Phone Tracker By Number

Social Networking
4.4 (69.1K)
34.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Family Locator
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
17.0 or later
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User Reviews for Phone Tracker By Number

4.44 out of 5
69.1K Ratings
2 years ago, Sokha Aries
Can’t change to satellite map
I agree this is good, but one point is cannot see the precise location and even cannot change into satellite map . Please include in the future update Thank you
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4 weeks ago, holly2542
Pros and cons
While it can keep track of your location or if family or other phones approve it you can get theirs. My problem is there is no way to export this data like if you needed it for work. It also doesn’t always update even when you are on the go, have background app refresh on, it really just needs an option to record your location at certain intervals automatically like every hour or half hour and a way to export the data into an excel sheet. Without those two options it’s kinda useless. Others mention you can’t track family phones unless each time you hit locate the other phone needs to approve. It’s not one time approval. FYI
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3 years ago, ShawneeGee808
This app is trash!
Second time I have downloaded and attempted to set it up. Set mine up perfectly fine, I can see my own location. Great. Sent out the invites to my family and then attempted to set up my youngest one’s. I approved access for myself from her phone to see her location and that should have been the end of the story. BUT, even granting myself access, every time I tried to “view” her location from my phone, it kept telling me to send an invite instead. Many face palms, don’t know how this app has such high ratings.
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2 years ago, enkenk2022
Canceling within 24 hours of 1st download
I am still struggling to find where on the app is the option to cancel any future charges. Buying is so simple and takes so little time; cancelling is so complicated and takes too long to find and then finally give up, not knowing how much was paid, when next charge will occur, and writing to customer service to document, if credit card dispute is necessary.
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2 years ago, nikrose89
If it’s lost
This app works great but what I just like about it is you can only track the phone if the person that has the phone presses allow for you to see their location I don’t need to see the location when they’re near me I want to locate the phone in case someone steals it or it gets lost if someone steals the phone and I ask for the location they’re not going to press allow of course so it honestly defeats the purpose
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1 year ago, Netherlandlop
Family painl
Works well but you have to ask for there permission to track them which is a pain because if you have a big family it takes a long time to get done
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2 years ago, alx204
Wow 🤩
So far this is an amazing app! If my phone ever gets lost or I can’t find it I can immediately go to the find my phone app and just press view phone and boom there you go I can look at my phone in a snap!!!! I think this is a great app! It’s very good!
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4 years ago, Never Say Nikon
Nothing special
This doesn’t pull up a map and magically show where you are in reference to your kids at a park. Both parties have to get involved. You basically sent a message “hey where are you” and the other person sents a message back “here I am”. Come to think of it, you could do this easier if you text them and they text back. Skip this app, having your friends download and join... just send a text message.
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3 months ago, ycucycycucucuc
It’s good but
I’m very happy with how it works but I’m not really happy with the fact that the pop up is a bit much for me and I’m just sick of it so I’m uninstalling it and I’m going through my phone company and I don’t have any popup adds to making it look bad so it’s just annoying and annoying to say that but popups are completely killing apps
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4 years ago, no name annoymous
Tracking information
It’s good if you’ve got the invite for the person otherwise just not good information on numbers looking up because it’s not doing correct carrier
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2 years ago, Black and Gold Attack
Phone Tracker By Number
Awesome app, needs to add a satalite map to the current map so you can see detail topographic movement of the person or people your tracking to keep the more safe and secured.
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3 years ago, why cant xfi work on iphone
The app is useless.
I have been using XFI locator on my Samsung phone and it is simple to use. You set it up once. Click on the phone you’re trying to find and done, you get a map location on where the phone is located. No constant messaging on getting the phone location. I have tried using this worthless app on three iPhones and can never locate the phone. Why can’t xfi be compatible with iPhone instead of this useless app?
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2 years ago, Mardeedee
Doesn’t work at all
It will show me. What good is that when I’m already holding the phone and, therefore, know where I and my phone are? It doesn’t show the location of people/numbers I’ve added. When I tap View, it just keep telling me to invite them. Doesn’t matter how many times I’ve invited people. The app just keeps telling me to invite instead of showing people’s locations.
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2 years ago, asp I 1
Phone tracker
Great service lets you keep up with family. When they call you can tell right where they are if they need help
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2 years ago, no nickname fir TAWEH!!!
Lord God location
My location has been moving without myself moving so I locked it down with this app let’s see if it moves with out me the lamb of god the lion of juda moving!!!
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3 years ago, Flow Adaven
Doesn’t work. Asks for you to send an invitation to the person you’re trying to locate. So fails on two fronts, if you were trying to get a location on someone anonymously, sending an invitation for them to add the tracker defeats the purpose. The other part being if you lost your phone. If you lost your phone then you wouldn’t be able to accept an invite.
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3 years ago, Rsox617
I just opened the app and used it for the first as well, just to test the authenticity of the app... it’s been a little over a minute and a half in using it and i must say, i am impressed. Thank you.
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4 years ago, @bubbleee_beee
Does not work
Works once in a while - keep refreshing, but still will not update.
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3 years ago, HKLWilliams
One of the worst apps ever!!!
My husband accepted the invitation but yet I still can not track him. It tells ME where I am, but when I hit locate for him, it does nothing. There are no instructions or even a link for help, so the developers of this app clearly need to make a lot of changes. Shame on them for making this seem like a legit “phone tracker” app when it is not. Not a happy consumer at all!!!! 😡
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1 year ago, battlerow
Phone tracker
Seems to work just fine I just download the app set up the app and it seems to work perfectly 👍
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3 years ago, Nadalinda57
Great service
I think you so much for finding my friend I’m tracking it worked out perfectly
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2 years ago, Jon Bezi
Great location finder but the map is really blurry can’t see the words on the map
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11 months ago, Yazzyanne
You get what you don’t pay for
I download this app to track my husband’s phone. He’s constantly loosing his phone, and was fed up with us buying a new phone. The tracking worked for a few days, then it stopped tracking. Two weeks later it started tracking again for a few days then it stopped. It’s been a month since the app worked, this app is horrible. I didn’t want to pay for a tracker but I guess I will have to, I don’t want to spend more money on another phone. Anyone think of downloading this app, think again. It’s not worth the free, it’s free for a reason, it doesn’t work!
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3 years ago, theo5050
Location of my friends
This works well and easy to use
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2 years ago, debs4383
Same complaint as many others
The app is only showing me the location of my phone which is useless. I thought this would track family in case of emergencies. Every time I try to track someone other than myself it ask to invite that person. Very disappointed.
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4 years ago, Bby.424
It stopped working
It worked great for the first 3 days and then poof stopped refreshing location. I redownloaded the app to see if it would work and nothing. My bf has accepted my location and it still doesn’t refresh his phone and same goes for my sisters phone.
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2 years ago, Prayers for BM
Finally found my phone after 5 months
I love it so I have the police report and I’m going to get my phone Ty
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3 years ago, Herb Laf
Just using during 1 day to help my son locating his phone, it makes him feel more confident and accountable, so far so 😊.
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5 years ago, tameearh
It is good but I wish I can use it when your other phone is dead
It is good but I wish I could use it when you’re phone is dead
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4 years ago, AudioLung
I had someone tell me to download this and add my number then tell me to delete it can they still track my location?
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4 years ago, TEEHILL68
It’s great overall sometimes it gets stuck on a date ex: it may maybe 12/14 but it’s showing 12/12? It doesn’t update when you press locate. Also on iPhone it doesn’t show satellite?
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4 years ago, Colesmeister
Doesn’t work
My wife and I sometimes take our walks by ourselves, so we thought this would be great to find out where the other was if they were overdue coming home. The app kept asking us to send a request to the other one, so we did... again and again and again. Finally gave up and deleted the app from both phones.
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1 year ago, Serawit Konso
How to find?
How to find the other person’s or family member by their number? And send me free Apps for iPhone
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4 years ago, zaire3214
This app really is terrible if you have an emergency and need to find some right away you, this app will not help you at all. I have to press the locate button over 50 times just for it to locate my family member. I have an Xr so it has nothing to do with the phone model messing up this app. This need to be fixed I have no patience for it, ridiculous
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12 months ago, Steve m 64
Not worth it
My wife and myself both download the app send an invoice to each one of our phone numbers But nothing happens when you tap on locate it keeps wanting to send an invitation we’ve tried 12 times So we’re going to do more research and find an app that really works
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2 years ago, Jaelynn31
Not working!
I can’t figure out why it never leaves my house! I have put the phone in my son’s backpack and know for a fact it leaves with him but still shows it’s at home. I’m very disappointed in this! My son has autism and I really thought I’d found a good gps app to know where he is and now I’m disappointed!
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4 years ago, JoeBootie
Just installed the app and constantly getting the “rate this app prompt”. C’mon guys, let me use it for 5 minutes at least before hammering me for ratings.
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2 years ago, Mooseass
It’s no settings, powered by apple & hard to tell where person is with no street view! NO CUSTOMER SERVICE! It’s an email & no 1 will answer. They just make app & walk away. No help. Last update was 2 years ago. It’s free so they don’t care nor have any pride. Life360 is 10 x better & FREE!
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3 years ago, Kimberly DiSanto
Doesn’t really work
I have tried it and tried it and it doesn’t tell me anything where that cell phone is. I got this because my daughter is in a very serious domestic dispute with a PFA. Her boyfriend found her once. He is out on bail bond and I need to trac her phone. This app does not tell me where my daughter is if she is not answering her phone and something happened to her
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3 years ago, Valeria0713
Love it
Makes me feel so much better knowing where my young daughter is in case of an emergency!
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2 years ago, Hispoiema
You need to call to make it work
When I try to locate my husbands phone, it tells me to send him a text message. Why do I need an app like this if I need to call anyway? What is the purpose? I thought there were apps like this so that i did not need to text or call(??) this simply defeats the purpose…
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2 years ago, thakkss
I phone lost
Fast and easy to use located home within 24 hrs
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2 years ago, RUHA2263
Find my phone
Phone finder helped me find my lost phone more than’s great!
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1 year ago, poodletales
Not helpful
From what I understand, the person that I am tracking, namely, my husband, with an impaired memory, hast to verify when I’m tracking him. That’s OK, but I need to be able to continually track him and that doesn’t seem to be an option. In other words, this doesn’t really help.
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3 years ago, Muzzymom
This hasn’t been updating my sons location. I don’t know how to refresh it. I’m frustrated!
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4 years ago, try dot
Didn’t work can’t track phone I entered will only track phone I’m currently using
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2 years ago, MGF <3
Meh 😒
I got this to track my Mom that travels often & it doesn’t refresh. It stays stuck on the same day until I uninstall it & then I have to go through the whole setup process again.
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2 years ago, I lost my phone again👁👄👁
Wasting my time on this app
This app does not work at all it says it will find your phone but it doesn’t when I got out of school I lost it and I pressed a million times to find my phone and when it worked it said it was at my house so no because it was not 💀
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3 years ago, A mf Who needs a good app
Terrible doesn’t work don’t waste your time
My brother lost his phone I’ve been all over these apps trying to find something but nothing work at this point I’m getting frustrated I can’t find one single app that is legit that works I’m writing a review to let people know DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME DOWNLOADING it’s a scam to get into your contacts and location.
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3 years ago, dawnkeyhotea
Just doesn’t work anymore
At first when we got this we were delighted. I was apprised of my wife’s location whenever she was walking the dogs or riding her bike. It has simply decided to quit or something because it no longer works. If there had been a fee to utilize this app I’d have gladly paid it. That’s how will it USED TO work.
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