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Bad Kitty's Dad
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User Reviews for OmeTV – Video Chat Alternative

3.74 out of 5
5.8K Ratings
7 months ago, gg just fix bugs plz
Thank you
At first I was expecting this to be the same as Omegle before it got taken down and for the most part it was, a lot of people were acting suspicious and showing their private parts and others were very rude and disrespectful. But on the bright side there were a lot of great heartfelt people that I met I made tons of great friends on this app and I even met my soulmate. So it would be amazing if you could design a program for the app to help keep out the inappropriate stuff and negativity to build a better community help others make friends. The girl I met on this app has changed my life for the better so all I can say now is thank you and keep making the world a better place. Much love<3 : user
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5 months ago, 3938383838838383
Turn off accept and decline
I’m sorry but no one likes this new accept and decline on iOS and it needs to be changed. It just makes everything more awkward I feel like for people or just like a lame vibe and plus it’s an annoyance especially if I’m in the middle of something. I don’t want to have to stop just to press accept for the next person every time, at least have it has an option for people who like it better than the swiping. For me I just got back on today and haven’t been on for a minute so I didn’t know this “safe mode” thing would be on it and it just completely ruins the whole experience and vibe of meeting new people and just makes it feel boring and just not fun at all. To me it makes it harder to spark up a conversation with someone so it just gets real quiet and awkward every new person. Unless you’re really a socially person and just always has it down like that and instantly knows what to say to start and make a conversation going forward, but a lot of people are not that social so I bet people like me are having the same struggles or just don’t know what to say at first which I can say a lot of people do that too. So I’m asking if y’all can change it back to how it originally was before so people like myself and others don’t have those struggles and have a good time on the app, because honestly the swiping is all around better.
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3 weeks ago, Not_saying_
So horrible
I get banned every time I go one there, for no reason, it’s not bots because I read the terms of service, you guys are supposedly on here monitoring this site 24/7 but it seems like a bot is banning me every time. This time I was banned for “numerous complaints from other users,” but the screenshot is me holding an xbox controller. I checked the terms of service, that is not breaking the rules, clearly people are abusing the report feature so they can anyone banned, I saw people flashing guns at the camera, I saw multiple people doing overtly sexual things, and I saw them multiple times for a span of at least 15-20 minutes, they never got banned. Not to mention the countless number of kids that for some reason go on here, I have to skip like 25-30 people to actually find someone who’s not a child, but they’re never banned, I’m so sick of this app banning me constantly for no reason. I also got banned on my computer, not for directly showing my phone, but for holding it up in a way where you could just barely see the screen, you couldn’t even see what was on it, and I got banned for an irrelevant image. I wasn’t even trying to show my screen I was trying to get someone to listen to a meme since I couldn’t show it for god sake. Horrible app
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5 months ago, QCcc1234
Please help me fix the country setting problem
A few days ago, I accidentally changed my country to Yemen on this app (I’m not from Yemen), and since then I’ve been matched with people from Yemen or who speak Arabic (I don’t speak Arabic at all). I’ve tried everything I could think of, such as changing my country back, deleting and reinstalling the app, and logging in with different accounts, but nothing worked. The app still shows the Yemeni flag, and I can’t seem to change it. It is nice to have conversations with people from another culture, but this is too much… I just want to set my country successfully on this app… Is there a way to fix it?
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2 months ago, kskxkf
Ok first off, the app is pretty good. But there are some things that bother me about it. 1. This whole accept and decline thing is pretty annoying. Because I just want to sit back, relax, and let it roll. I hate having to lean towards my phone to press accept. 2. I have ran into a couple bots, which isn’t a huge deal, thought I might put it on here. 3. A couple times now, the app just stoped working. The bar below with my profile, and everything else, is not there when this happens. It only shows the main screen, and I can’t swipe to talk to anyone. I’m pretty sure this is just a bug, so fixing it would be awesome! Over, the app is pretty good.
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11 months ago, Erica_8036
I feel like you should allow 16 and older to use this
I haven’t used it myself because I’m only sixteen, but I REALLY want to because I think it’ll be useful for language practice. Anyways from what I’ve seen (videos and stuff), the app looks super cool. I can’t wait to use it when I’m of age myself but I’d LOVE to use it sooner.
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3 months ago, alixduck420
i first downloaded ome tv around august last year and i honestly like the app but.. the developers have narrowed down your options tremendously. before i used to be able to “accept” or “reject” people on there, basically if i swipe to the next person you were able to see their name, gender, profile picture and what city their in. and you used to be able to turn that setting on and off but now, ever since i updated the app.. it’s all gone!! and now i barely use the app because all i see is a bunch of old creepy dudes showing their private parts. and i’m really not okay with that. developers if you see this, please come up with a new solution or bring back safe mode. me and many many others will gladly appreciate it
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3 weeks ago, Person20482
Semi decent
Was just going through chatting while I was watching the Big Bang theory and it had a picture of my blanket in it. I didn’t feel comfortable putting my face in frame and someone reported me for “explicit content” when nothing was shown and there was no indication of anything being shown I assume it is ran off bots going through the reports because you cannot submit a request but you can pay 11 dollars for an immediate unbanning or you can wait 14 days I would never do anything to expose myself to anyone but I guess if watching TV and having a blanket in frame (covering my entire body) is against the rules and policies then please tell me because it was not written in the rules but whatever
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6 months ago, Truth about an app
I do like think app but it wants to much information and I just don’t want to give it out because some people can track down your phone and find your location and where you live and all that. I just don’t think we should be trusting a app that wants your information I think it’s better if we don’t have to put a lots of our privacy into a app to find a relationship and making friends.
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2 months ago, darowley
Extortion, and now Accept or Reject
No longer random. You have to tap accept or reject on every user. This means by the time I hit accept or reject, the other user may have already rejected. So now it’s just tons of mutual skips. Terrible. This needs to have a setting so it can be turned off, and should be off by default. I just want to connect with people to practice language while I’m cooking. With hands dirty, I can’t accept or reject anymore. Needlessly Frustrating. This app developer/company attempts to extort the users by blocking them (even though rules were not actually broken), and forcing them to pay $11 to use the app again.
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2 months ago, TedBundle
Targeted Bans
Me and some friends got this app a while back and after some time on this app we've all been banned at least once. However out of all of us I was the only one that payed for the immediate unban and man was that a mistake. Ever since, I've been the only one banned like 7 times for the dumbest reasons like accidentally turning my camera around and showing a wall for a quick second. I know noone is reporting these little moments because its nothing to report. Just feel like they're targeting anyone who's proven to spend money on the app. If anything avoid paying for an unban as you'll make it on their list
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1 month ago, AgenttAriznoa
Cash grab
How is it I’m continuously banned in the Home Screen when not even talking to people i understand if your out of frame while talking but I’m not connected to any actual users, like say I need a drink id swipe out of chat rotation walk away come back and be banned how am I supposed to be able to be banned while not in a active chat? Also it’s not like I’ve done anything wrong I have no permanent suspension I can wait over a month or pay 10$ seems pretty convenient for the creators. If it doesn’t change I’m going to do my very best to get the site black listed there not even trying to stop pedos
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2 months ago, VeinMoth
Thank you for removing accept and decline
For the 6 of you who are complaining about it being removed, go use Skype or something, an app like this is not supposed to have a feature like that, some of us can be preoccupied doing something and having to constantly click the screen every time someone skips is just flat out ridiculous.
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8 months ago, tordkddjej
They ban for no reason
I was on the app for ten min then got banned the reason was multiple complaints from other people and all I was doing was showing my face so even if you follow the rules you get banned but yet others don’t while there cussing using the n word play songs that cuss and have derogatory lyrics but that’s fine even tho in your rules your not allowed to do that but you allow them on the app without a ban so stop banning people that have done nothing wrong and create a way to Appel a ban I hope you all lose your jobs and go bankrupt and I hope this app gets shutdown
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4 months ago, coolevi123
Absolute cash grab
Most of the app is fine besides that it makes you sign in with facebook and people can find your name, the real issue is that it runs AI to see if you’re doing anything inappropriate, that sounds like a good thing till you realize it’s looking for absolutely anything including middle fingers and I’ve gotten banned two times for showing completely normal stuff, right now it I’m banned for showing the FLOOR, last time I was sitting in my car and got banned for that. They have NO APPEAL OPTION but charge $10 to be unbanned
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5 months ago, bobby lupire
This app is no longer available in the us?
I like this app a lot. It’s easy to use and I have made lots of friends and had amazing conversations the only thing that bothers me is the new update with the reject or accept I haven’t used the app since they’ve added that feature I think that there should be an option where you can shut off the reject or accept maybe then I’d download the app again.
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3 months ago, WhyXd
why the checking function is disappeared
Hi, just wondering why the checking account function is disappeared after I got banned Please fix it are used to used it very well The function is mainly about, I can receive or reject the request from others
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7 months ago, Oli Cal
I want to like it
I really want to meet new people and I got banned. I flipped my screen around once to show the people that I was playing FIFA and next time I tried to swipe to meet a different person it said I was banned for 336 hours. I don’t understand why that is a thing as I only showed it for maybe even 10 seconds, how is that a bannable offence. To me I think it was just a cheap way to take money from people because it said you can pay $11 to get unbanned which I Find very unethical. Shame on this company
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3 months ago, Mydvxbeats
It is what it is
First off if you bald don’t go on this at all matter of fact don’t even bother downloading this app because there’s so many people on here that won’t even give a chance to speak. Secondly all these kids got to go we have kids on here faking their ages. Third this app is great but it’s just there a 15% chance you would talk to someone and most people will skip you
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5 months ago, Thegreendeanwasbanned
I don’t like the new decline/accept feature
It just feels a little bit less natural and honestly I don’t know how to phrase it but I just don’t enjoy the app as much with the feature in place I seem to find myself skipping anybody that’s a male and never really getting to know anybody. if the developers are reading this, please remove it, and I think everyone else will be happier.
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5 months ago, pixelander
Bad moderation
You guys say it’s against your rules to be racist but then there’s people out here dropping slurs left and right and being racist without any consequences. I’ve been called the N word and the person gets no consequences even after I report them. I can recall being called the N word over 300 times on this site and it keeps happening since you guys don’t have strong moderation
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6 months ago, Obeygrey
Okay experience
Not to mention the lack of time it takes for each person to skip you before you utter “hi” the app now requires you to press “reject or accept call” before each interaction now which I think makes the experience 10x worse considering 90% of the user base is just men trying to look for women so now they have the option of skipping calls until they find a woman.
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6 months ago, NotAmatuerChannel
Can’t sign in
I have used this app for a while i think that its really cool but then i got banned for smth dumb. When my ban had passed i had to sign in to use it but it kept saying network error. Tell me if this is a problem on my have or if the servers are screwed up, also just remove signing in.
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6 months ago, hussboss22
Live Streaming
Not sure if anyone will ever see this message but I really think you should add a live stream option. This might help more people engage with each other plus would make it easier to make new friends :))
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5 months ago, bcizzle1308
I mean it’s good, definitely reminds me of omegle, but i’m not a huge fan of HAVING to log in, and i use it on mobile so i’m not a fan of the new update of the accept and decline buttons, it’s quite a pain and just not necessary
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5 months ago, Big Brodie Bro Bro
Bring back safe mode
I really enjoyed this app until they removed the ability to accept and deny a person before being met with them on the call. I’m not sure why they removed this option because anyone who doesn’t want it on/ off can just change it to their preference. Pls just bring it back
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3 weeks ago, Yonathan?
Banned for showing my pants
One start off by saying there are too many little kids, two there were many bad things on that app, some girl flashed me. (w for me) another time someone set me up saying that I “am not wearing pants” so I tell her that I’m am and I rise my pants up to show her my Homer Simpson’s pj’s. And I just get banned immediately, I wasn’t doing anything wrong and I hope to get unbanned. Lastly there are a bunch of people high up in them videos calls.
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2 months ago, Stop banning me bols
Un banned me now
I’m just wanting to say to the person who made this I just got banned for no reason I didn’t even do anything banned me or I’ll report this whole thing because Omegle got to took down and they should also I got reported because I was swinging so either an banned or I report and this is not no hate. I like this app but I keep getting banned for no reason I got banned for eight months once for nothing just un banned me or report
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1 month ago, Shelly3547
To many inappropriate and gross things
To the developers: Can you please fix the report button on this app so that way when you report someone it gives gives you different options for what you are reporting them about because, I don’t want to keep on seeing peoples private parts or anything else that is not good to look at. I would really like it if you did that. Please and thank you.
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8 months ago, bobbysmistress
Don’t show money
I got banned for asking the currency of Poland and showing the currency. I feel like this should be a change but other than that this is a great app.
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5 months ago, Adzzzzzzzz02
Can't sign in??
Again this app if one of the most amazing alternatives for Omegle always having interesting funny conversations with strangers however I had just got banned for showing my foot as my camera had flipped by accident hopefully this issue can be resolved soon but other then that great app
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8 months ago, Wxrlld
Inappropriate people
The exact reason why I read this one is because there is people showing their private parts and the generals on Omegle and taking showers with her generals, and all I do is just sit down in the report them then skip, and I soon as I get off of the app I get banned and I have to pay a $10 fee. There’s no reason why I should be able to pay that if I’m blocking someone so please fix that .
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4 months ago, Scar_79
Tracker problem!
I have never posted something like this before but 2 trackers from this app tried to profile me all because I signed up and joined the app for a couple of weeks know I’m very disturbed and disappointed I’ll be deleting the app permanently please fix this problem if you fix it then I will give the app another chance but not until it’s fixed have a good day to whoever reads this.
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2 months ago, jeffy 77777
Can someone help
So i got banned for somthing that happened about 5 months ago but when it happened i got the week ban but they banned me for no reason this time for ever apparently
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2 months ago, Mocloc9000
Stay away from here for Good!!!!
I’m being serious y’all I’m trying to save y’all lives and careers like I recently just want on this for fun just to see what’s up and someone on here wanted me to send some nasty stuff to them and then also they wanted to expose me for not sending them what they wanted and they were going to blackmail me on social media so y’all just be careful and don’t do anything stupid and just be cautious.
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5 months ago, skinnypp26
I can’t sign in
I got suspended for showing my computer screen and I waited two weeks for it to release (it’s been well over a month now) and if I click on the app it asks me to sign in I sign in using Apple ID and I click sign in on the Apple prompt Face ID works and the pop up goes away all normal but then the app does nothing dose not matter how many times I do it or how long I wait it refuses to do anything
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10 months ago, locomotive[2]
What is this ban system
I was talking on Omegle until my friend wanted to pull a joke off showing his phone all he was doing was playing dragon ball legends his phone and you can tell with the photo they said was the reason why they banned me I checked my phone I’m banned for 13 days for”irrelevant images “ like what does that mean are they trying to force me to show my face and talk what is that system?
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3 months ago, ssuperpup
I barely get flashed on this app only once but for the most part everyone on this app are chill and kind they usually don’t have anything mean to say
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10 months ago, ackweirdo
The app was working fine, until one day I got banned for 14 days for no reason at all, it said suggestive themes or actions or something like that, but I was literally moving in my bed and had the camera pointing at the wall, I waited the 14 days and now I cannot get the app to “connect to network” I really enjoyed using this app but it seems like I am unable to do use it anymore
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2 months ago, hiygxiygdiyiygyud
Sexual harassment
Won’t say nothing but the thing I saw are over the age of 24 there are people showing their privacy things like you know but let’s say people are looking for a lover what if a kid was on that app and he doesn’t know age policy and just downloaded the app so if I could I want to rate negative so please please don’t let kids use this app I’m 21 years old and i saw things that I don’t like
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5 months ago, R hallmon
I think that the reject or accept is very annoying people like me go on playing games or hands full and have to stop every single time gets annoying and pushes people from the app maybe ad like a setting or lose it.
Show more
5 months ago, bobboya
New Update
You guys just ruined this app by adding a feature where we have to accept or decline each swipe. We go through 100’s of people per session, why would I want to keep pressing a button? What if my phone is on a tripod 5ft away from me? You guys will have no choice but to go back as less and less people will use this app, mark my words.
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10 months ago, i always say K 🎅🏿
It bans you for no reason.. the only reason it will ban you is to get money also this app tries to get good reviews by having bots rate it and type random things this app is only good for a day and then they ban you I recently just got unbanned and then they banned me again within the hour the reason is “irrelevant image” when i was showing my face and just talking to people
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5 months ago, doctor cata
Very inappropriate app and ban problem
Hi guys so I was talking to this girl named Emma and when we connected with each other she was rubbing her private parts while looking at me! And I got banned for no reason the picture was just me with my sister having fun so ur telling me the inappropriate people on this app get to stay on but when I do nothing wrong I get banned instead? Fix this ban problem plz
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2 weeks ago, yoyoyoihaveayoyo
Chill app but
I would love it if we could make an account by using Google as I can’t sign in with my Apple account for whatever reason and I don’t have Facebook never had a reason to do it this would happen that would be great
Show more
3 months ago, Vakaba c
At first it all going well I was talking to people and it was also nice until I got band for no reason and it telling me to pay 10 dollars to unbanned me it really wrong if this how they gonna use this apps to make money is serious wrong so please unbanned me I didn’t do anything’s wrong and I didn’t do anything wrong also
Show more
3 months ago, Jose2749
For showing my friend a freaking video of CoryxKenshin
I wanna sooth this, because a friend say, can I watch you see CoryxKenshin but yeah, banned me for I don’t know how many days how many weeks how many months? Yeah, keep banning me for no reason for showing something like I show a dog for nothing and then I get banned because they put a lot of hours. I gotta wait to get back on and I’m tired.
Show more
3 months ago, Banshee baby
I hate it
because people keep asking for my number people keep asking for my age and I don’t wanna tell that because it’s my personal information and they keep asking me that and plus when I try to make a new account it wouldn’t let me how do I even make a new account it won’t let me
Show more
4 months ago, Nicolai0007
Bring back the option to choose
I honestly preferred the option of having the control of accepting who I was going to talk to and allow me to see beforehand if I wanted to skip. The user should be able to choose if they want the option. Please bring it back.
Show more
5 months ago, reviewman 🇿🇦
I got banned?
I got banned for simply having my face in the camera I have no clue why but if someone can please unban me or email me so we can get this figured out I have the picture for there reason if ban
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