PolyFinda - Polyamorous Dating

Social Networking
3.3 (47)
72.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Polyamorous Pty Ltd
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for PolyFinda - Polyamorous Dating

3.3 out of 5
47 Ratings
1 year ago, KansasKawBoy
Getting Better
I read all the reviews from years past and was still willing to give it a Go! Let’s face it, what we are living in is a very small and unique environment. Most of the complaints of old doesn’t exist anymore and the app is very user friendly. The one complaint that is lingering on is the size of the online community here. I honestly thought it would be a bigger group of likeminded individuals but I think it going to get there.
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1 year ago, Junebug1075280
Is this app being marketed
I have been poly since I was 13 years old so I’m happy to see a app but where are all the users?
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6 months ago, dbert777
Don’t bother
I saw this app mentioned if a poly group on social media. Went through the long process of getting signed up. Using NO search filters, within 150 miles there are exactly three users that have been active in the last month. Within 50 miles there are non in the last year. Use a different app and just put poly in your bio.
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6 months ago, Nawtyd0g
Spyware more than likely
Nah cause as soon as I downloaded and opened the app, I find that my audio gets turned on like the app starts listening to your microphone as soon as you launch it. Def should not be happening. No permissions can be changed to prevent it from happening either.
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9 months ago, IMours
Seeking poly love
I am new to the app but so far it has my attention.
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6 months ago, Hyle
Never worked
I was told my account would be in probation for 24 hours then the next time I tried to use it it would never open just time out.
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6 years ago, dksheff
Potential, but buggy
Took about 35 minutes to create a profile. Autocorrect was suppressed while filling out the fields, which was somewhat irritating, but livable. However, when I got to the stage of trying to upload an avatar, there is what seems to be an arbitrary 1MB limit on photo size, which means any photo taken with an iPhone camera is too large to use as an avatar, though there’s no way of knowing until your upload fails. I even tried incredibly outdated photos taken on old phones, and it said my 1MB photo exceeded the 1MB limit. Finished profile creation, and was able to upload other photos without worrying about the 1MB limit (hence my comment that it seemed arbitrary). Had to navigate to figure out how to see local profiles, of which I was the only one. Deleted my account. Perhaps I’ll try again at some point.
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5 months ago, Umbra.
You have to be 22 to use in 2024
The rating is 17+ why is lowest age 22??
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6 years ago, CSSQUIRESJR
Where’d my account go!?!?
So I spent the considerable time setting up a complete and honest profile. Suddenly, a few days later (today), I can’t log in and the system tells me that there is no user with my email. If you’re going to delete my account, please give me the dignity of an email telling me that you’re doing it and why. The app would freeze up periodically, but it was not hard to restart and continue. The user interface is good. The biggest weakness is the very low number of users within 100km of my mid-sized-city location. It gets 4 stars if my account reappears.
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7 years ago, Jurtn
High Hopes for the Future
Can't load images, it only takes from shared photo library, not phone library... and like most niche dating apps there just isn't enough users to make it work. Good attempt, could work if it's really improved upon. I hope this idea picks up because finding other poly folks ain't easy!
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6 years ago, ShayXander85
Can’t sign up
No matter how many times I closed out and reopened the app, it was impossible to put my birthdate on there properly, I’m over 18 so this shouldn’t be an issue. However for whatever reason it is. Also despite filling out all the information I possibly could when signing up, it did not allow me to hit “done” and continue with the process of signing up. I’m sure there are a lot of great people using this app, it’s just a shame that I can’t get past the registration process.
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5 years ago, Campst47
Ghost town
There’s no one here... at all. Also, there’s a little confusion in the set up phase where you set there preferences for what age range you’re lookomg for and then it gives you 18-99 and you have to go into other menus to set tht up a second time. But the main problem is the lack of users on the app. Do some promotion or advertising or something! I’ll change my rating if you actually get a population.
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7 years ago, Megan80
Doesn't open properly
I like the app. It's very basic. But it doesn't load properly all the time. Need to fix this issue.
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6 years ago, Shawniexcore
Terrible App
Should have assumed it would be trash from the 2.1 rating, but still thought I’d give it a try. This app has 6 women in my area, none of which that are slightly attractive. I live in a major city, so I imagine it’s even worse if someone lived in the middle of nowhere.
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6 years ago, opentopoly
This app is not worth your time. Needs a URL?
After downloading the app and taking the time to answer many questions, the app locked up and asks for a “valid URL”. Even the support contact in the App Store doesn’t work. Don’t waist your time with app.
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7 years ago, plaintiger
Non-functional under current iOS
Outdated - doesn’t support the current version of the iOS. I can’t complete the signup process as options I need to choose from are hidden behind the non-dismissible keyboard.
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5 years ago, Skald1
Simply put, it’s not finished
I truly tried. The app is far beyond unpolished, it’s simply incomplete. Tl;dr: Goos choices of gender and relationship identities, but UX is bland and impersonal, profile didn’t save. Not trying again. Long version: It allows for multiple selection of relationship types (including solo poly and RA) and gender identities. This is great! The bad is everything else in the user experience. The profile fields are labeled impersonally, such as “Users location” contrasted to right above it, “About me”. “Profile type” means how you identify (Male, Female, Cis M, Cis W, Non-Binary, etc.) Small things at first. Then there is a three question interview for the app developers. One of the questions is “What is good about poly?” Will only ever have subjective answers in it and yet it tells you you will be judged on your answer. If this were an interview question other users to read, fine. But it explicitly states this is specifically for the app developers to see if you are poly-friendly. I’m being tested? Due to the other reviews, I did not spend 20 minutes filling out the profile. Instead, I answered the short questions manually and I pasted essays from my other dating app profiles to speed up the process. The app simply told me the profile was not saved and took me back to the start page. Sigh. There is no stated character limit on any field. You have one line of viewable editing space to fill in essay questions. It is impersonal, amateur, and incomplete. We should not be subject to a developer’s judgment if we’re worthy to use their app. The only reason there is a second star is because they allow for any number of gender identities or relationship types to be selected in defining who you are. That part they got right.
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7 years ago, Rhino206
Won't let you finish the basic profile
All the areas were checked or have information but you can't proceed
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6 years ago, Lo#1
Won’t load🤷🏾‍♀️
I was so excited for this app but when I open it it says error try again later. Please fix guys I really would like this product.
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5 years ago, TyGOG
Needs work
If just one company could make a good app for this! Youd be rich. The filter does not work No i dont want to meet someone 15,000km. Not to mention. How bout trying to include the american market (imperial measurements)
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7 years ago, LynchburgVirginia
Fix it!
It will not allow you to get past your preferences once you download. Very annoying.
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7 years ago, SpiritVegan
App doesn’t work
Won’t let me even register my profile. Quite aggravating. Ugh.
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7 years ago, MrsRichardson828
Not working
It wouldn't let me finish making an account.
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7 years ago, dancing2myowndrum
Great idea but .......
It won't even let me finish my basic profile. Save or next is grayed out. Oh dear. Fire the coder and get one who knows what s/he's doing PLEASE???????
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7 years ago, Martin's iPad2
Lots of bugs!
If the creators fix minor problems this could be a great app!
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6 years ago, holyballs1
Couldn’t sign up if my life depended on it
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4 years ago, Joe fired
The app keeps looping back to select age range. It’s useless.
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2 years ago, twinkie1974-4
Waste of time
I think the main issue with this app is they let anyone on. no photo verification or any type of verification on who you are.So far it seems like everyone I’ve spoken to is from a foreign country.If you want to get taken advantage of by people who are not who they say they are, then this app is for you!
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6 years ago, HolmesieHolmes
Verification not sent
Verification is not being sent to my email and I cannot find anywhere else to notify developer but here. Without the verification code, I cannot use the app.
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