Odnoklassniki: Social network

Social Networking
4.5 (2.5K)
209.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Odnoklassniki Ltd
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
14.4 or later
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User Reviews for Odnoklassniki: Social network

4.52 out of 5
2.5K Ratings
1 year ago, Wizard On Acid
Good app but…
Fix the search! I read your response to someone else. I’ll use the web browser to search until it’s fixed. Glad it’s not an “update” but an error you’re trying to correct.
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1 year ago, Introspect21
For the past month you can no longer search for videos. No matter what you search for it says no video found. Even common words such as “AND” says no video found. But then if you go on the regular desktop URL of course thousands and thousands of video results come up so it’s only the APP that disabled video search. Try it yourself. Search for the movie “Sweet home Alabama”. You will get no results on the OK mobile app. But then search for those same three words on a desktop computer, and there are about 50 results. HORRIBLE OK. I think it could also be that they may have programmed it for Russian only because this started when the war started so maybe they just don’t want English speakers to use the app as its a VERY Russian centric app.
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2 years ago, BingCrosby1933
Need help
Hello. I have been using this app/website for a few months now and it has worked great until about ten days ago. My main use for this is to connect my phone to airplay to watch videos, but a few days ago it stopped working and hasn’t worked since on either of my televisions. Short videos play, but longer ones stay stuck on the loading screen. This is not a problem with Airplay as I’ve tested it out on other sites and it plays fine. Great, useful app, but desperately need help with this issue! Thanks!
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7 months ago, Alice Perea
Music subscription
So, I wanted to connect their music subscription, but turned out it was already connected to someone else’s profile from my Apple ID. And I cannot reconnect it to my profile, it automatically goes to theirs. I contacted OK support team, and they said it’s impossible to disconnect someone else’s profile, if it ones connected, it’s forever on that profile! It’s such a nonsense! So either I pay for someone else’s subscription or forget about this subscription at all, because there is no way I can connect it to my profile now! So stupid and unbelievable!
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3 years ago, KurasM.
Now after I play videos at full screen it doesn’t have any suggested videos it only has a like button this is inconvenient and lowers my interest in videos
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4 years ago, lilith311
No transparency
Would appreciate it if they were clear on pricing. I had to google 20 ok? And for how long is the feature and which features are included in the price? For privacy. It’s written in Russian. Not at all transparent. And some of us don’t read in Russian so the whole site should be English when you choose that option not some features. Also, the support team takes way too long to get back to you.
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3 years ago, pfgreene
Goodbye FB
It’s nice to have a social media platform that doesn’t mention Trump, COVID-19, or racism. I watch movies, have made some interesting friends and have even began a new hobby (older movies). Haven’t been on Facebook for about two weeks now. Thanks!
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9 months ago, ShadowAnge
Translate from other languages to English
I like the app but there needs to be a translation tab. Other than that great
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5 years ago, 53rich
Can’t access videos
This is a fair app but when I get into a group to access their videos, the videos either do not exist or they cannot be viewed as it shows an error even though they will state a number of videos. But when I get onto the actual website, the videos usually appear. This really needs fixed.
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4 years ago, Nick8&3749
Attention Developers!!!
Please please please make the background music available for us people who are in USA. I enjoy using this app, as well as listening to the songs while I’m driving, But, it’s not letting me use it in the background. It’s disappointing. Thank You!!!
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1 year ago, MyGirl!
Everything in Russian!
My profile is set to USA and English, but looks like everything is in Russian and I cannot change it! ***Update**** Received 3 mssgs from developer, asking me to email cust svc with issue, and change my review. Well, I emailed a few times. No response, and no change. Still, all sections in the app are in Russian. Wish I could update to negative review! Need to delete profile and app.
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2 years ago, GatorBait66
I love this app and it has the best support the only problem is that i dont talk Russian but im learning some i wish there was a translater but besides that its great
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9 months ago, ilse. R.
Omg I should not have updated this version
Video search engine has a problem with this version.. please fix it
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9 months ago, Caramela7
Won’t work with chrome cast anymore
I used to stream videos from the app to chrome cast device, but it doesn't work anymore ☹️ it shows the device on the list, but it won't cast
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3 years ago, hunterrams
Great social media app to watch old movies!
One of the best hidden gems to watch old movies! I never knew a social media app was this good!
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8 months ago, Hosamn
i can’t stream videos to google chrome cast
Why i can’t stream videos to google chrome cast Even i have seen the option to cast but not working .. Plz resolve the problem .. i really like your app :(
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6 years ago, Miishutka1945
Improvement, and bug fixes
Can you share with public what improvement? and what bug fixes you have done??? Thanks
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5 years ago, eroodit
Asks money for everything!
It’s ridiculous how this Odnoklassniki app/website tries to make out of everything! It’s the year 2019, and these people charging 5”OK” for sending stickers in messages!!! I mean it’s just one of the simple examples! People, think about it, if you need to use this app or not. I would not recommend anyone!
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3 years ago, badapple808
Interesting, but...
Being that it’s 2020, there should already have been a language translating option. It doesn’t, so it’s pretty useless to me right now, as I’m new and everything on here is in a different language. Oh well. Deleting for now. I may come back later.
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4 years ago, MAXR0CK
Love it
Signed up since 2008! Every year is going better and better
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4 years ago, mmullek
How do you get it in English
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3 years ago, Mubarak Alhail
Great but...
In some section, the English language is not available, such as the Applications section and notifications / please add Arabic language.
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5 years ago, uae_emirates
Wireless network
I can’t view any video with wireless only with mobile data since few months still not fix.
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2 years ago, fudgeboyyyyyyy
Search function broken
Video search is broken, even with the exact video title videos no longer show up.
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6 years ago, havsvsn
iPhone x videos issue
Can you fix it please so it can be viewed fully it shrinks every time I rotate the screen other than that the app is great
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9 months ago, Joe786opo
Casting doesn’t work any more
Casting button doesn’t work anymore on iPhone. Button is there. Device come up but you can’t choose it. Did the update remove the function. ?
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2 years ago, Aaliyah01
Requires account to use and your phone number
Why do you need my phone number just to make an account? Too invasive, I’ll just use the website
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3 years ago, gdvre
This website should not be use for kids people are being kidnapped from this websites! And kids are are raped from this website’ anyone who made such website should be arrested !!!
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3 years ago, kaic98
cannot log on
i can no longer log into my account. each time i try to log in it says “unable to log in your profile has been temporarily blocked”. it has been months now i have been getting this message and i’m not sure of a customer support email/number to contact.
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9 months ago, Cazyzit6788
Casting from iPhone to tv not working
After this recent update casting from iPhone to tv not working The button is there but not responding Please fix asap !!!!
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3 years ago, fl_tasha
This app doesn’t work on iOS 14
Hi! I have an issue with this app after updating iOS 14. I’m usually playing the game Pirates in this app, but after updating iOS 14 this game doesn’t work 3 days. Can you tell me what’s wrong? Thank you
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3 years ago, dtross88
How to put in English subtitles please
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1 month ago, Equalizer777
Illegal Activity
Whoever made this app has 24 hours to either remove it from store or I will go to the media and tell them what type of illegal trash is on this app. 24hours!!!!!
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9 months ago, Please fix65444
You can’t stream to tv
You can’t stream to your tv anymore. Not sure what happened.
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1 year ago, 24loona
After last update from September 26th kicks out from the app.. can’t use application at all😡😡😡😡. Service in app doesn’t do nothing …
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2 years ago, irinaleus
App crashing
Latest version on latest iOS crashing when I hit messages.
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3 years ago, eum_x
Zoom screen
My mobile is IPhone 11 I want a zoom screen from a video , please adjust that
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5 years ago, garni272
👎🏼 iPhone x when!!!!
Its been over a month since I downloaded this app and still iPhone x is still in the "coming soon" listing!!! This app is just fraud 👎🏼
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6 years ago, Ilhomjon99
Music 🎶 problem!!!!
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9 months ago, huaghiro
Can’t cast to tv from iPhone
After the update can’t longer cast to tv anymore
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5 years ago, mammadofficial
Video search problem
Im search video is ok ru web version. Normally working. And app has a problem. Cant find video. All video. Pls fix
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5 years ago, nathan19876543
Awful app
This app drains too much battery. Probably tracking your movements and sharing the data with a government agency. Uninstalling.
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5 years ago, hamani_colita
How I Mack my profile private??
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3 years ago, ittzz.Kayla
I have tried multiple times and it wont let me add my DOB
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5 years ago, MusicWomen
Where did the music app go?? We need it back!!! How can any one live without music? I loved the music app! Please bring it back!!!
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4 years ago, @Amyy_is_herre
I can’t figure out how to switch it to English! Even in settings
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9 months ago, UnistavLuna
Why my profile is blocked?
I didn’t use ok for a while and now I get blocked help!
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6 years ago, Genceli_Agali
No music
Can't listen to music on iPhone. Fix it Thanks
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5 years ago, Aziz Aliev
Video playback
Do you even thinking about the video playback?
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6 years ago, Murodali
Music is not playing at background
I can’t even subscribe
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