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User Reviews for Reports+ Unfollowers Followers

4.54 out of 5
314K Ratings
6 months ago, nickname is something
*Gave 5 stars to be at the top* This app sells your information to whoever-maybe the black web, but do not sign into your Instagram from this app! They will hack and change your information very fast. After about 5 minutes on the app waiting for the data to load ( it kept failing ) you’ll try to get back on instagram only to find out your logged out & password is incorrect when trying to log back in. They changed my email , phone number & even added a WhatsApp phone number so be careful ! Only way I was able to get back into my account was by sending instagram a selfie video to confirm it’s me!
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5 months ago, Cereal No Milk
Don’t fall for this app + possible solution to get account back
It’ll ask you to verify yourself by logging in to your IG, however as soon as you do so you’ll be logged out of your IG and the app itself won’t load saying there’s been an error. I was lucky since I noticed how suspicious this was since it wouldn’t let me login, so then I quickly afterwards went to the web version of IG and signed in via 2 factor Authentication and quickly changed the password and went over my security details and 2 factor authentication options. It signed me out of the IG app and I logged in with my new password and everything is back to normal. So far nothing else has happened to my account since then which was 2 days ago for me but I’m sure if not taken care of, they’ll use your information and possibly change your security details so you can’t login. For my situation I was lucky enough to act fast but I’m not sure if it’ll work for everyone (depending if you have 2 factor authentication enabled and how long it’s been since you’ve been logged out). That being said please look out for sketchy apps/websites like this and always stay safe out there friends. Pls report these kinds of apps to take them down and lessen the number of people who use it
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5 months ago, smilesz3555
I downloaded the app and logged in, it asked to verify my account which was a scam just to get you to open your actual Instagram account for what ever reason. Once i did that my Instagram app would not work at all there was a error message popping up blocking me from using my page saying “error, something went wrong”. I deleted this app immediately because what a HORRIBLE first impression. But after I deleted the app my instagram app WAS NOT working still, it still had the same error message blocking me from accessing instagram completely! Thats when I rushed to the reviews and saw other people complaining about the same thing, I immediately regretted trusted the developer to this app and putting my password in it so I logged into the website version and changed my password immediately, I also tried adding a two step verification but at first Instagram kept sending me pops up telling me that I cannot make any changes to my account just yet because they don’t recognize the device I’m using, which is weird because I’ve always used this device and my instagram account has always been logged in here. This app is really suspicious DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT!
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5 months ago, pretty 101:)
DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!! THIS APP IS A SCAM. I looked at the 4.6 star rating first and thought everything seemed fine but I should have read the reviews first… After I downloaded this app on 1/9/24 because I was curious to clean my Instagram from people that have unfollowed me, just like most ppl downloading this app. I signed in and then was asked to “verify” my IG, it redirected me to IG however nothing popped up on my IG. I tried “verifying” a few times then I noticed my IG wasn’t loading and kept displaying error messages. I started to panic because I am a CONTENT CREATOR & cannot loose my IG as I’ve put hard work into all my social accounts. I immediately signed out of this app & then came to read other reviews. I deleted the IG app off my phone then I went to IG website on my laptop to input that my account had been hacked, then I immediately changed my password. After a couple of minutes I was able to sign back in. Then i turned my phone off then turned it back on and eventually was able to fully sign back into the app on my phone. The total time to get my account back was about 20-30 minutes. This app needs to be removed as it is a scam!!
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2 years ago, Yelena20
Instagram Blocked me for 48h and Limited my Usage the Moment I started Using the App
I downloaded the app, paid for a weekly service, and when I opened Instagram five minutes later I started receiving pop up tabs with the note “we have limited how often you do do certain things on Instagram to protect our community.” I have to wait for 48h to see what will happen after that. I basically was stopped from liking peoples stories, looking at the stories, etc. I can’t even scroll to see any new posts. I reported the app to Apple and told them the app is doing things against Instagram usage guidelines (clearly!!), and I also informed Instagram about the app interfering with the profile (so they know I personally didn’t do anything, and they know which app it is). I also requested a refund from Apple. Clearly this app is doing something against Instagram guidelines, and I don’t suggest using it, if you want to protect your profile and Instagram account, and save yourself a lot of headache with reporting issues to social media apps. I can’t believe I paid to mess with my Instagram usage and my profile. What a scam!!
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1 year ago, Lavishmoney
Regrettably, my experience with this application has been nothing short of disappointing. Despite investing in a premium subscription, the app has failed to fulfill its core promise of tracking followers and unfollowers on Instagram. Despite attempting several troubleshooting measures, the app continues to function inconsistently and is prone to crashes. The app's user interface is also complicated and unintuitive, adding to the frustration of the situation. I have made several attempts to seek assistance from the customer support team but have yet to receive any satisfactory response. The lack of communication and support from the app's developers has only compounded my frustration. Overall, I cannot recommend this app to anyone who is seeking a reliable and efficient way of tracking their Instagram followers and unfollowers. It is my hope that the developers will take the necessary steps to improve the app's functionality and customer support in the future. Until then, I regret having invested in this app and would advise others to not waste their time with such a low grade application.
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4 months ago, follow me on insta @m.lodhii
I downloaded this app because I noticed that some people were unfollowing me so ofc, I wanted to check out to see who exactly it was. When i opened the app, it asked me to login with my instagram user and password and of course I assumed this was normal. However, the second I logged in, it asked me to verify my account. When I clicked verify, I was logged out of my instagram and then I started freaking out, trying to log back in. But every time that I tried, it would say error and nothing would load. There was a Catcha that I tried to do to verify that I was a human but even that did not work. I quickly went on my laptop, and changed my password literally twice to make sure no one could at least get into my insta. Thankfully, I did this and had two-factor authentication on, and within a couple minutes I was able to log in. I also have a facebook account linked to my instagram so I went on my facebook and turned on two-factor authentication and used my facebook to login. Please stay away, or else you may not be so lucky.
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9 months ago,
I’ve had this app for a bout a month and it did absolutely NOTHING for me. You have to pay a weekly subscription for the analytics and you still don’t get them all, especially the feature we really download this app for - to find those who “unfollow” me so I can “unfollow” them and keep spam followers away from me. The app prompts me to login EVERYTIME - if I’ve logged in once and it’s attached to my IG profile, I shouldn’t have to keep logging in. If it keeps logging out, then it’s not keeping track of the changes that are occurring on my account on a daily basis. I’ve lost a few followers and I can’t even tell you who they are. Also, everytime I log in, my IG account starts trippin’ - the screen will constantly flash with a message that I’ve been logged out, and when I log back in, I receive a message from IG stating that it noticed suspicious activity, it detected automation, and to change my passwords for added security before my account gets restricted or permanently deleted. Now how about that. Do NOT waste your money!!!!
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6 months ago, Vivica5505
Instagram Said account was compromised
I downloaded the app because I wanted to see who wasn’t following me back , and I just waited for it to load all my data after logging into my Instagram. 5 minutes later the followers app had an alert that told me I needed to verify my account in the Instagram app so I sent a text message to my phone for verification after that, the Instagram app itself was unusable and said something went wrong. so I immediately logged out on the Followers app out of fear and I pulled my laptop out and tried to log into my Instagram account and it prompted me to change my password and said my account password has been compromised. And I haven’t even done anything on the Followers app yet all I did was download it and log into my Instagram account and it instagram itself became unusable, made me change my password, and said my account was compromised. Thankfully, I am able to use it as normal now but unfortunately, I will not be able to download any apps like this ever again I’m just so nervous now.
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5 months ago, BONJOUR! It’s
DO DON’T DOWNLOAD THIS APP I don’t know if they wanted my information or my account but that’s besides the point. I downloaded this app to check to see who kept unfollowing me like anyone person would. When I first downloaded this app I thought it was fine. Then it redirects me to instagram saying, there’s a error with my account. I PANICKED, I went on my tablet and MY BROTHERS PHONE MY MOTHERS PHONE EVEN SOME TABLETS NOTHING. But there was one way I was able to fix it. MY MAC BOOK!!! I don’t know if it would work with any other computer I tried with my gaming computer and it failed so I doubted it worked with my Mac book. But I was wrong search up on your Mac book intragram then miraculously it should let you in FROM THERE ON CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD. (Yes, it was that easy for me to get in on Mac book I thought the same thing would happen) Press settings go to accounts center press password and security then press CHANGE PASSWORD from IT WILL ASK YOU WHICH ACCOUNT PRESS THE ACCOUNT that’s been affected with this virus or whatever. I hope this was helpful good luck.
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10 months ago, Theplantrant
Do NOT trust this app
I got this app hoping that it would help me clear out some of my inactive followers so I could get better engagement on my Instagram posts. The first red flag is that this app won’t allow you to do basically anything without paying for a premium subscription, which I paid for one week of. After working great for a few minutes, my Instagram app started crashing and logging me out, and then this app would end my session and log me out as well. After redownloading the Instagram app and signing myself back in multiple times, I finally decided to give up on the Reports app, so I deleted it. However, my Instagram app continues to be glitchy and keeps signing me out every time I exit it. It will now even sign me out while I am actively using the app. I figured that the Reports app could have stolen my password or something, so I changed the password, but even after that it continues to keep logging me out. If you value the safety of your Instagram account DO NOT trust this app!!
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3 months ago, LexyP1027
Works okay - why all the bad reviews?
So I’ve used a similar app in the past and had the same problem with being logged out of my instagram as soon as I log into an “unfollower” app. Same thing with this app. I’m not having the issue of not being able to get back into my insta account like other reviewers have mentioned. I literally just close app, and then login back in and everything is back to normal. I have not been hacked and I don’t get “scam vibes”. It just seems that you can’t be logged into both your instagram account and your unfollower app at the same time. But considering my passwords are saved on iCloud it really isn’t that much of a hassle to log back in using Face ID. I think some people expect perfect and have their trigger finger on a 1 star review the minute there are minor glitches.
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7 months ago, Tashawn0
It’s November 29th and I’ve downloaded this app earlier today trying to take the ease from removing accounts. When they asked to verify my instagram it completely denied it and now my account been on error since earlier this afternoon it’s now 8pm. I’m sadden to say that I should’ve read the reviews first before making this an option. By all means just unfollow everyone yourself or make a new one because these apps will get your account suspended or even removed in that matter. I’m highly disappointed and hope to get back to my account as soon as possible. I wasn’t expecting this to happen but it is something to be aware of because these app aren’t associated with instagram none at all. Instagram is purposely trying to keep away apps like these due to fraudulent behavior. please please please do not download any other apps that believes to tell you they can remove followers or even increase your following it’s not worth it AT ALL!!!!!
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7 months ago, monkeyuser101
If i could give this app negative stars then i would.
First off i got this app to see the people who were no longer following me. i normally read reviews on apps & etc but i did not when it came to this. Im here to tell you don't get this app. Period. I tried to log into my instagram after downloading the app and signing into it. Only to find out later whenever i open instagram they’ve completely disabled any access to me signing in. It would always say “ something went wrong “ or error. Even if i were to search up instagram on google and try to sign in there it would say the same thing. I’ve deleted the app, restarted my phone and nothing works. The only way your instagram will work again is if the creators or whoever is in control of the app, goes into the app and fixes these issues. I’m gonna keep trying but don’t get this app period. You’ll regret it. Oh and i hope who ever made this app has indefinite sleep issues.
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5 months ago, MariaMariaa.
I usually read reviews…
Trust your gut, if you feel like something is “off,” 9 times out of 10 it is. Rather be safe than sorry. After quickly noticing the affect this scam app had on my ig. I deleted it (which wasn’t enough) and came to read the reviews. Not sure exactly if it’s a glitch or someone actually trying to hack the account either way you need to act fast. I followed a few others pointers from the reviews such as logging out of the app. Delete both apps (this and IG from your phone while doing this). Work mainly on the web insta. Change your password first, and add the 2 factor authentication if you haven’t already. Make sure no unauthorized devices are connected to ur account. And what i think helped me get my account back working is i “deleted,” my instagram for a few hours. Dont worry you have 30days to log back in and get your account back. Doesn’t hurt to try one extra step! Stay safe yall.
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10 months ago, Tatiana5402🌷
This app is HORRIBLE. I regret downloading this app so much. I downloaded it and right away my Instagram app started being weird and saying it couldn’t reload newer posts and was just showing me posts from 2-3 days ago and then 5 min later I wasn’t even able to look at my messages anymore, even when I would get notifications and click them it said “challenge required”. I had to go on the Instagram website and search up what to do when ur account has been hacked and I was clicking the links it had and it would take me to the app and just show the Instagram logo over and over and nothing would load. Finally I had to do it on my laptop like 20x for it to finally work. Right when it worked I changed my password and had to re-add my email because they had taken it away which is why the links to reset my password on the Instagram website were not working for me.
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4 months ago, Marisolespinoza90
DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!! You’ll immediately regret it!
I downloaded this app and now my IG app won’t work. I’ve turned off my device, I’ve uninstalled IG off my phone & re-installed and I still cannot access my IG because the verification window keeps popping up which won’t load and it’s just a black screen or it glitches and won’t refresh any of my IG data Worst thing I did was download this app. UPDATE: Its now 3 MONTHS LATER and I am still having issues with IG because of this app. I have removed their access to my IG account and have updated all my passwords including Facebook and I am still having issues. I have to constantly change all my passwords to get my account back to normal. How is this app allowed on the App Store and how is it showing a rating above one star when clearly there’s nothing but bad reviews. Apple needs to do something about this and get the app removed so people don’t fall for this scammy app.
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Works Sometimes
For my spam account, this works fine. Loads everything (slowly, but i have hundreds of posts so it’s understandable) and shows accurate data. However, for whatever reason, this app doesn’t work at all for my main account. It used to be fine but it hasn’t worked for months. The app simply tells me the session’s been ended each and every time. I’ve tried turning 2FA off/on, to no avail. And obviously I get logged out of my Insta app on my main acc too but idrc about that. Additionally, when I try to start a new session, the app tells me to wait another 10+ hours because it think for whatever reason that it worked the first time. 🤡 In summary this is one of the least terrible reports apps, which isn’t saying much. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Using the latest app update and the latest iOS developer beta (march 2023)
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3 months ago, gruienebsh
Possible scam app
Before I purchased the bundle everything was going fine. I only used it once a day and I was fine with the app. However, after I purchased the bundle and used it more often, it keeps logging me out and I have 2fA so it gets annoying to keep re-enter your account details. It says “error” then logs you out. Not only that, my app has also logged me out which worries me because I thought I had lost my account. I brushed it off until now, when I tried to log back in from my Instagram account it says “password error”. I changed my password for now and will only use it when I really need to. It’s such a waste that I will be only using this app for a few times even though I paid for it. If the “stranger profile interaction” can list the strangers that recently viewed your profile in order instead of in random order, or notify you would be great.
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1 year ago, MaggieBayer
Signs me out and can't sign back into the app
This app was working fine up until a few days ago....Signs me out of my accounts constantly and now I can't sign into the app even though I paid for the Premium service. It's really annoying and I have changed my IG password several times because of this, and I constantly need to put in verification codes. I deleted and re-downloaded the app and "There was a problem logging into Instagram. Please try again soon" pops up every time I go to sign into reports. Am I being scammed? These bugs need to be addressed!
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2 years ago, massimocorrick
My instagram is glitched
I’m actually very upset with the app and I should have not trusted it and I wish there was a warning about it before I downloaded it. This app has glitched my instagram following and followers number because of the security breaches the app asks for. Not only do you have to make a new password and get logged out every-time you use the app to see who unfollowed you or what not. So I’m really upset because my I can still use my instagram but there is a glitch everytime I unfollow someone my following number just increases and this makes me mad. And instagram won’t help me, there’s no number to call for support and now I’m going to have to make a new account because I don’t want to live with this for the rest of my life. I wish there was a way to fix this if anyone does please let me know. I have deleted the app, signed out, everything so I’m screwed thanks a lot.
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2 months ago, Kim Chin lee
I would give this dumb app ZERO STARS if I could. Please do not download this TRASH app. My ig account got suspended while using this app. I should’ve known it was no good when I kept logging in on this app it would log me out of my ig account and when I logged back on instagram i would get a pop up message saying that they noticed suspicious activity going on on my account. THANK GOD I was able to appeal the suspension and I ended up getting my account back exactly 48 hours. I prayed to almighty God to help me get my ig back and he made a way for me to get it. But I’m warning y’all PLEASE DO NOT DOWNLOAD this app or any third party app. . It’s not worth the mental headache of having your ig account completely gone because of this dumb behind app. My case may not be your case so it’s not worth the risk of having your account completely ban. I’m reporting this app as well. Y’all be safe out here
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12 months ago, chlover24
I have never written a review for an app before, but feel the need to after this awful experience. I would give negative stars if I could. I didn’t even get the paid version! I used my instagram information to try to login to this app, but the page never refreshed - it kept saying to try again. When I went to check my instagram app, there was a notification that my account had been disabled for violating the terms and conditions. Upon requesting a review, a few days later, instagram comes back saying my account has been permanently disabled. Apparently trying to connect your instagram account to this app is considered using an automated bot to collect 3rd party data, which is prohibited. I let the near 5-star rating fool me and didn’t listen to the negative reviews. BEWARE, THIS APP IS A SCAM!! YOUR INSTAGRAM MAY GET DELETED. LISTEN TO THE NEGATIVE REVIEWS, STAY AWAY FROM THIS APP!!!
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6 months ago, Vicki Ticki
My instagram stopped working
As soon as I downloaded this app and I logged in on my account as it prompted, my Instagram app stopped working. I would open the app and it would immediately have a pop up page that was blank and said something along the lines of there is an error. Through the reports app it said action needed to be taken through my Instagram app and had the option to open Instagram or cancel. For the first couple of times I hit cancel but then when my instagram didn’t work I chose to open instagram. It did nothing. Eventually I just logged out through the reports app and logged into instagram on my browser and changed my password. It made me do not robot verification since it said suspicious activity was occurring on my account. Definitely scary to anyone. Don’t recommend this app unless you want Instagram to stop working.
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2 years ago, moab4x
Requested Refund
Useless, inaccurate junk. If you purchased this, I highly recommend report a problem dot apple dot com. A bot swarm must be giving this app all the good ratings. No human who has used the app would rate it well. Every time you update it gives different numbers. The accounts listed for the different things aren’t accurate. For example, when you click on “you unfollowed,” it shows a list of random accounts with random times you supposedly unfollowed them. I know they’re random because I haven’t unfollowed anyone today and it says 30 seconds ago I unfollowed a bunch of accounts. I click one of the accounts, it says “you follow each other.” I check the app itself and sure enough we follow each other. Yet, it’s listed as “you unfollowed.” This is not just a few mistakes. The entire list is wrong. Useless, non-functional crud.
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2 years ago, janice.renee
Instructions on how i got my instagram back
I logged into my instagram on the app and not even 10 minutes later, i’d get a “try again later” message that would continuously pop up on my instagram anytime i’d try to navigate anywhere on the app. i was scared my instagram was gonna be stuck like that forever until i reported a problem and deleted the app for a few hours. when i logged back in everything was normal. DO NOT THINK IT WILL WORK FOR YOU BECAUSE IT WONT. i deleted the app a different way than how you normally would when you’re at the home screen, and can show step-by-step instructions on what i did because i think that was the trick that made it work. settings>>general>>iphone storage>>click on instagram>> delete app have the app deleted for a few hours, maybe even up to 24, and that should help fix the problem
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2 months ago, susan nefertiti
Was ok
It was fine, showed you who wasn't following you but recently stopped working and gives me the messages please wait to refresh ur data after loading for some time. At this point however it's no longer updating and isn't working. There are other apps that do the same and since you have to log in with ur Instagram it may log you out of the app or flag ur account but there are other apps that will do the same, so if this one doesn't work the next time I try I will probably just delete this app and find another. This app also has a wait time between refreshes 10+ hours so when it doesn't work you're not allowed to try again unless you pay. I give 2 stars only because at some point it did work for seeing who unfollowed you
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6 months ago, evan thompson eladdin
I downloaded the app and once I logged into my account on the app it asked me to open Instagram to verify and once I did this stupid tab popped up and it said there was an error and to refresh the page. I refreshed the page 20 times. Nothing is wrong with my WiFi. I closed all my tabs and shut my phone off to see if that would even help. When I opened Instagram it still had the same tab that popped up within 2 seconds of opening the app. If I didn’t immediately change my instagram password through safari then who knows what would have happened with my account. Give me my $3.99 back. You’ve got hackers within your app and scammers as well cs ain’t no way I paid $3.99 to get hacked. This is the first time I’ve unsubscribed from something within 10 minutes of getting the subscription. Give me my $3.99 back fraud.
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2 years ago, hahiesh
Could be better
When I went to report a problem or suggest a feature those buttons don’t even work inside the app. The only thing I care about is knowing when someone unfollowed me, so I can’t comment on the other features they offer. However, the most annoying thing about this app is how it locks you out of your account every single time. It forces you to re log in and Instagram thinks you’re a bot or hacked and disables your account until you reset your password and then you have to do it all over again every single time. I feel like after a certain amount of times Instagram will just lock it permanently or something so this is a huge issue they need to work on fixing asap.
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6 months ago, Ryan Mam
Hacked my account
DO NOT DOWNLOAD, THEY WILL HACK YOUR ACCOUNT!!! I downloaded this last night bc I wanted to see who's unfollowed me. However, after I logged in and put in the two-factor authentication, it asked for a verification through instagram, which caused my account to glitch and show an error screen. It's been over 12 hours since and I'm still seeing the same error page. I've tried changing my passwords but that didn't work, I tried deleting Instagram and redownloading but that didn't work either. I tried logging in through my computer but now the real instagrams two-factor authentication codes won't send to my phone which means they probably hacked that too so I can't log in. Absolutely awful, why is this even allowed to be on the App Store, and how are they allowed to pay for fake ratings?? This is all fake, it's a scam.
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2 years ago, jaylindjay22
Accurate but not worth it
A few friends and I tested this out and it is accurate. But I keep getting kicked out and my Instagram keeps locking me out and I have to prove I’m not a robot. This is getting extremely old coming from I’m getting locked out and have to change my password at least two times every week because of this. I hate to want to do this because it is accurate but I might cancel my subscription and delete this app because it’s getting old I’ve had this app for three months now. If someone is wanting an app that is accurate this app is definitely it I just don’t know if it’s worth getting locked out of Instagram multiple times throughout the week.
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1 year ago, user4729298472
My first review on an app, it’s needed.
Where do I start? It’s a Monday and the customer service has not gotten back to me one time and I have emailed them since 10 Am, it’s 8PM. So it’s probably a young kid that got over his head that made this app. Next, the account will not update, it will update to 60%-97% and then log you out and say there is an error. Every time I have logged in it also logged me out of my actual insta account. I have literally displayed being Psychotic with how many times I have tried to reload this app. The servers are grab, service is grab, I paid and still don’t have my money back, I’m disappointed. This app should not be on the App Store. Even with the amount of people that have it, judging from the trash system I’m guessing the analytics are not even accurate. Do better and do your job.
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5 months ago, Iahivsi aojjngyf a
I downloaded it without seeing the reviews (Ya ik i’m stupid) and when i did my insta started glitching SOO BAD. i couldn’t see anyone’s stories nor the notes. i didn’t know what to do and was panicking because i couldn’t change my password because i couldn’t access the settings. it kept saying that something went wrong. then i went to instagram through the website and immediately changed my password. now that i changed my password, my instagram went back to normal. also set up a authentication thing because im scared for life now :)
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2 years ago, almosthadaheartattack
this app nearly gave me a heart attack. I know this is a self centered thing to say but instagram is one of my little joys in life, i love posting and making highlights, instagram for me is a journal of my life. But as soon as you put all your info into this app you will get a notif that an unauthorized account is logging into your insta and it will log you out, and say that your phone number/email is non existent. This lasted for what felt like 30 min but realistically 10-15. instagram help center was absolutely no help at all. I guess the best advice i can give is DO NOT get this, it doesn’t even work anyways and if you normally don’t look at reviews like i don’t, just be patient. Logging in through the website on my laptop worked for me but again just be patient and try again in 10-15 min.
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1 year ago, jonathanabocska
Weird Login Problems & You Still Have Already Given Them Your Password
This app used to work for me. Then it just would spontaneously log out & ask for my password again & cyclicly would sign me out of my Instagram for verification caution & then would repeatedly sign me out of this app. Then when I get back in it, it would not let me refresh to reload the page for another 9 hrs without purchasing their $40 premium plan. Which ultimately still doesn’t work even if you wait a day or a week. It’s corrupted in some way so don’t waste your time with this app.
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7 months ago, Emilyy Diazz
Completely compromises your account.
Avoid using this app as it can harm your account, rendering you unable to open Direct Messages or view any posts. Furthermore, the application may compromise your account security, leading to potential unauthorized access and data breaches. It is advised to refrain from utilizing this app to safeguard your online privacy and account integrity. I've been using Instagram since its launch and never encountered any issues with my feed or DMs until I downloaded THIS app. I strongly advise against downloading it; it's a significant waste of time and not worth the risk of compromising your account. Additionally, it's notable that they never respond to reports like these, indicating they are aware of the issues their app causes. I genuinely hope this app gets taken down – it's a complete scam.
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8 months ago, NadiahD.
Problems with Main Instagram App
Recently I got the app to see my unfollowing, but the app kept logging me out and saying my session has ended when I didn’t even sign up for anything! I had to log myself out of Instagram and then when I tried to log back in, it took me like two tries to log back in because it kept saying that there was an error. I am back on instagram but now when I am seeing my main account, it’s not letting me see people who I’m following and who others are following. Idk what to do and I hope it’s just a glitch. I really don’t want my account to get banned or restricted because this account means a lot to me and to be where I am now is because of it! I don’t want to lose everything.
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6 months ago, saucyyyC
After downloading this app, my Instagram started glitching
I stupidly downloaded this app and while I was in the app it was asking me to “unlock this feature for free”. It then sent me to a pop up on my Instagram saying I needed to sign in. When I tried to sign in the page would glitch and would say “there was an issue loading this page” and then a button to reload the page. Every time I click on the button it just reloads the same screen. I deleted this app and now every time I try to go on Instagram that page pops up and I can’t get into it. I don’t understand why this is even on the AppStore, there’s clearly been multiple problems from other people’s reviews… I hope I can get back into my Instagram. I already got locked out of my main one.
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1 year ago, leelee3737
Don’t waste your time
Don’t waste your time, unless you want to be hacked! Fact of the matter is, every single time I use this app Instagram locks my account, and I have to reset my whole password. It’s really not worth it. I reached out to the team regarding this issue that I’m having and I never heard back from them. I encountered this pretty quickly after getting this app (this has never happened before) and paying full price.. I asked for a refund in the email I sent to which I never heard back from. Don’t waste your money. This is clearly a scam. To this day ive never heard from this company regarding my issue. And still cant even use app i paid for bc everytime i sign in and get started in using it it says session ended. Literally the worst app a complete waste of time!!!
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4 months ago, pandathegoat
I’ve been trying to cancel this subscription for 3 months. I tried getting a new card even to stop the subscription because 1. None of the app tabs work and it says you have to pay more to even see the people that are blurred out after already taking $40 out of my account. 2. It takes forever to load and doesn’t even actually fully load. Only one tab will load and that’s the tab you have to pay more for. 3. The cancel subscription tab doesn’t even work the only thing that works is the log in and log out. This is a Scam a Fraud. I am extremely upset about my money being wasted and the fact that I might have to close my entire account to get this resolved. I’ve tried contacting support and no response.
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1 year ago, Nini666999
Terrible app
This app does not even work. First of all even trying to open up the app and login it already gave me problems because it’s telling me for some reason that my password is wrong when I know for a fact that my Instagram password is correct. Even logging in on my computer to the actual Instagram app it went through but for some reason it keeps telling me that on this app my Instagram password is wrong so it doesn’t even let me login. Are used to also use this app a few years ago, where it would do the same thing it would glitch out it wouldn’t be as accurate where it would tell me that these people are unfollowing me, but then, when I go on the app, I would notice that they didn’t actually Unfollow me.
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1 year ago, SomeonenAtl
Instagram is not having it
The update did nothing. I downloaded the app and tried to log into my Instagram (IG) account, via the app, but it kept saying the password is incorrect. Then I received a message saying that because of unusual activity, IG has logged me out of my account and I would need to verify myself before my account is disabled. It prompted me to reset my password and stated a link with new sign in would be sent to email address on file. Again this was all done through this app. It’s been several minutes and I have yet to receive a link. It seems IG is cracking down on third parties accessing accounts and my trying to download this app is not worth losing my IG account.
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6 months ago, distractedXX19
Works when it works…which is rarely
Bought the year subscription because it seemed like a good price. At first, every time I logged in I was forced to verify outside the app. No problem, except I wouldn’t get prompted to verify until loading was almost 60% complete and then I’d get booted. Loading takes forever, so this was frustrating. However, I am now facing a new problem where it keeps logging me out and ending my session. For two days, I haven’t been able to get ANY data or complete a load and I’ve had to relog into Instagram over 10 times. Super annoying. Help/report an issue button in the app doesn’t even work. Don’t waste your time or money here. Had less problems with the free version. Paid $30 for more problems.
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2 months ago, Fufujtnft
This app is horrible. W/update
Im going to start off by saying I NEVER, ever write reviews but this app does it for me. At first, it was awesome, cool and what not. So I thought. So I decided to get the subscription, everything was cool and all until like 3-4 months after it starting acting up. I couldn’t even like refresh the page, couldn’t even log in bc it would log itself out and then messed with my insta acc, it was alwayss logging me out and it’s just so annoying. Don’t use this app and never by the subscription. Honestly it doesn’t even deserve 1 star it deserves nothing. Update: My account was disabled by instagram due to the amount of times I was logging in and out. Never ever, download this app. Another update: Instagram deactivated my account. DO NOT TRUST THIS APP.
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6 months ago, Siani 😜
I use to use this app years ago and it was actually legit. I’m not sure what happened. I downloaded it and was immediately locked out of my IG. The email was changed and I was logged out of all devices. Luckily I moved faster than the hackers and was able to reset my password immediately. I still didn’t gain access with changing the password. I just wanted them out of my account. I had to verify my instagram with a video proving it was me to actually be granted access. Very nerve racking. Please don’t be a fool ! THE REVIEWS ARE REAL , this app will take full control over your accounts. I now have my google authentication app for all my account so this can never happen again. Shame on you Apple for allowing this in the App Store
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2 months ago, Brendathedamned
App is useless
They run ads that on certain phones you cannot close so you have to close the entire app in order to bypass some of the ads. This wouldn’t be the biggest issue except when you open the app they need time to update the analytics.(the stuff that you came for) and you must have the app open on your phone for them to do this. When you leave for a second, you will come back to an ad and often it’s one that you are unable to close and you must close down the entire app. When you reopen the app you are back to 0% updated. Not to mention unless you’re forking out some cash this app really is useless, the free version only shows you numbers and does not give you the names of profiles.
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2 years ago, hsdth
Locked me out of IG no warning
Only had the app for 30 seconds before my Instagram immediately was locked out and couldn’t log in with no warning at all even after verifying it was me and I have it linked to my Facebook. I didn’t even KNOW these apps were “against guidelines” as I just wanted to see what the app was about. I know plenty of people who have these apps, and I’ve had one before in the past too but deleted it because it was toxic. I just wanted to see why I had a drastic decrease in followers and now I’m locked out of my account no warning and no way to fix it until it lifts. I didn’t even do ANYTHING in this app to trigger it, it was only downloaded for 30 seconds didn’t even finish importing data. What a waste.
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5 months ago, ɱ@∂ί
This app shouldn’t be on the App Store and someone is clearly messing with the reviews. It made me verify my instagram, took me to the page and locked me out of my instagram. I had to spend 20 minutes trying to figure out how to change my password to fix this. Anyways, if you do get this app because you didn’t read the reviews (guilty), then here’s a quick fix. Do not try and change your password manually, simply go to your email where your instagram is attached and you will have an email telling you that a new device has logged into your instagram, it is your device but click the “secure the account” anyway and go through the security check on instagram. Please don’t download this app. It’s a scam.
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6 months ago, billycrapenshitz
Locked out of my account
After downloading this app and signing in seconds later i get one those weird scam alerts telling me i need to verify my account through insta and suddenly i get a message on insta that the page cannot upload and i am stuck there… i logged in to a different account on my own too see if it was just the other account and yess it is it seems to have locked me out of my account and my internet is working perfectly fine but for some reason will not let me get past that screen for verification… even weirder is that i deleted both instagram and this app and after deleting this one my account is still asking to get verification for this app that is already deleted !?!?
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6 months ago, chris_a167167
App doesn't work, can't even log in.
Every time it starts updating my report, it would stop around 27% and tell me that verification is required. This would completely lock me out of my Instagram mobile app and give me an error screen every time I load the app, and I would have to log into my computer browser to complete the captcha, as for some reason it doesn't load on mobile. This would repeat a few times as I try to find a workaround UNTIL Instagram finally tells me "We suspect automated behavior on your account" and lets me back into my account. I've tried so many things to prevent it from detecting, even logging out of my IG mobile app, just to get this thing to work and it doesn't.
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