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User Reviews for Palaver IRC

4.28 out of 5
29 Ratings
4 years ago, Westside24ch
Can’t Connect to Gamesurge server (EDIT)
Does this app support gamesurge? I tried connecting and am getting an error, perhaps I am typing in incorrect info but if anyone knows how to connect to Gamesurge via ANY IRC app for Iphone, please let me know. I was able to successfully connect to Gamesurge, which was the main issue here. App looks great, I really enjoy the layout. The only things bugging me is the fact that if I leave the app running in the background for a very short amount of time, if I bring the app back up, I have to reconnect to everything, which is a bit annoying. Only other thing is the signature when you leave, it leaves a link to Palaver’s website, which I don’t want. A custom exit message could be nice, but I mostly just don’t want to see the link. Aside from this, I do enjoy the app.
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4 years ago, Arkansas_Dave
I like it BUT...
I like the App so far- aesthetically pleasing, ergonomical, fairly straightforward. HOWEVER, I wish it had a function or option to REMAIN CONNECTED when I go use another app or do something else with my phone. For $1.99, I think I should get that.
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4 years ago, Linyuan123
Best Mutter replacement
For a long time I used Mutter IRC to access IRC through my ZNC bouncer on my iPhone. Mutter reached its end of life this past summer, and I was left in want of the features that Mutter had, particularly a ZNC push notification module. Palaver works great as a Mutter replacement! It has a ZNC push notification module that works just like Mutter’s did. It’s design is intuitive and sleek. My only qualm with it was resolved in Palaver’s most recent update—it now supports the buffextras ZNC module, so joins/parts read correctly on playback!
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3 years ago, nordr
It’s the best we’ve got
So, look. I gave it five stars on a curve. The rest of the field is... lacking. Palaver’s ZNC support is great. The UI is standard iOS, which is good. I’d love for custom themes, or at least the ability to customize elements within a theme. Still, it’s easily the best IRC client on the App Store.
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4 years ago, mfisher911
Decent app, great developer!
I appreciate the developer’s supportiveness. I had trouble getting the ZNC-push module to work for me. It turned out to be an SSL certificate trust issue on my server, and Kyle pointed me in the right direction to get things working again.
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2 years ago, archangelic42
Best irc app
This is a great app, but I wish above any other feature, that I could automatically sort my channels without having to manually drag the channels around.
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3 years ago, fwrnand
Pretty good
Can you make a keyboard shortcut to focus on the input box though? This is almost completely navigable with keyboard only, except for sending messages 🤠
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3 years ago, kktt007
It’s really easy to use. The only issue is always be disconnected. But I give 5 star for effort. Many thanks.
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9 years ago, ThreeDee912
Extremely frustrating to type
2.1.1: Palaver has slowly been getting better at working with iOS autocorrect and name completion. The past few updates have made typing messages significantly better, although there are a few minor issues left. 2.0: Ever since the major 2.0 update there have been a bunch of extremely annoying bugs while typing messages. The way Palaver tries to autocomplete names interferes with the iOS keyboard's own predictive typing making it very frustrating to use. Now in the latest version, it keeps screwing around with what I type and adds in a bunch of nonsense two character words followed by a space instead of whatever I actually typed. Then I have to go back and delete the jibberish and attempt to retype everything, but it usually ends up running into the same stupid bug and screws up my input again. It makes it almost impossible to send a coherent message sometimes. Fix the buggy autocomplete, please.
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4 years ago, ipodchrish
Does what I want
Connects to my bouncer. Presumably will keep getting updated since it’s for-pay.
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4 years ago, aratuk
Shame that an IRC client that has been around for as long as this has — and still being maintained! — still has somewhat limited functionality.
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4 years ago, EliranCohen
Please add Blowfish support
Blowfish encryption is missing to this beautiful client. Without blowfish it's almost useless
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3 months ago, richard32202
I paid the fee to check it out. I don’t get it at all. What’s it supposed to do?
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7 years ago, rootphreak
The latest update screwed things up for ZNC users.
The latest update (2.7.0) seems to have added your nick as a prefix for server messages and it's especially noticeable with ZNC altering your away status when you start the app. This is not normal at all. As such, Palaver recognizes these as notifications since like a typical IRC client, you want to be notified when your nick is mentioned. By connecting to a number of networks at once through ZNC, you are shown that your nick was mentioned a large number of times (mine being 22 times). You have to view the server messages for each network in order to clear them which is a big annoyance. After dealing with this multiple times, you sort of stop caring if any of these notifications came from an actual person mentioning your nick in a channel. As of now my options for dealing this is currently: a) waste time clearing these out every time I launch the app, b) completely disable notifications which means I won't be told when someone mentions my nick, or c) use a different iOS IRC client. Until this issue is fixed or turned into a configurable option, I'm going with c). To repeat myself, this has nothing to do with ZNC and is very much a client-end thing, and a strange one at that.
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10 years ago, whizzsk
Used to use colloquy for the built in bouncer support as I was too lazy to setup znc. Well colloquy got super buggy and continues to have terrible support for their bugs. I finally dropped colloquy in favor of znc and a different client. Palaver doesn't fail. I get all my notifications (unlike colloquy), it's simple and easy to use for a hard irc user as myself. My only issue is it lacks logging, requiring me to keep a high znc buffer. It's not actual logging it's missing as obviously znc is for that purpose, but it clears chats every time palaver times out or I quit the app. Palaver is well aware, and they ensured me it will be solved in 2.0. For the time being.. still -1 star, but I'm not going to be switching clients anytime soon. Palaver is still the best irc app on the iPhone (and I've used them all)
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11 years ago, Ding444
Beautiful but basic
The app itself is beautiful. The themes are all very appealing and refined. I works great with my ZNC bouncer but there are features lacking that I find surprising. You cannot send very many commands to the server. I got /whois, and /join to work but was dissatisfied to find that some basic commands like /msg, /help, and /oper (to name a few) were nonfunctional. I'll have to give it a better run through to test out some of the more obscure commands. I would give this app 5 stars all day if it weren't missing some of the most basic of IRC functionalities. I will keep my finger crossed for future updates but for now, if you need true IRC functionality you'd be best off trying one of the more popular clients. If you want basic IRC and messaging functionality you'll have a pleasant experience. Don't expect to run or manage an IRC server with this one though.
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11 years ago, colorovfire
Very nice, minor issues.
I love it. I have it working with ZNC but there are little details that annoy me. It'd be great if the client cached all recent messages and had better sync support for buffers. The way it works now is that the client will reload the ZNC buffer from start to finish. It'd be nice if it just displayed the newest messages since it was last activated so it didn't have to go through it's whole draw-in routine. The message count is also reset to whatever the buffer pushes. It is blind to the number of messages I already had displayed since it was last opened. There is also a small bug where background channels will not scroll to the bottom of the list. The foreground channel scrolls down as expected, the others I have to manually scroll down which can be a pain if you have a large buffer. All in all, this is a really nice client. A desktop client would be very much appreciated with similar ZNC integration.
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9 years ago, Luckey1729
Excellent app, works great!
The app works great, looks clean, supports ZNC, and has notifications! I was a bit hesitant to choose Palaver at first because it had less reviews than the other apps on the market. I am very pleased with my decision, and it seems the developers are still actively working on it! My only suggestion would be to allow us to choose a notification tone for when we receive a message. Currently we're forced to hear the default iPhone notification tone, which I don't use on my phone because I do not like it. I hope a feature like this is added sometime. This small issue isn't enough to bump it down from 5 stars though. Great app!
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8 years ago, _dw
Palaver is the best mobile IRC Client. Period.
Palaver is an amazing IRC client for any device; but the fact that it sits in my pocket and allows me to have a full and rich IRC experience wherever I go is amazing. I have been an IRC addict for over 20 years and have used clients on all sorts of devices to feed my need; but nothing outside of a full computer has given me the experience that Palaver delivers. What’s more is that every concern, feature request, or modification I have wished for the author has been responsive to. The support for the client is amazing and the product is polished. The ZNC module ties a bow around this awesome gift to the IRC community.
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9 years ago, Jay.Carroll
Best IRC Client in the App Store
I've scoured the App Store for an IRC client, I use IRC heavily and run ZNC on my server at home. This is the cleanest, most pleasant IRC experience of any I've tried. It's fast, auto uploads images to imgur, properly handles ZNC integration and keeps the interface out of the way. The only complaints I can think of are: 1. (Trivial) The network heading doesn't feel design-wise as if it is a container for the rooms/messages inside. Perhaps use the lighter gray for the heading and the darker gray for the rooms. 2. (Minor) It would be helpful if the message text was not auto-capitalized OR the nick autocomplete lower cased nicks on completion. I find myself editing autocompleted nicks to lower case. 3. If I open the app and connect and then need to immediately close the app (for whatever reason), I'll end up with several notifications as buffer replays. Perhaps, disable notifications until after buffer replay. (This might have been fixed in the latest release)
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11 years ago, dtloken
A pretty interface.
Unfortunately, that's all it is right now. As of the current version it doesn't even work on my iPhone 4S. When it did work, it worked poorly in terms of performance; I have it connecting to a ZNC bouncer that plays back the last 200 lines of activity upon connection, in this client such action takes well over a minute while it's quick on Colloquy. Next, there is no landscape support. This is a huge deal breaker for me as I hate typing on the regular keyboard. Also there is a bug in which the keyboard almost never will stow itself and instead pop back up. I'll say this, the interface is very nice for a mobile IRC client. If the developer can fix these issues and make a usable client, this would be at least a 3 star if not higher review. It would be 5 stars if it had this interface combined with the functionality and performance of Colloquy. Until then, stay away as this is essentially alpha level software. Update: Developer still hasn't corrected many of these serious deficiencies. The keyboard bug is now fixed at least. However I still say stay away until this software is complete.
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9 years ago, prenetic
Push is great, when it works
For the most part this is a very barebones client, lacking common features others (even the antiquated Rooms client) have to offer. Usability could definitely be improved, for instance the client insists on auto scrolling even when you're holding down a finger attempting to read scroll back in a busy channel. Another thing that could be improved is the reliability f when and how push notifications get sent. I'm seeing the same message come through push two or three times, and the badge counter for notifications is often far from accurate. For all the hype and marketing around this client I expected more.
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9 years ago, DogcowSGL
Auto complete makes it impossible for me to use
Overall, it's pretty good. The autocomplete is extremely aggressive and interferes with auto correction. Anytime iOS wants to auto-correct, the app forces the correction before you can usually cancel it. It won't let me use a word that is the start of a nick. It always fills in the rest of the letters on me. Deleting characters is also broken by it. This makes the app unusable by me. Also had an issue when typing too quickly caused by the autocomplete leaving a bunch of 2 letter random words that I didn't even type, but we're force corrected when a space was randomly added.
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9 years ago, Begna112
Masterrace IRC app
Before the major app overhaul, Palaver was already my favorite IRC client but I sometimes found that I needed to use others for certain features. That's all changed now and with each update, Palaver just gets better and better. I would say that the best part is the developers' responsiveness to feedback. Literally every time I message their twitter support, they give a timely response and then fix issues and implement my suggested improvements in the very next update. Overall, amazing app and amazing support.
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9 years ago, airjer
Great Client
Was using Dump Chat which has great ZNC support, but wasn't updated for i6+ or iOS 8. Palaver shares my same complaints that I have with Dump Chat. The experience is butter smooth and works very well. I just wish for more customization options. I mean I can't even choose how I want my time stamp displayed. I for one hate a 24 hour time display. I prefer a 12 hour format displaying am/pm. It would be nice to have a persistent bar atop a channel showing the current topic. I think a smoother way of switching channels would be nice. Tapping back to go forward into another channel feels odd. Maybe some small tabs? Could be from all of this real estate I now have with the 6+. Tapping on a message in a chan does a weird flash with no feedback so not really sure what that's for. All in all the app does what it's suppose to and does it well. Keep up the great work.
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7 years ago, taroliw
Simple but effective
This client is missing some of the bells and whistles of Colloquy Mobile. What it really has going for it is that it's getting regular attention from its developers. It doesn't crash as often as Colloquy. One unique feature I find very nice is that Palaver de-dupes messages coming in from ZNC buffer playback. This proves especially handy when you have turned off "clear buffer after playback" in ZNC. I can happily live with issues as long as an app gets regular releases.
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11 years ago, Popejewish
Pretty, but not functional
The interface on this app is excellent. Unfortunately I can't say much else that's good. The most annoying problem I had was that the keyboard refuses to stay minimized. You can get it to stay sometimes, but usually it'll pop right back up after you minimize it. It also doesn't support landscape mode. It also doesn't notify you when there's activity in other channels, you have to check the channel menu every few minutes to see if anyone said anything. Just do yourself a favor and pay the extra couple bucks for Limechat. It's the best out there.
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8 years ago, Mikh'a
Best IRC app!
I've been using Palaver every day since October 2014. It has made my commutes so much more bearable, and it is well worth the small price. It's probably my favorite iOS app ever. The interface is beautiful, the standard features are all there and work great: ZNC support, push notifications, and more recently nickname autocomplete. One unique feature I really love is the setting that changes the interface color based on screen brightness. None of my other apps do that, and I wish it was a more common feature. The standard bright theme is great for the daytime, and then when I get frantic pings at 4am because a server went down, I don't have to burn my eyes to read the messages! If you're looking for an IRC app, you can stop looking now. Get Palaver, it's awesome.
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9 years ago, japtor
Name auto complete fixed! (I think)
One of my biggest issues with Palaver in the past was the name auto compete interfering with regular typing, but that seems to be fixed now. Looks like the update also addressed some other things like bouncer buffer repeating but I haven't tested that out yet. Main thing left I wish it had was an in app browser to quickly view links without being kicked out of the app.
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5 years ago, iPod user 2234
Excellent client for the price
This is a really slick client. I love the way it looks (very iOS-y, 10/10 btw), the way it loads, and the way there is a level of "hackability." I've never had to pay for a mobile IRC client before but after seeing the price of other clients and the departure of others, I feel comfortable paying for this one. Will definitely recommend to my friends.
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11 years ago, Guymon
Soooo close!
I finally gave up on colloquy for this and it was well worth it. The app is functional, looks nice, and so far hasn't crashed once. The one thing I really wish this would do is keep chat logs even after the app quits. If someone says something and then the app in the background automatically quits, I'll never see what the person said! Other than this pretty minor thing, I love this client.
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7 years ago, Danyphilly
Best IRC client period! Read...
I been on IRC for 18 years. I used a ton of clients, from windows OS to Linux/UNIX. Shell based and etc. Wrote scripts for clients. I also used many IRC clients for iOS since first one ever came out and always had some disappointments, there was always something missing even if it was paid ones. This app is great, very simple and very clean GUI. All the features you can possible need and more if you want. Hands down, the best IRC client for iOS since iOS was released. I want to thank these guys for releasing it for free with no ads and doing such a great job. I would be more then happy to actually pay for this. Please keep up a great work and keep this app alive. Twitter: vysniukas, Freenode: ertz
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9 years ago, FaeFae5k
Used to be 1 Star!
I was blown away at how quickly the issue was addressed - only a few days! It's rare that you get that kind of support for customers. Five stars, totally a fan!! ------------------ Old review: I normally love this app! But the most recent update makes it so that now every time I open a channel it crashes. Will change the rating once it's fixed.
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11 years ago, j182749502
I don't usually write reviews because I'm lazy...but this one is warranted. This irc client destroys the competition. I had been using colloquy for months and was losing my mind with how bad it was (no notifications or severely delayed notifications, message syncing problems, etc). This app solves that and with a much cleaner interface. Thank you whoever you are who made this app.
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10 years ago, ricspagni
Almost great
This is so much better than Colloquy...until you try use the list of people in a channel to pm someone. Then it pm's the wrong person...embarrassing! My other concern is that it's not clear if this is being actively developed as a priority (as opposed to it being a project only occasionally touched). I hope it is, because the znc integration is top notch and so easy to enable...just connect to znc with the module enabled and done:)
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8 years ago, Cpt.Jesse310
Great interface, but loses connection
I was hoping this IRC would be different but it just disconnects me from chats if I leave the app. There should be an option to keep you connected at all times. Even if you leave the app or lock your phone. Another feature that would be nice is the ability to get notifications if you're in waiting in queue on a chat room. There are two chat rooms that offer support, but the wait time is looooong (8+ hours). If we can add/fix these features, this app can definitely be a 5 star app.
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10 years ago, Kosta211
App hangs when viewing people is a room
This didn't happen before I upgraded to iPhone 6 with iOS 8 but now if I browse the "People" in a chat room for longer than about 10 seconds the whole app bombs out and my phone goes back to the home screen. Please fix asap. Otherwise as far as features goes this app still knocks it out of the ball park for irc apps.
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11 years ago, Anubis_Deluxe
Great app, a lot of potential
Great mobile IRC app. Hardly any glitches, runs smooth, it's layout/UI is perfect for IOS. It could improve though. Adding the ability to implement scripts and add color on regular what you type out. Also adding the options to see the list of private channels on a server and use command: /list Great programming though.
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12 years ago, Weissres
ZNC Support
The app is fairly basic, but looks nice and is easy to setup and use. I was able to connect it to my znc server in about 30 seconds after downloading this app. Seems to work well with znc so far and I haven't seen any other apps that are compatible with znc.
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10 years ago, Gojarani
Great to use with ZNC
With ZNC, you can use IRC just like an instant messenger. As others said, it lacks a feature that keeps chat logs after restarting, so you will see unread counts on the channel list every time you launch Palaver if you don't clear buffers after replay. It's a minor thing, though. There are no better IRC client in iOS as of now.
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8 years ago, Matthddjjejejenrjlflrosn
Notifications broken?
The old app let you enable notifications for all messages (until iOS kills the process after ten minutes or whatever) but the new update doesn't let me even get notifications when someone says my name..
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11 years ago, K0CAW
A promising start
I have to agree with some of the other reviews regarding missing functionality, as I am unable to join a hidden channel where I spend 95% of my time on IRC. Repeated attempts to contact the developer over the last month for support have only been met with silence. It's a shame, because this is a client with a beautiful interface. If some things on the back end would be fixed, or if the developer was available to help, I'd use Palaver in a heartbeat.
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12 years ago, AnchYou
Decent start
Needs more work. -can't customize quit message (or remove ad for app) -auto-correct can be a pain. Should be disabled when using commands. -No auto-complete by pressing "tab" when typing someone's nick. Should add nick auto complete functionality. -should add option to see who's in room while typing/etc. -can't scroll/click/go "up" through previously typed messages and commands. -chat history isn't preserved after reconnect -detailed customization of colors isn't possible Generally it needs to be fleshed out much more, but I am glad that there is at least an IRC app that is being actively developed. Please don't abandon this app like your competitors have!
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9 years ago, gstsdw
Even better than before.
I can't say enough about how great this application is. This is by far the best implementation of IRC for iOS. The developer is active and keeps pushing out great updates, the design is refreshing and elegant. If you need an IRC client. This is it! 150% totally worth the price.
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10 years ago, Jonathan DeBusk
Nice interface. Needs work.
Scroll back on open is painfully slow when the channel is visible and there are some quirky ui bugs--centered mostly around app reopen--such as channel ghosting and dragging down to lower they keyboard. Also seems to use disproportionate amounts of battery in Usage. For now we must all continue to hope Textual releases an iOS client.
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5 years ago, avihsnis
My preferred for 2+ years
It does pretty without skimping significantly on functionality. kudos for proactively supporting ZNC. I considered this the best IRC app on iOS over 2 years ago and after taking a long hiatus that hasn't changed. well done.
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8 years ago, Twentyafterfour
Works really well with weechat relay
I'm using palaver with weechat as an IRC relay and everything works really well. I'm impressed. I've tried several other clients for iOS and none of them were usable at all. This one is awesome!
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11 years ago, sp1te
This is the best irc client
I have been using rooms, limechat, colloquy, and anything I could get my hands on. I was looking for a client with ZNC integration and this one fits the bill fantastically. It is a super fast app and I haven't had any issues with it so far.
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9 years ago, ruok5
I have literally bought all of the IRC apps. This is the best.
Nothing will ever be as comfortable as a desktop or terminal IRC client for a heavy user. Palaver makes the fewest compromises of anything out there. The effortlessly integrated Imgur upload support alone is worth the price.
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8 years ago, Aaron Em
Best IRC client for iPhone
I've tried a variety of them in the last few days (can I name Colloquy and Limechat here?) and Palaver blows them out of the water - there's just no reason to use anything else.
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