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User Reviews for Pi Network

4.23 out of 5
11.1K Ratings
3 years ago, $ally37
Put your official name.
I connected to my Facebook. And my Facebook has a nickname. I tried to change it for the first time in the app... and there doesn’t seem to actually be a way to do so. Even though it says “this will be the only time you’ll be able to change it” in other words one time chance.. my name is different becausw of my job. I don’t like customers looking me up. Sooo connecting to Facebook seemed to finalize my “official name” I guess. And transferring your pi CANNOT be done without your official name as it states in the app. Otherwise the chat seems weird so I don’t enter it. Just a bunch of kids being immature. Rather than actually discussing pi. Makes sense though. It’s in the start-up stage. But hopefully it turns into something!! 🤷🏼‍♀️ Doesnt hurt to add!
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3 days ago, Dr David 👋
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I was so impatient to carry out necessary research but i really wanted to jump on the crypto trading and investment buzz. Unfortunately for me, I invested 65,000 GBP worth of bitcoin with a fraudulent company. I was happy to watch my account grow to 240,000 GBP within a couple of weeks. But i didn't realize i was dealing with a scam company, until i tried to make an attempt to withdraw. I made a withdrawal request, and noticed my account was suddenly blocked for no apparent reason. I tried contacting customer support, but all to no avail. I needed my money back at all cost, because i could not afford to let it go. So i tried all possible means to make sure i recovered my scammed bitcoin. I did a lot of online search for help, and tried to see if there were other people who had any similar experience. I stumbled upon a cryptocurrency forum were a couple of people mentioned that they had been through the same process but were able to recover their lost cryptocurrency, funds with the help of CYBERTEAM072 via gmail So i file a report and she was able to help me get back all my lost funds within 3hrs i feel indebted to her Apart from trying to express my gratitude to them once again using this medium, I will recommend anybody who wants to recover scammed bitcoin, stolen cryptocurrency, funds lost to binary options forex, investment and any other form of online scam, reach out to cyberteam072 (at) gMail
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3 months ago, AnarchyLuis
This app is a huge scam! People are giving these people their ID and personal info which is most likely getting sold and used. I’m now getting strange texts from scammers. People input their info and are getting stuck verifying KYC which makes their coins stay LOCKED! There’s people waiting for over 4 years and the verification process is still ongoing with no way to check if info was put in correctly or resubmit. Their app is bugged! And even if you don everything right, there’s no open mainnet which means you cannot buy, sell or trade your coins. So you’re giving these people personal info and unable to profit, thus you’re mining for free and making these people tons of money. Customer service is nonexistent. Their Twitter(X) won’t answer questions. On the Pii browser chat, the mods are very rude and don’t provide any fixes and simply blame you and insult you and your intelligence, even though they can see that every question people are asking in the chat is about the apps failure and the coin being LOCKED! And if you ask about when you’ll be able to sell the coin, your account gets locked and then deleted. This is a huge scam and waste of time. I’m going to make sure these folks are investigated so there can be transparency or they are brought to justice.
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3 years ago, MikePoww
App is great, who do I contact for technical support though?
I was recommended this app by a friend, obviously since it's invite only. I enjoy the concept, on the go crypto mining with no battery drain. As far as the functionality goes it performs as purported and expected, however I have some confusion on how to do certain things. I know the app is still in beta, so it could be that. But when attempting to add people to my security circle, attempting to add an existing user, doesn't link up correctly with my contacts or whatever, it says no contacts have pi, which I know they do. I added one by user name the very first time the screen came up and I found him, it said error cannot add, then it wouldn't let me search a second time, or from then on and has only said no contacts can be added. Is it a security circle thing or an app thing, or at least direct me to tech support, lol its not exactly advertised who to contact for this and I haven't found anything so this is what I had to resort to, to let someone know and ask for help.
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2 years ago, Druff13
Does not address issues for the common miner
I’ve had this app for at least a year, and have seen how invested they are in their work as well as what us users are capable of doing. This network is showing a lot of promise. I have a gripe with issues that are reported multiple times, in multiple places (threads, reviews, etc), by multiple users. I can understand that the focus is spent on expanding the capabilities of the network, but there’s been a few issues that has yet to be addressed after years of inquiries. One in particular prevents preexisting users from adding each other in the app. And this wouldn’t be a huge gripe for me if it wasn’t for the fact that the base mining rate has dropped at least three times since I discovered the bug. This bug not only affects how many known users I have registered, but also affects how much Pi I can mine. Not an awful place to spend your time in, especially if cryptocurrency is your forte. But if you’re looking for something to causally mine some crypto, you may want to find a service with their needs more prioritized.
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3 months ago, Juspowder
Believe me not a scam,
Look when u get to your kyc verification u have to email support and ask them to clear your kyc application .. then set your wallet make sure u WRITE DOWN you recovery phase or the money that gets transferred to the main net will be lost forever! I’ve been mining since 2017 and I’ve only got 5 people in my security section or aka team… I’ve been locked up for 4.5 years since so I don’t have many coins but I hear it’s about to hit main net this year in April so with any luck I’ll be okay to mine at a higher rate …vanywaynthanks for the app I’ve checked out the pi extensions pretty good community as well .. well done pi creators ! If u wanna join and help me grow into a mass prodcuction my name is Juswhitie or whitiecue can’t really remember
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2 years ago, justi ccc
This is a SCAM
Don’t get this app its a data miner info miner and just does not convert into money. I’ve had this app for at least a year now and the lies keep pulsing up. The most frequent lie I have heard from the mods and their whit paper tab is that you make money. You make no money if you haven’t guessed, the promise of it coming out to the open market keeps getting pushed back. “Just wait two days and it will be be on open market”, “ march 26”. Just a few that has been said to me. Another thing that happened to be was to be muted from all chats for questioning and stating the fraud they are committing. After researching for myself many crypto experts and businesses experts questioned their suspicions activity and to further call them information collectors. If that’s not enough for you the look them up yourself or look at some of these other reviews. (P.S. you can buy reviews, many companies and apps do it so beware of the fake 5 star reviews)
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3 years ago, karlhungus87
Interesting Crypto Experiment
Sign up with invite (td1776) and start off with one coin. Pi looks like an interesting cryptocurrency experiment. It isn’t really “mining” like you usually think of since your phone isn’t doing any calculations for proof-of-work, so the device doesn’t use the network or battery except when you open it once a day to check in. Pi isn’t even really a cryptocurrency at all yet. The point of the app is basically just to get on the network/ecosystem so that you’re ready if/when it actually goes online and to help test the system. If it actually goes live, better to be in sooner rather than later, I suppose.
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4 years ago, tonyyangyyc
Been trying to add existing Pi Users Among other issues
It’s great that we are mining cryptocurrency (no actual value yet but still cool). There, however, several issues: 1. The main chat for miners is very user unfriendly because (1) you are unable to reply to a user; (2) you are unable to report users spamming and such; (3) you are unable to really track find why you’ve said in the chat/there is no search feature. The only feature you have in the chat is a thumbs up and thumbs down feature.... which isn’t very useful except to get your comments a like or dislike. 2. To mine faster, you are supposedly able to invite new users or add existing users to your security circle. Since the start and until now, I’ve been unable to add existing users to my security circle. This is a common and recurring issue that has not been resolved.....
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3 years ago, Ankoku15
This is currently not worth money, but if the network ever goes live all the coins will be worth something. You’ll need a referral, so feel free to use mine (Ankoku15) and start with a free coin. It uses no data or resources off of your phone, but instead uses something called “proof of presence” that simply requires you to push one button once a day to prove you are still there, and rewards increase the more you invite people to contribute to the network with their daily click. I’m just here to see if anything comes out of the project, even if not, this costs nothing more than 5 seconds a day if even that.
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5 years ago, Tubetop35
You can tell the makers are from Stanford.
I never bothered to care about crypto until now,seriously. I thought it was just a fad and for tech bros. Definitely got me at least a little interested. Still in beta right now, but every single thing about this app and their website is thought of an accounted for. Everything is explained so in depth but in an easy to understand way. As well as a beautiful user interface that makes it seem seemless. As of right now I see now downside even if it never pans out. It requires zero time and extreme minimal effort. Download it and at least try it out even if it doesn’t lead to anything. You might learn something about Crypto
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2 months ago, Facebook pro user
Love the app
I typically don’t write reviews, but I’m just tired of seeing people thinking it’s a scam. Look, Bitcoin was the same concept. People mined, a lot of people doubted because there was no crypto. Then boom! .009 all the way to over $60,000 today. Pi coin is the only other way to mine crypto and the only way to mine from your phone. About getting your info..do you have social media or a phone number with T-Mobile or something? Ok they sell your info.. If you trade stocks, then your familiar with the legal process where the app will ask for your KYC. The KYC is more of a crypto thing to prove you are legally a person and don’t money launder or anything like that. So yea it’s expected..especially after the Sam bankmen fried guy who tried screwing people over in Ftx crypto taking advantage of the system. Bottom line, if you want to invest in free picoins which I believe will be the next big Bitcoin competition..download the app and do the KYC so you can get your coins before the pi coin is able to be traded or it’s too late.
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3 years ago, JuicePoint0
Listen up autists. Grab your coins while you can! This is a growing cryptocurrency that’s projected to shoot no where but up when trading is released. No this isn’t a tacky way to give lower class “fake” money to spend. Currently 1 Bitcoin is worth over $50,000. Within the first year Bitcoin is projected to drop as people “start over” and throw their riches into another cash cow such as Pi Network. If you’re smart you’ll grab these coins by the nuts. If you’re dumb you’ll sit there and read this thinking, “nah not this time. My pp is too small to take a low risk chance of making good money.” Treat yourself And if you ever doubt it, just remember the fine gentleman in Paris are on your side.
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3 years ago, Ryanaggie05
It’s Still Early....Why not start now!!!
Pi is a relatively new cryptocurrency...isn’t it always better to get in early? Just push a button on the app once every 24-hours...and next thing you know you are mining Pi. I’ve been mining Pi for about a year now and it has just become an easy daily part of my life. You do need to be invited to join...you’re welcome to use me (Ryanaggie05). I’m loving this so far and while at the moment Pi doesn’t have value, but hopefully as more and more people join...it will be worth something. I mean, bitcoin started without value...now look at it. The app is super easy to use and doesn’t seem to take up any battery power.
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3 years ago, Jackson_Holloway
Super cool
I’m a super huge fan of how this works, as well as the ideas behind it. However, I have one concern. I’d like to preface with saying that I have no problem with ads. But the ads that are playing are ads about winning money on phone games. The only other times that I’ve seen those apps is when I’ve been trying to win money on similar games. What I’m getting at, is that (in my opinion) when I see an ad for a phone game that ends up never paying you, it makes me wonder about the app that played the ad. Long story short I’d find different ads so that people don’t start thinking you’re trying to pull one over on them.
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2 years ago, Falconfixr1
More to follow
So far - very clean, fast, intuitive, and simple to use. You DO need to have been “referred” by another Pioneer. You’re welcome to use me - falconfixr1 - as your referral. The Pi crypto story, feels legit so far. This has to be EASIEST method to “mine” for crypto. Open the app, click on a button. Return 24 hours later and see the coins accrue. Is it worth money yet? No, but this is a long term project and it will take time for all to receive the fruits of their labor. It’s literally 1 min a day and I’ve not had to provide any details beyond my name and email. Not being spammed. I’m looking forward to the next phase of the project.
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3 weeks ago, Bobby Checks
I’m generally pleased with the idea of Pi, really nice to just be able to set it and forget it. My biggest issue is that since they started putting in ads before every mining session. The ads are fine but you have to press that microscopic “x”, then close out the store page, then hit the microscopic “x” again to be done with the ad. I’m not going to download anything from the ads so just make it simple to close them out. It is such a hassle and makes me less inclined to actually continue with the app. The whole idea of pi is that you can mine for free so I’m not about to pay money to get rid of ads that you guys just started up. Not to mention that the pi coins still don’t have any real value yet so it’s basically useless.
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3 years ago, iris upon a star
Blocked for no reason
I’m not happy. I was so excited to be a part of a new movement of cryptocurrency. I have sent out invites to all my friends and family. I had no idea that you aren’t allowed to tag your team name /display name in attempt to get other Pi users to join my team. Instead of someone giving me a warning or a fair heads up, that I could be blocked, they immediately blocked me from sending messages to ANYONE including staff/support and even members on my own team. So I wasn’t even given a fair chance to amend the situation. So sad. Because this to me is truly revolutionary. But I’m deleting the app since I can’t even communicate with others and I have to be muted out. Sad. Very displeased and will be sticking to other apps from now on. My Suggestion, download it, but read the Rules and Regulations and FAQ’s right away. So you know what you’re getting into.
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3 years ago, aross72
What could go wrong?
Like everyone says you do need an invite so if you’re need one feel free to use mine (akross72). This whole crypto currency thing honestly really isn’t my gig but its super easy and I figured mind as well give it a go and if it works great and if not it’s really not the end of the world or that much of a waste of time. It also gives you a reminder when you need you start mining again and you don’t even have to watch the ad after you’ve clicked on start mining so you can just leave the app and continue on with your day.
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4 years ago, Tdrdtc
Great idea, though the community is horrible
Pi is an extremely easy and comprehensive way to earn crypto currency, almost suspiciously so. Although if I did indoctrinate myself into a pyramid scheme that’s my fault. Anyways, pi is great and all, but once you go on the global chat, things start to evolve. Seriously, huge props to the admins. People are spamming the n word, saying things about corona, whatever offensive thing you could think up. This is a glaring issue that should be resolved ASAP. An easy way to remedy this would be to add a filter. I love pi, but until something is done about the toxic community you’re only getting 4 stars.
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3 years ago, JooJew Bean
Incorrect Mining Rate
It cane to ny attention that im mining at .a rate of .29 when im suppose to actualky be mining at a rate of .30, unfortunately i dont know exactly how long its been like this but i would like to see if this is a system or software issue. On The Pi App It Says Pioneer .10, Contributor .10, and ambassador .10 which equals to .30 so im confused to why its mining at .29 and missing out .01, it doesnt say anything and i know it may seem like a little bit but a little can go along way. Basically in missing out on .24 for each day that i mine losing 1.64 every week. Would you guys be able to explain why its not mining on the correct amount? Can i get the points that ive missed out transferrd to my account somehow?
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2 years ago, Ihunt64
At least here I know my comments can not be deleted like they were in the PI chat. I have been diligently mining PI. Talking friends/family into giving it a shot, because, why not. It’s free, and who knows what will happen. Then, out of the blue the mainnet arrives and I discover, that my PI that I have diligently returned to mine every day, is being with held from me until my earning team have all become KYC verified. Problem with that, is that a couple of my earring team were already skeptics if this was a legit thing in the first place, and now I know why. It’s a pyramid scheme. Meant to see how often you will come back to click a button with the promise of cheese down the road and much information you’re willing to give up, and convince others to give up, get that cheese. All of this was simply confirmed for me when my comments about why more than half my PI was being withheld were censored from the general chat group. Not much of a community when it can’t take criticism of its own body of work. So go ahead, waste your time. Prove to the scientists how much of mouse you are, lord knows I did, too often.
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3 years ago, JWalshPharmD
Zero Battery Drain. Next Big Thing?
The concept is simple. Click a button once every 24 hours and your account will “mine” Pi. The more ppl you link up with the faster you can mine. Who knows if Pi will ever be significant or with anything, but given it is one click every 24 hours why not try? My biggest worry was if the program would in fact affect my phone’s (iPhone XR) performance or battery. It literally has no impact whatsoever. So here is to hoping one day Pi becomes the next BitCoin. If you need an invite feel free if you want to use mine, JWalshPharmD
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3 months ago, Busy Like a Bee
I’ve had Pi Network for about two-three years now and I can confirm that this is going to be a great success in the near future. My only concern with this platform is verifying through with KYC. I put in my information a few months ago after coming back to my account, realizing that my accounts main net is not transferable until I’m approved. If anyone that runs the app can help out with the confirmation process it would be a huge relief, otherwise, this would all be for nothing.
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3 years ago, I'm DNA
This is a Great App!
Personally, I really like this app’s concept. It’s designed to make more people get involved in cryptocurrency. Thank you very much for that. However, I have noticed one problem. It’s negligible, but it’s annoying nonetheless. The app does not support the iPhone X-related phones (the ones that have a notch and no home button). When you go to the chat section, the home bar is in the way of the chat box. Also, when you just open the app, the system messages at the bottom get cut off by the home bar. It’s not hard to read the bottom, but it definitely would look much cleaner if it was raised specifically for the iPhone X phones. Please add support for the iPhone X-related iPhones to eliminate these problems. Other than that, thank you for making this app! It’s a great app with an awesome concept, and I’m excited to keep using it.
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2 years ago, KittyMines
Not a scam
I know a lot of people claim this isn’t legit, that it’s a scam. It’s not free money, It’s not someone taking advantage of your data. It’s a project (one that’s taken a lot of time and dedication) and the developers and the team are working super hard to get this project up. I’m happy to say they’re getting things done and the mainnet was officially launched four days ago! 😱 Watch out bitcoin here we come! If you’d like to come join the team and help us we are by invite only, use my name KittyMines to come join us!
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3 years ago, pancake partymix
I have been mining for awhile now.
If anyone needs a referral to join here is mine: vegiemeat This mining is different than most ways to mine for cryptocurrency. It does not rely on expensive hardware to mine for “Pi” instead it uses your phone (which can be expensive, but does not need dedicated hardware to mine). Keep in mind though there is no real cash value in Pi yet. Right now Pi Network is in Phase 2 and by the end of 2021, Pi Network will be going Mainnet which means all the Pi that has been mined will be ready to be used. Keep up the mining!
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3 years ago, ozy4k
Get this now! Free money honestly...
Get this now! Free money honestly... Honestly..... really and I mean really ask yourself how much of an Electric bill this would cost to run for like a week, virtually nothing ... and the fact that it’s a scarce currency as of right now and it’s invite only with a huge again invite only community that people are super dedicated to making it worthwhile I don’t know even why you wouldn’t want to so please download the app possibly download a node on windows 10 and please please please pitch in!
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3 years ago, tinycc0729
Ground floor innovation
Great app. If it succeeds with crypto mining over mobile it could be a game changer. Mining opened to more people, much less energy, more sustainability. So far to run the app in the background of my iPhone it has not affected my battery or performance at all. All you have to do is go into the app every 24 hours and click. It costs nothing so give it a try. If it turns into some value in the future, it’s a bonus. It is invitation only so feel free to use my referral link. tinycc0729
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2 years ago, Merigo1
I was going to give it a 3 star but the service is poor to me specifically
I used a Glo sim for my registration so after I traveled for a while my glo sim was deactivated after three months of my travel, now I forgot my password and want to reset/update but they keep asking that I send a text from the sim I used in the registration which is now deactivated. Also my Facebook account was hacked and there’s no option to update a new Facebook profile. I have been trying to do my kyc and it keeps saying that camera access is not granted but I checked properly the access is granted. Please look into this as soon as possible
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3 years ago, Smkjmprsgirl#1
PI Member Since The Start
I loved Pi! Had a great team! Unfortunately, they are too busy to e we help you! My computer was stolen last December, my Facebook account was hacked, and then my phone was stolen from a hotel that I was staying at for work. I contacted Moderators which in itself is a huge feat! I emailed the email I was given. I explained the situation in detail. I can prove who I am, who invited me, who’s on my team, etc. I never received any help! I now have lost days and days of Pi. You would think that they would respond at some point to help one get in! I have no FB and a new phone number! I guess they just do not care! At least my team is making Pi! My advice , if ever in need of support , good luck! They will never assist!
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2 years ago, ElJefeTX
I see far more evidence that this is an anthropology experiment set up by two Stanford professors than evidence of a legit cryptocurrency. This ‘crypto’ has no actual use case, solves no actual problem(s), and there is no evidence of a decentralized blockchain. Further, while thousands of new crypto projects launched, established value and actively traded during 2021, Pi Network has sat stagnant since 2019, collecting data and goading you into checking in daily to earn Pi that are worth $0.00… and goading you into inviting your friends and family to do the same. The app has been updated to ensure stability with iOS updates, but that’s it. There are legitimate opportunities to earn real cryptocurrency, but this is not one of them. DYOR.
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3 years ago, jh03031234
This could be the next Bitcoin!
The quick and easy of it is this. This how essentially how cryptocurrency is made from the ground up. It’s in the VERY EARLY stage. Currently the activity you do is just what looks like money but it’s not. However, once this gets further along and becomes adapted to be used as digital currency, boom! All the numbers you accrued then become actual money. This is by invitation only, if need one you can use mine. “Cameraguy03” open the app once a day and earn.
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11 months ago, sidbehsisn
Wow somebody pinch me
Title is a reflection of the fact that this app actually makes more then my bitcoin miners do. I’m talking about actual cpu driven hardware in which I invested thousands of dollars. I’ve only had this app a couple of days but it’s bringing in on average just under 6 dollars a day. Not to mention I transferred some to huobi and it actually allowed me to convert to USDT. shows me the creators of this network honor their agreement even though tokens are merely I.O.U. vouchers until mail met is launched. Good work guys!!!!!
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3 years ago, @BXTCH_IMCHINO
Pi network is great!! I strongly believe this is going to be the biggest crypto currency there is ‼️‼️💯🚦🚦🚦🚦🚦as far as the community I don’t think the pi core Team should be responsible whole-fully for the community .... by them giving us the opportunity to communicate with people around the world is great😌 I’ve meet so many people thus far... it’s the people themselves who abuse the opportunity nothing to do with pi team .. yes it could’ve been avoided but that’s what make this app so much greater is the ability for our voices and ideas to be heard‼️
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12 months ago, Lbsyla
I'm happy with the Pi network and the value I got from the company. I wanted a good application that did the basics, but earnd money and the site recommended one that ticked all the boxes. Speaking with my experienc the team helped me get exactly what I was looking for. The only reason i like and did to give 5 stars is the fact that I had to claim for the first time cash in form of crypto and its a good deal, and this info was for me was good because i could stay home or go out and mine Pi anywhere.
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3 years ago, Pfunkin84
Invite only, tell a friend (pi to the moon)
Awesome being apart of something like this. Use my User ( pfunkin84 ) for your invite and start mining Pi instantly. I was skeptical at first but the only personal info I had to provide was my name and phone number so I was all in for trying it out. Super easy sign up process and was mining Pi in seconds literally. I hope to be a bigger part of the community and learn everything I can about Pi and the app. Very excited! For the invite use - pfunkin84
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3 months ago, Fucthestupidnickname
Pi is revolutionary
Pi is gonna be part of everyone’s future in crypto. It’s been in the makings for a very long time now but here recently they have really shown that effort they’ve put in by updating the interface and accepting KYC again. It’s the easiest thing in the world to do too, all you have to do is open the app and press a button. BAM you’re earning. It used to earn SO MUCH MORE, but over time it does. Time and patience is key in life. It’s also key with Pi Network.
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2 years ago, Homiezzzzz
Total SCAM
Please stay away from this Fake mining app. all you do is press mine once every 24 hours and watch ads. Empty promises for 2 years that you’ll be able to buy, sell, trade this coins. This is a big scam. Wastes your time & steals your information to make profit. You’ll never be able to sell this fake coin. Other coins were invested & are on the market but this scam is always promising soon soon soon for over 2 years now. Just warning you guys to stay away from this SCAM. Enough is enough. I also tried using the chat feature in the app. I mentioned this is a scam and they blocked me from the chat which tells me one thing I’m correct. This is a scam app.
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3 years ago, GradStudentNeedsMotivation
App is horrible and looks more like a pyramid scheme
The app looks like it was created by 3rd graders who can program. It's the ugliest and stupidest looking thing I've ever seen. Right now there is some ugly dudes face as the background of the app. They just be dipsticks who wrote this. And then it wants me to contact my friend to sign them up to earn more when it's worthless right now. At least it's free but my God these guys have a long, long way to go. Not sure why I need to go into the app everyday. So far it's stupid and needs a lot of work to make it look like it's for adults and no look like a pyramid scam. Already make me watch stupid adds. About ready to be done with these idiots.
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3 years ago, kingskullmetalworks
Referral kingskukl
This app is referral only. Feel free to use my referral (kingskukl) to gain access. This app is super simple to use you tap one button every 24 hours to mine coins. As of now their isn’t anything you can do with the coins, but it’s in the works to be done. The point of joining right now is to get in why the rate at which you mine the coin is higher. Bet you wish you got in to Bitcoin when it was like this. Don’t miss out. Referral: kingskukl
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3 years ago, Dors678
Crypto mining made easy
The app requires a referral before you can start mining. You can use (dors678) to activate your account and instantly start mining Pi Coins. The more referrals a user has the faster download speeds are unlocked. The concept is simple keep your app running in the background and collect tokens. You have to click once every 24 hours to pass the bot-test to keep mining. Collect the coins and hold until they go public and boom, you have a side hustle. Happy mining!
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6 months ago, ♪♫♪♫♪♫♪
Total Scam
I am an early Pi user. They spam you to invite people to your security circle. They require you to send them an official government id for you to claim your Pi. They will not let you claim all of your Pi until everyone that you invited also sends their official government id. I got muted in the chat for questioning the lack of transparency. Worse, they won’t let me delete my account because I have “migrated Pi.” They gave me a link to contact support, which was an automated message redirecting me to delete my account from the app, which I am unable to do so. I replied back, and they never responded. This is clearly some sort of data mining botnet. Report to Apple and the FTC!
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2 years ago, WL Costa
Crypto_ Kanaka
Of all the cryptocurrency mining apps on the market, Pi Network hosts the most inclusive community I’ve seen. Miners from around the world have joined together for the betterment and one common goal, decentralization. My recommendation is, mine Pi and support the pi network utilities. Utility give value to cryptocurrency, whether it’s Ethereum, BTC or Pi without utility the coin is worthless. Pi Network has the largest number of utilities. Mining Pi and supporting PiTaxi is a very smart idea. PiTaxi the strongest utility a crypto could ask for!
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1 year ago, anxious yogi
can’t complete the Mainnet process
You’re supposed to be able to transfer of your Pi Mobile Balance to the Mainnet, but I got stuck in the process where it asks you to do the KYC confirmation. There’s a checklist that allows you to take care of all the actions required, but once I got to the step that says KYC Application, I stopped being able to take actions. If I can’t transfer my mobile balance to the Mainnet, I think it’s all basically useless. Also, someone told me that the app developers are making money off of the ads for the app and it’s all a trick just so they can make money, and that pi will never really become a form of crypto.
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3 years ago, King Gianni
Pi network is the future Cryptocurrency
The smart minds behind Pi have a long-term plan. Eventually they intend to allow you to directly purchase goods and services using Pi, by creating a peer-to-peer market place for goods and services. You’ll also be offered the chance to exchange Pi for fiat currency (like £, € or $) too. This is all supposed to be possible in ‘phase 3’ of the project. Understandably, you’ll be wondering what exactly ‘phase 3’ is. Phase 1 – which involved getting enough users on board – was launched in March 2019 and was completed one year later. So we’re now in Phase 2, which is largely a testing phase and users may volunteer to test ‘node’ software on their computer to decentralise the network (though you can just stick with your phone). You need a referral to join if this review helped you please use mine. “Grosbasch”
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3 years ago, elipulles
Great app!!
At first I wasn’t too interested in crypto currency and what it brings, but this app gave me a better outlook. All though you can’t turn the currency into real money yet, the makers of the app have many great ideas on how this app can turn profitable. All you have to do is log into the app once a day and your automatically earning pi!!!! All you need to start is your phone number and a login. If you don’t have one already, you can use mine.. Ebert222
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3 years ago, workdh
Problem opening my app
The pi app is very good…been mining couple of days now…but recently for the past 3-4days I haven’t been able to access my account…when I try opening the app…it just loads then displays a blank plain white background with nothing showing on my phone screen…this has been on for the past 4days now and I haven’t been able to mine my pi…I was advice to go update the app from my App Store…but the app has no updates yet on here…please do something about this…because I haven’t been mining
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3 years ago, kodiraescoffee
Did you miss out on BITCOIN
Become a Pioneer with PI! This app is such a interesting concept, which it should being created by three Stanford University PHD’s. Dr Nicolas Kokkalls (Head of technology), Dr Chengdiao Fan (Head of Product) and Vincent McPhillip (Head of community). Mining cryptocurrency on your phone has always been battery depleting and non-cost-effective, however that has now changed with the launch of pi network, a free mining software for your mobile phone! With a goal in mind ( Be the future of Digital Cryptocurrency). The next mile stone is a 10 million members and it is not clear yet if the mining process will be discontinued at that stage or if it will continue to reduce in speed. It is a free app to download. members can join only on invitation by other members. To claim your PI use my referral code-kodirae & get started right away!
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3 years ago, Dvark105
Excellent passive crypto
This is an awesome idea of mining on a smartphone which allows more accessibility to new comers to crypto. It’s free to use just takes a click a day and it starts mining for 24 hours just keep it refreshed and you’re in your way since it’s referral only aka invite only atm here’s is my referral to get you in. (Dvark501) come mine this early it doesn’t take any time out of your day at all I highly recommend it.
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