Paltalk: Chat with Strangers

Social Networking
4.3 (13.2K)
223.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
AVM Software, Inc
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Paltalk: Chat with Strangers

4.26 out of 5
13.2K Ratings
6 years ago, erikbforpresident
Need a version for iPad Pro.
I like this app. Been using it for about 5 years and there’s lots of nice people on there to chat and also not so nice but people are people and I like that there are various types of memberships.
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5 months ago, Chris484757
Some advice
Admin functions need to be totally eliminated. It was like that on the old yahoo chat and everyone preferred it It’s totally unusable. I’ve been banned/dotted hundreds of times for no good reason at all. Some admin is drunk and just decides to ban you. You get banned for personal problems against you. You argue doctrine in a spirituality chat that some admin doesn’t like: dotted. You make a harmless joke and violate some rule about you must be kind and caring: banned. If someone just doesn’t like you: banned. And on and on The moderation tools drive tons of people off. I don’t use it because I can’t even utter sentences without someone flipping out and banning. Totally normal things like it’s a nice day out will send someone off with his finger on the ban trigger. The ban sword is at your neck every instant in most rooms Thankfully there are some no ban rooms and it’s basically only those rooms that thrive. The MOST popular rooms are all no ban rooms
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4 months ago, Art From Apple
I have been aware of Paltalk and been on Paltalk most before long time ago however there are some disturbing things that I do not like about this yes you can video chat yes you can talk to people. But what I don’t see is why would a creator or a streamer want to be on here that’s trying to make money yet they cannot cash out any other rewards that they are getting for leveling up. They insist that you buy a Videos gift or give a gift every day causing you to have to use money real money your fans buy things to boost you up but the only people that make money out of this is Paltalk there’s no revenue or incentive to even stay on here and this is why most of the rooms are empty so as far as a streamer try to do content and make money this is not the site or the app
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4 years ago, Jessa8118
Not as advertised
Have been using this forum since yahoo closed its chat back in 2012. This program has a lot of trolling. Paltalk was one of the first social networks created prior to public use of the internet for self contractors for the US government. There is an authoritative influence on this program whom are called redhats and use red colored user names. They are supposed to be there for the sole purpose of technical support and to keep trolls from taking over and hacking its users, However these redhats are trolls themselves and hackers. This program should be used with caution and don’t easily trust other users or give out any personal information. There have been cases on the program where individuals have been egged on to commit suicide and sadly a couple people have done so on their webcams. This program is not as it is advertised.
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3 years ago, Nickname leo
Horrible Interface
App keeps losing connection, while talking on the mic you suddenly hear someone else’s voice because you are somehow “Paltalk magic” lost the mic LOL this app is a total joke and the back office or whoever is responsible for that team doesn’t have a clue. They replied saying: it is a connection issue from your side ( I was like ohh ok LOL), this app is really terrible and makes you lose your temper. ***UPDATE*** few months passed, 30 emails and yet, this app keeps getting worse and worse. I use other apps and never experience what this evil app has of devilish and evil things. Has so many bugs, bad connection (I run 1gb of speed), the developers of this app are a total joke. They cannot figure out or come up with a working app. Shame shame shame and shame on them.
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6 years ago, Inspdrey
What the frig?!?
What's up with the ads? I can't chat with out a freaking ad popping up. A once promising great chat app is now total crap!!! Update....the ads have calmed now but still are annoying when chatting and the ad takes over entire screen and once you exit it pal either loses connection or freezes all together... Another update... what happened to vids? I can't video chat with anyone anymore? People tell me they try to send and it says I'm mobile and using another pal version... I have the most updated version.... annoying
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5 years ago, ZEHRA_R
Fun place to be
Love paltalk Any time I need a break from the hum drum of daily life I come here, talk to people, laugh and make people laugh I enjoy live singing and listening as well I have been a member for past 20 years, this place is no different than the real world You have good and bad days, but the key to being happy is respect all and ignore much, show your good side, be polite, say thank you and sorry. Be who you are, don’t fake it. People will respect you and accept you for who you really are. I have learned very important lessons of life here on paltalk. The one that tops is being patient, tolerant and respectful of people from all walks of life. Become a “ no problem “ personality That is my strength. You can’t change the world but you can change yourself, this puts you at ease. And Above all we have lot of good in us, just dig deeper and bring it out, beyond that mostly it is happy sailing.
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2 years ago, gmitchel
Nowhere Near as Good as the PC Version
I’ve always been happy with the PC version. For some reason on both iPhone and iPad, the conversation history just disappears. I cannot see my or the person’s chat history. Makes it hard to avoid repeating yourself. Makes it hard to remember what they said. Especially if you have a lot of contacts. Also, on the PC you can chat in a room and still chat with others outside of a room. Not with the iPhone or iPad. You can only do one exclusively. If you’ve never used the PC version, then you likely do not know what you’re missing! A lot! I keep hoping Paltalk will fix these issues. It d Seems like they’re more interested in adding pop-up adds that Norton and/or Malware Bytes flag as dangerous sites not to visit.
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4 years ago, Dorothy Pehowic
I loved it at first until the audio went out.
If you’re using an IPad, there are no settings access to turn on or off you audio. When in the room, it shows your Audi is shut off by the room name in the banner. However, even with your audio up all the way on your IPad, you have no access to mic, audio or cam settings while in or out of a room or app. So I can no longer use this app until they update this feature.
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2 years ago, tigerlily8751
Please make this more iPad user friendly
I LOVE PalTalk, been a member since 2006, but the iPad version of this app was not designed well. It behaves like an iPhone layout. It won’t rotate or fill the entire screen even though I set my iPad to do that. It just enlarges it a bit. If I could rate PalTalk itself I’d give you guys 6 stars out of 5. Best chat rooms ever!
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9 months ago, Ex Cadet
Feedback on Paltalk
I am here in this paltalk messenger since long. I always find it very interesting with the chatting of different types of people coming from different parts of the world. It’s a good time pass. Thanks are NOT truly enough for the paltalk authority to keep us connected and vibrant as always. Long live paltalk messenger ❤️
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5 years ago, Yoonas
I gave one point because the volume control is screwed
1. When I connect with my Bluetooth speaker, there is no way I could able to control the volume. 2. The sound volume for your mobile App is extremely low. 3. If you fix those I will give you back the five Star 🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠
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4 years ago, Señor Booyah
Completely unreliable
Rated this app with two stars before due to stability issues. And now I need to knock another star off, as the issues have somehow managed to get even worse. The app crashed and had to be launched again twenty-four times before I managed to send a single message to someone on my pal list. Once that message went through, I was able to chat with my pal normally. That is, up until a notification from another app popped up on my phone, which caused paltalk to crash again.
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6 years ago, xZx pharmacist_999 xZx
Unable to purchase in-app virtual credit pts
I have tried to purchase virtual credit pts thru my cell phone, it kept on telling me a message, “tried it later”. I have purchased a lot of times before thru my cell phone. What happened????????? Can anyone show me to resolve this matter......
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5 years ago, 🎨Josh_✍️
I really like the App!
I really like the app, As far as I can tell... there isn’t another chat app like this. It has so many topics... you can cam and mic, browse pretty much any topic you can think of... even adult ones 🤤... lol. It can get pretty heated discourse, but then again... if you live in the US... we have freedom of speech.
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5 years ago, Don Paolo 3
Email spam unsubscribe link doesn’t work with app installed
I had to uninstall the app to unsubscribe from “spend money on this” spam using the link in the email I just received (it kept opening the app)... So, I just left it uninstalled. Aside from that, it might have improved from the nearly 20 years since I last tried it. I wouldn’t know, considering how much functionality is paywalled, preventing a simple demo.
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4 years ago, indabushes
Gets worse after every update!
First major issue started around March or April, camera issues on iphone app. Still has issues. It use to save the cam selection so I don’t have to swap cam twice to use the back cam always. Now since this latest update, room names either don’t appear for most rooms or if it does, it’s the wrong name on the room. We pay for our rooms and this is BS. Long time subscriber with 2 paid VIP accounts!! As for pc version Classic is still the best!!
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2 years ago, Owie437
Bug ridden low quality
Updates for the mobile version frequently bring problems. Crashes, unable to join rooms, respond or send messages. Sometimes reloading software solves problems for the short term. Pal list in rooms is not alphabetical and changes random order so fast you can’t select a pal to “gift” or message. Persistent low quality releases. I would consider other chat programs.
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4 days ago, Bostonsportfan
Not working
I have been on this app for year and not stop work for me let me in but the freezes up on my and it a lot of update have been up and gone and keep doing it someone really need looking to why is happing a lot . Yes I have taked the app off of my phone and put back on wait for for update to this and now IOS did not change anything for it too dos anyone else have this problem!!!
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5 years ago, chuck v37
Cam problems
This app is terrible if trying to cam and talk to people. It knocks you off or freezes everytime I try, very frustrating and I am paying for this terrible service , that’s the sad part!
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3 years ago, VivaISRAEL
I would love it if Paltalk would use moving avatars that express emotion as we text. The still, unmovable ones just don’t do it. Moving avatars take the chatting experience to a different level. Yahoo had superior moving avatars—rolling on the floor laughing, showing disagreement, cheering—hundreds of them! If Paltalk can do no more than to go purchase Yahoo’s avatars, or at least find out where they got them from, that would be great. Thanks for listening
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2 years ago, Stefanitza
Previous versions worked fairly well. Have 8.2.2 can no longer see posts, about 30% are blank, just shows name. Voice cuts out frequently! Don’t like the new layout at all, used to be able to have the camera on at a small size now if I open cameras I can’t see text! This may be the end of my Paltalk experience and I’ve been on here since yahoo chat died 😟
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3 years ago, poolboy 511
Pm problems
When you send message the screen goes back to the room and no message sent! Often seem to loose connection! Often loose connection! Can the size and Color of the print be improved? The color print needs to be darker making it easier to see and read!s Still loose connection when in rooms, frustrating!
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4 years ago, WannaBRue
Way to many catfish
It would be nice if pal would screen people through photos. The app has way to many phony profiles and it becomes harder and harder to find real people to chat with.
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3 years ago, Zer021
Could be alright but…
This app doesn’t function properly on any iDevice I own iPad mini , iPhone 8+, iPhone 11 Pro Max or iPad Pro. Screen freezes every single time no matter what I do to alleviate the issue. This app could be so much better if the developer would just put a little more effort in maintaining and fixing this app.
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5 years ago, Brokenangel_3
Could be better
I think mobile should have same options as the desktop version
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3 years ago, admiding
I cannot listen to music in my room with my AirPod
I can’t join my room, keeps telling me that I join too many time and it’s too quick and the app it’s not rotating when I turn the phone sideways and the profile picture upload also
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5 years ago, Conservative Atheist
Needs Admin capability’s for iPhone App!
I love this app I’ve been using Paltalk off & on for over 14 years. I was gone for around 11 years & came back recently unfortunately I can’t open my old room or admin in someone else’s room from the app. It would be great if they added access to these features from the app.
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4 months ago, kreatuv
Very troubling…
racism, trolls, sexism, and identity theft... i mean... whatever it's an internet chat program ————- update: now with rooms dedicated to online bullying being glorified and learning of several users of this chat committing suicide: I am strongly advising against anyone using this chat program. There are some very sick people who have found a safe haven on the app and they are allowed to stay and even run rooms.
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3 years ago, nhugytfkll
why do updates always make it worse?
Isn’t it bad enough that you have to load every chat I had since the last time I you’ve made it so that I can’t delete these chats. This is not a bug FIX it’s a bug ADDITION. I cannot think of any situation where someone would not at least want the OPTION of deleting these chats. Would love to know your reasoning but I suspect there is none. Unbelievable.
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5 years ago, Samaraiwoman
Hackers paradise
I keep getting hacked. Have written to support about it but get no response. I even know who it is doing it because they threaten me in text in one of the rooms but I have no recourse. I have had all my old names stolen and then I had a 2000 charge show up on the card I use for paltalk. You would think since we are paying a premium for membership that our billing information would be more secure.
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2 years ago, Mulla712
Fix the room to stop profiles jumping around so when scrolling
Why can you not stop members in room from bouncing around while searching members? It gives me a headache. You cannot be fast enough to click on a profile. One second they are there and then the profile moves to another position on the mobile App!!
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3 years ago, Dumazzi
Hate Rooms
Pal Talk Technology has created hate groups. Professional Bullies . The number of hate rooms on this platform suggests the technology is flawed. I will never come back
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5 years ago, jusanothervictim
To many ads
The amount of ads makes the app a waste of time. It’s pointless to attempt use of the app because in 10 mins time over 70 ads appear. Boohoo advertise blah blah. Paltalk has been around for about 20 years you make enough money to not need to screw your app up with ads. Stop with the excuses remove the ads completely and you’ll get a better turn around and respond from us.
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2 years ago, coyote34
Most underrated chat program out there
So much room to grow here looking forward to future updates and growth.
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2 years ago, a1mirage
Room members
When your in a room members bounce all over the place. You only have a second to click on their name. Gives me a headache trying to find them again !!!! Terrible!!!! Cannot see why you cannot stabilize the room members I think you could just leave members in order as they arrive and not bounce them around .
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6 years ago, sylvia ❤
ugly design, can’t delete account
i made this account for kicks and deleted the app when i got bored. unfortunately, i could not get the spam to stop. this company incessantly sends promotional emails and there is no way to delete your account. even putting “let me delete my account” as your profile about is blocked 🙄🙄 real A+ company. i regret ever downloading this horrible, stupid app.
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5 months ago, Mistrawit
I wish you can give us a new fun sticker like old times
The best place to spend time
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4 years ago, anj0000
Pop Up Videos & Breakthrough Audio
I never go into chat rooms and only use the audio/video features in a private message. Recently, a disgusting video advertisement or poker ad keeps interrupting almost every night. Sometimes audio will break into our conversation. Someone needs to fix these glitches because they are very annoying.
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4 years ago, Pdcaregiver
Camera doesn’t work after IOS 13 update
When in a chat room and I turn on the camera it just shows black. Swapping camera to front or back doesn’t make a difference. Reinstalling the app didn’t help. I’m running the latest version so don’t tell me to try that. Don’t you test the developer betas so your app is ready for the latest release?
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6 years ago, zdi_elhaj
Zdi elhaj
Fantastic app , always we have time to enjoy it , i feel like im on my second universe, im using Paltak from 2000 , 18 years more friends, moor wonderful customer services, special thanks for the co admin Yasir and all Paltak team 🌹🌹🌹
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4 years ago, Steve-FL
Does Not Play Nice With IPad
While this app may work well with an iPhone, it will not format properly with an iPad. The layout on the iPad screen is that of the iPhone. It will not work in landscape mode nor can you use the software keyboard of the iPad. I remember back in 2013 there was a Paltalk iPad app, but for some reason that went away.
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5 years ago, KinkyLady2002
Member since 1999
I’ve been on Paltalk since 1999 I met my amazing husband Lil Shaky. We had over twelve years together before he passed away and had I not found Paltalk I would never have met him. Thank you Paltalk
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3 years ago, One punch girl 88
Hard to use
Hi, I wish if you can beck to the old version, this update is very bad it’s very hard to use the ad on the text box is not useful I’m must leave the room and log back so I could use the text box , please consider going back to the old version as me and my friends are not happy and some of them stopped using the app due to this update.
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2 years ago, ugochuks
Install problem
Can’t install the app anymore on my phone
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3 years ago, Imam Arif
Can’t make profile
I’ve tried time and time again to make an account. I can’t make an account on my mobile phone or my computer. When trying to create a profile on my phone, I put in the information that is needed. After putting the info in the create button doesn’t work/doesn’t light up.
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4 months ago, UserInterface
One Star - App is terrible
Why do the ads take over the screen with no way back to what you were viewing? This is terrible design that makes you close the app and restart. Plus the limited functionality that barely works makes this app problematic at best.
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4 years ago, JustinMacri
Hi I have my own problom
When ever I want to use it my password does not work so I have to use Facebook to log in app. Please fix it so us users can have fun talk to pepole with no issues I say rebuild the whole app from scratch and remodel it? Justin
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3 years ago, Sergiu da nu
That s why you still on stone age , because you are greedy and your rooms are opened and ruled by a bunch of racist idiots! Facebook started about the same time with Paltalk and... where are you ? )))) Romanian rooms are all racist and ruled by illegal immigrants , when all the socializing sites make tons of money because of working from home ... you are worst then Herz , a disgrace 😬
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4 years ago, xxteargodxx
Like Paltalk but HATE the App!
Universal Compatibility- It's 2019, why hasn't this been updated for iPad as well? It looks terrible using the stretched out iPhone app. Settings Missing - Lots of settings from the PC program are missing here on mobile which can absolutely ruin a users experience if they ONLY use mobile.
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