Peeks Social - Live Video

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3.1 (877)
96.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Riavera Corporation
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Peeks Social - Live Video

3.13 out of 5
877 Ratings
6 years ago, Goddess Willow
Needs improvement.
I’ve been streaming on this app for a few weeks now and have had a lot of success. However, there are SEVERAL bugs that drive me crazy. Such as the messages that come through are in no sensible or organized order, your most recent messages could be anywhere on the list of people that message you. Also, i feel that we should be able to limit who can message us in some way, as with 8K followers i get far too many messages to weed through. This is probably the most annoying. Also, the app itself is about a day behind what is showed on the website in terms of followers or money earned. Also, it would be incredibly helpful if they were more accurate and specific on which videos were purchased and by whom. This app has lots of potential but there are lots of bugs. At one point nobody could tip me, and the app freezes a lot. There are many improvements to be made but all in all the app has great potential.
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1 month ago, Reeko357
No longer a social networking app!
I’ve been on peeks for a number of years. Instead getting better it only gets worse. Most recently they disabled my ability to CHAT! They’ve done this before and said if you purchase a coin Pack you can chat with broadcasters. Now they’ve changed it to purchasing a $14 coin Pack(which is not even offered) MONTHLY. So they have turned this into a subscription based service. They disabled my ability to post content to G and 14+ audiences and force my content toward adult audiences. I’m a musician not a porn performer. My content is not geared toward the hopelessly horny. There was a time when peeks had different categories, such as entertainment and gaming. Now it’s only pg and 18+. What they’re advertising in the App Store is very different than what’s offered on the app. I think Apple should investigate how peeks operates and determine if they are following the developer TOS. Customer service is atrocious! When peeks cited “policy change” in regard to the $14 monthly charge, I asked for the link that announced and described the change. Received no answer to this issue. It’s all very scammy and unprofessional. Do better peeks!
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8 months ago, fckupeeks
They discriminate and target people they dislike when it comes down to rules
They discriminate and have preference as of who can stream and who can’t there’s a number of issues I’ve had with there customer service support and every time I request to speak with someone in charge they stop replying. I’m a constant target and used to be a consumer/ streamer but they have and continue to make it impossible to stream and actually grow my followers. I have tried so many ways to see why I’m targeted but when I ask to speak to a supervisor they denied me and just simple don’t reply I think they should stop targeting and harassing people that are just trying to earn money and when someone asks to speak to a supervisor or someone superior they shouldn’t just block your email address and or ignore. There’s potential but if there customer service keeps having favorites or discriminating/ harassing users trying to make them money instead of helping and finding a solution. I would much recommend other streaming apps that aren’t as harassing or bullies to people they dislike
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4 years ago, ItsBrittBih
I received my payment
So I did finally receive my payment after waiting 10 months, constant email, and having to put the same withdrawal request in four times. Starting with virtual pay, then the peeks card, then my account, and again after error to my account. I put in the last withdrawal request on 5/18 and was notified on 5/20 that my payment was sent and on 5/21 I received my payment right to my account. This was a very hectic process and I hope in the future you guys do better.
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7 years ago, Dannyboy_1992
Needs a lot of polishing but apphas great potential.
This app has lots of small bugs here and there, aesthetically it may not look perfect but I think it has the potential to be a great streaming app. This app needs a dedicated messaging section under your profile tab. Add a feature where you can modify the price for your videos and replays. There's a bug where the app crashes when you try to follow one of your viewers. Also, why ask for an ID to add a payment method? We should be able to buy coins through the app store without the need to show private personal information like your photo ID. Can there also be an 18+ profile option? Where your profile can be set as 18+ and only people with the 18+ content turned on can find you. Overall, the idea of the functionality of this app is good but it just needs a little more thought into small details that will attract more users.
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6 years ago, Empryss813
Don't download this app!
They do not pay their Broadcasters on time if at all! There are much more reputable sites that pay out faster. I've not received over 100$ that I need to take care of my children. The customer service is ridiculous and non professional. They give you the run around if you ask any questions about your money. The first time I requested a payout they said it will take 3 weeks on their site when it actually took over 4 weeks. Now I've requested 2 more payouts and no one can tell me when it will arrive on my care which I had to pay for out of my earnings on the site. It's a huge rip off and no one seems to be happy with them. I'm looking into contacting some Broadcasters on there and seeing if we can get together and file a law suit against this fraudulent company. They charge the Custer's for tipping you and the never pay you. It's been 6 weeks and I've sent many emails that don't tell me anything about my money! Run away. Don't download. Tell everyone you know about what a terrible app this is.
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6 years ago, fedupkarma
This site is a total scam plz run do not install u will regret but I warned u
Well let me start by saying it was an cool app at first when they had PayPal cuz it wasn’t a limit on how much to take out but now they got us using there card and charging five dollars for it or the other option is the virtual card that u only get the last four digits to then there a 200 withdrawal limit a month then they spy on u where ur lobby lit trying to ban u to make u pay to reopen ur account but they don’t pay u ur earnings they just take take take there plat form fee is high customer service is wack they never get back to u so don’t waste ur time they putting ppl video on other freaky sites without our permission this sit is such a scam I’m going to report it to Better Business Bureau and getting a law to sue for my earnings cuz they getting there but I’m not receiving mines and there others like me on this site who has not gotten there earnings since they took PayPal off months ago plz don’t be a victim of this site cuz they will rob u of ur money and time
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6 years ago, kenslovee
I installed this app in hopes that I can make some extra money to pay off some bills. Well let me just warn you this app charges you a larger platform fee that other apps do not. So aside from giving them a percentage of all your tips and money you make thy also just recently removed PayPal as your payment method. Right when I wanted to cashout they emailed me and told me they are no longer allowing anyone to cashout cus PayPal. The only option is using their STUPID RIP OFF peeks debit card which they also charge you a fee to even use the card!!! I was cashing out 69$ and thanks to using the card I was only able to get 55$ !!!!! THEY KEEP ALL THIS MONEY AND THEY PURPOSELY NO LONGER ALLOW ANYONE TO CASHOUT VIA PAYPAL OR TRANSFER TO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT! Your honestly better off on another app. I will be uninstalling this app I refuse to make them money because I only keep the scrapes! Definitely not worth it this app is now basically pimping people out. With you taking home the very least small percentage. I will be moving to uplive or cake or bigo.
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5 years ago, taybrazyyy
Reason why I’m rating this bad is because it is
There’s people that post and the mature section to make money. They pick and choose who to disable FaceTime their money and then once they disable you they take all your money that you earn right Did they make you pay a small fee just to get your account back when all you’re doing is posting your content so people can pay tips you can get money get client. This app is really really bad I do not download is all they doing is scamming you out your own money and I feel I just got this up not too long ago like two days ago and they’re already trying to disable me because I’m a popular therefore I feel as if. this app is it a fraud at first I thought this was really good until they just started making up stuff and when I followed what they said they still disabled me so therefore y’all don’t download this app ladies if you’re on for the adult content stick to Snapchat tips or other apps not this one
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7 years ago, Briebee222
Please do not download this app! They do not pay their broadcasters, every time you email the continue to give you the run around! I’m still waiting on my money. The customer service is so unprofessional, literally received email responses from them claiming they are overwhelmed with withdrawals (meaning they don’t have the money to pay their broadcasters) and that people would receive payments slowly but they refuse to give a timeline even though it says right on their site withdrawals are revived in five business days! I have friends who still have even received their micro deposits going on months now (you need micro deposits to validate your bank account). They are scam artist if anyone would like to see my screen shots of my emails back and forth with them as further proof feel free to respond to me. Please save yourself the bs and do not download this app!
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2 years ago, Gutsie1
I have yet gotten my refund from this app as I was Scammed by two of there content creators on here. I asked for my refund and I’ve messaged them numerous times and get the same automated response as usually they respond with thank you for contacting customer support we will get back to you with in two business day and to this day I have yet gotten a refund nor a resolution. Not to mention I also got in contact with a guy named Mike on here which he’s very rude and has failed to get my refund. They also allow Male content creators on here who actually record females without there consent and then you have a couple of them that are Pimps and are on here doing there business recording these females. This app is worse then Periscope’s.
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4 years ago, shareole
Paying for fake 5 star reviews instead of just paying broadcasters???
These people have reached a new low.... but it proves they were only out to scam people. I streamed on their crappy platform and had a blast even though they took literally over 8 months to pay me... always ridiculous stupid excuses and then endless promises that they’ve “fixed” their “payment issues” LOL bs!!! I hope Canada finally looks into their shady practices and shuts them down for good. I would never ever go onto this app ever for any amount of money; they just can’t be trusted to keep their word. They truly do not care about paying anyone they owe, just about how much and how they can screw them out of more money. Trash app, FAKE REVIEWS!!!!
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6 years ago, Epyin
Rip off!!
To start they take 40% off the top of what you make. After that you have to pay coins to post videos or links. If that’s not bad enough they put a 3 week hold on all funds you try to take out. (I’m on week 6! And still no payment) now that they lost PayPal you only get a virtual debit card that can’t take out cash or move to your bank. Look for a different alternative avoid this app! **** Update ****** Forget the 3 week hold they have stopped paying out all together! Since July I have only received $35 out over the $1400 that they will not pay out. When you email them they give this 3 week crap but the really is the payments have stopped they are keeping all the money made by the content creators.
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6 years ago, Indiaallnatural
Can’t stream / disappointed
I’m confused. I just got the app today and I set up my account and everything, as soon as I go to stream it says “streaming disabled please contact the support center”. I have no idea why it would be disabled unless I have to pay to stream. I verified my email to make sure that wasn’t the case and I logged into the second account I have and it still said the same thing. Then I thought well maybe it’s my phone, but I have other live streaming apps and everything was working just fine. I’m deleting this app because now it’s a waste of space and disappointing that I can’t even stream which is the main purpose of the app.
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7 years ago, lil baby ❤️
Please fix IOS 11 update soon!!
I just started recently using Peeks as of late and honestly I love it I just updated my iPhone 7 to the iOS 11 now that I’ve done that my app keeps crashing ; I get a black screen when I stream and every time I try to open a direct message it crashes and close the app Which is really my only issue because I’ve been making money off of it I really hope they fix this issue soon because the money is amazing !!
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5 years ago, naughtychocolate
If you are a broadcaster and searching for a app that does the profession pay outs don’t have to wait to long this isn’t the app I’ve broadcasted on here for 2 years and at first the payouts was fair now not so fair I’ve been waiting on a payout for 5 months it’s sad because I brought a lot of broadcasters to this platform to see this app turn on the broadcasters like that. So unprofessional they tell you the same thing all the time we are receiving high call volume I’ve been told that for the past 5 months This app is no longer useful or fun any more
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4 years ago, Teddiwet
So up set
Ive been on Peeks for two years. For the past year I have not been paid. They have $700 that is mine but wont pay me. They forced me to get a card and then when the card never came they charged me for another one. Since i told them the card never came they cancelled the brand new one i had ordered. Causing me to have to pay 5 more dollars for a new card. To now be told they don't even use the card any more? That is crazy. I used to love this site but all I want is my money now. On top of that I've been emailing them for months. I keep getting a bs answer. I wish they could get it together. RIP TO a great app.
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3 years ago, Slightly Skeptical
Update Ratings!
I wish apple would update ratings as the ones being shown are no longer an accurate picture of peeks. I have been on here since the payouts were unpredictable, but the past year peeks has completely revamped their payout systems and as soon as you hit $100 minimum, your money will be deposited shortly after. This is a great app that has helped me in amazing ways. Thanks peeks!
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5 years ago, brewest101
This app WOULD be amazing if they would step up their game with paying... I get it I’ve waited patiently for 8 months to get paid.. finally got a email saying “you’ve been paid from peeks social” and yet I haven’t had any money deposited in my account and there no one to help me or ask questions. You email them and it’s just a robot reply with the same reply over and over. Their staff is not to helpful.. and they don’t pay you ..
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5 years ago, Dazedondosha
Scam app
I used to love this app. But like all good things it came to an end. They have stole over 6000$ from me and claimed it was “lost”. Their records are not valid and really it comes down to paying their broadcasters... sure you can make a ton of money on this app but in reality you get NOTHING. They take it all! Don’t buy coins nexuses they won’t go to their broadcasters... don’t cam on this site and waste ur time. Such a sad review. I really used to enjoy this app and even spoke highly of them when they took 4 months to pay me. Now it still takes 4 months but they just take all ur money and claim It was lost... cool
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7 years ago, AdamUp1994
App is trash
I don’t really understand what the through process was behind this. I open up the app, there are maybe five streams that are actually ‘live” and all the others are dated and aren’t live anymore. So, the list of livestreams says 5-10 people are live at that moment. If you go to the map though, it says there are thousands of live streams. I opened up the map just before writing this review, and it said there were over 1,000 live streams happening in Kentucky. Lol right. Use periscope instead. Format is better, far less ads parading as live streams, and you might actually have some fun.
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2 years ago, neveragainwtf
I have been on this app for over 3 years. I have over 1 million likes and 10,000 followers. They change terms of service very often without telling you AND you cant even view the current terms of service because the link is broken. The app blocked you for mentioning anything even a snapchat account. YOU HAVE TO PAY TO MENTION ANY SITE BUT PEEKS. You cant have watermarks or your blocked leaving your streams open to be screen recorded and stolen. Support give robotic answers that aren’t related to what you ask! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY HERE
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7 years ago, PUSHHHH!!!!
Scam!! Don't be a slave for Peeks!
They NEVER pay you the money you've earned. You'll do a paid broadcast, and earn "coins." Only they don't tell you how much the coins are actually worth to you the broadcaster even though they sell them in clear dollar denominations to the viewer. Basically, despite what you've earned, they decide some random percentage to pay you (after a 40+% cut taken for themselves). The best part?? The deposit never comes to your bank account. So, you livestream for free, and Peeks is the only individual making money. Scam, scam, scam!! Broadcasters need to be paid.
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5 years ago, JesseGermany
I’ve streamed on this platform for many months. While it is easy to use, don’t bother wasting your time because the company will not pay out your funds. They initially said it should take 45-50 days to access your money, and then announced that payments will be done within 14 days, and there will be no more late payments. WRONG. Since this announcement, I have not been paid out once. They are currently withholding more than $500 of mine. Skip this app and stream anywhere else if you want to see any of your money back.
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6 years ago, Maetane
Policy doesn’t mention what to do if we don’t get paid
There are times Peeks have a delay on our cash. It took 2 months once upon a time to get my money. They need to list something in their policy about what we can do when we don’t get our money. It’s annoying !! They still get their platform fee and yet we have to wait til whenever to get paid. It needs an update ASAP!
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5 years ago, plove69
MsSadie is the best part about Peeks. Peeks is the only place to see and interact with her, Peeks has fixed most their bugs, making buying coins fast and easier. Support responses within a day and does a follow up with you to ensure your issues has been resolved. Peeks and MzSadie have won me back.
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4 years ago, BurnettKopa
They bought 5 star reviews in January, don’t fall for it
I’ve been a broadcaster on peeks since April 2018. Those first 5 months were great! I was paid in a timely manner. But somewhere between September 2018 and January 2019, they lost their everlasting minds to delay payment to 60 days... let’s just say I have an outstanding balance of $3,000 and haven’t been paid since February 2018. I have emailed them every 3 months and get the same generic response. 98% of the top broadcasters have left the app late 2018. What a waste
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5 years ago, FlimFlam69
The app is great, the devs are thieves
It’s a shame because the app itself is great. The people running/monitoring the app are not! As a streamer people can tip you for the content you provide, but the devs will cancel you and steal your money!!! I got banned for providing “false content” but never got any clarification or specifics of what that means... if the title of my stream is that you can expect X and I provide you with X then how is that false content? No response from devs, just generic emails. No wonder they are at a 2.3 rating...
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5 years ago, Eunice Predovic
Impressive features
I would like to say that this wonderful app brings me so many informative things. I have just used it a fews moment ago and all the functions work quite quickly.
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5 years ago, Susuindia
Horrible payout process!!
They have been giving me the run around for almost 2 months. This is ridiculous! They need a faster payment system. They are telling us BS! Saying that they will take care of the issue and they keep saying that the “payment team” is working hard on getting all the withdrawals out but yet I’m still waiting for my money. I feel sorry for people who have kids or this is their only income. GET IT TOGETHER!!!
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4 years ago, Mullendr
New version is trash
This newest version has so many glitches it disabled an account that I had for years for no reason and I had money earned still on that account. The app continuously disables accounts even when nothing has been done to deserve disablement. There are so many new apps monetizing if peeks keeps this up I’m sure people are gonna be moving around to different apps.
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5 years ago, Justina Renner
Highly recommend
The quality of this app is something that I think can not be described by words, it has the most liked features.
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5 years ago, Ellis Edmondson
Highly recommend
I didn’t think that this app could bring me many great surprises like that, in any time, anywhere just need a phone and then I can start a live stream to meet many people
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5 years ago, Kelsi Gleichner
Cool features
App allows you to find people to start chatting, this is very interesting and convenient. Because after the conversation you can make an appointment with them more easily.
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5 years ago, Marcus8998
Took a app with potential and poured it down the drain
What in the world made you take out the in app feature. The whole purpose of an app is to be convenient. The website is slow and we no longer have the option to preview the broadcast, so now you’re just taking a chance of spending your hard earned money on a chance to maybe see what you were expecting to see. Smh bad call all the way around.
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5 years ago, corbfeif
New features on the app for broadcasters.
The company has announced a faster payment system and now membership services like other apps. It will be good to begin to get money in one day or same day of withdrawal!!
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5 years ago, Eleanora Wisozk
Thanks for this useful application, it helps me a lot and makes everything easier. I used this one and I felt good about the quality of the system here.
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5 years ago, Robert Akhtar
Nothing to complain
Thanks for this useful application, it helps me a lot and makes everything easier. Now I don’t need to worry when I need to find a platform to live stream
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5 years ago, Zachary Kunze
Useful tips from this app
This software is the best of the best app that I ever experienced. I highly recommend everybody to try this app, it will not take you so much time, yet it gives you wonderful things.
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2 weeks ago, Pauly.Hermes
Peeks Is on a sliding slope
I used to love perks but recently I’m starting to realize it just needs be wiped off the App Store period. First off I can’t comment on the app nor the website to anyone. Second we have to purchase more than allotted amount of coins just to chat. Third non of these coins can be accessed on a standard basis. Peeks is constantly deleting and shutting off accounts even while private.
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1 year ago, Lovely brat.5
Can’t even stream
A friend told me about this app and I’ve been having issues since downloading it. First, the drop bar to select your birth year and country was not working so it set it to whatever year. 2nd I can’t even stream, whenever I start a stream a few seconds later, it ends the stream. I haven’t been able to stream not once. Too many bugs
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5 years ago, Prof. Vicenta Wolf
So far so good
This application made me had to touch the install button straight away because I always have an intention to improve the video quality. Great features.
Show more
5 years ago, Virgil Nord
Good app
Why I didn’t find this application earlier? This app is so good and convenient too. The only thing is need is a phone with an internet connection and then I can start a live stream to meet many people
Show more
5 years ago, Dr. Chance Weber MD
User-friendly interface
I think there will be a lot of young people who like this app because it's new, modern and high social. Thank you, dev team, your service is fairly good.
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7 years ago, harley.marie
This app is a scam
I been using this app for some time and building a following. I had been saving tips I got from followers to cash out. About a week ago I withdrew my money and yet to see it. The app takes there cut from tips you make and also takes your money too. I wouldn’t suggest using this app just rob you of the only money you make on there app!!!! This app should be removed and reported. They use you to steal your money!!!
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5 years ago, Kaia Kreiger
Truly great app
This app just keeps me motivated as it has massive tools and great features. In addition, it updates very usually, which I highly appreciate about this app. Fair enough for a picky person like me!
Show more
5 years ago, 229 Sally Drive Apt. 407 Earle
Thanks for this app
The app has since been improved and bundled with a lot of features. Making friends has never been so easy.
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3 years ago, Maya Dollie
Why can’t I see messages???
This app is ridiculous and decided to take out the message option. How do you interact with your followers offline. Very annoying and won’t recommend to anyone. Even the whole subscription is a scam and waste of time. There are better apps out there to use and stream to make money. Check out coco.
Show more
5 years ago, Melvina Bednar
Thank you so much
I had great times on this app. We share our stories with each other, exchange and help each other. It is very to use as well
Show more
5 years ago, Marion Jacobi Jr.
Thousands of likes for this
It's interface is friendly, and not take much space in the memory. What an helpful software and great features.
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