Rakuten Viber Messenger

Social Networking
4.6 (676.9K)
261.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Viber Media SARL.
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
14.6 or later
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User Reviews for Rakuten Viber Messenger

4.6 out of 5
676.9K Ratings
2 years ago, mudrost01
Fix the last update. It is broken!
UPDATE: I’ve been contacted by support, it seemed like they really care to fix the problem. With new update my Viber is working without any problems. I really hope that they will not have any problems like this in the future. So… because support contacted me within 24hours, because they tried and care to resolve problem I changed my review to 5 stars. I’ve been using this app over 6 years. I was even recommending it to all my family and friends. It is awesome, fast, never any problems with audio or video calls until the latest update. Since I updated it to the newest version it went down the hill. App start kicking me out, then it finally stopped doing that but then it start freezing. It froze for few minutes and then crash. I can’t do anything. I can’t back it up, I can’t report a problem, I can’t contact support… Nothing! I even tried removing the app and downloading it again. Even that didn’t help. It is so frustrating! I saw in the comments that I am not the only one with this problem. I really hope you will fix this problem soon.
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2 years ago, balbakwa04
App crashes when doing chat history restore
I have been an avid user of the app for 7 years and it’s been great with the stickers and gifs that make messaging interesting. But I’ve had problems receiving and sending messages in the past month. I made sure I am using the latest version of the app and iOS software. So when that did the fix my problem, I opted to delete and reinstall the app since that seemed to fix the issue for some people. However, when I tried to restore my chat history, the app would crash after 1% and revert to my phone’s home screen. When I try opening the app, the restore screen would pop up and again crash after 1%. Granted I have about 28gb of chat history, but I have enough phone and iCloud storage that it shouldn’t be an issue. I reached out to the Viber support team, but after the quick initial response with their “solutions” and me answering “No, tried it, still crashing on me,” I haven’t heard back from them which has now been 5 days. I really hope that they are working on the issue and not just keeping me on a shelf of “to-work-on-later” issues. But until I receive a viable solution to the problem, the app will remain deleted for me since when (and if) the restore eventually chooses to work for me, I don’t want new messages to be erased.
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2 years ago, mycket
Not Great
My boyfriend and I (I'm in the States, he's in London) used to use Tango and had nothing but problems. When we switched to Viber almost two months ago, we were so impressed! The call quality is infinitely better, plus we get to text for free! With the new update today, we love the time stamp feature and the photos next to the contacts. I love seeing his handsome face! Great product! I would have gladly paid for it. But am grateful its free! Update: the December 18, 2012 update is terrible. It's jumpy, closes down while typing, they changed the notification ping to something almost indiscernible, its cluttered with nonsense pictures, the talk to text feature doesn't work and it's very slow. While I would have paid for the app before, I wouldn't now. Changing from 5 stars to three. Update: Oct 27, 2022 been using it for over 10 years. Really enjoyed being able to connect with family and friends from All over the world. However, for the past month notifications don’t arrive until you open the app and wait a good minute before they kick in. I don’t always remember to check multiple times a day and older family members in hospital can’t get a hold of me. It’s extremely frustrating that there have been 4 updates to the app in that time and an app developer company can’t fix the problem on iOS. Updating stars from three to one.
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2 years ago, Knomad11
No notifications
To whom it concerns: For almost 2 months now my I phone does not give me any message notifications like it used to. No banners on my screen….No ding ding …Nothing… so I don’t know I even have a msg until I open Viber… I have an I pad also….And my I pad gives me all the notifications like normal…. BUT MY I PH DOES NOT I communicate with someone in UKR and we’ve always used Viber because it is superior to all other msg apps UNTIL NOW…. Will someone please SOLVE THIS ISSUE…. It’s a technical problem within Viber NOT MY I PHONE cuz I had my carrier check it out . This is very frustrating and I see other people are having the same issue as I am Including my contact person in UKR….. Thanks MARK WALCKER. I’ve already tried all the things your technicians have suggested numerous times …..The problem is still not solved and it’s on your end….Not my phone…. I really don’t think you people are interested in actually helping me at all.🥺
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1 year ago, jpn611
The customer service is useless.
(edited) The conclusion is that the customer service will NEVER help you once your phone is banned in some reasons. I don’t recommend to try contacting them - it’s wasting your time. Here is what you will automatically receive the message - Hello, Your number was blocked on Viber because it was reported as a source of spam or as a result of unusual activity. The account has been automatically added to a block list and can not be unblocked. No further information is available at this time. Please do not reply to this e-mail. ——— I was able to use this app with my phone number in Japan, but when I got the new number in the US and try to change it, my number has been banned though it is my first time to use. I’ve send message the customer service 3 times but they NEVER let me use my new phone number. The customer service in Japan says, “If any unusual activity is detected, which is unlikely to occur in normal usage, the account will be automatically restricted from use. Your mobile number is restricted for use due to the above specifications.” This is not fair that my number has been banned even though that is not my fault. I hope the problem can be solved by sending my ID, for example, but Viber never gives me any chance or help. I am disappointing.
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5 years ago, kaihsu1
The absolute worst
I have the notifications set to off in both iPhone settings and the app. Yet, incoming calls are still ringing with that annoying Viber ringtone. Nothing shows up on the screen (unless you open the app), just a ringtone. In addition, even blocked numbers are ringing. I have do not disturb mode set up on my iPhone at night. But the ringing still happens. And this makes it particularly annoying during the late night/early morning when I’m trying to sleep. In general, Viber has a lot of little glitches here and there. More than other communication apps. But what makes it really annoying is that they are not focused on fixing their problems fast enough, However, they certainly spent a lot of time making sure the app is constantly I’m trying to get you to turn on the notification. Really??? What is the point of the notification button if you’re just going to constantly pester me after I already turned it off. Instead of constantly trying to get people to turn on notification and use your app more, maybe you should use that energy on fixing the problems in your app. Try making your app better so then people will want to use it more, instead of bombarding them with notices to turn on notification.
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4 years ago, Garnet Rivera
7 year user: Viber provides privacy, safety, and reliable service.
In an age where internet privacy is akin to the Wild West, and citizens like you and me are subject to outlaws, bad actors, and crooked sheriffs, Viber protects us. Instead of the pony express though, we got lightning fast messaging, with functions of self-deleting messages on a timer, two factor authentication on multiple devices, as well as encryption of trusted contacts’ messages. In an age where TRUST is a large part of the consumer choice, you can trust that Viber does not leak your message content to any one but you and the recipient. In times of disaster, such as severe storms and flooding in the Philippines, Viber also provided free worldwide calling to ensure that families were able to communicate, even though oceans and floodwaters separated them. My only issue: i am using the magic keyboard with my iPad Pro on this app. There is a difficulty with typing out sentences more than 1 word, since the space bar resets the typing cursor to the beginning of the message. The magic keyboard works well on other document/note taking apps/ iMessage, but Viber may need to throw out a patch to ensure compatibility with the Magic Keyboard. Thank you for all your hard work in rolling out new fun features while keeping our privacy your top priority.
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4 years ago, Rad Snatcher
Blocked due to.... what?
Any good product manager or engineer should know how to evaluate usage data to determine if a user, especially a low volume user, is using the app for spamming purposes, as well as if the IP address is being used BY the user for spamming purposes, OR, if it could be that they use a VPN or other Adblock tools to protect their privacy, thereby providing false information about user intent. This also creates a question about claims about encryption, especially since Viber comes with tracking, Err, I mean, ads. Is this app as private as they are suggesting? Unsure. The app comes with Proxy settings, but apparently no instructions or support for how to set it up. If they can’t provide a useful app on the consumer side that comes with credible support, I would highly question upgrading for business use. Doesn’t appear to be a mature VOIP option, and so I would recommend against using it for any important kind of activities where people like family and friends need to reach you. A simple workaround would be for their product team to add a feature to ask the user if they are on a VPN, or show them instructions for how to set up with Proxy settings to help alleviate misconstruing user activity.
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2 years ago, Nickname-none
For the update NOT Viber in general - which was 5 stars
Sadly the update has removed 2 very important things I use and i cant see how that is an improvement so I am begging for them to be reinstated. 1. The voice messages used to use 2 different colours to differentiate those that were listened to versus those not listened to yet. Now if you have to stop listening and return later there is no visual way to know the point at which you stopped listening so you can easily continue. Not sire why this was changed but I don’t think it adds anything to the experience. Rather it makes the experience mire frustrating. A word I never attributed to Viber before. 2. If you stopped part of the way while listening to a message you could leave a reply and go back to continue listening from the point at which you stopped. Now if you try to stop before the end and leave a message, when you are ready to resume listening the message starts all over again. Again I can’t see how this makes the experience any better but rather frustrates the user. One of this things I have admired about Viber besides the fact that they can be used to communicate freely without sharing all your information outside of their company, is that they did not have updates constantly and useless updates. I am not sure what this latest update should be enhancing but for those of us that use verbal messaging it is frustrating. Maybe those 2 things can be changed back? Or reversed at the next update please?
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1 year ago, nbrubak
Blocked with no one at Viber to help!
I had been using Viber for more than seven years and had originally started to chat with my grandmother who had just started using an iPad. I’ve used it exclusively for chatting with my family. One day, my messages were not going through and I learned that my account is permanently blocked because it was flagged as a source of spam or unusual activity. There are two things that might have caused this that day. The first was that I may have accidentally opened a spam group chat while trying to delete it. I was rushing somewhere and was trying to delete it hastily. The second was that I tried to send a Nextdoor link to my dad but because it wasn’t going through, I tried sending it multiple times in a row. These are honest mistakes and for some reason I’ve been blocked permanently. There is no way of speaking to anyone or asking for help to actually look into my account. If they did, they’d see that I am and innocent and good person. The only thing I can do is send messages via their online form and my replies keep staying that I am blocked permanently and cannot be unblocked. They are offering no help to look into the matter. My whole family is needing to switch to WhatsApp now. This is so silly! I’m sure there is someone at Viber who could help, but the company isn’t set up that way. I’ve just been cast out and now my family has to leave too! I’m sad that after being loyal to this company for so long, I can’t recommend them.
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1 year ago, AyeshaAF
No notifications I have incoming messages.
I love Viber it’s a great app for communicating with ppl. I have been using Viber now for close to 8 years and up until the last few months I had no issues but for some reason the app has quit giving me notifications of incoming messages. I don’t know I’ve gotten messages until I open it up. Never had this problem before. Most of the time I have to leave it open to receive the messages but I don’t like doing that because someone may think I’m online when I’m actually working. But now it’s not even giving me notifications when the app is open in the background. I really wish y’all would fix this problem. Especially since I’m apparently not the only one having this issue.
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4 years ago, Scgsings
I love Viber!
I’ve had Viber on my cell phone for several years now. I was told about it by a friend of mine in Australia and I live in the US. We wanted to talk so bad but, of course, doing that on a landline or even on a cell phone would’ve been far too expensive. But with Viber, we could talk as often and as long as we wanted. What a blessing that has been. My friend passed on earlier this year from a cancer she had fought for four years. But because of Viber, I was able to talk to her through those days and nights when sometimes she couldn’t sleep because of the pain and she knew she could call me at any time even though we were 15 hours apart in time zone and I would pick it up. So I am grateful for Viber calls and also chat because I still have friends overseas that I can chat with anytime! I will always keep Viber on my phone!
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1 year ago, Nannie puzzle
Country to country calling failed
I have had this app for several years. I only use it when I go out of the US so I can call home. This time while I was out of country, I tried using the app and my calls failed. I purchased the Viber call out plan in hopes that I could call family to let them know I arrived safe. My first video chat, I connected but my husband could not hear me. I tried several more times but the video call always failed. Then I tried audio. Again call failed. I reached out to customer service and they couldn’t find my account where I paid for the service. I finally had to send them a screenshot of my account. I requested a refund but was told because I purchased through the App Store I had to contact apple for a refund. I did download the app from the Apple Store but the call out feature was an in app purchase so Viber should refund my money. I was gone for 8 days and could not use this app at all. I was better off using messenger. Waste of money.
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4 years ago, SavEdge
We love it!
It’s great for international texting and calling. Audio and video are mostly excellent. For group calls it’s great except there is a limit on number of people (20) and for texting you are unable to make some words in BOLD unless you have a font App. Texting is also limited per send. You would Need to create another text if you’re sending something long. I love that you can EDIT what you texted! But you cannot insert pictures in between text messages you’ve already sent. I’m also happy that you clear all texts or clear individually. The one BIG issue I have is that one time I called someone and all of a sudden while we were talking 3 more individuals joined the call without us inviting them! It was AWKWARD! I would have given it a 5 stars if not for that issue!
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2 years ago, Leonard 93
Do Not Subscribe! Ceases Viber Out Calls at 10 min & Flags legitimate calls as fraudulent! 🤬
This stupid app keeps cutting my viber out calls at 10 min and I am embarrassed every time to the other party I was talking to and I can not say these people that some stupid developers just built an stupid and junk app named Viber that cuts my direct calls at 10 min duration even though I subscribe for unlimited minutes! Now you can imagine how embarrassed, angry and frustrated I am toward this app! I wrote to them and someone even did not say sorry for the inconveniences I experienced and replied that calls were fraudulent activities! 🤬 Now, they started judging my personal calls and defining my calls to my mom as fraudulent calls! This is just utter madness and beyond one’s patience limits to this stupidity! They behave like they are police, tapping you calls, judging your calls and even forcing your calls to drop! This is how low these people behind this app went down and they think it is just okay!
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3 years ago, JeffreyBa
Excellent service
I have been using viper for many years. My daughter was overseas and we were able to keep in touch daily. All that is required is a Wi-Fi connection. No limit on the amount of free phone calls. She sent us multiple photos which was received as if she was next door. My brother now lives in Columbia. We communicate using Viber. He has a weak Wi-Fi so sometimes the connection is broken up. You cannot beat the free price. Texting and talking work great just stay near your Wi-Fi. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone who likes free phone services. No ads to disrupt your service. Easy to download and start using immediately. Again this is a free phone service.
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5 years ago, Chemo II
Viber over Skype
I used Skype for a decade to keep in touch with my dad in Ireland. I loved it. It was really good for video calls but regular phone calls cost money and I was constantly uploading funds. Viber is a perfect alternative to Skype... it occasionally drops calls or has choppy reception (just like Skype) but for the most part the connections are very good, the video is excellent, the audio is free... I cannot say enough good about Viber… It certainly is in line with any other competitive video service, and it’s a lot more free! I understand they have a charge to call lan-lines, I’m just happy that gives them enough revenue to sustain the business because it’s a wonderful way to stay in touch with relatives overseas without any cost to the average end user.
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1 year ago, andrea6650
Wonderful site to communicate to the world
I have friends all over the world, thanks you for this great site!! I uninstalled my Viber account coz it’s not working! I cannot reinstalled it coz on the complaint information I should not put zeros on the phone information but my phone numbers doesn’t have zeros so I can’t submit my complaint. I need help! Thank you! Thank you for your quick respond. I did follow all the instructions but still can’t reactivate my account. Please help! Thank you! Thank you so much for fixing my Viber account. After months of not having it, I finally have my Viber account back! And all my contacts and conversations are back, too! Wow so happy!
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1 month ago, Jandv735
Blocked number with no real communication
Viber is the only way I am able to easily communicate with family members overseas. Recently, Viber blocked my number due to “spam” and “abnormal activity” despite the fact that I have had this number and app for several years and have never noticed any suspicious activity going on through my phone number. Every time I try to get assistance with this, I simply receive a message from a bot saying I cannot be unblocked. How is there really no way to prove that you were not the individual conducting this supposed spam? Why is there no way to talk to a legitimate person, rather than just having a bot reply to you with no possible solutions? Really disappointed in the way this app handles issues. I would love to continue using it so that I’m actually able to talk to my family members, but I guess WhatsApp may be the way to go based on my experience with Viber.
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2 years ago, Kominoo
Excellent app
Started using Viber since it was released. Stickers, audio and video call, high quality photos sending services, Viber notes, translation of languages, dark mode, logging out the devices when registered another devices with same phone number, end to end encryption conversations, integrating Viber phone call with iOS’s built in calling experiences, passcode lock, Face ID and finger print lock to app, use less data and then in recent updates, Viber channels like telegram, Viber group, are best features of Viber. Enormous background wallpapers for conversations, chat are amazing. Good luck Viber. Gave 5 stars. Official support in Myanmar also worth of big thanks .
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11 months ago, LaiKaLe
While Viber is a good alternative communication app, it WILL notify everyone that has your phone # of your status whenever you join or even if download and open it on your new phone. Although this seems like a harmless way they use to advertise and gain interest, it violates certain privacy before allowing user to decide whether or not they want their contacts to be notified and other privacy settings. And no, it doesn’t matter whether you deny its access to your contacts; ANYONE with you phone # will be notified. If you don’t care, then by all means use the app; it’s fine as it is (there are better apps out there). However, keep in mind that there are such minor nuisance features will violates your privacy. For an app that been out for so long, and with numerous complaints about the same issue you would think they’d have came up with a fix…
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1 year ago, slavkous
Last update makes secret chats not so secret
UPD: the issue has been fixed, thank you! Guys, your latest secret chats change is a miss. It makes using it less convenient AND less secure. Now, when you enter your pin in the search box it’s showing you the list of secret chats, then, to go to a particular chat you need to enter your pin again! What’s even worse, if you close the app with the secret chats screen showing and then reopen it, it still shows your secret chats and your pin is still in the search box clearly visible! Please revert to the way it used to be, it was great. This is not working.
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2 years ago, brkrm77
Was good, now having problems
I have enjoyed using Viber for years. As of recent though it is not allowing me to hear my messages voice messages nor see pictures or videos. I get this message that pops up that says Viber does not store videos or messages for a certain amount of time. Well, I can’t even hear them even moments after they pop up. My very techy husband has gone into the App trying to fix it. It is very irritating especially during these times of war and wanting to communicate. I had to switch to another app. I am hoping Viber can take care of these issues because I have been very happy with it for years. I just cannot see a reason for this.
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11 months ago, çgtytnz
I had been using viber since it was developed and created, but last year my account got blocked and when I contacted the support center I got answer that saying they can not do anything and my account was blocked because they think it is a spam. I reconnected the support center but got the same answer again so I deleted my account and uninstalled the app and reinstalled it because I was thinking it might solve the problem so when I try to reregister it each time a message pops up saying “ACTIVATION FAILED “ and I am not even able to activate it. It very disappointing to see the viber support team are not able to decide which account or number is spam and which is not. As I said before I had been using viber with my number for a long time with any problem until suddenly got blocked without giving me any reason.
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5 years ago, iimoonlightuh
Really good app!
I have been using this app for over two years now and it is excellent for talking with my relatives on the other side of the world. It’s also really nice there is a translator so that my family that doesn’t know English can easily translate my messages. The stickers are so cute and fun to use as well. The only reason I didn’t give it a five star is the video quality. I understand that I’m talking to people on the other side of the world and it might be hard to deliver good quality, but I hate when I’m video chatting with somebody and it just goes all blurry and pixelated or just pitch black, even when their video is on. I would definitely give five stars if it had better quality though!
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4 years ago, Eng, J
Almost perfect
Viber is the almost-perfect Facebook messenger alternative for me. It has e2ee on by default, audio/video chats which can transfer to your other devices seamlessly, stickers, and a simple user interface. Now for the complaints: My calls are draining my phone ridiculously fast. I would drop from 100% to 35% in under an hour on my XR. I also dislike ads and would like an opt-out option (whether paid or free). Finally, my notifications have not been reliable recently. I would not receive message notifications (especially during call) unless I opened the chat in the app. This seems to be a recent issue. I’ll be a happy camper once these issues are resolved.
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2 months ago, bokiTigar
Account once blocked is “unblockable”!!?
I have been a happy Viber customer for over 10 years. My account was initially registered using Google Voice # and this worked over a couple of phone transitions. The trouble began once I got a new iPhone a few days ago. I could no longer register account under the GVoice number since it was recognized as landline. In my struggle to register a new account linked to my physical cell phone # while transferring the history of my previous account I logged in an out of new account a few times. This was registered as suspicious activity and my new account was blocked. I wrote 3 messages to customer service since this morning explaining the situation but I keep getting the same boilerplate response: account is blocked and don’t bother contacting us! I understand that they deal with thousands of bots spamming with all sorts of cr*p, but this kind of “customer support” is not only un-Supportive but as helpful as a wall. Could they not contact me to verify I’m a regular user and not a spamming bot? Since this is my only cellphone # and I don’t want to buy temporary burners just to keep this going, I have no option but to switch to a different voip app. Disappointed in rakuten is an understatement
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3 months ago, Venstan
Blocked because of complaint from spammers
Really like it for long time. I was loyal customer of Viber for many years, was really enjoying its service, but get a lot of spam lately, somehow spam groups a able to connect people to the chats without people agreeing to it. I think it is how Viber’s algorithm works. Unfortunately Viber isn’t able to distinguish between complains from regular people and spammers. Recently was unexpectedly connected to several “Investment” groups WITHOUT OF MY CONSENT. However when I started asking why am I conectes to such groups in their chat they decided to report me as spammer. Button line is Viber stands on the side of REAL SPAMMERS, and blocked me of the app. Besides that I still have money on my account that is unavailable to me know. Only response I got from Customer Service was automated email… One star, but service is great
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2 years ago, Camel's Mom
Failed Activation & Zero Tech Support!
A week after account was opened, I was unable to send text messages. I deleted the app & downloaded once more but when I tried registering my phone# I got this message! I tried contacting tech support but ZERO response whatsoever!!! Can someone plz help? Hello, Your number was blocked on Viber because it was reported as a source of spam or as a result of unusual activity. The account has been automatically added to a block list and can not be unblocked. No further information is available at this time. Please do not reply to this e-mail.
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2 years ago, LinkII08
Don’t waste your time
I’ve been using this app for so many years and never had an issue. In fact, I always found this app convenient as a frequent traveler. However, in recent months I’ve been having issues with random people adding me to stupid crypto/investment scam groups thereby flooding my phone with spam. One day I had enough and decided to take matters into my own hands by writing repeatedly in the group chat that it’s a scam group. Guess what happened to me? I was blocked off the app for “spam” just because of that. I never asked to be added to these stupid scam groups and I was sick of all the spam I was getting yet when I decided to address the issue I get permanently banned off the platform??? What sense does this make? Instead of punishing me for spamming the spammers, why not punish those who were spamming me to begin with.
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3 years ago, Emmmte
I like Viber very much as this is very reliable. But the backup option is very dangerous for Myanmar in current situation. We use Viber for many purposes and delete when things are done. All deleted data can be easily backed up and it is helpful to some people. After the military coup, the military abduct whomever they see and take their phone and look at everything in our phone without our consent. Yes, they are violating our rights. When they take our phone, they backup all data and some people are tortured for things they find. So, pls make backup option unavailable at least for Myanmar. This will save many lives.
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8 months ago, Illuminer
A very useful, well-designed tele-app
It has remarkably good sound quality. Better than SKYPE. And quite easy to use. It's nice not to use phone minutes up. Does it work internationally? The auto-listing of VIBER users in one's phone book is a great plus. A manual, explaining how it works and how best to use it would be valuable. No app is totally self explanatory. A very good addition to my telephone bank of programs. It would be valuable if when in another program and VIBER rings that you can directly go to answer the call. Right now it appears that multiple swipes or selections are necessary.
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2 years ago, frustratedmomof6
Love Viber but lately started having problems
I love how Viber works!!! How you can scroll thru the audio and save videos and forward them. The only problem I started having (I don’t know if it’s just me or if anyone else is having those problems) where the video is playing but there’s no way to save that video :(. It’s the app we use between our family and where we share pictures and videos and usually I would save them right away and unfortunately lately I haven’t been able to do that :(. That is why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5. Before when I was able to save them it was 5 stars
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5 years ago, NickBS100
Much Better!
It’s been a while since I’ve used your app. You made some serious improvements in the meantime! Well done! The one thing I’d like to see you do is make it so audio messages auto play sequentially in a message thread after hitting play on the first one. Voxer did it first, but was unreliable. Recently, WhatsApp started doing it. If you add that you are definitely better than WhatsApp! Your “secret thread” and notifications when someone takes a screen shot and the auto self destruct is excellent! Can people adjust the timer, like Signal? I haven’t finished playing with your app, but it looks like you’ve done a lot of work. Good job, thank you, and keep it up!
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3 years ago, Tic Toc Yogi
5+ Years Happy Viber User
I’ve been using Viber for over 5 years. I have tried other apps during that time and some have come and gone, but I still like Viber. One HUGE thing that viber has over WhatsApp is that Viber allows you to make private when you are online using it. You can not hide when you are online in WhatsApp and that is very awkward. For instance when you tell someone you are tired and want to sleep but really want to end the chat to chat someone else. They will know you are still online and not sleeping. And many other scenarios.
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3 years ago, ♫ FaNtAziA ♫
Probably the best messaging app
I’ve been using Viber for around 3 years and my mom was using it for like 8 years and it’s incredible!Its not complicated like some other apps, t’s easy to text, hide contacts, delete contacts, and add. I also love the fact that you can change the noise of the messages. And you can create your own sticker pack, like that’s amazing! From the first look you can see that whoever made this app has put lots of effort into this app 🤯. Also very easy to change you avatar. I’m obsessed with this app 😍. Keep up the good work 👍❤️
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12 months ago, Petar Dj
Viber won’t unblock my mother’s account after promising they would
My mother’s account was labeled as spam by the system because she sent a copy-paste message to several of her contacts. After explaining the situation to customer service (had to message them 5 times) they said they would unblock the number within 24 hours. After those 24h passed, my mother still can’t log in to her account and when I asked customer service again they sent the same generic message that the number is blocked because the system flagged it as spam. So one star because of false flagging and horrible customer service.
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1 year ago, Mother of Dobermans
Viber is a pretty good app
I only rated 4 out of 5 stars because sometimes the call quality is bad. Some days it’s great and other days. It seems the weather dictates how it works. If it’s really windy out it seems to struggle with a home call. Lol. We joke and say it’s a good viber day or a bad viber day based on the call quality. But the messaging app is awesome and I love how I can text my friends any where in the world free. I have friends in the Uk, Spain and Australia and we can message back and forth like we are on the same city. Pretty awesome and no long distance fees.
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1 month ago, chichogotin
Stay away from this company!!!
I have been a Viber Customer for almost a decade. I recently updated my IPhone with the newest 15 pro, however when I tried to log in to my new device with my old credentials I found that my phone number which is associated with my account was block for no reason. After I submitted multiple tickets (no phone support, no real person) I received the following without any further explanation: Venyamin S. (Viber) Apr 30, 2024, 18:35 GMT+3 Hello, Your number was blocked on Viber because it was reported as a source of spam or as a result of unusual activity. The account has been automatically added to a block list and can not be unblocked. No further information is available at this time. Please do not reply to this e-mail. Best regards, Venyamin S. Viber Support Team It is crazy. They simply blocked the account for NO REASON. I had and still have active subscription on this account. Many people won’t believe now but just search this in google and you will see so many people have already been experiencing the same. Please take my advice and use some other platform where you can get some support in case you change your device!!!
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2 years ago, Kamal@89
Troubleshooting after new phone number
If I can give no star I will do that . I just got my new phone number for 5G and after I installed Viber ,I couldn’t sent any messages. So I deleted the app ,reinstalled again and gave me activation failed for no reason. I contact the support in Viber and they told that My number was blocked on Viber because it was reported as a source of spam or as a result of unusual activity. The account has been automatically added to a block list and can not be unblocked. No further information is available at this time. I need to know what I do to block my phone number and I just got it? And only my family and friends are knowing my new phone number. There is no reason to block me. You can fix this issue or you can lose your users.
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5 years ago, Ko Chit Minn
Downloading photos
Viber is a descent messaging app. I will start off by saying that. However, one thing that is never solved is the problem with downloading media files. There are literally hundreds and thousands of people asking on the internet how to download media files because now users can only download them either automatically (but not retrospectively) or individually. Here comes a problem. If I happen to have 500 photos to download before turning on the automatic download function, what should I do? Well, it appears that I should click on each one of them and save them individually to the gallery. How is it not an option to select all or some of them and download them the selected media files altogether? That is why you get two stars.
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4 years ago, ysd3y
Ringing is activated in the setting still it has no ringing sound most of the times
Sometimes for local calls it is poor. I mean without any reason it will be disconnected and you have to end up the call and give another ring as a solution. Also most of the times you just see the mobile flashes for a moment instead of hearing the call ring. It is only my problem with Viber, but it is common in our area. That is why we have to change into whats up if the other one has this application.
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2 years ago, kasrhb
Please fix the notification issue!
I’ve used the app for about six years now and absolutely love it to keep in touch with family and friends. I’ve very rarely ever had an issue, except for the last few weeks I am not getting my notifications when I have a new message until I open the app and wait a minute or so for any new ones to appear. I’ve checked my settings about 100 times and everything is set as it should be- I see that others have been having this issue for the past month or so and am begging you please please please get it fixed so that we don’t continue to miss messages. I’m not sure how much longer I can go with having to remember to manually check constantly. Everything else works like a dream and love the app otherwise!
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1 year ago, Ggmgmg
Absolutely No Customer Service…
My grandmother just came to America, she got a phone number that was previously blocked by Viber. Previously she used her Ukrainian phone number to use Viber - it is her only source of communication with most of our family in Ukraine during war. I reached out to Viber multiple times, all you get it automatic message saying “you are blocked, never contact us again”. I sent numerous emails from my own active account, telling them there has been a mistake - they just state that the number is blocked because of spamming and to never contact them again. MY GRANDMA IS 76 YEARS OLD!! WHAT SPAMMING??? She can barely type on the phone… Anyways, stay away from this app… such disappointment! I will try my best to teach her how to use WhatsApp or Telegram now I guess…
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4 years ago, VibinParol
Viber resolves my issue of showing Viber contacts on my ios Share option
iOS - 13 has this feature of share sheet showing recent contacts from iMessage and Airdrop, but looks like Viber shows my most recent Viber chat contact as well in that option which was bothering my privacy. I reported this issue to Viber through their Feedback option in May 2020 and they fixed and resolved the issue for me in June. Thank you for being customer centric. I don’t see that option to share with my Viber chat contacts anymore.
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4 years ago, biscuitflyer
Was Great!!!
It was great .. when it was absolutely free. I was able to stay in contact easily with friends and family overseas. No data fees , no long distance “ low rates” no contract. But I guess nothing good lasts forever. I see though the description still mentions free when in fact this app now is a subscription. Why ? When there are other social media options? People can Facebook video or Zoom with friends and family overseas. That’s still free. So what happened Viber ? At least I was able to remain close to new friends from different countries for awhile. I’m now forced to keep Facebook and use Zoom As well with those that don’t Facebook anymore. ( I wouldn’t anymore either if not for ) Viber did once do what Zoom does. What happened?
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4 years ago, TaylorGates
Call sound override phone’s settings. Bad call quality
My phone was in mute and even had an earphone plugged in, incoming calls still make big loud sound. I still can’t find anywhere to stop this ridiculous feature. I turned off all notifications or even Viber in-call of the app. Never seen w any other phone apps. Embarrassed many times in meetings. The only way was to turned off wifi?!? Not sure if Apple lets this happen or their engineers are very competent and reckless in letting loud phone call’s sound override phone settings. Quite bad call quality, reason they say is low internet but other apps had better quality. Started to use it bcoz of quality, now gotta change apps. This has changed recently like several months.
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3 years ago, Richski069
Limited utility…
I got this app because I wanted the encryption and privacy that iMessage doesn’t provide. I also wanted to be able to keep chats, and be able to access past conversations. The shortcomings of this app are many. It doesn’t want to be secret. You can set it up so notifications don’t appear on your Lock Screen, Notification Center, etc… but it constantly reminds you that it doesn’t like these settings. My biggest complaint is that messages are not searchable. Scrolling through hundreds of text messages to find a reference to something that happened a few weeks ago is inconvenient and takes way too much time when I’m tying to answer a question.
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5 years ago, tanya 1234509876
Connection and message pop up problems
The connection of viber seems to have gone worse and plus for some reason the messages sometimes the notification pops up but sometimes when I open viber then I notice the messages pop up only after I open the app and have been giving this problem for months now and have checked every possible reason why the messages won’t pop up can’t find what the problem is I have no blocking or even checked if my notifications r turned on don’t know why sometimes I get the messages and sometimes I don’t until I open viber then I see the messages sent from before. :(
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2 years ago, AndreiN88
Viber algorithms just WOW
So about twice a week you get added to some spammer groups about crypto currency, and after replying back and warning the “forced-to-be” group members about the scams they are about to be subjected to- I get banned!!! Not the scammers, not the spammers that create the group- ME for warning the members not to fall for them… Got to love it! When trying to contact someone and get my account unlocked- I get an automated email from a bot saying that my ban is permanent and nothing could be done- why are the spammers stills allowed??? Oh, because they just create another account using bogus apps to generate new numbers, but real people, who use the platform for conversations with family and church groups are being punished for warning people and messing the scammers plans. *update* Contacted Viber via link provided by DEVs, got the same generic answer: your account is blocked, nothing can be done. Again- if you are a scammer, you are welcome to use Viber. As simple as that. Not sure if Viber gets a cut from the scams or what, but this is just weird. They got to profit from all the scams somehow to cover them up and not block the scammers…
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