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Product Hunt Inc.
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12 months ago
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User Reviews for Product Hunt

4.81 out of 5
1.5K Ratings
2 years ago, Dexatron
Hated the update until I saw the ‘List’ layout option
Was very disappointed when I first experienced the new update because the default is the car layout. It adds significantly more visual noise and requires more scrolling. I eventually checked the settings and noticed a List layout that made the experience like the original version. Now I’m enjoying PH again. Huge relief!
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2 years ago, user103492
Love PH. Hate app. Here’s 3 reasons why...
1) for years across multiple devices the app randomly gives JSON errors pulling the list that requires it to be killed and restarted 2) when you scroll deep in the list it refreshes causing you to have to start back again from the top making it nearly impossible to go back far in time 3) they now have added auto playing videos without adding any way in settings to stop that. I often read the list in places that require quiet and now wind up scrambling to stop the video and/or kill the volume Ok so appending for the new app that seems to have corrected for some of the issues with the old app so far, but now that new app can’t seem to handle accessibility settings for larger text in iOS. So basically the new app is not ADA compliant.
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1 year ago, Ambassi
Request a visas is very frustrating
Since at the moment I am going through the process with my mom’s visas. I know what is look like to wait until you get the answer from the service you work with. In term of time you just need patience until someone gets back to you. It’s been a while now I’m trying to get an interview scheduled. I hope someone has read my message that I sent through my email. I would say good luck to anyone else in my situation.
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2 weeks ago, Beer_zaygy
Need better customization
iPhone view of daily top 5 is annoying. I want to see all of the products for the day without the extra clicks. In fact, when I miss a few days, I want to continuously scroll from day to day without having to hit the back button. Can you create a continuous list option of all products?
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8 months ago, KCHERRY22
testmarket website
I absolutely love testmarket website they give you an opportunity to earn money with referrals and give you the option to get gift cards pay to PayPal or bank transfer! This is by far my favorite website I have made over $150 and I’ve only been with them for less than 2 weeks! I love it high recommend!!!!
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2 years ago, sbtokarz
Constant Crashing & Unresponsive Buttons
The “Back” button doesn’t work when attempting to return to a a tab/list of products after viewing a product page. The only way to get off of a product’s page and back to browsing Product Hunt is by closing the app entirely & reopening it. Constant crashing while scrolling through products as well — both through product lists & scrolling through individual products’ pages. With all of the incredibly talented & inventive minds contributing to Product Hunt, it’s baffling that no one has launched a product to fix Product Hunt.
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4 months ago, Hookman Sam
Product Hunt
Is a great place and resources for the community of creative and gifted people. The improvement I've my been making in my business Product Hunt has a part to play in that. So thanks to everyone working there and another thank goes out to all the Designers, Developers, CEO’s showcased, wishing everyone much success!
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1 year ago, BeattieII
Program is good for scanning, but pricing is way off on a lot of cards. To me this is the most important tool as it defines the value of your collection. Tech support is not good, if you send them emails about issues they pretty much quit responding. Apparently they don’t take criticism very well. I paid good money for the app so I have certain expectations of how the product works and it’s accuracy. Too many other companies are working on the technology to be competitive and I will definitely shop around if improvements are not made.
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2 years ago, Lvmesa
A huge upgrade!
New PH app is so much better than previous versions. Basically at feature parity with web, beautiful new design and it just feels so much more responsive. Nice work!
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2 years ago, Nika Garashvili
Remove search on mobile ? Are you serious? What do you think how users can find relative products ?
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11 months ago, David Greig.
Thank you!
I’ve been waiting for an app like this for forever. Just please expand to other areas/categories like business, freelancing, etc.
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1 year ago, ConnectedChick
Just Browse and Be Amazed
Everybody publishes their best apps here. It is a wonderland of apps that solve all kinds of problems and the voting system guarantees the cream floats. Been a fan of this app for a decade. I am never disappointed.
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10 months ago, luann g s
Great platform to find great apps!
Easy navigation to find that app, users to connect with, or put your product out there!
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5 months ago, Sandy Sandy
Source of innovations
I am a serial entrepreneur and I am a ProductHunt user for many years. This platform has been a home of so many genius products!
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1 year ago, Marylandboy14
New update
The recent update made all the difference! Thanks for fixing. This app is super helpful and exactly what our team needed. Great stuff
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1 year ago, Big Ben V
B Vizcarra
This concept takes home improvement to a whole new level! What a vital tool to help see the potential you never could conceive on your own!
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9 months ago, EdwinSamuel
Eager now that my toes are wet. I’ve just tapped into something bigger than I can currently wrap my mind around… I think.
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5 months ago, Chibuokesunday
Good interface, I like how products are reviewed manually by users
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3 months ago, Sigmadog
Don’t waste your time!
Don’t be fooled, this is a huge waste of time and resources. They randomly pick a couple of companies and only they get featured, see performance ranking, and have a chance to be a top product. Huge waste and a scam - wish they were transparent and treated startups better.
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10 months ago, Datgurl63
Sent straight from the tech heavens I see you
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2 years ago, theklr88
Links open app then open browser
I don’t know what this is for. It’s marginally better than the website, it only provides push notifications
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2 years ago, mr alvin lee
What a great idea
I wish I thought of this. This tool is something I leverage daily.
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1 year ago, teto 22
Great idea
We happy to get this kinds of ideas
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3 weeks ago, MatthewAGruber
Great product
Love searching for new technology and contributing to the technological community.
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9 months ago, Christal F
Awesome! Thanks for building! This is exactly what I have been looking for.
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2 years ago, rockthatrocks
Can’t Login past profile
When logging in with Google, it forces me to a page to set up my profile then tells me my email is already in use. Can’t get past it.
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10 months ago, Vedic Supply
It is illegal to not love Product Hunt
I’m not a lawyer but I’m pretty sure that’s the law
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12 months ago, Whuz-up
Product Hunt
Phenomenal App! Very easy to Navigate!
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2 months ago, jdluk87
Scam these days. Completely worthless
What a scam these days. I am top two for all launches today and I am not featured because I am not paying them extra money. You are a joke. Shame on yoi
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3 weeks ago, Fpp.gamma
Simply the best!
Very excited to see for this project! What a great project!
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8 months ago, Beachwalkers’s
Always Reliable!!
I have always been in a gym of some sort and Pilates with a trainer. In the past few years I decided to put a full gym and Pilates in my home and seek out a trainer to work with me. A. To keep me on track and accountable B. To make sure I was working the body the way it should be as I age gracefully.. :) I wanted someone that would get me, my workout techniques, I love early mornings have things ready to go. My Trainer is flipping AMAZING “ Andrea”. She always is available, one of my biggest cheerleaders Is willing to change my workouts when I feel I need a bigger challenge. She is always checking on my eating, my body (how it’s feeling) after the workouts especially if we upped the game Changed the plan at all. I went through a very difficult illness for almost 11 months, kickoff paused my membership waiting for me to get healthy to come back. In the meantime my trainer kept in touch checking on me and had a plan ready for me to start back. Another thing they offer great recipes to suit your eating and I personally have tried several I love to cook and bake can attest they are great. I also love my workouts are always ready for me and I don’t have to wait. If I have any questions I can reach out to my trainer she gets right back to me. Also, there are always alternatives to an exercise if the one given is not a particular one you can do or want a different one. I would highly recommend encourage kickoff to anyone looking for an at home trainer they can make anything work with whatever equipment you have.
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1 year ago, ELond
Asked for the feedback in the 1st minute of downloading 💀
A bit too quick to feedback
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2 years ago, BostonGeorge805
Official Acknowledgment; Statement
* I Approved This Product ! * An Official 2 “👍 👍” Up !! * Turned All The Way Up To 11 !!!
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9 months ago, tyeyor
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8 months ago, @pitbullz
Awesome App!
Awesome App!
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5 months ago, Ricky snyder
Strong Idea, Poor Execution
As a tech enthusiast, I was recommended this app to stay on top of new/emerging technology and to learn more about pre-existing technologies from a community-perspective. My biggest criticism doesn’t stem from the idea — the idea behind this app is superb. The biggest complaint I have is that things populating in search results feel like they’re classified incorrectly, and therefore it makes searching for anything in-specific feel like a waste of time. Here’s an example. Salesforce & ServiceNow are major companies respectively that have many different products: Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, Digital Portfolio Management, Application Portfolio Management, and many, many others. When querying “Salesforce”, then filtering only for Products to appear in the search result, I see only 1 result called Salesforce (SFDC). Which, on its own, fine — it’s okay for that to appear. But when clicking into the supposed product and looking in the about section, it’s solely describing Salesforce the company — not any specific product. This may not seem like an important issue to address and it may just be the enterprise architect in me, but the data model supporting this app seems like it could be improved. If this is a place for folks to learn more about the products on the market and the company’s in which they stem from, it would seem to me that the classification of what these things truly are should matter. Products should be specific software packages and/or technologies that a Company sells. Companies can sell many different products. Users may be interested in specific products sold by specific companies — and these generic search results make me wonder how much more impactful this could be if things were classified appropriately. And if that data model was congruent with the user interface, I think this app would knock it out id the park. Apologies for the tangent. It’s just that as an enterprise architect, I was so dang excited to see what y’all had developed. I think the potential for this app is massive, so I only share this feedback as a note to say how impactful it would be to revisit the way in which these things are classified. Also, i could just be missing something. If the data is pretty complete and rich for newer products, but fairly incomplete and immature for things that existed prior to this app, maybe I found an outlier. Or, maybe I missed a huge disclaimer that the products here are only mobile apps. I’m wondering if even just a thin layer, of governance for a review of “what” something is (and therefore how it should be classified: software, hardware, company, etc.) as a last stamp of approval before a record gets added to the app, would add solid value from the data integrity perspective.
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11 months ago, Uncle "C"
Awesome 👏🏾
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11 months ago, LisaWHurst
LHurst Review
Love this app!!!!!
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7 months ago, Bcw77##
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9 years ago, Irvghady
I'm a startup nut and I love PH and the awesome community
As a maker, I like to build products and create things that empower other entrepreneurs. PH has honestly allowed me to share my passion with other like minded people from all over the world. From Digital nomads living in Bangkok to Silicon Valley techies and all the way down to the Silicon Beach bros of LA. This revamped version of the app is executed flawlessly and has many great features. One of my favorites is the much awaited feature to add products to your "collections". You can also now reply to comments and the overall flow of the app is smoother and the animations are oh so slick. Mad props to the IOS Engineers who put this together and a big shoutout to the PH team which is near and dear to my nerdy heart.
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6 years ago, polygrafix
Like consumer reports and reddit had a baby
Ok, first off, I don’t do a lot of reviews unless something catches my attention that is of exceptional value. Product hunt is that app. It keeps me on top of the tech scene by letting me know what is the hottest things (or about to become) in tech, books, software and more. It has a voluntary community that curates things that get voted up or down, so there is a democratic process administered by the internet, it’s like consumer reports and reddit had a baby. If you love tech and want to know what the next big thing is, you will find it here first, before any other news source. Indispensable for founders and investors in tech.
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6 years ago, AndrewMcMahonJr.
The most productive infinite scroll out there
I’m a product designer and thusly just love Product Hunt in general. I’m glad that they introduced a solid mobile experience so I can stay connected and inspired even when I’m indisposed. 😜 I also tend to try to use my phone for tasks and activities I deem as useful or productive. Most feeds of social content accessed on mobile tend to be addictive and filed in the ‘unproductive’ category (to put it politely) in my book. This is addictive, but truly useful and inspirational for makers, designers, and the like. Thanks for pulling such a rad community together and continuing to build and support cool products. 😻
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10 years ago, Michelle McCormack
Product Hunt is SO valuable!!!
I didn't know how badly I needed Product Hunt until I found Product Hunt! The digg-like list of new apps is so valuable because it's curated by people who think critically about tech - I know I'm only seeing stuff worth knowing about. On top of that their regular newsletter is so awesome because it not only simply lists the best of the best, but also creates lists of niche category apps, which makes discovery fun and rich. I am a digital consultant and every one of my clients knows about PH because I constantly use them as a case study of a website service doing everything right: from content to UI to email marketing. They have filled a desperate need (app discovery) and deliver it in what seems to be an obsessive commitment user experience. Simply, they complete the loop throughout and add HUGE value to their specific user. I don't know Ryan Hoover (I swear) but he's the man.
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6 years ago, SandraWNY
I appreciate so much about the PH website, but ...
... this app, well... New products, apps, websites, services: Product Hunt delivers. And that the makers participate in the discussions is pure gold to me. My first impressions of this new app are 1) please don’t make my eyes hurt, grey on lighter grey would be tough even for a kitty; 2) it's crashed a couple of times in the past 15 minutes; 3) where are the categories/tabs? All I see are new products, listed from mewest (actual typo, but I just have to leave it) first. Probably a bit of fine tuning “under the hood” would make it better than ever. (P.S. I’m setting up my new laptop and it doesn’t have a single kitty sticker on it. Sad, so sad.)
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9 years ago, thejessicawolfe
Cool Concept but how do I personalize?
I really like the the concept of this however it is still in the social media category. Given this, do not forget to identify with all of your personas most importantly, the social aspect to each. I want to be able to update my profile picture and the background image so that I can further identify myself socially on this app. Given that I utilize the Twitter sign on when I log onto your app, then my images automatically transfer from Twitter to Product Hunt. I do not like that they cannot be different then what is on Twitter. I hope I'm just missing how to update this. Thanks for any assistance and future updates to allow this!
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8 years ago, LulusMyBuddy
Wish I hadn't updated - new layout is not user friendly
Nooooooo :( I wish I had looked at screenshots before updating, I'm a looooong time fan of PH - but this latest update completely forgoes usability in favor of 'design'. By updating you will lose the ability to scan through a concise list of today's hunts, in favor of HUGE cover images that make scanning the list in an efficient manner impossible. In one update it has gone from an addicting app I looked forward to opening every day, to a chore. If you want to scan back over the previous 3 days worth of hunts it takes 19 swipes (yes I counted!). I love PH like a child so it pains me to give feedback like this, but please roll back the feed to a scannable list view, or at the very least give us the option to turn the images off. By trying to make your baby more beautiful you crippled it at the same time. Overall this version is a sub par experience on mobile, and heck I'm on a 6+. I'll stick to the website for now... Sad meow.
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6 years ago, heyluis
Missing potential
I like product hunt and what it does for browsing cool products. However, the app is actually really bad. It’s super unresponsive, tons of bugs which cause crashing, sluggish and constantly reads my touches/swipes incorrectly. The developers need to do serious work on the app to allow users to browse more smoothly. Navigation swiping like is built into iOS is completely broken, swiping through images of a product will sometimes cause you to swipe to a new product, etc. Fixing these big problems will make the app a lot less frustrating to use
Show more
6 years ago, dannypizarro
Horrible update
I am a very long product hunt user, which makes writing this review that much harder. Huge fan of PH and the community and platform they have built. Their last app was not amazing, but it was pretty good and got the job done. This app is absolutely useless. Not sure if the problems are only on iPhone X or all devices, but it’s literally unusable. I open the app and click on a product and nothing happens for a few seconds. Then the page opens, the app bugs out, and everything I try to click is unresponsive. This update is so bad that I have found myself using PH on my mobile browser or just not checking it at all. I’m sure PH has a good dev crew or even connections to good iOS developers. Please make a change!
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10 years ago, MichaeIScarn
Finally Got Logged In, But...
So the Twitter Log-in finally works (!) but the app itself is still a little too bare bones. Obviously fixing the Twitter bug wouldn't resolve that, but I would like to see the experience become a little more visual (ie--thumbnails of products/sites instead of just headlines). I also wish the default view was for the site/product link, and not the people up-voting. Which is more important for this experience? And Pocket support would be quite lovely. I guess I'm just being critical because this concept of a service is very cool and something I've wanted for a long time.
Show more
10 years ago, ChristieJ1217
Potentially Cool
I could potentially come to love this app but right now it's too big of a pain in the neck to even bother with. The "Details" tab should provide a few more details than a one line blurb about the product. A photo and price would be ideal :) Then I can more easily determine if it's even worth going to the website for further details. Especially since every time I click on the "website" tab I get the spinning wheel of death forever and end up having to open it in Safari to actually view the product. Add a photo of the product and speed it up and I'll quickly change my rating to 5 stars! ;)
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