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2.7 (7.8K)
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Current version
Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Company Limited
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for QQ

2.7 out of 5
7.8K Ratings
3 years ago, Querist
Please bring back QQ international
I use QQ to keep in touch with friends in China, but now QQ international is not being updated, so I’m left without an interface in English. The app works well, but it is hard to find settings options such as how to block someone.
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1 year ago, Lem0nbleach
The Worst Communication Software
First of all, this is the worst software I’ve ever used for communications. Step aside from all the functionality topics, the optimization of this software is ridiculously stupid. On an iPhone SE 2020 with the A13 processor, this software can make my phone heat up heavily for no valid reasons, imagine heats for a software that is just for communication, like seriously?? The next thing is what everyone commented about already, the language issues, the software is published on a international app store but yet no any other language choices other than Chinese. Even though I am native to Chinese but I still don’t get what is the point of making it internalized if there isn’t any supports for multiple languages, at least add English. Besides languages, they don’t even allow people without a phone number and ID from China to register. There are so much more other disgusting issues about this app but lastly I will just talk about the manage group of the software, yes I understand this app is a Chinese application, there are many strict rules, totally understandable. But banning accounts for no reasons at all????? Really can’t complain more about QQ, -10/10 rating if there is an option
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4 years ago, Passby Methyl
Only allow Chinese phone number?!
Because the ONLY way to make an account is by phone number, and I was told that my phone number isn’t secured, I have try multiple ways—included download other QQ apps to make an account—to make an account. However, after doing all this useless actions, I finally find out I cannot make an account is because the QQ app ONLY SUPPORT CHINESE mobile phone USER!!! What’s the point give so many countries mobile phone prefix at beginning? To give example to the Human Confusion Behavior Encyclopedia? I mean literally! If not support foreign users, show it not by saying “phone number isn’t secure”, it’s not like a big deal we can’t use QQ app! But it’s frustrating when I puts effort into finding a solution to the problem, and I was told I’m not right or wrong, it’s just I shouldn’t be here at the first place. Please show this on the QQ app or the Official Website. This functionality problem shouldn’t exist.
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2 years ago, jasmined7
Waste of time
Tried to sign up for an account on my laptop, the webpage told me to download this app on my phone. Downloaded and tried again. It said my US number is unsecured and couldn’t register for a new account. But guess what? I have a China phone number, so I tried again! But then it asks for a user verification, which requires a current user of QQ to help verify your identity. This is a barrier to most people, but not me because I could ask my sister - but GUESS WHAT?? My sister’s account could not help me verify because it’s not linked to a bank account. But this is a social media - if she’s not paying for anything like a normal person why would she have her bank account linked??? IM SO DONE that this company keeps asking for more personal information and trying so hard to invade privacy.
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2 years ago, Izumi Koaki
Untrustworthy with Censorship and Privacy Concerns
I had a QQ number registered 7 years ago for sharing files with local partner. The account was frozen yesterday for “Violating rules by sending improper messages”, a vague description without proper proofs. It was ridiculous that the account sends nothing more than business documents. Recovering the account requires a Chinese phone number, a CHINESE ID and FACE RECOGNITION. It was just insane how the censorship and surveillance operates. Switch to alternatives ASAP, especially if you don‘t have Chinese local to help you out. Contacts made on QQ are so prone to surprising bans, even you did literally nothing . The recovery approach, requiring real-ID and biological data (not Face ID) acquired by Tencent rendered this App a highly censored and untrustworthy trap by authorities.
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1 year ago, bboczeng
The worst software you can ever imagine in this universe
Tencent’s IM app is the worst you can imagine that ever existed in this universe Yes you can't log in in its website, citing "unsafe internet circumstances". How funny that every other internet app supports login via phone. I had a working phone registered with them receiving auth numbers fine. But after it got past the phone auth, I am again asked to enter my password? What's wrong with this app? What is wrong with their safety team so they taken no responsibility because you are asked to upload your ID , passport, your friend name to ensure you are you . Are they government? Oh I know, yes they are. You have to prove you are you, they are the Chinese Government. Have fun Tencent.
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5 years ago, bigal406
Spanish-American Using QQ ...
I Don’t speak, write or read Chinese. I mainly use the app to communicate with my fiancé living in mainland China. I have a lot of fun fumbling through the app and discovering what does what. With a little help from my fiancé. The app is very intuitive and after using it for a few days you’ll pretty much understand it operating features. It is very entertaining and gives a glimpse into the Chinese social scene and what interests a few million Chinese. You will also enjoy seeing American influences in Chinese culture as well. The app is very visually based with photos and video so you won’t get bored. I also greatly enjoy the chat enhancements QQ provides the user. You can greatly enhance the interface. Plus, there are many social features that are used way before American social apps decided to borrow them. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Would be 5☆s if QQ had an English toggle switch.
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5 years ago, ari12138
No real customer service
So I moved from China to us and my phone number changed. Every time I log in it will ask for my password sent to my phone. I filled out a ton of my info to request my password back but the petition didn’t went through??? So I was redirect to another web asking me to fill more info in which I finally run into a step that only accept Chinese phone number after all this. I went back and googled qq but they claimed they accept all international numbers as the security phone number. Lol. So I guess don’t use the chat app unless you are physically in China. Otherwise you will run into many issues and the solution they provide won’t lead you to any result.
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6 years ago, hhh广告歌
Automatically play music when mandatorily updated
Think about, when you are in a conference room listening presentations, with your iphone muted, locked, everyone is quite. Then all of sudden your phone starts playing some ridiculous music very loudly and it seems lasted ‘forever’ coz only 10 sec is already embarrassing to death. Your heart is beating so fast and your face turns red, and you frantically fetch your phone trying to cover it for reducing the noise, and everybody is looking at you like you are a dumb jerk. Behold the QQ! It plays music from time to time without your permission. What a vicious app! Ban it! I would give 0 if i had option to do so.
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2 years ago, yixiayixialiangjingjing
The Worst Social Media App Ever!
I have an account in China for more than 15 years. I have account number and password, and I cannot login in! I changed the associate phone number and ask friend to verify me via the link sent. And I still could login and lost my my account info. This app keep ask you to put account number and password for 100 times and still in the same loop. Did not work at all. I spent several hours to try my best to find my previous account back. It doesn’t work. Total waste of time. Hope Tencent, such a large company spend some effort on this junk App!
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3 years ago, plutothecollie
No Account Security
My QQ account was hacked twice in the past three month. Although I’ve associated my phone number even ID card with my account, the hackers can still change the linked phone number to theirs and are able to change the password. It takes a huge effort to get your password back since you can no longer use your phone to verify. There is no hotline support or complain center for such issue. I highly doubt if Tencent has a function-able security team. 腾讯安全中心太垃圾了,我三个月账号密码被改两次,那我绑定手机有什么用呢?
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5 years ago, ThisAppIsStupidAndDumb
VERY stupid app
I’ve used the “old” a before and it was way better than THIS absolute garbage, I thought I could just download the app and login. Sounds simple right? But it isn’t. First I opened this and it let create an account, and the ONLY option is to put ur phone number, and I did. I have not EVER used this phone number on this app before, guess what? It says “invalid phone number and try again tomorrow or try to switch a phone number” now THATS stupid. Who have that much phone numbers?? So I went back and retried this process and the SAME happened again. Very frustrating, I would highly recommend WeChat instead.
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5 years ago, yukiotosakura
Is this a rip off?
First, I am Asian. The purpose for me to download qq is to chat my old friends. But the thing is. I highly doubt if this is the real qq. I had used qq before. I am extremely disappointed after checking out this app. I know the old qq. I first created an account.(it took me days to) after I logged in. Then few hours after. It somehow quit my login. Then I tried to log in again but my password wouldn’t work. I tried to create another password. It will never work. In conclusion, I highly doubt if this is real. Like I said. I am very very very disappointed seeing this app turning out like this after I left asia.
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2 years ago, Panda101938
Holding your account hostage, avoid this company
I have an old account that I been using for years to communicate with my family at mainland China. Work well until one day they want deny my login and ask for a phone number, which I don’t have! Then they asking personal ID, bank account, or else they won’t let me login. So pretty much they took my account and all my chat history plus friend list hostage unless I have to give them my personal info. At least give people the courtesy head up before all the sudden stealing your account.
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3 years ago, MrFreeze2
Problems with setting up USA account
App which is available on Apples App Store doesn’t allow account set up for USA based phone numbers. Tried several times and received this message. “Registration failed due to the detection of your mobile phone number (registration behavior) is insecure, so it is currently unable to successfully register. Please try to change your phone number or try again tomorrow.” It even ask you to change your Phone number, How can you do that? Your Phone Number is Your Phone Number.
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4 years ago, appBackground
Tryna play Fortnite China and couldn’t sign into qq.
I saw a video where you could get access to play Fortnite in China. It had a tutorial where you could sign up on qq to get on tencent we game. It’s just been a pain to get an account and still haven’t made an account yet. The qq international app doesn’t even work and redirects me to this app. Every time I put in my number with the +1 number (which was hard to find) it just gives me an exclamation mark with a bunch of Chinese jibberish that I can’t understand. Please fix the app and make an English version as soon as possible.
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5 years ago, flxwerjjj
Can’t register ?
When I first downloaded the app, I thought I was able to register. But when I first input my phone number, it won’t let me through and it keeps saying to “try again tomorrow” or something like that. Even after I waited for the next day or even many days later to try registering again, it still didn’t work! I don’t know if the company or whatever blocked my number or not to prevent me from registering, but please reply back when problem is fixed :( I really want to register :((
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4 years ago, EZ0000
Unable to register
Downloaded it. Tried to use my cellphone number to register an account. It kept telling me my cellphone number is not safe. I do not know why. What is the criteria to judge if a phone number is safe or not? I tried to used my husband’s phone. Same results. The phone number is not safe. Then what is the point to have the APP in the App Store? People who does not have an account before can never get registration done, because it will tell you your cell phone number is not safe for registration. What a joke.
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1 year ago, k37291047sjkb
Not support international user
I got the same result after 4 days, i tried to create again and again. Because this app is gonna say "your phone number is a security risk, please try again tomorrow or use a different phone number.". I also tried to use another phone number. Obviously, it was the same result. The region phone number selection was a scam, because you cannot create one unless you have a chinese number.
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1 year ago, ios.kevin
Virus app. Should be taken down
This app is a virus. Deleting the app leave me about 200Gb of used space and I have no way to remove it. The built in storage clean up feature provided by the app crashes when it tries to query all the photo, videos, and files that were saved. This result in app data never benign able to be deleted. Such app should be taken down until this issue may be properly resolved.
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6 years ago, ALISAa.
Great app for people who live or lived in China
I moved to America a few years ago but I can still use QQ to call and text my Chinese friends for free. 😜 There are a lot of fun actives going on in this app.😆 LOVE IT😍 But I DONT recommend this app to foreigners🙃 if you are a foreigner, I recommend you to download WECHAT instead of QQ;)
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5 years ago, Pokoooopang
doesn’t work.
I tried too many times to make it work, i had an account and they deleted it cuz i didnt use it for a while it seems.... and now I’m stuck trying to make another. On the online site it keeps saying server busy...it’s been days...I doubt it’s still busy. I also tried the mobile one. It tells me to send a message. I edited the “1” message and even tried just sending “1.” I can read Chinese...this is ridiculous.
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3 years ago, tearberr
Can you all make a button so I am not completely lost and I can switch it to English. Just so it can toggle to English and translate whatever I type to Chinese or vise verse. A gaming friend told me to download it so I can communicate with them. I really don’t even know how I made it on your app but I have a profile. So I guess a small win for me but now I’m lost.
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7 years ago, baravan bags
Not supported video
On my chat screen shown this message My qq international What is the problem??? your message show [ video ] your QQ does not support viewing video clips, please upgrade to the latest version to view.
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3 years ago, Salllynj
Unable to register if you don’t have a Chinese phone number
This app is only for people who have Chinese phone numbers. I’ve tried 4 different phone numbers (US#)and kept getting the message: “检测到你的手机号码存在不安全情况,所以目前无法成功注册。请更换手机号码或明天再试。” Unless you get a number from someone in CHINA, you’ll not be able to register with QQ. This is not a problem, if Tencent didn’t pretend the app was for the international users.
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7 months ago, Mr..Zhong
I was attempting to share a 20-minute video of my moments with my family, but this app doesn't support such large videos for messaging. Trying to complete this operation nearly overheated my phone; it became extremely hot without successfully finishing. Consequently, I've given this app a one-star rating. I strongly advise against using this communication app; it's truly awful in my experience.
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2 years ago, 134694664
internal storage
The memory of this software is too big to fit in the mobile phone. The five-star praise is just for more people to see it.
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4 years ago, liudaxingtx
Only reason to download on mobile is to log into the desktop app, serious?
Literally trying to trash this annoying app now
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2 years ago, Dnhddk
Can’t Register a Account
I reside in the United States. Was interested in joining this platform, However My telephone number is being declined upon registration. No matter how many attempts with the same number or different, Can not register a account. The app in my opinion is unassailable, Broken. Customer support is extremely hard to reach, do not respond. One star,! Half if could.
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12 months ago, ppssoskjwjw
It is the best app for communications
First of all,the app is uesd for chinese users ,if you not the chinese,you can do not use it,i do not think you can afford to use it
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2 years ago, Aknaceiro
Very bad app to use.
I tried using QQ to chat with Asian friends, but the deveoper must add translation for English, signing up is difficult, I had to ask Chinese friend from college to translate it all dor me to sign up and had no luck addkng friends due to non translation. I would turn it to 5 star if there were one readily available.
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5 years ago, Manni101010
Account does not work
No matter how many times I changed the password, it does not allow me to log in, this app does not work using the USA telephone number even though it is in the US app store, and it allowed you to sign up with a US telephone number.
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2 years ago, Hlghale
Registration Failed
I think that says it all. Or nearly so. It is all in Chinese, so I am using Google Translate to figure things out. It would not let me sign in with an old account. It hadn't been used in years, so I wasn't surprised about that. However, when I tried to create a new one, with 2 different cell numbers, it failed both times!
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6 years ago, SolidHng
The more updated, the harder it is to use
Recently, these updated versions, it takes about a minute to open the group to appear in the group list! This bug has been around for a long time, why don't you fix it! The more difficult it is, the more difficult it is to use the slower and more abnormal. What happened to Tencent’s employees?
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5 months ago, Ajiny123
I tried several times, they say my number was not safe.
If you don't know how to do the foreign version, don't do it. Not everyone has a Chinese number. Thanks . This is a broken software, and I hope you can take this problem seriously. If the technology doesn't work, then don't do it. This is really speechless for me .
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4 months ago, 夏夜的风123
Hahaha, I laugh at your ignorance. This software is one of the most popular chat software in China. It is originally for Chinese people. Of course, it cannot be used in the America.😅
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3 years ago, chenle1221
Doesn’t support US mobile numbers!
I know this app is really popular in China and is very convenient. But It’s doesn’t support mobile numbers outside China which is really frustrating! Though there’s an option where u can input mobile numbers to other countries on the login page but apparently it doesn’t work!
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5 years ago, A basit M
Must add English language
Am not in China but all my work is with Chinese people cause of business. And I don’t know Chinese language. And most of my Chinese friends use QQ and I don’t know Chinese language so must add English language on QQ like wechat.
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2 years ago, Each coin has two sides
I cannot stand this app
People in this app can watch videos before, but this company boycott the highlights(a kind of this app’s function before,it’s called highlights). They let it lose comment area .It lost a lot of its original . Highlights is part of QQ function ,and it is my favorite .So I cannot stand it. QQ lost highlights just like the West lost Jerusalem.
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6 years ago, Pandanele_07
I can't create an account
Since I live in the United States, I don't have a phone number from China. Whenever I tried to use my number to create an account, it said that my phone number is harmful to the app and I should change one or try again tomorrow. This happened like every time I tried. I even re-downloaded it but it still didn't work...
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3 years ago, FakedPikachu
Can’t register using US phone number
Though the app has the option to sign up using phone numbers outside of China, it kept blocking me with the messages “The number you tried to register is insecure, please try to use others or try it later”. It is annoying that there is a sign-up option but you just can’t register.
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2 years ago, zhangwei9987
Better than wechat
So many ways better than wechat!
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2 years ago, Brian Leaf Cao
Locked me out of my account for no reason
Apparently I was running a “scam ring” using an account I registered for 7 years. Can’t get it back even I inputted all of my government issued ID and everything. Well, they successfully locked me out of my steam account using this email address as well. Screw you 马化腾
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3 years ago, Waseem-Bhatti
Do not download
If you’re not from China then you can’t register an account because of too much annoying verifications one after another one, its a rollercoaster. Not sure why they listed it as International version. It should be restricted to China only. Useless app just wasted my bandwidth downloading it.
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5 months ago, Aziz_Aziz_ibrahim
Horrible experience ever
I spent two days trying to login my account horrible trying to get back my account to call my family in china while am abroad, also everything is in chinese?! What am i supposed to do take. Course in chinese so as i can use your app big down 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
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1 year ago, dont call me naked
Lost access to my account
After update, it says I am log in from new device, and requires phone number verification, but I already lost old number. I don’t understand how it determines new device? As I have been using current phone to login for years.
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6 years ago, sheepaya
I’ve been using this app for 8 years and it is super awesome, except i hope we can pay less for all the decoration!
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4 years ago, Sgxhsfchcsgtfsvb
I love it!
I use this app to communicate with my Chinese friends and Girlfriend. It is very visually appealing and although I don’t speak much Chinese it is very easy to navigate!!
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2 years ago, Mikey D 2268
Can’t register
I’ve tried around 45 phone numbers and none seem to work. App should be pulled from App Store or fixed so anyone can use app. I was registered at one point to keep up with the Foreign exchange students we hosted and now I’m locked out and can’t register a new number
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4 years ago, appplejdk
Doesn’t support foreign phone number
I have been trying to register for an account, but everytime I put my number in ( which is not Chinese number) it always say failed to register and told me to try it tomorrow. Which now I have been trying over 3 months and still told me to do it again tomorrow.
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