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User Reviews for Messenger

4 out of 5
1.3M Ratings
6 months ago, bayhya
Ideas And Fixes
This app is truly amazing! Every-time I meet a new friend or a new person, I ask them for their messenger, but not all of them have it. I use it to talk to my friends, hangout with them, and mostly have fun. The only things I don’t like about this app is that sometimes for every 10 seconds I get on in a call, it closes the call. It is fixed! But i wanted to clarify that just incase any body else is having trouble with that same reason. The filters have changed, and some were deleted which I am not happy about, Including the games. The whole games section has been deleted on Apple devices or so, but I used to love them. This is one of the best apps I’ve used for texting, messaging, and calling, but if there is any fixes, please tell me! Also, whenever I try texting somebody, it never sends. It is also fixed now, (for my device) but some people still have these problems. And I also know that it is connected to instagram, and Facebook. But it doesn’t change profile pictures except after 10 minutes for people which gets me confused and I Sometimes send random things to the ring friends, family, or person. Anyway, this app is mostly good. But it still needs fixing. But overall, I think this deserves a good amount of support! Thank you!
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2 years ago, sfw314
Reliably crashes at launch on iPad with Magic Keyboard
A messenger app installation on that has worked for years crashed today when popping up the emoji selection window. Restarting the app now crashes immediately on launch. After uninstallation (clearing local data), restarting the device, re-installation, the app runs long enough to enter credentials, but then crashes when continuing. Further attempts to restart the app crash on launch as before. WITH FURTHER WORK, I have tied-down this crash to an iPad mounted on a Apple Magic Keyboard. While the app crashes when launched while the keyboard is attached, it will launch if the keyboard is detached, though the app seems in a fragile state once the keyboard is re-attached. For instance, if the track pad pointer is positioned over a “Sharrow” next to a message, the app will crash. Function can be recovered, again, by relaunching the app without the keyboard. THIS SEEMS TO BE NOW FIXED IN VERSION 366.1… THANKS!
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2 years ago, Puppy07182020
App going downhill fast.
Ever since the last update the calls have been messing up bad when I try to call someone it says I’m calling myself and keeps ringing and ringing for so long I have to turn my phone off completely to get it to stop on top of that messenger it self as been messing up my data it will turn my data off out of nowhere or it won’t even recognize I have data on at all it just keeps saying “ no Internet connection” when I have full bars of LTE and even more on that note calls will randomly end or it will only end on me or said persons end but never showed on the other persons end and the whole time you think you’re on call you really not video length is way too short my friends can’t even send me videos without having to crop them into separate parts and same for me I keep getting kicked out of messenger almost on a daily basis nowadays and sometimes it keeps saying that my information is wrong when I never change my login information and don’t get me started on how many times it says “unable to login” over and over again on a daily basis and on top of the fact and stuff it has very bad security measures if you get hacked or so on. All the recent updates for a while On this app have just been making this app worse and worse and it has so many bugs and glitches it’s not even funny this app has gone to complete garbage.
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2 years ago, ladylambert
Messenger keeps kicking me off
For the past three days messenger has literally been kicking me from the app nonstop. If I’m lucky I can get it to work enough for me to send maybe one message before it starts doing the same thing. I click the app to open it, it tries to open, then immediately shuts down. Over and over and over. And now when I do get into it, if it actually allows me to stay on the app, it no longer allows me access to my photos. I try to go to settings to allow access, but the app isn’t asking for permission in my settings. So I can’t even fix that. But I’m more concerned with the fact that I literally can’t get messenger to open unless I shut my phone off and on three or four times in a row. And when it does let me in, I know I have a limited amount of time before it does it again. It’s done this once before I few months back, and there was an update that fixed it and I had no more issues until recently. So I keep looking on here for an update, but haven’t seen one yet- so I’m curious if it’s just my phone specifically or if it’s the app itself. Either way it’s extremely irritating especially when it’s the main (and basically only) way that I communicate with people. And now I can’t even do that. It’s extremely frustrating to just continuously be kicked out of the app for no apparent reason. Please fix this..
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2 years ago, albertczzzz
Retrieve those important features on Messenger
I noticed that a few useful features on Facebook and Messenger were removed these days. (1) The new update to bury the buyer’s profile icon from an order is disappointing and useless. (2)The notification of receiving orders from Messenger now is gone. (3)Messages from potential buyers on Messenger automatically disappear after turning off the app (or after a particular amount of offline time.) As a seller, I always reach out to my buyers for delivery of their packages and, at least, say thank you for their purchase. Now these important features, both online and on the app, were buried so that there’s no way to contact my buyers for that or for any shipping issues involving the orders, if that could possibly happen. Now the only way for me to contact my buyers is to raise a new conversation by typing their full names and looking into their profile images for recognizing if they’re the right person. But the problem is that the new message may or may not been seen by the buyer in time, because I’m not a friend of the buyer to raise the conversation, and the message may be treated as spam message and has notification to the buyer at all. I’m looking forward to getting those useful, important features back on Marketplace/ Messenger.
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4 weeks ago, Bella's brother Tristan
useful for those who don’t have a phone no.
communication with this app is almost just like texting someone, with several differences & one of them is you can see who isn’t or is online at the time of chatting with them… as far as using Facebook or Messenger goes (some people choose to turn off their Active Status) this only applies to people that are friends with each other on FB. another fact about Messenger, that is non-similar to text messages, is you can archive messages sent to you from anyone, which if your familiar with archiving stories on Facebook, the concept is almost the same. the only other unique difference i can think of is the ability to edit chat thread backgrounds (tap on that person‘s profile picture, choose Theme as the 1st choice under Customization, pick one of the many options available or go to the bottom Colors and Gradients section to decide on your favorite to set for that certain chat between you & him/her/they) those are the only reasons why I think Messenger is a decent app to use for purposes related to reaching out to anyone with a FB account.
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2 years ago, Blatisian
Video length is too short
I have friends that talk through videos when I’m not available, instead of audio only or typing. And I will get 10-20+ videos at a time from one person. Please upgrade the app to make videos 3 minutes max, instead of 20 seconds. It would make things so much better. I know I’m just one person. But maybe look at your data to see how many people use the video message function and if they are sending multiple at a time as well. Please and thank you. Edit. Also, maybe add a highlight to videos already viewed by me on my side. If I start watching them and that friend texts or sends a new video, the entire conversation jumps to the bottom and I lose my place. And trying to figure out where I left off in 20+ 20 second videos is a hassle; 40+ today(all at once). Like a yellow outline around the seen videos and blue around the ones I haven’t viewed yet. Something like that, that’s colorblind friendly lol. No purples and blues or greens and reds together, cuz they will blend and I and others like me wont be able to tell which is which 😂. Thank you
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7 months ago, MehMeki
Are you actually freaking kidding me Facebook…. I change my password constantly on Facebook and messenger so I don’t get hacked because clearly it’s so easy to do….. and when i recently did I can no longer access my Facebook account, the app won’t work, it won’t even give me the option to log in with my new password just that it’s unavailable because of technical issues on your part, then I try to use my meta quest and change my password again so now I can no longer access my messenger app either…. I can only get into Facebook from an actual web page but that’s what apps are for people…. Then I log into Facebook on the web browser and try to see my messages but I can only see them with the messenger app!? Are u freaking serious?? So I can just never see my messages again? I’ve already deleted an redownloaded multiple times and it still don’t work… I’ve even given it time for u to fix you “technical error” and tried again every few weeks and still nothing…... Fix your sH!+ id like to be able to use my messenger and Facebook app I’d like to be able to post things I’d like to have access to my pictures I put on there of my family! Seriously 😒
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4 weeks ago, 713_vxleria
It’s great, but…
The app is great because of how often my mother has used it and it’s pretty good not going to lie! But once I downloaded it it was a disaster, I tried to make a account but I accidentally didn’t read one of the things they had to say so I pretty sure it was about synching the contacts so I didn’t read that and then when I was actually logged in I couldn’t search for my contacts because it said that “no results found” and my whole purpose of being on messaged was to talk to my family so now that was bulldozed by not being able to synch or search for my contacts. And I’m not able to make a new account because it said at the end about a Facebook account, and if I pressed that I didn’t have a account (which I didn’t) I would have to make one which I never asked for, nor wanted, so I was forced to get a account which I say this again… I NEVER WANTED, so then I just deleted the app whole because I NEVER wanted a Facebook account but I was forced to, I wasn’t able to get on messenger, and I just wish the sign up or log in was more simple. Messager here’s a message: STOP NEEDING PEOPLE TO HAVE A FACEBOOK ACCOUNT WHEN PEOPLE NEVER WANT ONE, AND ALSO MAKE THE SIGN UP MORE SIMPLE 👏🏼👎🏼
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1 year ago, katThetruthnow
How many times have I gotten messages or people I’m already Friends with trying to friend me again from hackers??? Pretty sure that’s how my whole phone was hacked! - and money almost stolen! Contacts erased- crazy stuff going on the last few years! And it’s only getting worse and more frequent!! Can you please get control of the hackers. I use this app to keep in contact with family and friends that live far away and also my health and wellness clients. It would be nice to not have to worry about being hacked all the time. It was bad enough when there were just landlines- yes, I’m that old, and proud of it! The DO NOT CALL LIST really worked and couldn’t steal your info unless you actually told it to them on a call. This is getting, well, not getting, but IS RIDICULOUS. How can almost everyone I know have been hacked?? And the hacker messages from friends on messenger trying to scam you—- I GOT A MESSAGE THE OTHER DAY FROM SOMEONE THAT IS DEAD!!! THESE PEOPLE OBVIOUSLY AREN'T TOO SMART, but SMART ENOUGH TO SIT AROUND ALL DAY, play on a computer,AND STEAL FROM PEOPLE WORKING HARD FOR THEIR MONEY and WORKING HARD to survive in this world!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO STOP THIS?
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2 months ago, 🤧😷🤠🤡👺👹👿👻
Please update ASAP I’m gettifn frustrated with the “message failed to sent” error
I don’t know if I’m just not understanding why but this is the first time this has happened to me can you please update the app I’m writing this Christmas Day 2023 and I sent messages to a bunch of people saying merry Christmas and most of them went through but there some messages saying failed to send when i don’t understand hod that’s possible because I have great phone cellular service and great internet so I don’t understand. I tried deleting a bunch of old chats and restarting my phone but it’s still doing that. The into thigh I didn’t do that I’m curious if it will work or not if I’d if I delete messenger completely and then redownload it but I don’t want to lose any information on the app if I do that. It still lets me message people but it’s a pain when I try to mesages certain people and it does that when I’ve never experienced this problem before until now. PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP PLEASE because messenger is one of the ways I talk to friends and family the most and it’s hard to do that right now when I’m getting the error message. Thanks please fix this bye.
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5 months ago, justinharris171185
Major accessibility issue!
This has been going on now for over a month, and I never said anything, hoping it would get fixed, but many updates have been released and still nothing. To be clear, it's an issue with Voiceover, the built in screen reader, and it happens both on iPhone and iPad. This bug is so incredibly annoying and absolutely infuriating! When in a chat, when new messages come in, Voiceover focus is jumped very far back up the thread, and the only way to get it back is to find the keyboard and then move up, to find the most recent messages. That works sometimes but then others the keyboard is hidden somehow, and it becomes almost impossible to find the new messages in the chat. And then, once you finally get there, what do you know? The person just sent you another message, making you have to repeat the cycle all over again! Lather rinse repeat, lather rinse repeat. This doesn't happen on the FB app, or even on whatsapp, or any other app I have for that matter. It only happens on Messenger. It has made the app an absolute disaster to use, and should be fixed IMMEDIATELY!!
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2 years ago, wtracy229
Scammers n Messenger
I would like everyone to know that these iPhones can be mirrored if your being scammed by ignorant scammers threw messenger by way of two authentication factors if txt messages are highlighted/clicked on their phones and no one NOT even Verizon WARNED anybody of this. My phone has been hacked I was locked out of my Facebook page an ALL the messages the hacker sent me threw messenger was deleted and locked messenger all in one. I was scammed out of over $700 and my phone showed me another device was connected to my phone ALL my Family and Friends in my CONTACT LIST were contacted by these hackers using my photo making them think they were me. This is a sad situation cause I’m ONLY live off Disability born disable little money with 2 children that needs my help. I’m totally upset with VERIZON if I had Not had a brain surgery last month maybe I had a chance of seeing this was a Scam but my thinking is slower right now. Verizon need to have it where your passwords can ONLY be changed on the device you created it on. STOP THESE SCAMMERS AND SEND THEM TO PRISON ASAP. These ppl sits around and think of how to take from the poor ppl ALL DAY.
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2 months ago, Ashleigh Peach
Thank you for making it better for users of voiceover.
We can only compare ourselves to ourselves, our past performance that is. Recently, we were interacted with Messenger in the “people, “tab, VoiceOver would lose focus on the person I was trying to message. No, it seems a whole lot better… So far. I’ve had a couple successful attempts at messaging the right person that VoiceOver spoke to me. thank you, but how do I get rid of people I no longer need? I cannot see a way to do this, other than by blocking them. The people are not on Facebook, but I don’t want to delete my Facebook account completely, and start over. If I have to, though, I will. by the way, I can only block people who messaged me, but going to more, and then block. After that, of course, confirm the block. Messenger for PC, although this is not my PC, seems to work very well with Jaws for windows. That is my screen reader there.
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6 months ago, Magcath
Opens the wrong chat
So FB Messenger gets the job done for the most part and is pretty easy to use. I do use it for most of my communication with friends and family at this point. 3 stars though because for the past few months it keeps opening the wrong chat about 30% of the time. I’ll tap to open one, it looks like it opens it correctly, but then when I look at the top it’s the wrong person entirely. I don’t always notice this and sometimes end up messaging the wrong thing to the wrong person, which could be disastrous depending on the person (like texting your aunt a meme meant for your bestie, or your grandparent something personal meant for your significant other). I’ve updated the app and my phone to the latest versions and submitted feedback through the app and nothing has changed for MONTH. It’s a very annoying glitch that can ruin your entire experience. It’s nice that you can unsend messages but I now have trust issues with this app.
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1 year ago, hoaxland
Won’t Load on Generation 9 iPad
When I first got my new iPad the Messenger app worked fine. A few days ago I had to change some security settings on Facebook. A few minutes later when I tried to launch Messenger it just would not load. I tried all the fixes: doing a shutdown of my iPad, completely deleting Messenger and then shutting down iPad, reloading the app after the shutdown and startup, detaching the iPad from the Apple keyboard as a previous user suggested then going through the delete, shutdown, reload process again. No matter how I try to launch it (through FB icon, through the Open button after downloading it from App Store, or by clicking on the actual Messenger icon) it will not open - the refresh circle just keeps spinning. The interesting thing is that I can launch and use Messenger on both my iPhone and my MacBook Air. My iPad does not have cellular capabilities just Internet and I have checked all those settings? Looking for solutions!
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4 weeks ago, Brian Kirkpatrick
social media
I think Facebook Twitter TikTok and all the social media platformsIs an absolute cancer not only on our youth but the entire planet for some reason It’s weird how something that I believe was supposed to be for people to socialize and get together and have a good time with it but most people took it used it for trashingAnd hurting other people that they didn’t like or they were standing in their way of something and that’s just one negative aspect of this thing countless people get addicted to staring at the screen watching porn I don’t judge have no issue with it butThey end up getting addicted to it may sound funny but many lives have fell apart because of that. Other Countries i’ll name nameless use it to their advantage toDo us harm the FBI uses it to track us and anything else they could do to use it against us as well as other government agencies . this will never happen but if it all goes away tomorrow we will be much better off I know I will be
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7 months ago, PrincessKewiii
I absolutely love the app, but…
I really love Facebook messenger don’t get me wrong. It is my primary form of communication through social media, but no matter how hard I try to not let it bug me that I can no longer see if my messages deliver, I can’t help it. It’s been over a year since Apple took the little circle away when you send a message until that person views it and it’s still nerve racking to me. Especially with the fact that on Androids and at least some Windows PC’s, it still allows you to have the circle. Occasionally my app will glitch and if someone else logs into their account on my phone it will allow them to have the circle. Anyways, if there’s any chance that small problem could be solved, I would gladly give a full 5 star rating. But until that day comes, I’ll stick with a 4. Honestly if it would allow me to give a 4.5 rating I definitely would.
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7 months ago, Nafish Nawal
Added back delivered status in ios messenger
Since the latest messenger update for IOS, on the 15th March 2023 there is no delivered label just after I send a message. When I used to send a message to someone there use to be a transparent tick in a littel circle then once the message had been delivered to that person’s device. The tick would change from a transparent circle to a filled circle with a tick in it still . Since the update on the 15th March 2023 the circles have gone and now it just says a message is sent and when it has been read . But I don’t know if the person who I am messaging if there message has been actually delivered just sent or not because there is no delivered sign anymore . It’s quite a worry especially as if it is something important I am sending to someone I don’t know weather the message has been delivered or not as it only says sent now and then it will only say seen once they open the message but please please can the delivered Status be added back to the IOS messenger .
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Just a thought but what if the people we talk to regularly what if we got a notification when they were online only the people we talk to regularly though or people we choose like in settings to have notifications every time they’re online because I personally message my cousin like every single day but it takes like an hour and a half to get a hold of them because they’re usually not online when I’m online or I’m not online when they’re online and so it takes like an hour and a half to actually get a hold of them if not longer and so if I got a notification like just a little ding or something like that whenever they were online then I would know when they were online and I could talk to them and it wouldn’t take so long to get a hold of them Just a thought thx 🙏
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1 year ago, fdarby82
One terrible feature that MUST be fixed
Messenger has, for perhaps 2+ years, had one extremely bad feature that apparently the entire internet is trying to figure out how to disable. At the top of the chat list, there is a row that starts with "Create Room", which has suggestions of people to chat with that are online now. This is 100% useless, and disturbing in some cases. It will suggest people you are Facebook friends with from 10 years ago but have no interest in messaging. It will suggest ex's who you don't want to see again, but don't want to unfriend. It will suggest people you interacted with on marketplace during a sale, but have no intention of ever contacting again. In some of these cases, it is weird and jarring to see these peoples faces pop up. How -- HOW?? -- has this incredibly stupid feature not been fixed in 2 years of updates? If they must keep this feature, just give us some way to control who pops up there -- without unfriending them -- please. It's ridiculous that we can't. There are huge Reddit threads asking this same question.
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2 years ago, Chapala22
Rude employee
My wife and I were in CB for some lunch. The older man host was very rude to us telling us to move out of way that we were blocking the entrance to the restaurant. We were told it was a 15 minute wait but we waited 50 minutes. The older man said You should know when you come here you will have to wait. I saw 2 cashiers waiting with nothing to do. 3 ladies in the front of the store just walking around. Trying to stop the thieves I guess. 3 employees at the podium to seat guests, with 1 poor guy to clean tables WOW. Little excessive to me. YOU Need to focus on our elderly and have an area where they can sit. Outside is not the answer Too uncomfortable for them. An elderly couple with canes had to stand for nearly an hour. Shame on you. Totally unacceptable !! As for your merchandise, that is not why we visit. It is the food. Store manager should put employees where they need them If you can’t find employees then CB is doing the wrong thing. Pay your employees a decent wage and you would not have staffing problems. CB made MILLIONS last year. I know I won’t get a reply because that is the way CB is.
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2 years ago, TheRealKit
Worked well until a few weeks ago…
UPDATE: Found out through digging online that an app called “Lockdown” was blocking me from being able to log in. Turned it off for a moment and it let me log in. Leaving this here in case someone is having the same issue. This app worked well for the several years that I’ve had it and used it. A few weeks ago I got a flood of notifications for one message my friend sent, so I deleted and reinstalled the app to try again. Now it won’t even let me log in and has an error message that pops up. I saw several other people had this issue, so I thought it would be fixed fairly quickly. I used the web version to access messenger… well now they’re phasing that out and it’s no longer possible to look at messenger without the app… that I can’t log into.
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4 years ago, AlexN.64-Bit
Staple features removed and NOW breaking bugs
Honestly a lot of the features being removed I get. Especially with the app being rebuilt from the ground up. Within the last day or so going into any conversation *instead of just one from a recent bug report* I will be kicked out back to the conversation selection screen with the animation like I swiped to go back there myself but I didn’t. And even if I’m in the middle of typing it can happen to. On top of whatever was being typed being gone when *trying* to go back to the conversation. Also when it force backs you out some reason all the conversations flash out of existence for a few seconds. I was going to say maybe it was just my phone. I restarted my phone and uninstalled and reinstalled and even cleared app data to no avail. But it also happens on my IPhone SE which is on the latest 13.4.1 update like my 11 Pro max right now. So I pretty much can’t reliably use messenger now on any of my phones and have to go to a laptop. I’m also very confused as to the fact this just started happening today. And not the day of the update 🤔
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8 months ago, fynwine
Karns Foods
There is not one Bad thing we can say about Karns! We have been customers for years and they are our go to for anything we need in the line of groceries. Anything we need and have purchased for our table or home has been Grade AAA. Their meats and produce are outstanding and the courtesy that comes with their employees is always a reason to come back. We applaud the Karns family for the pride they take in ownership and their loyalty to their customers in hiring courteous and respectful employees as their staff, along with the quality of the meats and groceries they provide. Thank you to the Karns family, you will always be number 1 in our book of places to shop for what we eat. And….. we are grateful to be blessed with a store so close to our current home location and in each of our homes we have lived in the Harrisburg, West Shore and York ares.
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2 years ago, VonMob
Harassing Phone Calls Through Messanger App
This app is very intrusive! There is no way to disable the constant phone calls you guys allow anyone on your friends list to send. I went online to find a way to disable the phone calls coming directly from Messanger and found out you can only disable if you deny access to camera, microphone and phone. This makes no logical sense. In real life people need your permission to call you. You actually have to give someone your number to call you. There are a lot of weirdos using this app. There are many scam artists using this app. Nobody should be receiving calls through this app all day and night. Why isn’t there an option to disable the phone calls?! It makes you want to uninstall this entire app because it’s too intrusive. I have done everything I can do and yet these people keep calling my phone through this app. It’s irritating and shouldn’t be allowed as it’s harassing when someone doesn’t desire people to keep calling them. Fix this expeditiously please and thank you. It’s too much
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4 years ago, cat1122334321
New update is total garbage
They have changed a few things on this latest update and it feels like a step backwards in my opinion. First off... when my friends and I share location you can no longer see the their location without having to click on the map, then zooming in a lot farther than you ever should have to. And most of the time that location is not even correct. Secondly you can no longer see if the other person has seen your message without opening conversation (which was very useful). Also the new emojis for reacting to pictures are not good and they need to be changed back to the ones prior to the update. In the previous version you could click on stickers that were sent to you and the pack that it came from would show up and you could use them if you wanted to... now you can still click on them but all it does is show you the pack and you cannot use them. You have to go back to stickers and find that pack to use them. This new update is not at all user friendly and Facebook needs to go back to previous version.
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4 years ago, dashcraft11
Worst Service I Have Ever Seen
I have never been more disappointed. I am a big Facebook Marketplace person and sell things all the time but I have had ONE CONSISTENT UNRESOLVED PROBLEM. Messenger will NOT send me notifications when someone messages me through marketplace! If a friend messages me it comes through just fine but if it comes through marketplace there is no notification whatsoever. I have done my own trouble shooting, being a very tech literate person, and have tried multiple devices including my new iPhone Xs. I have checked settings, redownloaded the app, reset my phone, AND REPORTED the PROBLEM to Facebook 3-4 times now with NO RESPONSE whatsoever. I have missed important messages and sales because of this. I have done my own research to find that others ARE HAVING THE SAME PROBLEM with also no response from facebook. I’m a patient person and don’t like leaving bad reviews but I have been dealing with this problem for a LONG time now. At least other places respond to you problems even if they can’t fix them. I am severely disappointed Facebook.
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4 years ago, Qwiss-iwnl
Why update it to make it worse?
Why did you have to update messenger, remove cool feature like popping emojis in chat, add a really cool feature imo: the ability to spam emojis in chat, and then remove the spamming again? Why are you adding features to then later remove them and why did you remove old features? Please bring back the ability to check if someone has seen your message without having to enter in the chat and #bringbackoldmessenger ;( Update: Now, after a few more updates, it got a lot worse. If I try to send more than 10 pictures at a time, it doesn’t work. Like it straight up doesn’t send the pictures. If I want to look at pictures within a chat, they don’t load unless I wait for like an hour. You still can’t fast forward within a voice recording and to select a different album than just “recents” when sending photos and videos is a pain and it’s better to do it off of the gallery app. Also none of these problems are because my phone is slow or because of bad internet, I have an iPhone X with 100mb/s down/up wi-fi.
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4 years ago, licialowoke :)
Can’t Login
For the past month, I haven’t been able to log into my account on Messenger. I’ve reported the problem twice through Facebook with no feedback. When I try to login, it says, “Unable to login. Please try again later.” I’ve tried using “Forgot Password,” but it glitches and won’t let me continue. I have tried every login and password combination I have had in the past as well as what the current login should be and can’t get in! When I use Facebook through my Chromebook I can view messages that way, but it’s very inconvenient since my laptop is outdated and barely functions. Nothing looks suspicious, so I don’t believe my account has been compromised. I also can’t view messages through a mobile browser as it just directs me back to the login screen for the app. I need to be able to get in through my phone, but no word back from the Facebook team. I’ve updated regularly, and checked the FAQs which don’t provide any useful info. I hope the Facebook team will look into this, otherwise I’ll have to drop Messenger, which I really don’t want to do.
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4 years ago, Grobo555
This app is an absolute joke
What a dumpster fire of an app. I’ve always had problems with messenger, but they’ve often been minor and have sometimes been resolved. It’s ridiculous how long it took to get more (but still not all) emojis available as emoji buttons for chats, but they eventually added this inconsequential feature. It would be nice if they expanded the color/theme options, but I can live without that. Recently, though, things have just gotten worse. The removal of polls in group chats is ridiculous. There’s no reason for such a feature to be taken away. Facebook has been “working to add them back” for months now. Additionally, my main issue with the app is that I’m now completely unable to make new group messages. This has happened once before, and I had to delete and reinstall the app to fix the problem. I should never have to do that, but at least it worked. The problem has resurfaced now, though, and even deleting and reinstalling hasn’t solved the problem. I guess the app is just permanently broken for me? Good on you, Facebook. What a waste.
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3 years ago, DelSol2
Bugs in the system
Right now I am currently not thrilled with the messenger application I use in order to be able to communicate with family and friends due to the fact that I have family all over the entire world and friends as well. The same day that I sent messages out to several my friends and they replied back to me was when I noticed that there was an issue. I tried to send a message back to my friends and family and I could not do so. I got this little red circle on the right side of the message that says couldn’t send. Then I also was able to figure out I was not receiving messages anymore however I could make and receive video calls. Currently at this moment I am able to receive messages but I am still unable to send written messages or emoji‘s and I cannot do a verbal message either. Facebook has been notified two times and I’m still not getting anything done regarding my issue. Dear Facebook I hope you see my comment and get on the ball and do something to fix my account. Have a good day.
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5 years ago, smarchetti
New update looks really bad
Most of the people I’ve seen have just been complaining so I’m going to try and make this review at least a little helpful. This new update has so much wasted space. Just yesterday the formatting was pretty much perfect from a design standpoint, but now there is so much unused white space at the top of the screen. Even just the word “Chats” takes up so much unnecessary space which previously encompassed everything that wasn’t actual chats (like stories and your profile info. The previous design was perfectly fine and there was no need to change it, and changing your design completely won’t make a significant number of people suddenly decide to download the app. If nothing else, give everyone the option to go back to the previous version. As a lover of web design, I know white space can be useful, but it can be extremely harmful if there is too much unused space, and that is exactly what happened. You messed up with this one, but there’s still an opportunity to fix it, or at least canter to those who know this is bad design.
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3 years ago, xtosmia
Facebook needs to redesign all of its messaging apps
I honestly can’t understand how they allow so many bugs and glitches in this app to go on and on forever. For starters, if you accidentally add a theme and emoji to a group chat, everyone gets notified. But then you can’t remove themes. You can only CHANGE to another theme. Who programmed this app? Seriously? Why can’t you remove themes completely? Please explain the reasoning. And hyperlink previews often don’t work. Sometimes they do. But not always, and it seems to be tied to themes. Group chats with themes tend to have this bug. And when you UNSEND a message, they feel the need to alert everyone about it. Why?? So annoying. Sometimes you message the wrong person/group. It happens. It should allow a clean unsend like Instagram messanger. With no trace or alerts. Facebook needs to sit down with Instagram and WhatsApp and go over the BEST and WORST features of each app and make ONE that works across ALL platforms. For example, allow LIKES in WhatsApp. Allow unsend without alerting everyone. Allow hyperlink previews. Alow GIFS to play (Gifs do not play in Instagram, but they do in WhatsApp & FB). This is a typical problem in the modern era. No broad level quality control. It’s whack-a-mole programming and new platform aquisition by everyone. And the unbelievable ad targeting you get due to bots constantly reading your messages. Wow. No privacy whatsoever. We need a change. Otherwise, the app works nicely.
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6 years ago, Silverramette
Facebooks messenger app is a pointless application—everyone already has free text messaging and pays for cell phone service, so why create a new application (for things like virtual yard sale) and ask for permissions to text and call? I find it absolutely absurd that I have to download an app to view messages from a web based platform. (No I DO NOT have the FB app, thank you.). Not only that but the two rarely communicate efficiently. After you check messages in the app, FB profile will still show a messages notification. On top of that every time you use it asks for notifications to be turned on (why? When FB should be notifying you?) and asking for permission for microphone and camera. The app drains battery power when you do have notifications turned on especially in group chats—pinging every time there is a new comment. I’m not sure what a good use for this app is—it should be reintegrated back into Facebook and allow users to check messages from the web based platform.
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8 months ago, T. Bruce Simpson Jr.
Messenger is trap for the unwary Facebook user
Facebook has pathetically inept protections to thwart hackers from abusing messenger to steal and hack Facebook accounts. Even worse, once you report identity theft to Facebook they do little to nothing to help you or correspond with you. They have no customer phone line to help their users who have been victims. Worse, their help section online it’s also useless. It took me a month for me and my friends reporting identity theft and attempted theft via my stolen account. The hacker thief was encouraging my 3800 friends to download a cash app so he could steal their money. All this was reported numerous times to Facebook over 30 days but they did nothing. I was finally able to get my account back after many friends blocked me and thought I was nuts. Facebook makes billions of dollars a month off its users but fails to protect them from identity theft, theft and a ruined reputation despite the fact they know all this wrong doing is taking place. Unconscionable consumer service by a publicly traded company.
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8 months ago, Amy Holcomb
Why can’t you archive multiple chats at once???
So, if you ever post anything and you get 100 different people that are interested in it, it created 100 chat threads and it’s very frustrating to have to go through and individually archive every single chat after that item is gone. And if you’re ever contacting multiple people about a specific item to buy, you have to still go through and individually archive every single chat. It makes no sense with today’s technology to have to do this and I don’t understand why they don’t have this option already built into the Messenger. If you don’t archive the chat and let’s say somebody marks an item at sold at a later point, it looks like you have a new message in messenger so then you have to go through and scroll down through all the old chat that you didn’t archive to try and find that chats as it seem like you have unread chats.
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3 years ago, Bgzorro
Some of the latest features missing
Did the developers just give up on this app for iPad or something? I see that the latest update was two weeks ago, and usually Facebook likes to update all of their apps every two days 🤨 While the app *is* functional, it lacks some of the updated features that are all available on the iPhone app and mostly available via the direct website — such as FB avatars stickers and the like (i do appreciate the extra choices for emoji reacts, tho’; i just wish there were more heart options with that). My iPad is on the latest OS (iPadOS 14) and is an iPad Air 2...this latest update of Facebook Messenger is an incomplete version of the latest update for its version on iPhone 😐 would be nice to access ALL of the latest features on this app for iPad, since there’s more space on my iPad than on on my iPhone to support it. Hopefully, y’all will come back with a new update of ALL the latest features soon...
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4 years ago, Lori_Green
Please Do This !!!!!
I’m not trying to write a bad review or anything but... Can y’all update this app by telling us our emails in the settings. Because had an Messenger account and then I had forgot the password word. Then, I had to make a new one but I couldn’t use my regular phone email so I had to come up with another one because it was an account (my old account) that was already use. But now I had my Phone number changed and now I can’t log into my account. Because my account is not set up on this phone number but on my old one. SO CAN Y’ALL ALSO let us have an option to change our phone number on there ??? And I don’t have Facebook account I only have an Messenger so I can’t log in with the Facebook login. Thank you for reading. 🙏🏾 || MINUTES LATER: just found out u can’t have Messenger with an Facebook account so bye Messenger had a good time with u but bye.
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4 years ago, HEYYYYY YAAAAA
What if...
What if the facebook account gets hack and then you can’t also return or log in to the messenger which the account from facebook? Still not secured here. I hope that problem fix, waiting for the day it changes. My relatives just get hack a week ago, they thought it’s fine because they don’t addicted to facebook much. Then they realized that there are dozen of images they took before for memories, thousands of messages who encourage them come through the dark storm had been deleted because of the hackers with no conscience. Anyways, I’m concerned for these related app. I’m giving 4 stars because I loved this app before, now it updated and somehow it disappointed me. And with the hope of bringing a better security for both apps, I remove 1 star. Please fix
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7 months ago, csemicolon
Notifications stopped working?
The issue here has to be connected to the most recent update, given the timeline in which it started. Notifications for this app just…stopped. (I’m not in any kind of sleep or Do Not Disturb mode, and I’ve double-checked my settings to make sure nothing got changed inadvertently.) If I deliberately bring up the app, I can see the new messages marked unread, and I get real-time notifications if I *happen* to have the app open/active when it comes through. Otherwise, I’ve gone legit days without realizing I had unread messages because the app decided not to tell me anymore. Otherwise the app seems to be functioning the same as always, so that’s something. I’ll continue to use it since this is the established method of communication for my friend group, but this is a pretty problematic bug for an app whose one job is to facilitate communication.
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4 years ago, NiaNicole1992
what happened???
I use messenger all the time, daily, multiple times a day, never really had problems with it that I’d noticed. when I went to sleep last night everything was fine... when I woke up this morning and clicked on my messages through the facebook app, it took me to the messenger log in screen. weird. I didnt log out. so it asked me if I wanted to ‘continue as _________(my name)” I clicked on it and it said “we could not log you in at this time” took me to a login screen to put in my email and password, did that, and got the same message.. “we could not log you in, please try again later.” well I need this app to work. the way it is supposed to. this is installed on my iPad no part of the app will work. I have tried uninstalling, turning my device off and on, with it installed and without it. nothing will work. I want to continue to talk to my friends during this quarantine time and you just cut off my way of communicating with people... please fix immediately
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5 years ago, Tambri62
Not Horrible but Has Issues
Although I have connected with some amazing people through this app and love the fact that I can connect with people all over the world this app is not a dating app and people need to be respectful of that. I’m not on messenger to hook up with people and receive numerous messages and random calls from people during all times of the day and night. I do understand I can shut my phone off or use my sleep setting on my phone but have had a parent experiencing some health issues and don’t want to shut my phone down as I may need to take a call or message at anytime. The other thing I don’t like is that people know the second I connect to Facebook or messenger and become active on the sight. Sometimes I just jump on to check something out for business purposes and get bombarded with messages. It would be nice to have the ability to get online without the world knowing I’m there.
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6 years ago, Obsessed w/ makeup
Great but definitely could be better!
Compared to previous versions of the app this is by far the best one but personally I think it would definitely be much better if a few things were changed on it. Even just the smallest changes could make it way better. Simplicity is key always. With this being said I think by making the main messenger screen less complex and having it to where you can go in the app and out quicker could have a great affect on everything including the ratings. Meaning having the Messenger App uncomplicated and more straight forward I know I would personally be happier with it and use it daily and as well as a good amount of individuals I know. For example if someone could get on message a friend & respond right back; almost compared to AIM or slightly like iMessage. It would change the game completely and have a higher rating guaranteed. Only asking to take it into consideration. :)
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4 years ago, LSCKBS
What happened?
I no longer receive Messenger alerts or messages from FB marketplace replies; that used to automatically go to the Messenger chat for privacy, vs through FB. There have been no settings changes, as all my apps are automatically updated however I have gone into all relevant Apps, made sure all is as should be. Nothing had been altered. A reply now shows up in my emails, naming the person replying that I’m supposed to be in conversation with via Marketplace. It takes me to “open in Messenger”, then “Would you like to open in Messenger”, then to the Messenger App Store, which then when opened, takes me back into Messenger that again shows no Marketplace message. A total futile cycle. All messages through my contacts are fine, and as I’ve said, all my Messenger settings are in tact, as I went through everything in detail. There are no issues at all with FB or my emails. I have no idea what has changed, but it is very frustrating, as I use FB Marketplace frequently. Whether I’m the seller or the buyer, it is not a good reflection on me.
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4 years ago, Wolf of Flame
Somewhat an annoyance
I don't normally leave reviews, but i feel that i have to in this case. I don't really have any problems with Messenger itself, being what it is; however, there are a few things that I need to gripe about: 1) foremost is the fact that it is a whole separate app from Facebook. You have to have both in almost every single case. I remember that you used to be able to utilize the Messenger function in the Facebook app without the need for the second application. 2) the most annoying thing about the Messenger app is the "friendversary." It's just an attempt to make the app seem relevant. I have pretty much every function of the Messenger app turned off aside from Notifications because I have a couple of people that only send things through Messenger. I seriously wish that the stupid "friendversary" crap could be turned off as it goes off randomly and the sound is quite loud and distracting.
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6 years ago, eva_joes
Post iOS 11.0.3 issues
Always been a big loyal fan of Facebook’s Messenger app and to this day it is still my go-to method of communication versus texting with my personal cell number. However, after the iOS 11.0.3 update messenger has a huge lag when it comes to sending pictures, and even messages at all for that matter. I thought it was the pictures themselves or the WiFi connection but it happens with any picture or video I try to send, no matter what size, and no matter the WiFi signal strength or network I’m connected to. At times the app will even crash right when opening it for the first time on any given day, no matter how often I clear background apps and history and data on my iTouch. Don’t know if it’s Apple’s or Facebook’s issue but the compatibility and functionality should be pristine and on point, considering how much we pay for our devices and how often software is updated.
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5 years ago, J.Angeles
Newest Update
I recently updated my messenger and it’s weird because I have two Facebook accounts and I can only see the update on one account when I switch to the other account I can’t see the update, it’s in the older version. I don’t know if it makes a difference but the one account that does have the update is also open on another device I use (iphone6s) and it shows it’s updated and the one that isn’t updated I only have it in this iPhone XS device. I already reset all settings, deleted Facebook and Messenger Installed then back logged out of accounts and just finished Factory Data Reset. Nothing works I’m not sure what’s going on. It bother me because on the newer update seems to be more simple and basic than the older version. Same goes with instagram both accounts issue. I don’t auto update my apps on my iPhone XS but iPhone 6s I do . I’m not sure if that would be the issue however i still complete the updates ... hopefully I get answers from this.
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4 years ago, Shackelton326
Very poor job with this one.
Just the fact that you force me to download a separate app, in order to message people on Facebook, is ridiculous. There is no reason for you to have taken away our ability to message people in the regular Facebook app. This is just a pathetic ploy to gain more downloads of Facebook branded apps, and make your numbers look better. But to add to it, the app hardly works half the time. Messages always "send" but rarely "deliver". What is even the point in having it be two steps. No other message app has send and deliver as two separate functions. It should be sent and delivered at the same time. Tell me how instant messaging worked fine in the 90's, but you can't get it to work now. And what exactly are you "updating" every week. Constantly getting updates yet nothing ever seems to be actually fixed. *new complaint* STOP ASKING FOR MY PHONE NUMBER!!!! Every time I sign in, it asks for my phone number. I’ve put it in at least 25 times, and it still just keeps asking for it. This has to STOP!
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6 years ago, unicornnnk
Latest update problem
I’ve just updated the apps in few minutes ago and I thought they’re going to improve the apps but no. Whenever a notification pops out and I clicked it to reply on the apps, it just forced to close. I can’t even click on the messenger icon on the right top of Facebook because it’ll force to close the apps. I like to use messenger because I don’t have to backup my messages as it’ll be stored online and even when my phone is charging, I can still chat with my friend by using laptop. However, I can’t type really fast and it’ll lag and I have to double check and correct my message sometimes. And, I hope that this apps can add a search history function in mobile phone version, because sometimes I want to check the first message that I chat with my friend and I couldn’t do this as I have to manually scroll back to the message which texted in few years ago. Imagine how long should I scroll back while me and my friend texting to each other almost everyday from day to night.
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