Nowchat - Random Video Chat

Social Networking
4.4 (49.5K)
53.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Addchat Inc.
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.2 or later
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User Reviews for Nowchat - Random Video Chat

4.45 out of 5
49.5K Ratings
3 years ago, 420_.mangos
Pretty good:/
The app is pretty good. They give you 20 gems but every time you use them it takes about 10 off. Let’s say you have 20 you use your gem once(adding time) you’ll end up with 10 and it takes 24 hours to regenerate 20 stars again, I’m actually only doing this review to gain gems😂. Idk if it’s just me but that’s my experience. other than that pretty solid, good way to waste time
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7 months ago, tellmewhytho
I’ve never been so appalled by an app. Obviously there is going to be gross stuff from people on here, but tell me WHY we are FORCED to watch it in order to REPORT it!? Either I get the option to skip or report and in order to report it you are stuck WATCHING the thing you don’t want to see. That should CHANGE. It should be a quick easy process to report and never see it again. Meanwhile I have to forcibly close the app bc in the process of trying to report it I am stuck watching it for far more than I am comfortable. That prevents those people from being REPORTED because no one wants to stay long enough to watch it. Therefore the people who do those gross things are free to stay on the app bc it’s torture to report it. DELETED. There SHOULDNT EVEN BE A REPORT BUTTON IF IT FORCES YOU TO STAY IN AN UNCOMFORTABLE POSITION. For example I was forced to look in the eyes of a disgusting man doing disgusting things trying to report them while sitting next to my fiancé and it was taking so long with the options to report that I was forced to close the app. THATS RIDICULOUS.
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4 years ago, Mutamed
There’s potential in this app but it needs a lot of work
I recently downloaded this App after the Monkey App was forcefully deleted from Apple Store, and honestly it isn’t completely bad but the app it self needs a lot of software improvements. For example instead of having to show you face for the camera to recognize you, they could just keep the camera constantly working. Another thing that should be fixed is the button interface where you accept or deny the people you need to talk to, they should either completely remove it and add auto accept or even Better fix it so that when users accept a person they don’t accidentally click it twice and hang up on them as soon as they start talking. Just fixing these two things, would make this app just that much better and easier for the masses to slowly start using it.
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1 year ago, ali.boroojerdi
Don’t pay to these thieves! Worst app ever!⚠️
This is my first review in whole AppStore and I don’t know why this app got 4 or 5 star rate when you can not find any girls on it. You just see guys with their private body parts in their hand and even when you purchase the premium access to choose which gender you want to talk and meet, things getting worse and you should wait for between 2 to 10 minutes to find a girl to talk with! And the worst thing is when you find a girl in 99% of situations you see a dark screen and they don’t show themselves to you!!! I live in Iran and and every dollar is so expensive here and I paid about 5.50$ for weekly plan and it doesn’t do anything for me except wasting my time and money… I hope apple’s AppStore customer service follows up my report and block them because even a small low rate app does better than this application! I’m so angry and want my money back and can’t do anything. Just can say the owner of this app is a thief.
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3 years ago, Syd.thatdancer
This Weird
All right so what I want to say is why is everybody showing their private parts like every man and stuff like it’s really nasty like but I like the part that you made The app to like turn the camera off when you’re not showing your face and stuff but mostly the man’s face is showing with their little thingy so I would like you to make your nasty privacy settings better please and the names are nasty, The names are like showing (private part) or whatever or sexy man or something like please change that.
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11 months ago, Niqhtfeelxngs
Good concept needs more work
I never really write reviews but I felt like this needs one, this app has a cool concept and is really nice. But the whole app is filled with over aged men touching themselves inappropriately, and once you get a good conversation going you better hope you have gems. Or you’ll loose that conversation, maybe add a little chat option for sharing info. The app was made with good ideas but needs more tweaking, take reports more seriously and moderate those who have been frequently reported.
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2 years ago, 𝕁𝕒𝕔𝕠𝕓
So, Every man and stuff is showing there private parts- so you can just skip them instantly but they can try and friend you and it takes more time to leave the chat. Other than that this is amazing me and my brother love doing it together but except for the problem it’s Amazing! -To the creators, Please make your saftey unit more protective and progressive please block inappropriate things Thank you.
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2 years ago, Hadhodwarax
This app is pretty good once you pay for it,
The users are slightly restrained or something, if you paid to use this app, why hide your face? Or completely make sure the camera is black every time? Just a bunch of fast skips, but people should be willing to talk to for longer than 2 secs, I feel like this is a free app for women.
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3 years ago, Z3WJ
Extremely toxic and annoying
I honestly don’t know why anyone would want to use this app. You have to accept every match, and they have to accept you instead of finding a random person to talk to. 95% of the people on here are disgusting males with profane usernames and behavior. So to summarize; it’s hard to find a match, word punctuation is poor, user interface and app design were not designed well, and the majority of people who gravitate towards this app are predators. Don’t let all the high star reviews fool you, they give you in store credit if you give them a five star review.
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4 years ago, Jlarco
NowChat one of the best apps
Let me start of with saying this is finally a great video chat app other than Omegle. You can talk to guys and girls but u can actually find a lot of girls on this app to get to know. However there is about a minute for each phone video chat which means you would have to pay for more minutes but it’s still on of the best because it is also cheap .
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3 years ago, omars32
It’s pointless
You can’t date anyone on here people to hard to get all they do is skip person after person so yeah why download a app that people get just to skip you endlessly skip after skip waste of energy just date in real life this is not going to work
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3 years ago, kanedelo
There is a membership that you can buy, it doesn’t mess with your experience though. It will give you 20 gems when claimed and you will have to wait 24 hours before claiming the next 20. When in a call and needing to refill time it will only take 10 gems.
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1 year ago, flykai96
Text feature
I would enjoy this app more if there was a text feature added for friends. Due to the fact that some people don’t have there snap linked to their accounts correctly. Thank you
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3 years ago, wolfbarks
It’s not bad but…
I have just started this just few minutes ago but the reason I’m giving 3 stars is because one I can’t have Snapchat added because it says that it’s too long wolfcrawford20 is my Snapchat is too long? I also think a lot of people shouldn’t have to show their face if they want to, so if you can fix those two I would give you the full stars
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2 years ago, Fusion907
In all seriousness
To be honest, this is a free app with a lot going for it. The premium options should be a tad bit cheaper, but then again I am just a mostly broke dude at the same time. Anyways decent app and would most likely recommend it
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3 years ago, ehh kinda
This needs a huge update…
There’s so many people that show inappropriate things…like I saw a person showing there..(boy part let’s just say that..) please fix’s just very inappropriate so maybe have a moderator to at least give them a warning if they do please this is a good app but that’s all I’m having trouble with thanks for reading.
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1 year ago, 13 going on 30
This app deserves not one but zero stars we were only on eight calls and four of them showed us nudity and scarring images and it frightens me for my children if they ever go on a horrid app like this no one should have to witness the amount of adultery that we apparently just witnessed please do not get this app do not like this app and do not give this app five stars this app deserves to go down in history as one of those stupid non-deserving not even tired of winning Omegle wannabe apps
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4 years ago, Tisoykid
Not too bad
I’ve only had the app for a few minutes. If you want to select a gender you want to chat with it takes forever to find a female if you are a guy. Once you do find someone who will accept you’ve only got like 30 seconds before the time expires. Not a bad app though.
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4 years ago, fire friendly friend
Not bad
There is a lack of ways to get gems, maybe get a 30 gems a video and up the daily gems to 100 to compete with others, maybe make a mini game like wink did but there is more of a need to get gems
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4 years ago, ineedonethatisntaken
i see potential
it’s very interactive, and the only things i would change are the 12 character limit on your snapchat name because a lot of people’s usernames on snap are longer than 12 characters and it doesn’t allow you to enter your snap because of that. i would also enforce nudity rules more firmly since there are always seem to be guys with their penises out. a thing i like, though, is that when someone is not showing their face, the screen blacks out so you don’t see what they may be doing, but many perverts work around this and have their face in the camera as well as their penis.
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4 months ago, Sk8erkid1492
It works… technically
It works as in there are no technical problems that I could find but it’s all guys trying to talk with women and if you’re a guy who literally will talk with anybody you end up talking with nobody because it’s only guys who skip you so technical problems that I could find but didn’t work for talking with people(if you’re a man)
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2 years ago, STNDALN
Don’t pay
App was great until I paid for premium. Had plenty of women to talk to before I paid but now none. Fun app but paying customers get beat over the head. Haven’t seen a woman on the app since I became a paying customer. Developers allow to many misgendered men playing with their tiny wee wee
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3 years ago, Tutz101
Too Nasty, Too much tolerance of sexual things in the app
Men /women on there are mostly on there for sexual encounters and on camera sexual encounters. I've only had 2 or 3 ppl so far that are not that way. But these names should be blocked or deemed inappropriate by the app settings or something. So stupid. I wish they would bring the monkey app back. This is crazy. Because it even says it provocative stuff in their names. Go see for yourself please.
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6 months ago, Anonymous7X7
Now chat
You definitely will talk to someone one here but I only talked to one before my amount of free gems were out and they just asked me if I wanted to buy their “sexy pictures” and then skipped me when I said no. Definitely think they should allow more free calls so you don’t have to waste your on stuff like this
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1 year ago, oh Alabama
Oh my God please no
I was just looking for people to call and have fun with and I see you at 50 freaking year-old man naked and it was so scary I literally hanged up the second I saw it I hate everything please monitor these things I hate this I’ll probably delete this and not do this again but I love your idea just make sure your monitoring these things and try not to let happen again
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3 years ago, Whatareyoureallysaying
How’s your day doing buddy
How’s the day how’s how’s going cutie buddy buddy hope your next time will work better for you guys so far tonight I love your help and I love it all you can have you do with
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2 years ago, dylana100
Old creepy men
The amount of inappropriate body parts I seen on this app was horrible, I thought it was a friendly app to make friends for Snapchat. It’s clearly not
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2 years ago, keybsbx
This app is BAD
So basically I was on the app and out of no where the app asked for my location I allowed it because I would like to chat with people near my area but the after I allowed my location the app said (we are coming to your house) and then I got scared so I ran down stairs and fell and broke my ankle now I’m in the hospital because of this stupid app ( I do not recommend this app) 🙄
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3 years ago, @luvhopejoy11
I wanted the extra gems lol
I wanted the extra gems lol I had just downloaded the app a few minutes ago and wanted extra gems
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3 years ago, Shane change
I would say it is a pretty cool app but I don’t like how when you were first on there there’s three options guys girls and all I hate how you have to pay for that but other than that I haven’t tried it out completely yet still learning
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2 years ago, ZACHattack4221
It’s confusing with all the names just flying by without a sec to read them. Constantly getting into a chat then either instantly over or skipped. This app is disgusting when it comes to how many I see just doing sexual on cam. Unwanted.
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3 years ago, Dasiemenma1
Best texting and on the go app
Its always gets better just when you think it did
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3 years ago, Therealjhorib
Love it
I love it so muchAnd like is nothing nothing nothing wrong with it but sometimes people just can’t be doing it in I don’t see how you were doing and I am just a snack that’s not what we’re doing but OK
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4 years ago, vlfksks
It’s a joke
Ever since this app came out , it’s the same sh’t system. You get matched with same people even if you spent all day on it. You skip but it gives you the same person over again and again and again. If you want a certain gender you gotta pay. You also gotta show your face or else you can’t video chat ... it’s such a bad design.
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2 years ago, brooke cason
Love it
I love this app cause I meet new people and o always make new friends I also like that e you can still call if your out of diamonds.
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2 years ago, gol20bro
Honestly pretty good
It’s mostly guys, but still it’s pretty basic, pretty fun. just takes a little while to get a match
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2 years ago, PüssÿDêstrøyer
Literally the stupidest app I’ve ever downloaded it’s cycled me in chats with the same people over and over and it was all guys you have to pay to choose a gender option when you want to talk to somebody are you kidding me what a waste of time and I only had this downloaded for five minutes max get this app if you want to talk to a bunch of horny guys
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3 years ago, Mekii lynn
Good overall
This is fun. made friends wit the first guy i seen lol. better than monkey, only problem is you add time way to much to where you’ll need more diamonds. and it be the cool people that you be trying to talk to.
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2 years ago, GavinTheGoat617
No that bad
The only thing I don’t like about it is that you have to pay to select what gender you talk to
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1 year ago, techdashyyy
L app all around
You have to pay for everything it seems kind of bootlegged
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3 years ago, happyhawk15
It’s good
I just don’t like it because it takes forever to match you up with someone they have to pay for it to be a girl or a boy takes for ever and I’ve only had it for like a day and then a bunch of people asking if your age that shouldn’t be happening because it says it when you first joined
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3 years ago, fdjsvigsiv
this app is slightly entertaining at best but is supper buggy, especially with the add time feature. The amount of times i’ve added more time but it still ends in the regular 35 seconds is outrageous. This bug has existed for more than a year, and really ruins the experience.
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3 years ago, tbaby3000
Honestly a waste of time but fun
I hate that they only give you 20 gems a day. You can’t really do much with this app when it comes to adding time. They want you to pay to have more gems to talk to people. It’s fun because you might meet a nice person but honestly.. you’d be better off finding another app
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4 years ago, jkigily13
This is app is amazing the made me some new friends and that is what I was trying to do and I did not know what app to go on bc they took money off I phone so yee is the app to make friends on
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3 years ago, wassupwityuh
The same energy
The same thing
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4 years ago, Paul Rod34
A good app over all just kind of slow at times
This app is very good over all but some times I get little hitches in performance which I can deal with but they are distracting.I am using an iPhone 11
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1 year ago, Johny Adams The Third
It is a very fun place to meet new people
I have met over 20 new friends on this app and I like to use it daily
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2 years ago, Ghehejgegsghd
Great app but…
All people do on here is beat so if you’re looking for that then I recommend this app all you have to do is switch your account to girl and sit back. I have so many screenshots of dude’s just going at it and we didn’t say a word to each other lol
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3 years ago, 80/80/80
Fun time
Very friendly and a easy way to pass time when bored
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2 weeks ago, uber72015
Best Free Random Chat
I really enjoy spending a little time everyday seeing what beautiful ladies are online and wanting to chat.
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