Recon - Find Fetish Men

Social Networking
2.5 (292)
61.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
T101 Limited
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Recon - Find Fetish Men

2.51 out of 5
292 Ratings
4 years ago, Chicago Visitor
Could use some improvements
1. When I am typing a message to another user, the box to type the message in is really tiny with a tiny font. Once you type more than two small lines of text, you can’t see the previous lines of text. Makes editing messages very difficult. The workaround is to type out your message in a different app, then cut and paste it into Recon. This shouldn’t be necessary and would not be a tough fix for Recon. However, the problem has persisted for many years. 2. If you’re looking at other guys’ profiles and you have them sorted by distance from you, you can’t filter the results. If you filter the results, you can only search for other users across an entire state or even a country, and you can’t sort the results by how close other guys are to you. Seems like it should be relatively easy to combine these two features and make searching easier.
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5 years ago, JeramyMinaj
This app is eh
I enjoy the purpose of the app, but I honestly dislike that you have to pay to look at other profiles and that there is a daily limit if you don’t pay for the subscription. We should be able to at least view the people within a certain radius around us for free without getting the “sorry you’ve reached your daily limit of profile views” type of bs. The app is a little difficult to navigate and I’m not quite sure if the purpose of the “friends” tab nobody adds you as a friend on there at least not from my experience. I think this app is in a good direction for us kinksters but it’s poorly thought out for people who can’t pay up for a subscription, at least with Scruff, Grindr, etc we don’t have to pay to simply view nearby profiles. I think Recon needs to stop being greedy.
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4 years ago, Waddupmyguy
For mlm trying to find a good kink meetup, this app is really good! It lets you sort by age, distance, and interest without having to get the premium version, which is really nice for an app like this! There are a few tweaks I would like to see, for instance, if your kink isn’t one listed as a selectable “interest,” then your only option for finding them is to get lucky, or search by name & hope they have it there. Tickling, for instance, is one I would like to see added. Also, once you have searched by name, the only order you can view them in is alphabetical; it would just be really nice to be able to sort by distance as well, or to filter out by age, etc. For its usage, however, I find it 10x better than any other app for this specific job, A+!
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1 year ago, Sparks Guys
Ok App. Support non existent
Recon itself is actually good. Nice features. Agree with previous comments about the trxt box in messaging. 1) Big thing for me is when there is an issue, you can submit a question or a comment and it goes into thin air. They never answer. Support just does not exist. 2) Travel feature is useless because you cannot say you are traveling within your ssme state. i.e. if you live in northern CA - you cannot enter that you are travelling to Los Angeles. It tells you you cannot travel within the same region. This is because it only recognizes the STATE, rather than the city. 3) Yes to everything posted about the inability to search and sort easily These are basic app features EVERY dating/hookup app has… except Recon Did I mention that support of any kind is non existent??? Baaaad… Recon just wants your $$$ Then it’s .. see ya, don’t care..
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1 month ago, Aa3739
Recon needs major work and their limits are ridiculous
For one recon needs to stop trying to block pictures from being viewed on the app the content you block saying Apple doesn’t allow is utterly untrue. The content they block in most pictures is basic just shirtless which is so silly and totally allowed it’s only nudities they are not allowed and as yet there has never ever been a single actual nudity photos this just wastes my time and effort cause it basically forces you to login to the website to see the pics of the few people on this crappy app. Then their profile view limit it’s so few that I can’t ever see or find anyone with whom I find interest before the next guy I try to view they block unless you pay a ridiculous amount for the few people that are on this app. Stop being so greedy and lower the price and you’ll have more subscribers.
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2 years ago, Cirikkati
Grindr is coming for you!
So now that Grindr has released their tag feature which includes LOTS of the fetishes this app was designed for, what will you be doing to actually keep your Recon community loyal? I hope its actually listening to your user base and not being greedy money chasers. I hate to say it but the Grindr tag feature almost outplays your app altogether. To be honest this app fell off… HARD. It’s clunky, has too many “features” hidden behind a pay wall, has features that no one uses, hardly any active users (because the app is terrible and hasn’t gotten a face lift or new feature in over 3 years), and can’t even accurately show you who is currently online. I want this app to succeed, I want my communities to be happy on this app, but it seems the dev’s are simply using this app to make passive income and nothing more.
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1 year ago, ReviewerNickname1
Works great, does the job.
I have had zero issues with the app since 2012, and have been very happy with it❤️. Does the job it advertised to do, and nothing more. Everyone else complaining about “issues” or it being “outdated” clearly have never used it on a computer desktop. They fail to realize this is a mobile extension of their existing website infrastructure. (Bonus points for that since it means the app doesn’t BLOAT and take up space). It’s not an app like Grindr that was built ground-up only for mobile like all the kiddies on here are complaining about.
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5 months ago, Pupscrappy
Crashes constantly.
The mobile app on IOS will never stay operative. I keep it open on my iPhone a s every time I want to use it or get a message I want to see it locks up. I have to close it out, reopen it which it will take forever but not open, it just crashes again and then the second time I open it, the app actually opens. Sent many notes to recon with nothing and this is nothing re as it’s been going on for years. I just figured they gave up on keeping the app up to date. Which may be the case. If they want to stay relevant they need to get with it. There are loads more apps just burying recon in the dust.
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5 years ago, John Doe The 1st
Old and inactive
Recon must have thousands of inactive profiles. The App should have a setting to sideline those profiles, or even better, Recon should delete those profiles for good. The App should also have a setting to bypass profiles which have not been updated. Many of the active profiles haven’t been updated in years, many as much as 10 years or more. But I don’t think that is in the interest of Recon. At the end of the day it’s all about making money and not about bringing the community together. Because you need a paid membership just to work your way through all the dead or outdated profiles.
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1 year ago, Rearden, Hank
Privacy Violation
When you share your pics in chats with other users (direct messages), the app put them in the folder named “Hidden” but all users can actually see that folder content. One of them messaged me and send the screenshots. I messaged technical support but just got unprofessional replies from them about the folder “Private Gallery” and how it works. You can have Private Gallery only when you pay for the app. I even do not have private gallery folder there, just sent a couple pictures in direct. So, it looks like the support team actually does not know how their app works. The app violates users privacy.
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4 years ago, supineny
website is better. good for messaging.
Basically, the website is fully featured and works well. It also is able to show you x-rated photos, no small consideration for a sex-oriented service. So why use the app version? Well, really only to be able to more easily use the messaging service, and to get notifications. The app also has some bugs. Basically, i use the website primarily, and use the app for messaging.
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4 years ago, cubanchino
Trash platform, trash support
This app is pure trash. They do nothing at all to update it. There are issues of their magazine on there from years ago that they promote that has not had an issue in years. They have tons of inactive profiles or profiles without photos. Their support team is the absolute worst, I’ve reported profiles from people who have harassed me because I was not into them at all and support does absolutely nothing about it. The app is full of these so called “cash masters” which apparently they don’t allow but their admin team does nothing about. Stay away from this app, save the space on your phone and download literally anything else.
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7 years ago, MuslKink
Sorry I updated
Do not update to this version. Message alert stopped working for me. Now I must manually check which is near useless. Took a good app and updated primarily to force everyone into a page of ads and random members that are incompatible and unmatched. I prefer to set the opening page myself to messages or cruises or nearby. Do not like being forced to view irrelevant ads about a recon event in some far flung location. Forces me to have to reset every time. Give me the option Please add 'relationship status.' I would like to know this before contact. A match feature would be great if effective. Filter with major preferences (eg single /married/involved/poly and looking, top/bottom, body type, hairy/smooth, muscle/average/large, cut/uncut, kink interests, lookin to date/meet/NSA, butch/twink you get the idea etc) At this point you push members that appear to be random and are often the opposite of a match
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1 year ago, MarkJoseph1
Hasn't kept up with the times.
I feel like the PMs/devs at Recon are still acting like mobile apps are a passing fad. There's no way to "unlock" galleries like every other gay dating app, forcing you to use the website to see any interesting pictures. Except that website is NOT RESPONSIVE OR OPTIMIZED for mobile browsers, you're scrolling all over the place tapping tiny buttons--basically unusable on a phone. It's very Web 1.0 and hasn't changed for many many years. Given the price of subscribing, Recon needs to do better.
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3 years ago, FidelioMelo
Technical Support for this piece of garbage is culmination of insanity
I downloaded the app this week - April 1 - and as I was setting up my profile, literally I put only a few pieces of personal info, the app for some reason out of a clear blue suspended my account. I contacted the technical support and they replied saying, “our system has flagged your profile as a spammer, therefore we have suspended your account.” This was the most ridiculous reasoning I ever heard. Instead of trying to solve the issue, that was clearly of a technical nature, they just reconfirmed the problem and suspension of the account. If I could, I’d give zero stars.
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3 months ago, Sweeswee2344
So I’ve used the app and it’s been great with conversations and getting possible meetups in the near future….. but I don’t understand why when I logged in today that the screen went to your account got suspended I don’t know why exactly I did send an email to customer support anyway just figured I’d say it
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2 years ago, Tswjanan
Good but would love a bug fix
I think this gets the job done for what it sets out to do, but after moving it hasn’t updated my location, even when changing it in my profile. It’s hard to get someone to take you seriously when it says your 1000s of miles away
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1 year ago, Ivanovbg
Extremely old and outdated
By far the most outdated app i have on my phone. I’m not sure why… the recon team are very active in the community, it’s mind blowing that they haven’t invested in fixing all of the issues that people have complained about on here. Yes, i know the list is long but i’ve had this app for years and there hasn’t been ANY improvement on the issues with this app. It looks and feels like an app from 2012. And i’m a premium user!! Without a (costly) subscription this app is completely unusable.
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2 years ago, review left
Toxic gatekeeping community.
Apps like this are the reason people get hurt and have a negative opinion of the bdsm community. The fetish elitism forces people that are interested in exploring into dangerous situations because you’re either no limits hardcore or you shouldn’t bother trying. The latest “opinion” piece illustrates that “are you a ‘REAL’ slave or ‘JUST’ a sub?” Unlike what this app would have people believe there is space for everyone in this community, from the the no limits human furniture to the fuzzy handcuffs enthusiast, the community needs to remember that.
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6 years ago, Ali_JoR
Notifications still don’t work
I don’t know why the notifications don’t work properly on this app. All other apps show notifications on the icon itself except this one! I’ve updated numerous times and changed notification settings for the app on my iPhone and still don’t work. Secondly, it’s 2018 for goodness sake! Viewing XXX pics on the website?!? Really?!? What’s the purpose of this? None of the other apps have this silly setting!
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2 months ago, Outspoken RN
Quality Lacking
Great to find a gay fetish app, but it's greatly lacking. None of the profiles can be verified so LOTS of fake profiles from thousands of miles away wanting to connect. The thumbnails are tiny, despite having a big phone. Tried to cancel app and Apple asked if I wanted to delete all data, but then did NOT ask if I wanted to cancel the subscription (like it normally does)--great way to keep billing people for an app they don't even have or use anymore.
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8 months ago, Gregory Sheppard
Useful for community, but as an app it’s dated
My biggest grievance is actually just the fact that opening the app shows a NSFW image. The rest of the app you can kinda navigate safely, but the loading screen should not have photos involved.
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5 years ago, footgames
To mirror the sentiment of several others , I think the app should really provide more free content or at least 10 days of full access to let us see if it’s worth the fee. I simply cannot get a full feel for the app when I’m blocked from browsing and messaging after a few clicks . I see the potential but will probably delete app after one day. Too bad
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6 months ago, Cmg-2090
App desperately needs an over hall
The app is very dated and clunky. Feels like something from 15 years ago when apps first came out. How you add/remove and manage your photo albums is also pretty ridiculous. Also the limits for free users is pretty bad. I understand having some limits but you are basically forcing people to purchase a premium account to access most of the site.
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6 years ago, hazhap
Like all popular “personals” platforms who came before, it’s now super limited in what you can do with this app unless you’re paying very high user fees, and the platform is poorly maintained and very buggy. Maximum profit for minimum operational cost along with being unusable for the general public will lead to this company being out of business soon now that competition in their market exists.
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6 years ago, Time king
Why can’t I verify my account?
I’ve tried at least twice to “verify my account” and each time I click the link it sends me from the app, to the email, to the app, so could someone please tell me what the deal is and how I can finally get my account verified? Please and thanks
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2 years ago, bsmithlaw
Still a few bugs
On iOS,Sometimes a chat window deletes the top menu and you’re locked into the single chat, the rest of the app is disabled. Really annoying.
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8 months ago, kenr28782
App is cutting off sent text in messages function
I have observed the app will cut off last few words of many of my messages. Seems to happen to my correspondence as well. Using most recent version. Would love to hear you are fixing this.
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3 years ago, BnMLover
Outdated platform. There use to be additional functions that no longer exist. As a member you use to be able to do a larger search based on keywords. You use to be able to see new members. There’s more features they’ve taken away. Recon is going backwards not forwards.
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6 years ago, AaronInCal
Font is too small!
Have always enjoyed the app, but one of the recent updates made the font way too small. It’s hard to type messages and just overall view profiles. Please go back to how it was!
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3 years ago, Bloofey22
Poorly designed app
This is one of the worst apps I’ve used. The interface is clunky and confusing to the point where it’s actively unusable. I’ve been using computers and tech all my life and have no problems figuring out how things work usually, but weeks later I still couldn’t use the app properly.
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10 months ago, NYC Homo
Not working as well as it used to, and doesn't work on a tablet either
Not working as well as it used to, and doesn't work on a tablet either -it does not expand the size but is a little tiny square in the middle of the tablet screen.
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6 years ago, CommuterPup
Needs iPhone 7 Support
Great app and all, but the interface is still geared towards 4" iPhones. I'd appreciate it if the next update includes support for 4.7" and 5.5" phones, as well as for iPhone X (iPhone 6, 6s, 7, and their plus-sized respective counterparts). Also, 3D Touch support would be greatly appreciated.
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4 years ago, Muirdin
Spirit of App great, app itself meh.
The app is great for sorting and finding like minded kinky men, but the messaging aspect of the app is not the best. Messages sometimes load out of order and phantom notifications are a thing I’ve noticed recently.
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8 months ago, TNGA88
Recon now scans TEXT BASED POSTS and removes them from private albums. If a term is used in every gay app except Recon, it's on Recon for creating an inferior experience. That's really their specialty. The legacy community of Recon is the only real value here. The app, albums, message system, profiles, and overall product are outdated and not part of the future of the kink community.
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7 years ago, FrutratedConsumer
Bad Service
A few months ago my account was suspended after I had paid for a subscription. I have sent requests to support asking why and no one answers. It seems to me if my account is being suspended and I ask why I should be provided an answer. You took my money, provided no refund and now do not reply.
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4 weeks ago, srogoff40
Don’t look for customer support to help
Because … they don’t. Signing up for premium membership and then it doesn’t show up on the app and you ask support for help - and then nothing. No help. No fixing the problem. Total apathy. Horrible customer service.
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1 year ago, WPWill
Suspended Acvount
It’s been two days now. I’ve been told it was in error and that I can access my account. New error message says my email address is invalid. They say everything is up and running.
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2 years ago, ChiScott66
Outdated and Worthless
Neither the app nor website have been substantially updated in years and there’s very little functional parity between the two. I used t have hope they’d invest in correcting its deficiencies, but it’s clear that will never happen.
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5 years ago, Terrycigar
No longer an app
Used to be a true app, now web-based and difficult to use and maneuver around. Don’t know what happened or why.
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7 years ago, Markplayspiano
Kinky guy? You need this app
A must-have for any guys into kink. Love the improvements that have come with the updates.
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4 years ago, BRANDED1
If using iPhone do not waste money on paid subscription
The iPhone app version blocks most of the photos you can only see with a paid subscription. If you download this app and are then considering buying a subscription to see all the photos, DONT DO IT.
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5 years ago, yhdagjfc
Locked out
Iv been blocked from viewing profiles for 48 hours now and every time I try to view a profile it tries to make me sign up for a new membership. I think I’ll just delete my account and try another site because $13 a month is a joke
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4 years ago, ftatht988
COVID-19 intolerance
Come on recon... with the crisis and everybody being at home , meeting apps are all extending temporary unlimited access so people would get bored less.. you still have limited access for your standard members and are trying to make money on us during this crisis? That is not nice at all
Show more
4 years ago, SlineQuattroTech
Limited on profile views
The dumbest thing is having to pay when you reach you view limited, especially not being about to view someone who has cruised you. But obviously I’m not the only one with the issue
Show more
3 days ago, New user 57712340
content and brand are good, but apps are clubkt
It would nicer if it was easier to use or more modern maybe. Like managing photos, sharing video, sending them, etc. Sometimes I have to restart the app to get out of a chat screen. On another note, I wish members could post a status or update.
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1 year ago, SirTommerr
Can we get a update? It’s been a year or more. I don’t get notifications, shows I have messages but go to see them and the app doesn’t show it. Plus the other bugs in the app. We need a update!
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4 years ago, tt🤤🤤
Send videos
Can you make it where you send videos
Show more
1 year ago, MysteryMackerel
The notifications and menu options are so flawed. Normally i would be worried about the developer not being part of kink culture, but I am more worried they don’t even understand basic app development.
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2 years ago, MrDevill
Allows threats and harassment to happen
The site and app never responds or takes care of harassment situations. I’ve had people threatening to kill me and the site/app doesn’t block and take down their profiles at all
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