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User Reviews for Mighty Networks

4.83 out of 5
51.6K Ratings
8 months ago, GGJean!
Happiness is!
Neo Think and Neo Tech are my World. Little did I know the day my “Magic Letter” arrived from Mark Hamilton, how my life, though a very good one, was going to change. I read the Super Puzzle book first and learned so many things about things I could do and how much I could learn; about so many different ways to think, put my thoughts to work, create thoughts and solve puzzles! I discovered how to be my own person because I learned how to best live and find my path through so many ways, new and exciting. I studied many wonderful subjects about history, living with pure honesty, kindness, thoughtfulness, peace, and success in finding total happiness. Exhilaration in my happiness. At the same time and in th he same book, I found Miss Annabelle, who became my best friend as she taught 12 students, not only what third graders should learn but a new way to think for themselves,build the life they wanted and how to create success and share it with our world. I love my life, the people I’ve grown to love and appreciate while we all stand together to build our place in the Civilization of the Universe and find peace with the Prime Law. I thank the two men I told you about above for helping me find my way to becoming a God Woman and one day a Zon! Wheeeee! BE HAPPY!
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2 years ago, Rileychiq
This app is okay. I hate that posts get lost in my feed. I wish they all stayed in order of when they were posted and didn’t jumpy to the top when someone comments. And sometimes I get a notification that someone posts but I can’t find that post in my feed for days, if ever. The second thing I don’t like is that I told it to give me all notifications of my group but I only get them if they comment after me or like something I said. I’ll see a post days later that has 15 comments on it and I didn’t get a single notification that the conversation was even happening. When I say I want all notifications I mean it. This isn’t Facebook where there is so much garbage on it that weeding things out is necessary. The people in my group matter to me and I want to know everything they post because we are helping each other. Lastly, it is annoying that when I do go to see my notifications that the number doesn’t go away unless I push mark all read. It’s fine if they are highlighted still after I’ve looked at them but didn’t click on them. To still have the notification number is frustrating. I’ve obviously seen the list of notifications and if they stay highlighted when I haven’t clicked on them I could see which ones were still new if I needed to. But that number should go away. Basically I want this to be more like Band. I never lose stuff on band but this group I’m in chose the mighty network instead.
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3 months ago, Boise, ID
No Money Back
If you are anything less than 100% sure you are going to use Mighty Networks long-term, be very cautious. They do not provide refunds. My wife I and fell for their pressure sales and spend nearly $3k. A few months later, we realized we had made a bad move and Mighty Networks was not the correct choice for our business. To their credit, they compromised by downgrading our plan; however, the $3k was kept and they were unwilling to refund any of the original funds. We stopped using Mighty Network all together last month even with over a year left on our plan. Unfortunately our account remains inactive until the money we cannot get back, runs out. Lesson learned for us. For you, buyer be warned. Update: Mighty Network has refunded us a prorated amount, which was an unexpected and immense blessing to me and my family at this point in time. We praise God for this blessing and cannot understate it. This act of kindness opens the door for us using Mighty Network in the future.
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3 years ago, TU SANGER
kinda not there .
I know your an anti-establishment platform , but i think you really need to spend yourselves out there more , and have more capability . You need to be on ODYSEE and I need to share post with you , so you need to be on a share list . You need to be able to post more then one picture at a time . For there is a ton of information coming out now . Everyday I find something new . Got to post with the enemies of freedom , like Facebook and Instagram . We are at WAR , and a good soldier will always tell you to use up the enemies resources as much as possible . Still with ya’ll , and I’m spreading the word via my little project called Global Surveyor . Just a news and information thing i wanna do . We’re in no competition with each other , and in fact can compliment each other in many ways . Good luck 👍 Stay on target 🎯 and live well 😉 .
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3 months ago, Kristi's iPhone222
The new version crashes a lot. Again. And now there are even more problems!
I am on the fence on whether or not I like the new version. For the purposes of the group I’m in, it’s not nearly as good as the old version. But that’s life - it’s probably grand for everyone else. But, it crashes almost every time I open it. That’s ridiculous. Fix it already. I’m on iphone 14 and the latest ios. It shouldn’t be crashing this regularly. Update : April 1, 2024 - the app still crashes almost every time I open it. But now, in addition to crashing, I notice some of the longer comments in posts are being concatenated. It shows the ellipses and it looks like you should be able to click to expand the comment but there is nothing to click and I have yet to find a way to expand the comment to see all of it. Also, the notifications area - I can’t click on some of the notifications. I can mark them all read but I can’t actually “read” them via clicking. This was a terrible version update for the ios app.
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3 months ago, KelseyCherry
The best companion for your healing journey
This is a book I so wish I had when I first started my healing journey, because it would have saved me a lot of trouble figuring it all out the hard way. Aarun uses very helpful and accurate analogies to describe very difficult concepts to empower you to take control of your life. The chapters are set up in an easily digestible way walking you through how to take a critical look at yourself through a loving and supportive lense. This in turn helps you identify what is holding you back, and how to work through them in a healthy way. I greatly enjoyed this book and found it both instructive and validating to my own personal experiences. I’d recommend it to anyone ready to break destructive cycles, heal from their past, and take control of their future.
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5 years ago, PickyButPleased
Close but...
I love the concept, but it really needs a free option in which you can set your group to “closed” — I’d love to start my group on here and grow it entirely on this platform but I don’t have a startup budget for that and offering your community privacy is pretty essential to building trust. Also, I don’t think it’ll be able to effectively rival fb or similar platforms unless they add at least an option for a light color scheme (not black base) and smaller text, that you can separate from the images. A lot of visual clutter as it is now, though it’s flashy and “different.” But people won’t be as drawn to browsing it in the long run. It’s hard for me to spend much time in my groups as is. Simpler and lighter color scheme options would be a great step! And overall, it’s a great platform. I only offer my criticism because I think it could really be a game changer if tweaked and optimized! It’s past time for another social media option, and this one has great features.
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1 year ago, Kringle1
Better than any other social media
This app allows creatives to share and critique in community. Compared to fb, IG, discord, the Mighty app is much more focused and group oriented. When you log in, new comments are available and you can easily see who made a comment about a specific person’s post. So it’s easy to decide whether you want to view that conversation. You have the option to see the updated Art pieces or continue to view the older posts. This allows you the ability to catch up on posted Art you didn’t review yet or simply go forward. I have not explored whether you can post video yet, that would be an important feature. But as a user I’m really enjoying the experience with Mighty.
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4 years ago, realovelife
Getting there
There are a lot of glitches but if it worked the way it was supposed to it would be a really awesome platform. I've contacted support about the issue with switching accounts - it's not cool that users have to create new profiles for every single network they join and makes no sense. Certain aspects seem to change from day to day. Support responded to me by sending two emails at once: one that said please consult the help topics which I had before contacting them, and do not address the issue at all, and the other that said they were closing my issue because it was resolved, which it wasn't! I often am not able to access a session in a course because it is randomly locked or says its deleted or that I have to complete previous sessions which all show as complete. If these glitches could be fixed by the developer it would be AWESOME!
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9 months ago, man is in love
There’s No Place Like Home
I found Rebel Thriver about 11/2 ago I have learned so much about myself. The folks here really care about you, I’m safe here to share my life in areas I thought I would never reveal because of the shame and gilt of being abused as a child and into and through my adult life. I found Rebel Thriver on instagram on the first day connecting with the other women “I Knew I Was Home” and I would never be alone again thank you to the women who work tirelessly to give women like me who has been beaten down physical,sexual,emotional,and mentally by those we trusted most that we get to discover our voices claim who we are as an individual never to be thrown away ever again. Rebel Thriver saved my life!!!
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1 year ago, EVon K
No Longer Worth It Features Taken Does Not Work
I was on board early when MN offered reasonable plans and great features. They’ve taken away all plans but Business for $396 a month or year(doesn’t specify when you go to upgrade)!!!! No more support! No features! Just a dysfunctional social feed 😡If I could I would deactivate or delete account. Can’t even do that because Network Setting Feature is gone. This app is slow to load hard to navigate and TOTALLY USELESS NOW. For those using this platform as a social community (not selling content) it is WORTHLESS. All features have been removed that made it worthwhile. What is up with MN that they use us early members to build their business then screw us over and go from less than $20 a month for great usable features and take away everything after we have spent weeks/months/years building content and getting people to join. I would give this MN no stars.
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3 years ago, AvidListener2345
Strange notification behavior
It’s a good app but there’s a few things I wish they would change 1) after you click on a notification I wish it would take you to the beginning of the comment thread instead of the end (so weird! you have to scroll back up to read it all). and 2) I wish that once the red numbers appeared for new notifications you didn’t have to click to refresh in your notification list to see what the notifications were. And finally 3) it’s weird how you have click “mark all as read” to get the notifications to go away even though you’re literally looking at them on the same screen where you need to click that, lol. Just three weird features that are pretty annoying
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5 years ago, Miles Targosz
Almost Perfect.
Great to find a new Social Media App with both Google + and Google Hangouts shutting down. Especially since it works so much like them with sharing pics, videos, websites and more. My only real complaint is that switching between more than one account on it can be a bit of a pain. Since I have two accounts for Google + Rewritten, the quickest way I can switch between the two accounts is to sign out of one account and sign into the other. If you guys added a feature to allow two account to the exact same social media site active at the same time and being able to switch between them with just a couple swipes of the finger, then I would have nothing to complain about.
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1 year ago, Blkdogmommy
Happiness U
At every level In life-no matter what your educational, work or life experience, Happiness U is such an asset to have. It’s so multi-faceted that there is always something new to learn and I always find something new that I want to pursue. Just having them in my life has helped me so much In my caregiving duties (for both myself and the ones I look after)…The best part about this is that it fits into any schedule bc if I miss an event, most times it is on replay for me to look at later when I’m able to sit and relax at my own pace. That’s amazing in itself. These hard working and caring angels make quite a ripple in my life’s pond! Please…look into this bc it will change your life!
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2 years ago, Joanne Iorizzo Watson
Tech support gets a zero, the app gets a zero
I was informed by tech support that they are not allowed to call members. That’s unacceptable customer service/support. Who’s not allowed to call a customer? That tells me there’s something underhanded going on. As an Accountant I EXPECT to verbally communicate with our customers, vendors, CPA, and department heads within the first quarter of working at a business. If I don’t, I can assure you that someone’s hiding something. Esp. if the bank account(s) reflect large balances and the product isn’t in line with those balances. Accountants reconcile customers, vendors, credit cards, and bank accounts, (not limited to) on a monthly basis and this would include both paid or coupon discounted memberships. Treating a paid member different than coupon member would be discriminating; the only good use of that word is when shopping for a metal detector. Thank you for reading my review. It’s my final report. God Bless!
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3 years ago, KT & The Sunshine Band
Thank Krishna For This Value
I appreciate the professionalism and spirituality over a month now. The remote learning experience supersedes an excuse for not evolving in Bhakti Yoga. There are numerous classes to attend either live or recorded so there is no pressure to be accounted for face to face. I immensely appreciated the 18 day Baghavadgita Challenge I want to repeat it 🤍 It’s very affordable to attend which feels like gifts on top of gifts. The best part is that we have a sangha. We can meet to chat or comment and cheer one another along with our teachers. This concept may sound complicated so they created simple to follow recordings on how to use the platform as well students are here to help as well as the teachers. Hari Bol 🌱
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2 years ago, Giftof8
A Gigi who has fallen in LOVE with drawing again1
I signed up for Sktchy from seeing an IG post. I always loved to draw since I was a child. In high-school I excelled in Art. Once I got married and had a family, my artistic skills kind of went on the back burner. I was always crafty during those times though. Fast forward to now (10 grandkids later), I am beginning to fall in love with my pencils again. This class is allowing me to try different techniques with drawing. Each teacher teaches me something new that has been very helpful. I can’t say enough about it!!! After my 30 Faces in 30 Days are up, I will sign up for another class!
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1 year ago, DMRosenberg
6-character password isn’t accepted
I joined the “Leaders of Aersomeness” community using a web browser on my desktop Mac. I created an account with a six-character password. I tried to connect to it through the “Mighty Networks” app on my iPhone. The app can find the community easily enough. I enter my EMail address and my six-character password. I get the error message “Minimum password length is 6” even though I just entered the correct six-character password - so I am unable to use the app. Also, I was unable to find a way to submit a bug report. I’m writing this review as a way to communicate the bug report to the developers. So I guess this is a second bug report that there is no good way (that I know of) for submitting bug reports.
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3 years ago, nevado azul
Reviewing my habits!
Most of the time I ‘m organized during the day! Like to drink my healthy shake before my exercise monday to Friday, I try to follow a routine to pay really attention to develop my business, like attending meetings and trainings, the habit that I want to implement the most is to pick up the telephone and make more calls to get appointments for future tours or overviews! Probably it’s that I don’t enjoy having to force people to see my business! And it does not matter how hard I tried! I don’t watch tv a lot , I feel that my confidence is getting affected by not doing the right approach! So the cost is not advancing on my career and the pleasure to teach and help others!
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3 years ago, FiammaDonna
Love this app!
It’s well organized & has great features almost resembling the public sm platforms, but in a private setting! It’s much better in that we hop on to focus on what we are educating rather than wasting time mindlessly scrolling on sm platforms. I prefer this more razor sharp focus where we can all join for one main purpose in accomplishing our jobs! I honestly wish & hope there were more features added such as having a “reel” (like on Instagram), or going Live (like in Fb), and being able to post more images than just one for a single post! I am sure this will soon be an option & hope MN tech guru team is listening to these suggestions! It’s coming from the rest of my business team!😉🤓
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5 months ago, StillLearning33
Mighty is almost perfect.
Mighty has allowed beautiful private conversations within my on line community. That said, There seems to be a few glitches in the physical typing stuff, particularly pressing enter at the end of a paragraph sometimes automatically sends the message when all I wanted to do was a return to begin a new paragraph. Also (hmm, the enter button worked as a return this time) Occasionally when writing the text simply disappears after the third line or so. You type, but nothing is there. Very weird. Still, Mighty is great overall!
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2 years ago, sally voss
CIRS collective group
This is a wonderful group led by Jenny Johnson, a former CIRS patient. She and her family went through every step of the disease and came out ahead. She is an extremely intelligent and caring professional who is the “REAL DEAL”. She is truly in the business to help those to regain their health by extraordinary group sessions with a guest speaker followed by very long questions and answers. Jenny always runs over her scheduled time, putting off her personal life in order to be the perfect host. There is no one that would see her and the group she has created anything but phenomenal..
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2 years ago, 2019bestbff
Wealth of Knowledge
This app is a good place to go and connect with qualified professionals who know their stuff. I appreciate all the knowledge I’ve gained from networking with such women in their fields. I’m a single mom who hasn’t had opportunity to gain credentials in desired field yet, so networking is very motivational and healthy til I’m able to. This for sure is a social network you’d want to be apart of. Mrs. Lateisha has done a great job connecting and bringing a wealth of support for her community for all to have access to quality. Congratulations Mrs.! Job well done. 🔥🫖🔥☕️‼️💁🏾
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8 months ago, Ocrand
Every update gets worse
Why change something that is working? The app is probably the best community app I’ve used to date. But the updates are getting more annoying especially when changes are made without announcements and with no improvements offered! Calendar sync is not supported now and that’s crazy. How are we going to stay on top of everything? Multiple hashtag doesn’t work either — only the first hashtag has recommendations. Why?? And chat has been as native as possible. With so many changes, we still can’t reply to specific msg in chat. Sigh. It’s a collaboration platform. These features are basic and necessary. Please consider bringing them back
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2 years ago, Dodgefest
Need bigger fonts!
Love the info and how many options there are — but the threads are so tiny it’s hard for my eyes! Wish there was a way to make the size larger. Also wish the threads were like comments on Instagram, where you could reply directly to the each comment above. It’s hard to go back and respond to a comment in real time once a thread gets going. Also wish you could differentiate the different groups with more ease. We need the folks who design Apple to work on this app and make it prettier and easier for users! I do like how you can imbed photos and links into comments. Keep working on this and it will be awesome!
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4 years ago, Nance Schick
Nearly useless on iPhone
I primarily use social media on my smartphone to keep my work at my desk separate from my more social activities, but Mighty Networks is terrible for that. I can rarely get the feed to update. Each time I open it, I get the buffering signal of death that doesn’t even spin because it’s frozen, too. The iPhone app is okay for checking event and other static information, but if you expect to actually communicate with other members or get real-time updates, that is not the way to go. My MN Community is supposed to add value to a professional development program I am in. It primarily adds frustration and disappointment.
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6 months ago, divadocdi
Motivating and Encouraging
The Drop in Beyond trainings and episodes are extra special because they provide participants opportunities to explore thinking and exploring information critical our discipline of clinical therapy. These offerings expand a broad spectrum of topics that expand our understanding and knowledge and perspectives on how to service our clients and enhance our own human interaction in the therapeutic process. Thank you Beyond Healing for providing these Drop Ins! I’m excited to view those I missed and participate on future events.
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6 years ago, Kyle hates u
Read This Before Using...
Honestly, the network itself is great! I did my test run with a domain I owned taking advantage of everything the forum has to offer. I enjoyed the loading times, the fast and reliable site on mobile, as well as the features it has. Honestly, at first glance many would see this as a gold mine! Too quick to realize tho how limited your power is.. - Lack of capability to remove/hide sections of the network. - Lack of capability to make a simpler/less complicated community. - Remove unneeded elements The network is great! But a big chunk of what makes it so great can also be what makes it terrible. Many of my users find the network complicated and not easy to navigate. This shouldn’t be the case. It’s okay if one sets up a network to have all these features but maybe have the freedom to decide what he/she wants and what he/she doesn’t want you know? Just my opinion but please go back and give us as admins access to “hiding” some of the functionalities at least :).
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3 years ago, Sportpsychguy01
Overall, this is great. The ease of access for my client groups to open up discussions and share content and resources has been great. My challenges have been limited options for posting questions, integrating courses into community shells, and being able to copy community shells for different groups (I have to do everything manually for each group). But overall very satisfied because of the experience my groups are able to get and they are prompt in their support to help answer questions.
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2 years ago, Cloud.9
Photos app edits are distorted
When uploading an edited photo from the photos app, it does not preserve the sharpness of text, the color saturations, or contrast/brightness. I understand if it has to be compressed or converted to Jpeg, but the color inaccuracies are awful. These are just instagram pics and internet memes mind you, not even dslr or raw images. Every time I try to share any 1:1 photo (instagram size) it likes to crop different parts off. Even if I try screen shotting to add black bars it crops off even more. Some photos are fine, but most end up cropped weird when it should fit totally fine.
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1 year ago, AnsweredPrayers777
Just The Motivation I Needed!
When I first joined this group after catching alive on TikTok I almost cancelled. Not because I couldn’t afford $5 but because I didn’t think I would keep up with it. Boy am I glad I stuck to it! I look at money totally different. I was already investing and saving along with working on my credit score but mentally I was lacking! The motivation has lifted and challenged me to be a better me! Thanks my Sister for all you do! God please pour a overflow of Favor Brenetta Madison!
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6 years ago, RansomSrt
I would recommend!!!!!
This community has not only helped my personal growth but my professional life as well! Having a community of people who understand what you are going through as well as have a love of photography is such a comfort. I can be myself and not feel like I have to hide. I have also learned so much about photography and the impact is has on healing. I hope to start offering this in my community and counseling practice with in the next year!
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2 years ago, Stellampp
It works
After a year of working with Mighty Networks I am still relatively satisfied with the online community potential. There are some snags however. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out a way to structure things so that your community can find what they need easily and quickly. What is the advantage is also a disadvantage. Having access to the community, courses, and groups is beneficial but it’s very difficult for people to find what they need quickly. That’s what we’re working on.
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1 year ago, tjkelman
User perspective
Seems like a reasonable app so far for creating an online networking space. I’m admittedly still getting use to the interface, but one glaring issue is that the app is very finicky about going into landscape mode on my iPhone X, even for the exact same content. Sometimes I can turn the phone and get landscape on particular content, sometimes not. No other app has this issue so my hardware isn’t really in question. And I couldn’t find anywhere within the app to contact the developers to submit a bug report.
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4 weeks ago, JMD III
Way too expensive for what it is, no free version!
I’m already on MN as a group member so was checking it out for a group I’m hosting. I can’t believe how expensive it is for what is offered. $41/ month for a “community” (least expensive) level is way out of step with other subscription tools I use for work. The features offered on MN do not justify such a high price. As of now their exorbitant prices price out any small business, startup, or community group. Note: if you read through the reviews, a lot of the positive reviews are people reviewing their individual group on MN, not the app itself
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5 months ago, Hew H.
Mighty mighty
This app, gives me an opportunity to share the experience strength and Hope they make my daily journey richer. I just started using it and there’s a lot of community here to explore but just having a place to be inspired into encourage to serve and gain inspiration. I just said the same thing three times but he got out. It’s mighty nothing but memories nothing but footprints you’ll be better cause you found it.
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5 months ago, C-61
Before I had a dog!!
I joined a few months before I even got a dog. I’ve learned allot, the things I should do and shouldn’t do, like say sit,sit,sit or talk to my pup like it’s a kid. If you’re not training the dog the dogs training you. There watching and learning all day every day. Not saying I’m near perfect but it’s giving me a better understanding and start. Joined NBD and purchased the kickstarter corse. Thank you for everything. Cloyde Carlsbad New Mexico
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1 year ago, Live the Word, love the Word
Super slow and buggy
I’m using the platform for a series of classes and resources that I am subscribed to and while the content itself is great the platform is pretty terrible. It’s super slow to open, I can’t go to content connected to the notifications, and it’s been so hard to just get the app to function smoothly. For several days the app wouldn’t open and it wasn’t because I didn’t update my phone or the app. Days later the app was updated and then it immediately stopped working smoothly again. A VERY frustrating user experience.
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6 months ago, Frobyn
Hate the new app icon button color
The button used to be purple or bluish aqua. But now it’s like it’s black. And I miss seeing the app all the time because it’s not umping out at me. Please change the color back. Or change it to something that is visually popping out of my screen at me. Otherwise, I like the app. For me it’s very easy to navigate. The host of the network I belong to have created groups that are easy to join. It’s a great way to keep in touch with people.
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3 years ago, Mattc828
Used to be good but not anymore!
This service used to be pretty good and support was right on top of things. It appears they have grown and bugs have worked their way into the network and support takes days to answer now. Push notifications are slow or don’t work at all now and there are bugs with posting times. You work hard to build your network only to let your subscribers down due to very poor buggy performance. The CEO manages to find plenty of time to post political statements on Twitter though while the network continues to let us down over and over again. Huge disappointment for us and we are looking elsewhere now.
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2 years ago, Heath Norris
Thank you for this Network! It has impacted 1000’s of lives! So many of us listen to it and talk time all day long! And I have also heard many others say (as well as myself) I hat when we can’t listen because we are at places that we aren’t able to, we rush back to it as Children rushing to see what they got on Christmas morning! It is truly a God sent for Humanity! I love you all my Sisters and Brothers!
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1 year ago, Redoubt Ridge
Thankful for Freedom
It took a minute to become proficient using the platform but once I figured it out it is easy peasy. I belong to a couple of groups via MightyNetwork and I LOVE that we have the freedom of speech and able to share information that other social platforms ban/regulate. We get to have social live online gatherings, watch pre-recorded videos, chat directly with other members, and build community.
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6 years ago, Keisala
Needs Work
The potential for a great APP is there, but as it stands, Mighty Network is confusing for the average user to use. Even advanced social media people are finding it difficult to navigate. That being said, I would not use it to replace my current social networks, and I would definitely NOT try to get my entire following on it. The frustration alone would get many people frustrated, and leave. It needs a lot of work and updates before I would trust it with my people. There’s also kinks when you register via FB, and then try to download your network to your app- there’s a disconnect.
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2 years ago, Gail MacMac
Appreciating this Option
This tool allows for the freedom of social connection without advertisement and I really appreciate that. I’m wishing an email link to a post would simply open my App in my phone rather than launching a connect to my web browser to log on. I’d also appreciate an option to turn off the email notifications as they can become too annoying (perhaps it’s there and I missed it). Thanks for hearing me.
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1 year ago, DoatieC
Great group!
Living in the age we have found ourselves in, it seems like a huge chunk of our “hope” has been trampled on. Then, we Find Joe & Heidi and this great ap. This is a positive place to hang out. Not only can we learn valuable lessons in how to take care of our families, we are uplifted every time we read the posts. God is truly being passed down through these two people.
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2 years ago, BlueHejira
Horrible for Users with Disabilities
This app needs major accessibility improvements. The developer keeps saying they are "noted feature requests". 25% of the country has a disability of some kind. I love the group I'm a part of, but it's almost impossible to use with Voiceover. It's an exercise in frustration and I'm an accessibility professional. I always reach out first because I don't think angry reviews are the best path to resolution but the lack of responsiveness over the past year-and-a-half I've been using it is unacceptable. Accessibility does not have to be hard. Accessibility is a right, not a "feature request". Do better.
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3 years ago, jhnskmbr
I really think this app is great! It has helped me to stay positive and I having been wanting to read more. So I can happily say I have been reading at least 5 pages per day since the beginning on KYD55. The only thing is when you get likes on your feed you need to click on each one to get them to go away. Otherwise you will have them keep building up. Maybe this is how it’s designed, but it bothers me. Lol! In any case it is great! Marc & Trish have so much energy and positive vibes it’s AWESOME!
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2 months ago, Filmseye
I tried to report a glitch.
I just tried to report a glitch and got very frustrated while dealing with the AI in the reporting process. While making a quick post all of a sudden I could no longer see any words that I was typing after a certain amount of writing. No amount of scrolling or exiting out of the app and going back in fixed it. I only use the iOS app and the issue was within the app. I’m not checking to see if the same issue happens on my laptop or iPad. I hope this gets fixed.
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2 years ago, Momowalks
GMTC technology upgrade
The upgrade for GMTC is awesome. I love the ability to access on my iPhone and iPad and click into the Daily ZOOM meeting with ease. The search engine is excellent. Access to all the courses on the old platform is phenomenal. I truly appreciate the immediate response to my questions and the fact that other students chime in. Thank you for all you do. Sandra in North Carolina
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6 months ago, TravelingOn
Change it back?
I spent a solid 10 minutes trying to figure out how to provide this feedback without giving a one star rating. There does not seem to be a way. I am a user of Mighty networks app as a subscriber to a community that hosts its content there. I find it a little bit fussy, specifically in the manner which new posts load, and what is hidden, but that’s not my main complaint. they used to have a really pleasant aqua color app icon and fun load screen. It is changed to a harsh looking black and white. I don’t even want to interact with it. Please change it back.
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