Positive Singles®: Herpes Date

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User Reviews for Positive Singles®: Herpes Date

4.13 out of 5
4K Ratings
2 years ago, rhdjfirjwhd
Decent App and would be nice if they advertised more
I’m a man aged 58. Been using the app for a few months. I went on a few dates and met a few more folks on line. It does make it easier. Functionality wise it would be nice to figure out when folks have been on the site as I suspect there are profiles where the “authors” have not visited in some time. Pretty easy to search and few good features like “tossing a bottle”. I would say the biggest problem is population of people who have signed up. It’s just not that many. My guess is that folks are reluctant to get on here due to stigma. As typical of a number of dating g sites there are scam profiles but I think the site does a good or decent job of policing them.
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3 years ago, singlemommy81
Than you PS to give me a new life
When I found I am positive, I feel very sad for a long time. In the past several years, I joined a lot of secret H groups and sites including positive singles dating site, and haven’t find my match so far. After I started using the PS app, I thinks it is very convenient, I can communicate with other herpes singles easily. Yes, the app doesn’t have the same features as site, but it is more interesting and effective than other std dating apps, it has a feature called Drift Bottle, it is interesting, I meet some friends through this feature, I have tried many other popular dating apps including tinder, pof, badoo but I don’t have courage to tell them myself at first. Not like here, we are the same, together. Also, their customer service is good, when I had a problem and sent them a message, I got a quick response. So I think this is very nice app, hope this app becomes better and better and I might stay here even I found my match, so that I can get more friendship and support. Thank you!!
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4 months ago, Mutant9827
Creators of PS
For the people that created PS I really think you should rethink what the subscription is. we shouldn’t have to pay just to talk to people. Why can’t y’all be like every other dating site where we can talk to anybody we want to. Now if we wanted to for example see who liked us back, or cast the drifting bottle, or Making the first move or advance search sure those I agree you should probably have the subscription. But just being able to talk to somebody, we should not have to pay $30-$110 . It’s almost like you want us to stay Vulnerable so that we have to buy your subscription. and from viewing almost all of your comments, I would’ve expected y’all to make the difference to your actual app where it was more user-friendly than a greedy scam . I really think y’all would be a lot more successful with your app if you actually listen to the people that are on it. take their advice, or at least lower the subscription, where it’s reasonable for anybody in any type of situation (because we do live in a time of Inflation and everybody is paying more for less ) be able to use your app. But I’m sure all y’all see are the dollar signs which is quite sad because your app really did have potential.
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3 years ago, intjddd
Suspended Account
I created a account, uploaded picture, and did the video verification. I browsed some profiles for a few minutes and closed the app. I tried to open the app the next day and it says my account is suspended and it says to contact support. I sent support a email and I haven’t heard back from anyone in days. It’s really suspicious. Update: I received a response from Positive Singles Support. I was told there was some unusual activity on my account and that they strictly prohibited scammers from the app. I asked for clarification on what specifically was “unusual activity” and how can I reactivate my account. Once again Positive Single support said there was unusual activity but did not specify what was unusual with my activity. Next, I was asked to provide a copy of my drivers license or passport along with my username/email address to verify my account. Now, why have users upload a recorded video of yourself just to be told to give your drivers license or passport for account verification. That’s seems like unnecessary information harvesting. And that’s exactly what I told Positive Single support. The representative that was helping me said, “We are sorry that we cannot unblock your account if you do not plan to verify my account.
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1 month ago, little Lisa T
Life Changing!
Before joining PS, I was coming out of 4 years of social isolation and barely leaving my house. Other dating apps were disappointing, rarely matched and dreaded having The Talk if we did. Within my first 24 hours on PS, I had 100 likes and messages started pouring in. Now, my 4th month on it, I have made several awesome friends, have gone on many dates and have a constant stream of attention coming in. Extremely validating for someone who’s had herpes over 20 years. There are many people on PS who are not at all my type, but it’s easy to block them and focus on finding quality matches. The more I’ve edited my profile to reflect my full, authentic self, the more magical matches I’ve attracted into my life. Thank you, PS, for giving me back my social life and connecting me with people who feel like my Tribe! Eternally grateful.
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2 weeks ago, djdevj
Hard to tell if the developers are being honest
Before I downloaded, I looked at the reviews, mostly the negative ones. Most of them were consistent over the years saying that members have to pay just to respond to messages that were sent to them. The developer consistently responded saying "standard members can respond to emails and messages for free...". I figured this was pretty standard and if so, still worth a try. I've been on the app maybe 10 hours, and I got a message from another member. I read their profile and decided to like them back. That's when I got the first prompt to pay for a sub. No biggie, they said it's free to respond so I'll just do that. Type up my response and click "send", them boom. Blocked by the subscription sign-ups. So I'm asking for transparency. Why respond to reviews saying that responding is free when it's not? Why isn't what you specifically can and can't do for free explicitly spelled out in the app? I've seen the developer say that the fees cover the maintenance of quality for the app, but that is something that needs to be spelled out with crystal clarity for members. What is offered currently feels like a major bait and switch. I can afford a membership, but in my short experience it doesn't feel like it would be worth it to invest in an app that doesn't cover the basics well or is honest with their members.
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3 years ago, A. Rashon G.
I used PS off and on for years. It felt like my only option due to my situation. They let you know what they value in the beginning considering you can’t send a message unless you pay a premium, and whether you pay it or not, unless you are white your profile won’t get much exposure by the site or will be suspended or out right deleted based off unsubstantiated heresay. But what I found to be most disturbing is the fact PS uses the pics of past members to create fake profiles to give off the illusion there are a lot of potential connections. The last time I used the site there was a fake page using the pics of a woman serving in the military. Many times the page was reported and another would sprout up using the same pics. So either PS is responsible or are simply ignoring the fraudulent pages. At best this sight is misleading, at its worse, predatory. Don’t waste your time or emotional energy. There is also a sister site called MPWH. Basically the same scam artist site with a different color scheme. It’s also a trap.
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11 months ago, Jeannazou
Highly Recommend, Amazing Experience.
I'm someone who's given up on dating apps. But this app is DIFFERENT. The pool of people on this app are for real better than all other dating apps I've used. Here, people are serious about relationships and make their incentives clear. I've had much more engaging and relatable matches here, and easier conversatiosn with the provided icebreaker. Here, the local profile may be smaller but substantial HIGHER quality. The website can also filters out the bad choices for you by blocking thems, so it's super-verified and super-efficient. 100% would recommend for anyone looking for serious relationships and don't like wasting your time. Thank you (xxx), and hope the rest of you have fun on this app.
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1 year ago, Akeya M.
App is pretty bad when it comes to functions. You have to repetitively force close and reopen to use most features or force close when it freezes. You can’t message people on the app unless you or them pay for the service. The service is approx $35 a month and the perks given are not useful. They won’t allow people to share other social medias to communicate if you don’t have premium in your profile. But doesn’t stop or filter the creeps from sending unsolicited messages or pictures. Even with the premium and as much as you are paying, it isn’t worth the very few little perks gained with premium. I’ve been trying to meet people with similar contions for friendships to have to talk to and can’t even do that. The app is truly just a money grabber and waste of time honestly. People won’t share their face because of the “stigmas” and are too scared. I’ve had a poor experience using the app.
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7 months ago, Joje4
I do not like this app and looks like all of the apps for people that are positive for stds don’t allow you to even get an message if you or the other person is not a premium member. I was told by support to just pay for the premium so I can get more action but most dating sites at least allow the initial conversation so you might be able to set up a date. All this site lets you do is window shop never get to try on the merchandise. We get enough rejection on our own but we come to this site because it’s supposed to be a safe place for us and it doesn’t even help us it just sends us on a wild goose chase. It’s not worth it to me except the drift bottles. We can have whole conversations there but most of them aren’t local at all. I am unhappy with this site and won’t sign up for any other positive sites since they work the same way. I’ll stick to all the other ones and the ultimate judgement.
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4 years ago, Janie PNW
They empower predatory behavior.
Racism is everywhere and I get that, but they (positive singles aka ps) allow far too much to slide. I get notifications and emails that someone is visiting my profile 5+ times per week (you can only block hidden profiles if you pay a huge fee for premium) but they allow this person to anonymously do so. I get men wishing wishing violence on me and leaving harassing comments and messages. Someone with premium is anonymously visiting repeatedly (aka stalking) and I can’t afford premium, so I can’t afford to see who and block them. I have reached out to the site’s support staff numerous times, but they will not resolve this as I don’t have their ransome to get premium status. I tried creating a blog/post asking others if they are experiencing similair harassment, but the support staff took it down. It is nice to have a sense of normalcy and community post ob, but be prepared to deal with bitter men throwing their weight around with PS’s blessing. They empower predatory behavior.
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2 months ago, chelseaalberti
No message approval?
I really wish people didn’t have the ability to message whoever they want. I have to sort through 100 messages from people I literally have zero interest in and half of them have no picture saying really creepy things that make me feel uncomfortable . And No, I won’t approve your private photo album request. Why are these things free access to everyone?? This should only be allowed when there is mutual interest shown. It’s a waste of time to go through the messages and honestly just too creepy for me. It feels too unsolicited and crossing my boundary. Besides that, the dating pool of the people in the areas I’ve been have been slim to yuck. Originally wanted to hop on this app hoping I could see the light on this situation but it honestly has now just made me feel even more hopeless.
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2 years ago, sailortrinity
The blog section is the best
First off, I’ve been on ps for 10 years. My experience is different from a lot. I get no scammers messaging me let alone any. This website is mainly for herpes, hpv and hiv carriers. Secondly, the private messaging system tend to give me the “!“ sign even though I have good connection. Lastly, I stay for the blog section. Ive made a few friends and some met them in real life. There’s alot of rude and mean people to weed out but thank goodness for the blocking option. However, lately some of the people I blocked seem to be unblocked now, which made me go lesser on ps. People do say although a lot might not find love on ps, but for sure friendships will form. I still talk to the ones Ive talked to from the beginning of my ps journey.
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1 year ago, Bunka Hill
Good app; Constructive criticism
This app seems to struggle GREATLY in properly organizing individuals in distance pertaining to your location. For example, I’m located in Charlotte NC and if I request too see women from up to 150 miles away it’ll often skip many Charlotte residents all together. I know this because if I switch from distance to just locating women in the entire State of NC I will see women located here in Charlotte that I didn’t see from the first search. Also I understand that one certainly isn’t OBLIGATED by any means to EVER offer any type discount but one from time to time would be nice as a customer I personally believe. Regardless keep up they good work 👍🏾
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2 years ago, Sam2387654
Could be better
The app is glitchy. Sometimes crashes when you click on certain profiles of people I’ve been chatting with, even when I know the profiles are still active. Sometimes you don’t get notifications. Half the time when you are swiping through profiles and you click into one, a different person’s profile that was a few swipes back comes up. Also idk why they don’t make it where you have to match to chat. Numerous times I’ve started chatting with a girl and they tell me they’re getting harassed by a bunch of other guys and then they delete the app. A lot of people are turned away because of this. But the community on here is the best of any other similar app/it is the most widely used
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4 years ago, MrQuien
This is a dead app
By reading the fake and/or paid reviews on here, this seems like a great app lol. Geesh... This app is a pay to play app. They want you to pay too dollar to be able to talk to other users but they DO NOT give this any maintenance. In order to quick swipe with other users you NEED a profile pic. No problem, 95% of profile pictures are of random objects (real examples; a chair, a plate of food, a door, a cat, plenty of memes, feet, a closet, a broom, a car, a hair brush and too many too recall) and pictures like this get approved. BUT if you add an Instagram or Twitter name in the bio, it gets quickly deleted... lol, this app was obviously made to take money of of those with unfortunate stigmas. The developers knew exactly what they were going for when this app was made. And for some stupid reason, this app will sign you off every single week yet keep sending you notifications...
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3 years ago, HonestPerspective
WARNING: App users not allowed to message one another after matching!!! (Premium Members Only)
Only paying users may message their matches!! $40 for one month access, $70 for 3 months, and $110 for 6 months of premium access! This app is poorly maintained for you to take advantage of users in such a manner. Numerous bugs exist in the mobile app… namely the bug with user profiles appearing to be hidden at first glance (this includes users that have already matched). However, upon refreshing their profile (often numerous times), the profile data suddenly appears as it should. PS takes advantage of those who suffer social stigmas due to their medical conditions, and doesn’t even allow users to message one another freely. I predict this app will be dead soon once a suitable replacement hits the market.
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5 years ago, Joshuadt
Terrible selling point
This website consistently puts out some of the worst apps I’ve ever seen. They try to make it so you have to buy a membership if you want to do literally anything. I really have so much more to say about it, but I don’t have the time right now. Just to leave y’all with an idea before I go, just imagine, there’s like 40 potential matches in your exact city, but when you go to search “nearby” it shows you people 200 miles away instead... or you go to the “swipe game” and it shows you 3 people from your region, but 59 from 1600 miles away, and FORGET about seeing the people who’ve already swiped right on you, they’ll never show up in your list. It’s ridiculous. Literally trash. Paid for membership for over a year before even downloading the app. Will most certainly never pay this crap site again.
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2 years ago, sexcy latina thick ari
Dear p.s
I love this app because I can meet others that have the same thing and I don’t have to worry about having that awkward conversation. I like the fact that this App has new features like blogs but hopefully they come out with a live feature like a live streaming feature that would be soo cool and also the prices should at least go down a bit like for a month subscription instead of 33 please I could go down to 20 write back I would love to work with this company I have a lot of ideas that could make this app 10 times better
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5 years ago, ramblinR3d
App doesn’t display more than 1/2 of the profile
Why ask questions and give us space to write important details about who we are and what we want. On the mobile app you only have access to the About Me and About My Match portions of the persons profile. It took me weeks to figure out why women were asking me questions about things that were in my profile. Important stuff. I just figured they didn’t read my whole profile even they kept kept saying they did. It led to a lot of wasted time. I give it 3 stars only because I have been pretty successful on this site but I use my laptop and have also paid the ridiculously high $30 fee to have any kind of functionality in this site at all.
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3 months ago, Real Scorpion
Hi everybody it is a great place to meet. Nice people my experience are wonderful Of course, you have to watch out for scamming, but it’s the same as you cross the street you make sure nobody comes close to you We are sitting in the same boat I am talking, especially for the Hiv people. We are so blessed with the medication we have these days if you were just diagnosed with HIV don’t you worry you can live in normal life you have to take your pills and they have some side effects, but overall they won’t kill you if you take good care of your body and keep it every day even children and that is a blessing. Here is a man talking who wish he had kids the best would be half a soccer team but so far it didn’t happen, but still time to go, keep on dreaming and set your goals high because you will achieved them Best of luck to everyone and things to this platform. You guys do a good job. a member A. S.
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4 months ago, Young angel young lion
Premium membership bug on iOS
Besides echoing most of what the most recent reviews have been saying, I’ve been coming across a bug where I don’t even have access to premium features even though I paid 3 months in advance. And because I bought it on App Store, it doesn’t even register I bought a membership if I try to just visit the PositiveSingles website. Fortunately I’m in an area where there actually are people within miles of me so ultimately your mileage may vary depending on where you’re living. Again, the app has a problem with registering your premium membership purchase if you uninstall and reinstall or change phones. I wouldn’t waste my hard earned money again on such a third rate effort of a dating app until they fix that
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5 years ago, gator416609
Avoid this pathetic app
First off, I get a “super like” while I’m looking at the profiles, I say why not, there’s a woman I want to chat with. I purchase one month, come to find out the super like is in Oklahoma, that’s more than 50 miles from me, no profile pic, the usual scammer profile, you have seen them on POF and other free sites, this one is no different, except to utilize their broken app, which sits down more often than not, I have to keep re starting, in frustration I just log on the web and access my profile. The major cities probably have a good success rate , if you live in the other 99% of the USA, you might as well buy lotto tickets instead. If you send a complaint, you get canned messages in response. I have already canceled my one time purchase, took one for the team, you have been warned.
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2 years ago, whejsj
Awful app
This app gives hope to people who suffer from awful conditions until you try it out and realize you can’t do anything unless you pay so if you don’t intend to pay don’t even bother. On top of all of that the app is full of mean abusive people. I matched with a woman and I am not allowed to send her a message unless I sign up and pay what sense does that make if we’ve already matched let us chat. The people who make this app should be ashamed of themselves you give people like me hope we can find someone but this app ruined all hope I have because of how poor it is and is run. The people who download this app are suffering and your making our suffering so much worse. You’ve made me lose all hope at only 22
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2 years ago, yethegawd
It's an okay app
This app is great for connecting people who can be honest about their in circumstances. But $40 is a heafty price to pay for it. Not only that that fact that the moderators can delete and edit users headlines or bios so that they can't put in their snap chat or ig if they don't want to pay for the premium is insane and low. I could create a way better app myself and just put in picture adds and let people talk for free and your app would fall. Please stop taking advantage of already vulnerable people just trying to better their lives and get a better understanding of their situation.
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2 years ago, The app is unique
You should make it like tinder so you get more people
In order to chat with people you have to pay to message someone and the distance is crazy. You should make a distance like 20 miles away rather than countries away also not pay to message someone. Rather follow like what tinder does pay for more likes or see who liked you. There’s other ways to get people to pay rather you’re sabotaging your own company. We already tested positive for std you just make things worse no wonder you only have few people who downloaded this. Like since 2001 you only have 1k while tinder has billions? Yeah you’re doing something wrong
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4 years ago, lovemuffin001
Please fix the app bandage
I really love everything about this app. It’s simple and gets to the point. You can use it without buying everything so it’s comforting for those that want to just try it to see who’s out there, but if you could, can you PLEASE fix the icon so I don’t have to see 300 people liked me or super liked me because I don’t want that showing constantly. If there’s a way for it to be turned off and on so it’s not showed as a bandage on the app I would really appreciate it. Over all really nice app
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1 month ago, Littlebitofcountrytime
This app is the worst!
I have tried this app a handful of times. First of all there are a ton of depressed and rude trolls with and without stds with no filter of the behavior from the app. 2nd. The app tho it has positives about being “positive” has too many negatives. 1. The app should reenforce safety. There is glorified lying about the disease within the “chat box” why is that okay? It’s not! It hones in on the idea that sex and hooking up is all we have left within the community. Dating apps are so far away from finding happiness and this kind of app should be different. We lost a sense of safety when we were diagnosed. How dare we lose it again. Following, we are normal people. We do have issues inside and out. But I’d like to see a structured dating app especially for the ones diagnosed who’ve truly had the ground beneath them shaken. Something that unforced true boundaries and safety. Vs loose morals still arise. The stds should have shaken some sense into us but if anything the idea of the app has taken us too far into the chaos that brought us in the realm of our disease.
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1 year ago, ReaderBeeX
Homophobic and transphobic!
You have to choose a gender (male or female) no non-binary option :/ and once you choose a gender they just assume you’re straight and only show you the opposite gender. I cannot stress how outdated this is. Way to exclude a large population of people. I can’t use it as I am a nonbinary pansexual. Plus unless you’re gonna pay for premium they’ll just show you a bunch of men way older than you. I’m 21! I do not feel safe meeting 35 year olds! This is a hot mess and a disappointment. It’s too bad because I think the concept of the sight is great and I think it’s important for positive people to have a space. But it’s poorly executed to say the least. I’d call it laughable. It’s 2023 brooooo gay and trans people exist :| I’m floored
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3 years ago, reviewer039471
App Concept
The app concept is great, create a place where people can be honest about their sexual history with partners that they want to be with. The user interface of the app leaves a lot to be desired. The app does not flow well. The app also does not refresh while open. You have to completely close the app and then reopen to refresh things such as messages. The cost of the premium version of the app seems very high, considering that there are not many advantages to using the premium version and that it does not really improve the usability of the app.
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9 months ago, Kentrell Youngboy
This app is trash. For this app to make its money off of ALOT of diagnosed people trying to find connections , relationships and friendships, it’s poorly designed and looks like a app designed in 2001. This app also has a lot of fake pages. You will eventually even find a fake page with your picture. Its expensive for no reason at all and if you think about it , its sad to be diagnosed with something forever and have to pay a fortune to talk to someone. It’s not fair how they want us to talk on the app only and monitor when you put your social name online. It’s trash app and I look forward to coming up with a new and better app that’s actually friendly for us
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5 years ago, thankfulltosubscibe
Just Pay For It. It’s Worth It. I promise
Seriously, with what we’ve all gone through it’s absolutely worth the money to pay for the subscription. Being able to find someone close is so much easier and faster. The app is brilliantly designed that way. Don’t pay and it’s a needle in a hay stack. Pay and you’ll find someone close by quickly. I’m a man who used to cry myself to sleep because of this, and not anymore. My sincerest thank you to the developers. It’s changed my life.
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5 years ago, KAMO1996
I like it!! Price is a little steep though!
The apps really cool and i see how it could work. It makes you feel not so alone in your area, but thats a lot of money. Im living life with my situation I'm not just searching for a mate constantly, you literally cant even make friends unless you pay a crazy monthly payment. Its not like imma set the payments up find a friend or start dating then continue to pay. So do i just stop using the app when i do find a friend or starting dating someone?
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3 years ago, RJay0724
Soo grateful for this App!
I got out of a long marriage and got herpes almost immediately after. I really thought I was never going to make it through the dating world till I found this. It’s better than tinder because you don’t have to go with the usual rejections on Tinder, everyone here is going through the same thing. I’ve managed a solid dating life and have met someone who is just amazing. Don’t lose hope!
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3 years ago, 2000RS
I recently got this app and there are a lot of glitches with the messaging feature. Even when I match with someone, it's telling me I have to pay for a me membership to message them. People outside of my age range are seeing me and messaging me, and as someone with trauma with older men I really dislike that feature. After I exit a message, the messages will show the message more then once in my inbox. This app needs a lot of improvements, and to be less of a scam. There's no reason to pay for a dating app just because you have an STD.
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3 years ago, DroolsAlot
Whoever codes this website is horrible
Sure the basic functionality is there, but if you want a dating site that freezes and lags and duplicates messages etc. this is the one for you. On top of that, they have no way to turn off notifications to visitors on your profile. Visitors!!!! Not messages. So if anyone looks at your profile even for a second, you get notifications. Without a way to turn it off, I believe is a ploy to get people to log in. These guys don’t seem to care about their customers and making this amazing website, it’s just the money these days.
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2 years ago, Lightbulbideas
Most expensive Premium price for tiny user base and average functionality
DO NOT SIGN UP FOR PREMIUM. I’ve never spent so much money on an app that has given me so little fulfillment in return. The free version limits so much functionality that I thought I’d try premium to at least be able to message more than 2 people. I regret it so much. There are very few users, (I live in a large city), so functionality doesn’t matter if there’s no one to sort through. Maybe more people would use the app if the free version offered any value. Wish I could get my money back. You’d be much better off on an alternative app.
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3 years ago, Ta2ed Warrior
Horrible scam filled site
Say do you want money. This site is garbage. There is no way they are a 4.6 site they must’ve paid for that rating the only time I ever get any action is from a scam profile. Then you can see their responses are all the same to the real reviews that are negative not the fake ones in our pump in the side up like it’s so great. Let us know the fake profile and will take care of it. I have let them know about it over 100 fake profiles. The whole site is fake. It’s your money though if you want to throw it out the window buy a subscription with the site
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10 months ago, Nicweezy12
Terrible for non-paying members
I had the 3 month membership, it expired, don’t want to pay again, and now I can’t message anyone. Not wait a week to send a message, or 3 days, or even 2 weeks but can’t initiate messages at all. U have to pay to start a conversation with anyone and majority of people on there are non-paying. At least give us 2 free messages a week, jeez. It just a bunch of winking back and forth because no one can message each other. $70 for 3 months and $34 for 1 month is insane. Lower prices or give an allotted amount of free messages per time spent on the app, please.
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4 years ago, Casey Hannah
Not really free
Really disappointed to see how little you get with the free version. I can’t even message someone back without paying at least $33 for premium. Also, and I acknowledge this isn’t necessarily a flaw in app design, but I was sort of disappointed with the selection I found available. Most of the profiles I saw were people 5+ years older than me, or were in completely different areas of the state than me. I guess I’m just frustrated that my disease already affects my dating options and this app really didn’t seem to help much. Maybe a good option of others, but I haven’t found much success. :(
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6 months ago, MY1527
Been on here multiple times hoping it’ll get better. They need to hire someone to revamp this app asap! The “filter” asks for specific hints you’re looking for and then it gives you whatever it wants anyway. You select woman. It’ll give you couples and men anyway. So stupid. Location. What is that? This app doesn’t know. Oh you like what you’re reading on someone’s profile. Sorry. One wrong swipe and you’re visiting the profile a thousand times before you even decide if it’s one you want to like or not. So many issues
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2 years ago, Foxalot
Great idea, bad functionality
It’s great to find other people in same situation, but the app itself is terrible. Messages lag and don’t come through sometimes for hours. They charge $69/3months for a premium subscription, yet you can’t customize who can contact you. The lowest setting for distance is 50 miles (which is way too far for me) and yet I’m still getting messages from people of all ages across the country. I’d like to see them take a page out of other popular dating apps to improve the experience.
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2 years ago, --Havok--
Greedy and incompetent
For as much as they charge for premium you would think this app would function flawlessly. Their pricing scheme has become so outrageous, it's difficult to justify spending so much on a dating app with such a small user base. It takes a lot of audacity to charge more than Netflix does each month while providing such lackluster service and selection. I have had infinitely better luck on regular dating apps and disclosing that I've got herpes, fortunately I live in Tampa and the most common response I get when I disclose to someone is "oh I've got it too, but good for you for disclosing it"
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2 years ago, Stepahnie7790
Do not waste your money or time
My experience with this company has been absolutely horrible. They suspended my account due to a “violation”, which I then sent in the items they requested (my drivers license), and my account was reactivated. Then a day later it was suspended again for the same thing. I sent in the documentation they requested AGAIN and received an email back saying that I was indefinitely banned with absolutely no explanation as to what my “violation” actually was. I have tried to email and call, but have been ignored. The lack of communication and care this company has is disgraceful.
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8 months ago, GilesInDisguise
Worst dating app I’ve ever used
They haven’t meaningfully updated the app in YEARS. It’s full of bugs and the usability is trash. They charge a hefty premium just for the ability to message other people. If I had the money I would develop my own app and put this company out of business. They will reply to this review and say “oh email us with your issues and we’ll fix them!” But they never do. They don’t do anything except collect your money. Pretty sure the majority of reviews for this app are fraudulent - you can tell by the crappy writing. No way it should have four stars.
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2 years ago, F4z3_420xxV4n1qxX
Cashgrab that preys on already broken people
Unless you pay an outrageous price, you cant message anyone, see anything useful on their profile or much of anything else. You can’t do anything unless you pay. There’s literally no point to this app. It’s a shamy cashgrab that exploits people that already have enough problems. Useful tip, use ads on your app and make it where you can message people. Then make better features that incentivises us to buy the membership. I’m not giving you money just to use such a basic app. Respectfully re evaluate your app.
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1 year ago, Seanziepooh
Find love, don’t lose hope
I would say this app definitely makes life so much more “normal” I was able to meet a few people and now in a pretty happy relationship with someone I met on this website. I think the monthly cost, although a little higher than other dating sites, is completely worth it. Good luck!
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2 months ago, K in LG
Not a Tech Masterpiece, but Serves the Purpose
If you are considering this app, you should try it. If you are thinking about it, you probably don’t have a lot of other options. But don’t expect a lot of bells and whistles, and don’t expect the bells to ring. The whistles blow much of the time. If you try it and are happy with the other members’ content, you should give yourself the chance to see if it will work for you. Short term memberships are offered.
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1 year ago, Uber_Rider000000001
This app is a MAJOR disappointment
Not only do you have to pay to interact & match with people. I understand that however it seems this app is more concerned about profiting off of people with herpes than actually making genuine connections. This app brought me failure and disappointment. As a male either you run into escorts who moonlight as victims of stis. Then you have fake profiles & the matches in my area are almost nonexistent. It appears either everyone is ashamed to talk or engage with each other, it’s a catfish profile, or again an escort who tricks you into meeting them. Sincerely disgusted!
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3 years ago, gorilla glue girl
Literally have to pay for everything..
I was so happy to discover this app, I was excited at the possibility of meeting someone with the same condition as me. But this app is literally terrible. You have to pay to CHAT. Even if you both like each other, match, or both give access to photos... To me, this seems like they are just using people having a condition and wanting to find love to profit. If it was cheaper, I’d be on board. But it’s literally 20$ plus. No free trial... there’s so many people I really want to talk to and I can’t unless I pay. Unfair. Unrealistic.
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