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5 months ago
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User Reviews for PinaLove Filipina Dating

4.46 out of 5
3.1K Ratings
3 years ago, Kwinseeeee
Please secure your app!
Trust me when I say I love your app, but to be honest, I’ve run into so many fake profiles. Numerous girls would give me a sob story then ask for money within the first day of meeting…or I’d meet girls who build a great relationship, only to send me a fake picture. It’s hurtful and dishonest and it happens way more than you realize on your app. My suggestion? Make profile verification mandatory. It’ll save a lot of people from heartache.
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1 year ago, HistoSeek
If you want to find a Filipina girlfriend or just a Filipina to chat with, PinaLove is the ideal place to do it. There are hundreds of Filipinas looking for men to be in relationships and friendships with. However, some of the Filipinas have informed me that many of the men on PinaLove are perverts and creeps; men who ask for and send nudes along with sexually graphic messages. These women turn to foreign men for help and companionship and in return they get disrespected. I encountered cam girls and a women asking for money. If you don’t have WhatsApp, you should probably download it. A lot of Filipinas will give you their numbers and specifically tell you text them on WhatsApp. If you want to verify someone’s existence, ask to do a video chat. PinaLove offers a one week free trial to access all the features. I highly recommend that you do it. It’s been nearly a week and I’ve chatted with several naturally beautiful Filipinas. Word of Advice to Men: DON’T TREAT THESE WOMEN LIKE SEX OBJECTS. NOT ALL OF THEM ARE HYPERSEXUALIZED LIKE POPULAR CULTURE PORTRAYS. NOT ALL OF THEM ARE INTERESTED IN DICKPICS. REAL MEN DON’T BEHAVE LIKE THAT. 🚫
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3 weeks ago, Lolplay55
What to expect
First off I want to say, there aren’t that many trying to scam you, but there are a lot of solicitors who desire money for nude photos and sometimes more. I’m not interested in that aspect, but I did find it refreshing that they were not rude. The women on PinaLove are very forward about their intentions never leaving room for mystery and wonder. Careful who you send money to if you do. Other than that, you can find a wonderful Filipina woman who is engaging in conversation and willing to cooperate with your goals whether they have goals of their own or not. This is of course my personal experience, but the women there are not always interested in appearance nor age. Worth a try and worth a premium after trying.
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5 years ago, Son Solomon
Buggy, but worth it
I’ve used Pinalove at various times, over two years now. The app itself has always been a little bit buggy, but overall its a good product, and actually stands out from many of the dating apps. The best part is...NO SWIPING! Hahaha. With Pina you can actually send direct messages to individual users, without being “matched” first. I believe this opens up many more possibilities. Also, from a guys point of view, and personally; I find the responsiveness of the females to much higher on Pinalove, then any other dating app Ive ever tried. Let me repeat that, so there’s no uncertainty as to what I’m saying: The responsiveness of the women on Pina is much higher for me, than any other dating site Ive ever tried.
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1 year ago, SnowconePb
1 vs another
After spending 3 years on christian philipina I stumbled onto Pina love. First I will say this website is 100x better that cf website. What a disappointment and frustrating that site is. Glitchy jumping , it seems very windows 101. I love this website works well no issues whatsoever. Girls on here soo much easy too chatt with. And much better looking if that’s what you want. I’m very excited being here and feel confident I will find what I’m looking for.
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5 months ago, Spades321
You’ll find someone.. eventually….
I am very disappointed with this app. It forces you to wait 10 minutes before you can reply to your matches, unless you pay for their premium service. I tried the 7 day free trial and talked to a few people. I noticed that many profiles had fake pictures with “Photo verified” labels. (by fake, I mean their impersonating someone) I don’t know how they got past the verification process, but as soon as I started chatting with them, they gave me their WhatsApp or Telegram contacts. On those platforms, they told me sad stories and asked me for money in exchange for explicit videos and pictures. You can imagine what kind of scam this is. There are some genuine people on this app who want to chat with you, but it’s hard to trust anyone when the “photo verification” feature is useless. You never know who you’re really talking to
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1 year ago, waytooctazy
Great app
This is a great app to say to use for guys looking for Filipina or can also try the Thai version Thai love. The majority of the women are real although there a few scammers nothing like Tinder or other popular dating sites! The women are also very open minded to dating on the spot if you’re in their home town! Developers when are are making the Chinese version of this app! Overall great app!
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1 year ago, DZadro
Meet real sweet beautiful Pinay women
I have looked on dating apps for years but PinaLove is the best place I found to meet real women! They are willing to video chat right away because they don’t want to play games and they want to verify that they’re real and so are you! Of course there’s scammers but nothing like other social media accounts! I think that you should connect with WhatsApp to become even better!
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5 months ago, Barabossz
Looks nice decent app, but, once you pay for it thats it all they there for, cant download any photo, it says banned photo, every photo i post on my account they ban and i follow guidance not violating them. Female accounts are scam, majority asking for money, accounts that are verified when lady sends you photo not even look the same. I am a rich guy, because of some luck, and probably my photos are to fancy for low life site administrators. I do not recommend this app. Plus the support never replies, some Singapore company owns this site, typical money grab attitude. Girls are from villages, no fancy ladies here, adios.
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2 months ago, ravage2536
Good app but tons of fake profiles
A fair assessment of this app: -75% transgender -15% fake(unverified or scammer)profiles -10% real women who are truly seeking a relationship With the exception of weaving through countless fake profiles, ignoring scammers, blocking transgender men who refuse respect your preference of having no interest in trans people, and the fact of male profiles that aren’t premium being restricted to messaging in ten minute intervals while women are able to send an infinite number of messages at will, the app works very well.
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5 years ago, Timespiral2743
Notifications are bugged
Overall good app but it tells me I have notifications when I don’t and I’ve checked everything.
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1 year ago, Justaguy1987235
You will get plenty of likes joining this site . But 95% of the women will be asking for money or offering sexual services for money . Even after reporting them to the site . Nothing happens to their accounts . So you have to end up blocking them . You will end up paying for a subscription because they limit who you can message and how often you can . They typically make you wait 10 min between messages. Definitely not worth it . Most girl”s is trying to hustle You for money . Very few good ones on there so beware
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6 months ago, Sad-app
Tinder along with other apps it owns, like Bumble, have become worst as you become a prior member. It was easy and good app to meet people now they want to change you lots of money to see you your matches when it was free to see who likes you. Unless you match with them you can only see them an if they like you you can’t see them. Also you where allow every 24 five free Superlikes and know you have to purchase all Superlikes. Its all money now and its no longer an app to meet people without milking your wallet.
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2 years ago, 383838380002
Be careful
This app is infested with a whole call center crew dedicated to scamming you into purchasing cancun vacation packages. They’ll introduce themselves as a filipina working in cancun and invest at least a week talking to you on the phone avoiding any form of video call. Then they will start luring you into buying these packages saying they have discounted it for you with the hope that you will meet him/her. Once the credit card transaction is done, you wont be able to cancel or refund it. I called my bank and told me that there is nothing they can do. Beware.
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4 years ago, DaKingIsHere777
I found my Filipina Goddess
I was very skeptical at first, when I got this dating app. There were many scammers and too many Tran people ( which I respect). I was about to give up, when I met the most beautiful girl from the Philipines—she’s a true Filipina Goddess. I’m very happy that I got this app. PinaLove help me found love. But now, since I’ve found her, I’ll delete this app, since I no longer needed.
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5 years ago, qsrose
Voice over user
I love the app, How ever I’m a blind I phone user. I wish the developers of the app can make it easier to use The app with Voice over. So other blind and visual impaired people can also enjoy this app. I want to bye a subscription but Voice over needs to be A little bit more accessible with this app. Other then that, app. very good
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3 months ago, Chef Flay
Banned for no reason and locked out of my account
I was using my account this afternoon and logged out. Before I said hi and nice to meet you to other people on the app. That’s all I did. I wrote a lengthy profile about not wanting anything weird because I had people send me inappropriate pictures without my consent and to try scam me offline. I had emails with likes from other people early evening. So it’s ok for people on the app to send in appropriate pictures and scam others for actual illegal activity.
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7 months ago, Marr_85
Met the most wonderful person here
Look for honesty and authenticity, be healthy, if the profile is generic or shady, the person probably is too. Share stories with each other.
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2 months ago, Ycmouefhurdghj
Horrible like Tantan
Nothing but fake profiles or trashy girls trying to sell you pictures and video. I didn’t know the Philippines had so many valueless women. Anybody that says these are good apps is getting paid by them. Different account names. There is on it probably just like the people at Tantan. Seems to be a low value of people coming from over there. I would laugh but it’s not appropriate to laugh at trash
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4 months ago, HungrySkelly
Lack of features
1) I answered one question wrong and I am not able to correct it. Nor do I see the answer to that question anywhere. 2) could use some question answer for each person to show more personality or about themselves. Most description are blank 3) more highlights would help. Smoked, drinker, etc.
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3 years ago, cap9117
I love this site.
I love this site because this site helps to meet a good people in here. And new experience to know about people who desire to meet only one for their life partner or friends. Thanks all .
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6 months ago, capedape
Scam app that pads numbers
Easy to tell by all the likes a person gets when nearly at the very same moment clicking on who liked you the app then shows that person as “having blocked you or deleted their profile.” “Over 750,000 members,” how many hundreds of thousands are bots made by them?
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6 months ago, Kyleishere
Stay far away
The other reviews are correct. There are many scammers on this app. The app’s voice a video features do not work. Often many times scammers will create an accounts match with you, then they will reactivate the account with another woman’s picture saying you have already matched with one even though they just joined five hours ago
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2 years ago, AOF World Traveler
Lots of options but beware
At first I was overwhelmed with the responses on this app then realized that it’s not much different than other apps. The Filipina use the same or similar tactics, too many fake profiles offering porn. Then there are the flakes. The ones who give their number only to move on to the next guy in a heartbeat
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3 years ago, Russian1981
Don't waste your money or time
This site is filled with scammers, underage girls along with other wicked crap! A lot of them would lead you off-site to WhatsApp to gain your information based on your telephone number to do illegal credit checks of some side company to gain into your life. You've been warned. Don't believe all the hype of this app because the ones writing good things about the app are the ones scamming!
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8 months ago, CJLightning
You can’t upload more photos
Cannot upload photos — says max limit reached and I have only a couple photos uploaded. Updated app and logged out and in again. Same issue. I will not pay until this is fixed.
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1 year ago, DarkerThanBlack090
At first okay 5months later
So many scammers it’s sad also I can’t edit or upload any pictures now every time I try now it gives me an error message. But after 4 months of trying to meet someone no true connections most end up just asking for money or trying to sell nudity or cam shows
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4 years ago, Randyrusty
Don’t get it.
Well as a paid member I’d had my fill. And when I attempted to delete my account that is where the fun begins. You can not. When attempting do anything other than logout you are simply logged back in. There are no customer service personal. You will be locked into an endless loop of being an account holder forever. Don’t make my mistake please!
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2 years ago, Gods Chilean Soldier
Reflecting on filters improvements
A man who’s looking for a Baptist or bible believing Pinay. Would love it if they added religious filter but it lacks. Some of the most conservative Christian woman I’ve know. are from the Philippines and this would benefit that conservative category very well.
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2 weeks ago, again313
So far I get a lot of those who want money or other talk for money. The App is ok. I give it 1 star for now. Some algorithms would be better to suit my basic needs or filters to be able to skip past the ones that I am not interested in only the ones that I'm interested.
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9 months ago, Tudor Tirziu
The dating site wich got me a wife
Pinalove is a fast way to meet someone I met my wife here and i get here sometime to check why Im so lucky .
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2 years ago, johnnny335
These girls are paid just to be there, I tested it...
This is fake as every dating app in world, bunch of woman who are only paid to use the app so they get paid an scam never contact. your getting paid to talk to them only, never use dating websites again they are very flooded with scams, an asking for anything they can. Goldiggers app.
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5 years ago, Cuagai
Bad apps, it not a free apps.
I’m unable to log onto my account after an hour after it created. Create a second account the same thing happen. Did a quick search and apparently this apps required the user to signup for their premium service to “prove” that you are real. So it not free, well the first hour then that it.
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1 year ago, Gary San Francisco
I like the site so far but i really want to find Japanese speakers …. So more language choices would be good !
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1 month ago, Blackbery-12
Lots of scammers
It’s 60% scammers, 30% women that don’t know why they use the app, 5% marry me now obsessed, 5% women you might want to meet. 90% will ask for money for 100% of the time. Seriously, save your time, there is a great divide between the expectations of what a relationship are and what people do in relationships.
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5 years ago, Unbeaten1 AK
Freezes on my phone
Would like this more but it freezes on my iPhone after reading a message or two, please fix this issue. Thanks
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1 year ago, feee us red
Issue with uploading photos
I’ve been trying to upload pictures but I’m getting this notification stating that I can not upload any photos
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2 years ago, Anewtvshow
Lots of scammers
They said that the photographs are verified, but I don’t believe it. Nobody wants to take a video to prove that they are real. I think they are Nigerian scammers trying to sell cryptocurrency. They always ask what you do for work and then ask if you like investments once you get to WhatsApp.
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4 years ago, User2158
Terrible if you have OCD
The app itself ok but the glitch is in the messages. Even if you read and clear all messages, it will always show new messages or unread messages. And if you have OCD like me, the open message indicator screws with you because you know nothing is there but you it says it is.
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4 years ago, HunaGuy67
Can’t use my password or forgot it
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3 years ago, tonydatw
Fix bugs
I love the app but I’m mad at pinalove because my perfectly legal picture has been banned, plus it won’t make me verify my account (bug) and if I try to upload m 5th picture it says Maximum number of photo reached. Fix this asap!
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1 year ago, demonclaw510
Admin keeps taking down my review
It’s mostly scammers and they don’t care that many Filipinos are selling themselves and trying to scam people, they ignore emails if you try talking to them about it, they just want their money don’t waste your time
Show more
1 year ago, jd pratt
The ladies
So far, I have only talked with women that want me to send the money immediately even though we have not met and gotten to know each other, or I have met people that are trans
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2 years ago, Mackoftheyear
Don’t waste your time or money.
You can’t message anyone app considers popular which conveniently is all of your likes or matches. It’s a joke must upgrade and pay for membership to actually use and this app is mediocre at best.
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10 months ago, CBlical
Was a great app.
I’ve been a premium member and have had success with th the app. The new platform is constantly trying to get you to upgrade regardless of how often you log in. I will cancel here and go to Filipino Cupid. So frustrating.
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2 years ago, noahot4me
What good is premium membership if your features do not work
Try searching a city and it will show that there are no matches . I know first hand that’s not the case . Fix your junk please. I’ll cancel soon
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1 month ago, Xev2
What’s going on????
I love my results but the app is shutdown, they are at too many women asking for help and money, for exchange for many things, I want to find love not support some pathetic woman who is crying about money. It’s easy NO! And replace just as easy.
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2 years ago, unknownn55345
I tried to log in just now and it says my account was blocked. This is a new account !! Wouldn’t recommend it will log you out the app and block your account for no reason . Even my account was verified
Show more
5 years ago, Chris10XR1
I’m brand new to the site. Didn’t upload any bad content or pictures that would violate site policy. I was browsing and then I was just immediately logged off and I got a suspended notice. Not sure why but for that reason I give the app 1 star.
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1 year ago, Blackb0lt
Pay to chat
Its one of those chat apps that will ask for a payment first without trials. Everything is limited to do here. From chatting and sending a like. Not worth it.
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