieces, that’d be awesome. Also, I was thinking about this recently, last year I did this thing called “let’s look for cool filters” but when I watched the video at the end, I couldn’t hear what I said with most of the filters activated. I don’t know if this is still a problem, but anyways, there’s one more thing I wanted to discuss. There was this ADORABLE shark filter and I named him Leonard (pronounced Len-ird) and I haven’t seen him since! Please please please please PLEASE BRING LEONARD BACK Thank you, A kid who uses this app
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3 years ago, InWunderland34
Moms are Boss but remember..YOU HAVE TO MAKE SURE PG13 is the earlier 90’s version!
Our children now a days are growing up, and learning things that should not be learned at these younger years of life! Innocents is very precious, and has great importance to their compassion later on! This is being stolen from them very early on for Realistic facts,also some kids with way too much Responsibility, or some none at all! Lacking Accountability completely. Oh don’t forget the kids given too much room to fast because they are pushy and winning so the parents just give in. Now those kids think authority doesn’t count for them. Here is a thought to think on…when you go on a shopping trip at least two of them you will encounter . Sadly it’s almost every where where we go! I do Love a lot of the features here. Navigation can be made smoother and Application access when going into profiles. But Parent controls are adequate for my hubby and self. Over all it works well other platforms Parental control settings. Helps keep our boys.”just that boys” learning things at a slower pace and understanding. That if everyone said too do it doesn’t make it acceptable. You wouldn’t wear a cod fish as a hat! Just because everyone says or does. It doesn’t mean it’s always acceptable.
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3 years ago, 👯🤸🏽‍♀️❤️
I love this app! It allows me to chat with my younger cousins and a few of my friends. I only have a couple of complaints. One being that it doesn’t sync across devices, so I can’t use it on my phone without my mom signing me in. This is only an issue because I rarely ever use my iPad, so my little cousins get angry at me when I don’t respond to their messages often. I don’t know if this is intentional or not, but it would be great if it were changed. The other problem I have is that the general interface is designed with seven year olds in mind, so it is a little childish to me (no offense to anyone, that is just how I feel). I just think it would be nice if there were a couple options you could choose from, like a minimalist design where it is just little white icons/emoji, and an abstract theme, with colored shapes, lines, and dots—instead of the colorful (and slightly scary) monsters that there are right now. It would also be cool if you could pick the exact color (using HEX codes or the slider thing) for your messages and buttons, instead of just the presets options. In summation: I love this app, but wish I could use it on my phone more easily and that you could customize the theme. Thanks for reading my review!
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3 years ago, 800HMRK
Love it but I have a question
Hi I love this app. It’s amazing 🤩 and awesome 😎. I have a question though? Can you make a Facebook for kids? I think it would be really cool. And it could have like Facebook for adults have everything it has but for kids and you can post pictures and then other kids can comment on that picture and other pictures. And you can play games and post like a score on a game or something like that and they can post funny videos and videos about like animals and toys things like that but if you do make a app like it please don’t put adds on it and they can make music to share with other kids and you could put music from like movies and videos and stuff. Not inappropriate things though 🤮🤢. And you can make stories and books for other kids to watch/read or add to it. And you can teach other kids how to speak a language like I’m learning Spanish other kids could help me spell words in Spanish. And you can friend other kids or talk to them put not be friends with them. Oh and talk about slime because I like slime and my friends like slime and other kids like slime. And make and create emojis and to share them. Sorry this is so long.
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3 years ago, stargirl2.0
Omg you should get this!!
Okay so I’m a kid and a love this app so much!!! I have been using it for a little over a year now, I got it around November or December of 2019 and I am loving it now that I am able to still safely talk to my friends and family during Covid-19. Just one problem....I used to use a tablet but now I use my phone, and on my tablet I was able to change the theme of my app and choose my own personal emoji and stuff but now it is organized like my moms messenger and I think that if your a kids account you should have the option to decorate your app and choose your emoji and stuff! Also, while there is an option to mute I also think you should be able to turn your video off. If you are doing something and you want to stay on call cause it will be quick, there should be an option to just mute and turn your video off :D otherwise, this app is the most perfect thing for kids to talk to each other and if you are reading this, you should either set it up for you kid, or if you are a kid ask your parents about setting up an account for you! It’s totally safe and parents can control your contacts and supervise the messages you send and/or receive! Bye now, sincerely, a kid user of messenger
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3 years ago, it's really glitchy
it very glitchy
So me and my friend were talking in the video chatting and stuff and we started playing a game together and not thinking anything of it to the point where my screen froze and you can see all these rainbow colors she said I can’t see you I sent it her a picture and she was like she didn’t respond to me for the whole entire night kids messenger is very glitchy I playing a game one day while I was getting all these answers right but it said I got it wrong that was odd I thought what I did in much of it I could pull all the answers up and then turns out I got them all right when I started speaking to my best friend she was really sad that I had to leave and go to a different school we kept on texting I miss you and they really need to change this the fact that it says your abs asleep at like 7 o’clock in the morning I mean like please work on the stuff that you do and let kids text all they want instead of saying your app is asleep at like 7 o’clock in the morning I get kids really want to text at 7o’clock in the morning like my app doesn’t say it’s a sleep but it does to my sister that’s kind of weird and I feel like it’s a glitch if you like glitchy stuff like this please download this game if you want
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3 weeks ago, Rowanfeatherthemedcat1
Great but I kinda want some new games
So I’m a kid who loves this app but when I’m bored I go to messenger kids games but I always get kinda get even more bored with these games so I would love it if you added an update to some of the games or added new one’s. I also have some ideas for some new games first off I think you might be able to make a game where your chasing a wild pig or something for food and you need two players and you discuss on a little chat thing on the top left corner of their screen how to get the pig and it would also really help kids learn how to make strategies. For this game I actually would like an update on the hotdog and milkshake one you can like make things where you have to duck and you have to be swift doing that because that can help kids learn how to be fast. I have one last game request witch is you make another like jumping game like the frog and fish one except you are a rabbit jumping away from a catcher who wants to have you as a pet and add in some obstacles like pointy stuff and the things that make faster are carrots on the ground. So that’s all my suggestions I really hope that you make games like these and updates really soon even some that you guys make up so bye!
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3 months ago, Tess I♥️T.S.
I use it every day
I love this app so I can text my friend. I can text my parents I can text everybody I know also there is a time limit on this app so if your kid spend too much time and the other kids are asleep so you’re not texting in the middle of the night. You can like messages and kids can call and FaceTime and also someone called you and you can’t answer. Just click the X and then so you don’t have to write. Sorry I can’t talk right now. It just shows up a little thing. Sorry I can’t talk right now I’m busy now or you’re gonna skip it and they just know you’re busy photos and funny stuff if you have a sibling just don’t make fun of them because probably if your friend probably nice and you’re really probably your friend said that’s rude to your sibling. I would recommend if you if you have a very, very, very best friend you can’t talk since you moved to another country and your friend is still staying there and your best friends and you cannot stop talking to each other. I would recommend this when a friend move away and you’re still there and you still wanna talk to them would definitely recommend I hope you have a nice day
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2 years ago, emmaline write
For kids
OMG I’ve had a blast texting friends that I don’t get to see you tonight and having fun while texting and video chatting and having fun growing my pet it’s fun to have messenger kids because I can text multiple friends cousins and stuff like that I don’t know but tell everybody that you should get Messenger Kids really funny fun sometimes awkward and there’s a block for a poor stuff like that Like I said OMG I’ve had a blast have a Messenger Kids is the best thing that’s ever happened in my life I get a text friends call them show them new things I bought and I have multiple friends on messenger kids you just don’t know them because they’re really pretty handsome and stuff like that friends of mine that you probably wouldn’t know because they’re really really young and that’s why I like having a Messenger Kids I told you at the beginning it’s really fun to have best thing in the whole entire World it has the best apps in it it has really fun games it’s got stuff you can play together so we can play by yourself stuff you really should make it to where you do not need internet for it and a button to turn off notifications❤️ love Emma Albers!!!❤️😻🥰😍👁👄👁
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4 years ago, GalaxyAngel2233314
I love this app! It’s amazing!!
I really like this app. It’s very well organized I think. Honestly it’s just so amazing because it’s so safe. My mom got this app for me during quarantine since a lot of my friends didn’t have phones to text or call with. They all had iPads or Computers. So when I first got this app I was pretty enthusiastic! I mean I think it’s a safe way for kids and friends to text and still talk during wierd times. I think the parent controls are amazing. I think the parent controls are so important for safety that this is an app that kids and there friends are safe. Also, my friend sent me this screen shot if the new update were you can share a song with your friends and make a video. Even though I updated this app cleared it and restarted my phone I could not find this feature. I searched it up on the internet but nothing helped. So please can you do something or tru and put something about on the internet because it really seems interesting and I would hate to miss out! But that’s really all I think this app is amazing it has some twinks but not everything is perfect. Overall this app is great! (My fingers are now officially dead btw)
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3 years ago, piscomaster
It needs some twitches but it’s a great app
So this App is one of the best apps I have I have like 1 million friends and I love it really but my parents set up my timer all the way to 9 o’clock but whenever I do it the app I talk to them over 9 o’clock and I really like the app but my parents keep forgetting how to change it because they want to change it to like 10 o’clock instead of nine except it doesn’t let you after you did that it really won’t let you change it so that’s kind of annoying and also I think it’s not fair that we can do like the other person you’re talking to has different like things that goes on their face and stuff when you’re chatting and whenever I have mine I get it I keep getting bored of those so I would like to like take mine out of all of the big face things I would like to pick my own I would like to have all of them I’d like everybody to have all of them and not just one person has these other ones and then I don’t have that one I think that’s unfair and it’s just yeah this app has really really annoying things that bothers me a lot but I really love it and it just needs a little twitches just a little but overall it’s the best app I’ve ever had thanks for listening I hope you think about what I said
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3 years ago, Hawzy5214
Choose an idea I will have no more cries.
OK the care for your pet game keeps making me cry so onto idea number one can you have all your pets in the same room and never lose one what I mean is like have your old fat and the pet you have now be in the same place so you will never lose a pet. Now for idea number two there’s like a door in the back of the room you care for your pet if you tap that door can you go to your old pets room and if you’ve had three pets the door would lead you to the pet you have before the pumpkin pet and then to the Snow monster this is just an example. OK this is ideal number three so my idea is you can choose the level of your pet before you start playing and you can choose all the way to the last level to the first level of your pets your pet can be different levels. Oh and please pick one of these ideas and make an update on it please because the update Hass to beMade today and can you make it an update today because I need it to be an before dinner time OK? I really really need is an update before dinner time please can you make it an update on the App Store before dinner time I really need you to OK? No I’m not kidding I really need it before dinner time I am serious! So can you please make it an update on the App Store before dinner please??
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7 months ago, Spaghettitacolaco
I love this app so so so so SO MUCH
I have had kids messenger for like 4 years now and I use ive used it soooo much, I call my best friends EVERY SINGLE DAAAYYY we have a bunch of different group chats with all the same people lol, if it weren’t for this app I wouldn’t have such close connections with the friends that aren’t allowed to give their phone number, so I just want to say thanks<3 There is nothing wrong with this app I just have a few suggestions! 1. You should be able to give friends nicknames, like say someone’s name is Mackenzie, but they go by Mack, I think you should be able to set a nickname for them/set yourself a nickname. 2. You should be able to set a group icon, me and my friends have different groups for different fandoms even if it’s the same people then the main group, the fandom is just the topic of that particular group, so like we have a group all about a certain character from the books Warrior Cats, (the cat is jayfeather) so a I think it would be cool if you could set the group icon to a picture of jayfeather (or whatever that fandom group is for) Anyways, thank you so so so so much for your app and your time for reading this <3
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8 months ago, #yourneighborhoodmiget
I absolutely LOVE messenger kids. It is so fun to use and there are so many options/ways to play games with your friends, or just by yourself! If you are a parent reading this, just download it for your kid(s). You don’t need to download it on your personal phone, all you do is just put you Facebook information in, choose who you want them to talk to, and put in some things about your child, and BOOM! Just like that you are all set up. You can choose who you child talks to, and you can block and unblock people, and if you are on a different device, just enter in the same Facebook information and you are connected to the original account. You can also add multiple accounts for your children if you only have one device but want them to talk to there friends without it all being in one account. You can also make it to where friends and family can or cannot see who they talk to, and if you did it’s just so they can make new friends through people they already know. And if you made it to where people can’t see who your child is talking to, you will still be able to see. I hope this helped!
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3 years ago, Ell the elephant!!!
Awesome but could change
So I have this app and it’s AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Me and my friends love to chat with each other and have video calls especially during Covid 19 but there could be a few adjustments: the main reason I gave this app a four star review is because when it’s past eight o’clock or something it says “the app went to sleep” which is so annoying because I can’t even text my dad! It says something about switching my account!!! Number two: sometimes when I’m doing my homework or just hanging out my iPad will just start getting ONE BILLION texts and calls and it’s so annoying I wish there was some kind of decline button or like a disable button because people will just spam me all day long and they’ll call me and hang up and call me and hang up and it’s soooooo annoying!!! Number three: it’s cool in all how you can decorate you app and stuff but it would be nice if you could make it a bit more detailed because being able to color your app and switch your picture whenever you want is making your app unique and I love that but if you could make it a bit more detailed that would be awesome. Thanks for reading my review and it would be helpful if you could change at least one thing about the app in my review.
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2 years ago, Ashleigh Peach
Some suggestions for you
As a user of this app who is totally blind, just thinking about my future students using it as well, it works pretty well with iOS’ voiceover this, as you might know, is Apple‘s screen reading software. The only suggestion I have so far, is to have kids search for their friends. they can do this now, of course, but after they enter the name of their friend they would like to look up, they’re only given the option to send them an invite. I would think this could be improved, because you never know how many kids might have the same name as their friend they are trying to look up. I would hate to have one of my students look up the wrong person at the wrong time. of course, this is me, speaking as a future special educator for those who are blind or visually impaired. also, can the games work with VoiceOver? If not, that probably needs to be fixed as well. important, all elements and buttons need to be clearly labeled and read correctly by the screen reader on the game. This is also true with the app itself. However, older kids can deduce what’s going on. I’m just thinking for those with cognitive delays.
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5 years ago, Newtonka
My kids love this.. but literally NO boundaries
I have had this app for ONE day and my phone is nonstop blowing up. I have turned all notifications off (which I’d rather not have to do) However. There is not any type of a silent mode or an option to not contact the kids at a certain time. Even with zero notifications my phone keeps going off with all of the phone calls coming in from my child’s friends. Like 10x/minute. It is way too much. I have found myself logging on asking my daughters friends to please respect that it is bedtime. There needs to be some boundaries on this app! Like there should be a “do not disturb” option and also a function that requires parents permission for FaceTiming. Giving them access to chat at any time with friends is a complete invasion of privacy. My daughter respects it once I catch on that she’s FaceTiming.. but I should be able to allow the time frame when she has access to do it period. Already had a “moment” where I had to raise my voice and she’s literally FaceTiming with a friend.. who is in front of her parents.. and they heard everything. Beyond uncomfortable knowing that our privacy is invaded by kids that are just doing what the app allows them to get away with. More boundaries please or this thing is getting deleted. It is overwhelming after day 1.
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7 months ago, sp@rKelz22
Love Hate
While I love that this gives my young son a chance to feel a bit more independent, i absolutely HATE that I’m unable to silence calls on neither my phone nor my sons. Yes I can set sleep hours , but it still allows the call to come thru initially before going to a screen saying it’s during restricted hours. So my son, and everyone else around , is still interrupted for that brief second someone is calling. My son has a friend, who bless his heart , calls much too much and every time is rings on my phone and any other device he uses . Even if it is but a second, it’s still temporarily disrupts anything that anybody’s doing plus it will distract my son from whatever it is he’s doing and when this other child calls over and over that is beyond brush, I have tried logging out of devices I have tried setting the silent sleep hours, but no matter what I do nothing seems to work, and for that reason, I’m looking at deleting this app altogether, because I simply cannot deal with it any longer. If this could be fixed, which, after googling, it seems so many others deal with similar issues, I would give this more stars and I would be happy to use it but at this time, I don’t think that we will be able to continue using it
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1 year ago, 🤸‍♀️gymnast
😍 i love this app!!!
Hello I love this app so much! It has fun stickers and filters but as I got older I started to grow out of it. I have had this app for a long time and I love how secure and safe and kid friendly it is, but I wish you made different appearances and back-rounds and stuff for different age and gender groups. But I love to dance so I love the dance challenges and drawing stuff but again referring back to age groups there Aton of songs I used to like but there is very few I like now. You see I think I was like 7 when I got the app because one of my best freinds moved far away so I got the app so I could talk to her. And when I was seven I did not have a number or anything like that so messenger kids helped me a lot on that situation. And we even talk to each other today and I am almost twelve! And you might say oh well the app is meant for kids young but I think if you guys changed it a little and when you sighted in the found out the kids age and birth day and stuff so you could reccomed the updated version that was made for there age group. Thanks for reading and hopefully considering my ideas, have a good day and a merry Christmas.
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10 months ago, tyjhkgfh
It’s so great
You can bond with your friends when you’re on vacation you can talk to them you can talk to them whenever you want and like if you’re done with school you can go ahead and talk to them on messenger kids it is so good we love it they have games you can make groups with your friends you can take pictures and videos send them to your friends it’s awesome I love messenger kids if you’re not old enough to have messenger you can just have messenger kids is the same thing but like if you have messenger it’s like it’s kind of different but cause I have messenger and messenger kids so if you have kids I’m not just saying this because it’s called messenger kids it is a great thing for your kids you just type in their parents name you have to know their parents for you to be able to connect with their parents and thenYou can like Adam and then you can make groups with your friends you can also get your parents on messenger kids you just need to have Facebook your parents need to have Facebook is the only reason you can have messenger kids it is a great thing I would suggest people to have it is fun
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2 years ago, glaceon queen
This is app it’s really fun but I have a few suggestions messenger kids. 1, please get rid of the glasses on the dog and the panda filter i’ve got glasses two weeks ago and I can’t use the panda filter because I always look strange which is really upsetting because that’s my favorite animal. 2. When you make a group you don’t get to choose a picture for the whole group but I really want to do that because I am really cool pictures of my friends with me. 3. Pls pls add this so when I’m taking a profile picture I can’t like make it black and white like you can in photos please please add that would be so cool and fun. 4. Whenever my friend is over and we call the group so we can talk to our other friend it always makes an ear screeching noises because we’re sitting right next to each other please don’t make that happen it’s really painful for my ears because I have very very sensitive ears. Please make all these things happen because this is such a great app if you’re reading this I’m not a hater of this app I’m a big big fan of it so listen to the title GET RIGHT NOW. byeeee, from one of your loyalist fans ✌🏻
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3 years ago, ginpal
This is exactly what my daughter needed
It was just recently maybe over the past few months where I started to see the change in my 6 year old daughter from that baby whose was trying to figure out how to walk, talk eat etc. You know those general aspects of life we all need to do, to seeing her do Those general things in her own way. There is a point where your baby becomes a person, their own person, with a personality that you can distinguish.. I’ve been doing my best to play with her as I always have, but I’ve noticed that she needs more than just someone Playing with her. She’s becoming her own person which requires her to firm relationships and bonds with other children her age. I can only do so much for her or with her but I’m not a 6 year old little girl and I am her mother. This app is brand new to us something I had no idea about and even just from the download and the directions as well as seeing almost all of her friends from school have and use this app to socialize with their peers. Building bonds with your peers is so important and i know she’s in need this interaction and go also feel like she’s not a baby anymore.
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1 year ago, Yogurlstell
Good, but…
Messenger kids is a overall amazing app with good parent control options. But there are some not so good things that come with the app that I would consider adding/changing, so I will go over some pros, and cons. First cons: It’s annoying that you have to be friends with someone to be snake to make a group. I constantly have to add my Cousins friends because she doesn’t want anyone to be left out. You should be able to make a group with anyone! Also, I would like the app more if you could play games, I know you have some games. But what I’m recommending is while your on video chat with piers you can play games like virtual uno or any thing fun! This one I don’t highly recommend it’s just an idea. That’s really all I’d change about the app. So let’s get into pros, first of I love the fact you can text people while I’m video chat! It’s a wonderful feature! And if I’m being honest every part of the app is amazing! Before you stop reading I have a question, other people can make music videos and add sound, but I can’t? What do you think is happening. The update isn’t doing anything! Anyway have an amazing day . Make sure to slay baddie gurl AUWH
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2 years ago, Djpv
Awsome app but a couple of suggestions
Hi so this app is amazing during Covid I had a way to stay in touch h with some of my closest friends and it just max e me feel better during times like that it’s an awesome app and if ur a parent definitely let ur kid get this app it’s perfectly safe for ur kids and it teaches u how to safe in like totally fun games! Anyways here are some suggestions that might make ur app a bit better: umm me and my friends can only record for a minute and a second and my friend was trying to send me a 4 minute dance and umm she sent me 4 parts and it was harder to memorize so please expand the video record time and also this might just be a glitch but when I send photos from just the photo app that I took on that app it turns it sideways?!?!?! Like what?!?! Anyways that might be a glitch but other then that it’s a great app and also know I ment this in a positive way and over all ur app is awosme but please consider my suggestions instead of just readings and then writing back saying: we will consider these suggestions and then just forget about them but yea this is a good app and keep up the good work
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3 years ago, TimeMagixine
Great, but here's the thing.
So my parents got me this app so i could talk with my friends, as on iMessage I can only talk to my family. And all of my family members have special contact names, but I want to be able to do that with a singular person. Take my BFF for an example, I have so many nicknames/contact names for her, but I can't use them. I was wondering if you could do that, but under the nickname it has a little text bubble that says their actual name. This would mean so much if you could add it. Next thing: I have been thinking of this for a while, but maybe you could have a keyboard like the iMessage one? Basically, you have all the sticker apps on top. Because I would never really use those with my family (except for the Harry Potter stickers!) And I want to use them for my friends, too. Last thing: Maybe you could have a little section in the part of the app, where it tells you the app has gone to sleep, that you can see your messages. Mostly on weekend nights it would help, because I get messages after my app shuts off, and I want to see them. Thanks for reading this, bye!
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1 year ago, Mrs. Peff
Great app but a few suggestions
Ok so I love the app I do recommend it for children by the age of 11/12 or whatever is suitable for your child is a good age to start regular messenger or texting apps for older kids but I do think for this app it should be a little bit more like messenger where you get to search for a contacts name because me and my friend have a ton of contacts and it’s hard to find them lol also I think you should be able to delete texts and pictures if your parent or whoever has the like controls on your app can give access to that also you should be able to edit your texts because I misspell a lot and so do my friends so it’s just kind of easier so hat you don’t have to worry about somebody being like misspelling some important message or something lol I just think that messenger kids should be more like messenger it honestly makes kids feel better about this app lol because a lot of kids including me want to be on messenger and of course are parents say no for safety so like we have to use this and I request this because it would make this app make us feel so more mature lol hope this helps!
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9 months ago, L. X. D. Auther
Sweet App, Needs Work
This is absolutely a great ideal app for parent’s and their kids, me being a child user I love how I can talk with my friends through messages even though they don’t have a phone number. I only have one request that would make me give this app a six star rating if you added this feature/customization to the app. I know coding is hard and app development is even harder, even though I don’t know how, I would be incredibly grateful if you added a dark mode feature to the app. I have poor vision and read a bit oddly. I have a hard time reading black text on white, and a lot of white bright light from my device absolutely blinds me and causes me to squint terribly hard. I read best with bold simple font in a fairly large font size in dark mode, aka, inverted colors, aka, white text on black background. If I could make my message bubbles black even, that would definitely help me out more! Thank you for providing a good, safe, friendly app for kids! I know how much effort it takes for app developers and I think all app developers deserve some appreciation for the hard work y’all put into making us apps that we use daily and help us connect with others or help us in life.
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1 year ago, ❤️💕🥰😍
Best kid messaging app ever!
First and foremost, I thank the developers for creating this app! I have been using this since the beginning of the pandemic because I couldn’t see my friends in person. I love being able to play games and talk with my friends and family. I would like to make two suggestions. First, I am asking that we get to choose our pet on the take care of your pet game from at least three options. Second, I have to agree with the other reviews that you should get to spend all the points you get from games on app wallpapers, stickers, and maybe even more games! I would love it if the app developers would add at least one of these features because everyone is asking for them. I love how there is parental controls to delete certain messages, block people, and choose who to give their child permission to chat with. I have never seen a better app for kids of all ages that allows you to talk with your friends and family. Again, developers, please consider adding at least one of the features I mentioned. Thank you for making this app!
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1 year ago, guysgdgwrtruyey
Messenger kids is awesome
Hi, my name is Addison Dworak I got Messenger Kids when the corona virus 🦠 started everyone nows it 😷 stinks. Parents should give kids this app during this time it is very helpful to kids because they can FaceTime and text their friends and cousins I am a kid and I absolutely ❤️ 💕 💗 Messenger Kids. For parents it is helpful to kids can send requests to there parents if they can get a person on messenger kids the parents approve and search the kid the child wants parent then when they come back onto messenger kids and it says that you can now chat with the person you requested. I would really recommend this app to any kids who’s parents don’t allow them to chat with their friends on actual messages. One thing if messenger kids sees this. I actually miss the big boxes of people that you used to have like in one of the display photos so could you put it back that way. I really liked it that way. Also one more thing could you find more filters like Snapchat filters maybe because the same old normal ones are getting kinda boring. Thank you!!!!😁😁
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2 years ago, mustard and potatoes
Great app but a couple of problems
I really like this app a lot! You can chat with friends, parents, and family! There’s a lot of games you can play by yourself or with a friend/family member! But three problems I had with it is 1. when I worked on a drawing for a while (about 20 minutes) and I sent it to my friend, it only sent the background (I tried drawing a character from a show from a google image background). 2. One time I sent something literally over 1 day ago and when I checked to see if it sent yet, it still didn’t. And this happens so many times that I don’t even think I should text them and instead just call them even if i don’t want to call them. I looked up why this is happening and it said to check your internet but it’s fine and when I turned it off and on it still didn’t send. Why is this happening? 3. Whenever I’m calling my friend the call just randomly hangs up by itself. And it happens a lot. Sometimes my friend thinks it’s me who hangs up even though I don’t. If the creator of this app reads this, can you please try to fix these issues? Have a great day/night!
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2 weeks ago, Frances iCloud
Love it so much
I love you app so much start of with a few things I like when you call you have like filters but I always get the same one but I don’t mind I was just wondering if they change. I love this game because me and my best friend can’t text each other because she’s not allowed on normal messages so she had kids Messager I was always like I wish I could talk to you after school and she was like get kids messager you can talk to me on there and for a while I held back one the idea but then finally I got it it makes me so happy now that I can talk to her over the summer now your app has helped me talk to her so thank you so much . I love your game way more then just talking to friends I like the draw and guess that is pretty fun I love that you can make groups because I have to work on a project with a few friends over the summer and we need to all be able to communicate with each other so now we can work on that . O my I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE PET THING so cuttttteteeeeeeeee!!!!! Thank you for letting me talk be able to talk to my friends in a safe and kind interment:)
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3 years ago, Pat C MN
Amazing but a few things
So, first thing: when I am on great WiFi at my house it says: Waiting to reconnect, then says, reconnecting, and back to waiting to connect. It’s REALLY annoying! I got the latest version of the app but it still won’t work! I cant call my friends this way. Two: So, one of my friends keeps calling me either when I’m reading, playing with my brother, or going to sleep or something. So I really think there should be a “Do not disturb, or something because I don’t like when my friends keep calling me when I can’t call or something. Three: there should be more filters! It be cool if you could add more for fun or something! I love how you can decorate your picture with screenshots from games and color it! But I think you could add some more colors and fades and pastels so we can pick out our favorite color! Four: so, I got this app a year or two ago, and it’s amazing, but there is still the same games! And you can get points, but you can’t spend them on anything. So I think there should be a shop for more games, filters, colors, and more! Overall this is a great game! I feel really safe. Please respond to this.
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3 years ago, forniteemma
Amazing app but suggestions
I’ve only had this app for at least a couple months and over all, its AMAZING! But I have suggestions. 1. Being able to have a frame obviously my mom set up my account and I don’t have Facebook (again obviously) so I can’t have a frame around my profile picture I think this would be a cool feature. Maybe have a button at the top right that has a circle or something and click on it and there is a bunch of frame options? 2. This one isn’t a big deal so u can ignore it. I would love if u could change the background of your chat. So I have an aunt named summer and I screenshot a picture of my new baby cousin that she sent me and I would love if u could tap on her profile picture and there is an option that says: change chatting background and there is a bunch of backgrounds or choose ur own from ur gallery? This is not a big deal tho. 3. (Last one also a glitch) every time I use more then one gif, it glitches and and takes me back to the home screen pls fix this. Anyway, thanks for reading my comment! Bye!❤️‍🔥
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3 years ago, Dawnababes
Glitches Lately
Messenger Kids, in general, is a bit more complicated than regular messengers that we've used in the past. My son uses this app all the time, but the last couple of days he tries to chat with a friend and it doesn't go through. He can see what his friend says, but sometimes he replies and gets the red "!" which, when touched, says "Send Failed - An error occurred while processing this request. Please try again later." It doesn't appear that it's our connection causing a problem as other online things work, and it happens on both the laptop he's using, and on my iPhone. I checked to make sure the app is updated, and it is, but it continues to not send. I see that other people are experiencing issues that sound similar, and that they began around the same time, which is when the app had an update. Developers -please check and see if there is something you can do on your end since there are several having issues. My son and his friends are currently having to use the chat on Roblox to communicate. I might have him just use the regular messenger instead if MK won't work. Thank you for your time and I look forward to your reply!
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2 years ago, lama lilly
My agreement and parents guide.
Hi, I’m Lilly. (Over all I love this app so much, it has great filters and great game’s) But…. I am not a huge fan on the message side I liked it with the bubbles around it but when I recently updated the app it wasn’t there anymore… And me and my friend's really love that it had bubbles around it and (#2 I loved that one game where you got to add music and selfies and stuff but again it’s not on there and I would really love it if you put that back on and sorry if I’m coming off as rude but that’s just my opinion) Also if you are a parent reading this ps. None of this is really affected to the app it’s just the fixes and things like that, if you’re kid wants this app I really suggest this app alot more than more app’s because, before I say if you’re a really protective parent then this is an app for your kid, teen. Now let me get back were I was so, the reason why you’re kid should have this app is because THE SETTINGS ARE MWA PERFECTO. Because the kid’s can’t delete messages and add random people so if you have Facebook or Messenger, and you’re more than welcome to set up you’re kid/kid's Messenger Kids app thank you for you’re time reading this :) have a wonderful weekend.
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4 years ago, bad.bxtch.neia
This is great but just a few problems
I’m 11 and I personally think this app is GREAT! Some problems are when people spam me! I would just be doing homework or something and my sister would constantly send random videos and stuff!😒I would block them but that is just plain rude.😬There should DEFINITELY be a Do not Disturb button! Another problem is saving pictures or videos with stickers or text! Whenever I save a picture or a video with something written on it or a sticker, it doesn’t save the written thing! That just gets me mad! I would want to show my friends at school instead of just opening up the app and scrolling and looking for the video I sent! I also think that the videos you can take should be longer than 1 minute! Let’s say I wanted to make something creative! I would only have 1 minute to do that! THATS JUST CRAZY! ☹️Besides all of those things, I KNOW that messenger kids is a great app for parents who know that they should be able to know and control who and what their kids do when it comes to texting and calling! Thanks for reading my review! It literally means a LOT❤️ (my fingers are about to fall asleep!😂)
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6 years ago, sjdim
Contacts list parents can see is faulty
First of all, it’s not easy figuring out how to delete contacts or add new ones once you have finished initial set up. When I finally figured it out (I had to google it, after I tried downloading the app directly onto my phone to see it I could access parental controls that way), finding out that you access this control from you Facebook account, the contact lists for my two kids were not showing all their contacts. I know this because there were a few relatives I was specifically looking for to delete (not for bad reasons on their part, but just because my kids were bugging them a lot), and they show up on the app for my kids, but not for me to delete from my end. I had to go out of the parental controls for each of my kids and then back in again several times and each time a new contact that previously had not shown up, showed up. It’s really weird. And even still on one of my kids accounts, from my end, it says she does not have her dad as a contact, but I know she does as she messages him all the time on there. This issue needs to be fixed ASAP!
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2 years ago, da panda marissa GiRl
Great app but has room for improvement
Kids Messenger is a great app for kids to contact their friends, coming from a kid themself. Kids can contact their friends and stay in touch with their family. And if you are a parent, you can see what your child sends to their friends. Parents can also block and choose who you want to talk to their child. Now coming from a kids point of view, there can be some additions that could be added to make this app just a little bit better. I would want for kids to be able to change the name of their friends and family. Like if you have your grandmother on Messenger Kids and it says her full name, shouldn’t you be able to change it to just grandma? Also I would want to be able to change ringtones to different people. Because when my friends are calling me it gets annoying to hear the same buzzer, and if I don’t want to talk to that person right now, I might unknowingly accept it because I thought it was my best friend. In all Messenger Kids is a great app. Absolutely would recommend to parents and kids.
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Good App!
Hi! I got this app in 2020 during the pandemic. I was of course like every other kid, cooped up in my house. I couldn’t see any of my friends or even talk to them. Then one day while I was sitting at my counter eating a snack, my Mom brought this old tablet we had up to me and said, “This is an app where you can text your friends.” At first I wasn’t sure what to think about it, and I didn’t use the app often. But after a little while this app became my main way of communicating with my friends and family outside of my house. It was very convient. I talked to my friends daily. I even FaceTimed them as well. Being able to talk to my friends made me feel a lot less lonely. It was also good for my Mom though. She could have complete control over who I messaged and when I could message them. So overall I would rate this 5/5 stars. It’s a good app that gives kids some freedom to talk to their friends and family, but it also gives parents a sense of security as to who their child is texting and what they are texting.
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1 month ago, QandJmom
Love it but hate it
Ok so i rlly like this app!!!I got this spectactular app at the age of 8 so i could still talk too her when i went to my best friends house(since 3)and rlly worked bc when I got the time I would chat with her rlly quick and then get back to my friend and her siblings who I love just as much(her sisters meh) and it rlly worked!!Mission complete!except one thing where I rlly tried but it wouldn’t let me call her at all and idk if it was the dang iPad(I hate iPads)or the app(but I’m an iPad kid ofc)but I will not blame u guys cause I’m sure u guys work to make it the way it is(ty for all the amazing updates y’all have make over the years there fantastic)so yea!I’ll say more later byeeeeee. God bless you! Quinn Coffman A. ur gurl who likes pink pearls byeee P.s even when I get a phone and use messages it doesn’t mean we’re over I’ve got a friend who will Probably still be using this app so don’t worry It doesn’t mean over it just means more friends and fun for to have !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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9 months ago, Wewizwabweth
Good but some changes plz
Okay so messenger kids gotta new update where you can get chat bubble colors but it does not work for an iPad. Please change that. It is upsetting and not really fair to those who use an iPad. Sure it isn’t a big deal but it would be a minor change and would be easy to fix. Also there should be a feature to have a kid’s friend be able to see another’s friend. Like if they start a call with somebody you don’t have as a friend, there could be a “Join Another’s Call” button. Then maybe a notification on the screen of that friend that says “Accept Friend”. If they click it then that friend could join even though they don’t have that one person as a friend. Then that could be a nice detail. Anyways love the work. Keep it up! Oh yeah and make it so they can’t swear. My friend (Not a messenger kid friend to me) noticed that her “used to be a friend” (not a messenger friend to me as well) sent her a message with swearing in it. A lot. She showed me right when that happened and she is not friends with that person anymore. But plz change that!
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2 years ago, nickname🥔🥝🍡🪴🍭
I love this app but I need to report a bug
This is a good app but there’s this bug in my system when I try to call a group chat it’s just like me on there and all the other people it won’t ring them so when I try to call my friends on a group chat it won’t let me but I am a kid reviewing this soThis is a really good app overall but I feel like whenever like your friends trying to make a group chat but you don’t have that contact you should be able to do that because it makes you have to go through this whole thing like who’s the kids parents and who are they are but if you like no the kid not maybe they’re from school but you don’t have them on kids messenger like you have to verify that you actually know them black kids messenger would send them a text and asked if I know you also, there’s not many updates up I feel like there needs to be more pizzazz with it it’s kind of boring now but text messages won’t really work and it’s kind of boring add some more pizzazz please it’s really good app but please look over my suggestions thank you!!
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3 years ago, unicornia350
Overall great but a few suggestions
I love this app and it's great for contacting and staying in touch with my friends, especially during COVID. A few suggestions though: There should DEFINITELY be a "do not disturb" mode to let people know that you're doing something and don't want any texts, or better yet, just don't let other people text you at all when do not disturb is on. I'll be doing homework or on zoom in class and I'll be getting a whole bunch of texts, which is distracting because I really want to talk to my friends but I also need to get my schoolwork done. You should also be able to record a video that's over a minute. I also think that you should be able to have more than on color for all of your contacts on the list, and you should also be able to pin a certain amount of contacts that you talk to more than others. Also, it frustrates a lot of people when you rotate out the games. If there's a game people really like to play, and then the app takes it off, it's EXTREMELY frustrating... Anyways, this is an overall great app but it needs a couple of changes.
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