Ourtime - Meet 50+ Singles

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3.9 (51.6K)
135.1 MB
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Match Group, LLC
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1 month ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Ourtime - Meet 50+ Singles

3.9 out of 5
51.6K Ratings
1 year ago, russolds
Beautiful App For New Users
I’m very new to the online dating scene and would say this app has been quite fun to use . The users interface is quite friendly . I would recommend this for anyone new to dating . I however will like an option where I could filter between races as it makes my search quite easy and straight to the point . It’s been hard coming across people of asian as well as African descent as those are my preference but I don’t mind if this is updated in some later versions If this is updated into the app , I will really love it and 5 star it .
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1 year ago, Blue heeler lover
Things to look for add to look out for
One thing that I just recently found after I’ve been off of this app for a while, and that did not show up when I had the app on my phone, where his messages from men that I’ve never seen that went into my spam file. So while on this app, check your spam file tool so sorry to all those men that I never responded to because I never knew about you. The other thing is for men and women to look out for if a man or a woman wants you to go off to a different texting messages system and I threw a regular text message on your phone. I want you to download one either through your Gmail. Or another app they are a scammer. Also, if they claim that they’re gonna meet you and then all of a sudden no longer can meet scammer and shortly after that something happens to them like losing their credit cards. Or something went wrong with your bank account and they need your help and want you to send the money. Don’t do it. They are scammers if they can’t meet you within the first week or two face-to-face don’t bother. Cause they’re probably living in another country. And another heads up. If it looks like a professional picture it’s probably a scammer . please some of the pictures I’ve seen our basically just a nose . you need to show your whole face in your pictures. Just thought these are things you should look out for. I have found somebody on another site.
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2 years ago, cookie lover 21
Not able to continue to upload photos
I used to be on this app and had issues with uploading photos before but finally got them complete. Just got back on site and went to upload new Photos and successfully got 3 photos to start. Went back to upload more and wouldn’t allow said I needed to give permission in settings. My setting showed for their app photos was on. Emailed them and they told me they had removed one of my photos for not following guidelines?? It was a picture zoomed in of two drinks toasting? Emailed again and no response. Called only auto hold. Emailed no response. Called today, did not select technical support but “other” #6, and was told issue with my phone. I said it still showed access and I had not changed anything. He was Very condescending to me and told me it wasn’t a technical issue. When asked what kind of issue it was he just said issue with my phone but wanted me to remove app and reinstall. Wanted to stay on phone with me. However his tone was so off putting with his dog barking in background I said I’ll reinstall & would call back if needed additional help. Well reinstalled and now settings doesn’t even give me option to allow photos for their app. Guess I’ll have to call again but so frustrating and 🤞
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4 months ago, AMKlos
Stuck in “pay to play”
I tried the paid membership for a month because the free membership had almost zero functionality. The paid version was better but still had less functionality than other sites. Not sure if this is typical of anything in the Match group of apps. Very disappointed that after I went back to the free version almost all the messages I had previously sent were no longer accessible, even for people I had matched with. And I could only message the apps “top picks” now. Very disappointing that I couldn’t message non top picks even after officially matching. And previous matches were no longer available if they weren’t already a “top pick”. Very close to wanting to delete the app because the paid membership wasn’t worth it. UPDATE: They recently made the site even *less* functional for free users, taking away the ability to see who had looked at your profile unless you paid. That was the last straw! I deleted my account and deleted the app off my phone. For an app that’s been around for a while they’ve been acting very scammy. I will never use this app again or any of the Match group apps. I would have had better luck with a true pop-up scam app. I would have given zero stars if that was an option. STAY AWAY FROM THIS WORTHLESS APP!!!
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2 months ago, Whatever111z
Watch Out! Scammer Looking for Victims
Joined for first time ever. Got someone interested the first day. I thought wow. He was pretty handsome. Flattered. He was charming. Talked for a few days and we seemed to hit it off. Then he started to scam me, I was vulnerable. Have been working with their Care Team, only through email, haven’t found a phone number. They have been very slow and are acting like I am the scammer. This “match” stole my profile info and set-up a bogus profile and use my charge info to pay for it. Be very very careful. If they don’t want to meet you, reasonably soon, they maybe a scammer. Also follow every precaution. Just to follow-up, to be fair OurTime finally tried to contact me, however it took a lot to get them to pay attention. They are still asking the same info I provided two weeks ago. They did finally did issue a refund. Only thing I can say is if you go to any dating site. Do not communicate with anyone off of the dating site message board and do not offer any answers that might give any personal info, especially if they won’t meet you in person. There are probably 100s of scammers looking for vulnerable individuals. People that are not as technically advanced as they are.
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2 years ago, Hoping for New End Result
No options to choose your personal preferences
I continue to get the majority of recommendations of White men. I am interested in finding someone from my race and culture. Our Time does not dig past a person’s surface to find out what the client is personally looking for in a mate. You just send random people to your clients. For me, yesterday was my first day and I’m very disappointed in your last of research on OurTime’s part to do any work besides collecting and banking the fees to actually find someone one would actually be interested in meeting according to the client’s personal profile. I wanted to test your services out prior to committing significant funds to finance this venture. I submitted a review saying this exact thing yesterday, and I bet my last dollar that OurTime did not read it as I looked at a couple of your recommendations this morning with the same results as yesterday so my disappointment continues. I will not be renewing for further time but I guess, as usual in life, the Dominant Group is disregarding people of color and their needs. DO BETTER, OurTime. Don’t just collect money without actually trying to find your clients someone they might actually be interested in.
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3 months ago, Disgusted 10,001
A total farce, and they stole my money
Let’s begin with a lack of performance for this website, application, etc. it is lame with fake profiles, poor administration, and no contact phone number to address issues. After multiple rounds of emails through their client portal if you became clear that they had no intention on addressing my concerns, which were based on unfounded reports to my account, probably by next Friend or something ridiculous as opposed to protecting innocent people. Had they investigated properly? They would’ve found that I’ve done nothing inconsistent with their terms of service, which they claimed I violated. After pressing them, I found that, they hired flunkies to run their customer service department and upper management. After asking for my money back, they terminated my account. How convenient. I’ve only been on a couple other websites over the years between relationships and I can tell you that this one is the worst there’s no accountability and no one to talk to about constructive concerns regarding their platform buyer. Beware you’re more likely to find someone to date by running into them at the grocery store
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10 months ago, Gwenzella
While I’ve found several gentlemen to date/get acquainted with I wasn’t thrilled with the overall app. Many of the profiles for guys are scammers. Their profile is well written but when they start communicating one finds their English to be quite poor to the point where it’s obviously not their first language. Some of the posters lie about their appearance. The guy who turned out to be way over 300 pounds and had trouble walking did not even vaguely match his photos. You might strike gold here. I found one particular guy who may work out romantically but there are plenty of these guys who are delusional if not downright liars. One guy just wanted phone sex free. No dates. No getting to know each other. Just phone sex. Others post profiles where the description of their perfect woman sounds more like they are searching for the perfect dog. If you want loyal, agreeable always, and obedient, check out the local pound, not a dating website! Good grief!
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4 years ago, stick to the real world
Wasste of time
Decided to sign up after emails saying that I had five likes and four messages no such thing three likes in one message they pump all the stuff up to make you want to subscribe Also none of the profile pictures that I uploaded were actually on my profile when I downloaded the app for my phone when I downloaded the app for my phone none of the information that I entered on the website transferred over to the app so I went in and entered everything again still no luck so I called cancel when I cancel my subscription they said there’s been a block put on my accounts reason why I couldn’t do anything they didn’t know why there was a block on my account just that there was unusual activity so I canceled the subscription anyway and it still should’ve been good for another 3 1/2 weeks but it’s not can’t access the account without going to the subscribed screen not falling for that again Nothing but a BS web sight I seriously doubt that anybody ever finds up with a relationship from this website!
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4 years ago, bruntshvd
Just a photo book
Just like match they don’t tighten things up enough for the women they have to make it mandatory that they want to look at pictures if they want to talk to people they have to be members. I don’t like the fact that even with my pictures that no one is getting back to me, and that’s most likely the sites problem that is not an issue of me not being seen it’s just there are so many members that are men in so few that are women the site itself makes it hard to meet. Women are always going to receive more responses than men therefore women should be only allowed five then when they go through those five they have to wait another seven days before they get another five to make it more competitive if I threw 100 pennies in front of you and say that five of those pennies are worth $1000 it’s gonna take your time to go through them all to find the one that’s got the marking of the date. And it’s the same way on match and our time and plenty of fish they’re all the same, they give too much flexibility to the women. And expect a man to pay for it
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3 years ago, plgtfvjg
Terrible app
Garbage. Almost useless. Very limited use. You can search and send / receive a message. That’s it. All the messages are jumbled up together. Terrible user interface. Who wrote this garbage? The search options are not there either. Can’t search for non smokers. That’s a deal breaker for me. All I see are bad reviews going back as far as one cares to look. No changes. No help. No anything. Don’t waste your time and money. They are not making anything better. Same generic crap response to every unhappy user but nothing changes. I also think the site generates false interest to get you on the site or app. It’s fraud. It’s illegal. I get emails daily saying I have a message or a view or something. You login to see who or what it is and nothing is there. Where does it go? Once it’s in my messages how can it vanish? It can’t. It was never there. Not only is the site full of fakes and scammers the people who run the site create false interest.
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8 months ago, Dubeage29708
They block you and you haven’t even been on the app
I’m 55, I think I’m the demographic. I’ve registered twice, first time with my personal email account and cell. They sent me an email that said I was blocked from the app. I asked why in a reply email. They just restated blocked without explanation. I registered a second time with another email and a work cell. Same thing. There is nothing vulgar or inappropriate in my basic information. No suggestiveness or language or anything. My photos are mine. No body shots even, just my normally smiling face. I did not communicate with any profiles at all. I’m just trying to date. If they showed me that I violated anything, something’s I would correct it or at least be aware for any future dating apps. Beyond disappointed and peeved they took such a weak and cowardly position to leave people wondering without any explanations. I will relay to all I know above 50 not to use this app, they play games and are cowards.
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5 years ago, Dennisj47
Account behind in payment
I got this notice when I tried to read a message saying my account was suspended there was a phone number so I called and got a CSR and said that I needed to renew and explain the message. So I gave him my CC number he told me the message would remain for 24-48 hours but I could use the account. Unfortunately for me he applied my payment to my free account. Which is blank instead of my profiled account. So far I have emailed them 3 or 4 times and they keep asking me what I needed when I’ve explained my problem in every email/text respondent one was Jamie and she explained what to do ignoring the fact the I would need to pay again, Respondent 2 was James, he did d give a Monday thru Friday phone number and I was able to respond to his but haven’t heard back.
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3 years ago, uisgusted
Review of my experience
I am very disappointed with OurTime. I am not up to how to use this dating service it is my first time. I got on the UK site and got that canceled. All the people who you send me are from all over the USA. I am looking for someone who lives in my area. I found one who messaged back he was seeing some. The second said he was looking for someone thinner. One guy was 88 years old and lives in Ohio with his daughter and doesn’t drive. I don’t know how much I have paid for but I have had enough. Some time in order to send a message I am asked for more money. No thanks. This experience has me feeling like I am not worth having a special relationship with anyone. Please call me on the phone and help me out. thank you but I am not holding my breath for help. What ever time I paid will be all I want so I need to know when my time is up.
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3 years ago, cleversole
No customer service
I downloaded the app to see if there were members out there that I would be interested in and upgrading my service. I tried to upgrade, but on the app itself you have to have a credit card on your iCloud account and I don’t have that. So I got online to do it and it cost five dollars more online. I contacted customer service multiple times, and continue to get only the scripted answers. I cannot get anyone to read my question and answer the questions that I’m asking. Why would I pay for the service going forward, when I can’t even get a simple answer to a question to upgrade my account? It concerns me that if I had issues in the future that I would get no help. I won’t waste my time with an app when I can’t even get questions to simply updating my account. I wouldn’t waste any time with that. But the members look interesting, you’ll have absolutely no help from customer service
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1 year ago, KallItKarma777
Dissatisfaction…on many issues from the beginning
In my debate, whether I would pay for the service… I took my card out, pulled the site up clicked on the link to join, and when I looked at my card to put my information in and then look back at the screen, I was already entered in without putting my card information in. Been trying to contact them to find out how that happened. At the same time, and finding out that I could no set a range for the area I would like to have covered I immediately asked them if they could cancel because I was not given a response and the charge had not went through to my bank yet. Needless to say… I haven’t heard anything from them. How to set a range, first of all why it went straight through and last, but not least how or if they stop payment… When I call the number that offered it cuts off before the first sentence is finished. Would never recommend this site because it is so hard to get assistance. Just like now… Trying to make sure no more monies are stolen out of my account when this unwanted subscription ends. Can’t imagine that you would thank me for this review because it’s honest and unfortunately, costly for me, the customer As I stated before, these sites are about the money as opposed to customer satisfaction, and that sad! In itself…
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4 years ago, JenELane
Technical issues/Horrible customer service
I had lots of technical issues logging in. At least once a day I couldn’t log in. When I called customer service the first time, the woman was friendly but couldn’t help. The next time, the rep sent me to the internet company. I called back & he told me it was my internet again. I explained the steps Time Warner did to prove it wasn’t the problem. He put me on hold without muting the phone. He had a personal conversation for about 12 minutes before coming saying he had to go back to this stupid customer. I explained I wasn’t stupid. He finally pulled up my account. He said “You are young. So you know about apps.” I confirmed. It wasn’t until then that he was willing to walk through the steps to figure out the issue. I was so furious. I deleted my account. I will never renew. Considering that most customers are older, I can’t believe OurTime would allow this person to continue working for the company.
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4 years ago, makinchanges
Needs updating.
Been away from online dating for over 2 years and am back to try again. I like OurTime as a segmented population, but the app and website are not good. Other platforms are much better. No private browsing or saving without a direct notification-feel safer on other sites due to private browsing for females. Limited profile info/character restrictions. Very little photo editing, photos upload sideways. Forces an immediate response to move to next match, even if very little info avail. If you are a paid member, others cannot respond unless they are a paid member or you pay an extra 8.99 per month so they can respond. What is the point in having a paid membership? So disappointed. Wish they would make some changes, just because we are over 50 doesn’t mean we don’t want good technology and flexibility.
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4 years ago, Giendi63
Business model is flawed against subscribers
The app itself is clunky and not easy to navigate. There’s no search engine to locate someone you have communicated before. So you have to manually go over the Sent section and scroll down. The business model is to get the subscribers to add features beyond the paid membership. If you like someone and send them a message, but the receiver does not have the feature to reply to you then the whole match doesn’t happen unless you pay for them to have the ability to reply to your message. It’s may not be they don’t like you. You also have to pay additional for the feature to know that they opened your message. Again what good is to know there’s a possible match, but the other member cannot reply unless you pay for that feature too? There’s no price transparency when you sign up. Do not recommend.
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3 months ago, MCC1073
Waste of time and money
If I could give zero stars I would. This app is a complete and utter waste of time and money. They have you set “dealbreakers” and then send you “potential matches” that include people with things that are dealbreakers for you. MINIMAL profiles available for you to view and match with. Maybe a new one pops up here and there and then if you get more than that, they are people that you’ve already said no to. No screening is happening, fake profiles everywhere and matches that are everything you say you don’t want. For example: smokers, people who are separated, people who live more than 30 miles away (yet I am getting recommendations in PA, CA, FL). Don’t waste your money. The time you spend to set up a profile is more work than it will ever be worth. Oh and the customer service is horrendous! Three times I have gotten replies that have literally NOTHING to do with what I messaged about.
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2 years ago, Audrey Biloon
The site’s algorithms creates a potentially dangerous situation
Every time anyone looks at another persons profile this site either through their staff or through algorithms sends a message to that person with a comment, such as, “I like your picture” or “I like your profile”… it’s very upsetting and especially dangerous for women (and could be for men too) to be starting a conversation that the person looking never intended. I’ve written to the site to ask if this dangerous practice for women (without permission) be stopped but I haven’t heard anything back. I like the amount of people on the site to choose from but I don’t like that problem doesn’t seem to be getting solved. The only way I have somewhat “solved” the problem is to write to each person that I didn’t write the primed message to, to tell each that it’s canned from the algorithms and that I’m doing my best to inform the site to stop it.
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2 years ago, Wanda D Bradford
Revise Site
Hello. The OurTime site seems dated. I’ve been on other site and when I do a comparison from those sites to this one; some key essential steps, I believe are missing. For example, I noticed that if I ‘pass’ on a photo - I’ll see that photo pop up again in my views. Another suggestion is there should be a ‘filter preference’ that really works; meaning when I set up the profile with a preference for ‘black’ companions - I still ended up with a mass majority of ‘Caucasian’ suitors (no shade against the Caucasian guys because I do like them as well) but my preference and first choice was ‘black’. Also there should be some sort of filter that allows you to select preferences with ‘smokers’ and ‘non-smokers’. Just a few updates that I think could improve the site.
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1 year ago, Lindy Lauper
A bunch of ghost profiles
A lot of the profiles you see online are of former members who are no longer even looking at the site. I call them ‘ghost profiles.’ How many of the profiles are these ghost profiles? Half? I don’t know, but a LOT. It’s a big waste of my time to even look at profiles of men (I’m a woman) who are no longer around and will never, ever respond to a Message or a Like. Their customer service is awful to nonexistent. My account was all screwed up, and after calling them dozens of time to get help (“I’m sorry, there is no agent to help you at this time. Please call back later.) I finally got someone who fixed ONE of the MANY problems with my account. The whole process of online data is time consuming and exhausting, and that’s under the best of circumstances. But when their site is AWFUL (and it is!), it makes it that much more difficult.
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5 years ago, Cass of Kensington
It’s a website full of dead-as-a-doornail profiles!!
I put a profile on this website years ago, then left. I returned recently to find that apparently my profile had stayed up, though I had tried to disable it. Guys were still trying to contact me, though I hadn’t been on there for like three years! The poor guys!! Romance feels hopeless enough, without that added twist!!! That and the fact that most of the people I contacted failed to respond, and showed absolutely no activity, says to me that once you put a profile on this site, it stays up forever, whether you are no longer active for years. Makes them look good, if they have a lot of profiles, but most of them are ghosts, who were gone long ago. So do what I did, everybody: take off all your profile photos and put really dumb landscape photos in, and replace your writing with gobbledygook. Then nobody’s going to be writing to a ghost me! 😁😝😁
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2 years ago, Little salsera
This app is different this time
I’m only joining for 30 days I met a man im interested in I had given up on online dating then I saw this gentleman an said what the heck. I’ll try it again. I happy with my decision. My last experience with this site was not a good one and the men that I met were not quality men they were men that were looking for someone to take care of them and I am not in that position nor do I want to be but otherwise it’s a good site I recommend it ladies put everything that you are looking for put your boundary lines make sure that you say what you will and will not do and just be truthful and you’ll meet someone.
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2 years ago, Shame on me for buying
cumbersome and time consuming
This app doesn’t ask if you are conservative/liberal. If that is important to you, that would help sort out people right from the beginning and not have to have a conversation. The occupation options are limited… I’m sick of seeing “self employed/entrepreneur”. There can’t be that many of those. There is no way to limit your search to those within so many miles of you so you end up wasting lots of time. I can’t find a way to hide people who have liked you and in whom you have no interest. (Like you are looking for someone close and they are on the other side of the country). They just clog your “likes you” section and it makes it hard to go back to look at those who you may have interest in. The app automatically sends you messages that were not written by the person that liked you. That clogs your inbox with false messages. Just let them like without generating a fake message. Now it’s hard to go back to the people who liked you enough to actually send you a real message. This app is so frustrating I’m glad I only signed up for one month. I’m cancelling for sure. Way too cumbersome and time wasting.
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2 years ago, Japipes
Poor Customer Service
I down loaded this to try to get back into the dating world with people my age. I opened the app set up my profile and found that it lacks options. It is very hard to use and I was unhappy due to not being able to filter for people in my area which is very important to me. So I messaged customer service by email and received an automated response saying it could take 24-48 hours to respond. It took a day and a half. The response was I could not be let out of the charge due to “usage”. I am guessing the usage is the messages I received while waiting for a response. I was told the way to do some filtering (not location specific) is actually in two different locations both have differ filter options. Very disappointed. Don’t waste your money. And you can’t get the real feel I. The “free” version. Good Luck!!
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4 years ago, WAY1969
Worst Company Ever
Purchased the 6 month subscription for the lower monthly charge. During the first month alone I was responsible for alerting the administration of 40 or more fraudulent accounts trying to communicate. The one live connection I had was very unhappy with the texting format as she said it was the worst she’s seen and stop using the site. I attempted to close my subscription at the end of one month and the representative claimed I could not get a prorated refund due to their written contract I agreed to by buying the subscription. They also claimed they cannot provide a secure site from said scammers. Don’t waste your money on a poorly designed site, extra work to separate the scammers from the real accounts, no support from customer service, and no refunds if you endure the same or other issues. Good luck with the search, but don’t do it here!
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3 years ago, Marsha1020
Horrible app
I would say don’t waste your money. The only way this site works halfway user-friendly is if you use the web version. The app is very limited in functionality and hard to navigate. The settings are difficult to find if you want to hide your profile or unsubscribe. Roughly half of the profiles are fake accounts. Spent half my time reporting them. See the same profiles over & over in my Discover category. Half of the sent messages aren’t answered as the person is no longer subscribed - and you get to pay extra $ if you want them to see it. What a deal! Just let my subscription run out as it wasn’t possible to cancel and get a refund. You can go on the website to stop the auto renewals - you have to dig for it. Don’t fall into that trap! I’ve given up on virtual dating - too many scammers online now. Good luck
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2 years ago, ProfIndiana
Review of Our Time
This dating site has so many catfish profiles that it's hard to discern those who are real prospective dates from the catfish. After several months it becomes easier to sort out bad matches, but that leaves almost no perspective dates and very few well-educated men. Moreover as a highly educated, older woman it becomes even more difficult to find real dates. Our Time routinely matched me with uneducated (no college at all) and uncouth men interested only in sex regardless of my preferences. Between the catfish and the unsuitable men, I met few people that I would even consider going out with. I am on two other dating sites and find them to be quite a bit better in matching me with suitable partners. I am allowing my subscription to run out next week and will delete my profile. I can only give this site one star at best.
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9 months ago, NOT EVEN1
Not what you think
I’d give this app less than one star if I could. For starters I noticed that my messages were not coming through. I found them after I waited 2 months & renewed my subscription & then I saw a lot of messages that I never received. So don’t think you’ll get all the benefits you signed up for. I also noticed that as a “Premium Membership” subscription holder it’s an extra charge to be “Featured” & allow me to stand out during popular times of the day or an extra charge for any message responses I’d like to get from none subscribers. Not to mention the preferences I setup on the app aren’t really what I’m getting. This has so many gimmicks to it so BUYERS BEWARE! There’s more I could warn people about but read the reviews to see this is not what you’re looking for & just another money snatcher by a dating app for its makers.
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3 years ago, Meow meow falk
What a joke. Useless buggy app
This app is the worst. It doesn’t save likes and after 48 hours my photo wasn’t even “approved”. Then it wouldn’t let me delete it because settings “are having problems” then it completely locked me out on the app. I had to go to a desktop to log in. Then the one guy I liked page suddenly said. No user here. So I clicked on some other random photos and every single one said that with no photo anymore. So I guess my unapproved photo is trapped in limbo forever because I won’t even be trying to log back in again. Edit lol oh sure I’ll email your support NO ONE IN OVER A YEAR HAS GOTTEN A SOLUTION FROM. nice try with the canned reply tho. I’ve left my profile up because it can’t be deleted but I removed my photo and left my review on my page. If I can’t delete my profile you are stuck with it.
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3 years ago, razorsarpeeee
Disappointed and Angry with this app/site. Manny scammers posing as single women. Found many pictures of models and other inactive members being used. For example: I had an older profile from a few years back which it was brought to my attention it was actively being used by someone else!! Reported this and others, but NOTHING was done!! In addition, why asked when creating your profile the race, religion, age, and distance of those you want to meet when you get the people you should like they’re miles away even states away, plus the age and other preferences are no where near what you’ve asked for. Finally, what I was told is when you create a profile there’s no way to delete it!! Not very happy about that!! Bottom line I do not recommend or will EVER use this site/app ever AGAIN.
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4 years ago, Aniko Connor
I’m just so happy that you’re gonna let me know my special one to be with forever ♾!!(soulmate)!!
Hi 🙋🏼‍♀️ I am just so happy that I finally got to be accepted into this wonderful place and I’m excited about the people that I got to read a lot about!& I feel blessed that this site is so true and sweet!,& I even think I have felt a lot more positive peaceful LOVE 💕 that I’m really searching to find and my special mate(belated Prince Charming), from the beginning of the gorgeous fairy-tails I grew up with!, yet, hit a huge mistake on my path,& fell off, but, I’m a miracle to be ALIVE and looking forward to actually find my new favorite one!! Thanks 🙏🏼, stay safe and love always-Anikó💋🙏🏼👄!!
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4 weeks ago, dmsgrl
This site is a FRAUD! Avoid it!!
I joined a week and a half ago with a premium membership. Didn’t work from day one, unable to respond to likes or messages. After two days, received a message that they required a copy of my drivers license, front and back and my passport. still didn’t work. After five days and frequent help messages sent, I finally was told that I needed to delete my entire profile and redo it because I had entered the wrong country. Didn’t make sense to me and is now impossible as I can’t even log in. Again, zero response to numerous messages sent to help. My only recourse now is to report fraud to my charge card which I’m going to do. Of course, I can’t get back all the time I wasted. Do yourself a favor and DON’T PAY FOR A MEMBERSHIP if you don’t want to go through what I have. .
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2 years ago, LaDanaWendy
I’ve made bad purchases before but I have to say this has been the absolute worse! I don’t think most of these profile are actual real people not to mention if they were I wouldn’t because SOO many of the gentlemen are just unattractive. There are far too many dated photos. Why would anyone want to see a 60 year old man’s high school graduation photo or photos of trees and lakes and animals are profile photos?!? I took a shot at OurTime because I’m new to my area and though it would be a good way to meet mature men in and around my locale but no, it’s been absolute waste of time. My suggestion: if you’re new to your area try finding organization or groups that bring REAL people together in social settings and forget about these dating apps because I find them not worth my time or my money!
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2 years ago, E.G-C
Where is Tech Support?
I have not been able to log in to this app for months, and because of this I will be deleting it! How long can an app remain down before tech support tends to an issue? Now the actual web site does not allow me to log in as well! I have phoned about it many times but to no avail, so I am done! Wasn’t great to begin with, same faces over and over again, so I am officially done with it for good. When I started with Our Time I was given a one week free trial, but could not use because of log in issues, and I’m thinking it was just a gimmick to get me to create an account. Oddly enough, a male friend who is a subscriber has viewed my profile, which means they are using it to hook men, yet I cannot get in to remove my profile and be done with this scam site. Terrible!
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3 years ago, dontuse this app jack
DONT DOWNLOAD !! A total fraud..Ripped me off of $30
I’m embarrassed to say but somehow after only a few hours (literally only 3 hours) after I paid for a month . The app suddenly doesn’t work anymore for me. I’ve tried changing password and the app will not let me access the site. I went old school and went online through my laptop and I can access the site but I can’t access my account and on top of that any person I click on their photo or profile I get a profile unavailable page. I didn’t break any guideline rules or anything. I don’t know how to get my money back it’s been over 24 hrs since I’ve paid for a membership and I’ve only had 3 hours of access. I talked to some nice people on the site but now it’s a ghost town. I feel cheated and embarrassed . What a waste of money and time.
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10 months ago, piano4te
Just don’t
Since day one, this place has been ridiculous, and I was only on it for about five days. First, my account was determined to be deleted, and then had to resign up after contacting “customer care”. Then, today, without any notice or reason, they decided to lock me out of my account. I’ve contacted ‘customer care’ about it to find out what the deal was. I had not even contacted any people on the site. I was waiting to see how many false accounts there are before handing over my money. There is NO phone number that actually works from the listed numbers on the web. Apparently it is owned by the Match people. Don’t waste your time. This is no way to spend what few years are left of your ‘golden years’. Screw ‘em. If I could give zero stars, I would.
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1 year ago, fouroh
This app falsely accused me twice of inappropriate responses without showing me the evidence
I have very few (almost none) appropriate matches for my desired dating partner. Therefore, unless someone sends me a comment worthy of a polite "thank you", I swipe left without any comment. Suddenly I get two obnoxious emails from Our Time claiming I am being reported for violating their rules! It's totally bogus and they refuse to send me the proof. I think that there are so many seriously screwed up, depressed and deranged people on these sites that when they repeatedly get rejected by the person of their unrealistic dreams, they lash out by using the "Report" feature at the bottom of each profile. Unless OurTime shows proof to the accused, OurTime should be investigated by the FCC and Attorney Generals in the venues they operate.
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1 year ago, Terri Wilkerson
I like the premise
The fees seem more reasonable than some and it is pretty easy to use. However, be sure to save your profile answers as I lost mine when making minor edits and needed to redo them all. It doesn’t have filters like smoking being a dealbreaker so don’t even show me any when he smokes, however, I have found that bumble and match don’t respect your filters anyways, so I guess it doesn’t matter. It would be nice to caption the photos and answer more starter questions. It would also be great to have a short how to best use this app and frequently asked questions. I am new to online dating and it would be nice to have tips upfront.
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3 years ago, This '60's Kid
Your website
It could be so much better! 1. What’s up with running out of room to write a message? 2. During the Pandemic your site was riddled with hackers/scammers. It was terribly demoralizing. When I called to complain your representatives had no answers or remediation whatsoever. In fact, they weren’t well trained to provide good customer service, especially to people who are used to it. 3. Pictures are small and of very poor quality. 4. The “hearts” are embarrassingly juvenile. We’re seniors, but saavy, not senile. 5. Worst of all are the “canned” flirts. If someone can’t solicit my interest with a personal response I question whether I want to get to know them. I always respond with a kind note, whether I like them or not. Our generation was raised on respect and good manners. Your Web developers should take that into consideration. Thanks for listening. Think about injecting some authentic class and gentility. You’d be surprised the difference it would make.
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2 years ago, Debbb1
I have been using Match for a while which I have liked but decided to give this one a try for a little variety. It’s absolutely awful, very little information, who knows if people are separated,single etc. There’s no background about what you’re looking for, just lots of silly questions ..where would you like to go etc. Men rarely send you messages,just tons likes,very odd. I’m starting to think most of the profiles are not paying members. The overall experience is a one star, it’s not an intuitive app, I dislike it immensely, The app itself doesn’t work half the time. I can login through the browser but not through the app, hit and miss on that one. Although I paid for six months I hated it so much I rejoined Match.
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1 year ago, racquetball hound
Sorry I wasted time and money
This site makes it very difficult to have any kind of meaningful communication with someone where there may be a mutual interest. Also, I was matched with two people, one of whom lied to me, and one who pressured me to give a phone number, and said if I couldn’t trust him with my phone number, there was no point in going any further. Although Customerservice apologized to me for these problems, I asked for my money back on my six month payment within five days of joining, and they said that because I had had email contact with other users that I was not eligible for a refund. Several years ago I used EHarmony and found a marriage partner. Sorry I did not do that this time. Find a better app! You deserve it!
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4 years ago, Rocker dad12
There are too many fakes, people send likes from 3 states away and further. No pics ( what real woman doesn’t have at least 10 profile pics?) I sent 2 emails because I was having difficulties after paying $73 for a 3 month subscription, but no reply . Don’t waste your energy. Women put random numbers in their profile questions so they don’t have to pay . I joined because I thought it would be a mature site, not like the others. I will NOT be paying for an additional 3 months!
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4 years ago, Fyouseekayyou
This app is crap
I downloaded the app, made my profile,uploaded pic. Now it won’t let me sign in. I have changed my password 3 times and it still doesn’t work then I opened not the app but the browser and it lets me sign in. Click on my profile icon and nothing just a spinning circle. I want to delete my profile and it won’t let me. I even called the number on the contract us link. It gives you options, press 1 for this ect... no matter what choice you make it hangs up on you. I’m done and now they have my pics and I can’t delete them or my profile. This company should be banned from the App Store. Even when you go to the page on the browser it won’t let you delete your profile, that link never works. But the link to take your money works every time.
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3 years ago, Ninja curlew
What on earth is going on with your website?! Someone is using my account and my picture to send messages!!! All I get are scammers on your dating site!I have received 15 or so messages within the last few hours and they’re all fake! I haven’t gotten that many messages in the total time I was on your website! I do not want people using my picture and acting like they are me! One said that her name was Linda and using my account! I would like my money back. I have not had one bit of success. Figure out how people are using my account and close it and refund my money!! And then I couldn’t get into my account and had to change my password even though I know the password I put in was correct! Marlene Kerns
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3 years ago, Xtina 🍎
Worst Dating App
First of all, there are so many fake profiles and scammers! Seniors beware and do not waste your time with this service! Secondly, they make it intentionally difficult to stop the auto renewal of the monthly fees, as well as removing your profile from their site. When I emailed customer service for assistance, I received an automated email back with incorrect directions! I feel like this company purposefully tries to confuse its own target market knowing full well that many seniors are not technically savvy. It doesn’t help that when you call them directly, no one ever picks up the phone. I’ve been emailing for a refund since they charged my credit card for a month of service I didn’t receive, but no one has replied back.
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3 years ago, 12345577890
I created an account and the same day decided I wanted to cancel it. There is no way to cancel. They say to click on account in the menu but there is nothing that says account and then when I tried it says unavailable . There’s no way to delete pictures . I had to replace them with another pic of something random to get my pictures of me off of the site . I want my account deleted but it won’t deleted so I removed what I could off my account I didnt want my pics and stuff on there without being deleted , And it’s too much money to subscribe and free gets you no where if u don’t pay. U can’t even communicate with anyone if u wanted to DEVELOPERS, please respond and how do I deleted my account permanently.
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3 years ago, NYCFreeSpirit
Worst Online Dating Experience
They advertise as a dating service for singles over 50, but it is nothing more than a cesspool of scams, fakes and flakes. Many of the so-called profiles are stolen pictures used to lure people in to giving personal information. The site lacks the proper controls to filter out these security threats and you will spend most of your time in defense mode blocking and reporting. When you find a “real” profile your messages will not be read or the person is on a competing app or they are really desperate and in need of financial assistance. Meeting people in this age group is a real challenge to begin and this service only discourages people from finding their peers. Don’t waste your time and money.
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