Mormon Match - LDS Dating Chat

Social Networking
4.2 (409)
38.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Michael Ward
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Mormon Match - LDS Dating Chat

4.16 out of 5
409 Ratings
4 years ago, BlueAgate28
Yeah maybe
For myself, it seems alright. I live on the edge of the world... by Canada lol. And, surprise! There’s not many single saints out my way lol. Most been faraway, so... not impossible but... I just wish there were more female peeps that knew the way of the Lord. A few things that I wish for a non member... notice of how many messages I can send. So the lady doesn’t think I’m rude hahaha. Some more detail about church involvement, and detail of location.
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4 years ago, nuttallj
Can’t get much done; a little, but not much
This app has serious problems. Whenever I try to switch from one tab to another it shuts down on me. When I click on the upgrade tab, it closes down. Clicking on the Matches tab does the same thing. I don’t know if I have to be a paying member to access these areas. If that’s the case, how can I become a paying member if clicking on the Upgrade tab closes the app down? Please enlighten me. A couple good things: the people seem genuine so far. You can send a few messages a day for free. And you can narrow a search for whom you are looking for. That’s been nice. It would be beneficial to add a few more pics to profiles. But it seems that one can be as detailed in their own description as they was to be.
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2 years ago, Vhsmellobr
I canto cancel premium membership
I just boy the app about 2 erros ago. Unfortunately I cannot cancel my subscription on premium membership. You have the option to sign up but after that the app doesn’t show the option to cancel the subscription premium membership. I already request a message to the plataform in the app to cancel, they said someone is gonna contact me by email in 24 hours. I already did 3 times in row, but nothing happened!!!! I have to go to the bank to cancel my card and report to avoid next time to don’t charge me for premium account? This is unacceptable!
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4 years ago, faith4faith
It’s not bad!
I would like to be able to save my search preferences so I don’t have to fill that out every time I go on there. It would also be nice if the home page would only show men (my preference). I like that messages can be sent on the free subscription. There are a decent amount of members..
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4 years ago, Bradman85
Mormon match is ok
So, first off I am not sure why there are guys on the app when I search. The app seems to be okay overall but also seems to glitch every time I go to various settings/options. Not sure if this is because the app is still new or if it’s always been this way. The positive thing is that you can send a few messages within the app without having to pay for the premium features.
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4 years ago, Raiders391
Maybe this is the place???
Just got on this sight. Could allow more then one picture for a profile. And a bit more character writing, but then again some people would write their biography and blah blah blah. But I have been messaging one gal and she’s pretty cute, so I guess we’ll see if this is better then the other LDS sites where it’s really just about hooking up, or having that MALI Prince waiting to send you $10 million dollars if you send him $1K worth of IPhone cards.
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3 years ago, Soefly
Someday my prince will come...someday
After a month of debating about it, I downloaded the app for science a couple weeks ago. According to the search there are guys in my country and acceptable age range, but thus far most of the people who have reached out to me have been either not on the same continent, a decade or more older than me, or both. Still holding out hope that I’ll find someone.
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4 years ago, mss.ferrer
Mormón match
It is in expensive there are lots of people online and it’s easy to open and put your profile together admin are quick to approve photos and keep you updated with what’s going on I recommend Mormon match to who ever is truly interested in meeting someone Thank you Sincerely Elder_mom
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4 years ago, Hat Stall to Gryffindor
Free app has least interaction than other free dating apps
I downloaded this app a week ago and have honestly not been on it much because it’s vey restrictive. Personally, I don’t think it’s safe to charge for basic details about someone on a dating app. The black text box’s with black text make it difficult to write messages accurately. I hope the premium is better!
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4 years ago, Sparky1437
A little bit of work
I have a few issues with the app force closing. I think this is associated with the paid portion of the app. I do like the layout and have already seen some success with using the app. Once the few bugs are worked out, I’d love to give it all 5 stars!
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4 years ago, Jose_Cuellar
Better than most apps
To be honest I was a bit skeptical at first when it came to downloading this app. I’ve used apps such Tinder and Bumble but never had a app that had included my religion. It is a great app and has tons more to offer and has great potential.
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4 years ago, rebelmade66
I like the app and the most thing that amazed me was that I haven’t use a app that’s simple as this Mormon match. I urge everyone who’s looking for perfect relationship to download this app and follow its instruction I bet it’s easy to use
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4 years ago, cassi.ramirez
It’s honestly really great!
I have been on this app and it gives you all the choices you want to find love for such a low price!! I’ve only been on it for a little bit but I can say it’s a good way to find your person!
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1 year ago, Jimmy123don
Yeah, it doesn’t work
When I open the app I created account I couldn’t see the text I had to fill out. The thing is covered in ads. And also the app is hard to navigate. Then on top of that the suggestions it gives you is purely on who is active so if you’re 32 might get a woman in her 50s. The last straw for me was all the women in my age range were not active a very cheap broken app don’t download.
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4 years ago, Monarca_35
It has potential...
If they can fix the glitches that would be great, every time I try to navigate through the tabs it shuts down on me taking me out of the app. Other than that, the price is lower than other dating sites and people here seem more genuine.
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4 years ago, Amwprt19
Way too many bugs
Honestly I think this app need a major bug fixing it crash everytime I try to message someone n it’s keep happening for some reason serious n top of that they need to be fixed why n why it haven’t been fixed geez what are u trying to accomplish with a app that has so many bugs n crashes it need way too much improvement a lot of bugs in it I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone
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3 years ago, lesb88
Just starting
I am just starting with this site. I hope I will be able to find a date. Not sure how everything is going to work on the app. Still leaning how this site works. Most dating sites have not gotten a date or conversation going, so I am hoping this site is better.
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4 years ago, backtosquareone
Better than expected
Surprisingly decent number of users. So far so good, however a lot could be improved such as adding more details - state, city, hobbies, etc. and have the option to be offline, etc.
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4 years ago, jdcapaiu
Looks interesting
I have not been on this site very long, but have already had to quiet a few interactions. There seem to be a lot of choices, which is a definite plus!
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3 years ago, Anaksue
Almost there...
Love to have an app with other LDS members and be able to meet and chat with them. Hate that while I’m typing my message I can’t see the one I’m responding to. Makes a huge difference and is a basic function.
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4 years ago, smartkayla1v
Great site.
This is a wonderful site and helps me connect with single people. I want you to upgrade me so i can met with people on here. Thank you. Will be waiting for the upgrade.
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4 years ago, BeeT305
Lacks Functionality & Honesty
There are so many things wrong with this site, I don’t even know where to begin. 1. After not logging in for a awhile I have 5 messages, and one from a woman? Why when I stated I was straight! 2. When you search for people in the US, that’s the only location that is listed. I’d like to know where in the US they are located. 3. The same goes for a persons details, the information given is very limited. 4. It’s time consuming. Every time you search you have to enter every detail all over again. 5. Most people are never on and there’s no guarantee that they are LDS....isn’t that the whole point of the site?
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4 years ago, Booiam242424
Lots of Fun
I thought the bio questions were better than most dating sites. The people on here seem to have the same intentions as me and that’s hard to find . Great App! I recommend it!
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4 years ago, Brandon 4
So far so good
I have used this app for about a month. So far it has been better than anything else I have tried. More ladies are willing to chat and interact.
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4 years ago, Omarhech
I wish it was more than one picture and more info on a person. Would also like to see a person’s location. Search does not allow you to search for people who live close to you.
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4 years ago, jdanders2479
Not bad
It’s great to have options and there are a lot of people to find. App is a little glitchy when I click on a few links it just shuts the app down.
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4 years ago, acoustics1220
Lots of potential!
This app has lots of potential to be the new IT app for LDS members looking for LTR’s with a broader search through the world. I’m excited to see how many matches transpire as the app continues to improve!
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3 years ago, bad credit on purpose
Can’t see state persons lives in
No way to know if anyone lives near the same location I live or at least within 25 miles! Or maybe there is no one within 25 miles where I live unfortunately!!!
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4 years ago, Shinobe00
Could be better
Would like the option to see more photos, and more information like height and so on.
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4 years ago, Love2lovelife2
Great app
Like that there’s so many options, and also like that I can message straight away.
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4 years ago, An Italian Heiress
I’m loving it.
I really like this app it seems to match me up with just the right people
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4 years ago, janel2011
My review
Just enjoying the app still new to Mormon match but like it so far thanks for helping people connect
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5 years ago, DBrad223
I like it
Good app so far. It would be cool if it saved your search preferences so you didn’t have to re-enter them every time. But overall good app.
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4 years ago, hillkat34698
So far it has been a really easy app to navigate through.
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4 years ago, smada68
Not too shabby
I wish I could have more than one picture and that it would only show men when I opened it up since I am a WOMAN but it’s easy to search. Am hoping to find someone here!!
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4 years ago, Review Writer 98
Needs people online
This app is so new there’s not many people online for the most part. That’s my biggest complaint. I’m not able to use its features if I can’t get people to respond.
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4 years ago, clubdahl
I am very pleased with this app. It functions well. I am excited to use this dating app to meet women with my same ideals and beliefs.
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4 years ago, StopWhiteGenocide
So far it’s ok
I can’t give an honest opinion until I experience the full site. I’m happy to get a free opportunity!
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4 years ago, Abana002
I love it..
I love this app a lot,it works so fine on my phone and I can always chat with friends..
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4 years ago, cameron puckett
This is an amazing app that helps members of the church find their companion. I love it so far and everyone is very friendly and kind here.
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4 years ago, losito92
Have not really checked it out but looks cool ! Will half to give it a try again
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4 years ago, jshsteele44
Good app
I like this app because it is free and doesn’t cost money! It is a good app because members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints can use it to find their eternal companion!
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5 years ago, francisco71474
One of my favorites!
I find this app easy to use, I love it and highly recommend it.
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3 years ago, deebella07
Trying to find love
I am seriously disappointed In this app I’m very surprise that it can be associated with the church in any by using the name lds because there are scammers on this site You can’t trust anyone this you should verify all information your given
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5 years ago, Ashleamarietanner
My thoughts
I love this app because I know I won’t find creepy guys like other apps! And I know it’s safe to use!
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4 years ago, couldnt be more dissapointed
Not really for Mormons
Why is this called Mormon match when there is nothing in there about religion, or even location, other than country. Why do I have to choose the categories every time I use the app. They should be constant. Who cares what “sign” you are? Probably not Mormons. Very disappointing.
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4 years ago, RMBpimp
Good service
Thank you for providing a dating site for Mormons, I’ve enjoyed your service.
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4 years ago, Trogdon
Simple and straight forward, helps things to start. Enjoying it!
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4 years ago, Mormonboy fo life
Changed my life
I’ve never gotten so much attention in my life
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3 years ago, Kittykissesxo
No city or state just country
The question is am I enjoying yup the answer is no! I would like a place I could meet other LDS members that are local or close to me what is the purpose of meeting somebody 3000 miles away? Says a lot of time being wasted trying to find people near you
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