PLINK – Team Up, Chat, Play

Social Networking
3.6 (50.9K)
247.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for PLINK – Team Up, Chat, Play

3.63 out of 5
50.9K Ratings
3 years ago, Jessica Kivumbie
Awesome app and great people!
Oh, guys, objectively, I'm a very scrupulous gamer, but plink surprisingly managed to amaze me🤩 I didn’t know what to expect when I got plink! I always strive for perfection and want to get more: more abilities, more entertaining content, more advanced teammates, more skills and more experience! So, thanks to plink I’ve got what I’ve been looking for such a long time, the perfect gaming app with phenomenal functionality. I think plink is a highly potential app and the developers surely will surprise us more than once! It’s a big pleasure for me to be a witness of plinks’ development. I remember when I first updated the app it was almost three years ago, omg, how quickly the time flies))) believe me, guys plink looked completely different. It's so highly addictive I can’t stop using plink, hours of scrolling the newsfeed and reading posts, watching streams and doing many other things, all these abilities make plink so special and unique. The app is highly demanded, almost all gamers who tried plink, keep using it! I didn’t find any drawbacks, everything works fine. And truly I didn’t see any reasonable argument against plink! I highly recommend you to try it!!!! Yes, I'm a demanding user but, regardless, I appreciate every aspect of plink! So, simply don’t lose awesome abilities, get the app and find your dream team and get  the greatest experience ever! Wish you the best teammates and I know that one day, we will meet each other in plink! 👍
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3 years ago, Makena Gill
Best gaming app
Good gaming application! I think plink shows a great example for other developers to follow! It set the bar too high and it’s visible, the developers continue to work on its improvement! The app is fantastic! It is awesome, and I find all the opportunities it suggests very enjoyable and useful! The gaming industry is constantly growing and developing on a crazy schedule as the needs of gamers, but I should admit that plink completely satisfies mine. The matchmaking works great, different filters give an opportunity to find the most appropriate teammate for everyone, you can choose the age, gender and many other points in order to find the best teammate for you! The matchmaking is my favorite tool provided by plink, by the way)) No need for wasting time, long searching and some extra effort! The app does everything instead of you in a few minutes and your perfect teammate is already found! I’m glad that I have an opportunity to use plink and to meet teammates all over the world! Finally, I’ve managed to build the greatest team I could only imagine, with the best teammates and the same perfection as the game should be! My gaming experience became as productive as possible! But we all together strive to improve our skills because as we know you can always do better! Thanks to plink for all you’ve done and every ability you’ve provided! To sum up, I can only recommend you to get the app ASAP and enjoy a truly unique experience!
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2 years ago, dieschwule
plink review
When I set up the app, I was given my account and synced my Nintendo account and I got my library populated - cool! But a bunch of the games I have never played. Not even like I tried a demo or my friends copy, but games that have literally never been on or in proximity to my switch. No big deal I’ll just remove them. So I went the process of hiding all my games but splatoon and… it’s so cumbersome. Why can’t I batch this? During me doing this the app crashed a few times which I get it, apps crash, but one thing that was pretty funny was that the app asked for stats for one of the games that I didn’t play with a little snack bar modal until I hide it. I would long press a game and the bottom modal to hide it appears too. The notification modal is visibly above the other one and it blocks the hide button, but the hide game modal I guess has it touch listener take priority to the snack bar. As a result I’d try to hide the modal, which was blocking another button, but I couldn’t hide the modal because the touch events were going to the button under the modal I thought the rest of the app was cool but everybody looks like they’d call me a slur so I deleted it
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4 years ago, just another user like you
Bad business
I saw an add on Snapchat, and oh boy was I intrigued. I thought “oh, I wonder about all the people I will be able to meet.” I opened the app, excited but nervous, entered made a account (kind of confused how it got all the data to my account) and pressed next. At that moment I was hit with a paywall. The first 2 minutes of the app. You can at least play wizard 101 for some hours before you reach the pay wall. I was furious, so I went to the reviews to learn that people were having the same problems as I did. The reviews went back all the way to November, and you want to know what the developers said to the bad reviews? “We will fix it in the near future”. The near future is long gone plink industries. It’s been about 8 months. I am flabbergasted on how this app has a review of around 4.3. Yeah sure, I can try the free trial and see if it is worth it, but I am to scared to because I don’t know where I would go to cancel my subscription so I choose not to. Developers if you are truly reading this, then say the word “polka dot” in ur response. I just don’t think I should need a trial to see if I want to spend 20$ to meet people every month. I swear you could make money other ways with adds. So many gaming companies would throw money at you for adds on your app. Also the company won’t change anything if some of the community is giving them 20$ each month. They won’t have a reason to change it. Just please plink industries, fix your app.
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12 months ago, Servio666
You take a look at the app and initially think it sounds really convenient and cool for any gamer to have to make friends and teammates online, until you sign in and the app blocks you from using it any further, locking all features behind an absolutely ludicrous ten dollar a month subscription paywall. This is NOT how you make a proper application that meets your customers expectations, the only people praising this are paypigs who have little respect of their own wallets. You can’t even use the app or any of its features until you pay the subscription or start the free trial, which as you’d assume will charge you as soon as it’s over regardless and lasts only a few days, making this app immediately rub off as predatory and exploitive, arguably not much better than the ludicrous microtransactions developers are putting in their games these days— if not worse to be frank. Until this changes— which assuming from reviews this is been an issue since the application’s release— do not even bother with this app unless you’re crazy enough or have the money to spend a total of 10 dollars per month— that’s 120 dollars a year, mind you— just to USE this app. Until this paywall is removed entirely and replaced with advertisements like any other normal app, and allows the subscription as a separate thing that doesn’t dictate whether you CAN OR CANNIT USE THE APP IN THE FIRST PLACE, Do NOT waste your time.
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2 years ago, mac.r.west
Incompetent App Developers
Saw an ad for this on tiktok, I’ve been looking for others to frequently play with since I’m improving more. Downloaded it to give it a try, and I’m forced to subscribe with the battle pass automatically if I even want to open it at all after signing my account to it. I still haven’t and will not subscribe even for the trial. After the 3 day trial it is $10 A WEEK!! Unable to see how the app works by itself without the extras being included up front. I come to the reviews to see that it has been occurring the ENTIRE time the app has been released for usage to the public. It wouldn’t surprise me if more business is being lost due to this complaint being so prominent. It isn’t hard to have an x for saving the trial whenever you want to try it out instead of making every person who joins have to accept the trial without hesitation just to see what the app really entails. The only response from the developers that I have seen for this consistent issue people have is that it shows you all the “cool features” you can do by paying them. I honestly don’t believe the developers even care, as they have deliberately shown for awhile now to the people using their product: they will not be catering to or fixing problems for the public that is paying them ridiculous amounts of money. Maybe this should actually be looked into for improvement.
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2 years ago, CensoredPhoenix
Its all about the money
I’m sure by now you read the other reviews and probably saw it for yourselves but after sign in you get hit in the face with a $10+pay wall subscription to use the app and yes I mean use. Sure they offer a trial that if you don’t cancel right away you will get charged the money and you have to cancel quick cause the trial is no longer than 3 days. I downloaded the app about a week ago looking for some valorant players but being the introvert I am I just let it sit, getting all the “somebody wants to play with you” notifications. Today I hop on to look through those who want to play just to swipe on 1 person only to find out you have a 12 hour timer before you can swipe right on another. I came to read reviews and noticed the overwhelming amount of 1 stars hidden behind the reviews that I can only assume Is a bot of some sort to keep their ratings high. The developers don’t care about anyone using the app which is clear to see in the reviews and since the paywall has been a thing since day one apparently. Chances are the devs are going to reply to this review saying something of email our support team for any issues you have. Or they will say something about how the subscription makes the app completely different. If I influence anyone reading this to do anything i hope it’s not to download this app.
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4 years ago, CheaterUltra_GUY
Greedy business
Let’s talk about this pathetic business, First off they lure you in and make you pay $20 for an app that you have NO experience in as if i’m about to give you $20 out of my pocket and i haven’t even got a small peak of what the app is like . And i’m going to tell you why i gave them one star rating . usually it is very hard to find friends to play apex legends with because most of my friends are fortnite fiends and in result i’m queuing up with randoms that has no mic and are not communicating with me and that’s frustrating. I was scrolling through tik tok and i seen an ad telling me about this app and forgetting to mention that it is free with IN APP PURCHASES ONLY , the comments were going off on this app and i had a bad gut feeling but i went and found it anyways . i open the app excited to meet new people all around the world and !BOOM i’m hit with a $20 SUBSCRIPTION, i was thinking in my head that “ i could skip this” and that’s were i was wrong because they don’t give you an option to even look at the basics of this app it’s just like pay me $20 so you could see if you like it or not , and that is VERY VERY greedy. it’s been 2 YEARS and i haven’t been able to find a long lasting teammate they is willing to play apex and i really thought this app was going to change that but like most businesses, THEY ARE GREEDY and don’t deserve to get a near “4.3” rating .
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3 years ago, 25fireballz
The Subscription stuff
So, The Subscription does requires us to accept, yet I wish there was an x button to avoid having to automatically having to accept this subscription fee and sorts, I mean yea im kinda being a cheapstake but I hope to hold onto that week free period for an event where I would introduce the app y’k or for say hold onto the subscription for a later date rather than having to be forced to accept it now, I don’t wanna dwell further than the automatic subscription because I haven’t even interacted with the app nor tried out it’s non subbed features. It matters if I’m paying and not even using the app because have other things to do y’k plus I mean yea from what I read in the comments you guys do have alot of work to do but you got this!!! Ill give it 1 star since I haven’t gone thru the app yet, and might change if I see development + this reminds me of omelet arcade for some random reason but yea if you guys do make an app that would sync everything and make it convenient for us, and not make it so sketchy and sus then yea plus be more open to urself, show the community what you got and have like a discord server or something like that attached to our profiles or whatever but I mean we are consumers with demands lol but yea also locations and stuff that’s very spoopy for people so try not to spook em lol
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4 years ago, Rick_James_13
Sketchy Business Model
The app lures you in with ads depicting almost a tinder-like matchmaking system where you get paired up with people that play similar games to you. Sounds great, right? Well once the veil is pulled away and you finish logging in to the app, you’re slapped with a forced subscription request of $17 a month! Now, the developer claims to offer a free version of the app that has the same features, but at a “limited frequency”. However, you have to begin the free trial and then cancel it to get to this. Why isn’t the free version offered up front and then have the subscription subtly pushed later? I then go to the app reviews and find that dozens of other people have the same complaint (polka dot). The more upsetting issue with the reviews, though, was the fact that the app was still rated 4.3 stars. So I thought “What could the people that rated it 5 stars have to say?”. Well 99% of the reviews didn’t say anything in particular about the app. Most of these reviews just say things like “My most favorite app!” or “Truly a life changing app! #1!”. You know, a very vague review that could be said about any kind of app. It’s likely they paid some business to inject thousands of 5 star reviews using bogus usernames and leaving vague reviews to seem more favored than they are by their own users. Truly a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
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3 years ago, Not Bori
It’s good and does what the app is intended for however…
So I’ve tried to app for awhile and I’ve gotten some good matches and actually played with a few peeps, however, it’s usually a one and done thing and they almost never want to play after that one time. I’m thinking that it works a bit too well where everyone is matching with other players so much that you never play with the same person twice. It’s kinda disheartening to even try. At the same time it seems most people on here try to use this app in terms of dating or wanting attention (looking at you people who spam selfies on the feed like it’s Instagram) most of them don’t even talk about games and brag/complain like it’s Facebook or Twitter. That’s solely my opinion on what I’ve experienced, other than that the matches work well with your stats of other players like intended. But don’t take my word on it, I encourage other peeps to do their own research and try it out. You guys might have a better experience and I hope you find good matches. Good luck and have fun!
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4 years ago, Iornman0204
So if you want to meet new people you have to pay. This is ridiculous. I wouldn’t mind getting slapped in the face with ads. But this. $20 to meet new people. Fix this. I don’t know how you got rated 4 stars. Maybe allow us to explore the app for a bit then say if you pay $20 you can reach people faster. Not create an account, then get slapped in the face with you need to pay to use this. This is false advertising across all platforms. Maybe include, oh you need to pay $20 to even get passed making your account. And you don’t even need to log into your Xbox account. Anyone can do it and pretend to be you. Re work this app and people will install it. It’s obvious bots gave you ratings. This app has so much potential. Don’t waste it being money hungry. Make the app free. Make ads pop up every 20 minutes or so. Have people pay a good $5 to remove ads. THIS WOULD BE ONE TRANSACTION OF $5. Then your $10 subscription if you want to meet unlimited people a day and make (add) some cool features to bring people in to subscribe. Please fix this app. Don’t ruin the potential that it has. You won’t make a ton of money by making people pay $20 a month. Also you can’t have a free week because you need to confirm your payment option. No thank you.
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4 years ago, TheStanOftgeManFlanFan
Just read any 5-star response.
So just like any other normal human being, I downloaded Plink because it looked like it offered something I haven’t really seen before on the market. Of course, there’s Discord and that other thing that starts with a Z, but supposedly this “social gaming network” offers easy and quick matchups. And of course, after making my profile, I run into the same problem every other normal human ran into. An inescapable paywall that makes you pay $17! Now, this technically shouldn’t be a problem, as the obvious rating should be insanely low, right? Well, as many other reviews have stated, it’s downright baffling how this app has 4.3 stars. It should have already gotten around a low two or maybe even mid 1 star. The problem is, the developers obviously either offer some tempting in game reward for leaving a meaningless 5-star review, or simply make gibberish names and subject lines to leave a 5-star review that says “Great app!” even though the bitter reality is that Plink is far from it. In the end, this is just another example of greedy devs doing their absolute best to look amazing and get gamer girls to do their advertising, when behind it all is just a subpar app that doesn’t even do its job unless you pay the same amount of money as a whole new PC game every month.
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11 months ago, THE_MSYT
The Developers Should be Ashamed
You can get technical all you want by saying the app is free but there’s no point in making a application free when in order to use it you have to pay a subscription. Technically the app is free but using the app is not so it’s basically not free enter the developers who are going to make feedback on this and try and make excuses. Just don’t also ignore the five star ratings. Those are most likely paid partnerships. Look at the majority ratings. They’re very negative and I’ll say the same thing what my advice and how to fix your app take Tinder for example, it has a free version in the app and a paid version in the app. Maybe do that in your rating will go up. Part 2 the developers again try to make an excuse, so let me be clear this time there should be a free version inside the app without subscription no trial doesn’t matter if there’s a trial or not we don’t want the trial we don’t want to pay for it people don’t want to pay for this take the feedback for the trial and shove it. Let me be clear since you keep denying it people don’t want to pay for it they want a free non-payable version and then you can add a premium version where people have to pay again take a hint or an example from Tinder
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3 years ago, Caskey1379
10 bucks a week?? 40 a month??
It’s really unfortunate to see they want a subscription for this. All and all it looks like gaming tinder. Literally some of the same filters and they advertise using E-thots Doing tik toks all just to match up on the app. It’s unfortunate that it looks like a dating site. Tinder specially. I might as well stay on Xbox hub and Facebook gaming sites to see who wants to play for free. Waste of money sadly. It has potential. Not for that cost though. 10 a month? I could see that due to all the stats and trackers this app has. Again, this could be a sweet spot and a game changer for gamers finding groups or friends or to move away from the Xbox app that needs serious work but unfortunately we have this. The other thing that caught my eye is MANY OTHER COMMENTS ARE EXACTLY POINTING OUT WHAT I HAVE. And the top rating reviews look like they were made from bots or people paid to make it look good and talk about all this stuff super super drawn out and very in detail about all the stuff and way too happy and have an interesting word choice style To describe the app. No one writes reviews like that at this time / age to be on apps like these. And all the dev replies with is “thanks “ basically. Seems sketch.
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4 years ago, NikodeemusA
They don’t cancel free subscriptions until you are billed
I wish I could give a zero star based on what I’ve seen on this app. So where to start, first it seemed interesting bc it allowed you to expand your friends list and meet people that play the same games as you. Well that is such a false wall to the 99% of gamers out there. It’s basically a twitch 2.0 with a DM section and matches that don’t work, basically all I’ve seen is some female small time streamers that have a lot of men donating money to them just bc of their looks, and also a few sending inappropriate and possibly illegal pictures of themselves. You know what I mean. This is a disgrace to the gaming community, and I cancelled my subscription about an hour after first opening, and trying to delete my account. Well after a day or two I see on my bank account that I’ve been charged $30 and change for a subscription that I cancelled. Boy was I, and still am, furious. I can’t even find a email or phone number to talk and complain to bc of their such terrible service and probable violations of ethics and possibly laws for allowing this. If anyone from the company actually reads this, I want my money back ASAP, bc this has got to be fraud.
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3 months ago, justlisten2meee
To depressing and dangerous
I been on the app for a year on and off and when it comes to the group chats it’s ridiculous a dangerous atmosphere. You have 13 year olds mixed in with 20 and 40 year olds. The older people are bullying kids that simply don’t know how to set up a mic and to many sexually bots. I can’t count how many people i had to block due to the overwhelming (🍑 let’s play check the link) for goodness sake it’s for gaming! I shouldn’t need to pay to keep myself or anyone else kids away from predators because you guys want a quick buck. You can only change the age settings when you PAY?! and on top of that there’s no policy protocol for bullying,sexual harassment, and endangering a child welfare on the web! Please rethink your strategy/system you came up with and make it more age appropriate with stricter policies so it can get all the people that are not for gaming of the platform and make it safer for the kids ! I can’t even find not one person to play with cuz including myself and others are to scared to interact based on the trouble makers! Do better plink and do better for the gaming community!
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2 years ago, omgitsdaja
I was really excited to download the app I connected my ps4 account and was like cool this is going to be fun to play with other gamers like me but after I got pass the sign in they hit me with a pay wall before I could try out the app clearly the developers don’t understand how to make money from this app first off a three day trial Isn’t long enough you should let people try out the basics of the app you shouldn’t have to instantly pay for it there’s no way out of the pay wall so every time I open the app that’s all I see and as I look at the reviews on this app I see The developers replying but they still do nothing about it they say contact our support but you can’t even contact them through the app cause of the pay wall this is the first app I’ve ever seen where they try to make you pay before you use it also a three day trial is ridiculously short basically you have to pay to make friends i’ll stick with discord I get making money off of your app completely but this is not right I also feel that it is too expensive if you guys made the app like 3 bucks or something I promise you, you would make more money
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2 years ago, Kellan---
I was excited, but then I saw the subscription you had to pay
I was just in bed scrolling through my for you page on TikTok, and I saw this app. It looked really cool at first and I wanted to give it a try, I synced my profile and then… the battle pass screen shows up. I was looking for the “Not Now” button until I realized there wasn’t any. Now being the eleven year old kid I am I can’t just go up to my parents and say “Hey can I have $20 dollars so I can play with random people?” My mom would be concerned anyways because they ARE random people. But that’s not the point. The point is, is that I need to play $20 dollars to play with random people online? Nah I’m not doing that. I’ve seen the other bad reviews and all they get for a response is some copy and pasted message. I’m surprised this app has high reviews, because of all the bad reviews. The only reason why I have a 2 star and not a one star is because I don’t even know what there is after you pay the subscription. It could be good and it could be bad.
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9 months ago, gankyyyyy
Pay to use
Developers of this app, listen to the 1 star reviews, if you are going to design an app that is to simulate hookup/dating apps but for finding other gamers to play with instead, do not force your users in to a temporary “free trial” and then shutting off complete access, maybe follow some of your peers like making it completely free to use but limiting how many swipes/likes you can use per day if u want to boost the amount of users and make rewinds and a boosting option apart of that subscription, don’t hide ur app behind a paywall, it not only limits those who want to play but it’s a horrible business practice, last of all just use sponsored ads every so often and then make it apart of the premium subscription to not see them anymore, also don’t be giving a chatGPT response and say that you’ll keep these 1 star reviews in mind bc you won’t we all know u won’t until this app goes actually free to use without being stuck behind a paywall the moment u open the app, you will lose business and u will fail, we are just trying to help u be an actually half decent app and not a complete unfair money grubbing one
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2 years ago, laynabayna18
Horrible Stat Reading
This app is very logical and would be great but there are two huge concerns. 1) right when you have created your profile it hits you with a 3 day free trial or 9.99 a week. I wanted to see what the hype was all about so I did the free trial. 2) I finally get my account set up and start swiping on gamers that are my rank or skill. Well, I’m not matching with anyone I swipe on, which I thought was weird. So, being a girl I figured out why. Turns out that the rank it was rating me at was very low compared to my actual ranks. For example, in Rocket league I’m Champion 3 but in the app it says I’m Bronze. Another example, in apex I’m plat 4 but in the app it says I’m rookie 4. This makes no sense considering all my other stats are correct, the amount of games I’ve played, what level I am, how many hours I have. All of that is right but it doesn’t matter if people don’t see my actual rank. With this being said, I will be cancelling the subscription and just wasted about 30 minutes of my life on hope that shouldn’t have been placed. I don’t recommend getting this app until this issue is resolved.
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4 years ago, El tigere23
This is stupid.
I don’t understand why developers and companies do things like this. As soon as you download the app you meet a screen to make your account and connect your own social things and everything looks good and of great quality. It looks like it’ll be something really fun to enjoy and play with. As soon as you finish making your account you are stuck with this screen saying the subscription is 17 dollars a month to use the app and it’s features. What? I’ve read other reviews and have seen developers say that the free version and paid version of the app are completely different. How the hell is anyone supposed to know that if they CANT ACCESS the free version? It’s so stupid. Like other people have said, there are other ways to make money. For god’s sake, discord is FREE! Always has been, and they are a BILLION dollar company because they let people use the app how it’s meant to be without throwing ridiculous prices in their face and forcing them to do things. Even with discord’s subscription, it’s anywhere from 5-10 dollars a month, compared to this stupid price of 17. Don’t download this garbage app and just stick with discord.
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4 years ago, Xenomorph_6
Literally unusable without subscription
After using the app with no issues, I was forced to notice the offer of a subscription. Each time I’ve opened the app for the last week, I have an offer to purchase the subscription pop up and there is no way to close it. The ad blocks the whole screen. I’ve tried to accept and then cancel the purchase before actually buying, but the ad continues to block the screen. The app might be useful, but I am unable to use it, and I’m certain everyone else who uses the app will eventually run into the problem. Once the option to remove the offer is added, I may change my rating and review. They also tend to respond to most one star reviews with the same copy and paste answer, which leads me to believe that they do not intend to change their business model. Edit: I see they have responded differently. Developers, what I don’t like (which I clearly stated above) is that the app is literally unusable. Every time I open it I am given a prompt to purchase a subscription that I do not want and it can not be removed unless you purchase it. This breaks the app and makes it unusable.
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4 years ago, Datsexybeast
This should be free.
$20 a month to make “friends” online? I shouldn’t need to pay this much money to hop on a cod game with somebody Bc an app paired us as opposed to a regular lobby. The greediness is insane and for basic functions and uses?? I don’t even know if the app is worth it and yeah I get there’s a free trial after I put in my card info which means I then need to go through the hassle of making sure it fr cancelled properly before it starts auto charging my account for something basic. Even if you were going to charge money for it this isn’t a dating website! $5 a month would be semi pushing it already but $20???? And there was nothing regarding a necessary subscription until AFTER I made my whole account then it’s suddenly dropped on my lap with a screen that only had one option, paying $20/m for a useless app. Hell I could hop into a Facebook group and find just as many “friends” to game with. The only reason I even downloaded it was because your adds were so pushy to begin with and really y’all were pushing for $20 a month haha maybe I’ll cancel Xbox live and get this instead? 🤣👎🏿
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3 years ago, jackjack05
Honestly, I was really excited to try Plink and it seemed like a good way to find better teammates because I need more people to play with in Apex and maybe Cod MW. It also seemed like a good way to maybe grow my twitch and tiktok but the thing is almost as soon as I connected my xbox and PC account, it took me to a screen saying “Join the Elite” and I couldn’t back out of it and it was a free trial thing but after the 3 day trial would end, it would be $9.99 per week! I love the idea of this app and everything but to me that’s insane. Also, I’m 16 and I can’t afford that and there’s no way my parents will let me do that because we already have enough subscriptions. So, it was disappointing for me especially because I couldn’t even try the app at all before the screen popped up :( GL to the people that have that kind of money and find good teammates and stuff but I just can’t. Sorry and maybe sometime in the future I can try it out. Until then….see you on the battle field ;) PS. If anyone wants to play Apex or cod…my xbox gt is Impulse051 and my cod user is Hybrid_snip3z…hmu…I need teammates
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4 years ago, ItzZail
Subscription is forced
When I first downloaded Plink I was like alright cool, maybe I ca n meet a few new people to play some games with. So I connected an account, checked out some other things and then closed the app and waited for some notifications saying people wanted to play. I end up coming back like an hour later to a few people wanting to play and I go to check them out and I immediately get hit with a subscription/free trial promo but you guys don’t let me close the promo so I can use the app the way I want too which is for free. Like really? Y’all are pretty much forcing people to try the free trail or buy the subscription (which is $20 and no one wants to pay that much for something they can do for free normally on the game they wanna play.) You guys have some potential with this app, I believe it’s a good idea but quit trying to force the subscription on us and actually let us use the app for those casual uses that you offer and also lower the subscription cost. Until that stuff changes, I’m for sure deleting the app cause there’s no point in using it if I’m being forced to get the subscription to even use it.
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4 years ago, _Mali_~
Why does this happen
Basically after you make an account you are hit with a screen you cannot close or exit out of telling you that you need to pay for elite status or something like that but me who never pays for apps and only uses free apps and never uses a free trial of anything because I do not know how to cancel a subscription yeah I try to close the app and I keep getting hit with the pay wall telling me to buy it why have you download it for free and advertise it so much on apps just to have to pay to even use it and why is it so expensive to use it like lower the price 100% and then people will stop complaining and use it and maybe you can get a 5 star I wish I could give it zero stars because I would the concept is so cool and very good I just do not want to pay for it it seems stupid to download it for free then have to pay for it they are trying to lure you in and then force you to pay and I’m not a sucker and I will not pay for it. I’m very disappointed it seemed like a very good app just to make me pay for it in order to use it smh so disappointed
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11 months ago, viewsfromisaiah
I had this app before when it was free. Now today i downloaded it since i haven't used it in a while to make some friends and in my area as well, then as soon as i proceed to enter details to get in more into the app, it stops me to pay for a subscription that doesn’t even have the option to exit out to use for free and also the 3 day free trial that i don't have any more since i used the app the last time. This is ridiculous, why should i have to pay $10 to make friends on this app when others offer for free or under $5 WITH a option to exit to use for free. I love how you’ve designed the app to make friends and other things but the subscription is a no go for me so im going to delete until you do something about it. You'd prolly get more customers and be on the top if you had those options. like i always heard the more expensive the prices the less customers and the less expensive prices equals ALOT more customers.
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3 years ago, rmpr1010
Do Not Download
I never write reviews for apps but i felt the need to do it for this one. The concept looks cool, when you see it in the ads, it looks great. And you come to the app store and see the app is free, in reality the only thing free inside the app is the ability to create an account (wich is done very easily and quickly)... Once you create the account you cant do ANYTHING in the app, you can only view the menus and se the promt to start the free trial... They are too greedy and only want your money... i have nothing against app developers making money, but the problem with this app is it has 0 utility unless you pay... apple should implement some rules that prohibits these type of schemes... this app souldnt be labeled as being free of cost to download... i know it states it has in-app-purchases, but in this particular case where you can do NOTHING in the app unless you pay/subscribe, that should have its own labeling in the appstore, that way i wont bother to download it, and i wont bother creating an account. Trash app, if i could give it 0/5 stars i would but the minimum is 1/5...
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3 years ago, nyk_67
Reallly bad logic
I saw an add on instagram about this app and how it works and everything, its free and all stuff , but when i got the chance to purchase the app and create an account, an ad wall pops up on the screen with a 20 dollar purchase so I CAN USE THE APP ????? , hold on a second , who do you think will pay 20DOLLARS to use this simply new app that no other companies trued the idea ? , if you think you want costumers this thing won’t give you non , even if there is a free trial, this app isnt a premium package of some sort of another app that people tried and had experienced it for like months , your idea is new and innovative so people must try it and see of it os worth the payment , 1 week with your card on it so that of you stayed more than a week youll be charged, thats really greedy and isnt attempting I would like to see a great move from this company to actually try to make this app free so that people can use it and experience it for a time and then make it a payed app , if people loved the app while trying it thats when everyone will pay extra for this app
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2 years ago, xxHatsunemikuloverxx
Horrible and deceptive
At first I was like the other people here. I was super excited to see a gaming based social media platform that matches you with people that play similar games. I understand that people need to make money, but $10 a week? And not even allowing you to open the app without paying for the subscription? And then on top of that they ask you for your gaming information upfront and hopes that they can get all the info about you scrape from your account and then let you know that there is a paywall? Very shady. Uninstalled the app and I will never do business with these people. I highly recommend you don’t sign into the app with your gaming profile information. The developers either need to find a way to allow us to go and communicate with each other for free using ads, or they need to go somewhere else. I can’t believe you were charged $10 a week when I can literally get HBO max for that same price for a whole month and they offer way more benefits than what you guys are offering. Don’t waste your time
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2 years ago, xShaMiex
Too expensive
I saw the ad on instagram and didn’t think twice about downloading it because I don’t have many friends and s lot of them stopped playing with me, so I’m mostly alone. I love meeting new people and wanted to try the app. I downloaded it and it synced my account, so everything was doing good until it asked me if I wanted a 3 day free trial. So it’s like wow okay love it:) but then it says $9.99/week next to it. This is not s monthly subscription, but a weekly. If you do your math, there’s about 4 weeks in a month and plus taxes on each bill, so it’ll turn about to be about 40 dollars a month for a social system. It seems like a great idea and I would love to meet new people, especially seeing that it shows others stats and everything…but nit everyone has 40 dollars to willing spend when they have other bills to get a social app that you don’t know whether the people will only play with you once or leave. It’s still a good idea for anyone who’s willing to spend that amount of money because then you can meet new people!:)
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12 months ago, Jax666568635
It’s decent
I would say it’s not too good and a waste of time because of one reason and one reason only you can go outside and do the exact same thing and do it for free, so do not pay for this you can get the exact same result by just going outside, so do not pay for this developers. If you’re reading, this may make it more than a three day maybe a three week if people don’t have enough time to decide things in under three days the long do you give them the more apt they will be to buying it, but now that I’ve written this review you’ll probably make it so that you have longer time other than three days to choose and best of luck developers, in making better ones than thisI’m giving it a five starBecause I’m trying to support the developers to make new games P.S. if you’re going toUse my advice, maybe make a game or you could remake this the best of luck to you
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3 years ago, Dawsonh27
I genuinely downloaded this app to find new friends to game with and wanted some real connections with people. I have had this app for about half a year and all it is, is constant women showing off there breasts and cleavage baiting simp guys to play with them it truly is unreal I have not found one friend or person that genuinely wants to become good friends and play video games together I post 20 things about finding people to play with and get no likes or attention a girl will post once show some cleavage and have 50 dudes in the comments trying to play with over 100 likes it’s so sad how bad I try to connect with people on this app and it just doesn’t happen if you want to simp over a girl to play video games with you go ahead but I thought this was an app to just find people to game with and it just simply is not that it quite literally is for the girls on this app to boost there confidence and have a simp audience to cater too im truly disappointed and wish someone would make a genuine app for gamers.
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1 year ago, xAmedEUs
Subscription makes it feel like a scam
So, I nearly didn't download this app to even try the 3 day free trial because for me, personally, I can never justify spending $10 a week, $40 a month on any app or subscription. With that being said, I did try the app and it has a lot of potential and I have met a ton of cool people to play with even in a 2 day span of time. Its not worth it though,, especially when its not actually the first player matchmaking gaming app/site. If it were like $10 a month I totally would, and from a sales perspective, you can still genuinely make a large profit off of this app with $10 a month simply bc a lot of people are looking for something with the easy tinder-like layout and stat tracking. So it feels like a scam and since this is something thats been happening since they launched this app in a few different ways and they still have not taken their customer’s concerns into account. No one is going to stay loyal to any game or app that doesn’t listen to the people who support it.
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2 years ago, Zaid2327
So I used to have an app like this called moot, unfortunately they closed the app down and migrated to another app which I just didn’t like because it was nothing like moot. I get an ad for this on snap and think to myself alright I’ll keep it in mind, an ad on insta and a few more ads on both and I decided to download it 20/30 mins ago. Boy was I in for a treat, the app lets you sign in to your accounts, then once you’ve signed in to them (I signed in on steam and epic) it just shows a paywall that you can’t get out off even if you restart the app and whatnot. I checked on Reddit and apparently this has been happening for ages, website hasn’t been updated since 2018 (the comment was a year old tho so it might’ve been updated) and some people have actually been able to get out of it via a small button in the middle that says skip free trial, but I can’t find it. If I could give negative stars I honestly would. Avoid downloading this app and especially avoid putting in your login info.
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3 years ago, SkyRadial
Forced me to subscribe
I already had the app downloaded and went to open it again after a while of not using it. Once I did it said I had to re-link my Xbox account which I proceeded to do. After doing so a screen appeared that asked me to try the premium experience for one week for free with no way to skip past to continue to the app. I knew I had acted in to the free week prior so I assumed it would not work twice so I just wanted to skip it. Closing the app and opening it again did not work so I went ahead and tapped on the free subscription and allowed it to go through. Now 20 dollars is gone from my account and it is non refundable. I immediately unsub from the premium service via my subscriptions on my iPhone and the app had the nerve to ask me why with one of the options being (the base service is enough for me) even though I had no choice to continue with the base service, There was no way to access my account past this premium service offer. So needless to say I am a tad frustrated.
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3 years ago, Jkdndbxjzkjc
Absolutely ridiculous business model
Take a look at your start up and any other tech start up with a small, niche user base. There’s no shot any self respecting person will pay for a product like yours. Facebook, Discord, even Zoom allow nearly the full scope of their services for free without instantly slamming a subscription page as soon as users even create an account. These companies are infinitely larger than yours and evidently have a successful pricing model, while your company seems to have a full tech stack with one high school intern working the financial analysis. As you can see from any other real review, your app is clearly not going to gain any traction with the way it currently operates, and you should rethink all of your choices related to pricing. Unfortunately there’s no option for zero stars, but I just want you guys to know that bot reviews won’t get you any significant investment. Any PE firm or angel investor can easily look at your top reviews (all 1 star) and see that your company will fail.
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7 months ago, Nothingsavailible
Got the app expecting to meet a few people and get to gaming right I mean it’s expensive first of all then I get on and start trying to talk to people asking if they wanna game etc . I made posts saying that this is what games I play bla bla all that stuff of course , nothing at all no reply from anyone , I gave it a fair chance and spent about 12 hours , I got 4 people trying to scam me giving me they’re discord names right and then on discord they start the scamming story right , 3 had the exact same story and the other one was just lame , actually I am extremely disappointed in this app. I won’t recommend it don’t even waste your time downloading it , you’ll have better luck on discord this is just a huge waste of time and energy and it’s just not anywhere near to what it should be , it’s honestly more just a place for scams and attention seekers , everything you’ll see will probably just annoy you cause it’s just a bunch of desperate or lonely or people with schemes. WORST EXPERIENCE EVER.
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2 years ago, Spartanxflow
All reviews are bots or employees - the app isn’t free
Simply put this app isn’t free and the UI/UX does not allow you to proceed with using the app UNLESS YOU PAY THE SUBSCRIPTION. Of course you can cancel once you pay and then access the app, but there is no work around as of 2022. You must pay that subscription first. The app itself will collect all your data before asking you to do that as well which is no surprise, (i .e they sell that data). All-in-all the app MIGHT be good, but all these things prior to even using it are extremely shady business tactics. And I’m sure I’ll get a bot auto reply about it. Edit: Appreciate the non-bot response but you have what’s called “Dark-UX” practices. You CANNOT proceed to the app unless you subscribe. Period. Yes you can cancel making it “free”, AFTER THE FACT, but there is no button that allows you to skip the subscription page. Even closing the app and coming back in brings you right to the subscribe page. Please do not try to pass that off as “you can use the app for free”.
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3 years ago, c01eO
You have to pay to find friends
I’m someone who doesn’t like being forced to pay for anything and this app is exactly that. You get a 3 day trial and then after that forced to pay a subscription of $9.99 a week, which can add up to a lot ($30-$40 a month). If I really wanted to find a teammate for games that badly I could just go to “looking for group” on my Xbox and find someone with no problem and no strings attached. It’s the same thing with tracking your in-game stats, why pay for it when you could do the same exact thing on your console for free? You’re already paying for the online subscription as it is. This issue could’ve been completely avoided altogether if the developers just used ads instead. Gaming companies would be knocking at your door for sponsored ads and it would’ve instantly made this app a better success. A completely missed opportunity all because of greed. To put it shortly, you’re better off using discord or something else.
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4 years ago, EazBankz
This app offers you a way to find players to build your dream team and I’m sure that’s caught a lot of gamers attentions especially those who want to find a good reliable team but theirs a catch with this app that they don’t advertise when they make small clips. This app wants you to pay 20$ a month to find a good team when after you find your first team more then likely you won’t need this app anymore. It’s sick people are making these apps with the intentions of only making money and not really trying to satisfy the app users like you can’t even use the app unless you agree to pay 20$ monthly that’s a 120$ a year just to find a team when people can add people from their most recent play list and maybe work out a team. Plink you guys are a absolute scam and I personal will design a similar app free to real gamers in need of a team and watch how your app crashes and burns to the ground for trying to scam people. This app just junk , trash , waste of space and the creators are broke scamming pathetic jokers.
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2 years ago, cornman9000
Cant use without pay
So basically the app doesn’t say anything about paying to use but as soon as you set up your account you are stuck on a screen that reads “battle pass, free for 3 days” and there is no way to get rid of this screen closing the app doesn’t work or uninstalling it. Also is you try to sign up for the “free” trial it won’t let you unless you have money on your account and it charges you as soon as you sign up so it’s basically just an extra 3 days on your subscription. Anyways even after using the app it’s not all that great just a bunch of fake intriguing gamer girls. also let’s be honest what female is going to actually pay money and pretty much know that all that’s gonna happen is a bunch of kids and teens flirting with them? Anyways just don’t get it it’s a waste of time just use the looking for group feature on Xbox or whatever you play. (Edit just checked the price and it’s literally 10 dollars a week just to use this app)
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4 years ago, GabrielDSchwartz
First of all, before anything else, it’s blatantly obvious that most, if not all, of the 5 star ratings are fake and paid for. Now for my real review: This app is not valuable enough to users to charge anything for it. Maybe - and that’s a maybe - they could make the app a 1 time purchase of like $2 to get full access and that could be worth it because in reality this provides some features that LFG sites or discord servers can’t... but it’s also a much smaller pool of people. Additionally, they do your matches based on all of your games on steam. I have 55 games in my library but I mostly play one or two, why would I care about matching with people who play games that I don’t. Honestly, even if this was free I would probably still prefer discord LFG, there’s so many people on it that you can always find games quickly, and whichever people you like, you just add them and play again later. This is a garbage app and the fake reviews are baiting people into spending enough money each month to buy a new game
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1 year ago, 3dgar v31a5quez
Pay wall within one minute of opening is crazy
I can understand that apps have to make money, and offer subscriptions, and benefits to the app to try and convince people to pay extra for the cool exclusive features, but not even being able to use, or try out the app without linking a card and trying their free trial is insane in my opinion. Sure I could try the 3-day free trial, and if I don’t like it just cancel it, but that is a hassle a lot of people are obviously not willing to go through, including me. I was looking forward to having an app for strictly meeting people for gaming, but turned out to be very disappointing. Also, I’ve read a few bad reviews and the “Game Developers” keep saying the same thing to everyone saying that subscription or not, they both have their own perks, but have done nothing to change it, and leave the pay wall, showing they are desperate to get into some kids wallet, or their parents wallet. Unacceptable.
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3 years ago, MrEarache
Disappointed is an understatement.
I was very excited to use this app upon seeing an ad on Snapchat for it. I downloaded it quickly and began building my profile. I wanted this app because I don’t have many friends who play xbox, and even fewer who play the games I play so I saw this as a way to build new friendships. Upon completing my profile I was met with a stupid paywall. A paywall of $17 to just SEE what the app is about. Nothing else. You can’t do literally anything unless you cough up money. There is a free trial however so I’ll give them that. Free trials are very sketchy though since it is so easy to forget you have them until it is too late, so I just decided not to take it. I really wish I could give this a better review but with the requirement to pay money in order to even use the app I can’t use any of it so I can’t give a better review. Hopefully when I come back it’ll be able to be free with some things in the app requiring money instead of the whole app requiring money.
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2 years ago, jxhn.....
Paywall :( and other glitches regarding the paywall
Hi my name is john and I've seen this app a few times around and figured it would be like an app where i can meet other gamers but after logging ing i met with a paywall i wanted to make sure this was happening to everyone and not just me and as expected it has been. i get that the app may be very different with the membership but we should still be able to experience what its like before buying plink battle pass. regardless of this I've even tried the free trial and i tried to go into plink after this and it wouldn't allow me to until 3 days later (is what it says). which is the time of my free trial😒 so far this has not been the best experience. Even if youre going to practically force us to get the free trial just make sure it works🤦🏾‍♀️. but regardless we shouldn't be forced to buy the battle pass/ free trial. There is also no way i can contact customer service or anyone of the sort…
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2 years ago, Legbug
No pay, no use
I really love the concept of the app and I understand that developers of this sort of app need to make money but your ratings and usage of the app is completely paywalled. You can’t get through the battle pass subscription screen and actually use the app. I think the app would be way better if there was a free element so that people could actually use the app rather than having to pay an enormous amount of money per week for it. And the price is outrageous. It’s like $50 a month. There are so many solo gamers who could genuinely benefit from this sort of platform but it feels like a cash grab rather than trying to make something helpful for gamers. Maybe rich gamers who can afford this will download it but the average player just won’t use it. And wouldn’t you want more people to use it than squeezing as much money out of solo players as possible? It’s shame and I hope eventually it takes a different direction.
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4 years ago, Nixxi<3
Stole my videos from TikTok?!!
This app is super sketchy don’t believe anything they tell you.. A person named Yuliia From this app plink reached out to me November 1st wanting to OWN my videos for 35 dollars a piece.. I’m a streamer and I’m only a twitch affiliate so they take advantage of smaller gamers streamers to lure them in... now I did not respond to them and 4 months later they dm me saying “we are really looking forward for your response” .. never put mind into it... today 7:22pm November 17 my friend from Instagram shows me that I popped on their ad that just shows up randomly through Instagram stories ..they stole my content my video from tik tok and the craziest part is that they added to the ad saying “want to play COD with me at 3am?” Like if I’m some gamer looking for attention and desperation.. I dm them back saying to take this down that I never agreed for them to use any of my content..and if they don’t respond I promise I’ll bring up my attorney and see where this information leads.
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2 years ago, my first ever review ...
Money hungry
Sure you can do a 3 day free trial so you can see all you can do and then cancel it right after, but once you don’t have a subscription anymore you basically can’t do anything in the app, people who are willing to pay $10 A WEEK is so crazy to me, $40 a month to find someone to play with is never that serious, the app developers is just hungry for money, for the tiniest things in the app you need subscription like bruh what, I just wanna add something to my bio why do I need to pay for that LOL and to do the whole swipe right thing to match with players I need subscription also like at least let people watch an ad to get one free swipe, I never did swiped right once the whole green check or whatever to match with someone and it says I have to wait 12 hours till I can do another one, na I’m good, this is so desperate for money just to find teammates
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