Rebtel: International Calling

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4.8 (94.3K)
351.6 MB
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Current version
Rebtel Networks AB
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Rebtel: International Calling

4.83 out of 5
94.3K Ratings
6 years ago, belibebond
It's been a year now, joined rebtel once and never looked back again.
One of the best and most reliable service I have come across. Bought a subscription, set it on auto pay and forgot this exists. It has become so much part of my phone that it doesn't feel like it's 3rd party subscription. Here is why I love rebtel so much! 1. I have setup local numbers for 5 top callers (indian numbers). Rebtel issues USA number for each and I call them just like any other call. This is as easy as it can get. 2. I have added my office desk number as alternate contact which let's me place call to local number. This means I can call from mobile or land line. This is crazy convenience. 3. Monthly report is boon and it shows how much in touch I am with my family. It's a constant reminder and compels me to spend more time with family. 4. Rebtel upgraded my plan from India unlimited calling to global unlimited automatically. I love it when they are fair to customers and don't try to exploit someone who is not aware of other plans. I haven't called other country so far, but feels good that rebtel is so honest in service. 5. There has been cases (1 in 100) where I would hear other personal phone ringing but they would not have got call at all. This could be due to bad service at the receiver end also. In any case, re dialing immediately fixes everything. It's a long review but i really wanted to show how thankful I am to rebtel.
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2 months ago, uhhgrryijhfe
Call failed constantly….
I have hard time calling in the past three months. I call my phone carrier customer support they are saying it’s not there problem. Then I found out that it’s Rebtel problem. Rebtel customer support is meaningless. This is my second Rebtel account because the first one is after I change my phone number I am locked. There is no other option for login or to access my account. I tried to reach with email support and they never get me back. Then i forced to create new account with different email but the same payment method, I thought they will know that it’s the same person to get my first Rebtel account back. No they don’t figure out. Since then I have this second account. The first one never get back. The current one is keeping failed when I call. They talked me that it ring for them or the receiver but for me it says call failed constantly. Please solve this problem otherwise there is no other chance to stay with this app. Edited:- I need my money refunded.. Since it’s not working. I have $15 in Subscription and $3 in recharge. $18 total. I am glad I did cancel the subscription because they will keep charge me if I don’t. This up is Money hungry 👎🏽 never work anymore.
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6 years ago, szmumagain
Wish I could give a zero or negative star
Such a waste of time and effort, terrible customer service. I gave all my personal data and credit card info on their website for a “free trial” that is not supported by the app. I am totally ok with paying money for the services they promised, but after setting up my profile I received a message that my acct had been restricted. Any time I tried to figure out why or how to unrestrict it I get an automated e-mail with links to more useless automated “customer service”. After fussing with it for a while and finding better alternatives, all I want is to delete my account and request my personal data and credit card to be removed from their system, but surprise (not), you can only delete the acct by loving in to the profile- but I can’t log into the profile because the pins that they have sent are supposedly wrong and the only way to get customer service is by logging on... which... I can’t do... just frustrating. I’m just going to cancel my credit card and hope they didn’t sell my info to someone as useless/irritating as them... total waste of time.... pinger, Talkatone and PopTox way better... even paying long distance calls is better than Rebtel ,sadly.
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2 years ago, elliebeegypsy
A must have for travelers
Wow, after having high calling rates for years from T Mobil back home when wifi calling would loop out of international calls to my bank, I cancelled my plan and spent weeks worrying about how to call my bank without a phone plan. I even went to buy a sim that has international calling and turns out they don’t allow calls to businesses! My card was locked for days while abroad and I just needed to call my bank to unlock it, but the international rates are often quite expensive. Luckily, I found this app which allows free unlimited international calls to the US including businesses. I was quite desperate and thankfully it worked immediately. Unlimited is the best because we all know those banks put you on hold as if you weren’t paying by the minute! US travelers definitely need this. Such a relief to have. A million thanks.
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5 years ago, Catalinacata
The best app in the world!
This app changed my life. I used to spend hundreds of dollars on phone cards calling my family in Peru. Now I just pay 5 dollars a month for unlimited calls to landlines and cell phones. This is a really big deal because before this, calling a cell phone was very expensive and required a phone card (when calling a rural area that has no internet or WiFi possibilities, you didn’t have much options). Now I have one Rebtel account and with it I can call Peru from The US and the US from Peru from multiple lines and it has truly improved our quality of life and communication in a way I thought would never happen. If I had to delete all the apps from my phone and keep one, it would be Rebtel. Thank you Rebtel!!!!
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3 years ago, Truth77 ❤️😀
This App is difficult to use, even though you purchased minutes and it is telling you, you have no money to make call! I was extremely mad because every time I was trying to make an international call and Rebtel kept on telling I no money for the call, that’s the I rated bad with bad words! Rebtel doesn’t give enough minutes for your money though! This Developer needs to be enabled finger touch screen pay because I will not enter my card & my personal information to purchase minutes! Enable Apple Pay, that's all! How do I contact this developer because I do not any contact information in the app when opening it? I purchased a bundle for Haiti Digicel's phone, but I am just informed that Digicel failed in the area where that person live, therefore, her phone is not working because Digicel doesn't have gas to operate its service! How do I get my money back? I will get my money back though!
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5 years ago, carmicar
Really disgusting!
I am concerned with the app because after I carefully added funds into my account to make a phone call, the application itself enabled automatically the top up add money bottom, and this is not the first time the app does this. I realized the application did that because of the email I received, if not I would have never realized that that had happened. Besides, when you try to disable the top up (which is the way I prefer to have it), you have to add money to have access to it and then you can change it back to the disable function. I am really upset because it sounds like it is a strategy this app uses to charge more money from user like me. I would really like to have those two 10 dollar transactions undone, because I never consented to them, and it is just pre determined by the app the amount the automatic top up will charge you, which is 10 dollars, not 5 as I usually like to spend every time. I am also strongly recommending for this costumer services to have a phone number where users can call and do serious complains like this I am having today.
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2 years ago, foxie07
Scam app
The only 2 things this app good for are to charge you money and send you annoying emails nonstop. The connection is very poor. After the first minute, the voice of the person on the opposite side starts getting repeated, which freaks me out!! I have to hang up and call again and again after every first minute! My parents are old and I feel embarrassed to call them like 10 times and hang up the phone after 1 minute! Another HUGE problem which was mentioned by several other users is: you will get “the person you are calling is unavailable” voice message even if the phone of the person you are calling is on. Wait, that’s not the worst part yet. They have an audacity to charge you for this stupid auto voice message! I have to call my parents 3-4 times before I can get through this annoying voice, and it takes like 4 minutes out of my paid account. I am definitely switching to something less scammy for sure.
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5 years ago, MMH Chicago
Decline in Rebtel performance
Since the end of August, the connection performance has declined significantly. There is no explanation why the sudden decline. Rebtel used to perform much better when calling overseas; however this is no longer the case. I’ve continued to lose money on poor connections; when the other party cannot hear me or I cannot hear them. Then; I have to hang up and try again multiple times without resolution. In fact, I had to use the expensive AT&T to make the calls. At this time, I’m researching the market for an alternate service to Rebtel.
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2 years ago, Rhidan
For the first few months, all was good. I was paying a $5 per month subscription to call one country. Suddenly, they began charging my credit card the monthly fee every day! I was only daily, initiating disputes on the charges with my bank. I contacted Rebtel customer support, and probably did 7-8 times in total. They don’t pay any attention to what is written, and reply nonsense on random topics unrelated to the issue, all the while, continuing to change my card every day. There constant inability to address the specific issue, and instead respond to some other random topic, was a big red flag that this was a scam-company and not a legitimate accounting error. After about 15 days, I removed my credit card from my profile. I then received an email from them indicating they were cancelling my subscription due to non-payment. The monthly payment was made some two weeks earlier, and collected (I checked with my bank). I never disputed the original payment, only all subsequent ones. So, Rebtel were lying. After removing my credit card from my profile though, they were STILL accessing it and trying to charge me, EVERYDAY! I had to have my back block them, yes block Rebtel, to stop them from making further attempts to access my credit card. I don’t believe all their 4-5 star ratings. I think they’re robo-scores.
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6 years ago, VijayKumar Gupta
Very poor service I have ever seen
I usually don't write reviews but now I am seriously frustrated and annoyed with this app. Sometime when I need the most to make several calls to India. It start giving me problems that's u can't make call although I have unlimited plan. I try login into my account through website to make payment thinking that might be an issue. They take forever to send text to reset your pin. I informed many time over the email for same sought of issues but solved for a while and then back to square one. No customer service number to call. Had network issues voice didn't get through to other side. Most of the time I have to hang up call from Rebtel and then use internet calling. I am seriously frustrated with this now. This is happening 3rd time with me, even the developers are not that much educated and understand the issue. I need my money back, Rebtel is just making full to his customers.
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4 years ago, Tiger_nandu
No Customer support and I lost my money
I purchased Rebtel for three months advance payment and I just changed my Sim card and my number got changed and all of a sudden Rebtel stop working because it never show me I need to update before using a new Sim it’s kind of strange how can I get a message out for a new Sim without putting into phone so basically it’s kind of nonsense and they said my account got restricted and nobody trying to help me why it happened and what’s happening and I am unable to use my old number to login because my old number no more working on the new number I need to create a new account so old account will be dead this is something so strange and I lost money I am so disappointed with the customer support and with this app guys pleasePlease read the terms and condition completely taking a whole day to understand do not to lose the money and am very disappointed!!!
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4 years ago, kjp2.0
I need what I pay for but the app is decent
I haven’t used an international calling service that has perfect sound and connection quality just yet. This app only has one problem honestly and that’s what they put down as your talk time vs. the time that’s actually on your call logs. It’s disappointing when I’m paying money to talk to my loved ones overseas. This has happened more than once. I called a country twice and it went to voicemail both calls lasted one minute or less and this app tells me I spoke for 6 mins 😑 this happened about 3 times. I decided to give an honest review because this money loss is adding up. Please fix this because this app has so much potential to be the best! Payment process is pretty easy. The rate is fair but not giving me what I pay for isn’t fair at all.
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3 months ago, jaby7
Scam app and bad unprofessional customer service
The ripped my money for no clear auto top up and refund polices. The third party they are partner with they wants us to communicate with the person and all the time the service especially the data is scam and cheating. Plus so expensive compared to other app and quality. I tried to write help to their email which the only way to communicate with them and they reply after two or three days sometimes after a week and never resolved my problem trust me I have been used the app for years but every time I get problems and no answer I just ignore because I can call easily from the app. But all the customer service is scam and fake no solution at all and finally I decided to leave them. I will report this to The apples service center too next.
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1 year ago, Nanwithaplan
Beware of Rebtel's bait & switch!
Rebtel's free week isn't free. Rebtel billed me for 3 calls to *one* number in Scotland during their supposed "free trial week" that they offer after downloading their app. Rebtel disgusts me. I just cancelled my account to cut my losses. Rebtel later justified their bait and switch because I called what *they* *allege* was a "premium or special rate number". Rebtel failed to define what such numbers are, so I asked Rebtel how would I be able to identify such a number? No answer from Rebtel. Rebtel's customer service only persisted in answering me in their corporate-speak about how they "understand it's frustrating to have to pay." Ahem--it's not "frustrating" Rebtel, it's downright maddening to be misled! Free is free! Furthermore I have never been billed for a so-called "premium or special rate number". In cell phone or landline billing, those are not billing categories.
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4 years ago, icookey
Rebtel is Awesome!
I have always been a fan of Boss Revolution for making paid international calls but recently I discovered Rebtel and thought I should give it a try. I’m glad I did. Comparatively, I have not been able to determine which is cheaper, however, I seem to find Rebtel rather cool and an awesome alternative for my calling. So far I am extremely happy with Rebtel’s performance and I’m going to stick with it for now. After a while I think I will attempt to do a more detailed analysis of the two services to form a decisive opinion. I’m truly impressed with Rebtel!
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2 years ago, helbayar
They have stolen a $10 credits from me
Purchased $10 credit from their website but couldn’t dial a number through their app as was prevented by a modal dialog that I need to give them access to my contacts! That dialog box didn’t have any option(s) other than allow them access. I e-mailed them and the next day I contacted my credit card company disputing the $10 charge. My bank stoped the charge and credited my account. The Rebtel finally responded to my email and was allowed access through a dialog box asking if I want to allow access but this time I was not prevented from clicking on the dial manual option. I made 1 call then I called my bank to withdraw my dispute and the merchant was paid the $10. The next day I wanted to use the card but was told my account was frozen. I emailed the merchant again and they responded. They requested I write to them first and explain why I disputed the charge! Then they will decide if I should be allowed access. I called my bank to open my previous dispute, and was told they can’t re-open a withdrawn dispute. That company must have known that and froze my account on purposes. As far as I’m concerned. They are crooked and thrives.
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7 years ago, Apande
Poor quality and no customer service
I usually don’t write reviews but now I am seriously frustrated and annoyed with this app. Sometime when I need the most to make several calls to India. It start giving me problems that’s u can’t make call although I have unlimited plan. I try login into my account through website to make payment thinking that might be an issue. They take forever to send text to reset your pin. I informed many time over the email for same sought of issues but solved for a while and then back to square one. No customer service number to call. Had network issues voice didn’t get through to other side. Most of the time I have to hang up call from Rebtel and then use internet calling. I am seriously frustrated with this now.
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4 years ago, KEOCN
Running through hoops to purchase credits
I downloaded the app last week and went to purchase a pay as you call plan for $5.00. To my dismay it was rejected, so I tried another card and it too was rejected. I wrote to their customer service and was told that my account had been flagged by their Security Department for review and that they would try to rush things. A day later I got a message asking for my bank statement that supported the cards and my ID (DL or passport). After sending the items requested I wait another day and now they tell me that my email address is a problem and I should use another email address that has my full name in the address!!! Unbelievable!!! I have bought cars easier than buying a five dollar phone credit on this app!!!!!
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5 years ago, Simondo34
Most Reliable & Easy To Use For International Phone Calls
I have tried several services for international calling, and Rebtel is by far the best! I’ve used it for over 2 years now, and it’s been totally reliable, great rates, the user interface is very clear and easy to use, and it’s generally a great service. It has an auto top-up feature, meaning you never run out of funds. And even then, $10 lasts for a while (obviously depending how often you make calls and for how long). Highly recommended!! 10/10.
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6 years ago, TheBluntGuy
Wrong minute count & misinformation
I made a 3 minutes call but this app says it was 4 minutes. The truth I talked to the person for only 2 minutes but the app start counting from the moment it start to wring. How can you charge me for the time I’m waiting for the person I’m calling to pick up the phone?! The other question is how does a $5 fee becomes $7.99?! I’ve used other apps (Skype, Boss Revolution, Google Calls) and the prices never increased like that, not even after including taxes. Also, I just joined this app and it was saying that I could benefit from the first time user bonus (100 min for $5) but it never activated it after paying. This is an example of misinformation to benefit you guys.
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6 years ago, lsinghca
Great app. Missing some features..
I’d like to thank the developer or the Rebtel team for this great app, it helps to connect many of my friends around the world. It works great, no almost zero issue..I don’t know why most people are complaining in the rating section. Well anyways. One of the feature I would like to see to be able to clear Recent Call History/Log. Plus it shouldn’t show called contacts on the other device if you’re using same account on 2 or more phones.
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4 years ago, john_honest_atl
Honest review from a 6 year user
I started using this app in 2013, and I pay for the phone calls. This app is worth it if you want to call someone by phone (with limited access to internet). I experienced some difficulties but realized later they are from the receiving end of the telecom company. Now I know how to deal with it but overall I cannot find an app better than this one to make real phone calls. Actually, I even called banks, airlines, hotels etc and worked very well.
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6 years ago, abmaury286
Good app, but needs some work
The app works good in terms of connectivity and interface (user friendly). The main reason for my 3 star review is the extra fee when adding money to the account. You guys seriously need to stop doing that, since many users have to go to the web version to avoid being hit by these extra fees. In my opinion, the whole purpose of the app is having full functionality without having to resort (still) to the web version.
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4 years ago, khokho104
Disappointed 😡
I never write a review before. I checked all the review before I downloaded this apps. I am not sure where the good , 5 stars reviews are from. They lied. They have me 5 free minutes, I only use it to make 1 call internationally, the person didn’t even pick up the phone. My 5 minutes were gone after that. I was cool with it, it is free anyway. So I purchase their specia l first time deal. $1 for 30 minutes. This time I was able to make 2 phone call.; each probably took only 5 minutes . Two months later, which is today. I place a call again, and the interpreter say “ you have zero minutes” seriously? I use this because the person I try to call, sometimes does not have internet with them. Eventhough it is just $1, why baiting me? Is that how you do business? Pretend like you are giving us so much? Or the minutes just drain out because time fly????? . Please be honest to customer if you want to keep their loyalty. Hope this review get to Rebtel !!!! Or it might be deleted since I saw all the good reviews here. And some blind goats might get the bait again!!
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7 years ago, mark4green
When will you guys add a function to hide number?
Hi rebtel, I have been using this app for years now and always work for me have no problem at all, sometimes when calling some mobile number in Nigeria 🇳🇬 my account got blocked and when I contact support in 24hrs it open back nice one, my only problem with you guys now is when will you guys add functions to hide number? Am tired of calling showing my real number, if possible add virtual number to hide the real number, thank you 😊
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3 years ago, RB-NYC
Kind a works, sometimes
App mostly works okay, though call quality is variable. What they don’t tell you is they have a secret list of US numbers that if you place a call to, they lock your account. I called a major US bank customer service number over two weeks ago and am still locked out. It’s like playing Russian roulette every time you make a call. Customer service is worthless.
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7 months ago, heid218663
It was fine until they changed the subscription
I have been using this app for almost 2 years to call my family back in the Philippines. I love their service before cause they gave me an offer $10 a month with unlimited call to the Philippines. Then this month, December 2023, they changed it. They don’t have $10 per month with unlimited call to the Philippines. They only offer $.15 per minute and that is too much. I am shock that they offer $7.5 per month with unlimited call to the India, but this company couldn’t offer any unlimited call offer to the Philippines. It’s unfair!! So I stopped using this app for good until they will bring back the unlimited call to the Philippines.
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2 years ago, fardarter
Inconvenient for voice commands
Calls cannot be placed directly through the phone line interface. It is always necessary to call from within the app itself. This is too inconvenient for those of us who need to place calls using voice commands while working, driving, or attending to other tasks. While it is possible to use a preset shortcut to place a call with a voice command, this is not possible when not connected to wifi. When not on wifi, the Rebtel call is placed through a local phone number. Too finicky and unpractical. I’d rather pay the extra money to T-Mobile.
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2 years ago, LoveLifeQueen
Only use if you want to share your contacts
I’m very disappointed. I signed up because I need to call a government office in the UK. The free call they give you is three minutes long… Not long enough to talk to any government office anywhere. So, I paid. Not only that, you can’t use Apple Pay, you must use your credit card number. I decided to sign up anyway. But it turns out that the only way to make phone calls is if you share your contacts with them. I have friends relatives who absolutely do not want their info shared, so I can’t use this app. Fortunately, once you give them your credit card information you have five days to cancel. I’m very disappointed.
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4 years ago, Trompz
rebtel is a complete and total scam, I signed up for the Free 30 day trial, and even included my credit card information. Rebtel said I had 30 days free trial to call the UK unlimited. After 5 days the app doesn’t allow me to call UK and is asking me to make a purchase for credits. So after 5 days of their 30 day trial they want to charge you, not only that, the calls hung up every time someone answered on the other end. This is a total waste of time and effort, never again. Total rip off, then. They will not post the review and make up lies. They will ask you to take a screen shot of their offer, not knowing I used a laptop to unfortunately sign up for their service. Rebtel is pathetic, dont waste your time or money.
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5 years ago, rebteluser816
Actual service not working like trial service
I really donot understand the how is this app tweaked on the backend. The trial version seemed to be perfect without any network interruptions or call drops. Once I have made payment for the same plan and started making calls, there were multiple call drops, and voice is not clear with frequent breakouts. I can seriously say the same day same network and same devices called using trial and actual plans are not same. The trial version is using some different network and minutes to place pretty good clear voice calls and where as the network selection for paid services are using cheap voip networks that frequently drop calls.
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2 years ago, Miriella Adeeb
Does not work anymore and keeps charging me
I’ve been using this app for more than a year to make phone calls to the Middle East where my family is but now all of a sudden the phone call dosn't get through.. it keeps ringing and someone “fake” like an answering machine answers and keeps saying “hello” and you can tell it’s fake because what ever time I call it’s the same voice and keeps saying the same repeated words!!! And doesn’t actually responds to what I’m saying!👎🏻 AND THE WORST PART IS THEY CHARGE ME FOR IT!!! I’ve lost over 10 dollars on those fake answering machines when I actually needed to make emergency phone calls with family until I stopped using this app now!!
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2 years ago, Ludetec
No customer service
I’ve been using Rebtel for years and it was all good. Since last week my account is not working. There are remaining balances in my account but it asked me to enter PIN every time I dialed, and each time I entered my PIN, it tells me “ not valid”. I had to update to different PINs and try multiple times(I know I entered correct PIN). Nothing change. Seems the balance in my account can’t be refund and is useless. I reached out to customer service, and just received systematic response, telling me to download app and use a phone that can receive PIN. I already did that. There must be something wrong on your end. But apparently nobody cares.
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6 years ago, BigMann95
Caller ID
I have used various calling cards and others,calling overseas with other calling cards shows different number from my actual number,as a result friends or clients don’t take calls without numbers they know or have in their contacts,but since I started using Rebtel few months ago,my calls to friends in Nigeria and others contacts overseas shows my exact number to them..Na Rebtel Biko
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3 years ago, q44623
Used it for years, but they overcharged x2
They charged me x2 the advertised rates, and offered lame explanations after a dozen emails. That’s how the treat customers who were with them for years and years, so no longer a customer. Also, accounts in their billing system don’t add up, but that’s a different matter with its own lame excuses. Completely lost my trust after many years in which I unfortunately recommended them to many people. Update: don’t be fooled by their comment that I would contact support. I’ve spent plenty of time with their useless support. You can find better, easier, more transparent solutions than this company.
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4 years ago, jaishansjiggs
Beware of “Credit”
I got this app and subscribed to a plan to call my family in India with a $24/3months plan. What they don’t tell you when you subscribe is that you also need something called credit to make calls, aside from the $24. It is ridiculous that one has to pay a subscription fee and pay money on top of that to just make a call. I got this app and made one call six months ago and tried to make another call today, and just learned of credit.
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6 years ago, justuninstalling
I’ve had this app for about 3+years. I will uninstall right after this review. After all these years this app still doesn’t have a customer service phone number. Still sending the same automated email responses. I’m tired of it. If I’m on a call and I have a few seconds left, why is the automatic voice wasting the rest of my paid time to tell me I’ve a min left? I use to top off over the phone with $5. Now the only option to top off starts at $10, $20. You have to go to the app or on the website to top off. And on top of that it seems like they deducts the time it takes for the calls to connect. That’s fraud.
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5 years ago, raymon069
They are cheat!
Whenever you will buy some subscription they will by default save your all credit info and add the auto renewal for the next month without even informing you! This happened to me several times and every time I had to log in to their site from browser and deactivate it. They even did not add the option to cancel subscription in this app! There is another terrible things that they add! They have some deals, but if you buy that your other subscriptions are still in the list and auto renewed! So you will pay twice without knowing anything if you don't check your account!
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7 years ago, Ppprrraaa
First of all thanks for developers. Awesome app for international calls but I was wondering in one thing you guys have unlimited $10 for India and China but not Nepal . Because Nepal is located between India and China. One another thing there have lots of people from nepal so you guys have lots of chance to make more money . This is my suggestion and request to include nepal also in $10 unlimited monthly payment. That would be great. Thanks
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2 years ago, ህሊና
Appreciation for one of the apps that connects the world
Good morning developers. I just wanted to share how much I appreciate this app because it makes it easier for me to connect with loved ones all the way across the Atlantic. Thank you for making the service reasonably priced and affordable. Also for making the service reliable. Be well! HelinaZ
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2 years ago, Alayo Cee
Rebtel defrauds
I have been using this App for some years now. But, there is something the App does that makes me want to exit the App and delete it completely. Last Saturday, i renewed my $10 monthly subscription. However, by the time I wanted to make some calls, I discovered the App had refreshed itself and brought up the New User registration page. If I click it, I get to lose my current balance of $10, just like that. This has happened on 2 occasions before. I am not a new user, I did not just download the App. I have been using for months. So what happens to my $10?
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5 years ago, sivaraju446
Technical support not available on Phone
The support is only through Email and there is no phone number to contact. I heard a message that the plan has expired and I need to subscribe way before the plan expired. I thought the plan expired and paid for a month subscription for Global Unlimited. Few days later I get billed again because of auto-renewal payment. I requested for a refund since it is not my fault and is because of a technical glitch on rebtel’s end. They respond saying we are working on it and there is no ETA for resolution. Sadly no telephone number to call as well. Overall disappointed with the service.
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5 years ago, Crump51
Better than Skype
I had Skype for years but after Microsoft tried to make it into a social media site it became intrusive and confusing (I’m old). I was also often getting very poor quality reception and dropped calls. Rebtel is simple and mostly good sound quality. Though at the end of each good call I’m asked to rate it but never when it’s bad, annoying because they obviously already know if the call was good or bad!
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7 months ago, xwfsjdke
Poor customer relations
It is incredible how the leadership of this organization sets such anti-customer rules that drives away customers like us. We are new to this service and most likely will delete it once we have used up our balance. I dealt with them twice and both times they told me since I screwed up, it is my loss even though I wasn’t asking for anything that they were not supposed to provide. Their app and website are anything but intuitive. Sad to see how a potentially good product can be destroyed by poorly designed customer engagement.
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7 years ago, Insta98777
Really good quality but maybe a bit overpriced
I don't usually make international calls so I'm not sure how much it usually costs with a calling card from a gas station. I used this app and paid $10 for 125 minutes and was told by a friend that I could have gotten a calling card for $2 for 60 minutes. Either way, the sound quality was good I could hear them and they could hear me fine so I have no complaints.
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3 years ago, does'nt take much for me
Very convenient
This app is amazing!! I have nothing but high praise for it. I am currently outside of the United States and I have to make monthly calls there. The connections have been great. I’ve not had problems and a minor issue I did have was promptly resolved. Now that’s what I call customer service. I’ve been recommending it to friends and family.
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5 years ago, Tony Benson
Good deals but could be better
They’ve introduced global unlimited but for a few countries. If only they could redefine or customize it to suit individual caller destinations than just clustering UK only. Also, they could add the ‘Deals’ feature in the app than having to log on their website and purchase it from there. Otherwise, it’s a great calling app with clarity and good connectivity; love using it.
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3 years ago, 223atar
Excellent low cost phone calls
I have had this service for about a year. I am completely satisfied with the quality and price for my calls from US to Europe. I was using my regular cell phone carrier before and had lots of problems at over twice the cost. I highly recommend this service.
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3 years ago, Princess Naija
I get charged for incompletecalls
I get charged for calls that were not connected or picked up. Also, I get overcharged for completed calls. It has happened several times that I spoke fir 2 to 3 minutes and later I see record showing that I was charged for 20 minutes or more. Also, I’m not aware of a Customer Care number where I can call to complain. This is indicative of a bad service and terrible customer care relationship.
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