MobileVOIP international calls

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4.7 (11.1K)
45.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Finarea SA
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for MobileVOIP international calls

4.66 out of 5
11.1K Ratings
1 year ago, Odutoye
Good Voice Quality
The voice quality is good each time I make call to Nigeria. I will like to recommend that calls to Nigeria be made free or made to cost less than it currently is. There are other competitions out there that offer less per minute cost. I stay with VOIP because I have been a customer for too long.
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1 year ago, GG100ofBudapest
Great service
Even in today’s world when you can WhatsApp, Viber, signal, messenger to almost everyone it is very useful and sometimes vital to be able to call actual phone numbers. I’ll be using this service for almost 15 years. I’ll always keep it and use it
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3 years ago, bronzy666
My account is hacked I think I was using this app for long time
I was using this app for long time but it seems some one has hacked it and I can’t sign in and it says now developer has removed this app from the App Store and I already have there credit almost 189euros
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10 months ago, Harry New Jersey
Significant improvement in the connection quality
It’s been a while since my last call from the United States to Australia. Today’s connection is exceptionally great without any problems. The call went smoothly. Great job!
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4 months ago, True wire
No customer service
Signing up on the was very big challenge, setting up my preferred password I keep on repeating over and over more than 10 time, after typing the password to reconfirm it was a great issues because it will wipe out the first password, I succeeded on the password issues, suddenly my account was banned without any reason, I was asked to contact customer service, I wrote to customer service it’s over 60days no feedback and this app happen to have a telecom provider
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8 months ago, Gechi$4shizzle
Terrible experience so far
From hiding my callerID (even after I have changed the setting to show my verified number), to showing a number that is different from my number as the callerID, to not being able to make a call with my mobile data- you have to be connected to a WiFi server, the experience has been completely horrible and unsatisfactory. Waste of money! I cannot even hear the receiver on the other end. I regret using this service tbvh!
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6 years ago, SV Pilot
Helpful but need to improvement
I’ve been using this app for many many years. So far so good. It need an option to purchase credit within the app, I don’t like going to my email every few weeks to look up the link. Recently the app performance is dropping and phone calls aren’t working properly.
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5 years ago, The Best Ways
Bad outgoing voice & no option to load credit via apple ios
Whenever I call from Voip, most of the time my voice is not clear to the receiving side, either they hear echoes, low voice or noise, and they don't understand what I say so its too bad service even though we are paying. No option of loading credit via apple or ios from software directly. Have to switch to another app as viber or whatsapp calls maybe .
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4 years ago, KellyTreasure
I’ve been using mobile Voip for so many years but recently it isn’t working at all, I can’t even sign in for months now. International calls quality are really terrible. Wishing it could be updated or the company could provide a substitute.
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3 years ago, Mido1111
US Caller ID is no longer supported
I just received an email from VoipMobile stating they will no longer support US caller ID when calling within the US. I have to use a non US number as my caller ID to continue calling USA. I don’t have a number from an other country !!!!! They make you sign up by agreeing to offer you certain number of services and then they decide to take some of them away !!!! How can I trust you anymore !!!! You just lost a loyal costumer. I am deleting this app.
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1 year ago, SasaSTO
Better than any other company!
I have been with Voip Discount for 18 years and don't want to change it. Cheap calls, easy to contact any ph number in many countries, simply great internet phone !
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1 year ago, Moembo
Rate & charges without speaking to the person
Rate is too expensive comparing to other counties. The rate is not fair at all! Also, when you are calling someone is not responding at that moment, your system does take 35 cents and y’all need to find the way to give it back!!! Give it back by text message or by phone call. Thanks!
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3 years ago, Madziula78
Used to be better.
I used this app for years. It work great in the past and I was able to use it for a long time before my credit expired. Now it looks like they raised call prices triple times and I ran out of credit really quick. I used to get free couple months with every new reload it is not a case anymore. I guess I won’t be using this anymore
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1 year ago, Ahmed hato
Not clear
When you make a call, The calls are not clear, and I can’t hear the other person very well.
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5 years ago, Ferdie-Skitty
Very slow response to issues
Seems My account was hacked and My password was changed from a remote location. All attempt to change password was futile and I just found out there is no number you can call to complain. I guess when it’s cheap to call everything fall through the cracks
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12 months ago, ellemedys
Good app to use when in need
I'm using VOIP chip for many years now, maybe about 10. I'm pretty happy with it, when I need to reach a contact with out internet. Although sometimes the connection breaks up/or not very clear.
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11 months ago, Stefan Sams
The best service for more than 17 years.
I can’t believe that I use the app for so many years and never had any problem. Thank you very happy to be a client.
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3 months ago, Raacharya
Excellent sound quality
Great help to call those who are out of reach of internet. Generally, the sound is clear without any interference.
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7 years ago, Hilal al Jabri
Can’t hear others
Problem still there. When u make a call I can only hear my voice and other party can’t hear me. Plez solve this issue
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4 years ago, Kris✨✨✨
Please add feature to pay on app
I have been using the app for many years but not able to pay on the app is inconvenient... haven’t used the app for months now and can’t even seem find their website to refill the balance so I can make calls. Frustrated.
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1 year ago, Un nome libero?
Reliable and affordable
I’ve been using this system for years and they always exceeded the expectations.
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6 years ago, ztodorov
Best app on the market for intl calls
This is the lowest cost for landlines calls I could find in the AppStore. That’s all that matters. You can always use Viber or WhatsApp to call another cellphone, but this app is the best for landlines.
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6 years ago, Mbayiste
Increase rate every time.
I started using this app 8years ago and I am satisfied but I do not understand why the calls rate keep increasing every year. My favorite location for calls went from 0.24€ in 2013 to 0.3€ in 2018. The service is still the same so why rate keeps increasing?
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4 months ago, jyaso
10 years using this apps 5 stars very good apps
I love this apps 10 years been using this apps 5 stars I recommended to use this apps very good apps
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6 years ago, Shinydesert0
No support, unstable.
I have been using this app for years just because it is convenient, and Rynga and Freevoipdeal offer free calls to most European countries, but sometimes free/cheap is not that great when you have to restart the app several times, there is no sound when you make a call. Will use the free 120 days and will change provider and company, no more Finarea. Company support doesn’t even exist.
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3 years ago, De Great 👍
You people need to do something with this app. Most of the times it won’t allow you make calls.
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6 years ago, Point38
Became useless
I been using this service for years now. Even though the quality was crap with lots of delays in sound it was working but for the past few month I’m not able to make calls to EU landline and mobile. No tech support of any kind. Went with Google hangouts - no delays, amazing quality and he same cost - can’t be any happier! Things do happen for a reason!
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1 year ago, D@L@K
The first few second recorded and reapers again and again
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1 year ago, John of Ipolo
Quick and Clear
The call was quick and clear.
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3 months ago, God bless America!!!
Thanks for the excellent communication, I can say with confidence that this company is one of the professional companies I have seen!
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2 years ago, John Onomuke
I can’t send text messages anymore
I have been using this app for calls & sending text messages for long now, and am enjoying it, but 1 month now, is not working for text messages again, i have tried and tried is not working, please do something about it 😪😪😓😭
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1 year ago, Uforo
Congratulations, my call was perfect very clear from both ends, I recommend to everyone that has not use before.
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6 years ago, Almushara
Problem when trying to recharge with Cashu!!
Last year there’s a problem with using Cashu card and Cashu account to recharging Mobile voip account! Can you fix it? Thanks
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4 months ago, fatimah =D
I am very much satisfied with Mobilevoip. It helps me to connect with people who don’t have a smartphone n net, at an affordable rate. Thankyou so much.
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4 years ago, jojokur
Credit purchase link
An in-app purchase link would be great 😅
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1 month ago, paaakyam
Calls to Germany
I am unable to call Germany. Any call I make to a number in Germany gets cancelled and I get an error response . I am using this app from Srilanka .. what seems to be the problem?
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1 week ago, Otush Official
Not working properly
When ever I choose to use one of my verified international numbers to call, it keeps revealing my local number instead of the choosed verified number. Of I choose one of the verified number as my call ID, it still doesn't work. It will keep showing deferent local lines. And I still have my credit in there. Please could you fix these bugs??? Thank you.
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4 years ago, frdass
It’s a great app
I have been using for several years. It is really useful for those who live in abroad.
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1 year ago, nilush 1976
Good service always
Happy to use this application
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1 year ago, Al_Oregon
Great app and services
Never let me down in any part of the world.
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1 year ago, amazingwhoo
I am using this service for many years!!!! Never was upset! Great service!!!!
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2 years ago, jessibear302
You can easily do better
This app could be so much better. Seriously hello is anyone there reading these horrible reviews. Come on guys a little bit of effort would make the world of difference. Honestly hoping you guys decide to get it together.
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5 years ago, Fayaz Linkön
Need some improvements
Need some visual upgrades. Sms should be more cheaper!
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1 year ago, Uchee her
Very clear and unhindered phone calls.
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7 years ago, YellowCrane
After downloading just logged in and it was working, good show!
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3 weeks ago, Zilolichka
Just nice app to talk to other countries
If make it cheaper would be great
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4 months ago, Abdul-Waheed
Easy use!
Very convenient and readily accessible!
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4 months ago, Kbee2012
Poor service or signal all the time
Poor service or signal all the time
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6 years ago, alexkharazmi
Weak support!
I can not find the clues for possible errors. One of which I cannot find a way to fix, is “verify failed (573)”, occurs when I want to add a new number as a caller ID. No support I found!
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4 years ago, fhjkskdjendnfjdjf
Unable to edit contact
I have been trying to edit the VOIP contact but it’s impossible to do. Need several improvements.
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