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User Reviews for MobilePatrol: Public Safety

2.04 out of 5
3.2K Ratings
6 years ago, M Hudd
Haven’t had much technical trouble but...
I use to have this app a long time ago and I don’t remember why I deleted it but I just recently re-downloaded it. I know that some of the functionalities have changed since I used it in the past but I know that happens sometimes with Apple policy changes and what not. The app does still have some useful information but unfortunately I can’t trust the validity of the information it has. I’ve noticed a few things that are consistently incorrect. Such as every inmate listed in certain counties has 1 year added to their actual age (meaning And a man who is 35 years old will have their age listed as 36 in the MobilePatrol app). Or extra zeros added onto bail amounts making them appear much higher than they are ($5000 bail shows in the app as $50,000 bail). How the heck does that even happen? Doesn’t this just copy over from public record? I’ve checked it against public record and found that the public record is correct but the app is not
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6 years ago, Brandonturrell
Not correct info
Every time I look on here it gives failed info. I see ppl get arrested and then I go on here and notice they are magically gone as if they weren't arrested. That is annoying because it should show you ppl that were arrested even if they started snitching they should leave all info on here. Doesn’t seem like the public is allowed to get info unless the ppl we hand our tax money to feels like giving it to us. Also they only show photos that they feel like I have noticed as well. There should be no way to alter this and all arrests shall stay in here and people should be able to comment on it. It makes me sick that I see ppl in here for minor offenses but others that are worse are pulled out of here as if they never existed. In that case we should all be-able to do the same thing. So my final opinion on this app is that it’s not accurate and is full of lies as well as misleading info added and incorrect enter and Release dates as well wrong bail amounts and so much. Wrong miss leading info and favoritism as well. Use as last resort and don’t believe s thing you see in there!
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3 years ago, Mandala221
Needs serious updates!!
I used to have this app several years ago and it worked fine. Now, not so much! As soon as I got it installed and opened it, it asked me to either sign in or continue as guest, so I clicked the Facebook button and it wouldn’t let me connect. It said something about the app still being developed, yadda yadda.. After continuing as a guest, I can pull up inmate rosters but it only shows the inmates’ picture and arrest date, no names until I open the profile. I was looking for someone in particular so I tried to search for them and the search page is confusing. There’s search/text fields but nothing telling what to put in them.. I only assumed it was first & then last name, and not last, then first, but who knows.. This version needs some serious updates! Even just some basic updates would help a lot!
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5 years ago, Cnet73
Great app.
No other app that has as many counties and facilities in and around my community. I use this app as a user friendly summary. A inmates name and facility is all I’m looking for from this app. That information is consistently correct on that. Pictures and other information can very on accuracy. But most facilities have their own website with all the correct information. Some don’t understand that this is only for active inmates. Once released their information is removed. And the notifications are wonderful. If an inmate changed status or facilities you get a notification no matter how long their in jail. So those that want to complain about inconsistencies in some information apparently don’t use this app for any importance other than scrolling and gossip. Great app Mobile Patrol.
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3 years ago, Fudog666
Latest update
I did the latest update and now I wish I didn’t. The app does not work properly now. So, I tried deleting and reinstalling the app but, no help. In the end, I just deleted it... There should be an option to go back to a previous version. I just tried the app again and it’s still not corrected. It only lists around 20ish ppl. I didn’t count but, it’s by far not showing ALL of the inmates in the local prison near me. It used to until I chose to update the app because prior to the update I could see the mugshot but no name unless I tapped the mugshot to open the info on that person. Don’t these retards that write the updates for this app actually try the update prior to releasing it? My guess is that we are the test dummies. They are like meteorologists…overpaid “professionals” that can’t do their job correctly. If I did my job as well as they do, ppl would die. Glad these idiots don’t take lives into their hands.
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11 months ago, RedNinjaClaps
Lacks a Lot
About 2 months ago, I was using this page to update a local page on FaceBook for those interested in seeing who has been arrested and for what. Mugshots were working great the app was constantly updating things. About a week after things finally got settled, they decided to take the Ashtabula County Jail off of the app for about two days. Since then, no mugshots have loaded but more consistent information came through. Obviously when you are looking at who’s being arrested, you wanna see what they look like. I’ve emailed and attempted to reach out the support team multiple times with no response back to this day. This app constantly provides ads that are totally pointless. You guys should definitely work this out.
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6 years ago, Trooper Ross
Great concept, poor execution
As a Law Enforcement Officer I love the concept of this app. I get to see all local county jails’ rosters. However, recently I have not been able to see charges which is a big frustration, because it was much easier to right reports without having to call the jail and ask what all the offender was charged with! I hope this is fixed immediately! I also hate that it will randomly freeze while scrolling; it is stupidly annoying. I feel like the developers put no effort into this app to keep it updated. This app can be great but the developers need to step their game up and fix these issues; all the issues that have been mentioned in each review posted! So, to repeat myself; I love the app hate the execution. FIX IT!!
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12 months ago, kcDzic
Never notified of release
I created 2 separate accounts with different contact information, covering all bases. Neither account was notified in anyway. It’s ben almost a week. I only found out he was released, when He Found Me at my sisters house within hours of his release. As far as finding inmates you scroll through inmates organized by jail and listed by date of incarceration. I have never had any other technical problems. This is a big fail in my book not notifying me of releases. When I was asked if I would like to be notified I expected to have the warnings. I made sure and created 2 accounts w different contact information.
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4 years ago, bxbxbdndbxk
It’s broken
Y’all broke it. It’s been broken now for over a month. It tells u nothing. We want the pictures and the charges and the bonds back!! Give us our mobile patrol back!! I’m giving you a week to fix these issues and I’m gonna have to erase the app. I’m not watching all your ads and you can’t even give me what I want. It’s give and take. You want me and my friends to watch your ads, give us back our info!! Went all this time with no pics y’all finally started adding the pics and now u take away all the info! I’m gonna erase this app and redownload it and if it doesn’t fix it you have one week to fix this or me and my friends are done with u. We will have no choice but to shut it down. Your false advertising at this point.
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3 years ago, JustJammee
Very Cool APP
Loads of fun after the weekend to see who went to jail!!! This app just makes you not wanna do something dumb and get your mugshot posted for all your peers to see!! AWESOME!!!!! UPDATE: This WAS a really cool app, however the recent updates have turned this from a 10 to a 1 star app. The watermark covering the face of the mug shot totally negates letting the public know what a possible offender looks like??? And now a commercial before looking at EVERY profile??? And we used to see what the charges were like we still can on the Missouri highway patrol site. The current people running the show on this app need FIRED asap and roll back to wham this was a great app!! Please!!!! The way it is now it appears the criminals are running this site!!!!
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6 years ago, Briefcase Bettis
Good concept, poorly executed
I enjoy this app for the idea and the information provided. However, everything else is for lack of a better term garbage. Crashes a lot and freezes for 10-15 seconds randomly while scrolling, with limited information and different options depending upon the county or area your viewing I’ve found several useless options such as Most Wanted tab with absolutely no information or very outdated information. Also, altogether just a somewhat ugly appearance. I do try to keep in mind some information may be out of control of the developer.
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6 years ago, ABarnhill
I am respectfully very unhappy with this app and the changes it recently underwent. Myself along with many others I work with use this app daily. Without the charges this app is useless to me; unfortunately, I along with my colleagues will be uninstalling this app. I would like to see the charges listed as they previously were. I don’t feel it violates their privacy due to the local newspapers and various other media outlets running their names and charges publicly. The charges are also a mater of public record at local court houses. My colleagues and I utilized your app for the concise information in a central location. I would like to ask for your consideration in returning to the build that includes the charges. Respectfully submitted, Amanda
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4 years ago, iamawesomestofall
Why? Why? Why? Since the last update all you can see are some of the pictures and the names, you can no longer see any other information about a perp other than their name and age. Why did you remove the charges, the dates, the bond amounts, etc.???? This ap went from a 5 star ap to a zero star ap in one update!! Will you please answer us as to why and will you please bring it back like it ways?? Otherwise you are going to lose a whole lot more subscribers!! I’m going to stay for a little bit longer just to see if you APPRISS, INC., are going to do anything at all about this terrible update! If not then expect many many more to delete your ap. NOW LETS SEE IF YOU APPRISS, INC. WILL STEP UP AND ANSWER ME AND ALSO FIX THIS BROKEN AP!!!!!
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6 years ago, JessMcOrtega
Wonderful app!
I’m not in law enforcement, so I don’t know any of those features available on this app. I use the local newsfeed to stay current with everything from road conditions I’m traveling into, to places where accidents have occurred and I need to watch traffic etc. If there’s anything I’m uncertain about, this app also gives me enough information to feel secure, and not have to bother an actual officer or employee. I can read this on my own time, thank you for this app!
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4 years ago, SdLeIf EeLoCiN
App doesn’t work
I have used this app a lot in the past but recently I have tried to use this app numerous times and it will not work. Everything is black and it doesn’t show inmates charges. You have to individually click on each black section just to see who’s name it is instead of just scrolling through all the inmate names. This has a lot to do with iPhones because I know quite a few of other people that have this exact problem and they have iPhones. I also know people that have androids and it works perfectly for them. This is the only platform that my county & surrounding counties has to check inmate information and it doesn’t even work!!
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2 years ago, lopacki
A good idea, but don’t bother
I have to keep up to date with what is going on in my surroundings for work. I thought this might be a good thing to have all relevant updates in one place so I didn’t have to keep scrolling through Twitter and Facebook and being bombarded by irrelevant content. Unfortunately, this entire app seems to have fallen by the wayside. The only things posted by actual LE agencies are from 5+ years ago, and none of them from the actual county I’m looking for, and the latest update from the app itself was almost a year ago. The map feature does not work….at all. A decent idea, but don’t waste your time.
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5 years ago, TiffanyDPate
Doesn't tell all
I would like to know what each person got arrested for considering the person resides in the same county/town that I live in and it doesn't do that. Doesn't give a list of sex offenders amongst a list of many other things that is missing that this app states it does. This would be such a useful and well used app if it gave the proper, most informative and descriptive information of the individual that was arrested. Give us more "DETAILS" and your ratings/reviews will go up. Misleading description of the app if you ask me.
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7 years ago, Gillette63830
iOS 11 iPhone
Updated - Thanks for upgrading your app to work with iOS 11. The app now works correctly on both of my devices. This app works fine on my iPad Air 2 on iOS 11, but not on my iPhone running iOS 11. On my iPhone the loading wheel keeps showing when I open up any inmate and it freezes the app. Every time I look at an inmate, I have to close the app and reopen it. EVERYTIME!
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6 years ago, AndreaCMartin
So I see that the app said that it was giving miss information so they took off the charges. That was like two weeks ago?! Going to fix it??? Like the other commenter said what’s with the people disappearing?? The app freezes. God forbid I get a phone call, I have to kill the app and start over. The ads are so friggin loud I can’t open the app with my sleeping baby in the room. For me the “newsfeed” only shows one city, which is not mine. That’s dumb. The only thing that is available for my town is the inmates (again, with no charges still). No sex offenders, no warrants. So basically this is a crap app.
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2 years ago, Shackelton326
Kinda pointless
The information is really useless other than to see if anyone you know has gotten arrested. Other than that it freezes and force closes a lot. And the adds are very annoying. Especially seeing it's always the same two adds that pop up every three times you tap the screen. *update* You can’t even see who’s been arrested anymore. So the app has no purpose anymore. It also doesn’t update the information. It’s still showing the former sheriff, who died a year ago, as our current sheriff.
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3 years ago, shansevier
Errors on names
Have used the app for over a year with minimal issues. But this week it started messing up the names and only showing you a first name and when your click on that person it puts an incorrect or jumbled last name meaning you cannot search the system or even know who you’re seeing in custody. I sent an email to developer, and they sent a response saying issue resolved and closed the ticket but the issue still remains.
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4 years ago, BreTison
It has some flaws.
I find it great that this app can tell you who in Jail and when they were booked instead of having to call the jail and bug them about it but with some counties , they dont show bail and they show wrong intake dates and ages. And also someone needs to make this app compatible with dark mode on phones because everytime I go on this app I have to go to my settings and switch my stuff to light mode in order to see any names of the inmates.
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4 years ago, SSM,MI.
Needs fixes pls
I used to love this app. Would have given it a 5 star. It may have been the last update that this happened now but the inmates that were recent arrest is just a black background screen that I have to click on. It also doesn’t seem to give as much information as before. So now I am going back and forth between apps for recent arrests. Have had this app for a long time. So I hope that this can be repaired soon.
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4 years ago, Karen Mason
Thank You
I love checking this app everyday to see the pictures of the people being arrested and reason for the arrest because this really makes me feel a little more safe by seeing the people to watch out for. This could save life’s by seeing and knowing why they have been arrested. Thank You for your services. 2020
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4 years ago, BP0708
I only keep/use this app because I like to see who gets arrested near me. If I were going by app performance or overall experience I would have deleted it right after I got it. All ads are annoying, but these are just over the top. Horrible app experience but it will keep your curiosity at bay in its own mediocre way. They really need to update for dark mode-app is blacked out and doesn’t show charges in dark mode. Come on, now :-)
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2 years ago, rfrfgghjh
Poorly designed
This app is poorly designed at best. Either that or the person(s) behind it have not clue what they are doing. Sometimes it works ok, but the ads are impossible to click out of. I have to force the app to close, reopen it, and try again to find the information I was looking for. That is usually met with repeatedly forcing the app to close several times before I get it to work. They need to hire someone that actually knows what they are doing when it comes to designing an app.
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2 years ago, LaReaD
I do enjoy this app, lets me know what’s going on around me, but there are some adjustments that need to be made. Having the wrong people posted with the wrong mugshot, super adds like crazy, and the worst part, you can’t see anyone’s charges??? Why is that? Is it just me or do anyone else have this problem or at least mentioned it? Again, great app, just needs some work.
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2 years ago, TashaMarie513
Not Great
It’s really not that great. It doesn’t tell you offenses, charges, reasons for arrest, links to where the getting the information, basically just “they’ve been arrested/released” and that’s it. There’s not even a search feature which drives me mad. The “Neighborhood” feed is just bad all around. I think I’m just gunna go back to googling things and my local news sites. To bad too, it really could have great potential.
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3 years ago, The Detective #2
Hate new update
This app is great in letting me know about arrests and charges of people but with the new update I am no longer able to see all the charges a person has. It lets you see about 4, then refuses to scroll anymore. Before this latest update I was able to scroll and read all charges. I really hope this gets fixed.
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4 years ago, RahRah_1416
Love it, but bugs need fixed.
I love this app but since the update everything is black and I can’t see anything but people’s pictures. /: I’ve undownloaded and redownloaded the app a few times and it didn’t help. The only thing I wish they would fix other than that it’s perfect. Always the first to find out when a friend gets arrested. 😂
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1 year ago, st0lenhal0
Latest update
I have never had any issues with this app until the latest update. Now it takes forever to load, if it even does load. It’s awful. All you get is a spinning wheel. I have tried on multiple devices. I have deleted and reinstalled, it doesn’t make it work any better. I hope it’s fixed soon or let us use the old version.
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6 years ago, iamLolaMonroe
Needs Improvement
This used to be a useful app until they stopped showing charges and photos of inmates. Most apps that have issues are resolved rather quickly but given the reviews and score of 2.0 I see how this app has such a low score. The developers should work on the app since it’s supposed to help with safety and give real time information and if not take it down until it is a functioning app. If I could score this app with no stars I would! Do better please!
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6 years ago, ZachG4
Needs a lot of work!!
The concept of the app is great. However, the app itself freezes a lot and does not always show updated information. I’ve had to repeatedly force close the app. I’m using an iPhone X running iOS 11.2 so not sure if everyone else is having the same problems. Also, it would be nice if the app was updated to support the iPhone X’s display but understand it probably takes some time due to the phone have only been out less then 2 months.
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3 years ago, tyleflo
Absolutely terrible.
I don’t write reviews, but I used to very much enjoy mobile patrol before the recent update. It wasn’t perfect, definitely needed changes but these changes are drastic and disgusting. No one wants to have to click out of an ad after going into any page. Also you can’t even go in without signing in? Why do I need to sign in all of a sudden? Why does everyone want my info? Furthermore, I have deleted the app entirely it’s made me so upset.
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6 years ago, Wes12.23
Needs many updates
I never really know when or if this app is going to work. It doesn’t load a lot of information that it’s supposed to display yet if I search online I can find the information by going to certain police departments websites. They also don’t update their inmates listings too often. And it never seems to send me notifications of anything relevant to my area going on that one would expect from this app. I obviously do not recommend anyone downloading this app.
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1 year ago, Chmsyd
Terrible App
This app is useless when it comes to public safety, I have searched numerous people that I know for a fact are either currently incarcerated or have been released and the app doesn’t have any information regardless such individuals. As a law enforcement officer I am certain of those individuals who are currently released in a bond or incarcerated and have been convicted after their trial. Definitely uninstalling this app because it’s just waste of space on any of my devise.
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4 years ago, Kerisnthappy
Can’t see the information without clicking.
When I first installed this I could see who was listed and really liked the app. Now all the information is blacked out when I pull up my county. I have to click on a selection to see any information. It makes it very difficult to see what you need to because sometimes I lose where I left off. I haven’t really been using it much anymore and will delete soon if it doesn’t get fixed. Needs fixed badly!
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2 years ago, peter bootygreg
Ruined by the terrible ads…
I found this app very useful until it became nearly unusable due to the ads… It’s not normal advertising either by any means… It’ll be an ad with a fake “X” button for example… where the “exit” button simply takes you to the link for said advertisement…. That’s wrong on so many levels, and very sneaky. One might even ask themselves if that’s even legal…. Very aggravating and highlights the major lack of integrity….
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1 year ago, ZeTTaMecHa
Where’s the release date info?
My partner got arrested and it gives me all the info but I recently found out she gets out in a month well now 24 days and I’ve called to confirm her release but still nothing on the app other than that and the adds every couple of taps it works for me please fix this
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2 years ago, kcy152
Too many popups
I have enjoyed the app for couple of years now .. but my complaint is lately that there is a pop up that I can’t get thru and it’s stuck on so I have to delete the app and start over every time .. now I can’t even start over bc it’s just stuck on that pop up
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2 years ago, jasonatjl
Strong concept but poorly executed.
Mobile Patrol used to be a good app - you could easily check who’s incarcerated at a local county jail facility relatively quick and painless. After these last revisions, the ads have just gotten out of control. Double adds back to back every time you click on something, to the point you can hardly use the app. Needless to say, I’m deleting it and don’t expect I’ll be back. It’s more headache than it’s worth.
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4 years ago, nolongeredsgirl
Facebook user
I love this app it gives up to date current information,I feel better knowing that we have this app and the public can stay informed of an inmates status ie:the charges,when and if the inmate is released ect
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5 years ago, Loskrilla
All in all happy
I’ve been pretty pleased with mobile patrol for quite some time now. However, I do feel that having all arrestees photos available on the feed as well as the current charges listed with each person would be more informative for me. But I love the app! Thanks Mobile Patrol!
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7 months ago, Gigigirl2020
Mobile patrol
This has to be the worst of all the counties for people getting arrested. 98% of the time pictures don’t come up even if it’s weeks later. If you input a person name & DOB it always says person can’t be found. Heaven forbid there’s more than two charges because you won’t be able to see them all unless you hold your screen and try and scroll up at the same time! It’s a joke. Don’t bother ppl
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2 years ago, Denver Paralegal
Inaccurate info for Kit Carson County
This app has not responded to any requests for Kit Carson County, Colorado and particularly Burlington, Colorado where I know there should have been lots of activity reported per Denver news stations on TV. Local authorities are non responsive and hide activities that the public should be made aware of. Very disappointed in this app and local authorities responsibilities. App for eastern Colorado has not been updated 9 months. I do not recommend this app at all. Denver Paralegal
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3 years ago, SweeneyMK
Ads everywhere!
I used this app years ago and there were no ads at all. Downloaded within the last year and there were ads every so often but manageable. Today there were ads every single time I clicked an icon and my page changed. This is ridiculous. It’ll take you around 2 minutes to do something that should take 5 seconds. Not worth the time anymore.
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3 years ago, PresElecTrumpIsIgnorantOfMuch
Cant complete sign up
I had this app for several yrs until ? a yr or 2 ago. It would no longer accept me signing on as a guest. Then when i tried to create an acct with a long standing email address, it would not complete sign up. Now someone mentions they use it so I assumed the company had finally fixed it’s problems that was happening to everyone. Yet it still will not let ME sign in as guest or complete a sign up. Wtheck?
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2 years ago, Computerbiscuit
Used to be a good app, now it’s garbage
I had this app for years. Then it became saturated with ads. Now it doesn’t even work. It doesn’t show any inmates and it just says “You’re up to date, check back later.” I used this app since 2016. I deleted it, which is a shame, because when it worked it helped me stay informed of crime in my neighborhood, and unsafe roads here. I even used the tip line when I had a meth house in my neighborhood.
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5 years ago, aalodj
My experience with this app is negative. Every time I try and look for inmates a message reading failed pops up. I haven’t been able to see anything really. I tried deleting and downloading again and get the same error message. Also, ads are popping up back to back which makes the app hard to maneuver.. needs major updates and improvements. It’s better to just use a website which is more dependable.
Show more
3 years ago, LPacker80
2021 update
I like the new update it’s cool but it has too too many advertisements than before other than that it’s alright. One more thing is it possible for us to get what they are charged for added on to the app
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