Numero: Second Phone Number

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Smarteletec S.L.
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4 weeks ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Numero: Second Phone Number

4.06 out of 5
3K Ratings
9 months ago, Angelreagan
Good app, works as advertised
I find this app really useful, I could receive calls and messages. Still have to try data but will do soon when traveling. I had some questions and support was very good at resolving my issues, which were just explaining how the system works.
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1 year ago, ThatEdoboy
Issues has been resolved.
Infact, I will start by saying, this numero eSIM is one of the best app that I have ever used. Though when I just activated my numero eSIM , it was very tough, I was receiving strange calls and texts messages from people I don’t know and I was so embarrassed. I was tensed up and I wrote a bad review about the app immediately, because I thought I couldn’t file my issues to the technical Customer support expert. But at some point, I found where I was able to contact the TECHNICAL CUSTOMER SUPPORT EXPERT, and my issues were resolved to my satisfaction. The technical customers support are truly EXPERT INDEED. They responded to my queries, they gave me assurance and truly, it was resolved to my satisfaction. Wish I could give a STAR rate of 7✅. Right now, I am enjoying my numero eSIM to my satisfaction. I will recommend this app to many of my friends. With a sincere heart, I appreciate the technical customer support expert for attending to my issues and resolving it to my satisfaction.
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10 months ago, ali aliraki
I would like to give a very good review for the Nimero app. I have been using it for a few months now and I am very impressed with its features and functionality. The app is very easy to use and has a wide range of options to choose from. I also appreciate the quick and helpful customer service. I had a question about the app and I received a response within minutes. I would highly recommend Nimero to anyone looking for a great call tracking app. Here are some specific things I like about the app: The interface is clean and easy to use. The app has a wide range of features, including call tracking, lead management, and reporting. The customer service is quick and helpful. Overall, I am very happy with the Nimero app. It is a great tool for anyone looking to track their calls and improve their lead management.
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2 months ago, Hany Fathy Mohamed
Disappointing Experience with Canadian Number Purchase
I recently purchased a virtual Canadian number with a local calling package through Numero eSIM to be able to connect with a Canadian toll-free number. Unfortunately, the app misidentified my Canadian number as a US number and prompted me to buy an additional US calling package. This error has made it impossible for me to use the service as intended. Moreover, The toll-free number I needed to access is only reachable from within Canada, that’s why i purchased the Canadian Package. When I contacted customer support for assistance just an hour after purchasing, I was met with unhelpful responses. I even suggested upgrading my plan to a Canadian eSIM and offered to pay the difference, but this reasonable request was flatly refused. I am extremely disappointed with the lack of flexibility and support from Numero eSIM. I hope that this feedback prompts some improvements in their service, but for now, I would caution potential customers to think twice before using this service for similar needs.
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1 year ago, E0426736373
This app is very horrible. I gave it a five star so my review could be part of the top ones. This app instigates customers on false advertisements. They’ll have you believe that once you register for a number that’s it. But that’s not true, after buying the number you also have to make other in app purchases such as topping up credits either to call or send messages. The only thing you can do is receive messages. You can’t even send them out. In other words this app is ABSOLUTELY TRASH. The craziest part is I requested a refund and they told me that wouldn’t be possible. This app is a complete waste of time and money. And I wouldn’t recommend anyone to waste their money on this.
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10 months ago, QAbz01
Great support from Entesar!
I have been using this App for about 3-4 years and this is the best esim App I’ve ever had. It has everything for using it just like regular phone number, and the price for it not as expensive as other services. Especially I would like to say thanks for customer support specialist Entesar who resolved one issue with my new number so fast and easy, that team on the App couldn’t solve several days. She messaged me directly to my regular number and asked about the problem, and during our chatting she changed number and helped me to create my new WhatsApp account. I will continue to use this App and recommend to everyone! Thank you!
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2 months ago, Jean Jps
This app is a disaster and full of flaws
This app has been a nightmare. Initially, I reported issues with not receiving phone calls, but they kept blaming it on my poor WiFi /data. Which is not true. Despite this ongoing problem, I found another app with better service and asked my new provider to transfer my number. They instructed me to request a CSR from Numuro to facilitate the transfer. However, after numerous back-and-forth messages with Numuro, the process ended without success, leaving me feeling hopeless. Now, I'm experiencing issues with not receiving messages, and although they claim to have checked the system and confirmed that messages are being received, I'm still having problems. Again kept blaming it on my poor WiFi/data. They pretend their system is perfect and blame everything on you.
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1 year ago, XoOoOoX
Didn’t work in the beginning but then it was fine
I bought the 5GB plan and didn’t work. I’ve tried to contact the support team. They tried to help. And I was following all of their instructions but the service didn’t work and I couldn’t use the service. I’ve asked for refund. But they asked me to repeat the same steps over and over which I was doing for more than 20 times. Tried every operator, 4G , 3G and all of the possible options. I know that the service was working for some people. But with me it didn’t work at all. I’ve sent the team more than 40 screenshots. Finally it was activated, and the refund is under process. Just to be fair, some employees were very helpful.
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3 months ago, Victory Elias
A Five-Star Experience from Start to Finish!
I can confidently say that Numero app is the epitome of excellence in their field. When I encountered an issue with my number, their customer support team proved to be exceptionally helpful and friendly. They promptly addressed my concerns and swiftly facilitated a change of my number without any hassle. It's not just about the flawless service; it's about the human touch they bring to it. The seamless experience coupled with their outstanding customer service deserves nothing less than five stars. Kudos to the Numero team for setting the standard high!
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4 months ago, AmirNoxik
Perfect app
I've had an exceptional experience using the Numero app, both in terms of the services it offers and the support team's responsiveness. The app's functionality seamlessly integrates into my daily routine, providing me with invaluable assistance when I need it the most. What truly sets Numero apart, however, is their customer support team. Their swift and helpful responses have significantly enhanced my user experience, making it clear that customer satisfaction is their top priority. Highly recommended for anyone looking for an app that combines excellent service with outstanding support.
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5 years ago, HaiderAbbas512
Found Something worthy after a long time
It is best app for those who knows how to use it, its kinda slow at the moment on iphone , but it will b fixed as i think it is getting better day by day, rates are little high but it is manageable . Good luck to the developer and i hope he will make it better day by day . Last but not the least , i hope if anything happens with the app, we will b able to get our funds back , as it happened to one of the phone app in the past , i lost almost 100$ and that effected my online business as well. I will rate 5/5 to this App .
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3 months ago, Arco6789
It’s a scam
The software regularly has many bugs that makes calling difficult. The worst bug though results in in app purchases not being applied to your account so I had to purchase minutes 3 times to receive credit in my account once. Because I requested a refund for the 2 calling plans that weren’t credited to my account numero disabled my account and blocked me from their system. Customer support tells me this is their policy if you request a refund. I lost the minutes I purchased as well as a number I had paid for for a year. I volunteer in a war zone and urgently need the ability to occasionally make international calls and have the number I purchased. I suggest not doing business with this company.
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1 year ago, Yung Maxx
Numero esim is the best among the rest.
I squandered a few money on a second mobile number and gave up. Until I decide to give Numero a shot. They have the best customer service, with responses faster than the speed of light. My issue was handled in the blink of an eye. Their memberships are less expensive when compared to other providers who charge more but cannot guarantee a second number that can be used anywhere in the world. I wholeheartedly recommend Numero to anyone looking for a second phone number.
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5 years ago, tired on NYE
Smoke and mirror pricing
When installing the app, you are assigned a temporary “free” number for a 24h trial period... however, you must still purchase credits, minimum 5€, to use that number to place a call or send a msg to a real phone line from this new number. Im sry... i assumed that a trial period wld allow potential customers to try the service at no cost to them. In this case hiwever, i feel ive been entirely gaslit by unethical business practices. issuing a so-called “free” number for 24hn that cant actually be used — unless i pay them money, and then lets say i did pay for those credits... id have to pay them even MORE money after just 24h to keep that “free” number. They graciously offer you an annual subscription at this pt for 50% off on the number. Except that i cant find thr official pricelist anywhr on the website or in the app, so that off is 50% off what?? Im gussing thr’s no 50% off anything. Thry just charge whatever the standard price is, while telling you they gave you a 50% discount so that they get you for a full year upfront, before you get fed up and stop shelling out for calling credits in a few months. Stay away from this one.
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2 months ago, Remijis
Professional and responsive customer service!
I haven’t gotten the phone number working yet, but so far the support team has been so communicative in verifying my documents, and has a very quick response time! Unexpected but great customer service for an eSIM through an app. Fairly priced at 3.99 USD for one local line is so reasonable, so I’m excited to hopefully use numero as my new telecom provider. I also love how it’s so easy to top up data and minuets, and the small increments make it easy to not over-buy data. Overall, I’m impressed by the professionalism and promptness of the service team and the reasonable pricing, and easy to use interface. Shout out to Abdelrahman, Karim and Imane of the compliance department for helping me with my verification documents and stay connected! I haven’t even made a call yet, but feel satisfied with the service!
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4 months ago, Ccccmadddh
SCAM! Do NOT install!
Update after the response from the developer.====== I stand by my review. I’d give 0 stars if possible. The app is a scam. Worst customer experience I’ve ever had. They just keep copy-pasting the same thing over and over because they barely speak English. And the response from the developers is always to blame the users! It’s always the users’ fault according to them. In short, the only way to “cancel” a subscription is by removing the card from the Apple account, which is obviously preposterous. Steer clear from this one! =============== Do NOT use this service! It’s a scam! There is no option to cancel a subscription on the app and the instructions on the website don’t work. What a ripoff!
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5 years ago, mr fact and truth
Awesome ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
This is what I never think I will come across online the real esim provider with 100% customers support, I was lost on WhatsApp issue, there customer care was amazing putting me through , now am going to forget about my original SIM card because I have a legit a real number which there customers care are excellent , there call rate for international its unbeatable am going to own this number for life because as a business Man I need to save more money this is the best for me . God bless the company *** bye 👋 to my SIM card 💥💥💥
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10 months ago, <3 Panjsheri <3
Best app ever
I normally do not rate apps but this one made me to. I was tired of some scamming apps in the past with their highest rates of subscriptions. by this is the most easy to use app with the most affordable prices in regards of purchasing a number and definitely everything they provide is legitimate. you can link your purchased number to any social media account and they provide your the quickest response in case if there’s any issue technical issue.
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1 year ago, Manaile
Edson’s point of view regarding eSim
I really love this app. Being someone with multiple nationalities and multiple residencies, it allows me to have several local numbers from each of the countries I am a legal resident of and have frequent contact with the people and institutions at such reasonable prices. WhatsApp keeps it cheaper but with eSim I can have bank verifications and authorize bank transactions in several locations around the world. I really love it and highly recommend it
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5 months ago, Seth MacKinnon
This is not a true eSIM.
Cannot add eSIM to my phone. Calling works selectively. Support doesn’t respond when text capabilities don’t work yet even though I reached out to support. I would likely say this app is a scam it somehow has my current number and shows that as the number on my account also shows my international number but so far really not meeting my expectations on usability. I had to pay 10 dollars for 3gb which I thought was for texting of data which as far as I can tell there seems to be no use for. I paid ten dollars for call time but can’t call numbers like my sister or majority of people I know. I would just steer clear and stick to WiFi calling.
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1 year ago, hiiiyab
A scam. Don’t give them your money
SCAM! Do not get this app unless you want them to take your money then harass you on WhatsApp when they they will sell you a number that doesn’t work. Then will have the audacity to blame you instead of refunding you. When I purchased a phone number I received a number that was incomplete (missing a digit). when I contacted the support center about the issue they claimed that they contacted me but could not get in contact with me and stated that it must have been because the issue was resolved. They in fact had not tried to contact me. when they finally did call me I repeatedly said “hello?” receive no response and they hung up.
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1 year ago, Jazflx
Great app
At first, I had some trouble trying to connect which I won’t lie, I was thinking it was a scam but I sent a message requesting assistance and maybe 20-30 after, I had a response from Soha who was able to help and guide me step by step via WhatsApp and within 5-10 minutes I was able to connect to the network. I will continue to use it when traveling abroad and definitely recommend it 100%.
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3 years ago, toonz187
Speechless 💕💕
I so recommend you guys to use it ,, the staff are really great with helping customers not like other apps I mean it , you shouldn’t be using any other similar app but this trust me and believe me you won’t regret it I’m so going to keep my subscription forever if that’s possible thank you for making it so easy for customers to deal with the situation they might been thinking that it was a problem 💕💕💕
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1 year ago, THE$JOCKER
Literally amazing
My honest review... This app it literally amazing and helpful, especially if you want to get a second number or getting an eSIM, and if I'll talk about the “Customer service” of this application it's literally phenomenal, they act with you very nicely, kindly and they deserve more then 5 stars for how they do with the customers, more big love and respect to these amazing guys, and I hope you more happiness in your life, my respect.
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3 years ago,
Trackers galore - beware
Update: I received a ridiculous response from the developer saying “we have thousands of clients using the app without any issues”. Have you even read my review ? I did not say anything about app’s functionality, my complaint was about excessive usage tracking. App deleted. Every time I open this app, it launches a volley of trackers. Literally 2 seconds into using the app, Lockdown firewall app blocked over a hundred tracking requests. You’d think you would not be subjected to this for the service you actually pay for. Definitely not renewing my paid plan and will probably delete the app
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3 weeks ago, MO8418
Absolute scam trash
The app promises numbers to use with WhatsApp. After I paid $19, the number they gave me was blocked by WhatsApp. I asked Apple for a refund and Apple denied it. A scam and a terrible after sales service from the app and Apple. Update: following the developper response, I would put 0 stars if I could. Dear developper, no, I am not banned on WhatsApp. I was trying to setup a totally new WhatsApp on a totally new phone for a friend who only has WiFi and no phone number. And WhatsApp clearly said that the phone number you provided me is banned on WhatsApp. Please do not insult the intelligence of people with your replies. Thank you.
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4 months ago, MDcbg3
I sent the company exactly what they asked for to approve the number. The declined my request saying that they do not accept screenshots. They then reached out to me asking me to file a ticket. I did that and sent them my utility bill and a copy of my passport (freshly taken photos). Neither of which were screenshots, sent in their app and they declined my request saying that they did not receive the documents, though the documents were clearly sent as attachments. Literally absurd. If I could include the screenshots from the app here, I would. This company is a fraudulent joke. Do not pay them any money or waste your time sending them your personal information. It is fraudulent. There is no telling what will now be done with my personal information. I hope and pray that Apple looks into this, as I am concerned for my own well being as well as that of other potential users.
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2 years ago, It is fine
Problems occur
I registered whatsapp acc with numero esim virtual number. After few days whatsapp detected it and blocked this number to continue with whatsapp. Then i contacted developer from within APP chat service they provide. Then i got suggestions to register this number with whatsapp business and they told me how to do it. They want you to take screenshots of each step and send to them and then they will review and provide you with another number. I am afraid of getting another new number and then the same vicious cycle goes on.
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10 months ago, Isreal 456
Good job
Thank you so much numero app. I've tried so many apps for a second number but all faid but numero did it for me perfectly you guys are doing a great job. This app deserve 1 billion star and I also want to thank Mr Asma'a for a great support rendered to me all through my success on getting this number. Sir you deserve a promotion sir. Please everyone go for numero app for your international phone number.
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7 months ago, Fortuna9910
Best app
I am using it since 2 years about , and I am glad , the support is very helpful in and fast responsive , I have lost my previous number which I registered to have an account with e -sim . And the support was so helpful that they transferred my virtual number to my new account with a new number , top 👍🏻 thank you
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3 months ago, user issues 101
Stolen my money
I bought a number and a bundle, after they received the payment they deactivated my account without to get to use it or even try to make one call and i can’t even complain to customer support because they deactivated the account. Please be careful of this app they are scammers and thieves
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3 years ago, dedropoo
Great app wit great support
Have been using the number couple of months ago with no issues at all. It incredibly support most services. SMS notifications also come in with no delays. I got issues with PayPal where I can’t verify my phone number. That is where the support comes in like magic like flash. Great support with great responsive theme! Great job guys. Never let us down.
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5 months ago, ChinVashisht
Just doesn’t work
I have had numerous problems with this app, the support team is used to fibbing around but not resolve the issue a customer faces. Concise review Incoming call service - Terrible, more incoming calls are missed than not. The app sends notification of a missed call as a message, without even ringing for an incoming call Incoming Messages - Less terrible than the calls, but still very bad. Messages do arrive but take hours or sometimes days to arrive. I’d rather adopt a few pigeons and train them to carry messages, and they’d be more reliable than Numero’s messaging service Outgoing calls - 9 times out of ten, there’s something wrong with the app. One time the app somehow gets lucky and your outgoing call goes through Outgoing messages - Service doesn’t exist Save your time and money of course and find another app
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2 months ago, AbuSidra2020
Amazing app and support team
The Numero app offers an amazing service with eSIM options for numerous countries. What truly impressed me was the outstanding support team they are incredibly cooperative, responsive, and quick to solve any issues or answer messages. Their kindness and efficiency made my experience with Numero exceptionally smooth.
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2 months ago, Bramonies
Fake and scam app
Everything is fake about this app,they just sell to you fake numbers and when you chat them they’ll never respond to your messages,this app needs to be taken down it’s completely fake and scam.i just gave 5 star so that my comment can be at the top.
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6 months ago, Bass1702
No United Kindom Usage and Not User Friendly
First off, the GUI (graphical User Inferface) of this application is very confusing and NOT user friendly at all. This is coming from an actual Systems Engineer!!! I build and manage servers, computers, and networks for hospitals!!!! And even I can’t figure out this app. Second, I cannot get a phone number for the United Kingdom (London) to make AND receive CALLS AND TEXTS. This app is not worth the time, hassle, or money. I wanted a London UK number in order to make calls to both UK and US based numbers, receive calls from both UK and US based numbers, send text messages to both UK and US based numbers, and receive text messages to both UK and US based numbers. This cannot be done and if it can, it’s not easy at all. Way too confusing, doesn’t work as expected, and not worth the time and effort.
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9 months ago, DeyaaOvr
Good app with long time customer assistance
Beautiful app with suitable prices, the only problem i found was the average time that custmoer representatives reply back to you which takes much time i wish they can improve this in the future but general speak good app to use and recommended.
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10 months ago, vee legacy
Can receive messages or don’t know if they saw my message and try to send back , won’t work
I can only send messages but I can get messages back Like it don’t work at all try to send messages to my number and it went from the app but it never came to my own number I taught it was an upgrade I-subscribe for a year and I still can’t send messages to anyone I desire So if you want me to recommend this app, please fix the problem im having
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1 year ago, Austin AMG
Not as described
Issues with receiving texts and calls. The number cannot be added actually and directly to the phone so you have to use the app. I have contacted the support team multiple times and no help, they send me a message through the app saying that my number is working while in fact it is not😂 You won’t receive a call or text just be aware of that. The support they developer mentioned was not as described nor the issue has been resolved so save your time and money👍🏽
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1 year ago, kaw1sh
Do not BUY!!!
If we can give a review less than 0 this app would’ve received from me, you may ask me WHY? So many reasons but to name a few extremely bad support after purchasing sim, it is not a ESIM btw it is just a number that you can access in app, you can’t receive SMS on social numbers OTP etc. Many apps won’t even recognise the number and straight up tells you the number is incorrect and why would I give you my contact access if I only want to text some random number. DO NOT BUY LOOK FOR OTHER APPS
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9 months ago, P@98.
Satisfied Customer
I am writing this review as a satisfied customer. It’s my first time using numero and I can say that Numero is one of the best esim service providers. The sales and technical support teams are very helpful, responsive and professional. Numero is very easy to use and gives a very friendly user experience.
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4 years ago, elbosha
I would like to thank the technical support for their dedication to work and attention to customers' complaints This will be my favorite app it just need to improve data usage and the connection sometimes is too weak, we hope to improve that
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3 years ago, fadafrankie
Numero eSIM
This is fantastic. I apologize for giving you guys a hard time, but one thing I appreciate about your services is that you are always available to attend to any problem that arises from the app and ensure that it is resolved. What I like best about the app is how fully functional it is.
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2 years ago, Julio09123
I can't change the real number
I can not change the real number for another. And now without the real number with which I started the account I cannot log in on another device. It is a complication when changing the phone.
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1 year ago, MayiYaMiso
Can't restore my purchases after I have changed phone numbers
Amazing app. 5stars for sure. My only issue is that after changing my phone (and phone number) I am unable to access my previous purchases... Any fix?
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3 years ago, lkaooe
Bugs fixing
I started experiencing some bugs on this app these few days. I have been unable to receive incoming calls and also can’t call any number. Whenever I try to perform this operation the app will return me to the Home Screen on my iphone. Please I need you to fix this because I purchased more than a number and I paid for everything with longer expiring subscription
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2 years ago, @lastspy83
افضل برنامج وافضل خدمة عملاء ومساعده انصح الجميع ان يقوموا بتحميل هذا البرنامج لأنه فعلا قسم المساعده متاح في اي وقت وجاهزين لحل اي مشكله تواجهك The best program and the best customer service and assistance I advise everyone to download this program because it is really the help section available at any time and ready to solve any problem you face
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5 months ago, TWJ-G
Quick and competent customer support
Had some issues at first, but customer support reacted within minutes and was able to solve the issue. Thank you
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8 months ago, Fahed Ismail
Very Poor Customer Support
the number is working when it comes to upgrading to a year plan now the app gives all kind of errors. how many times contacted the support from the app snd the website its like you are asking something and the are answering for a total deferent subject and until now can not extend to 1 year for God sake you are losing money because of the support team
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2 years ago, robertgh1
Thieves and scammers.
I just downloaded this app and paid for one month. They took my money and nothing works. No text is delivered. Texted someone many times they did not get texts. Just first day of use. Disappointed. Uninstalling
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