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4.5 (6.6K)
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Thinklean Limited
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1 year ago
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9.0 or later
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User Reviews for PokerBROS - Your Poker App

4.51 out of 5
6.6K Ratings
3 years ago, Dgwoodyjr
This app is horrible. I like playing tournaments over cash games and variance in these tournaments are absolutely horrible. The app picks and chooses who is going to be successful in each tournament. If you have 90%+ equity at any point leading into the river beware, the big stack, bot, or donkey will hit the card needed 9 out of 10 times on the river. I have hundreds of screenshots to prove it. I am not a sore loser. If I play poorly and lose then so be it but when I’m a constant victim of bad beats it’s something more than the players. PokerBros, they hide behind their “independent certifications” that their RNG software is completely fair and up to the correct standards. This is how I compare.... McDonalds burgers has grade D meat and if they meet those certain requirements then they can serve it to the public. Same thing here. They have to hit such a low quality standard in order to protect themselves from the repercussions of those consuming or using their products. Online poker has a long way to go as far as their quality of play, randomness, and variance. With this being a newly launched app I thought this might be a step in the right direction, however, it is a step backwards. I’m highly disappointed in this app and I hope the industry raises its standards.
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5 months ago, Davegardache
THIS app is incredible.. looks good, plays good.. how can you dislike a $100,000 bad beat jackpot? Sit and gos, spin and win and tons of tournaments running all day. My only regret is that I wasted a year on Club GG.. several times an hour I found myself saying THAT WAS SICK..unreal cooler after cooler wayyyyy to many.. I truly believe the site is juiced for action.. never seen so many 90 percent hands get run down over and over and over and over. I was actually a winning player there, not much but my God you had to play real careful and then avoid certain people.. I’m convinced there was shills that were being fed cards.. I’m sorry I’ve played poker 50 years and online the last 25.. that was ridiculous.. this site is very realistic and I truly believe on the up and up.. do yourself a favor and play at this site.. oh yeah almost forgot to mention.. there is so many players and soooo many games always running. 16 plo4 games going all full some with waiting lists. Not just a couple tables with the same people. Thank you Poker Bros what an amazing site.
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4 years ago, eaglesun69999
This APP not a www site should be ashamed of themselves. The same person in 2 weeks being part of the bad beat especially when I seen at one time over 7k people on app playing is ummm like getting struck by lightning 20 times a day for 2 weeks. Mathematically not possible. I would sit at a 1/2 table for 3 hours and not get one playable hand. Same thing at .30 .60 cents hours before you get a playable hand just to get beat on the river 85 percent of the time. Don’t believe me I would gladly give app permission to show anyone my hand history. They will say in there defense they have 2 RANDOM generator certificates. I am sure they do. Well my son codes apps and told me that this app is not legit. I am still up money on the site so your not reading from a sore looser. Your hearing facts. More straights than I ever seen. More of anything I have ever seen in my 15 years playing poker. Like they say the proof is in the pudding. Hon $olo was part of winning 2 bad beat jackpots in the last 2 weeks. Mathematically impossible. The only good thing about this site is my club/ clan leader mike is a incredible person. Do yourself a favor play a different site and don’t waste your time here this site is rigged and I am sure under investigation. That’s why is a app and not a www site. STAY AWAY PLEASE. Bad news
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4 years ago, bccs22
Sore losers, app itself is fine and fair
Most people are losing poker players in real life and online. This is obviously reflected in these reviews. 35 years of playing live and 17 years online, this app is no different. You see roughly 3-5 times the number of hands on the app or online compared to live. A good live dealer in a fast game will deal 25-30 hands per hour. Online is 60-90/hr. So you see more bad beats and more standard beats, but by human nature, people remember the bad beats more often and don’t notice the standard run outs. Nothing wrong with this app inherently, though other issues are possible due to shady agents, bots or collusion. That’s really no different than any other online site though. This app is less infested with those issues than all other online sites I’ve played. If you have a reputable agent in a reputable club, it’s as fair as can be, as fair as anywhere else you can play. The app itself has no incentive to cheat or increase bad beats. It doesn’t make money on rake. It wants to be fair and keep players playing for longevity so it can keep making money consistently.
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3 years ago, Landshark360
Could not be more rigged
It’s all we have so we stay but it is clearly rigged and juiced for action. One outer after one outer. Sting along action cards. The board always flops within the range of the players in the pot. You can play heads up and both of you have five monsters in a row. Whether it be flush vs straight. Or quads vs full house. Or set vs straight etc. those who play real heads up know it can take an hour to see one set up like that let alone the whole heads up sit n go. It would be better if they just said what it is instead of scamming the people. And if you are gonna scam the people atleast make it waaaaay less obvious. I can call cards on certain board textures now it’s so predictable. Those who do the best on this app are those most familiar with the algorithm. Let’s just pray for the day they create a app Thats this awesome game play wise, emojis, etc etc that actually has a real randomizer. Whoever does it first gonna make a lot of money. Everyone would leave poker bro’s just like we left pppoker. Also I know they are “lab tested” but just like Taco Bell meat it is the worst meat you can legally sell to a human just like the people who deem this a true randomizer are the lowest standards to pass. Someone please make a app similar to this but not rigged. I am dying for reap cards
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2 years ago, BeatingU2
Enough out of the sore losers!
Read many people complaining about the bad beats and “variance” in this app. Truth is that they are poor poker players. I must admit that when I first started playing I started getting suspicious of all the bad beats, but after doing some research discovered the reason why there were much more online than in live poker. There are 3x as many hands dealt per hour online than on the app. So ofc it’s going to feel like you encounter an extraordinarily amount of bad beats or see them. Im by no means a great player. Been playing for a little more than a year and am very satisfied with the results. We’ve heard countless accusations from people saying “it’s rigged.” Most of the time it’s people who somewhat new to the game or are spoiled brats who’ve been handed everything to them in life. Love this app.
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2 years ago, Buzzard2285
Watch out
If your a new player expect greatness your first week. Then watch the same three people hit bad beats 4 times a month for thousands. Hundreds. I mean 6 grand a pop and not even a winner or loser just sitting at the table. Pay attention watch the names. You’ll see what I’m talking about, clubs dont matter. Suited faces, lions den, poker cove doesn’t matter, it’s a bro thing. Just watch and tag certain names. 6000 a month on bad beats alone in two weeks. And if you think for one second you got a hand and you’re gonna play your stack cause you flopped a boat, well that king four, jack eight off suit will quad on you every time. Best bet 30 days never saw action like this. Two hours no hands to play and when you finally get that hand you been waiting for and push per flop for 60 bucks well 64 off suit is gonna call and flop a boat against your kings or queens. I highly suggest you find home games, love tables. Yeah sure your gonna lose two three hands but not 20 25 hands cause they feed you premium hands with boards so wet you think your fingering your girlfriend.
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11 months ago, TeamBubs
Zero Stars
The only people that give this app great reviews are the employees. I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve spent thousands and thousands of dollars on this app. Definitely in the 5 figure range. Not just a few grand. That’s why they rig it. They know who their cash cows are and know who is dumb enough (like me) to keep coming back. They rig it for the cheap guys and their employees. It’s a money maker. This app will intentionally give you a straight on the flop and someone else a set with pockets knowing nobody is going to fold. The person with the set will river a boat. Never fails. They’ll give you a set on the flop and someone else with an open ended straight draw and they’ll river the straight. They’ll give 3 different players 3 different pockets. AA, QQ and JJ. Never fails. This app is strictly a money maker for the creators. This is not a fun app. It’s strictly business. You spend your hard earned money on fake chips that you cannot cash out. But they make you lose continuously so you can keep buying chips. They know who spends a lot and who doesn’t. I was once the big money spender that’s why they made me lose all the time. But not anymore. Don’t waste your money or time on this app it’s atrocious.
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1 year ago, Pastor Edwin
The system is broken and rigged at times. In three years of playing, I’ve won big, but lost bigger. The system will lure you in and then will give you many bad beats. I’ve noticed after winning several tournaments and several tables. The system will put you in a wave of bad beats as to somehow balance the prizing throughout. I also noticed that a lot of bad hands win more than good hands. And you may argue that’s part of Poker, OK, but how is it possible that so many hands like pocket aces, pocket kings are cracked with 73 and 62. Finally, in 10 hands you will see full house like 3 or 4 out of 10, THATS NOT REAL!!! Real life poker, pairs are most winners, in poker bros, the nuts and fullhouse are the most winners! And ONE LAST THING, when you’re down in chips and it’s past addon stage and you’re in elimination phase, GOOD LUCK BECAUSE 9/10 times the system will feed you QQ and intrigue you to go all in to then lose to the worst hands! System does this to accelerate the tournament. My advice after playing this 3 years, DO NOT ENGAGE IN THIS TERRIBLE APP! You will lose a lot of money and overall, you will not learn how to play poker as it should! AVOID THIS APP!!!
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4 years ago, dallas 007
App is 100% rigged for action
I play lots of live cash and can’t remember last 2 times someone hit a 5% on me but I can tell u it happened twice in the same session.... 2 different sessions in this app when I decided to run it once. Also the comments about running super hot in your first 3 sessions are 100% correct and taking lots of sick beats after that. I can’t remember running it 3 times against someone with top set and straight flush outs vs. Ace high flush in plo and have them hit 3/4 clean outs. Almost statistically impossible to loose all 3 but it is happening in this site. I encourage whoever is reading these reviews to write about their own experience and if you notice what we are complaining about or if u think we are just bad players who know nothing about the game :) Update: I did some more digging and called the independent lab testing they claim they got their certification with and can’t get any responses from them. In their site, there is no mention of how poker testing works or steps for compliance to keep their certification . I encourage everyone to contact App Store to remove this app and file a complaint with FTC to look into this scam.
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4 years ago, Smeezmar
Do not put real $ in this scam
There is no way to pay when you win. Think of this way. When you go to a casino and 10 people buy $100 each from the cage, the cage has $1000 to pay people out. On this app you Venmo or PayPal your agent money, however, you are playing against other people around the globe that does not belong to your group. Let’s say you win $1000 from players outside your group and your agent only has $100 that was given to him, where does the other $900 come from? PokerBros only allows bots to win, it is not random. They set up an application to garner the most action on every hand, giving one person a set, one person an open end straight draw, one person a flush draw, one person two pair. The idea is the more money that goes in the pot the more the rake. This sight does not have a max rake, please know this. Only bots win the pots, so only the club owners ever truly win, that is if they refrain from playing themselves. These people should be ashamed of themselves. This is coming from someone who never put a dime of real money in, only played free rolls and observed. Scammers!!!!
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4 years ago, SH-pok
The app works pretty well and it’s lots of fun to play in it. I can’t say anything about the app being rigged but, I experienced some really bad runs which I can’t prove anything and probably it’s just the variance. I’m doing pretty good in this app and I’m up a lot, so can’t complain about that. However, sadly I have some evidence about collusion and cheating that is going on in these app and in the club’s. There are definitely some hackers which are able to see whole cards. And unfortunately they will never get caught because PokerBros is nice enough to give them the opportunity to make new accounts and join so they won’t win big on one account which will end up them getting caught. I wish there was anyway to has security over the games and just take out all the superuser, bots, collusion and other types of cheating that is going on here. Of course the club owners and PokerBros itself don’t care about the cheating because they get their money no matter what. I have some evidence of cheating and also know of people who were able to hack and take advantage of the software having no security. It’s hard to find legit games in here. Therefore, every time you get a bad beat you will think was this based on luck or did I get scammed or a fish plays bad and wins. I’m up almost 5 figure in this app but it really doesn’t worth the time and effort because there are some cheating going on which eats the Winrate out and take out the edge on the game.
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2 years ago, cheatsfromasia
Read please before playing
You guys need to watch out for playing in these clubs. Pokerbros denies and will deny all claims of having players in there but they are there. Also, go to their site and read the privacy portion. They have full access to your data while the app is installed. You are allowed to have multiple accounts and would you like to read the horror stories? Look it up on google and think twice about using this app. Their support team are as shady as can be. I was also charged without consent for an in game purchase which is very disturbing. DO NOT USE THIS APP. THERE ARE REVIEWS LIKE MINE ON HERE FOR A REASON Also please look up the privacy and tcs/cs on there site. They can do whatever they want once you allow them to install the app.
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4 years ago, gogogadgetAA
Really tricky app
So I’ve been playing on this app since February. I’ve had second place finishes twice, so I know it’s a winnable game, however my concern is the true claim of randomness. I’ve seen time and time again the chip leader at the table who could start out the hand wayyy behind and some how manage to hit there hand and take down the all in. I would say that happens in about 85 to 90 percent of the time. If your the chip leader you will have an extremely high chance to beat out the short stack that’s all in or not. I think that is an egregious unfair advantage. I have a lot of followers on my social media accounts and we are discussing bringing this up more publicly. This is the reason or part of the reason why the federal government won’t legalize online poker everywhere! On this site it is not skill but true luck. If your lucky enough to become chip leader then you have a got a chance. There are design flaws in everything but this one is really noticeable. I really hope you guys do something about it. Thank you!
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4 years ago, Wagneezy
Not realistic
I’ve been playing this game for a couple weeks now, daily, with friends due to the effects from COVID-19 and not being able to play cash games in person. The concept of this app is very awesome and it has a lot of potential. However, it’s the same thing every... single... match I play with my friends. The amount of times a pair or a straight draw comes on the flop is absurd. And the amount of times a flush or straight hits on the river is ever more absurd. We counted NUMEROUS times where at least 4 people on the table had a pocket pair. At least 6 times where someone had pocket kings, then lost to pocket aces. It’s just not realistic. You never see that happen in a real game. If the developers find a way to fix the algorithms of the hands, this game would be a lot better. And to see I’m not the only one seeing these problems, confirmed that I will not be playing any more poker nights with friends till after the pandemic or if we play on Poker Star! This app is gone with the wind just like $700 of my dollars with my friends 😂
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2 years ago, stupid nickname nonsense
Poker player approved
Fun app. Good software. I’ve played over 10 million hands across numerous platforms and this one is a fav of mine. If you’re reading about people saying it’s “rigged”. Get used to hearing it. All loosing players say this about online platforms but history shows that only sharks notice irregularities not the fish. The fish are just complaining because well they are used to loosing when behind in a hand but not used to loosing while ahead in a hands because they rarely are ahead. Although I would love to see the option to play more tables at once. Maybe work the software up to being able to play 6, 8, 10 tables at a time.
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4 years ago, 🐙🍑🔥🐙🍑🔥
Not too bad but can use fixes
To start, I think there should be a limit on buy-ins for MTT tournaments. People constantly just go all in and rebuy when they lose. Takes the fun out of it especially when you have something like 7s or 8s and have to fold preflop to a shove and 5 other people calling. I've seen users with 8 rebuys just 4 levels into a tournament. Could possibly make certain MTTs freeze out or max 2 rebuys to stop that nonsense. Also, variation is wild in this game. I've seen way too many 9:1 underdog hands hit by the river where it just doesn't make logical and mathematical sense. Maybe that's just me playing the game a lot, but it's like nothing i've ever seen in real life poker. If i could give this a 3.75, I would. But I see what PokerBros wants to do and they constantly add more tournaments for everyone to participate in so i appreciate that.
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4 years ago, Mike awesomeness
This app has a flawed algorithm
Let me start by saying I never write reviews or give low star ratings. I give the apps I like 5 stars or I don’t do anything at all. I couldn’t contain myself with this app. I have a group of about 20 friends that play on here and that group extends out to a total of almost 100 people that I have played in a game with. Every newcomer ALWAYS does well and wins at least once or twice in their first few games. They then inevitably lose to the newer newcomers. There is no way this is random. I’ve seen more bad beats in my two months on this app than I have in my entire life playing real poker. In the past week alone I’ve been knocked out of 5 tournaments with terrible bad beats. AK losing to K9 on the river. J7 losing to 10-7 after two 7s come out on the flop. Three times (!) my higher pocket pair lost to a lower pocket pair when they got trips. The developers will tell you they’re certified and blah blah blah. Don’t buy their BS. Look at the average review. This app blows!!
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11 months ago, blake251022
Worst poker app I’ve ever played on
This app is the most rigged for action app I’ve ever played on the past 6 years I’ve been playing poker. You have the second best possible hand on the board you better fold because your gonna get stacked. Every hand feels like a movie scene just bad beat after bad beat. There is 0 skill involved, and just total donkeys calling because they know their card will come. I’m not one to complain nor ever take the time out of my day to write a review. But this can’t go unnoticed. If you have ever spent money on poker bros I’m sorry and hope you can find a better app. This app deserves to be deleted and under review for its unfairness to players. I’m done playing on this app and will never be back. More full houses in an hour then you will ever see playing no limit Holdem. Where it’s less than a 1% chance to hit that but every other hand seems to have one. Don’t waste your time and save your money by staying away from this app
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3 years ago, stuckstepmom
Everyone knows ,wether it’s against the rules or not, 90% of groups are illegal gambling groups. With that being said this app has the worst bad beat system I’ve seen over multiple others. It’s made to generate as much action as possible but low enough that it passes guidelines. So for a group owner this is a great app to make crazy amounts of rake, but if you’re playing as a gambler beware because it’s gonna screw you multiple times. Every few days you will be the guy that runs like god, but others you will lose every penny you risk. This is coming from a player in 20+ gambling sites legal and illegal. this is by far the worst. So proceed with caution.
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4 years ago, Kd3294
Not sure what the fuss is about
Great app, great games played. You see more hands, so you see higher hand rankings more often just like you see more high cards/1 pair/2 pair. Are there bad beats? Yes of course but where do you experience zero bad beats? If you’re playing straight odds and getting mad that you’re losing then you need to work on your game more , plain and simple, there’s more for you to learn. I can almost guarantee all of these bad reviews are from someone who lost and they need someone to blame. My advice is try it out yourself, PokerBros has nothing to gain by rigging the cards. I know hundreds of people who love to play here, don’t miss out because of the sore losers.
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4 years ago, Double dream(:
So far so good
Was very skeptical of this app because of the bad reviews, decided to throw 25$ in to give it a shot and have been playing micro stakes 9 max .10/.20 with a little bit of .20/.40 for the past few days (975 hands) ending today’s session with 185$ in my balance and have been running above average. Have seen some pretty bad beats but luckily haven’t been on either end yet. Will continue to play and post a follow up review in another 1k hands. (Hopefully good) update: aside from a few obvious hackers and teaming going on 99% of the games are fair and the rng is not rigged. Am still up on the app now over 600$
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4 years ago, Mikeeee28
Be warned
Been playing on this app with friends due to the ongoing pandemic. All the reviews regarding the bad beats are absolutely true. Hands with minimal equity will turn and river you consistently. In my last 5 games, I’ve lost to numerous 2 and 4 out hands (and it has nothing to do with my betting). I’ve played poker for many years and have never seen anything like this. They can claim the app has been certified all they want but the fact is that all the people actually playing have seen just how bs it is. It’s an action induced app that rewards bad players. Part of poker is understanding statistics and this app defies all logic. I understand that I may lose to luck on a river every now and then, but to lose 90% of hands against players with hands with such low equity makes no sense. True poker players be warned. Stay away from this awful app. This doesn’t happen in any other one.
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4 years ago, kile808
Play 500 hands log your pockets in holdem or Omaha AA KK hits way more than any other poket pair. They all should be = chances to hit. Every week is the same aces and kings won by a land slide. I also notice one more pattern when you first start or load up your account, your luck is little better than your opponent. I’m a omaha player I lost majority of my chips by flopping a monster draw a flop and catching it on a turn and it pairs and bad beats me on a river, what bothered me the most is when the other player had no business potting then turn when it’s obvious I was chasing and I cought it. So I started to fallow those funny players. And what do u know their action pumping pays them very often. I’m sure many people got a lot of suspicious bad beats we can never proof that there was a cheat just record the hands and u will see they control the hands
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2 years ago, DATRUPTP
While I have had many flush draws or open ended straight draws ive only hit a single few of them and every single time I have been against a draw they always caught the cards needed against me. Almost like the game is designed to make you lose unless you are a VIP player I like the reply, how you defend yourself with your software, there is no way the things that happen through out a hand are normal in this app, every single draw catches against me but never when its my draw, as if again the app knows who the VIP players are. I bet you have never played poker at a real casino, you can have a good understanding of odds there but on ur app kiss those odds goodbye and just pray. Its impossible to make calculated decisions in the app specially the favorites constantly wake up with a hand and for two hours best hand ill see is a small pair as high as 6, 7s if im lucky!!!!
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2 years ago, RealPokerPlayer89
Fake Poker. Don’t Play For Real Money
Take my advice from someone who plays real poker with real people at real casinos. This app is a scam. It may be “fair” meaning everyone has the same chance of winning, but that isn’t real poker. The program itself is constantly inducing action. Stacking the deck for bad beats so you or whoever will put more money in the pot and they can take more out with the outrageous rake. As someone who has also played a lot of online poker I can go on to say that any virtual poker doesn’t compare to real poker. This app however is the worse poker experience I e ever had. Watching players constantly win with horrible starting hands. Constantly seeing bad beats and people getting sucked out. I’ve won more than I have lost on here so I’m not salty. The app is predictable and the game can be beat. Just warning anyone expecting a real poker experience.
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4 years ago, pokerbro player
PokerBros one outter three times in one day
Only played one PokerBros for about 3weeks Unbelievable beats almost every hand. Flopped aces full lost to jack six. A66 flop all in on the flop $230. 6 on the turn. With in the next 10 hands, I have J9 flop 996 all in with $260 each on flop against JJ in good shape for me until Jack on the River. Beats like that are every other hand on this site you just need to be on the right side. Seem like your not playing against players that are real. Some how the players just know when to call,raise,fold or shove unbelievable how this app has any players at all. Been also playing the nightly $35 tournament and seen the same player run like god every night he plays, same player makes final table 3 nights in a row in a 2500 player field !! Not a mathematician but those odds have to be incredibley high if not even impossible. Play at your own risk and good luck you will need it.
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3 years ago, Boxomb1es
Rigged for action; it’s true.
I’ve been a long time user and I can confirm it’s extremely rigged for action. If I can post pics you would know it. The amount of bad beats me and the other users is incredible. Aces vs ace king, ace king would win with runner runner one card flush, all in pot pre, ace king vs 8s / 9s, ace king runner runner 4 card straight on the board river. And it just gets progressively bad. I’ve lost 100s of dollars every now and then I’d cash out a few hundred back, but not through tournaments, through cash games. Tournaments BEWARE. Back to back to back to back aces are a thing. Because pokerbros not even poker gods, POKERBROS.
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6 months ago, jalen dawggg
App is awful do not download
worst poker experience ever, will lose cooler after cooler, boat to boat, you’ll see three Jacks off the flop any day of the week and lose cause with pocket king boat to a ace off the river, I can give 100 examples that are worse than this, if you’re ahead get out early because if you let it play to the river you will lose 80% of the time, they say their app is third party audited, don’t believe it for a second, absolute garbage, don’t recommend, better off playing live or even prominence, don’t waste your time or money.
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4 years ago, Bookids
Look a lot of the reviews seems like they’re people who have gotten bad luck in poker and want an explanation. Honestly I’ve been playing for over a month I’ve made some and lost some. Overall I’m a little in the negative but I’ve had fun doing it. Also people complaining about rake 😂. That’s how the app makes money. It’s not illegal, you will find rake on almost every website you play and it’s likely less here. Just thought I’d put out my experience for all those doubting the app.
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1 year ago, 4810180021
It is what it is
For a free poker app it is enjoyable to pass the time. Plenty of tournaments or tables to play at. One bad thing is how obviously fixed it is. Most recently I had 6 out of 10 hands that were A J or better lose all ins to absolute garbage. 3 of those to the same player that enjoys raising preflop every single hand. Might want to redo the bots and algorithms. Kind of a put off getting bad beat after bad beat. No point in playing when you see it happening. Okay there’s my complaint. Not too worried about it because again it’s free and no annoying ads popping up after every hand. Just fix the algorithm to keep it random and easily a five star
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4 years ago, Mbradycf
Great app except for freezing tables
First off, I love the interface and features of this app. Really well done. But a After just a couple days of playing, I’ve had tables freeze on me 2 or 3 times. My cards don’t display, the button doesn’t move, but it seems like the action continues because I eventually sit out (must be timing out, but I can’t tell for sure ). One time I was just about to be in the BB and apparently I got to see a free flop because “one pair” was displayed below my avatar. Eventually I timed out that hand as well. Fix that bug and you’ve got a perfect poker app. Until then I’m a bit concerned the freezing issue will happen during a big pot (which luckily hasn’t happened yet).
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2 years ago, Phatballinouttacontrol
App seems fair to me, but one complaint
I think the app deals fairly and those saying otherwise are sore losers. And I have lost more than I have won. My biggest complaint is that I cannot get my hand history from the tournaments that I play. I’m only able to get my hand history from cash games but what I care about is tournaments not cash games. If you’re trying to improve your tournament game, or just poker game in general, you have to be able to study the hands you’ve played. So to not be able to review the hands I play in tournaments is a major negative for me Please fix this!
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1 year ago, White Devil205
Love It!!!!!!
So the Poker Bros App is awesome, I love it, and play it everyday. The only reason i gave it a 4 star instead of 5 star is because the group part of in the app I have to send my money to someone else to load onto the app for me instead of me being able to just load my own money!!!!!! That’s very frustrating, annoying, and time consuming!!!!! If my buddy is available then I can’t play!!!! But if Poker Bros switched it so we could all load our own money in our groups on the app then I would absolutely give it a 5 STAR and highly recommend it to all my friends!!!!!!’ SO MAKE IT HAPPEN POKER BROS!!!!!
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3 years ago, review12987
Clearly setup for big hands
This app is fun. However, I’ve played a lot of poker in my life and have never seen more sets, straights, flushes, boats and quads. In an hour of hands I saw boats 5 times and quads three times. In that time I saw quads beat by a straight flush. I’ve made really decent money at this app and still wouldn’t recommend it. It’s extremely clear that hands are manufactured to create big pots. If you play, play with caution and be observant of how often big hands are made versus what you know to be “normal”. Update: I’m totally reassured the hands are random as the developer has said so....NOT! Lol. Who gets good hands might be random but the cards themselves are absolutely not random. If you’ve played poker much, you will realize this quickly after an hour or so of playing based on the large amount of bad beats and high ranking hands. It’s really too bad because the app itself is quite nice. I wish I trusted it to continue playing. Update: Please go play somewhere else if you are considering online poker. I came out ahead on this app by 4 digits but can tell you it is rigged for action. That might be in your favor, it might not, but just know that it won’t be random.
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4 years ago, worstpokerappever
Agree with all the negative reviews
The only poker app I’ve played on that doesn’t seem rigged is poker in America. All the other ones seem to have a way of rewarding people for donkey calls. They usually hit the card they need on the river and more than happens on a regular table playing with real cards. Let’s face it, donkey calls happen and they hit but some apps seem to hit more than would happen in real play and for the same players. What’s worse is real money is in involved on this app so it should be better. 100% believe it’s rigged but if it isn’t it still is 100% not a good algorithm. Zero stars is deserved. In app purchases I believe drive this apps algorithm to deal out bad beats. Anyone who plays poker can tell that cards don’t play out that way on a real poker table as often as it does on this app.
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4 years ago, Mile6393639
Hey you. Scrolling through these reviews trying to decide wether to play on this app or not? Look no further. I played on this app for a month in mostly low stakes tournaments with friends. Like most others, I ran EXTREMELY well for my first 6 tournaments, winning 3 and placing in 4th, 2nd, and 3rd in the other three (buy-ins ranged from 20-35 people.) After that, card runouts became more and more brutal, and almost every board had at least 3 of the same suit, or 3 consecutive cards. AA would consistently lose to hands like QJ, the list goes on. There are bad beats in every game, but the frequency in which short stacks experience bad beats (and big stacks running God-like) was almost hard to fathom. I’m fortunate to still be in the black, but this app is 100% rigged for action. Chip leaders have an unbelievable advantage over smaller stacks. The game just realistic, and most importantly, it’s not fun. If you’re just on this app to spend a few $ with friends, then it could be worse since the app’s gameplay and interface is decent. If you’re a serious player, or care about true hand percentages, then stop reading this review and look for another way to play online!
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4 years ago, Cd5341
I’ve never seen anything like this
I have played my entire adult life. I have played and was a “pro” level tier at several competitors. The amount of “miracle” river cards that show up is well beyond the statistics. I was the beneficiary of many of these and victim of these in my weeks playing on this app. Some will say “it’s no different then any other site or live”. I beg to differ. 84% of the time someone was behind they won on the river on this site in 8,845 hands I played. Sorry, but that’s way way way way beyond anything likely. I can’t support a site that does this. And before you say “you lost that’s why you’re upset” please note this review comes after being up. It’s gross and designed to keep you playing and raking in my estimation. More than enough data to show it’s a mitt joint
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1 year ago, jja205
Play for recreation use only
I’ve been playing professional poker for almost 20 years now. Live mostly and the earlier online days. The “RNG” might be random but it’s def only random to who gets the cards in my opinion. The percentage of hands played per comparison to the top hands won are definitely off compared to real life. To my understanding someone is compiling millions of hands of NL on this app to prove this. Since the developer sells chips to clubs and rake is taken it’s in the best interest to have more hands be hands with higher pots. Some might not believe me and that is fine. If you decide to play for money do it for an amount to just degen that you don’t care about.
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2 years ago, TerribleAppTerrible
These people have there own workers come in here and comment the positive comments also they’re Forsure hiding all the negative comments. No one cares about Your RnG spheal you give everyone it’s not just one session it’s every session winning or losing apps worse than zynga poker. THIS IS A APP MADE TO GAIN MORE PLAYERS…. So it was geared toward getting clueless players to play aswell. It’s super fake. They hide the real reviews and comments and have there own workers come in here and leave good reviews 😂. Also I hate how they act like they don’t allow real money play. That’s what everyone is doing. That’s the only reason you guys are alive. YOU GUYS THINK PEOPLE PLAY THIS terrible app for fun hahahahahahaha every union and club is for real money! You guys allow it too. I have loads of proof.
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2 years ago, Skrugz11
Pretty Good
I like the app for the most part. The play is slow for a few reasons. 1. They allow you to join multiple tables at once. This should be reserved for VIP players only. 2. The notifications when it’s your turn need to be improved big time. There is no initial sound or vibration and only if you wait 5 seconds do you get a notification, but only if your sound is on. 3. There is no change in sound when bets are raised. Please update the notifications during play to speed this up. Also why are you trying to connect to other devices on my network? That is odd.
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4 years ago, milostavroupolis
Coolers are built in
There is overwhelming evidence that coolers are built in to this app. Why would they do this? Because pokerbros makes money selling chips to club owners and club owners make money on rakes. The bigger the hands the better. In my small group of less than 20, we have seen quads four times and a straight flush in three sessions. Each time it was against a full house. This app is not trustworthy. Play with fake money only. Update: In 200 hands tonight, we saw quads FOUR TIMES. RNG is juiced.
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4 years ago, A poker guru
PokerBros should be called, bash your head of the nearest wall
This app is an absolute joke.. you might as well play bingo or a slot machine. If you flop middle set, it’s guaranteed that someone has flopped top set. If you turn the nigs, it is a guarantee that you will not have the nigs after the river. Never have I ever seen so many monster hands lose. And if playing plo, believe it or not, if you flop a full wrap, I guarantee you will not get there... and if you do, don’t worry, youlll just lose more as the river will effff you to the fullest degree. I wanted to believe that I was just running bad. Then finally, monster hand, I get it all in as an 80/20 favorite, my opponent requests to run it 3 times. Well... let’s just say loser loser loser!!! Do yourself a favor and stay away!! Unless you love self torture..
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3 months ago, PlayNpoop
Winning player but Avoid
I’ve won 3 tourneys in 1 month & can show you my results. But I would never endorse this game & recommend avoiding. I don’t know who is censoring/deleting the criticism on other forums because too many players see the same unusually high Coolers/Traps. I’m sure it’s random but that doesn’t mean the game isn’t “Tuned-Up” to keep Recreational players engaged with more action flops & bad beats, since live poker is mostly folding. Ive witnessed an unusually high # of bizarre coolers that I’ve never witnessed playing on GG or Stars? The Certifications mean you paid a company. How do you explain the same negative experiences by so many players? If it’s tuned up, then just say so because the math doesn’t look right.
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4 years ago, BeingHonestRn
Rake ?
I’m pretty sure that’s illegal af and doesn’t make sense for anybody to be making money off the people who do transactions over a third party app, like cash app!? For every table set up there’s a “fee” percentage, so there’s no way to avoid a “rake” when you’re trying to play for fun with a group of friends. This app was cool for a minute, but then I realized there was a percentage of the pot being taken out every hand. That’s wack and literally takes out all the fun when just trying to play a game with some friends. Everybody should have a fair chance to win their (chips/money) back, but instead the owner of the club is making a percentage of the games being a played! Even the word “rake” is blocked out on the app, they know exactly what they’re doing, smh!
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4 years ago, Ryan Westover
Need vibration please
I do like the overall interface (the multi-tabling is pretty clutch) but my biggest complaint is the lack of vibration when it’s your action. Without it, you’re forced to either have your volume on, or be constantly looking at your phone waiting if you are in a setting where you can’t have your volume on. This feature is extremely valuable in another poker app I use, so I’m certain it would be beneficial here (and probably an easy fix). Also, under career, be nice to see how many +-chips I have accumulated. It only shows ROI.
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1 year ago, Jenswag
I’ve recently hit 600K hands on here. Been playing on it for 3 years. It’s always funny to me how the worst plays end up winning? You outplay somebody? You get outdrawn? You got some donkey dominated? You’re going to lose. It’s comical at this point. With all these hands I’ve played I’m def noticing trends like say you win one big hand and then guaranteed 2/5 hands later your going to run into a setup hand and lose. I’m noticing the same terrible players playing terribly and consistently winning. This is in line with what others have stated how some people are just always winning despite their poor hands and play. None of this is exaggeration. I’ve put the hours in. 8000 tournaments 600K hands.
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4 years ago, Donkified
It’s Poker With Your Crew
Not the next Full Tilt with your crew in your own club. Play at union tournaments in another club but don’t ever think that your going to treat the app like the next legal gambling site. A bad beat should happen if you are doing so and math can’t help you when your rep is worthy of being looked up and the opponent is not your friend or in your friend or player tree. Read the name of the app and focus on your crew progressing their poker skills.
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4 years ago, Lhr219
Bad beats
You will always lose on the river, this isn’t real poker and it caters to bad poker players. It induces action and most of the time you can have the nuts on the flop and you’ll lose on the river every time. Don’t waste your time on this app if your playing for real money. Adding to this review. I played for another two weeks to write down my findings, the run outs are still awful and aren’t mathematically possible. Another interesting thing I found out through one of my friends that runs a club for real money, they will have another person/bookie play in the club, and this person gets all the best hands and run outs to take all the money from the players. This app is rigged and should be shut down
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4 years ago, 1654239737476677644337392399$
This has to be the most rigged app I’ve ever seen. I linked my iPad up to some software while in a tournament, and after running IP addresses, this just is scammed and rigged. I’ve lost over 3000 USD, with this app. And will start the Class Action Process against this company. It’s a sham. The proof is obvious. They have their “bots” that will take you out. I HAVE NEVER SEEN SUCH LOW AI on an app before. The odds are 100% against you. You may win one hand, but after that the system kicks on, and you will lose everything, even if you have the nuts after the flop, somehow and someway, someone who should have never called, will hero call you for runner runner and the new nuts. Stay AWAY!!!!! Just wait for the casinos and poker rooms to open back up.
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