Plato: Games To Play Together

Social Networking
4.7 (240.9K)
164.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Plato Team Inc
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Plato: Games To Play Together

4.75 out of 5
240.9K Ratings
4 years ago, BagelzN'Space
I love this app but it think something happenend. 5/5 DOWNLOAD NOW. MUCH FUN
I used to play the app every day two years ago, and would always match up with people who speak the same language as me (English obviously). But now I’m always matching up with people from other countries. While I love trying to talk to them and sometimes I have good conversations, I used to only match up with people of the same country. I was going to rare this 4/5 stars because of that but I came to the realization that it’s because of fewer people using the app. So I understand, other than that 5/5 best board game app out there if you have internet access most of the time at least. Easy to under stand games, easy to understand rules, sleek interface, friend system, few ads and no pop up ads. Probably the best app out there and I’m going to pay to remove ads because they deserve the money for creating this masterpiece 👌
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6 years ago, latteboy50
I love this app!!
This app is almost perfect. The game interface is great and the app supports a pretty large amount of games. My favorites are Four-in-a-Row (I have almost 1,000 wins), Backgammon, and recently I’ve started playing Werewolf as well. It’s easy to use and navigate, family-friendly (sometimes TOO family-friendly (I’ll get to that in a moment). However, I have two problems with it. Not major ones but some things that I’d suggest looking into. 1) Only 3 games are allowed in the rooms (and yes I updated. It only lets me have 2 open now...). I accidentally clicked on a game of Euchre a few weeks ago and never actually played it. I assumed that I’d lose and the game would end. Unfortunately for me, that didn’t happen. The game still shows up there and reduces the amount of games I can play at once. There is no way to get rid of inactive games, either (unless it’s a 2-player game. I’m pretty sure the people who I started the Euchre with have uninstalled the app since they won’t respond to my pleads to finish the game so it will disappear. Please remove the game restriction for the social lounge and other lounges. 2) TOO censored. The censoring tool is pretty bad. It gets rid of all swear words but sometimes it censored words that aren’t bad - like Japan for example. It literally replaces “Japan” with “***.” I’d suggest trying to fix the censor system. It censors out way too many things that are not bad.
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4 years ago, Psych0 Kittie
I love how, at first, the “censor words” option is on and you can turn it off, you’re not forced to be kid friendly but the kids or people who don’t like curse words keep it on. I prefer to turn it off bc I want to know what everyone is saying (I’m just weird like that). But when others have it on I notice they’re not even allowed to say “God” or “Japan” or something simple. One more issue is the profile picture censor thing. I love that it’s a thing now bc way too many guys had their gross ding dong hanging out and absolutely nobody wants to see an unwashed nasty penis right on their screen. So it’s fantastic that they started censoring that stuff but sometimes it’s ridiculous. It should be censored so that anything that’s gruesome or graphic that’s not a cartoon should be removed but the cartoons should be fine, because it’s not real so it doesn’t have the same effect on real gruesome pictures. I’m only talking about the blood and stuff, because anything that resembles a penis shouldn’t be on there (cartoon or not). So I’m only giving a two star review because I know this review system goes by a certain method and maybe you’ll listen to me if I offer to bring it up to a glowing 5 star review. If you fix the issues, I’ll change my stars to 5 bc other than the censoring issue, this app is fantastic and has changed for the better. I’ve been on here since 2018 maybe and they’ve definitely improved👍
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2 years ago, lil spongey
abuse of power
don’t get me wrong plato USED to be a good app, but everyone i know gets banned for no reason and. you don’t even get a personal reply to see if you have been appealed instead plato then sends you to a reddit that hasn’t been updated in a year in order to check the status. you’ll get muted and banned for no reason or warning even if it’s your first day or returning back. if you type too fast you get marked as spam. if the mods don’t like you for personal reasons they can mute you at any point which luckily hasn’t happened to me but i’ve witnessed it first hand. the more mutes the longer it takes for you to send messages and the more likely you are to be permanently banned on top of never knowing how many times you were muted or banned the only reason they will tell you is you “broke community guidelines” with no other explanation. it’s as if they don’t actually care about keeping the app fun and fair to all. i know so many people who have the same experience who are willing to leave plato because they’re user support and general order about things isn’t the way it should be. everyone is saying that plato isn’t as good as it used to be and that it’s dying and it’s very true and this is why. Go into any public chat and ask anyone and they will tell you the exact same issues. i used to say i would recommend plato to everyone but not anymore. not at all.
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6 years ago, Vent Rat
There NEEDS to be a better way to separate people who speak different languages. I have not played ONE game of Werewolf where everyone spoke English. When I point it out and ask them to please speak English or play in servers for other languages, I get: A) Insulted and told to stop being a baby, B) Ignored, C) Denial, D) Excuses, i.e, "I'm too lazy to update," "I don't care,", or the worst. E) "Figure out how to speak Arabic, then, dumb***." Every single one of these responses ALWAYS ruins my day. Then I go to play Pool, where, inevitably, I walk into a game where the other person has left, and I am currently stuck with 10 different inactive games clogging my queue. Also, about the new game, Bankroll. Awesome idea, I love having Monopoly on this app. However, some people refuse to trade, and my game is doomed because I need said properties. There needs to be a function where you are forced to put up a property if the person who landed on auction does. One more thing: For all the games, my phone will suddenly lag and say "Connecting to server", and when it gets back, my turn is over and my game is doomed. Thank you for reading this, if you're still here, and if you work for Plato, please fix these things! Especially the first one, it's driving me insane!
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1 year ago, LuisRConrique
Needs to update punishment for some unfair players
I used to love this app. I used to play it with friends and once they quit playing it, I kept on using it to play with others online. It was all great until just recently I’ve experience something that needs to be fixed. Almost every time that I play a game, there’s always someone that just quits the game without resigning it. I get that they change their mind and don’t want to play anymore but we all have to keep waiting until that player is kicked out automatically. In that time of waiting, other players decide to quit too because they don’t want to wait so I end up playing all alone. I try to report those players but once I finish the game and start a new one, there they are again and again they quit the game without resigning. It’s like that’s all they want to do. Start and quit a game without resigning. I think there should be some kind of punishment so they can do that less and not ruin the games for us. Other than that, it’s a great app. Thanks!
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5 years ago, wnsjdhwkdnd
Very fun and exciting!
To start off, this app is very different from other gaming apps that allow people to play online and have a blast. It’s different in good ways: 1) A WIDE variety of games 2) It’s easy to match make and spend good time with others. I have NOTHING bad to say about this app, but I have one suggestion that you (Plato team) can take into consideration. In table soccer, which is GREAT by the way, I was thinking if it was possible for there to be curve on the ball when you hit it with your team piece. Perhaps you could have a dial or something like that to where you can set the direction of the curve. This way you can sometimes have more control when you hit the ball with your piece. If you like this idea, I’ll be glad it’s been put in to use. All in all, this game is a solid five stars!!!
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6 years ago, CryBabyKFever
it’s great but...
I originally downloaded this to just earn virtual money from another game, but I enjoyed it so much that I kept it! This app is really fun and has lots of cool games! What’s even better? NO ADS! I hope it stays that way. But here’s the reason why it’s 2 stars instead of 5. I would definitely rate it 5 stars BUT there’s too many pervs on here for no reason. A harmless friend request that you accept turns into “mm baby” or “how old are you?” “where are you from?” etc etc. Last time I checked, this isn’t a dating app 🙄 it’s mostly people from different countries who ask these things on here. Another issue is we can’t cuss? Aren’t we adults here? One more problem that’s minor over major. I tested out using the avatars as my profile picture then switch to my actual photo or change it, ya know like normal people do to try it out, and it says I’ve tried changing it too many times please wait until later. That’s kinda ridiculous in my opinion. But other than the creeps, cussing, and profile picture, it’s semi great.
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6 years ago, Darth Mulligein
Long Waits for loading, TRANSLATORS, and game loop holes
Overall the app is good for the most part. The game is fun. There is 3 big things that bother me though. One) Even on WiFi, the games take forever to load, for example in backgammon I pretty much always have to wait forever for my dice to load and in gin rummy, half the time the card I draw takes for to load. I’ve lost live games due to the glitch and have had people complaining about me not completing my move fast enough seventy five percent of the time. Two) there needs to be a translator or something people I am competing with try to talk to me but sometimes they are in other languages. I shouldn’t have to learn a new language to play the games. On the same note, this would be especially helpful as even though I click the English werewolf game ninety five percent of the time I get paired with people who don’t speak English. It is especially frustrating with this game as communication is so important in werewolf. Three) there are loop wholes for winning that people keep taking advantage of. For example, in sea battle, people will just let the computer do their moves until all the ships are found and then win, and in the drawing game, people will draw a good drawing, I’ll guess, and then they’ll leave and win because if there not there I can’t get points to beat them. Thanks for listening and hopefully you get to read this.
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6 years ago, Chinesepurson
Lots of fun games
I love this app! I love the games and I love that there are rooms to play with other people. One issue is people leaving live games (in rooms). I’m not exactly sure how that problem can be fixed, but many times a player will just leave a live game and that’s not fair to other players that may have wanted to join the live game or to the players in the live game. The players in the live game then have to wait for an auto play and that really dulls the game. Maybe if a player is absent for two full turns, then the game should end automatically so that everyone else can just start or join a different game. I’m not sure if anyone else is having this little issue, but there is a notification badge on my icon. But when I click the app, I don’t have any new messages, friend requests, or games. I’m not sure how to get rid of it, but I thought it’d be worth mentioning. But aside from those two points, I enjoy this app a lot!
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1 year ago, ph03n1x2007!
So lets go over 2 things
1: these mini games are so much fun and i loved them and are fun to play with family, friends, and or strangers! but heres the problem. 2: i wanted to get on the app after being on it for a while i went on it after it updated and it says connecting over and over. it wont connect to the sever anymore and i have 5G and its fast so something is wrong. And it doesn’t even work when i have my phone connected to the wifi. Ive uninstalled it and reinstalled it but nothings helping. But as of right now its 2 stars because its not connecting to the server. Edit!: So i uninstalled the game again and it worked but when i login with my old account it wont connect to there servers so im uninstalling it again and make a new account sadly ill be losing all mh friends on there and all that but its okay
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5 years ago, dtxkay
Plato review
Plato is a super fun way to connect with individuals to play games and meet new people however I feel Plato could be much better. There’s many bots in the chat rooms asking ppl inappropriate questions so I feel there should be a security check in order to prevent bots from joining Plato and ruining the experience. I also don’t like the fact that you can only update your picture three times before it restricts you for the next 24 hours from changing it again. Your picture has nothing to do with anything so why are we restricted from changing it???? Last but not least I think there should be an added feature where we can send live pictures and Pictures in general. I’ve met many people on Plato and I’d like to show them how I look however I can’t through Plato, and I don’t like adding people on social media because I don’t truly know them nor their intentions. Other than that Plato is a great app.
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6 years ago, Daisyinthesun
I love this app😫SO MUCH 🤷🏼‍♀️but.....
I’m giving it 4 stars because too many people are joining group games that are live and going offline causing all others to be trapped at the table and can’t leave and unable to start or play a new game because of the 3game/room limit. If I’m trapped in 2 and have another game that is active I can’t play another. We should have a report option to use during group live games to report inactive players. I’m reporting them as playing unfair due to major inconvenience. Still stuck though 🙄 Also an algorithm to separate preteens, teenagers, and adults into three categories would help wonders. Most adult men and teens talk xrated across chats and influence bad explicit behavior with each other. Again best gaming app I’ve ever played. These fixes would make it even safer and more fun. 🙋🏼‍♀️Thanks😃
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6 years ago, RennaBenna
Love this app!!
Okok I love this app so much! I saw an add for it on Snapchat, then came here to download. I downloaded over winter break, and have been playing since then. I now have 400+ wins on werewolf from playing with my bud LW that I met online. It’s a great app to meet online friends and personalities, and to just destress with some of everyone’s favorite games! If I had to add something, could you add a witch to ww? As one of the characters to maybe show up. It’s basically given two potions. One to kill, and one to save. However they only get to use each one once. Bc of it they show up as either good or evil 50/50 chance. Also maybe a prince or a dragon? Idk what they’d do tho lol. Anyway love the app! Look for KnockOnWood players!
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4 years ago, Frustrated Nathan
Ludo potentially is rigged
original review — always seem to lose with each opponent needing one spot to win, I’m kind of convinced after losing five straight times with it coming down to the final roll for one spot win. I likely will not continue using this app, because I am convinced the games are rigged and the players may not even be real humans you’re playing against. What are the odds that you lose the same exact way every time you play? Both needing one spot to win and the opponent always gets it? Never fails. One star for this app. Deleting it soon. Not worth playing and getting upset over. UPDATE on 6/10 - THIS APP is without question rigged. I was playing Ludo this afternoon and it is game like parcheesi. I know it is without question rigged now. I had three pieces in my bank and my opponent had zero when all of a sudden, the opponent had rolls of 5 and 6 constantly which allowed him to make a massive comeback, causing me to lose. I could understand if this happened once, but this happens almost every time I play where I have a huge lead only to have the opponent make a large comeback at the very end against all odds to win. I have deleted the app, not likely to put it back on my phone. Unless you like having games rigged, which happens on virtually every game on this app, I wouldn’t suggest you download this app for your phone. Without question it is rigged or you’re playing against computers who know what they need every time to win.
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1 year ago, ueiidnrhickcnehej
Great app and tons of fun
I appreciate the ad free model, nice to see in a sea of ad ridden mobile games. I only have two minor issues with it 1) Notifications are hit and miss on iOS. Sometimes badges and notifications don’t appear at all or only the notification without the badge. This makes it hard to maintain a turn-based game with a friend. 2) More games could be turn based which are not. My partner and I almost exclusively play turn based games to keep in touch during the day, but some games which would be a slam dunk turn based can only be played live. In Plato’s defense here, there are maybe around 10 games or so which are turn based, so it’s not like there isn’t any variety Highly recommend picking it up! Turn based gaming is a bit of a back seat but still really worth it to replace a words with friends itch or something like that
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5 years ago, Tad boo Hunger Gamer
Almost Perfect
Overall I have enjoyed this app and only have a couple problems with the app itself. The first problem is the unnecessary censorship system that is in the chat. I understand starring out actual swears but, sometimes I am trying to say normal words or people’s usernames and it stars out anything I’m trying to say. This makes communicating in games and chats difficult as the unnecessary censorship makes what people are trying to say unclear. My second problem with this app is how you have to wait twenty four hours to change your profile picture at anytime. I understand usernames because people need to keep tack of who’s name is what but I don’t think adding a time limit on whether or not you can change your profile picture is necessary. If those two problems get fixed, I’d rate this app five stars.
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3 years ago, Elyax
Optimizations for older devices
It’s a very good app with a great Idea, but I’ve got some problems in using the app. Everytime I press join a game, nothing happens until I get the message the game is full. That’s because it is not optimized well enough with the older devices which take longer loading. Cuz It only happens when I try to join a game which has been created in a room including more than 50 people. The more crowded the room, the longer loading! So I have to fully forget about joining rooms including prople over 50! The other problem is with group members list that always get stuck after you roll in crowded rooms. The members order is always changing and you can’t tap on the member you want. So annoying. I know it may be because of my old device (iPhone 6), but still you can optimize it for older devices too. Definitely these problems could be solved if you add clear cache option, because all these lagings and glitchings happen after a few days of using the app. So to clear the cache in order to make the app run smoothly on my device, I’ve got to delete and reinstall the app everyday. Please also add account option to be able to have several accounts on a device. Adding “air hockey” would be good idea too. Thanks for your kind attention
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2 years ago, ebrad617
Tons of fun multiplayer games
The time should be shortened for players who are not actively on. A lot of time is wasted waiting until the player is kicked out automatically. Or the players have an option to snooze a player or kick them out after waiting 1 cycle. I also don’t understand why I can only change my avatar so many times before it won’t let me. Why is there a limit on that? The avatar is small and I want to see what it looks like once updated. Can you see facebook or instagram telling it’s users they’re changing their profile picture too much, try again later? Kind of dumb that exists in this app. And why is there a time limit to joining games? Wait a full minute before starting a new game? That is dumb. Get rid of that.
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4 years ago, Gv gaming
Was good now bad
Ok first of all I play this because I like the game werewolf but just recently I wasn’t able to search and this made me have to go into a room which made the whole game a lot worse in my opinion I would like to have searching back in this game or I will leave my bad review this game is fun for me and all my friends but now it just isn’t the same I would like to have the searching back cause I like the 9 players but I only have 1-3 friends playing with me and we search and always get in the same game and even make new friends but now we can’t even get into one game together which is very bad in my opinion so please add back the searching ability and ever since I haven’t been able to find the new friends I made when searching please add searching back. Another thing can you just take out groups in general it takes way to long to find games thanks. I wish I could make this a zero stars review but I can’t and sorry for my bad punctuation I'm just mad.
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5 years ago, Kkman$$$
Good app, but suggestions.
This app is good, I enjoy playing with old and new friends. A few suggestions though -Refine the games. (Like how Ludo was refined to run more smoothly and have it’s own music to fit with it) It would be nice if every game had the same level of polish and refinement, because some games will be slow, unresponsive, and glitchy at times. (like connect four and golf) -Make winning games reward coins to change chat bubbles. I don’t want coins to be a “pay to get” sort of deal, it would be better as just a fun method of spending in-game currency. -Cut back on the “no swearing or profanity rule.” It isn’t followed, and in a social gaming environment, no one really does care, or no one that’s of age will care. It makes it more free, which isn’t seen in many apps anymore (ex. GamePigeon removing poker to comply with rules)
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5 years ago, Prstssiou
Frustrated user
This app has so many bugs, especially dice party. It is suppose to be fun, but quickly becomes stressful and frustrating. The active turned based dice party games just disappear and then your ranking will go down because you have no idea you forfeited, because the game is gone. Also when other pamper are sending in game messages to you, you can’t play your turn. Players will just keep their hand on the send button to prevent you from playing a move so they can win. It’s childish and not very fun. There are just so many problems with both the turn based and the live games in dice party. I wish they would fix the name bugs in this app, and especially the multitude of bugs in the dice party game. I had no problem with the connection issues that it seems most people had. I will go back to connection issues all day long if it meant all of these other bugs could get fixed. I have noticed the most trouble right after the update that supposedly fixed the connection issues. Maybe they fixed the connection trouble, but made dice party significantly worse in every way. Also when I try to send an email to them for help with the issue, my email don’t go through. There seems to be a problem with contacting them as well. I resorted to writing a review. I ha fro give one star but I didn’t want to. This app is horrible at best.
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3 years ago, ixBlueWafflexi
Some suggestions, but other than that great app!
Hello! I came to know this app about three days ago because me and my boyfriend wanted an app that we could use to play phone games together despite our phones being from opposing companies; Apple and Samsung. The games are great, but the mechanics for some aren’t that great. I would suggest adding games such as Mancala and Table Hockey. I would love to see these games on this app and I would 100% play them. I would also suggest adding Japanese as a primary language. Additionally, I’d like to recommend more coin quests... The daily 100 just isn’t enough for me. The daily quests could reward you with as little as 10-25 coins. I won’t mind. The cup pong ball movements are a little wonky too. Other than my suggestions, it’s a great app and I love using it!
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3 years ago, Mileslong007
Laggy and rigged
The game lags out constantly. You can try to close the app and reopen, sometimes it works. You’ll lose the game due to their lag. Seems to be a common issue that isn’t being fixed. The games are definitely rigged. Whatever algorithm they use, it is not random. Once you realize there’s an algorithm, you’ll know pretty quickly whether or not you’re going to win that game. I can accurately determine based on the cards I get early on, if the game has decided I’ll win or the opponent. You’ll receive junk after junk while the opponent receives the cards they need and perfect counter cards. Another example, you’re down to 2 cards in a card shedding type game, you throw one off, opponent wins, reveals hand and, wouldn’t you know it.. it wouldn’t have mattered which card you threw because they would’ve won with either. Highly suspect gameplay and far too many coincidental scenarios. Find a different app.
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6 years ago, Catfisher.4
Very good app!
When I saw an ad for this app, I immediately thought of the iMessage games (like GamePigeon). So I got it and tried it out to see if it was good for my friends. I tried it and it was very, very fun! There were numerous of games and they were all classic fun games. So I spammed my friends with the download, and most of them got it. Now we have a group that we play games on. I also like how you can play against strangers, but that is also one of the downsides. There are some toxic people on there... and I don’t like how when you join a game, you cannot “leave” it. If you get in a game, and you need to leave, you cannot leave that game, so it keeps pinging you with messages. Otherwise, this is a good app.
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4 years ago, Jace O. Terence
5 Stars before updates
I’ve been using this app for almost a year now and I love it. Only recently have I grown a slight dislike to the app. We used to be able to see one’s wins or at least how much they’ve played a certain game on the app, we can’t even see our own anymore! Can we bring the wins back? That was my main concern but I have one other smaller one. Congratulations on more people joining the app! The only downfall with it is the fact that, more often then not, the majority of chat/gaming rooms that people actually use are almost always full. Maybe up the maximum? Or create more chat/gaming rooms that intrigue people to use them? Other than what’s been said above, this is definitely a five star app and I’ve recommended it to hundreds of friends in order for us to play together. Love it!
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6 years ago, Jovibaby
My new favorite place to be
I love this app. All the board games I played as as kid at my fingertip. Reversi Ludo Checkers Spades Hearts Scrabble Dominoes Dot and box And a few new ones I never learned how to play but know of them. I have already invited everyone I know to this app. It’s great we play over different platforms. Ad free. I would literally pay for this app if I had to. Their are a few down sides though. - the social lounge has a max of 50 people allowed in it at one time. I’m not on social media so the other groups don’t really pertain to me. Also there’s no monopoly that would be awesome. Lastly there’s a glitch I hope gets fixed. If someone request a game. If that person isn’t online at that moment but comes online later the notification that they are actually playing does not alert. Also if I join a game in the social lounge it usually says the board is full but when I go to my games, I’m actually in the game. It messes things up not knowing you are suppose to be playing. But otherwise I rate this app 5 stars. Thank you so much developers. Jojo
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6 years ago, Couldn't find nickname
So close
I have had to recover my account 8 times in the last hour since I would exit the app and to check something else kinda making me mad but I’m patient so it’s alright i hope to see that fixed if possible and maybe some new games to play would be super cool. Also I can’t seem to see chat or chat myself anymore and I don’t know how to fix it I know for a fact that mute chat isn’t on but nonetheless I’m having a blast with the app and my friends as well also I’m not sure if this is possible but other languages seem to be “aggressively” invading other language chat rooms which makes it hard for me to find people I’m actually possible to play some games with I’m not asking for a schism in the player base but it’s still kinda annoying especially when we try to reason that there are language specific chat rooms only to be told back in broken English “no fak yuo stupid Americans” :/
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2 years ago, Mahyar T.S.
Do something about the CHEATERS
Overall, the app is smooth and the games are fun. I really appreciate the fact that it’s one of the few games on the App Store that has not been intoxicated with annoying ads and pay-to-win approach. However, please do something about Iranian players for most of them are so offensive and they use cheating tools (specially in Darts) to make sure they win every time which really spoils the fun and kills the vibe around here and unfortunately there is no way to avoid them in ranked games and tournaments. I’ve tried reporting them using the in-app feature but nothing happens and I bump into them again and again which is so frustrating.
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5 years ago, OofPastelxX
Good but a few things I ask for
This is amazing! I love this app. But I feel like their should be an option to go into a game server with a pacific language. I’ve went into. Not one. Not two. But seven different servers! Just to realize there was no single person to speak English! Who was a suppose to help or team up with? I tried translating but since they couldn’t under stand me. They were talking with others of the same language. I tried speaking Spanish from copying and pasting the translator. But they weren’t answering. I just wish this could be put into the game. I also hate how you can’t sent pictures. I always have to set my profile picture as the pic I want my friends to see. I hope you can put this in! Thanks!!! <3
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1 year ago, BakiliQaqa
Brilliant Game App With Fixable Issues
I enjoy playing on Plato. It has a solid selection of games! There are some issues that the developer needs to address and the biggest one is: The users cannot change the email adress for registration. I no longer have access to the email address I used when I registered my account. I have plenty of friends who gave up on using the Plato App because they were not able to add a new email address to their account. Basically, if you replace your device and if you have lost access to the email you registered Plato account, then you are out of luck. I would like to see the developer address this issue.
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1 year ago, basedbasil69
absolutely incredible
i’ve had plato for a few years now and honestly i don’t have a single bad thing to say about it. playing classic games with people all over the world is such a cool way to connect people. you can play with friends, make group chats for bigger games, and so much more. something i don’t see talked about as much is the diversity of the users. i’ve played games with people from pakistan, france, spain, and india. and that’s just off the top of my head. plus you can select your preferred language so you can be matched with people who speak the same language as you, if that’s a concern. to top it all off the team working on plato is awesome. with countless holiday events and constant tournaments with prizes, there’s always something new to explore. and then there’s the mod team. i can’t speak for all of them, but i recently had my first encounter with one of the mods, and they were incredibly nice. got destroyed in rummy by a cat wearing a frog hat though. 10/10, would recommend
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5 years ago, Optimusskyler
Wonderful! Needs help though. But still wonderful!
An app that isn't ever really complete, and is constantly being updated! This thing therefore will never run out of potential! And the things it has already! Chat with friends or play a wide variety of games! That's what a social media app should be! Wonderful! Giving five stars, but I want some things to be fixed. 1: give reversi a live mode. People love to leave me out in the blue once I'm about to win, and I'm not able to create new games afterwards. Or, at least, not a lot more. It'll take a good 24 hours or so for the reversi to end to inactivity. It's annoying. 2: though I personally never played it, the removal of Hold 'em was scary. Because that meant it could happen to other games that people actually liked. Thankfully, Hold 'em is back, but don't remove games anymore. It's nothing but disappointing. 3: put filters in the chat or something to prevent people from harassing each other online. I see it happen all the time. It's never fun. Otherwise, thank goodness for this app!
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3 years ago, Megggalynnn
App will not let me get past the Let’s Plato! Button
I have downloaded deleted re-downloaded deleted and re-downloaded it again only for it to continue to do the same thing that it was doing all day hence me re-downloading deleting re-downloading and deleting. I don’t understand this app used to work perfectly fine and then all the sudden when I’m trying to play with my children it will not let me get past the screen that says let’s Plato! At the bottom like the very first screen that pops up when you open the app. Please if somebody could please please please help me figure out how to get this worked out for me I have done everything that I could possibly do on my end that I know of which is removing the app turn my phone completely off turning it back on downloading it again turning off Wi-Fi turning off Bluetooth turning off my personal hotspot allDifferent variations and trying to get past that with all these different combinations of things I don’t understand why it’s doing that please somebody help desperate mommy trying to have fun game time with my teenage daughters that are in quarantine & this being one of the only ways we can still play games together & get us through this quarantine. Thank you, Mommy needs your help. God Bless!
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3 years ago, Lea2913
Making Covid quarantine fun!
My two older kids and I are quarantined in our house. Sick ones in one room and healthy ones have the house. This app has made family game night reach new levels! So much fun and so much laughter in a really stressful time. Thank you for making these games easy to play and free! My only complaint is y’all’s version of ‘Cards Against Humanity’, I think y’all call it ‘Rock Cards.’ I wish you had a PG version. Don’t really want to explain Furry Sex, orgies, or other sexual words. But that’s me the mom coming out. Honestly, our whole family LOVES the games and still able to spend time together.
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6 years ago, Sanna_Tized
Fun app to play with friends!
This is great cuz it notifies you when it’s your turn, they add more games and so there’s a variety! I wish there was a way to see the rules or the how go’s of the game before you join and start one I also wish there was a better way to start a rematch game. Like if you are the looser you get first pick of starting a rematch or not. The winner could just see that they’re waiting for the opponent. If the looser says no to a rematch then the winner can be asked. If they both say no, sweet. If one wants to start a new game the other will be asked to accept or decline. I cannot even tell you how many started games I have because we both chose to rematch. But they don’t know so the game sits forever empty
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2 years ago, i hate it very bad the worst
The app itself is perfectly fine it’s just generally the people there I figure since it was 12 and up that there would would be a variety of ages there but the only ones I ran into were was 20 and up nothing wrong with that it’s just men or predators in general use it for their own advantage that’s the only fault about it I myself was attack by someone that ask me to do something inappropriate,and knew I was a minor and all that but I know there is nothing to do about it because there are pedos everywhere so if you’re reading this no matter what age you are just look out you probably already know that but just a heads up.
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5 years ago, Beating myself for U
Awesome app, Met soulmate here 💯
I was looking for an app to play ocho, I came upon this app. It was great at first! But after playing some other games on this app for the first few days, I got addicted to ww for weeks, then surprise! I discovered social lounge! It was very toxic full of people with malicious intentions 😕 Surely enough, social lounge was my next addiction! I met some great people here! Meet my first boyfriend through this app. We met up in real life and I end up getting pregnant! SHOCKER 😲 I was so young and decided I didn’t want a baby yet, we used a hanger. Sadly tho... we broke up. Awesome app overall! Please don’t ever delete this app, I’m dating my 9th boyfriend I met on plato and we are madly in love 😍
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5 years ago, Christopher980057122
Great, one thing though
Amazing, I don't have time to get in to how good it is, but it's real good. The only thing I'd add are parties, you can invite groups to them, the host can start games and everyone in the party joins, even if other spots need to be filled randomly (witch they will) Games can also be played within the party only. Other standard things, private & public parties, maybe voice chat, you can access game & party chat during a game (unless it's a party only game) and parties are kind of like temporary groups, with, members, adders (can add and kick people from the party) and the leader (who can end the party and start games) Hope you consider it! Christopher G
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1 year ago, møhåmád
Some reports from me
Hello, I am Iranian. This program or game is very good and entertaining. I have installed this game for more than a year and I really enjoy it. I just wanted to know what to do without becoming an admin because there are really a series of problems in the game. I want to help the good and dear Plato team to fix them, for example, people who use obscenities or spam in groups or chat rooms, many game admins are friends with them and they do nothing, and I saw with my own eyes a lot of people leaving the game for this reason, apart from these, the game is really great and I am grateful to the good production team❤️
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5 months ago, Jfdtyhhrf
Great App
It is a great app to kill some time and play some mini games with friends and family. However, when playing in ranked mode I am getting tired of the people playing unfairly and I feel it does no good reporting them. They are still on the game and I still end up playing them. I just want to play a nice friendly game and all some want to do is play dirty when they are losing. Kind of irritating and thinking about getting rid of app all together. I know it want make much difference to Plato and hurt them any but it’s for my own peace as I get angry when all people want to do is play dirty to win. I am not big in cheating and I feel that’s all it is.
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2 years ago, Kbozzum
Beta ( Random Matches )
I’m playing this Tank Game on Plato, a lot of people using Raptor, it’s too OP. If they get close they will use the special middle that does multiple missiles that attacks for 5, and that would basically kill you or put you in a super bad spot. Secondly they have bounce attack that does 20 damage each time they hit you. That is way too much for a simple bounce attack. Also When I went to do a single quick match, it ran a second match in the background without my knowledge, making me lose focus on the first one, and then lose both matches because I was inactive on the other one. It’s a great platform, but the strange toxicity and negative playstyle that is still on here, really ruins it for me.
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6 years ago, ACWX3
Best gaming App But..
I play Plato everyday with my real life friends and some we have met on Plato. The games are awesome but I wish they would add more games or switch it up every month or so. No one plays backgammon or reversi or go. Those should be banned and new ones should be added. But over all I still give it a 5 star! Because it’s entertaining. One more thing: there should be away to separate people and languages. It’s really annoying when you go to an English board and people are speaking another language. That needs to stop! It should be based on your language preference on what rooms you can be accepted into.
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6 years ago, heybnkw
Started off fine, almost unusable at this point
Plato was a great app. It seemed to be very polished. As the app began to catch fire, it appears the devs weren’t able to keep up. They expanded the rooms but there are major glitches. They did an update yesterday and the issues still persists; as if they don’t have people on their team actively in the app. The glitches are apparent. And now, certain games don’t load in rooms. It’ll say “cannot add game at this time” or something along those lines. But the game loads in the background not assigned to a room. The other player never appears to be online but you can chat with them. They say that I’m not online and they can’t make any moves. Neither can I. I’m probably just going to uninstall the app and find an alternative. Don’t want anyone to download the app and experience what I have thus far. You’ve been warned !
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4 years ago, Netty342
Great App with many flaws
This is a great fun app and has an awesome selection of games. And I love the fact that you can chat with your friends in each game as well! However, there are many many many bugs. Every time I open the app I get the same notifications over and over from chats that I had days ago. It would also be great if something can be done about players who are not online when it’s there turn to play. Example: the game Ludo, if they’re not online during their turn they should automatically be skipped instead of the computer rolling for them. It holds up the game especially if they keep rolling a six or capture another piece and their turn just continues. But overall, great fun gaming app! :)
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2 years ago, Jakepearl13
Really,REALLY good.
Plato is a one of a kind social network where you can play tabletop games (and games in general) against other people. It's the only app i know where you can not only play against others and socialize,but also where all of these games are compiled into one place. (i mean,where else are you gonna find casual poker without it being hyper-monetized to the sun and back?). The only complaint i have is the large size,but considering how much it offers,its understandable. (also there tends to be weirdos in the public chat,so maybe keep that in mind)
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5 years ago, heheido$cnfj
the chat rooms have disappeared
Hello, i’ve been using this app for a very long time now and i get on it daily, today the chat room was lagging and i couldnt get into any games so i deleted and reinstalled the app but then, all the chat rooms disappeared! completely blank white screen! this is terrible..please fix it soon, plus there have been lots of bugs that werent there, i assume the recent updates were too much, we appreciate the content you offer us and you dont need to update a lot, every now and then is enough, thanks. Edit: the problem is fixed, this app is the best! 🧡
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6 years ago, \|~<>%
Real fun and easy to use!
I play this app with a couple of friends and it’s great. The graphics, games, and messaging quality is top, but there are problems with certain features or games. First, the table soccer isn’t really fair. You can get into the opponents goal (which makes no sense in real soccer) and gives you a huge advantage. Though, it gives a very big disadvantage and a couple curse words sent. Second, what’s with the censoring thing? It censored out words that aren’t even bad. The setting ruins the text and sometimes you are barely able to read it. Although these things cause some trouble, overall it’s a very fun app and you should try it out.
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4 years ago, xxikdrgn
Add More General Chat Rooms
EDIT: Needs an IMMENSE amount of moderation. The block button doesn’t work, I still see users I block in my games and in general chats. Everyone on here is racist, and homophobic. This app is alright. It needs more moderation possibly, and maybe you need to advertise your app more to gain more active users. I never see more than 85 people active online at once. Also, there’s only like one main chat. I would add multiple chat rooms. Like the social lounge is fine, but maybe add an anime chat, or a region chat, or something of the sort. Maybe “games and friends” chat. Also I would consider adding a dark mode. Other than that I love this app. I also would consider maybe adding a bio option for users or an “about me” so people know who they’re adding or talking to.
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2 years ago, AbbyRizzzzzzzzzz
Prize disappointment
I’ve had ludo for a very long time and never had any problems. However it’s been super annoying when you complete the challenge (Creature Cove, at the moment) within the time period and the app still doesn’t give you the prize. I put “Autumn” into my bio like it said and didn’t receive the promised chat bubble. I have also completed the play a game with a friend challenge and didn’t revive the ocho card. This wouldn’t be a problem if it was one error but I had the same issue with the “Alice in plato land” challenge I didn’t get my prize for putting “choice A” into my bio. Please fix this bug. Other than that I’d give the app 5 stars.
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